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The First Time

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This is the true and actual story of how I became a bonafide cocksucker. Well, other than my own cock, which I have plenty of experience with. During my years of exploring myself I had become flexible enough not only to suck my own cock but even deepthroat it as well. The first time I came in my mouth it was magic.

I knew at that point that I was truly bisexual and enjoyed sucking cock as much as I enjoyed eating pussy and fucking my girlfriend.

I had been friends with George for probably 20 years, from those early days of watching 80’s porn together and talking about what turns us on to later on when I find out that he has never had a blow job in his life. None of the girls he has dated would do it. I feel guilty telling him about all the great deepthroat and rough and sensual blow jobs I’ve gotten from girls over the years.

Anyway, one day he is hanging out at my place after my recent divorce. I’m watching porn from a site with a girl that does an amazing deepthroat. I turn to George and say “It’s a shame that your wife won’t do that and that you’ve never had it. It is so amazing. You know that I used to suck my dick. If you ever want me to suck yours so you can know how great it is just say the word.” I am met with total and complete silence. I’m wondering if I just fucked up our friendship. I don’t say another word about it.

About a year later he is over and asks if I have any new porn worth watching. I put in a Tera Patrick flick, at the time a brand new girl I had found. He sees her and says “Holy shit, she is fucking awesome!”

We start to watch her give some guy a blowjob and she has skills. I’m sitting there in my desk chair with George standing behind me and to the left. I can see out of the corner of my eye that his dick his hard in jeans. He keeps rubbing it but trying to hide that from me.

“You like?” I ask. “I bet that blow job from her would be fucking awesome.”

“Yeah, she is great. I think I could cum just standing here.” Then the bomb drops. “Hey, does that offer still stand on giving me a blow job?”

I’m floored and scared to death. My mouth went dry. “Um, yes. I would like to show you what you are missing. I think you would like it. It’s not weird, I mean we are best friends. It’s not like we’re gay, we’re both married.”

I turn to face him. He looks so nervous and has trouble undoing his pants. After a moment he unzips his fly and pulls his pants and underwear down to his knees. Holy shit, his cock is bigger than I thought. It is sticking out there right in front of my face. It must be at least 7″ long and probably 5.5″ around. I see that the tip has precum. I dont know what to do so I just asked “Are you ready?” He just stands there nervous.

I leaned forward and take the tip in my mouth, allowing my tongue to lick the slit and taste his precum. It tastes like mine did all those years ago and my mind flashes back to how much I loved sucking myself. George got nervous and changes his mind. He starts to back away. I just grabbed his hips and leaned forward, pushing my lips and mouth down on his cock. He stops protesting. I increase my grip on his hips and I’m able to get all the way down on his cock. The skin feels so different in my mouth. His cock is hard and smooth at the same time. I slide my mouth up and down, letting my tongue glide along the underside.

“Oh fuck Rob, that feels so amazing. Oh God, suck me.” His hands grab my head and he starts to thrust his hips, pushing himself in and out of my mouth. We get a rhythm going. I was scared but now I feel so good and right. This is what I love to do. Chris is groaning now and it mixes with the sounds of Tera fucking in the background. I’m so lost in lust and can’t wait for him to cum in my mouth.

I reach down with my left hand to fondle his balls. They are hairy, large and tensed up against his body. I massage them, trying to coax the cum from them. I want nothing more that for him to shoot a load of hot cum in my mouth and throat.

George stops thrusting in my mouth and pushes at my head with his hands. “Please stop Rob. I can’t. Please I can’t do it, I can’t come in your mouth. I’m not ready for that.” He is trying to pull away. I feel like a greedy cum whore, I want to taste him. Reluctantly I take my mouth of his cock. It is red and swollen. The shaft and head are slick with my spit. I slide my other hand off his hip and take a firm grasp on his cock.

I look up at him and ask “Can I at least finish you with my hands?” I feel so dirty there looking up at him and asking permission to jack off his spit covered cock.

“Yes, oh god Yes. I want to see you make me cum.” He is looking down at me in anticipation.

I work my hand up and down the shaft, squeezing and pumping his beautiful cock. I watch it and study the head. It is swollen. I can see the texture of the skin and it amazes me. His slit is oozing more precum and I lick it off again. George begins to groan. “I’m going to cum Rob, oh fuck.” I lean back. I can feel his cock begin to jerk and spasm. An explosion of cum shoots out. The spray hits my chin, neck and onto my shirt. I feel like such a fucking cocksucking slut. I continue to pump his cock with the mixture of spit and cum that now coats my hand. He gets soft in my palm and backs away. I wipe the cum off my chin and neck, the lick my hand clean while looking up at him. His cum tastes so amazing. I want to try it straight from the source. George says that he would like to help me cum, but is not ready to suck cock.

I go over and lay down on my bed. I’m wearing sweats with no underwear. George pulls my pants off. My cock is dripping with precum. He spits in his hand and then wraps it around my cock. His hand and fingers are rough. Much rougher than mine. I sit at a computer all day, he works in an industrial shop. It feels so different than what I’m used to. He uses a different style than my own and it only takes a couple of minutes before I’m shooting cum all over my already stained shirt and my own cock and balls. George just wipes his hand off on my shirt. “Guess you will need to change.” Then he gets up, walks across the room and calls his wife to tell her he is going to be home late because we still haven’t gone out for dinner.

I change my shirt and we head out. After dinner he says he has to run by his work to pick up his computer. When we get there I decided that I still want to taste his cum hot from his cock in my mouth.

“I had fun earlier George” I say and playfully touch his crotch. “I hope you liked it too.” I feel his cock start to get hard again. He tries to twist away from my hand.

“Um yeah, it was different. I can see why you like it so much. I guess I would like to try doing it to you sometime if you would let me.”

“Sure, I would like that George. But what I’d really like is for you to cum in my mouth. Why wouldn’t you do that?”

“I dont know man, it just felt weird and gross.”

“It’s not to me, I used to always cum in my own mouth. I like the taste of cum. Can I do it again now?”

“Here?” he asks. “It’s my work. I don’t know.”

“Look, we are in the middle of an industrial park at 11 at night, there is nobody here. I just want to try one more time.”

“Ok, but where is my cum going to go?”

“I will figure something out.”

I leaned over and waited. George pulled down his pants and his cock was already rock hard. I immediately sank my mouth down on him. It still tasted of spit and cum from earlier. I bobbed up and down with plenty of spit to slick him up. I heard him groan after only a couple of minutes. “Rob, I’m going to cum, time to stop.” I continue to go, pumping harder, fucking his cock with my mouth. “I’m cumming, God. Oh fuck.” I feel his cock surge and buck and then what this little cocksucker wanted. I feel his cum splatter in my throat and the hot fluid fills my mouth. I swallow every drop with greed. I’m smiling so big on the inside. Oh fuck I think, I’m a fucking cocksucker. I’m a slut. Oh I love it.

“Why did you let me do that Rob?” He pulls his pants up. “That was interesting. Holy shit, you are so good. But why?”

I sat up and looked at George. “Dude, I’ve been wanting to do that to you for years and I love the taste of your cum. I’m here for you and your cock whenever you need this. It is our little secret. I’m your cocksucker and I love your cock.”

And that is the totally true story of how I became a bonafide cocksucker and damn proud of it.

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