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A Huge Deposit

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It was last Friday afternoon at the office and it had been a very stressful week. Now that it was 3:30 and things started to slow down, I leaned back in my chair and took my eyes off the computer monitor for the first time in what felt like hours. I glanced over at the new girl, Amber, and our eyes locked for a moment. A little smile appeared on her face so I smiled back. She then turned her gaze back to her monitor and returned to work. But I didn’t look away.

She had only started a month ago and already I was obsessed with her. Not only was she friendly, smart, and approachable, but she also had all the features a superficial male looks for in a female. She had long, straight brunette hair that came down to the small of her back. Her face was perfect; she had a wonderful smile with straight, white teeth, gorgeous green eyes, and a slightly tan tone to her skin. She had beautiful tits, which is always a plus, but her best feature was by far her ass. I am an ass man, almost to a fault, and her posterior haunted my dreams. Like, I fantasized about burying my face in between her plump cheeks and just licking until my heart was content. And her ass was perfect for her body. She had an hourglass figure and wonderful legs. Today was the best day to look at her, too, because it was casual Friday and she was wearing a tight blue t-shirt and even tighter black leggings. Whenever she would walk away from me, I would stare at her big bubble butt as her cheeks slid past one another, bouncing and jiggling so perfectly. It was almost enough to make me blow my load right then and there.

Well, one such occasion she was walking away from me and heading towards to nearest bathroom, which is a unisex one by our row of desks that pretty much only our department uses. I watched her, like I always do, as she and her juicy butt strolled into the bathroom before turning back to whatever I was doing.

About fifteen minutes went by before I heard a flush and the running of the sink water. She then came out, walked past and smiled at me before returning to her desk. I of course got a quick glance of her ass before she sat down and got to work once again.

Now it was my turn to go to the bathroom. I stood up, walked over, and the second I opened the door I could tell she must have dropped a pretty impressive shit in there. It smelled like ass to high heaven, but to be honest (and gross, I suppose) that only turned me on more. As I shut the door and locked it, I thought about her perfect body and round, phat ass perched on the toilet, pushing out a smelly load of poop. The idea of a beautiful woman producing something so gross and smelly is sexually exciting to me, for some reason. I think it just comes from my obsession with butts.

I made my way over to the toilet, which had just stopped re-filling. The smell got stronger as I approached, and when I looked in I could see a large, brown smear of shit in the bowl that must have happened when she flushed. So there it was. Amber’s poop. That had come directly out of the hottest ass I’ve ever seen not two minutes ago.

Holy fuck I was turned on.

I sat down on the toilet to pee since that’s the only way I can piss when I have a raging boner. The seat was still warm from Amber’s cheeks, the smell of her ass and poop enveloping me. When I was done, I flushed, washed my hands, and got out of there before it became suspicious how much time I was spending in there. I looked at Amber as I walked back to my desk and we again exchanged smiles, my balls boiling with cum as I thought about the nasty delivery her pooper just made in the toilet. Yes, I’m a sick man, I know.

4:30 came and went, and now it was really slow. I turned my chair around only to find, to my surprise, that Amber was looking at me. Not just glancing, but concentrating on me. Before even thinking about it, I stood up and made my way over to her.

“How goes it, Miss Amber?” I said. Smooth.

“I’ll be much better once I’m out of here!” she answered, smiling.

“God I know. It’s been crazy this week, hasn’t it? I think I need to get a drink as soon as I hightail it out of this place!”

“Oh for sure, me too!” she beamed.

Blah blah blah, you get where this is going and you’re not here to read dialogue, are you? So when we got off work, we went to a bar down the street, had a couple beers and talked about work/life/family/friends/pets and other miscellaneous stuff. All pretty standard, until the conversation turned to porn. Yes, I was discussing porn with the hottest lady in the office. It must be my lucky year.

“Oh I love it,” she had said, downing the rest of her beer. “I know it’s generally considered a male vice, but I really don’t care. It helps me get myself off and what girl doesn’t like that?” She laughed out loud at her last line, which I thought was both adorable and sexy.

“I feel the same way! What all do you watch?”

She liked anything involving “a lot of fucking and a lot of cum”, her words. Either the beer was getting to her or she was always this open; either way, I didn’t care. I was getting harder and harder by the second. And then I nearly burst when she mentioned anal.

“You like watching anal porn?”

“Oh my god yes!” she yelled, and then leaned close to me and whispered “Especially when the guy finishes up inside her.”

That did it for me. I couldn’t even speak anymore and just stared at her. She looked at me for a second and then burst out laughing. “Whatcha thinking about?” she asked playfully.

I craned my neck to look down at her lap, her leggings sticking tight to her legs and thighs as she sat in her seat. I looked back up at her, and she was watching me with interest in her eyes. So I answered her question with one word: “You.”

She smiled. “Me?…What about me?”

This time I didn’t answer. I just raised my eyebrows and gave her a “come on, you know” look, to which she laughed again. She took out her phone, looked at the screen, and said something every single guy wants to hear when he is at a bar with a hot chick.

“Do you want to go back to my place?”

I obviously said yes. So I paid our bill, we stood up, and I watched her beautiful backside as we walked out of the restaurant. She looked back at me, her hair swaying and her butt cheeks oscillating back and forth, and smiled as I checked her out. “Follow me back to my place?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere,” I had said. Smooth once again.

She drove in front of me back to her apartment’s parking lot and then lead the way upstairs to her room, her booty directly in front of my face as we climbed the stairs. I could have sworn she made her leggings tighter too, because she practically had a wedgie. It was like I had her naked butt inches in front of me, her cheeks sliding past each other. I seriously never get sick of watching her walk.

We got to her apartment room, she shut the door, and she was immediately kissing me like a horny, anxious teenager on prom night. And what an amazing kisser she was. She was sucking my lips, thrusting her tongue between my teeth, and having fun with my tongue as she licked all over the inside of my mouth. After making our way over to her bed, we made out a little more before she stopped and looked at me.

“Couple questions for you,” she said. “First, are you doing anything later? Because I’m going to a party in a couple hours and if you want to join me, that’d be pretty cool!”

“Oh okay! No, I’m not doing anything tonight. I’d love to go!”

“Great! It’s in like an hour, so we should probably, uh…get to work,” she laughed.

“Oh I’m ready!” I said, laughing too.

“Yeah I can tell,” she said with a smile, looking down at the huge bulge in my pants. “Which leads me to my second question: do you have a condom?”

I felt my stomach turn. I shook my head “no”, a feeling of sadness washing over my entire body.

“Awesome,” she said. “Now you get to fill my ass with your hot cum.”

My jaw must have hit the floor because she started giggling like a crazy person. Before I could respond, she locked lips with mine again and started stroking my cock through my pants. I was getting even harder and, speaking of cum, was already oozing out quite a bit of pre-cum. Amber unzipped my fly, unbuckled my belt, and gently freed my dick from its denim prison. All eight inches of me sprang up in front of her, causing her to gasp.

“Oh wow!” she said with a happy look of honest surprise on her face. “THAT is a big dick.”

I laughed. “You sure you’re going to be able to take all that?”

“We’ll make it work,” she said, and then dove down into my lap, licking and sucking on just the tip. I moaned and touched her beautiful, soft hair. I could not believe this was happening.

She swirled her tongue around my tip for a while, licking up and swallowing my constant flow of pre-cum. I must have been brewing quite a batch just for her. She then sat up, yanked my pants and boxers down to the floor, and then really got to work. She started to work her lips down my shaft, taking more and more of me into her wet mouth. Finally, her nose pressed against my crotch, I realized she had taken all of me deep into her throat. As she did this, she carefully massaged my balls. I came this close to unloading into her gullet, but she must have sensed this and immediately slid my dick out of her mouth, sitting up.

“Sorry, I don’t want you to come QUITE yet,” she said. “I haven’t even put you in my ass yet!”

“I’m so ready when you are,” I stammered.

She beamed at me and then stood up, turned around, and stuck her butt into my face. “Is this what you want, you bad boy?”

“Oh my god, fuck yes baby.”

“Pull my pants down.”

I reached up and caressed her ass first. Her cheeks were softer and warmer than I had imagined in my fantasies about her. It was then I decided to do what I always wanted to do the second I saw Amber and her sexy butt. I pressed my face between her cheeks, slowly breathing in with my nose buried in her leggings-covered ass crack. It was honestly the perfect amount of funk. It smelled like an ass alright, but not in a gross way. There was a slight hint of poop (not surprising, considering how she destroyed the toilet at the office) but mostly it was just her musk. There’s something just indescribably arousing about the smell of a woman’s butt crack and asshole.

When I was satisfied, I started to slowly pull down her pants, revealing two tan and plump globes of ass cheeks. Absolute perfection. She had a black thong on that disappeared in her crack. “I can honestly say,” I said, looking up at her as she turned around and looked down at me, “that until now, I have never been jealous of a thong.”

She loved that and roared with laughter. She then sighed, smiled at me, and said, “Shut up you silly boy, you have work to do!”

“Yes ma’am!” Who am I to disobey a beautiful lady? I took off her thong, stood up, and bent her over the bed, causing her to squeal. I kneeled down behind her, spread her cheeks, and laid my eyes for the first time on Amber’s butthole. It was crinkly, brown, and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The smell of her ass wafted out to me, beaconing me towards it. I buried my mouth and nose in her ass and began to give her a rim job she won’t soon forget. She moaned as I slid my tongue over her asshole, up and down her crack. I started finger her pussy too, which was soaking wet and quivering by now. She was moaning full-on at this point, only encouraging me more. I dug my tongue up into her rectum, swirling it around and loving every second of it. I think Amber was enjoying it even more though.

“Okay!” she finally screamed. “Okay, I need your dick! Please!”

I stood up and looked at her, on her hands and knees at the edge of her bed. She stood up, took off her shirt and bra faster than the speed of light, and reached over to her nightstand. Her fabulous tits bobbed and jiggled with each movement she made. She took out a small bottle of lube and gave it to me before assuming the position on her bed once more: face down, ass up.

“Fuck my ass baby,” she said. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“Oh my god, fuck yeah,” I moaned, lubing up my enormous, throbbing dick. Amber reached around and spread her two cheeks, revealing her brown asshole once again.

“Go slow at first please,” she said, looking back at me with puppy-dog eyes.

“Don’t worry Amber, I’ll make this so good for you,” I said. She answered me with an angelic smile.

I pressed my glistening shaft against her pucker. She moaned as I pressed harder and harder against her brown hole, before my head finally slipped in to her tight butt. And holy shit was she tight. I got my head past her sphincter rings with a bit of effort, but once my head was in, I paused and took in the amazing view. Amber, her gorgeous hair splayed across her comforter and her ass spread wide open. It looked like her butt was eating up my cock. It was sexier than any porn I’ve ever seen in my life. And once upon a time I was a growing boy with a fast internet connection, so that is saying something. I then very slowly started to slide the rest of my shaft into her butt, inch by inch.

“Ohhhh my god oh my god oh my god” she was moaning. “Yeah babe. Keep going slowly. Keep going.”

Three inches. Four. Five. I couldn’t believe how good this was. Her ass was tighter and hotter than I ever imagined. I took a brief break and gathered myself, determined not to cum just yet.

Finally, I was all the way in. Every single inch of my manhood was shoved up this stunning woman’s ass. Her turd cutter kept squeezing the base of my shaft, as if trying to suck the huge load out of my balls, which were currently pressed against her hot, wet pussy.

“Holy shit. Holy shit you are all the way up there!” she screamed. “You’re completely in my asshole! I can’t believe we fit it all!”

I laughed. “Yep! Sooo…now what?”

She took her hands off her cheeks and let them bounce in, hiding her asshole so it looked like her cheeks were gobbling up my shaft. She looked back at me. “Fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass until you cum. Okay?”

I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t do anything in that moment other than oblige. So I slowly brought my cock a few inches out and slowly shoved it back in, Amber softly moaning the whole time, burying her face into the blankets. I picked up the pace just a little. Then just a little more.

Before I knew it, I was full-on fucking her ass. It was all just a blur of pure pleasure and visual bliss. Amber would sometimes reach around and spread her cheeks. Then when she let go, they would jiggle back into their natural place and slap against the sides of my shaft. I grabbed her sexy, wide hips and really started plowing into her. Her whole backside was jiggling and bouncing everywhere, her screams matching my thrusts. Then she pulled her face out of the blankets and got on all fours. She reached around under her pussy and between her legs and started ever –so-gently caressing my balls. Just when I think it couldn’t feel any better, she was massaging them, playing with them carefully and making me moan with her squeeze-release-squeeze-release rhythm. I slowed my thrusts down and felt the “point of no return” coming along. Amber must have felt it too, because my head grew deep inside her ass and my balls started to pull up. My pre-cum was flowing into her like a brook and I could feel the hot wetness of it against my tip and shaft. There was probably already a load of cum in her ass, but I hadn’t even climaxed yet. She turned around, flipping her long hair over her shoulder, and looked up into my eyes.

“You’re going to cum soon, aren’t you?” she asked with a devilish smile on her perfect lips.

“Uh-huhhh,” I whined. I was literally seconds away from cumming, but that was when she did something very odd. Something no girl has ever done to me before. Something I didn’t think was even possible. She gently pulled down on my balls and then squeezed her rectum and anus tightly against my cock, effectively delaying my orgasm. I felt my load building up even more pressure in my balls, tingling and aching and vibrating. Amber grinned at me.

“I’m going to hold you on the brink for as long as I can. Do you feel your load building up? I know I can. Your balls are practically boiling!”

“Uh-huhhhhhhh,” I moaned even louder. I could not fucking believe what was happening to me, and that it was all happening with my cock buried balls-deep in the most beautiful girl I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. My load kept building up inside me, millions of sperm getting ready to be launched out in a sticky, hot load.

“Ohhh my god baby, you’re literally vibrating right now,” Amber crowed. “You’re like a vibrator, for real! Oh my god I want your cum. Where are you going to shoot it?”

“Wherever you want baby!” I gasped.

She laughed. “I think it’s obvious where I want it. Do you want to empty your balls in my asshole?”

“Fuck yes baby! Oh my god Amber, fuck yes I do!”

“Really shove it up there! I want you to unload as deep as possible. I want to keep your cum up in that ass forever. Will you do that for me baby? Will you shoot that hot load as deep in my ass as you can go?”

I moaned and grabbed her hips again, pulling her against my shaft until we my pelvis was practically fused to her asshole. The room smelled like a combination of her perfume, her hairspray, and of course the funky smell of her stunning butt. That moment, that PRECISE moment of me looking at her, smelling her, and feeling her while on the brink of an intense orgasm, was the best moment of my life.

She stroked my sack as she held my balls in her hand. She then let go, turned around, and buried her face in the blankets once more. Now that she did not have control of my balls, the moment had finally come. The moment I had been waiting for ever since I first laid eyes on this beautiful creature.

My hands on her hips and my crotch buried between the two globes of her big booty, I let out the first blast of cum. My head was deep in her colon for sure, because I could feel the valve between her rectum and colon squeezing me about two inches below the head of my cock. The first blast seemed to last an eternity, my load shooting deep into her belly with such great force that Amber let out her biggest moan yet. She looked back at me again and started playing with her sopping wet clit. That must have put her over the edge, too, because before I knew it she was practically crying with bliss. Tears streamed down her face as her anus, rectum and colon squeezed and released me over and over again. “HOLY FUCK I’M CUMMING!” she wailed.

And so was I. The first blast didn’t really “end” since my cock just kept pouring out ounce after ounce of steaming hot jizz. A torrent of semen was pouring into her asshole, my balls pulled up against my body. My junk was seriously working double overtime and it was the best pleasure I’ve ever experienced. After about twenty seconds (literally) of a nonstop river of pure cum, I started to send out the blasts in the normal fashion. But even then, I was nowhere near done with this orgasm. And neither was she, apparently. I could feel her poop chute milking my cock, begging my balls to give up the rest of my nut.

The pumping was still not over. Spurts of cum were shooting into Amber’s colon, and I moaned with each rope that spilled out of me. I looked down at her ass, which was pressed-up against my belly, slurping the cum out of me like my dick was a straw. I then looked at Amber, her beautiful face frozen in a look of bliss. She looked like a goddess with her hair spread out luxuriously around her. “Holy fuck,” she finally said. “I can feel you. You’re still pumping your load into me! Holy fucking shit, how much is there??”

I just moaned in response. I slide my cock in and out very slightly, not even an inch, feeling her rectum slide against my shaft. I kept cumming and cumming, filling her tight tush with more semen than I normally produce in an average week. Finally, my orgasm subsiding, I simply stood there, looking down at her, and thinking about the gigantic deposit I just made in her greedy butt.

“Wow,” was all I managed to say.

“Wow,” Amber said.

We laughed together, both of us feeling exhausted after our mutual orgasms. I stayed deep in her ass for a few minutes before I finally started to slowly pull out. I felt her ass push out my softening cock and thought back to her nasty dump in the office bathroom earlier. It was almost too much for me to bear, the thought of my dick existing in the same place where a beautiful woman stores her poop. Fuck I love anal sex.

My head was finally pushed out of her ass, followed by a single wet fart. “Oh! Excuse me,” she said, giggling. “That’s my butt’s compliments to the chef.”

I laughed out loud at that. “Believe me, the pleasure was all mine.”

“I think we shared the pleasure,” she said, spreading her ass in front of me. Not a single drop of cum was to be seen anywhere, but she must have been feeling for some because she licked her finger and stuck it into her asshole. She plunged it back and forth a few times and it came out clean. “Wow, you really shot it deep in there! Thank you for the load, baby.”

“Fuck me, you are so welcome!”

She laughed again, and then stood up and started getting dressed. “Seriously though, I love the thought of your cum being inside me. I thought you were super hot the first time I met you and now, to think of your load inside my butt is so sexy to me!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You have no idea….” I said.

We dressed together. She put on her thong, leggings, and shirt again, and then turned around to brush her hair. I admired her ass and thought about how many potential babies were deep inside her legendary booty right now. She turned around and caught me creeping on her. “Enjoying the show?” she asked with a smile.

“Always.” That made her laugh too.

She led me out of her room and into the kitchen, where we shared a quick beer before deciding to head to her friend’s get-together. The party itself was not terribly memorable. We hung around for a few hours, I met handful of her friends as well as her sister. “This is the guy I was telling you about!” said Amber when she introduced me to her sister, which made me even happier than I already was. When midnight came around, Amber and I decided to head back to her place.

I’ll spare you the details since nothing compared to the first time we fucked, but we ended up having sex three more times that night. We did all sorts of things together, but every single time ended with me shooting yet another hot load deep up her ass. By the time the night was through, she probably had enough semen up her butt to drown a small animal.

The next morning I had another wonder perverse moment involving Amber on the toilet. I was in her bedroom just starting to wake up while she was in the bathroom, and after a couple minutes I heard her let out a few nasty, wet farts. Finally, I heard several plops and splashes, followed by the sound of Amber wiping her ass crack clean. She came out of the bathroom and asked me if I wanted any breakfast. I said yes and she went to the kitchen, washed her hands, and started cooking. I got up to see if she needed any help, but then I realized I had not heard the toilet flush in the bathroom after Amber was done.

I couldn’t resist. I stepped into the bathroom, and just like at the office the stench was like a sexy punch in the face. Only this time it was worse and definitely had a cum-like quality to it. I shut the door and walked over to the toilet, which still had the top lid up. I looked in and saw several long logs of soft, messy, brown turds that took up almost all of the water in the bowl. The best part, however, was seeing my cum in there. Chunks and puddles of jizz that were slightly brown but mostly white were mixed up in her nasty deposit, like a smelly reminder of all the crazy fun we had last night. Again, too erect to piss standing up, I sat down on her warm seat and took my piss, surrounded by the smell Amber’s post-anal-sex shit.

I then went to the kitchen to join her. I helped her finish cooking, we ate, and I popped her booty up on the kitchen table and shot one final load up her beautiful ass before heading home. I never thought I’d ever say this, but I can’t wait until Monday morning so I can see her again! It was truly the best weekend ever.

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