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Prison Time

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I had served six years on a 10 years sentence for possession and weapons charges without any complications or problems. Looking forward to my trip in front of the Parole board soon only for them to tell me once again that I will not be released. I’m not mad it’s just a part of life. My temper and my “I don’t give a fuck” attitude got me where I am right now.

Sorry let me introduce my self. My name is Kevin Terrell, KT to everyone but my mother, grandmother and the government.

Yes I am a 6’4, 250 pound brother from the hood. I’ve had six cellee’s in the last three months, so when they threw him in with me I didn’t think twice. I looked at the scared look on his face as he stood at the cell door trying to figure out if I was going to be the one that took his manhood.

“You just going to stand there or what?” I said as I continued to do my sit-ups.

“Hey new booty!” I heard one of the guys laugh as they walked past him.

“That ass look tight.” Another joined in.

He pressed his ass against the wall hard.

“That’s not going to help.” I laughed. “If they want you they will get you.”

“What can I do?” He asked with a tremble in his voice.

“Well!” I said getting up. “When I got here, someone thought that I was going to bend my knees so I shanked him.”

He frowned and I laughed at the look on his face.

“Top bunk” I nodded in his direction as I went to play spades with my boys.

Chow time came and he didn’t show up. I walked back in the pod to him sitting on my bunk.

“Move bitch” I said kicking him. “Stay off my bunk, fool!”

I took my shirt off and began doing my evening exercises.

“He said he’s going to fuck me tomorrow.” He said over and over.

Before I could say another word a guard called my name over the loud speaker. I put on my shirt before stepping out of my pod.

“Top bunk!” I said looking at him one last time.

I walked over to the cage as the guard looked at me. I turned around so he could put the cuffs on me. He escorted me to Warden Jones office. I stood in front of his desk until he acknowledged that I was there. He motioned for me to sit down and I did.

“I need your help.” He said.

“My help?” I mumbled.

“Yes, yours!” he sat back looking at me. “The young man in your pod comes from a very rich family.”

“So!” I mumbled rolling my eyes “What’s that got to do with me.”

“You are a smart man.” Jones said “Protect him and his family will take care of you.”

I just looked at him.

“And I can speak at your next parole hearing,” He paused to see if I was interested, once he noticed he continued “Help you get out early.”

Now he as speaking my language, my mother was sick and I needed to be home.

He fanned his hand for me to leave.

“Money!” I said stopping at the door “I’ll do it for everything you have offered plus money on my books.”

He just shook his head and I walked out to the female guard.

“Rich boy parents wants us to make special arrangements for him?” She laughed

“Yeah, I guess.” I replied.

“I like you KT.” She smiled. “Make sure they don’t fuck you around.”

“What makes you think I will protect him?” I asked.

“Jones knows you will.” She replied. “He knows your mother is sick and you don’t have any money on your books.” She looked around. “Just play your cards right and don’t let them fuck you around.”

I walked back to my pod to three men standing in front of my new cellee.

“Please don’t do this!” He cried

“What’s up?” I asked stepping in “You guys lost.”

“NAW, KT!” Jason said “Just welcoming the new booty.”

“Well he’s mine so step!” I said loudly.

“Please!” Gary mumbled. “You don’t get down like that.”

“I got 4 more years to go so I need some relief,” I said. “So back off, he is mine and if anyone touches him and I find out it will be hell.”

They all looked at me “We got you.” Tim said walking past me to lean against the wall. “I’ll put the word out.”

“You want us to believe this shit?” Jason laughed

They all walked out and my cellee calmed down.

“Thank You!” He mumbled.

I grunted

“My name is Hayden.” He said extending his hand.

I looked at it before pushing him up against the wall.

“If your family fucks me I will fuck you.” I said “Then pass you to my homies.”

He looked at me as I pressed my hand hard against his chest.

“Do you understand?” I said he shook his head yes.

I got a good look at him as he sulked in the corner. He was about 5’6, 130 pounds, long brown hair and green eyes. His skin was clear and a golden color telling me he liked to tan.


Conversation was short when we were alone but outside the pod he had to play a role “My Bitch” He kept up good appearance but I could tell something was going on with him.

He was standing at the end of the line waiting for chow, when I heard someone say today was the day that my cellie gets his.

“Hold my spot.” I said to Jason, I walked to the back of the line and grabbed him by his shirt. “Get your ass up here.”

I pushed him in line behind Jason.

“Dam man.” Jason moaned then he looked back at Hayden, “Well if it ain’t sweet cheeks.”

“Who!” I asked.

“Nothing” He replied turning around.

Jones was standing in the hall as we walked by he smiled at Hayden who looked down at the ground.

Hayden grabbed a tray for himself and me, I watched as they dropped the slop on his tray then mine. I went to sit down as he walked behind me. “Get your ass over here now.” I said.

Everyone looked up at him and laughed as he walked toward me. He was sitting between Jason and myself.

“You don’t want that!” Garry said grabbing his bread off his try.

He just looked down, he didn’t eat he just stared at the tray.

“Put his shit back!” I said.

“Man please” Garry laughed, “He is fair game like everyone.”

“What did I tell you?” I said looking at him. He put the bread back as I stared at him.

“Thank you” Hayden mumbled looking up at me.

“Eat!” I commanded.

After I finished eating I pushed my tray in his direction as we all talked about home and our ex-girlfriends.

“Dam man his little ass isn’t going to make it!” Jason said pointing at Hayden and the three men surrounding him. I could see one of them grabbing on his ass. I walked over and pushed pass them and grabbed Hayden.

“What are you doing punk?” Tyrone said stepping close to me.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time!” I said, “this is my bitch, if you fuck with him we got problems.”

I looked at them “So do we have a problem?”

“We cool KT” One man said

“Learn to keep your bitch on a shorter leash” Tyrone said blowing a kiss as Hayden.

The others laughed at what he said

That’s pretty much how things were. He was teased and I protected him and his ass virginity.

Then 3 months later he got a letter that changed everything.

I walked into our pod to him sitting on my bunk.

“Bitch what did I tell you about sitting on my bunk?” I yelled pulling him up.

He crushed his head against my chest and cried.

“My life is over!” He cried, “I’m going to die in this place.”

I just stood as he held on to me.

“They cut me off!” He cried harder. “I did what she wanted and the fucking bitch sent the pictures anyway.”

He cried as I looked at him, my not saying anything must have been a sign to him. He looked up at me and let go. He sat down as one of the pictures hit the floor. I picked the pictures up and it was a picture of him, with an all fucked out look on his face.

I began to laugh, “Here!” He yelled throwing the rest of the pictures and the letter in my direction before running out the pod.

As I looked at the pictures I could now see why he was so upset but after reading the letter I had a reason to be upset. After finding out he had sex with a man his father cut him off and he would be fair game to anyone in the prison. I just shook my head; I was starting to feel bad for him. Just reading that much made me realize that his father didn’t give a dam about him. I went looking for him, as I walked over to the stairwell I could hear talking.

“You want us to believe that KT is fucking you?” I could hear Willie laughed.

Willie was the biggest queen walking around the prison.

I didn’t hear a reply but knew he had to shake his head, something he would do often.

“Fuck all this talking!” Marcus yelled, “Pull your pants down. If he is fucking you with that horse cock of his your pussy would be gapping open!”

“Fine!” Hayden mumbled, “I have nothing left.”

“All these queen’s around here that wanted KT to be their boyfriend!” Jamie laughed, “He choice you. Someone that just walked thru the door.”

Then it was quiet “So what are you all up to.” The male voice said. “I see we have a special visitor today.”

“KT ain’t fucking you.” Another voice said

I listened close and realized it was Jason and Garry.

“Stand up!” Jason said, “Let me check you out.”

“Baby you didn’t say you where going to fuck him!” Willie said

“Shut up! Bitch!” Jason said.

I stepped around and saw Hayden’s face; the bruise by his lip pissed me off.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled slapping the back of Jason’s head.

“Nothing!” Willie stammered.

The other queens were afraid of Willie, Willie was afraid of Jason but they all feared me.

“Get your ass up to the pod!” I commanded looking at Hayden.

He walked by me and I grabbed the back of his hair. “If I find out you have given up my shit!” I said pushing him “You’re dead.”

“Yes sir!” He replied walking with his head down to our pod.

I looked at Jason then Garry. “After six years you decide you want some ass.” Jason mumbled. “Why him?”

I looked at Jason and laughed

“Dude!” Garry said, “You act like you are jealous.”

“Fuck you!” Jason said storming off

“What I say?” Garry said hunching his shoulders.

“The obvious” I said walking away.

Jason was standing at the top of the steps by my pod.

“How could you KT?” Jason whispered, “When I begged you to fuck me you said no.”

“Jason we are friends,” I said “Boys from the same hood.” I dropped my head not know what to say.

“I had to fight.” He said “We could have done what we had to and left it at that. At least I wouldn’t have been humiliated”

He looked off “Instead he took me.”

“It’s not like you think and I’m sorry it happened like that.” I frowned. “But the same man that got you I got him. He’s dead because of me.”

“You’re right” Jason said “You risked your freedom for me. I’m sorry.”

I patted him on his back and walked away.

Walking into the pod Hayden was once again sitting on my bunk.

“Hayden this will be my last time telling you.” I pulled him up hard. “Stay off my bunk.”

He climbed up on to his bunk and laid down.

“They will change their minds.” I said as I heard him crying.

I had to force him off his bunk for count then it was lights out.

I had finally fallen asleep when I felt something heavy of my bunk.

“Please don’t push me away.” Hayden whispered kissing my chest.

“You’re tripping.” I said.

“Please KT!” he begged, “It will happen sooner or later. If not you it will be one of them. At least with you it won’t be rape”

“No!” I said.

“The money will stop.” He said, “Jones already said he had to move me. I won’t be safe any where.”

“You don’t have to move.” I said, “I will still protect you.”

“Not for free.” He said grabbing my hand placing it on his hip.

I rubbed up to his arm noticing how soft his skins felt. I closed my eyes as his hand moved under my blanket. His hand was soft, so soft that I got lost in his touch almost forgetting it was a guy giving me a hand job. It wasn’t long before I felt his month surround my now throbbing cock.

“Oh, shit” I moaned as he used his tongue to tease the head of my hard cock. When I felt the back of his throat, I began to massage through his hair. I could hear the moans and suction from his sucking. To keep from throwing his rhythm off I laid still as he moved up and down.

“Suck that cock.” I whispered. I could feel my balls filling up fast. He moved fast up and down never missing a beat. My heart started pumping hard as the blood rushed to my head. If I were standing up I would have passed out. I grabbed the back of his head as he moved faster. At the same time he was using his hand to rub my balls.

“Suck it like you want it,” I whispered, I looked down to see his head bobbing up and down.

“I do!” He whispered, “I do want it.”

“Oh! Shit.” I moaned.

“HHHUUMMM” he moaned as I massaged my hand through his hair.

“My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he sucked harder.

“I’m Cumming,” I moaned gripping his head harder.

“AH” He moaned as my cum streamed into his month. I could feel his throat open and close as he swallowed like he was drinking a cold soda. He wiped his mouth before turning away from me. I looked to see what time it was; we had a couple of hours before count so I just let him lay next to me.

“KT” He called.

“What!” I whispered back

“Fuck me!” He whispered

“No!” I moaned as he turned around and rubbed my now deflated cock.

“Please” he whispered

“Oh shit!” I moaned as I got hard again. What the hell was it about Hayden, I could jack off and never get hard seconds or minutes later. But here I was lying next to him getting hard again.

“I will be right back.” He whispered getting up.

“Ok” I moaned when he removed his hand.

He grabbed a lotion bottle and handed it to me.

“Just go slow.” He whispered getting real close to me.

I took the lotion putting some in my hand, I pushed some inside is asshole.

“HHMMHH” He moaned as I stuck a finger inside of him. Then I pushed the second one in as he started to hump. “Please KT fuck me.”

My mind was on a new type of high. I remember how it felt when I use to fuck my girl but she didn’t respond like this. He wanted me to fuck him, no fighting, argument or force. He wanted me inside of him; I pushed a third finger in.

“Oh, God!” He moaned, “Please now!”

I just continued to move my finger in and out.

“Fuck me” He whispered again pushing his hips back to me.

“Not like this.” I said and pushed him onto his back placing his legs on my shoulders.

I positioned my cock at his hole and slowly pushed forward. I stopped when he pressed my pillow into his face. “You alright.” I whispered in his ear.

“I’m fine” He moaned then he grabbed my arms as I pushed forward again.

Man he was soft I pushed forward, and then stopped to take a deep breath. “Dam he feels good” I thought as I bottomed out.

“Shit” I moaned.

He pulled the pillow away from his face “Now pull out and move slowly back in a couple of times before you go crazy.” He whispered.

I did as he said but I had no plans of going crazy I wanted to enjoy this moment. I wonder how many men he had been with. He let go of the grip on my arms as he jacked off and I fucked him long and deep.

“I’m truly yours now.” He mumbled as I started beating my cock in him. “Yes baby”

“Dam!” I moaned as my cock started squirting cum in his ass.

“Yes, baby!” Hayden moaned.

“You feel good,” I whispered.

“It’s your pussy now, Popi!” he moaned before falling asleep.

An hour later I woke up “Get in your bunk.” I whispered when I heard the clanking of the metal gates “It’s almost time for count.”

“Okay” He whispered before kissing me. He was so dam soft like a woman, his lips, his body and his touch I was fucking hooked after that.

He climbed up into his bunk and I could hear his soft breathing, letting me know he had fallen back to sleep.

When daylight hit I was still sleep when count was called.

“KT” Hayden called from his bunk

“Yeah” I yawned.

“Are you mad about last night?” He asked

“NO!” I replied. “I thought I would be confused but I’m not.”

“Good!” He laughed “Cause I want to do it again.”

I laughed at his words

“It is okay if we do it again?” He asked

“Yeah” I whispered. “It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Good” He let out a deep breath “Now can you help me down. So I can go shower after count.”

I quickly got up before the doors were buzzed open.

“Thank you baby,” He said turning around to me. “I’m sore as hell.”

I leaned down to kiss him. It was something so different about kissing and being close to him.

“Count” The CO yelled over the loud speaker.

He put on some shorts as we stepped out the pod.

“So how was it?” the CO laughed standing in front of me. “I knew you would break.”

I looked at Hayden who dropped his head. They dismissed us and we went back in our pod.

“This is going to be really strange.” I said looking at Hayden.

“If you want to stop.” He said, “We can.”

“No!” I said, “I can deal with this.”

Hayden walked off to the shower.

“They will leave him alone now.” The CO said, “At least he ain’t all hard looking. He looks like a female all small and shit. Not like Willie and them other queers”

“You done?” I asked sitting down.

“Look, we have known each other since you walked threw the door.” He laughed. “Don’t get mad, it’s cool to me. If I didn’t work here I would have hit that myself. Still watch him because he has a price on him”

“Do you know who put it out there.” I asked.

“No!” He replied “And Jones is piss off about it.”

He walked away leaving me to think.

A couple of minutes later Hayden walked in laughing.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“I was asked to sit at the girlfriend’s table.” He laughed

“No!” I replied “You will sit at the table with me. Nothing changes.”

“I think I’m safe now.” He smiled

“You’re not” I replied pulling him close to me “You’re more in danger now than you ever were.”

He frowned at me as I held him close.

“KT” He called “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, you will sit with me” I said, “Nothing has changed.”

I stepped out my pod and looked around by the smirk on Big Tyrone’s face I knew who had the hit out on Hayden.

Big Tyrone was in for attempted murder of his mistress. Had been on the dorm for a total of 4 weeks. He though he was tough and walked around bullying whoever got in his way. Tyrone stood an inch over KT and weighed about 200 pounds.

“I got to take this fool out.” KT thought. He looked around for his boys.

“What’s up?” Jason asked as he walked down the steps. “I see how you are looking at Tyrone.”

“So!” I replied

“You know he tried to get Willie to set Hayden up?” Jason said

I looked at him.

“That bitch knows better.” Jason laughed

We stood in line for chow. “I have a plan.” I said as we stood in line. I looked back to see Hayden frowning and Tyrone whispering in his ear. The look on his face told me, that he believed what I said about him not being safe. I got out of line and went to get him.

“Not today Tyrone” The CO said “And that’s the wrong man to be fucking with in here.”

“Ain’t nobody scared of KT punk ass.” Tyrone yelled

“That’s enough.” The CO yelled.

We grabbed our food and sat down.

“So what are we going to do?” Jason said pointing his plastic fork toward Tyrone.

“Set a little trap.” I smiled looking at Hayden.

Then I leaned in and told them the plan.

The look on Hayden’s face was of shear fear. “Don’t worry baby,” I whispered. “Daddy will protect you.”


Third shift started and Hayden went to the showers. “Handle your business” CO Johnson said as we walked past him to the shower, he handed me his cuffs and the key.

“KT! Don’t know what to do with this.” Tyrone yelled as the other guys in the shower walked out, giving KT the head nodded as they past him. “Get on your knees bitch.”

“Please stop” Hayden cried, “Please! KT will kill me.”

“After tonight you are mine” Tyrone yelled “Fuck KT.”

Tyrone had his back to us as we walked in. Garry came up behind him, throwing the plastic bag over his head, he tried to swing when Jason and I grabbed his arms. Garry pulled the bag back and we knew he wasn’t able to breath.

“Down on your knees bitch” I said.

Not being able to breath he wobbled down. Jason removed all his clothes and got behind him as Garry removed the bag.

“We ain’t trying to kill your punk ass!” Garry laughed as he struggled for air. He bent forward but Jason pulled him back up. Holding his cuffed arms behind him as Garry grabbed hair pulling his head back.

“Fuck you punks.” He yelled.

“NO fuck you.” I said, “Come here Hayden.” I pointed to the spot right in front of Tyrone. “Open wide bitch.”

“Fuck you.” He yelled.

Garry grabbed his nose, which made him open his mouth to breath. Hayden just watched as I pushed his cock in Tyrone’s mouth.

“You bite him you die.” I said.

Hayden moved slowly at first looking at me as if I was going to hurt him for enjoying his blowjob. He pulled out and let his cum shoot all over Tyrone’s face.

“Wait until I get loose.” He mumbled.

That made Hayden back “Don’t leave” I said stepping in front of Tyrone.

Garry grabbed his nose again. I shoved my cock in his mouth, it was nice and warm but not like Hayden’s. I forced it in and out, making sure I touched the back of his throat. He gagged “Relax your throat and you won’t chock.” Hayden laughed.

He did as he said and I continued my assault. Then we all heard it at the same time or did we.

“HHUUUPPHH” he moaned.

He moaned again as my cum shot out me cock. I held his face “Swallow” I laughed

Then I let go.

Hayden walked over “It taste good doesn’t it?” He laughed

Jason un-cuffed him and pushed him down. I knew what was next as Hayden and I showered, Tyrone gave Garry a blowjob and let Jason fuck him. After Jason bust a nut, Tyrone tried to crawl over to the corner. He had his cock in his hand and we knew what he was about to do but Garry grabbed him, stood him up, got behind and a fucked him. “Cum with me baby” Garry moaned as he let one go in Tyrone’s ass. Tyrone moaned and we knew he was done. I turned around before we walked out the shower. “You are my bitch’s bitch and what ever he wants you will give it.” I said looking back at Tyrone. “If you don’t I will let the whole dorm fuck you.”

Jason looked over at him, “Do you understand what he is saying?” He yelled.

“Yes!” Tyrone replied, “Whatever Hayden wants I will take care of.”

“Or you will be fucked by the whole dorm,” Garry laughed. “And right now it is 175 of us.”

We turned to get dress and leave.

“Punk ass bitch!” Jason said spitting at him “Hayden Can I have permission to fuck him whenever I want to.”

“Sure, why not!” Hayden said, “That’s what he was going to do to me.”

Then Hayden stopped and walked back to the shower “Whenever Garry and Jason want you to suck their cocks or they want to fuck you. You give it up with no problem if they tell me different you will be fucked by ever man on this dorm two room at a time.” We could hear him laugh and the laugh was so eerie it sent a chill through my body.

“I understand” Tyrone mumbled

“I didn’t hear you!” Hayden said, “What was that?”

“I understand!” He said louder.

“Dam!’ Jason said.

Hayden walked in front of us as we walked back in the dorm area. He grabbed my things and took them to our pod.

That night after lights out he came down to my bunk.

“I didn’t like him sucking your cock!” He whispered.

I looked over at him “So!” I said.

“Please don’t let anyone but me suck you.” He whispered back.

“Baby! Are you jealous?” I whispered trying not to laugh at the look on his face.

“I think so!” He said, “When you stuck you cock in his mouth and he moaned I felt a knot in my stomach.”

“You don’t have to worry.” I said, “You are the only one.”

He crawled on top of me and kissed my lips.

“Did he suck it better than I do?” He asked

“Hayden! Please” I whispered, “Don’t do that?”

I could feel something wet on my chest, I touched his face and realized he had been crying.

I rolled him over and kissed his face. I could feel my cock getting harder as I kissed him. He threw his hands around my neck.

“I’m sorry KT,” He whispered as I entered him.

“Don’t be,” I whispered as a soft moan escape his lips.


Two years into Hayden’s sentence he got a call to Warden Jones office. He got up and walked over the cage. We all looked his way and went back to what we were doing.

“Man does he ever talk?” Garry asked.

“To KT.” Jason laughed.

I just shook my head. After an hour I looked back wondering where he was. I had just played my card when we heard the big metal door open.

“Here comes your girlfriend.” Tony laughed.

I looked back as Hayden walked right past me. We all watched, as he walked straight to our pod no glance our way or smile.

“His parents were killed this morning.” CO Johnson leaned down and whispered.

“Go!” Jason said.

I walked up to our pod and looked at Hayden sitting in the corner on floor, he was just staring he didn’t say a word.

“Hayden!” I called from the door.

He looked up at me not saying a word. It was chow time, I tried to get him to go eat but he just sat there on the floor.

“Baby!” He finally said, “Go eat something.”

“Don’t do anything crazy.” I said before turning to walk away.

I ate quickly and hurried back to the dorm. I walked in to him lying on my bunk asleep. Something about Hayden had pulled me to him, I felt concerned for him like a man would for his woman.

The fact that I had been fucking him for 2 years had nothing to do with it.

“She made me like this,” He whispered as I stared at him.

“Who?” I asked.

“My mother!” He said sitting up “She wanted a girl so bad. She would dress me up in girl clothes. I never got a chance to explain about the picture”

“You don’t have too.” I said

“Yes I do.” He replied, “The man in the picture was my uncle that died. He had been molesting me for years. He had pictures and movies, his maid found everything and was upset that he left everything in his Will to Clair and me. She said she would show everything to my father. I was embarrassed and hurt but I agreed to do what she wanted. Clair paid her but it wasn’t enough. My best friend beat me up after she mailed the pictures to him. He went to school and showed everyone, I was ousted.”

“You don’t have to tell me anymore.” I said.

“Yes I do!” He said as tears rolled down his face “She made me like this. I was already confused about my sexuality when some of the football players talked about how soft I was. I lost it and ran out the school. I started drinking; I got in my car one day drunk and destroyed a lot of property. I didn’t see the people in the car”

“That’s enough!” I said sitting down next to him.

“She made me like this!” He said again “instead of therapy they ignored everything.”

“So now what?” I asked as he stared at the wall.

“I inherit everything.” He said “My cousin Claire will be acting on my behalf until I get out.”

We heard someone clearing his throat from the door.

“You all right.” Jason asked Hayden

“Yeah I guess.” Hayden got up off my bunk and climbed in his.

“Sorry about your parents” Jason said, “You have KT, he will always have your back.”

I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Things will be different when I leave here.” Hayden said, “KT won’t be there to love and protect me.”

I looked at Jason and nodded my head for him to keep it moving.

“I know you don’t love me.” He said, “I just want to believe I have someone.”

“I will be here as long as you want me too.” I said.

That night Hayden decided that he didn’t want to pay for the extra security to go to the funeral.

“Come down here.” I said as he laid in his bunk.

He climbed down and laid on my bunk with is head on my chest.

“I love you.” He said kissing my chest.

“Hayden!” I whispered. “Love isn’t a luxury you can have in this place.”

“I understand.” He whispered “Would it be wrong to ask you to make love to me?”

“How about tonight I just hold you.” I said.

He nodded and I knew he wasn’t happy about me not having sex with him.

“Hayden!” I called “I can’t take you home to my mother.”

He looked up at me ‘She wouldn’t understand.”

“I understand.” He whispered taking a deep breath.

“I’m not gay Hayden.” I said.

“Who are you trying to convince?” Hayden whispered back before sitting up

“Hayden please!” I said

“Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself not me.” He got up and climbed into his bunk. “Don’t worry I will be fine without you.”

“Hayden get your ass back down here.” I yelled kicking the bottom of his bunk.

“Fuck you KT” He yelled

“Lover’s quarrel” Someone yelled from their pod

I turned over and went to sleep. I figured there was no reason to argue with him about us. I couldn’t take him home to my mother as if what we where doing was normal.

The next morning I thought things would be over the conversation the night before didn’t go in the right direction. I felt bad about hurting Hayden’s feelings.

“Hayden” I called as I stood up

“About last night.” He said turning around “I’m sorry.”

He leaned over and kissed my lips.

“Dam! This shit is getting out of control.” I thought “And hard.”

“I’ll make it up tonight.” Hayden said getting off his bunk.

That night he did just what he said, he sucked me off three times before falling asleep in my arms.


Hayden’s time was up, three years went by fast; I tried to do something special for him the night before they would remove him from the dorm.

“Hayden, baby.” I said standing up and reaching my hand out to him. “I can’t make you my woman in the real world but in here.’ He put his finger to my lips.

I pulled him close so we could slow dance to the music that was coming from one of the other pods.

As I laid him down on my bunk, I knew my life would never be the same without him. I placed his legs on my shoulder; grabbing the lotion I made sure I lubricated his hole real good.

“Kevin” He whispered before I entered him. “I love you.”

I pushed in, leaned forward and kissed his lips “I love you, too.”

As I moved in and out of him, I stared in his eyes.

“I meant what I said about loving you.” I whispered.

He held on tight as I moved in and out of him, until we both exploded. He stayed in my arms the rest of the night.

“Hayden” I called shaking him.

“I know get in my bunk” He laughed getting up. I stood up kissing him one last time.

“I will be home soon” I said, “We can always be friends.”

The doors opened and he walked out.

“See you on the outside.” Hayden said before my door slammed shut.

I grabbed the letter that I had received months earlier and knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be home to my family and Hayden.

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