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Krissy Gets a Letter from Maggie

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This short story is a follow on from Krissy’s Holiday in the Far East, so read that first if you want the full picture. It is always intriguing what happens after a brief fling, though we so rarely get to find out. I thought a juicy follow up was well deserved.

A couple of months after Krissy’s return from Bangkok, a letter arrived for her. This was a rarity nowadays, so much correspondence taking place on e-mail rather than on paper. This was a flashback to the old days, a lovely woven envelope and folded A4 sheets of good quality paper to match. There was even a slight scent to the note.

Eagerly opening the envelope, Krissy checked out who and where it had come from. It was a pleasant surprise to read Maggie’s name at the bottom of the page and see an address from an area she occasionally visited further south. Krissy noted that this surely opened the door to a repeat performance some day. She read on;

‘Dear Krissy,

I hope you are keeping well and that life is continuing to be as adventurous as you desire and certainly seem to enjoy. It was fantastic to meet you and Julia of course, at the Oriental. You don’t need me to tell you how much I enjoyed everything that we did together. I guess it would be safe for me to say Sara felt the same way.

Anyway, my thanks continue for your having opened my eyes to a whole new wonderful world of sexy possibilities. I thought it only fair that I should fill you in on what I have been up to since we parted, and I have no doubt you will be pleased to know my experimenting did not stop once I left Bangkok.

Sara has been regularly staying with me at weekends. My place is in the centre of town, so it’s an easy excuse to her mother that she is going to crash over at my place when she is going out at the weekends. My sister thinks it is great that Sara and I are such good friends now and how much closer we seem to be since our holidays. God, she would die if she knew what we are really getting up to!

Sara is proving to be quite to dominant one in our new relationship, which is fine by me, if still a little strange, but then fucking your niece or rather my niece fucking me is never really going to be normal.

Some Fridays, she has turned up and never bothered going out, preferring to just have some fun with me instead. I have to make sure I am well groomed and made up for her, as typical of a 19 year old who thinks she knows it all, she has said she only wants to fuck me if I look good enough to share my bed with her gorgeous body — cheeky minx, but I don’t mind.

If it is just the two of us, the sex tends to start almost as soon as she is through the door. Last week she made me kneel in front of her in the hallway and lick her out with her just a yard inside the door! She reckoned she had gotten horny on the way over and needed a first release straight away.

Don’t worry though; I am getting plenty of orgasms myself. Almost just the feel of her firm body sends me close to the edge. The best ones are where she uses the strap on she made me buy and fucks me hard. Jesus, sometimes she can be brutal with that thing! I love it though. Perhaps getting fucked this way helps me imagine I am not quite some fully fledged dyke just yet…

She has let me use it on her a couple of times, but most of the time I am on the receiving end. After I’ve cum, she makes me lick her sodden pussy until she cums herself. It never takes long by this stage to take her to the first one, though it is rare that she limits herself to just that, greedy little bitch — many is the time that I am kept down there for ages, making her cum with my tongue and fingers on clit, pussy and even in her ass.

Sara is so beautiful and young I know that she will never just rely on me for sex. There is a boyfriend of sorts, though he seems to be more for appearances than anything else and I know for sure she is fucking other men. I’ll tell you how.

A couple of weeks back she arrived at my place, made me bring her off in the most matter of fact way, then announced she was going out. I watched her head out in the tightest of mini-dresses, clearly not wearing underwear, the taste of her pussy still fresh on my lips. I thought to myself that she was going out to pull and how right I was.

Sometime after one I heard her come back, a man’s voice accompanying her own. I stole a quick peek through the slightly open door and was surprised to see her with a guy in his early forties, handsome and well dressed. It wasn’t long before the noises from the double room next to my own told me what they were up to. Her older lover was clearly up to the mark judging by the cries and moans Sara was giving off. It was all I could do to not rub myself into oblivion listening to it.

A couple of hours later I heard him leave. What happened next took me by surprise. Sara didn’t go back to her room to sleep — she came into mine naked and brazen.

‘Did you hear what a great fuck that guy was? He was pretty much your age Maggie and he knew what to do. God I love older men. Getting old won’t be so bad if I can keep finding guys like him.’ She continued ‘Did you play with yourself Maggie, listening to your young niece getting fucked senseless by that man? Did you want to know what his cock felt like?’

At that point she walked over to me, spread my legs and prodded at my pussy.

‘Jesus Maggie, you have given that some abuse tonight you dirty cow. What was it that got you so hot — thinking of his big hard cock or my soft wet pussy? You needn’t miss out — get a look at this’ at which she propped one leg up on the bed and thrust her cunt towards into my view.

I don’t usually like the word cunt, but that summed up exactly what I was looking at. This was no feminine pussy — what was in front of me was swollen and red, bloated with blood that had filled the lips with the hammering she had just had. Add to that the spunk that was oozing out of it and was sprayed around, sticking to the small tuft of dark hair that she sports above her slit. It was probably one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

What was demanded of me I knew without asking. I pulled her towards my mouth and tasted both of them, his cum and her juices. It was fantastic. I was taken aback by how much sperm was inside Sara. She registered my surprise. ‘That is three loads in there — he was quite special and I think was ready to unload big time.’ Her slutty confession served only to turn me on even more. The night would carry on much longer for both of us and continue the next day.

My lusting hasn’t been limited to Sara though. Clearly I have developed a thing for young women (and the occasional older one). I find myself staring at them in the street or in the bars on nights out. One in particular caught my eye at my office. Lucy was a relatively new starter, a graduate who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, long dark hair, pale skin set off with beautiful big green eyes and a lovely innocent smile.

I guessed that under her work suit she would be the owner of a pair of delicious small tits. When I caught a glimpse down her blouse at her desk and the small conical tits almost made me cum on the spot. She couldn’t possibly have known the effect she was having on me or what wicked thoughts were running through my mind as we chatted about some project work I had delegated to her.

It wasn’t hard for me to find excuses to chat to her regularly and find out all about her. No boyfriend at the moment, lives with her folks, eager to progress at work, serious about her career and whilst not exactly a virgin, not worldly wise either. It was easy for me to create the opportunity to ask her round to mine after work to go through some papers with the ‘reward’ of a bite to eat afterwards at my expense.

When it was clear that the work would run on a little, I suggested that she crashed over at my place and to ring her folks to say she was okay. Lucy seemed delighted with the offer, I suspect because it was a chance to get closer to the management, but that was fine by me.

Work was soon tidied up, dinner consumed in a nice light atmosphere and then more relaxed, it was easy to get Lucy to take a few drinks in the spirit of the fun evening we were having. It was time to call it a night and I lead the way upstairs. I showed her the bathroom and her room for the night, and then completed the tour by showing her my room. Of course I had it all set up with perfect low lighting and fresh linen, though not for one second did I believe a seduction would be on for tonight. I just needed her to see it and her reaction. She commented how beautiful the room was, a perfect bedroom and one she would love to have herself.

She went back to her room and I shouted that I’d dig out a couple of things for her to wear in bed, as obviously she didn’t have anything with her, but for her just to get ready while I had a wash. I gave her fifteen minutes to get undressed and cleaned up and strolled through without knocking before I went in. Clearly the nightcaps had removed some of her inhibitions, and she stood there in front of me in just a bra and pants, brushing her hair.

It was hard not to stare, but I had to be nonchalant if my longer game was to work. Tonight my aim was just to see exactly what I was lusting after. I made some comment about how slim and pretty she was, a typical girly platitude, but one that would relax her and play me further into her confidence. She actual returned a compliment to me as I stood there in what was actually a quite revealing night dress that showed my cleavage and hardened nipples in a pretty obvious way.

I had brought in one of Sara’s tiny teddies and one of my silk night dresses. I offered her the teddy first knowing that it would almost certainly be too small for her. As she tried to slip it on I suggested that it was meant to be worn on its own and that she would need to take the underwear off first.

How I said this in such a matter of fact way I’ll never know — my heart was racing as she unsuspectingly peeled off her bra to reveal what I had seen a preview of in the office. Her tits were beautiful, small young and topped off with the tiniest nipples I had ever seen, which in turn were rock hard. She would probably sport the same bra size as Sara, but her breasts are a completely different shape, not round like my niece but cone shaped, the nipple sitting on the peak.

It was great to see her in the flesh even for the briefest of moments before she slipped the teddy on. My God, I was soaking wet and horny as hell for this young woman — if only she knew. She sat on the bed and slipped her pants off, though I didn’t get to see anything at that moment. She stood up and I made some lewd comment about how sexy it looked, but we both knew that it wasn’t the right thing for her to sleep in.

However as she peeled off the teddy to try on the night dress I would see her totally naked for the first and briefest of moments. Her pussy was a trimmed but full bush, beautifully dark and exotic. It confirmed my thoughts about her being relatively inexperienced. She dropped the night dress on, and although she is a similar height to me, she was never going to fill it. It would be comfortable to sleep in though and afforded me a clear view of her tits as it gaped open at the top.

She thanked me for the loan of the dress and the fun night, I gave her a civilised peck on the cheek good night and headed for my own bed. There was nothing more I could hope for from the night. I went to my own bed and brought myself several times to the thought of the near naked Lucy in my spare bed and fantasies of how I would seduce her.

We are going out again on Friday with a works night out and I have hinted that she can probably stay over if the drinks flow too well for her to head home. The thing is though; I am having the spare room decorated this week, which I will casually forget to mention until I get Lucy back for the night. Of course I have a lovely big double bed that will take us both…

I’ll be sure to write and let you know how I get on. I’m off to give myself a little rub now. Thinking of you and Lucy and Sara and Julia has got me hot and horny. I hope the letter has done the same for you. Please come and stay if you are ever down this way. It would be so exciting to catch up.

Lots of love and best wishes.

Maggie xxx’


What a wonderful letter to start the day. I think she can expect that visit pretty soon…

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