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Damn Lucky

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I had read and heard about such things happening to other guys before and hoped that I would be lucky enough to have it happen to me. Well, the stars must have been aligned just right that late afternoon or the Gods were smiling down upon me. Whatever the case may be, I was just Damn lucky and happy about it.

I had gotten off work late and after fighting the late rush hour traffic on the DC beltway (funny how it seems everyone was waiting for me to leave my office building to join me on the beltway at exactly the same time) I decided against cooking me something at home. TV dinner for the third night in a row did not appeal to me at the time, so I decided to hit my favorite local Pub “The Green Turtle” for a beer, a burger, and perhaps a few games of pool.

I walked into the pub, immediately pulling myself up to the bar, and ordered a cold draft. The beer felt good going down and seemed to melt away the long day. After gulping down the last drop I closed my eyes and held the cool glass to my forehead. Finally, I literally shook the remainder of stress from my body like a dog shaking the water off his fur. It was then I heard a giggle off to my left. I lowered my glass to the bar and looked over to see who it was that found my actions so amusing. I found myself staring into a pair of deep green eyes that complimented the smile of her full lips. Before I could say anything she quipped, “That bad a day huh?”

I turned away raising my hand to get Tina, the bartenders attention, “Yea, not to mention the traffic.”

She replied, “Well, watching you was pretty funny.”

Curtly I said, “That’s exactly what I am here for…your amusement.”

From the corner of my eye I could see the smile leave her face as she fell silent for a moment and then added, ” Sorry, did not mean to bother you. I was just trying to make conversation.”

I finally got Tina’s attention as she approached me asking, “Another one Roy?”

“Please.” I said.

I reached for a cigarette and fired it up.

Out of curiosity I glanced over at Miss green-eyes giving her the once over. She had turned on her bar stool facing away from the bar. Not too bad I thought. She definitely had it going on from the waist down. Nice long shapely legs. She wore a clinging powder blue dress. Her legs were crossed and I could see she had on matching pumps. Her hair was brown and cut short. What attracted me most were those legs. They were very smooth looking and it was obvious she took care of them. When I looked back up she was staring at me. A smirk crossed her lips. I quickly looked away. Tina set the beer in front of me saying, “I’ll add it to your tab Roy.”


After a few swigs and a few more quick glances at Miss Green Eye’s crossed legs I finally turned to her and said, “Hey listen, we got off on the wrong foot. I’m sorry about what I said earlier, my name is Roy.”

She gave me a quizzical side ways look then after an uncomfortable moment of silence she smiled and said, “I know, I heard the bartender.”

She held out her hand saying, “I’m Pam.” I smiled and shook her hand, “Glad to meet you Pam, and again I apologize for my sour disposition.”

She turned on her bar stool facing me with those lovely legs crossed in my direction, “Fair enough.”

I could not help but glance down at her long legs again, feeling that familiar sensation of excitement begin to stir in my stomach. “What are you drinking? Its on me.”

She smiled slowly and knowingly, “Rum and coke is fine, thank you.”

I called Tina over and ordered her drink and another beer for me.

We continued to talk and drink. She was a pleasure to listen to. Something I had not experienced in quite a while. I found myself becoming less inhibited as the night progressed. I forgot about the day and actually was beginning to enjoy myself. After a few more hours and drinks the conversation began to rise to a more personal level.

Pam asked me, “What excites you.”

She caught me in the middle of taking a drink and I almost sprayed her with beer but was able to keep it in.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin and turned to her saying, “Well lets see, Hmmmm, watching my favorite pro football team play, camping out under the stars, and riding motorcycles. Oh, and let us not forget, good sex.”

Pam raised her eyebrows and laughed, “I like that…especially the sex part.”

It was then I took notice that we were facing each other and took another long look at Pam’s beautiful legs. I hoped she noticed me staring and she did, as she scooted her chair in closer to me. I spread my legs open making room for her legs in between mine. With her right leg crossed over her left I could see her knee was inches from my groin. She smiled and continued to talk to me nonchalantly. I began to become aroused watching and knowing her leg was mere inches from my growing member. She began to swing her leg back and forth, occasionally running her hands up and down her shapely calf as we spoke. It became increasingly more difficult for me to keep my mind on our conversation, combined with her teasing me and increase in bar room noise. I could see that Pam took notice of the bulge growing between my legs as she began to stare into my lap. During our conversation we had to lean in closely to hear what the other was saying. As we did this I scooted on the very edge of my stool and as I had hoped would happen felt her knee press against my hard-on. As I spoke into her ear I could not help but release a gasp of excitement upon feeling this.

Hearing my gasp I heard Pam say, “Ah-ha,” and then lightly giggle. I pulled back seeing a smile cross her face as she looked down into my lap. She slowly raised her eyes to meet mine and with her index finger beckoned me to move in closer again.

Feeling my heart racing I leaned back in and Pam placed her hands on my shoulders. I felt her press the front of her knee into my groin making contact with my stiff cock again. She whispered into my ear, “You have been staring at my legs all night long. How does this feel?” She began to rub my cock up and down by raising and lowering her knee.

I swallowed hard, “Your legs are so fine. I could not help but stare. It feels good.”

She said, “You can reach down and feel them if you like.”

I pulled back realizing where we were and said, “Not here, lets move.” I looked around and notice that the stools at the end of the bar were empty and it was much darker with less people around.

I grabbed Pam by the hand and led her to the far end of the bar. We sat down facing each other. It was less noisy here and I could clearly hear Pam say, “Spread ’em. Your about to get busted.” She reached down placing her hands on top of my knees slowly forcing my legs apart.

I watched as she stared into my lap smiling and began to press her knee into my groin moving it up and down. She looked up at me slightly tilting her head to one side, “How’s that?”

“Beautiful.” I said, and reached down to feel her smooth calf.

She scooted her stool in even closer, getting as close as possible. “I see you are definitely a leg man. I can do this all night you know…it makes me hot knowing I can get you off this way.”

She continued to rub my cock this way with the front of her knee I was fully erect and could feel my cock aching for release. Pam said, ” So talk to me, tell me what you like about my legs.” I was breathing hard with excitement saying between gasps, “They are long and beautiful and feel so smooth.”

Pam laughed, “Well they should be. I shaved them this morning. Tell me how hot your getting. Judging by the lump in your pants I would say you are very hot.”

I groaned looking down at her knee as it moved up and down, “God yes…I am extremely hot now.”

Pam giggled saying, “Hmmmm, okay lets get you even hotter.” I watched as her hands moved slowly along the inside of my trembling thighs up into my groin. She spreads open her fingers and began to knead my groin area on either side of her knee. “How’s that feel?”

I leaned in, the sensation of her fingers and knee was incredible. I raised my hands up from her pumping leg and placed them on top of her shoulders. I gasped into her ear, “My God that feels so good what you are doing to me.” I then felt her knee slide off to one side giving her access to my zipper as she unzipped my fly.

I became nervous and whispered. “What are you doing? Not here.”

Pam said, “Come on. It will be all right. It’s dark over here and no one will see. Besides I want to feel your hot cock against my leg. I want to see and feel you cum on my leg. Don’t you want to feel that?” I raised my head up and looked around to see if anyone was watching what she was doing to me. No one seemed to notice and so I agreed.

I lowered my head back down resting my forehead on her right shoulder watching as she reached into my open fly with both sets of fingers. Feeling her fingers grope around in search of my hard cock almost made me blow my load. She turned her lips to my ear and said, “Awwww yes, I see you are wearing boxers. Makes it much easier. Just have to find the opening and I can pull it right out. Ahhhh there it is…got it now.” As soon as she said this I felt her fingers wrap around the shaft as she pulled out my hard cock. With my cock now fully exposed Pam kept the last three fingers of each hand inside my pants using them to play with my balls while she held my rigid cock straight out between both her index fingers and thumbs and began to jerk me. She moved her leg back in place rubbing the head of my cock up and down along the front of her smooth knee and along the side of her soft supple calf. Her fingers continued to knead and pull on my nuts. Each time I felt them probe and pull my nuts I felt the urge to cum. The skin of her leg rubbing against the sensitive gland at the head of my cock began to coax out my precum. Upon seeing this Pam cooed softly into my ear, “There we go. It won’t be long now. Your nuts feel nice and tight, so full of cum. How are you doing?”

My breathing was frantic and my heart was racing as I groaned into her neck, “I am going to cum any second now.” With each pull on my cock and balls I felt the urge to thrust forward.

Pam giggled, “Your breath is so hot on my neck. Just let it cum. I know you want to, I can feel your cock twitching in my fingers and against my leg. Let it all out. I want you to feel what I am doing, concentrate on my fingers and my leg.”

Hearing her voice as she said that was all it took. I felt myself losing control. I reached down and cupped her smooth thigh in both my hands feeling her taught muscles flex as she continued to move her leg against my swollen head. All the sensations, her fingers, leg and voice was all too much. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably. I gripped her thigh tightly. Pam recognized the point of orgasm in me as I felt her fingers grip by nuts and pull while at the same time she pressed the head of my cock into the side of her calf. She whispered, “I love feeling you shake out of control.” I watched as my first load shot heavily into her leg. Pam said excitedly, “Very nice.” She squeezed and pulled on my tight nuts again and guided the head of my cock along her leg up to her knee. My body shook by another orgasm as I watched my cum shoot out against her knee, some of it landing on top of her thigh. Pam exclaimed, “Whoooweee, that was a good one.” I came several more times as she continued to jerk me, guiding the head of my cock all along her leg made slick by my cum. Finally, as I ended my orgasm with a final sigh and shudder I watched as Pam ensured every drop was drained from my cock onto her leg. Once satisfied she milked out all that was in me she tucked my cock neatly back into my pants and zipped me up. She tapped my tired groin lightly with her fingers and said, “You really had a lot in you.” I leaned back and watched her pick up some napkins from the bar top and cleaned off my spent seed from her beautiful leg. I turned in my stool bent over the bar resting my head on my crossed arms. I was completely spent. My muscles fatigued. I was breathing hard saying, “Damn I need another beer after that.”

Pam laughed running her slender fingers through my hair, “You did really good, this ones on me sweetie.”

I reached down placing my hand on her smooth thigh that only moments ago brought me to orgasm, “Thanks. I feel like I just ran 21 miles.”

Pam continued to run her fingers slowly through my hair saying, “I don’t know what got in to me. I have never done anything like that before, for some reason I just had to feel you. That was such a turn on for me.”

I laughed, “Well you saw how it made me fee.”

She laughed, “Your excitement was most evident… all over my leg.”

Pam flagged down Tina and ordered us both a drink. We talked throughout the rest of the night and after closing the place down we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to my place for some more wonderful excitement.

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