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Pizza Boy Gets Busted

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Even though most of our business was the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, our delivery territory also included the rather rural edge of town where there was a wide mix of homes. Everything from old trailers on overgrown lots to large houses in the middle of 4 or 5 acre manicured mini estates could be found on the couple dozen roads and lanes that ran off the main highway.

We called everything beyond Little Creek Road “the boonies” because almost every delivery was at least 7 or 8 miles out and one $10 pizza special could take you better than a half hour to deliver along with odds that the tip wouldn’t be great either. The only advantage to a run like that was getting some time for serious music blasting and to enjoy a smoke on the way back. Course, you also had the plus of being able to fly low late at night as the main highway wasn’t busy after dark and you made up time whenever you could. The speed limit was 45, but all of us usually pushed it to 60 or more all the time.

It was about 10:30 PM and I was walking thru the door when Cody passed me with his run and poked me. “Sorry dude….you’re stuck with Sunset Lane….see ya in 45 minutes!” and laughed as he headed for his car.

DAMMIT! Sunset Lane was a little unpaved half mile long road that had been cut thru the trees off another side road that was at least 8 miles from the shop. There might be a total of 10 houses on the whole road and all had a reputation for shitty tips. To make matters worse, once you turned off the main highway, there was nothing that resembles street lighting so you had to watch carefully for every pot hole, stray garbage can, and raccoons that like to wander down the middle of your lane. I bagged up the order and yelled “Going to Sunset Lane….see ya again at midnight.” to the shift manager. He grinned knowing I was almost serious as this was always a delivery that took 35 or 40 minutes, and then laughed as he said “Well, if you don’t drive like a little old lady, you can make it back in 45.” I flipped him off and headed out the door to my car.

I slipped a cigarette between my lips as soon as I was out of the parking lot and by the time I hit the main highway, was already jamming to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ that was on the classic ’70s CD that Cody had loaned me. Between the music and the complete lack of any traffic out in the slightly cool night air, I decided to push the gas pedal down and was soon buzzing along at 65 determined to turn this delivery into a 25 minute one. By the time the song finished I was only a mile or so from my turn. Another half minute later I noticed the single set of headlights pull onto the road behind me from the side road I just flew past. I paid little attention to them as I clicked on my turn signal and started down the dark road leading to Sunset Lane….which was still another 1-1/2 miles away. The lights turned in behind me at the same time I flipped the cigarette butt out the window.

When I swung onto Sunset, I happily saw that the delivery was going to first house and pulled into their drive. The headlights that had been behind me continued down the other road. I trotted up to the front porch, quickly collected the cash and mustered up a half-hearted “thanks” for the $2 tip they included with it, instead of telling them how 30 minutes of my life, the wear & tear on my car, and gas to drive 18 miles round trip was worth a lot more than two bucks on a $23 order! I gave them a quick, toothy, cheesey smile and had my car headed out of their driveway before they had the first slice out of the box.

I knocked another smoke out of the pack and lit it as I turned back onto the first road and decided to just mellow out and take my time driving back….especially since the stereo was now playing Led Zep’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ classic. I had just started getting into the music when the headlights came up rapidly behind me….and I noticed the blue flashing one its dash!

FUCK! The last thing I needed was a Barney Fife looking to fill his quota! I edged over to the side of the dark road and switched off my engine. I plastered my best “Hi, How are you?” innocent smile on my face while digging for my license & insurance card….which were sure to be the first words out of the cop’s mouth. He fooled me though, by asking me to step out of the car first.

Cops are always intimidating anyway, and it didn’t help that he was at least 6′ 2″ and his 200# of 28 or 30 year old beef cake body was packed in the too tight deputy’s shirt and towering over my 150#, 5′ 8″ quarterback build. I handed him my IDs without being asked and after glancing quickly at them, rhetorically asked “I was following you up Capital Highway a few minutes ago….Right foot is kind of heavy tonight, isn’t it?” Then he ominously added “I clocked you at 64 in a 45.”

I was so obviously busted that all I could do is play for sympathy and hope for the best. I leaned back against my fender, lowered my eyes, and mumbled “Yes sir. I’m sorry. I was just trying to make some time on a long run.”

Staring at my license for a moment, he let out a sigh before saying “You know Joshua, we usually overlook you guys making deliveries late at night, but 19 over the limit is really pushing it on the forgiveness meter.”

Sensing that his words were giving me the possibility for a chance of nothing more than a warning, I quickly looked in his eyes and said “I know sir. I should have been driving no more than 55….even clear out here in the boonies. I’ll be sure to watch myself closer.” I missed his reply because up close, even in the darkness of the deserted road, I could now see that it wasn’t that his shirt was too tight, but that he had pecs and arms that were the product of some serious gym time.

Suddenly he was ruffling my hair with his hand and I refocused on his words as he said “Did you hear me junior?”

“No, I’m sorry sir,” was what slipped out before I could think….my mind filled with other thoughts besides digesting his standard lecture. Adding “Damn! I didn’t mean for that to sound like I wasn’t listening to you sir,” probably wasn’t the most intelligent comment either.

He crossed his arms….which made his shirt stretch even tighter across his chest and bulge at the sleeves….and shook his head. “What am I to do with you? I’m trying to cut you a little slack and you ignore me. You need to at least put a little effort into getting out of me writing you up.” The slight grin that came with the words led me to believe I hadn’t totally blown it yet.

“I know. It’s just been a long night and I usually never drive that fast….but I wasn’t thinking I guess.”

His grin turned into a smile. “I remember being 18….all you think about is what your crotch tells you to think about 90% of the time. You just need to watch that speedometer more, instead of planning how you are going to get off in the shower later.” He laughed when he realized how deeply he made me blush.

“Well a ticket would certainly ruin me being in the mood later,” I quipped back….hoping his sudden sense of humor was a good sign again.

He uncrossed his arms and looked up and down the long road. “So you are telling me that it is all up to me whether you can get it up tonight?” His hands were on his hips and a quick glance down let me see that the crisply pressed slacks were every bit as tight as his shirt….and showing as nice a bulge as the pecs made in his uniform shirt. The opening was there, so I decided what the hell and replied “Completely in your hands,” as I let my right hand brush across my own growing box.

He stepped closer and looked down into my eyes. I looked up into his deep brown ones and tried to figure out how far to take the opportunity. He let me know by locking his thumb in his belt buckle and strumming his long fingers across the now obvious hard on he had below it. “Maybe you can suggest your own punishment for being in such a hurry?” was the tease he gave me.

Throwing any fears I had aside, I squeezed my crotch and offered “Maybe a little time in the back seat of your cruiser could make understand going the proper speed?”

Without a word, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his patrol car. He then spun me around, pushed me into “the position” against the door, and did a slow and overly personal frisk. “Looks like you only have one weapon you are concealing,” was his jab as he cupped my balls with one hand and my rock solid dick with the other. He unsnapped his utility belt holding his service revolver and placed it on the front seat. “Don’t want anything going off except what NEEDS to go off right now,” were his words as he gently pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

I looked up at his hulking frame and said “I’ll bet you still have something that is fully loaded though,” as I reached out and released the buckle on his pants belt and leaned in to kiss the massive box that was showing in the tight fabric. The moan that slipped from his lips told me it was fine to continue and I did by clenching the zipper in my teeth and slowly pulling it down as I unsnapped the latch at the waistband. A totally packed pair of red bikini briefs came into view as I slid his slacks over his hard thighs….a gigantic head and at least three inches of hard cock was sticking out of the top of them. The stud cop’s knees buckled slightly as I ran my tongue across the piss slit and lapped up the wad of pre that had leaked out. I kept licking at the silky sides and tonguing the head as I rolled the briefs down over the rest of his gorgeous 7″ pistol and low hanging balls. Partially because I was so horny and partially because we were standing out in the open on a public road, I immediately took him in my mouth and started working his tool like it was a candy cane with a prize in the middle.

His big hands grabbed my ears and his hips began a slow back & forth motion….pushing another inch inside me with every stroke until he was tickling my tonsils with all of it. A couple more thrusts and he pulled me off and up to his face. “In the back seat before we get interrupted,” was his near breathless instruction. I crawled in quickly and he peeled his slacks down to his ankles before joining me and pulling the door shut. My head went straight back to his lap and resumed the bobbing motion I was performing on my knees seconds earlier.

I felt his hands roaming over me as I sucked him and he suddenly uttered “My name’s Mark by the way,” as he yanked my tee shirt over my head. Pushing me down on the seat, he then ripped open my pants and pulled them and my boxers down at the same time. I managed to kick one leg out of them and was now laying nearly naked on the seat as he looked down with hunger in his eyes at me.

“Take off your shirt and let me see those hard pecs, Mark,” I pleaded. He happily complied and I was staring the finest chest I had ever seen. Covered with light fur and accented with erect, quarter sized nipples, I leaned up and pressed my face into the center and began soaking it down with my lips and tongue. Mark pulled me tight against him while searching for the hardness between my legs. He wrapped one of his massive paws around it and pulled it to full length. My head was working its way south again wanting that cock back in my mouth, when he pushed me over onto my back and dropped his face to my crotch.

A few quick slurps and then taking me fully between his lips, this hunky cop had me so boned that I would explode at any moment if he hit any right spot. After only a minute or so of sucking me, Mark let my dick slip from his mouth and held it tight while licking my now ultra tight balls….and then running his tongue across that sweet spot below my sac as he planted his lips on my rosebud. I muffled my screams from feelings I didn’t know existed as he gently alternated between sliding his tongue in and out of my virgin hole and gently chewing on its edges. He was nibbling on that nerve-filled spot between my balls and ass when I felt his thumb and fingers scoop up the pre that was oozing all over me. His thumb slid across the slickness on the head and then I felt two fingers rubbing the rest of my leak all over them. My body was completely out of control and my brain was shut down to all but the vibrations he was putting thru me with every new touch.

Suddenly I felt my butt cheeks separate and the wet tip of a finger press against my pucker. “Relax baby….I’ll go easy,” was all that was said before the first digit popped into me. My eyes snapped shut and then exploded back open as he moved that thick finger ever so slowly into me. Thanks to his chewing on my ear lobe and whispering how much he wanted my cute virgin ass, by the time he had his index finger buried all the way, I was prepared as he slipped the first inch of his middle finger in beside it. My ass muscles clenched down when the second inch entered and the third inch caused me to push back into his hand to get more. “Motherfuckin’ DAMN!” was about all I could get out of my mouth as I was being opened up for the first time. My muscles released a little and I let the euphoria of Mark finger fucking me take over. I never thought I could stand being screwed but at this point my body was running the show and it was ready for the next act.

Mark sensed my willingness and without a word, threw my legs over his broad shoulders and guided his manhood to the entrance of my boy pussy while rubbing his own pre slime all up and down his shaft. I was both scared shitless and ready for anything as he nudged the head in. I gasped a little as that first inch followed. Mark leaned down to my face, smiled, and said “Don’t worry….I won’t hurt you baby,” just before he covered my lips with his and kissed me deeply. He kept his mouth tight to mine as the next inch slid in…and the next one. It also muffled the scream that wanted out as he pushed the final 3″ in all at once. My ass was on fire but quickly adapted to the slow strokes he was taking. I could have grabbed an electric fence while standing in damp grass and not felt the way having my ass pumped did. I began moaning deeply and even pushing back against his forward strokes….wanting him even deeper than he already was.

“Feel OK baby?” was the question I finally opened my eyes to and saw this stud poised above me, staring down and smiling as he increased his tempo slightly.

“Oh, yeah….fuckin’ feel FINE dude! Please don’t stop.”

With that, the pace picked up and I reached down to begin jacking my own dripping hardness trying to keep up with the long strokes Mark was taking. Every time he humped into me, his heavy balls slammed against my own creating yet another feeling I didn’t know about previously.

Mark looked down and throatily asked “You like having your ass full, don’t you college boy? You think you can take more?”

I looked up and matter-of-factly answered him with “Oh yeah. Give me whatever you got stud.” and then gritted my teeth as he started slamming me with full long strokes. My head was banging against the car door and I was yanking my own rod as fast as I could move my hand. My head whipped back and forth and from somewhere I heard the words escape from my lips “Yeah! Fuck Me! Fuck me HARD you pony dicked motherfucker! Harder! OH FUCKIN’ YES!!!!!”

The young copper was banging me like he would never get it again and shoving all 7″ deep with each thrust. He looked down at my pistoning hand and ordered in between his humps “Jack that fucking cock. Pound it hard and fast. I wanna see boy cum all over the place before you get mine.” I happily complied and jerked myself even faster. My hips began to raise as I felt my ass getting slammed again and my balls pushing that first wad up the shaft. “Oh yeah….oh YEAH…..OH YEAH FUCK ME HARD NOW!” accompanied the first explosion from my hand that landed in the thick fur covering Mark’s tummy. He slammed into me again and again and again as I emptied myself with another half dozen strings across my stomach.

He had just let out with “That’s my boy….pull every last drop out of those cute boy balls….keep pumping it you little hunk!” when he reached down and used two fingers to wipe up the glob that hit my chin. I was trying to milk yet another load out of myself when he put them to his lips and licked them clean. Smiling with a little trace of my cum on his bottom lip, he moaned “Sweeeeeeet,” and pushed into me two more times before pulling out and whacking himself maybe three times before the multiple sprays of man juice plastered my chest and face. He must have dumped a weeks worth because he just kept cumming and cumming until I was covered in white stickiness.

He grinned and moved up to my face and I greedily licked his dick and hand clean while savoring the scent of sex that filled the car. A quick kiss and Mark opened the door to get out. He stood there watching me pull on my jeans as he redressed himself. “Thanks buddy….I really needed a hot little college boy to get me off tonight. Hope it was good for you too.”

“More than you know dude….MORE than you know,” was my reply as I slide out of the backseat.

“Well….let me call in and take myself off dinner and back on patrol now that I have had the best dessert I could.” Then he added with a wink: “You get back to work and drive safe….and only speed in MY zone from now on….OK?”

I winked back at him and said “Sure Deputy. I promise. I learned my lesson.”

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