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How Dare You

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When a couple of mates found out that I was taking Sally out I was rather startled at their reactions. There was some sniggering and when I asked what the problem was they just laughed and said I’d find out.

I pressed a couple of my closer friends for more details regarding Sally, because I knew a couple of them had dated her. I mean, as far as I could tell she was a nice normal girl. Where was the catch?

Andy told me that as far as any of them knew, she was still a virgin.

“She won’t put out, Charley,” Andy warned me. “Not for anyone.”

He had this odd little smirk on his face when he told me this. I assumed that meant he’d chanced his arm and struck out.

The fact that Sally might be a determined virgin didn’t worry me. I liked her and thought she liked me. Sex would be a nice added extra but I’d never considered it an essential part of dating a girl. So I dismissed the vague suspicion that I wasn’t being told everything and dated Sally.

Out first date was quite simple. Dinner at a restaurant then back to her place (her parents place, actually) for coffee before saying goodnight and going home. With a few goodnight kisses to keep me warm. That girl could certainly kiss.

The next couple of dates followed a similar routine, the only real difference in them that the goodnight kisses and petting were getting steadily hotter. All petting that had taken place had been through clothes, I might add. A bit of touching here and there (on both sides) but strictly no removal of clothes or slipping hands beneath them. (I was willing but got a rather clear message that Sally wasn’t. Yet.)

There was definitely enough touching to build up my hopes regarding sex. It seemed to me that Sally was hot to trot but still just a little nervous. I didn’t mind taking it slowly. Like I said, I liked the girl.

It was about our fifth date that I found out what my mates had been sniggering over. We’d been out to dinner and a show and it was still quite early. Too early to go home and I didn’t really feel like going to a nightclub or hotel, so I suggested that we take a drive.

Sally thought it a great idea and we went cruising. Eventually I pulled up in a parking area along the beach where we had some nice scenery (if it hadn’t been a dark night) and some peace and quiet.

Things took an up-turn at that point. Sally was willing to exchange a few kisses and some light petting. After a while I pointed out the front seat wasn’t really conductive to this sort of thing and we migrated to the back seat. Please note that it wasn’t a case of my dragging Sally out of the front seat and pushing her into the back. She was quite agreeable to the change of location.

In the back seat the kissing and petting continued and intensified. I was groping Sally’s breasts fairly steadily and she wasn’t objecting at all. I’d also caressed her bottom and brushed against her mound several times with no negative feedback. Sally’s skirt had ridden up her thighs considerably and I’d touched her panties several times.

The touching wasn’t all one-sided, either. Sally ran her hands fairly generally over me, lingering a couple of times where my erection was pressing against my trousers. She damn well knew I had a rather strong erection and her hands wandered across it curiously.

Now who am I to refuse to indulge a young lady’s curiosity? I quietly unzipped and slipped the prize out to where it could be examined. The next time Sally’s hand went wandering over my bulge she found it waiting for her. As soon as her hand started brushing against my cock I reached down and pressed her hand firmly against it, causing it to close over me and get a proper feel.

That’s when the roof fell in. Bloody hell, did Sally go off.

She screamed and started on me.

“What do you think you’re doing, you filthy pervert? How dare you expose yourself like that? I’m a good girl and you know it. You’re a monster who preys on young women and should be ashamed of yourself.”

That was just the start of it. Sally just kept going on and on, getting louder the entire time, almost shrieking her wrath.

At the start I was startled and embarrassed at having misread the situation. Then I started to feel a bit hard done by over what was an over-reaction. And Sally didn’t let up. She was abusive and letting me know just what she thought of my despicable behaviour.

I moved from feeling hard done by, to narked, to genuinely irritated to quietly angry.

Consider it from my point of view. Sally had been right there kissing me. She’d allowed my hands to wander where they would, even if it was outside her clothes. She hadn’t said boo when I stroked her through her panties. She was the one who’d been checking out the goodies inside my pants. I didn’t drag her hand over to my cock and slap it on. I just made her access easier.

Thinking over that initial touch when she’d closed her hand over my cock it suddenly occurred to me that she took her own sweet time letting go. In fact, it seemed to me that her hand had run up and down the full length of my cock and across the head of it before she finally dropped it. And she’d been abusing me full blast while groping me.

No. The way she was acting now just wasn’t right nor fair. I waited for Sally to finish her little tirade. She had to run down sooner or later.

She did. She finished up by telling me that as far as she was concerned the date was over and would I please take her home. Instantly.

Quietly angry. That was me. As far as I was concerned Sally’s behaviour had been shocking. She could have joked the incident off, just said a firm no, any one of a number of ways to brush past my crassness (if you considered it that) without offending me or only mildly offending me. But she hadn’t. She’d gone into a long abusive tirade. If my mates let her get away with that sort of behaviour, more fool them. It didn’t mean I had to.

Seeing that Sally had apparently finished talking I put a hand behind her head and pushed her head down into my lap before she caught on. She opened her mouth to protest and I took the opportunity to push my erection into it.

“Now that you’ve finished yapping you can use your mouth for another purpose,” I told her.

She tried to pull away but my hand on the back of her head wouldn’t let her. Her bottom was sticking up and I delivered a nice hard spank to it.

“I bet I can spank longer than you can hold out,” I said. “Now start acting like a woman.”

Sally tried to shake her head but a second spank seemed to convince her. She was rather amateurish at giving a blow job but that didn’t matter. She still made a decent go of it.

While her head was bobbing up and down on my cock I was rubbing her back. Under her blouse. And while doing that I took the time to unclip her bra, easing the ends apart so she wouldn’t feel any sudden release.

Not wanting to come in Sally’s mouth I lifted her up away from my cock. She glared at me and was opening her mouth for a fresh tirade when I held up a warning finger.

“Not another word. Your behaviour with all that screaming and shrieking was appalling. Don’t start it again. Now pull down your panties. I’m going to spank you.”


“I said pull down your panties. I’m going to spank you. Are you deaf? You can consider it punishment for your behaviour. Carrying on like that when all you had to do was say no, thank you.”

“I am not taking off my panties for you or anyone and you can’t make me,” snapped Sally, still defiant.

That didn’t bother me. I just said “OK” and pulled her over my knee. Sally guessed what I had in mind and tried to grab for her panties but I just caught her hands and imprisoned them. Then I peeled her panties down.

I gave Sally a couple of quick spanks, just to warm her up. Then I let go her wrists and pushed her top up. Sally wriggled slightly when I did that but didn’t protest, presumably thinking that her bra would still cover her. She seemed quite shocked and indignant when she found the bra was undone and had come off at the same time as her top.

It was finally sinking into Sally that she’d gone a little too far. She tried to struggle up off my knee but a quick spank warned her not to do that. She finished up lying across my knee, half naked and her bottom neatly presented to me.

“OK, Sally. The spanking is about to start. While it takes place I’ll also be touching your breasts, so get used to it. If you wriggle and struggle the spanking will go on longer, so your best bet is to just lie there and take it.”

“You rotten perverted bastard,” she snarled at me, to which a quick spank was the best answer.

“Be polite,” I warned her. “It was being impolite that got you into this fix in the first place. Now stop wriggling around.”

With that I reached around to cup her breast and also started giving her a good spanking. I wasn’t being brutal about it, but the spanks would most definitely have smarted, the whole thing being aggravated for Sally by the fact that I was also paying attention to her breast.

I spanked, squeezed her breast, rubbed her nipple and spanked again. Fun on my part. Not quite so much fun on Sally’s.

“You know, Sally,” I said, in between spanks. “The thing that puzzles me is, if you so strenuously objected to my putting your hand on my erection, why did you make sure you copped a decent feel of it before you let it go?”

Sally muttered something under her breath that I couldn’t hear. I didn’t ask her to repeat it. I started varying where and how I was spanking her a bit, my hand now drifting towards her pussy. When I gave a stinging little spank along her pussy Sally gave a little yip, but she didn’t try to close her legs, just leaving herself completely exposed to me.

She’d actually been lying there with her legs parted ever since I pulled down her panties. I can be a bit slow at times. Next time I gave a sharp little slap to her pussy I left my hand there, cupping her.

“You were rubbing your hand along my erection like this,” I told her, rubbing along her slit. “I think you need to do it again so you know what’s what.”

Reaching over I caught up her hand and brought it to where my erection was pressing into Sally’s side. I pressed her hand against my cock and Sally closed upon it, and this time she didn’t let go.

I’d ceased spanking and was doing some pretty heavy touching of my own. Sally’s pussy was reacting positively to my explorations, her lips swelling and parting, giving me ready access. Nothing loth, I accepted the silent invitation, fingers dipping in and exploring.

When my fingers slipped into her, Sally’s grip on my cock tightened a fraction. Then she loosened it and started running her hand up and down it. It certainly felt to me as if she knew what to do with one.

My own explorations revealed several things to me. Sally was still a virgin, she was hot, wet and ready, and her clitoris was highly sensitive. She squealed loudly when I brushed against it. Both times.

I twisted Sally around until she was sitting up, and straddling me, facing me. My erection was pressing hard against her tummy. She was dribbling moisture, sweating in eagerness, nipples all set to stab me to the heart.

Hands on her bottom, I pulled her closer and higher, my cock slipping between her legs, the head pressing lightly against her slit. Leaning forward I gently nipped a breast.

“OK, Sally, time to be a big girl. Why don’t you just settle down onto my lap?”

She shook her head. Would you believe it? She was almost panting in eagerness, but she still shook her head.

“Why not?” I asked, but all she did was look miserable and shake her head again.

Crunch time. Did I give her up as a bad show or did I say the hell with it and take her anyway. The look on her face gave me the answer. She was desperate to be taken but wasn’t going to say so. I pushed up.

Sally’s eyes almost crossed when I started entering her. She gave what sounded like a relieved gasp, I pressed in hard, kissing her hymen hullo and goodbye as I came, and started driving in.

And I’ll be damned if that initial invasion wasn’t all that Sally required. She climaxed before I was more than halfway into her, tossing her head back, shrieking, and trying to clutch onto my cock, only to find it not yet in the proper position.

Sally shuddered and shook in my lap for a minute or so before starting to calm down. I took advantage of her dazed state to finish driving home. Then I waited for her to re-join me in the land of the living.

Sally just leaned forward against my chest for a while, my arms around her, holding her, and my cock so far up her she’d would probably taste it if she swallowed. After a while Sally lifted her head and blinked at me. She didn’t seem to know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.

Me, I was ready. I knew just what I was going to do.

“That was just for starters,” I told her. “Now I’m going to lay you on your back and show you what I expect in future.”

I twisted around, pushing her back down onto the seat, making sure I didn’t lose our vital connection. When she was flat on her back with me on her and in her I paused for a moment.

“Just push up against me,” I said. “You’ll find it comes naturally.”

With that I pulled back, hearing her gasp, and then I smartly drove back into her. Sally shrieked and almost bucked me off, she surged up to meet me so desperately. From that point, it was on.

I drove down into Sally while she wrapped her legs around me and clung on, pressing hard to meet my every thrust. For someone who was a virgin she was certainly a damned fast learner. I put every effort I had into pleasuring her and she responded like a pro.

Somewhat to my annoyance I’d only just got nicely warmed up and was settling into a really nice rhythm when the damn girl exploded again. How come a virgin climaxes like that?

This time I kept up a nice gentle pumping action while Sally went through her little scenario of screaming, collapsing and coming back to life. This time when she came to her senses she was already moving in the required rhythm and she just kept right on with it. I plunged down into Sally and Sally reciprocated, pushing forcefully up against me.

Now it was going to be my turn, and I was pushing hard to make it so. I pressed home, my cock plunging down her tight wet passage, while Sally squeaked and squealed and pushed firmly up to meet me. From the look on her face a third climax was heading her way and if it arrived before I did I was going to be very upset.

I was ready, I assure you, and I was hitting her harder and faster. Sally seemed to be even more ready, and she was squeaking and writhing, breathing harder and all set to explode again.

I won by a whisker, if you can call me having my first climax a split second ahead of Sally’s third a win. I vented into Sally and she shrieked and clamped down upon me again, this time succeeding in milking me until I was drained.

After that it was a case of us both being collapsed on the back seat, breathing hard and coming slowly back to life.

I surfaced before Sally did and I moved off her and just sat there holding her. When she finally got her wits about her she remained sitting on my lap, apparently not knowing what to do. As a gentle hint I handed her her panties. What followed was a mad scramble as Sally rushed to clean herself up and get dressed while I sat back and watched her.

“I believe you said you wanted me to take you home,” I murmured, getting a glare in response.

“Tell me,” I said as I started the car. “Are we still on for tomorrow evening?”

“What?” Sally said. Squeaked rather. “Are you kidding? Go out with you again and spend the whole night wondering if you’re going to jump me again?”

“That won’t be a problem,” I responded. “If we’re going out I’ll jump you, as you so quaintly put it, immediately after I pick you up. I’ll take you back to my unit and strip you and ravish you. Then you’ll be able to have a shower and get ready knowing that you’re safe for the rest of the night.”

Sally gave me a speaking look, but I’m not sure if the message she was trying to send was the message I got. I suspected not.

“I’ll pick you up early,” I told her. “You won’t want to get all done up and then have to do it again an hour later. Just put your makeup and going out clothes in a bag so you’ve got them to change into afterwards.”

I dropped her off and saw her to her door. “Tomorrow,” I told her as I left. Sally didn’t say anything but I was quite content. She’d be waiting for me tomorrow. I suspected that I was going to have to force her to have sex with me, but she was going to quite happily put herself in a position where I could do so.

I wondered how she’d feel when she found out I intended to get a good-night fuck from her as well as a good-evening ravishment.

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