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Playing with Her Heart

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There’s a standard joke when the UK is hit with cold weather – that we’re utterly unable to cope. Even a sprinkling of the white stuff brings the road and rail networks virtually crashing to a halt. Schools close, people can’t get to work, supermarkets are swamped by panic buyers and tabloids declare ‘SNOWMAGEDDON!’

Despite this, young people still go out clubbing wearing virtually nothing. I can remember Christmas and New Year’s Eves in my late teens, standing at the top of my hometown by the clock tower dressed solely in a skimpy dress and light jacket, with 4- inch heels, while howling gales blew around us and we tried to flag down a taxis brave enough to battle the icy conditions. Several around me wouldn’t even have coats. To this day, I still have no idea how we never managed to end up in hospital with either hypothermia or broken bones. Either beer overcoats are marvellous things, or there were a few guardian angels looking after us…


“We’ll never get in. Look at how many people are still in front of us!”

Anna barely heard Jo whining, she was shivering too much, and crossing her bare legs as too many Bacardi Breezers made themselves known to her bladder.

When they jumped out of the taxi, the queue outside Flames had snaked around the corner. Jo had asserted straightaway that that getting into the nightclub was their priority, instead of going to another bar first for Anna to make a desperate loo stop. After all, it wasn’t even ten o’clock yet. Any normal Saturday night and they would have been drinking and dancing within minutes, but two weeks before Christmas and it appeared the Christmas spirit of partying was out en masse.

They had barely moved in the last half hour, and the bitter snowflake-ridden wind was whistling through her jacket and skimpy elf costume underneath. Jo hadn’t been so foolish; her friend’s full-length cashmere coat was much thicker, longer and warmer, and the reindeer outfit included knee-length boots and gloves so her digits weren’t exposed to the elements.

“J-Jo, I r-r-r-really n-n-need the l-loo! I’m going to w-wet myself.” At least that may temporarily warm her goose pimpled legs up.

Her friend stopped moaning for a bit and turned to her. For the first time she registered how cold the leggy, skin-baring Anna was, “Bloody hell, you look on the verge of hypothermia.” She glanced around, “There’s a nice chicken place a couple of doors past the entrance to Flames, try there.”

Anna didn’t move for a moment.

Jo gave her a gentle shove in the right direction, “Go! And have some food, it’ll help keep you warm. I’ll text you if a miracle occurs and this queue starts moving. Bring us some chips back, I’ll need something too if we’re stuck out here for much longer.”

“O-O-OK.” Anna tottered off towards the brightly-lit restaurant with its cheerful cockerel logo. On the way, she passed the front of the queue, guarded by black-clad bouncers in their thick coats, gloves and hats, and the scantily dressed smokers in a huddle held together by posts and rope. She could hear the thud of music coming from inside, spiking every time a door opened, and felt a dash of envy for anyone who was already in there.

Just walking into the restaurant was a relief, the warmth orgasm-like on her body. She groaned. Huddles of people on their way out glanced at her, and if she’d been able to get colour in her icy cheeks, she would have blushed at the attention. The staff were taking last orders, so she found the number of a vacant bar-height table, ordered some chicken and chips and scurried to the loo.

Her hands shook as she locked the cubicle door and pulled down her string knickers. She groaned again as her bladder unloaded. It was almost a pleasure. The hot water on her cold hands helped to warm her up, defrosted her enough that she felt nearly normal by the time she re-entered the restaurant.

She rejoined her perch by a large group of tinselled-up, smartly dressed men and women while she waited for the food. From the sound of it, they’d also had a fair few drinks that night. The men were mostly wearing matching black blazers with some kind of red badge on the left breast, although they must have been warm as a few had stripped them off to display festive-themed jumpers or shirts, resembling Christmas versions of garish Hawaiian shirts.

One of them…she squinted at the pattern, and giggled as she realised how rude it was. Santa being fucked by a chain of elves, with a dominatrix Mrs Claus looking on. The wearer was almost asleep in his chips, he had to be elbowed awake by his neighbour.

A throat was cleared, “Oi boys, laydeez and pissheads, these are your passes. They’ll get you plus one guest into Flames, VIP entrance.” The chap speaking passed out some printed cards. “You can go straight in, or drink somewhere else first. We don’t have to be there for another hour or so, take your time and find a companion if you dare.”

A fair bit of ribald commentary followed. Anna unashamedly eavesdropped, stifling further giggles. It was obvious they all knew each other well and were comfortable teasing. Within the group, there appeared to be different factions, either coupley, single women or single men. A couple of the taller men caught her eyes and smiled, she blushed as she looked away. She glanced back, and they were still smiling at her. She crooked her mouth in a nervous facsimile. This time, the attention did make her blush. Her body warmed further.

They were really hot, strong-featured mirror images with dark and light colouring. She liked tall and well-built men too, those who didn’t make her feel like an Amazon next to them. She should be braver, she and Jo were both single after all. Their searing eyes ran up and down her body, and she pondered whether to flirtily approach them.

“Half a chicken and chips?”

Her attention was brought to the plate being laid on her table. In her earlier state, she had forgotten to ask for a takeaway. She took one glance at the cold outside, and decided to gobble it down where she was.

As she ate, the large group upped and left, chairs squeaking and voices laughing. Apart from a couple more wishful glances at the tall guys, Anna’s concentration was on the tasty chicken, and feeling normal circulation gradually returning to her body.

Minutes later, the plate was clear apart from a few cooling chips she wrapped in napkins and stuck in her bag for Jo. Standing up, a spindly red heel caught on something, a pile of fabric on the floor. It was one of their blazers. Picking it up and shaking off bits of golden glitter, she glanced around, expecting the owner to return and tick her off for carelessly standing on the smart wool. She was the only person left in the restaurant, apart from a couple of members of staff mopping the floor.

Perhaps she could catch up with them? Stepping to the door, she grasped the handle, felt the cold breeze and glanced down at the garment in her hands. She gave it a cautious sniff, then a deeper, more appreciative one. Mmmm, nice aftershave. The owner wouldn’t mind if she wore it for a few minutes, would they?

That was far too cheeky, she should leave it at the restaurant to be collected. She turned to go back in.

“Lady, we’re closing soon.” Overhead lights flickering off underlined the cleaner’s statement.

The decision had been made for her, she could find their group again in Flames and drop off the coat. Until then, she could benefit from the extra warmth. She shrugged it on, the capacious fabric swamped but warmed her up.

Jo would be wondering where she was. She hurried out of the door and stepped carefully down the street, through the increasing blizzard, back towards Flames. Sticking her hands in the pockets, she felt a bit of card. Of course – one of their special passes.

Slowing near the entrance, it didn’t seem the queue had moved at all. However, people were being let in with passes similar to the one her fingers were curled around.

Could she?

Well, the card wouldn’t be used and she was doing them a favour by returning their blazer. An extra-strong blast of arctic wind along with the whirling snowflakes made the decision for her. She could see the blonde head of Jo peeking out from the queue, so she waved frantically at her.

Jo shrugged her shoulders in puzzlement.

Anna motioned for her to come forward.

Jo reluctantly left her spot and walked towards her. She had a light dusting of snow on her shoulders and the reindeer antlers, “Are you OK? And where did you get that coat from?” she hissed.

“I’m returning it to someone who left it in the restaurant, they’ve gone in here.”

“But it doesn’t even look as if we’re getting in, loads of people have given up, and I’m now as cold as you were.”

“Yeah, nice dandruff.” Anna grinned and brushed the gathered snowflakes away, “Just follow me.” She grabbed her friend’s hand and confidently walked towards the doormen, pulling the card out of her pocket at the same time.

They seemed to recognise the jacket, pulling the doors open with only a cursory glance at the card as it was exchanged for fluorescent green wristbands. Then they were inside, the indistinct thud of the music becoming clearer. The bag check held them up just briefly, as Anna discreetly binned the soggy chips Jo had pulled a face at. They were ushered down the corridor towards flashing lights and deafening beats.

Anna had forgotten how big the club was; she felt a moment of disquiet at her chances of finding the blazer’s owner in such a cavernous yet packed place.

Jo pulled her towards the cloakroom shouting, “That was brilliant. We can dump our stuff off, then see if we can find your blazer’s owner. It is a blazer, isn’t it?”

While they waited in the much-shorter queue, Anna shrugged the wool off and they examined it. Below the emblem on the breast were the words, ‘Harford Park RFC’.

“You’ve nicked a rugby player’s jacket!” laughed Jo. “Is there a name or anything else in the pockets?”

Their rummaging came to naught, no name or anything identifiable. Anna handed over her own jacket in exchange for a ticket and kept the blazer, pulling it back on even though she didn’t need it in the warm atmosphere. She tried wearing it slung over one shoulder, dropped off both shoulders or held by a finger 80s-style.

Jo sniggered as she handed her own coat over to the cloakroom staff, “An elf wearing a blazer?”

“D’ya think it suits me?” Anna twirled, giggling. “What’s our plan of attack?”

“Make-up repair, drinks, searching out sexy Cinderella rugby players to see if the blazer fits, and dragging them home for rampant sex?”

“Game on.”

Their outfits had been decided a few weeks earlier, both festive variations on a theme of short and sexy with flirty tutu skirts. Jo loved the soft brown reindeer outfit, while Anna opted for the dark green elf costume which looked dramatic against her copper hair and pale skin. They weren’t the only ones dressed up; there were plenty of other elves, Santas, angels, snowmen, trees, in fact, anything with or even without a Christmas theme. Like most places they had tripped into that evening, the club had been festooned with lashings of cheap decorations and Christmas tunes were being pumped out.

“You still on the Breezers?” Their visit to the loos didn’t take long and they sashayed to one of the bars overlooking the dance floor.

Anna pulled a face, “Yuck, I hope not. What bottles do they have here that aren’t beer?”

Although neither was keen on sickly-sweet alcopops, in the past they had lost expensive glasses of booze when drunkards had catapulted into them. Having learnt that bottles were easier to protect from upset and more nefarious plots, they always stuck to them when clubbing.

The girls surveyed the fridges, and both cooed with delight when they spotted a couple of less-sweet mixers and ciders. Mission two accomplished. Leaning back against the bar, they started examining the club’s patrons.

“So, what did these players look like then?” Jo lifted her drink at a fellow looking them both over.

“Hmmm.” Anna dredged her memories, “There were about twenty or more of them, including a few women, twenties to forties, all fit and active-looking, a mix of races and heights but mostly white or light-skinned.”

“Good so far. Unfortunately won’t stand out in this bunch though. Clothes?”

“Men in blazers like this, Christmas jumpers, Christmas shirts. Bad taste stuff, apart from the blazers. The women had coats on, I didn’t see what was underneath. They may not be here yet though, the chap giving out the passes said they had another hour or so.”

“OK, let’s assume that if they had more blazers, they may have checked them in to the cloakroom.”

“Correct. That applies to the Christmas jumpers too; it’s far too warm in here for them. So…” Anna paused for Jo to summarise.

“Our best clues are the bad-taste shirts, and that they’ll be in a large group.”

“We could just get the DJ to make an announcement?”

“Nah, where’s the fun in that?”

They both giggled and clinked their almost-empty bottles together. Having something to do apart from dance or drink appealed to them both. Waiting outside had taken the buzz off, and the music was far too cheesy to dance to sober, an alcohol top-up was required first. In no time, the second round was in and they returned to evaluating the club.

“So, plan of attack for our third mission?” Anna smiled at a cute lad eyeing up her legs but his gaze stayed fixated on the supple limbs and she sighed in exasperation. She knew Jo through their cycling club, they had met up on a ride and found out they had similar interests. Toned legs were a beneficial side-effect of all the pedalling they did while chatting about men and sex and nights out. Unfortunately, some men were slightly distracted when they got their pins out, they usually avoided them.

“A drink in each bar, starting at the bottom. The rugby crowd usually congregate nearer the top VIP bar. And these are VIP passes. We’ll leave the best ’til last.

“Cool, let’s go.”

A few drinks, dances and some flirty conversations and phone number exchanges later, they were in the corner of the VIP upper bar, courtesy of their wristbands. Thanks to the food Anna had consumed, she still felt relatively sober but Jo was well on her way.

“I think we have the best outfits,” declared Jo tipsily. “I am the sexiest reindeer and you are the comeliest blazer-wearing elf.” For the umpteenth time that night, they clinked bottles but Jo then used hers to gesture a few yards away, “Well, apart from that petite redhead there in the angel outfit. Is that leather? It’s kinky as fuck, that’s what it is.”

There were plenty of women wearing angel costumes, but this was in a class of its own. The white, glossy leather hugged her slender body like a second skin, the sweetheart neckline and hem both plunging dramatically. It seemed to demurely cover and brazenly expose at the same time. Her boots were snug to her thighs, suicidally high, and a white leather which matched her dress and gloves. Her wings and halo were feathered, glinting in the dim light. In fact, her whole body seemed to glow with light and purity.

The more Anna stared at the strawberry blonde in the outrageous dress, the more she seemed to look familiar, “Isn’t that Lindsay? She cycles with us sometimes.”

“What?” Jo went on tiptoes to get a better look, “Hang on, it is her! Well spotted, she looks different out of Lycra…” Her voice trailed off as the music changed to an old Eurythmics hit, and the angel gestured for two men in black to dance with her.

They watched open-mouthed for several minutes as Lindsay moved between an auburn-haired and a darker angel, clad in contrasting black leather with black wings and thick black collars. Hands on her body showed their familiarity but she was somehow also in control of them. Every movement of the trio was sex personified, not coarse but sensual. They danced further away, almost merging with the shadows.

“Fuck me, that’s hot.” Jo gulped some of her drink down. “She’s got…two men?”

“Dark angels. I’m not sure who’s playing with whose heart but they look besotted with her.” Anna caught a glimpse of some bad-taste shirts and a familiar-looking jacket nearby, “Plus she’s with the Harford rugby crowd. Look, a blazer!”

“Mission accomplished.” Another clink. “Now, how do we approach…fucking hell.”

Straining to see into the darkness, they caught a glimpse of the two men both kissing opposite sides of Lindsay’s exposed neck, as she ran her hands through their hair, down to their buttocks, palming them possessively.

“My knickers are totally, totally wet. Bloody hell,” gasped Jo.

Anna was finding it rather distracting too. As well as the angelic trio, the men who she’d seen earlier were there, and staring at her appreciatively. Both were tall and well-built with Germanic looks, one had blond hair and was wearing a forest green silk shirt, the other tanned olive skin and dark hair which toned marvellously with his deep red shirt. Their hats matched their shirts. Elf costumes, if a little half-hearted. They were close to Lindsay’s group, leant against a wall and drinking from bottles of beer. One of them must have said something to Lindsay as she glanced their way.

Anna and Jo waved, Lindsay seemed to recognise them straightaway and signalled for them to come over.

“Here goes,” muttered Anna.

Halfway there, Jo called, “I need the loo, too much to drink. I’ll catch up with you.” She changed course and zoomed off through a nearby door.

That left Anna to tread the remaining yards by herself. Not awkward at all. As something to do, she shrugged the blazer off and folded it over her arm.

“Hi!” She lifted her free hand. “Jo’s gone to the loo.”

“Hey Anna, small world. Having a good night?” The redhead’s attention was caught by the blazer on her arm. “Is that…?”

“Yeah, someone left it behind in the restaurant a couple of doors down, we’ve been trying to locate the owner.”

“That’s good of you. Do you want to keep trying, or shall we relieve you? I suspect I know whose it is, an afternoon of drinking caught up with him and he went home in a taxi.”

“You’re welcome to take it.” It was a relief to hand it over; the club was too warm for extra layers and they’d already had all the fun they could. Anna felt the need to confess, “I’m afraid we used the pass to get in, we’d been stuck outside for nearly an hour and were about to give up.”

“Oh, it’s good you did, it would have been wasted otherwise. I saw the queue when we arrived and I can’t imagine how horrible it was for you.” Lindsay placed it on a sofa behind them and turned to the dark angels she’d been dancing with. “Boys, meet Anna, I cycle with her. Anna, meet Gavin and Adam.”

They both politely smiled at her, their attention returning immediately to Lindsay.

“Are they your…?” Anna didn’t know how to ask.

“Yes, they’re both mine. I’m a dominant, a Domme, and they’re my submissives.”

“Wow, that would explain the outfits, and the collars.”

“We’ve had a few Christmas parties to go to, so it was worth having them made.” Lindsay cocked an eyebrow, “You know about BDSM?”

Anna was glad that the dim light would cover her blush, “Mostly what I’ve read, or what Jo has told me about. I’ve only tried some light stuff with an ex, he wanted me to peg him but I didn’t really enjoy it. He used a cock ring too, to stop him coming. That I liked, and some backdoor play…”

“Anal?” filled Lindsay. “Butt plugs?”

Anna nodded in embarrassment; their conversation had taken a dramatically blatant turn. “I was keen to try other stuff, but it was always him wanting stuff done to him, I wasn’t getting much out of it.”

“A-ha, bottoming from the top?

“Yeah, that’s what I eventually realised. We broke up.”

“Sounds like you were both bottoms, or subs, or he was incredibly selfish. As a Domme, if he was a true sub, I would have got a kick out of taking over. Can you keep a secret?”

Anna nodded again.

Lindsay grinned wickedly, “I usually have my boys caged.”


“I have their cocks caged so they think about sex all the time but can’t get an erection and pleasure themselves. I sometimes plug them too.”

Anna’s gaze was drawn to their crotches.

Lindsay laughed, “Not tonight, we’re drinking tonight so I’ve let them loose. But you can’t normally tell, I made sure of that. Very sure.”


“You know what BDSM stands for?”

“Bondage, Domination and, err, Sado-Masochism?”

“Yep, that’s one variation. D can also stand for Discipline, S can stand for Submission. It generates three couplets: Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. The cages are about discipline, about submitting to me so I have control of them. They and I enjoy that.”

“Wow.” They did seem very content. Anna felt a touch of envy, along with the buzz of arousal. The conversation was also turning her on and she could still feel the imposing presence of the men close by.

“At a guess, Jo’s a voyeur. She likes to watch, she had that look in her eyes. While you?” Lindsay ran her eyes up and down Anna’s costume, “You’re definitely a bit of an exhibitionist, maybe a little submissive. I wouldn’t like to guess what other kinks you have, if any. Are you single?”

“We both are.”

Lindsay beamed, “Good, would you like an early Christmas gift or two from Angel Lindsay?”

Anna felt like she was on the verge of something, her body trembled, and it wasn’t due to alcohol. She nodded, “Two?”

“I’m glad you went for that option.” Lindsay gestured for the two elf-dressed men a few yards away to come closer, the same ones she’d noticed earlier, whose hot glances had fired up the hum within her body. “This is Gert and this is Jan, they arrived from South Africa a few weeks ago. Gert has the dark brown hair, in the red. Jan is the blond in green. They’ll look after you, and wear condoms if you want to go that far. Boys, this is Anna. She’s single, intelligent and curious about a lot of things. Be gentle with her.”

The Angel-Domme melted away as the two men stepped closer, their bodies almost surrounding Anna. She had to stop herself from gulping. Their eyes seemed to devour her.

“Hallo, fellow elf.” Gert’s deep voice had that unmistakable staccato accent. “You have some presents for us tonight?”

Anna gulped, “One or two. What would you like?”

The blond, Jan, laughed, “Little one, we enjoy breast, poes, a bit of arse and even some koek.”

“Sounds good to me.” She was doing this, she was really doing this.

“We saw you earlier, in the restaurant, didn’t we?”

“Yes, I noticed both of you.” Their attention was making her feel so aroused, the progress shockingly fast.

“We hoped we would see you here. The way you were enjoying your food, we like a girl who is partial to a bit of meat.”

“I looooove meat,” she purred. “Dark and light.”

“You like both at once?” asked Gert.

“I’ve not tried it yet.”

“She wants to try it.” Gert spoke directly to Jan. “Look at her dilated pupils, and how short her breath is. Let’s check if her nipples are hard.”

As if coordinated, they each lifted a hand to cup a breast each, and plucked her nipples. Anna gasped, but didn’t shy away from the forward touches. If anything she leant into their hands.

“Yes, her nipples are hard. Is she wet?”

Somehow, they had corralled her weakening body into a dark corner, for their hands to go up the skimpy skirt. Anna knew she should object, but their fingers weren’t rough on her nipples or between her legs, they were persuasive and gentle. As the hands above began cupping her whole breasts, massaging them, lightly pinching the tips, one hand ran down her hip crease and under her string. She had a moment of thanks for the Brazilian she’d had a few days before, then gasped at the contact.

“She’s wet. Is she tight? Let’s get these knickers out of the way.”

She felt the delicate string snap, leaving her fully accessible. Another hand burrowed deeper, around the back of her thigh, and dipped inside her.

“Nice. She’s sucking at me too, clenching on me. You’re right, she’s soaked, and getting wetter.”

Anna had to hold onto them, her knees had gone weak. Her eyes closed and head bent forward as the hands continued to explore her. The slickness and engorgement between her legs was taking over, leaving her unable to focus on anything else apart from the demands of her body and the men around her.

“Is there enough to try her arse? One of us will have to go in there. I’ll take over at the front.” Whoever it was at the front started drumming her clit with his thumb, and also reached fingers…

She had two different men’s fingers inside her! They pressed deeper and she began keening, feeling the wetness increase.

“Check her arse now, she’s not far off coming.”

Some slickened fingers left her, moving back towards her arse and started pressing inside. She yelped, her eyes popping open.

“Shhhh,” someone soothed in her ear, and tenderly bit her earlobe. “Just relax.”

One finger breached her, eased in and out. Another slippery finger was added, gently pushing its way inside, stretching her. “She’s loosening off well, taking two fingers already. I’m looking forward to getting inside.”

“Try a third.”

She felt a third finger pressing for entry. It was too much. One short moment of clarity, she was in a club and anyone could see! They could see her coming on the strangers’ hands that held her!

She leant forward, bit a mouthful of shirt and screamed into it as her body broke.

The next half hour was slightly blurred. She had come around from her orgasm to find their hands still on her, massaging her shoulders, kissing her and relaxing her, giving her bottles of water to drink. They seemed to want her sober and coherent, not drunk or even tipsy.

Jo came over to talk to her, “You OK? I came back from the loo to find you sequestered by these guys.”

Anna noted the glitter in Jo’s eyes and wondered how much she’d seen, if Lindsay was right about her being a voyeur. “They’re looking after me, I’m chilled to buggery.”

One of the men quietly snorted into her neck, “Buggery? Later, for sure.” He followed the whispered comment with a nip and held her tighter as her knees buckled.

“Lindsay’s inviting us back to her place later, these two are staying with her anyway so I guess you’ll be there. She mentioned something about a performance I may enjoy?” Jo’s eyes shone, “I won’t be able to take part as I’m drinking.” Someone waved at her, “Anyway, I’ll see you in a bit.”

The blond, Jan, cupped Anna’s face, “How are you feeling? Want to stick around?”

“What’s the alternative?” she breathlessly asked.

“We could leave now, get started on that party early? The three of us?”

Anna resorted to another nod of agreement and an enthusiastic smile.

The snowfall had become a blizzard with flakes sticking to everything in sight. As they left the club, their names were called, and a fellow in a smart white suit opened the door to a white four-wheel-drive people carrier.

“Wow, that was quick, how did Lindsay arrange it?” Anna was gobsmacked at the efficiency.

“She’s a miracle worker. And it probably works out better for the driver to make a couple of trips.”

The vehicle was just right for the icy and slushy roads, the grey-haired driver looked ex-army and his training showed in his carriage and handling of the hazardous conditions like it was a walk in the park.

Not that Anna was paying much attention to the road, she was far more interested in the men’s hands on her body. After slipping dangerously in her heels on the icy pavement outside the club, Gert had hoisted her in his arms and carried her to the vehicle. Sprawled across their laps, Jan removed her shoes, with Gert taking her coat off.

The driver cleared his throat as hands started to edge to dangerous zones, “May I respectfully request for all three of you to fasten your seatbelts? While I am confident I can handle the conditions, there are others on the road that can’t.”

His words were underlined by a horn blaring, and a vehicle sliding sideways through the lights ahead. The driver tutted loudly and shook his head as the wayward car came to rest against a kerb. The occupants looked shaken but unharmed, so they continued on their way.

The men let her sit up between them, and with a fair bit of groping, helped her put on her seatbelt. She helped them with theirs, her hands somehow getting stuck at the groin so she had a cock in each hand. A hardening cock in each hand.

Their inside hands slid up her thighs, encouraging them to part. Their fingers to begin gently stroking her swollen nether lips. The angle restricted much play, but she didn’t need it.

Their other hands threaded fingers through hers as she squeezed their cocks, showing her what they liked while they both looked out the window and commented on the whitened cityscape. Neither of the South Africans had seen much snow before, and she could taste their excitement.

They didn’t need any further words or actions about what was to come. This was the calm before the storm. She knew that once they were alone, that she would be fucked like she never had been before. The solid cocks were a promise of that. Their fingers tempted, played with her, and teased her inner thighs. Every now and again a hand would leave her, to be fed in her mouth or his.

By the time the vehicle stopped, she felt drunk with arousal. She could smell it, taste it, feel it. As the driver jumped out of the car to open the side door, Gert and Jan gently removed her hands from their crotches, kissed them, then rearranged themselves.

She was conscious of her bare feet and arms, and was reticent to experience the biting cold again. She didn’t have much choice though; she was manhandled out of the vehicle into Jan’s arms this time, Gert carrying her shoes, bag and coat.

Jan was rock solid under her, his body heat permeating her so she didn’t have a chance to get cold between the drop-off and entrance. She was only lowered to her feet after they stepped out of the lift. She managed a quick glance around at the plush surroundings before they surrounded her again.

They circled her and Gert pinched her nipples, “Pretty elf, what will your safe word be?”

“I need a safe word”? Anna gulped.

“In case you want to stop. You know what a safe word is?”

“Of course.” Just the thought of how extreme it would be getting for her to need a safe word made her heart beat faster. “Ummm…”

The men continued to circle her while she thought, fondling her breasts, buttocks, waist, trailing their hands all over her. Red then green, then red again.

Their outfits gave her inspiration, “Elben.” She blurted, “Old German for elves.”

“Sehr gut,” Gert quipped and tugged a handful of hair, “Even though we are Afrikaans, not Dutch or German. You also have the traffic lights of red, amber and green. Have you used them before?”

Anna tried to nod, but her hair was caught, “Yes, I have.”

“Now, if you have anything you need to do for yourself, do it now.”

“No, there’s nothing I need to-” She gasped. On her way out, Lindsay had whispered something in her ear.

Jan laughed, “You think so? In that case…”

She was tossed over his shoulder, and a door was barged open, a dim light lit. She was lowered onto a large white linen-wrapped bed.

“Kneel,” commanded Gert.


“Kneel on the bed. On your knees.” They stood over her, slowly unbuttoning their shirts.

She wondered whether she should argue, but obeyed instead.

“Good girl. If you are to enjoy tonight, you must trust us. Take your top and bra off.”

It was be nervous and fumble, or take her time, stay calm and tease. She chose the latter. The top unzipped and she pulled it over her head. When she glanced at them again, her jaw dropped open. The shirts had disappeared, leaving two spectacular half-dressed men. She licked her lips at their ridges of muscle, forgetting her task.

“Bra, little elf. Take it off.”

The hooks came undone and the cups fell away, leaving her clad solely in her tiny skirt.

“Lekker anties. You have nice breasts and pretty nipples. A handful. Hold them up for us.”

As they began stroking their covered crotches, she clasped her breasts. She was rougher than they had been earlier, twisting her nipples and squeezing the flesh tight. Her eyes ran over them and she licked her lips again.

Jan said something to Gert in a language which Anna assumed was Afrikaans. She didn’t mind not knowing what they said, it added to the suspense.

The blond stepped closer while the other man disappeared out of view. “OK, my elf. Strip me. Be careful.”

She had to be careful undoing his jeans, his erection was almost bursting the zip. He wore no underwear, his gorgeous, fat cock fell into her hands. He lifted either foot as she pulled off his shoes and socks, leaning over the bed to do it. Then, on hands and knees, she gazed at him, her mouth watering.

While in that position, as she was lifting her hand to his cock, she felt hands on her buttocks, pushing her skirt up.

“Hey man, she’s soaking wet.”

A finger teased her up and down and she keened, thrusting herself back and wanting more contact.

“Gut, did you find the toys?”


She heard the rustling of cellophane, and tried to look around.

Jan’s hand blocked her view, “Pass me the blindfold, she’s too nosey.” He crouched down in front of her, “You need to trust us, but you are new to this, so we will help you.”

The soft cloth settled around her, plunging her into darkness. She felt them move around her.

“Strip me.”

Her hands were put into use taking off the second man’s clothes. As she pulled down his jeans, she felt fingers brushing other parts of her. A pinch of a nipple caused her to falter.

“Keep going.”

Someone slapped her arse. Twice. The sting shot pleasurably through her. She forced her hands to keep moving despite wanting to savour the sensations. Then his clothes were gone.

“Hands and knees.”

She felt fingers trailing between her legs, through the slickness oozing out of her. A finger ventured further up and pushed in. She tried to relax, the judders running through her. Two fingers pushed in, sawing apart and together.

“I think she’s done this before.”


The fingers slid out and something was pressed to her back passageway. A squelch of a bottle and she felt something cool enter her. Then the fingers returned, followed by something harder, unyielding. She breathed out, relaxing and tensing alternately, and with a sharp pinch, it nestled within her.

“She’s definitely done that before, she took that plug like a pro.”

“One size up?”

“Ja, we can use her there later if it fits.”

Anna struggled to breathe. She felt hypersensitive, the lack of sight heightening her other senses. She had tried plugs before and enjoyed the feeling of one inside her. The anticipation of what was to come, having them inside her, made her whimper. Just being touched there, nowhere else, by two naked men discussing her was even hotter.

The plug was twisted around, tapped and then gently pulled out. More crinkling of plastic, more lube and another hard, cool object pressed for entry, but slightly bigger this time. Hands were placed on her buttocks, pulling them apart and massaging the flesh to relax her. She whimpered again, her previous clenching and releasing took longer to let the inanimate intruder inside.

The touch to her swollen hood was so light the first time she hardly felt it. Then came a firmer stroke. Her hips tried to follow, but the restraining hands wouldn’t let them. Tickling, teasing touches to her engorged lips, a finger taunting her, and the plug pushed into her arse.

“Oof!” The plug settled inside her, and all hands were removed. She twisted her hips, panting at the feeling of fullness.

Something tickled her cheek and pressed against her lips, “Open up.”

Her tongue came out and she swiped it across the head of a weeping cock. “Mmmm, tasty,” she murmured.

Gert, or who she thought was Gert, laughed and nudged further in. She found herself sucking on a cock she’d never seen, laving it with her tongue. He didn’t push much deeper, leaving it up to her to accept what she could.

His cock was removed and another entered her mouth. Jan, she was guessing. She had just begun a rhythmic sucking when he moved away.

“On your knees.”

Hands guided her so she was kneeling, with a cock in each hand. She felt the plug jostle with each movement and clenched as a spike of combined pleasure and pain shot through her. Fuck, this was hot.

She was dripping between her legs, imagining their eyes on her. They must have been standing very close together, their cocks were inches apart. They smelled and tasted slightly musky but clean. Anna couldn’t stop herself from leaning forward and licking at the cocks in turn.

“One moment,” she muttered, and took her hands off them. Delving her hands between her legs, she gathered some of the copious fluids, and found their cocks again. Her hands slid better on them, and she continued her rhythm, sucking and licking each one in turn, tasting herself as well as them.

“Good girl, I’m impressed.” The voice was throaty.

“Me too.” Hoarse. “Try taking us deeper.” Hands gently cupped her head, directing her mouth. Anna couldn’t swallow them at that angle, but did the best she could.

“Me first, isit? We’ll come fast this first time, then everything else is slow.”

With one cock in her mouth, she felt the other drawing away, out of the reach of her hand. Hands grasped her hips, bent her forward and she felt a touch on the plug, then a cock slowly entering below it.

The fit was tight, due to the plug. She gasped, the different angle allowing the cock in her mouth further in. Despite no or few touches to her breasts or between her legs, she felt close to coming. Two men working deeper within her body, her arse plugged, one hand holding her up, one cupping the balls of the man sinking into her mouth.

This rhythm was different, she wasn’t in control this time. She slobbered around one cock while another hammered faster and faster, until she felt it coming. A snap, and a warm spray was rubbed into her buttocks.

The cock disappeared from her mouth, and she was lain on her back. A slight pause, and she was penetrated again. Her legs wrapped around him, and he plunged into her.

“Shall we let her come?” Heavy pants from the man fucking her.

“No, she’s already ahead of us.”

The man fucking her changed his angle and made sure he wasn’t hitting her clit. Anna whined in protest, she was building up nicely. Instead, she tightened around him, her hips meeting his.

Just as she was about to reach her peak, she felt him begin to come, and he pulled out. She heard the snap of rubber then a warm spray on her stomach. Her hands went to massage the come in, and to rub her desperate clit.

“Bad girl.”

Her hands were captured away from her legs.

“Time for the cuffs and collar?”

“Ja, I can’t wait to see how she looks. On your knees, elf.”

Still panting with unfulfilled arousal, she was forced onto her knees again, her thighs wide apart. As one continued to hold her wrists, something was buckled around her neck. It felt smooth, surprisingly comfortable. She could smell leather, and hear the jingling of metal. They fastened cuffs snugly around her wrists, then took her arms around her back, attaching them together.

“This is the presenting position, on your knees, with your hands behind your back whether they are cuffed or not, back straight, head bowed, eyes to the floor.”

Tremors were running through her; she was still close to coming, knowing they were watching her plus the confinement was turning her on even more. Just a little pressure…she began bringing her legs closer together, maybe if she…

Sharp slaps on the inner thighs stopped her, “Jo, Gert, she needs the thigh spikes.”

Thigh spikes?

Her skirt was ripped away, something more was buckled around her thighs, then all hands left her.

“She looks foken fantastic, né?”

“Ja, she has a great body, so pale but a gorgeous dark red between her legs. I like that on a woman. And look at those nipples. What shall we do to them?”

“Let’s see what else is in Lindsay’s collection.”

She felt them walk away. Perhaps she could make herself come while they were away? She quickly closed her thighs, and yelped as prickles of pain slashed through her.

She heard two chuckles, “You won’t be able to close your legs with those on. You have to keep your legs apart.”

She yelled, “You bastards! I need to come! Please!”

They laughed, “I think she’s begging to be gagged.” That was Gert.

“After we clean her out, I think.”

Clean her out? “What?”

“Nuh-oh, she needs it now. We will do the nipples later.”

Something cock-shaped was pressed into her mouth, stymieing her vocal objections and straps buckled around her head. She yelled again, but the rubber muffled the sound.

Something else was pressed into one of her hands, “Here’s your bell. Drop or shake it for red or amber. Nod if you understand.”

She felt the bell cautiously, then nodded.

“Let’s get her to the bathroom.” She was helped onto her feet, but had to keep her thighs spread. “Walk.”

She tried, but the spikes dug in. She yelped, and halted.

“Sway your hips.” A pinch and tug on either nipple coaxed her forward.

She cautiously began walking again, guided by their fingers tugging on her nipples, her hips swinging outrageously. There was something utterly arousing about being totally under their control, feeling her legs far apart, rushes of air on the soaked parts of her womanhood. She heard water running, before she was sat on a ridge of cold porcelain and her breasts released. The plug in her arse was tugged gently until it slipped out. Then, something else was inserted. Pressure began building up in her bowels and she started in confusion.

“Shhh, my liefie, we’re just washing you. We want to take turns with this gorgeous arse, and this will make it more fun.”

Hands held her in place, started rubbing her tummy as water filled her up. It felt so strange, but someone kissed her and played with her breasts while the other rinsed her out. Somehow, having the blindfold in place made it less embarrassing, and her arousal wasn’t allowed to subside. After several rinses, she was allowed to stand on shaky newborn legs and given a brief body shower. A delicious spray of warm water was directed between her splayed legs, and her hips jolted, still wanting more contact.

The water stopped, “I think she’s clean enough, any more and she’ll come.” Towels patted her dry, carefully avoiding the sensitive parts begging for contact. A plug was reinserted, it felt like a similar size as before, and then they smoothed lotion all over her body.

She felt utterly pampered and aroused at the same time. A short, hip-swaying walk and they pushed her to her knees onto something which felt like a rug.

“Look at you. Beautiful girl.”

The blindfold was removed, she blinked and focussed on the woman reflected in front of her. Her legs were splayed crudely, and at the split her lips were rudely engorged, her clitoris and inner labia visible. Having her arms restrained behind meant her breasts were proud on her chest, the apricot-pink nipples taut. Her skin shone with health and her eyes gleamed with excitement. The collar around her neck and the gag in her mouth were stark reminders that she was not in control and had no say apart from an abrupt halt if really necessary.

Her fingers tightened definitively around the bell.

Gert and Jan stood either side, muscular, naked and erect, fondling themselves. Their hot eyes followed her every tremble. Her copper hair fell over her eyes as she looked down and she tried to flick it away.

Instead, Jan’s gentle hand brushed it back. “We did that to you while blindfolded for several reasons. You needed to trust us, and you would have been too self-conscious without it.” Jointly, they unbuckled her gag and Jan passed her a glass of juice. “You would have resisted with words if not your body, this allowed you to submit, it took the responsibility away.”

“A couple of times, women have changed their minds when things have become more serious, or not understood how far we wanted to go. Sometimes just a spit roast is enough for them, they come, then they go home.” Gert shrugged. “We didn’t want it to happen with you.”

“Thank you.” She understood; her inhibitions would have made it awkward. Her continued arousal stemmed any embarrassment. She sipped the juice, staring at the cocks that would be inside her. Together.

“Now you are ready.”


“Ready to be double-teamed for the rest of the night.”

If any arousal had abated, it rushed back at those words. She coughed back a mouthful of juice.

A bemused Jan solicitously helped her wipe her mouth, the cloth trailing over her lips. “We want to use your mouth again too. We want to hear you scream with pleasure.”

She flushed and her eyes drifted closed for a moment. She had had dreams of being with two men, of multiple pairs of hands caressing her body, amorphous male bodies surrounding her, restraining her, subjecting her to their will. Never had she thought that it would come true, that she would be in the centre of an actual ménage, with two unbearably hot and dominant men.

They moved around to stand in front of her, cocks ready.

Her mouth dropped open.

“So, you do you want in your arse first?”

Jan was slightly longer, more gracefully shaped. Gert was slightly shorter and stubbier, although there wasn’t much in it. She felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Her pleading eyes looked up, “You choose. I’m all yours” Her voice was throaty.

“Good girl.”

Gert added, “For that, we’ll undo your wrists. You’ll need to lie on your back.” He reached back and with a click, her arms were free. He helped her to her feet, and they removed the spikes, “Because we don’t want to prick ourselves.”

They hoisted her up and carried her a few yards backwards, to recline across the bed, her head dangling off slightly. Gert positioned himself behind her, lifting her upper body. Jan split her legs and they both stared at her for a few moments while she luxuriated in their eyes. Her body was more than ready, she struggled to keep her hips from twitching, searching out contact. The restraint only made the flames of lust rushing through her body burn higher.

The blond picked up a condom from a pile on the mattress and applied it. He leant forward and ran his cock across her labia. “You are so fucking gorgeous and so, so wet. I have never seen anyone as wet as you.”

He pushed inside her and she gasped. She tried to meet him but his arms clamped across her pelvis.

“This is just a warm-up. I can feel the plug against me, later I will feel Gert.” He thrust a few more times then pulled out.

She had to bite her lip to not plead for more.

He smiled at her, and picked up a bottle of lube. “I almost don’t need this. Hold your legs higher.” While swiping the trails of lube across his cock, with his other hand he began tugging on the plug.

She relaxed completely, letting him draw it out. Then his cock was there, pushing its slippery way inside her. It felt completely different to anything else she had ever had there. It stretched her, and stretched, while she panted, bearing down and relaxing when the pain got too great. With every loosening, he entered her further, deeper. Something within her was spasming, heating up, almost like she was coming.

“Good girl, just like that.” He drew out of her slightly, then plunged back in.

She felt his balls pressing against her arse. He was all the way inside her. Her head arched back and she grabbed Gert’s hips, pulling him closer to her and swallowing his cock.

If anything had touched her clit at that moment, she would have exploded. She wanted to writhe, but couldn’t, the cocks held her immobile.

“She’s tight, but she’s also squeezing me,” gasped Jan. “You have got to try this!”

Gert puffed, “She’s got me too.” Due to the angle of her throat, Anna had been able to take more of him than she thought, his cock slipped a little down her throat as she swallowed.

“Fuck. Don’t come, it’s your turn here in a moment.”

So many sensations were exploding in her body, she didn’t know what to do first. Her pussy was squeezing on emptiness, but her mouth and arse were full. One arm grasped at Gert’s hips, the other at Jan.

“Take her wrists and pull out, now!” Jan groaned. “Now!”

Anna mewled in disappointment as they both left her, changing sides. She was so close to finally coming. Jan took another condom from the pile and went out of sight for a few seconds. He reappeared for Gert to pass her wrists over.

Fresh protection and lube was applied, and Gert loomed above her. “Turn her onto her knees, you go underneath. I’ll go in her poes, then her arse, and you go into her poes.”

Fuck. A dazed and desperate Anna was flipped over, onto Jan so she was straddling him. His cock was right beneath her, rubbed against her, and her hips bobbed down to take him inside.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

She whimpered at Gert’s spanking, the skin stinging and heating up, shock shooting through her body.

He massaged her tingling skin, “That’s earned you a punishment later,” and shoved brutally inside her wetness. “Fok Jan, how did you leave this poes? So hot and tight.”

“Wait until you try her arse, it’s even better.”

“Hmmm.” Gert drove into her a few more times, murmuring comforting words as she whined, his hands pinching her nipples.

“Ag man, hurry up,” implored Jan. “I want in.” His fingers slid up her wrists and intertwined with hers.

Gert pulled himself out and Anna moaned at the loss. He pressed his cock against her arse, and she felt only a brief stab of pain as he slowly slid inside.

“Fok,” Gert spoke to Jan a few words she didn’t understand. He continued entering as she relaxed. “Good girl, take me.” He short-stabbed at her, pulling out in between.

His balls slapping at her felt utterly delicious. She realised he was fully inside as Jan had been. She groaned, the forbidden tightness sending shivers through her body. In that moment, she realised what was also nudging at her pussy.

“Jan, now.” Gert began pushing her hips down.

The second cock began forcing its way into her. If she had been tight with the plug and a cock before, she was even tighter now. She gasped for air, as the two cocks battled for space, “Shit! Too much, too much!”

Jan shushed her and kissed her gently, “You can take it, we’re almost there.

Gert’s hand came around and he slid fingers either side of her clit. “Ag man, she’s swollen, it feels like she has her own miniature koek here,” he gasped, and scissored his fingers together.

She half-screamed as her weight came down completely onto Jan. The words spilling from her mouth were intelligible, as she was totally filled.

The room echoed with groans, sighs and moans as the three adjusted and breathed deeply. They stayed that way for minutes, until their breathing came under control. Anna couldn’t believe how incredible it felt, to be surrounded, utterly. Constant tremors and blasts of pleasure were shooting through her body, emanating from the twin invasions. Out of curiosity, she shifted her hips minutely, and felt them rub against each other through the thin lining between. She squeezed them tighter, sighing in pleasure.

“If that’s the way you want to play it, naughty girl.”

If Anna had thought they were fully in, their next thrusts proved her wrong, they ground even deeper. She stopped thinking and just felt.

Cocks. Hammering into her. Together. One by one. Over and over and over, they battled within her.

Sensations of ecstasy within her, she’d never felt anything so excruciatingly wonderful. Someone was screaming in pleasure, someone yelling and someone hollering. A mind-blowing orgasm overtook her, and her body arched in bliss. A few thrusts later and they were coming within her, twitching with every blast.

Aeons passes as they caught their breath, as heartbeats slowed. Until she felt light kisses on her cheek as they withdrew. As the plug was replaced within her, she passed out with bliss.

She woke some time in the night to hands travelling over her, pulling her across hips. A cock slipped inside and she rode it. Another cock was presented to her lips and she took that in too. She was lifted up and their situations reversed, she could taste herself on the condom. After they came, she exchanged kisses with someone who played with her breasts while a head burrowed between her legs, licking her out, and sucking her into his mouth while she gasped in pleasure.

She dreamt of light and dark, of countless hands travelling over her body, of eyes on her as she arched in bliss. Reality mixed with fantasy as spanking turned into a flogging, and a deep double-fucking. And all the time, the two men were with her, murmuring to her, their gentle hands contrasting with the harsh chastisement and brutal delight.

She couldn’t sleep any more, her body was wide awake and used to getting up early. Despite Gert and Jan either side of her, imprisoning her, she needed to get out. The room was brightening, sparkles of light coming from the slice of window she could see between the heavy curtains.

The doors opened out onto a wrap-around balcony, and she vaguely recalled the men both leaving the bed in the middle of the night to run around outside, naked in the snow. She had giggled sleepily at their juvenile whoops of delight, and at the shocked shrieks and laughter of whoever else had returned with Lindsay.

Gert and Jan had returned to the bed and snuggled up to her, ignoring her grousing at their cold skin. They hadn’t stayed cold for long, and the odd handful of snow added spice to their next fucking.

She had begun to recognise their voices and personalities. Gert usually instructed and observed, adding comments which escalated her arousal. Jan liked looking after her, his hands his seduction tool of choice. They seemed match each other so well, Jan’s lighter mood at times contrasting to Gert’s gravity. It had sounded like Jan had started the snowball fight, but Gert had battled back before a draw was declared by Lindsay.

As much as she was enjoying remembering the night, she still felt the need to get up. Anna slowly extricated herself, slithering out under the duvet to the bottom of the bed before she stood, the plug jostling inside her pleasantly. They had only take her there the once more, on her side just before dawn, as they didn’t want to get her too sore. That time, Jan had been in her arse. It had been so slow, they hardly moved for some time. The feel of their cocks flexing within her as Jan pulled on and pinched her nipples had her battling against Gert’s hands holding their hips together.

They had shushed her, ordered her to accept it, accept their control, and she had relaxed. The smile of approval Gert had given her plus Jan whispering about what a good girl she was made it all worth it and had helped to build towards the inevitable orgasm that wracked her body, and triggered their spurting inside her.

Just the thought of them inside her made her twitch and wince slightly. Her arse wasn’t the only thing that was sore.

The men grumbled restlessly without her in the bed. Gert turned over and hugging Jan to him, kissing him on the back of the neck, “Smaak you, Jani.” Under the covers, his arm appeared to curl around the blond’s hip and towards his groin.

“Smaak you too, Gerr,” mumbled Jan. He seemed to fumble behind him to hold Gert, smiled then drifted back off to sleep.

Anna stared, unsure what their actions meant, then as they snuggled even closer, she felt like she was intruding and looked away.

The room smelled of sex, her body felt gratifyingly tender but she needed some fresh air. She tried to peer out of the glass, but the frost was too thick. Something called her out to the balcony, she wanted to see the view. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen, so she slid open a nearby wardrobe door and grabbed the first items she saw – a shirt, jumper and jogging bottoms with a thick pair of wool socks. They absolutely swamped her, but gave some temporary warmth and cover. Cover that she didn’t realise she needed; her nerves felt raw, exposed and fragile.

She tiptoed out of the room and down the corridor, towards an open sitting room area and kitchen. The signs of partying were strewn around, empty glasses, bottles, items of clothing, shoes and Christmas decorations. Anna ignored all of it, and headed for the full-length glass sliding doors. There were several flip flops in a basket to the side of the doors, so she found a pair to shove her feet into, unlatched the door and slid it slightly open.

A rush of cold air met her, and she quickly stepped out, onto the crunchy layer. The snow was inches thick, and her foot sank in. She reversed back, changed the flip flops to a larger, snowshoe-like pair, tucked her dragging hems into the socks, and stepped back out.

The world outside was bright, white, new and frosty. The blizzard was over, and the skies were clearing to a pale blue. Weak golden rays from the rising sun were intensified by reflections off the thick blanket muffling the city. It was eerily quiet, the normal hum absent. A couple more steps took her to the balustrade and she gazed at the peaceful-looking conurbation. Not much was moving down below, the roads seemed unploughed and only the odd speck of colour stirred against the enveloping white background.

Every lungful of chilly air refreshed and renewed her, started clearing her head, and she sighed. As peaceful as it was, staying out for longer than a few minutes wasn’t an option; she didn’t have enough clothes on.

She just needed a few minutes, to fix the memories of the night in her head, to remember them forever, for the rest of her dull, inconsequential life. She almost wished that the soreness would stay, as a permanent reminder. A tear trickled down her cheek.

“Hey.” The soft female voice came from doors further down the balcony. “You OK?”

Anna swiped at her cheek with a too-long sleeve, before turning to greet Lindsay.

Her precaution didn’t go unnoticed, Lindsay’s face softened in understanding, “A bit overwhelming?”

“I never thought…it’s so…I don’t want it to be over.”

“Reality sucks, huh?” Lindsay came closer, stepping carefully in the calf-deep snow. She was wearing casual gear but unlike Anna, her clothes fitted. “Is it over?”

Anna leant a little further to gaze down at the dark, fast flowing Thames fringed by pure white. “Can you fall in love with two people overnight, then have your heart broken?”

“I fell in love with my boys within hours. Don’t tell them it happened that fast though, they’re cocky enough as it is.” Lindsay rubbed her arm comfortingly. “What’s gone wrong?”

“I don’t have many one-night stands, but I usually can walk away. A bit of fun, a scratch itched. These two? It’s like they reached deep inside of me, found my deepest desires, then fulfilled them, and more.” Anna shivered, and the movement reminded her of the plug still nestled between her cheeks. Another tear trickled down, “There’s no way anything I could do in the future could match how I feel when they’re around me, controlling me, inside me.”

“But, what’s wrong? Have you or they said it’s over?”

Anna was perplexed, “What do you mean? It’s a one-night stand; no men want to go out with a woman who fucks two men at once after meeting them a bare hour before. I don’t even know anything about them apart from that they’re South African, play rugby and know how to show a woman a good time. Plus, they act like kids in the snow.”

Lindsay laughed drily, “Do you know why I introduced you to them?”

Anna frowned, “Ummm, because…I don’t know.”

“Gert and Jan have been looking for a third for a while.”

“A third?”

“A submissive woman, to complete their triumvirate.”


“They’re bisexual, and they’ve known each other for years. Did they not touch or kiss each other in front of you?”

“Only that they’ve cuddled up together just now.” Anna reflected on the night. “I didn’t see them kissing, but I had a blindfold on for part of it. They were very comfortable with each other.”

“Men.” Lindsay sighed. “They didn’t get round to telling you about themselves. Typical. It’s not what you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“They saw you as you entered Flames – part of the VIP bar overlooks the entrance. They had spotted you earlier when a group went for food. They wanted to find you straightaway, but I saw the blazer and told them to wait, to be patient and let you come to them. They were checking on you, keeping an eye on you as you came up through the club. I told them what I knew about you and that I could introduce you, but in the end I had to go Domme to get them to behave.”

“Go Domme?”

Lindsay’s whole demeanour changed, she straightened up and her voice hardened with a slap of authority, “Anna, kneel and present yourself.”

The younger girl’s knees buckled and she found herself in the snow, hands behind her back, thighs wide and waiting for the next command.

“Good girl. You can stand now.”

The praise sent shivers down Anna’s spine. She looked up, and from that angle Lindsay’s back was to the rising sun. The light did something strange, she glowed like she did the previous night, with purity and goodness, a golden halo around her head. Anna blinked, and the effect disappeared, leaving Lindsay smiling benevolently down at her.

“Sorry about that. You’re pretty good for a newbie. Come on, your borrowed clothes will now be damp. Take off your collar, I’ll lend you a swimming costume and we’ll sit in the hot tub and talk more about BDSM, dominants and submissives.”

“Hot tub?” Anna started shivering with something else as the melted snow soaked through her borrowed clothes.

Lindsay gestured towards a bulky object at the end of the balcony, which strangely didn’t have a layer of snow on top, “An early Christmas gift from the boys, I have one in my bathroom, but we like sitting out here at night, and it helps muscles sore after rugby and the other games we play.”

Minutes later, Anna was dipping her toes in the steaming water. It felt glorious, and she dunked the rest of her body in up to her neck. The contrast with the icy-cold air and the swirling, hot water was delicious. She could feel slightly strained muscles easing off, and settled back with a sigh against the headrest, eyes drifting closed.

“Did you remove the plug?”

Anna’s eyes shot open to see Lindsay shucking off a robe and stepping in to join her. “What?”

Lindsay took her time sinking into the hot water, her lithe, compact body covered in a tiny, red bikini. “They did plug you, didn’t they? You’ll need to remove it after you get out of the tub, no matter how good it feels. The lube won’t stick around and it’ll get uncomfortable, trust me.”

“How…?” She had completely forgotten about the black leather she had been wearing around her neck until Lindsay’s words came back to her while she was slipping on the borrowed green bikini. The collar had already felt like part of her. She’d left the plug in as it felt wrong to remove everything they had given her.

Lindsay grinned, “I can help you with the next douche, so, if you’re not too sore, you can be ready for them when they wake up. Unless you want to do it by yourself again?”

“I don’t know how.” Anna wasn’t sure if she could blush any more.

“Did you not…oh, they did it to you. Good boys.” The approval in the Domme’s voice was clear.

Anna basked in reflected pleasure. “They didn’t give me much option, they teased me first until I was practically befuddled with want, then I had to totter my own gagged, bound, blindfolded and spiked body to my doom.”

“That’s not strictly true. They would have respected your wish to stop, had you expressed it.”

Anna’s head bowed in chastisement. She nodded, “I realised that, and it removed the awkwardness. They knew what they were doing.”

“I’d hope so, I’ve been training them since they arrived here. They had dominant tendencies but didn’t know how to treat a sub.” Lindsay smiled with happiness at a job well done. “It’s strange, you and I have some things in common but we’re really the opposite of each other. Yin and yang. Domme and submissive.”

The more Lindsay talked and Anna asked questions, the more comfortable she felt. It explained more of the previous few hours and helped her understand her responses. Finally, the lack of sleep caught up with her and Anna yawned, “I’m so relieved I found that blazer last night.”

Lindsay frowned, “Yeah, that’s a bit of a mystery. I messaged the guy I thought it belonged to, and he replied saying that it wasn’t his. The text arriving was what woke me. I’m sure I brought the blazer home, but I couldn’t find it just now to check for a name.”

“We couldn’t find a name either. It was a godsend; we would never have got into the club without it. By the way, thanks for sorting out the ride home last night.”


“The four-wheel-drive trip through the snow? He was a really excellent driver.”

“Hang on, I thought you and Jo had booked him? I agree about the driver, he was another godsend. We saw so many crashes on the way, the roads were lethally icy, but he never lost control.”

“That’s weird, I can’t remember Jo saying she had organised anything.” That triggered a reminder, “What happened to Jo?”

“She’s sleeping off her hangover in the other spare room. She came back with us, watched a scene and came so hard, she squirted all over the dungeon chair. I told you she was a voyeur.”

Anna laughed, “You were right about the both of us.”

“I know someone who she’ll get on very well with. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, you’re both stranded here for the day too. The police are advising against all but essential travel as the roads are like ice rinks.”

“I don’t think that’ll be too much of a trial.” The tension was leaving Anna’s body, wiped out by the glorious heated water and Lindsay’s explanations. She now knew that there was something worth exploring with Gert and Jan. In a while, she would leave the hot tub, do what was necessary with the plug, and rejoin her men in bed. She was looking forward to another round of fucking and submitting, and maybe even Jo and the others watching them. The dungeon also sounded very interesting. “You’re an angel, Lindsay. A real angel.”


The being gazing down on his two redheaded daughters smiled in relief. They may never realise that they were half-sisters in blood, but they had found each other as friends. Helping them get home safely from that club had been a pleasure.

He always wished he could have stayed with their mothers to see them grow up, but duty called and he had left the women to find other loves, mortals with whom they could live out their lives. Somehow, as Lindsay had matured into angelhood, she had attracted the assistance of the gods who helped her find her destiny, and now Lindsay was helping her younger sister to achieve hers.

It was a nice break from wearing an uncomfortably scratchy beard and padded red costume in various grottoes around the world, despite the amount of children he made happy. Which reminded him, he going to be late for a service in Greece.

He picked up the blazer beside him, which promptly transmogrified into a bag of presents, unfurled his wings and took off, long, flame-red hair trailing behind him, heading towards the rising sun and away from the snowy, sleepy city of London.

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