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Untamed Family

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This story is a bit of a departure for me, in that there isn’t a long winded back story explaining everyone’s reasons for what they are doing. There’s no getting inside their heads to ‘listen’ to their feelings of guilt and worries. This story, told in four chapters, is all about the sex, pure and simple. It has brother/ sister/ sister/ mother/ father incest, and is a work of FICTION. If you have any qualms about family members having every kind of depraved sex imaginable, then please skip this story and find something more suited to your tastes. For everyone else, I only ask that you take a moment after you finish reading to tell me what you think.

Chapter 1 Coming home

Nineteen year old Kevin Lansing stepped out of the back seat of his friends car, shut the door, and headed up the walkway toward his house. He had been at the court with a group of guys shooting hoops and checking out the babes that were checking them out. There was several girls that had their eyes on Kevin, and he certainly liked to look at them also, but he wasn’t in any hurry to add more notches to his bedpost, he got plenty of pussy already.

Kevin opened the front door and stepped over the stoop. Without stopping he tossed his backpack onto the floor in the corner, kicked off his shoes, and jogged upstairs. Halfway up the staircase, he pulled his shirt up over his head, his well defined pectoral muscles rippling with each step he took.

At the top of the stairs, Kevin turned left and entered the bathroom, where he admired his reflection in the mirror. He had been working out in the school weight room and the results were really starting to show. As he stood there, rippling his muscles, he heard a very distinctive sound coming from down the hallway. “Damn it Krissy, you couldn’t wait for me?” he muttered under his breath, then turned out of the bathroom and made his way down the hall.

Stopping at the last door on the right, he didn’t bother to knock, just barged in and frowned at the scene on the bed. “Hannah, when the fuck did you get home?”

Lifting her head up out of her younger sisters sloppy wet pussy to look at Kevin, the raven haired beauty Hannah smiled and said, “Hi baby brother, why don’t you join us. We could use a nice hard cock.”

Hannah, the oldest of the three Lansing siblings at 21, had the darkest hair of anyone in the family. She took after her father David, whose hair used to be jet black also, when he had hair. Her body, like her mothers, was similar to the body shapes of the classic movie stars, full figured without being overweight. She had curves on her solid frame that drew more than a few jealous stares. As gorgeous as her body was, her face was even better. Piercing blue eyes, smooth flawless skin, high rosy cheek bones and a bright smile full of sparkling white teeth helped to cement her position in the popular clique in school.

Lying on the bed with her legs spread wide, Kevin’s twin sister Kristen’s blonde head turned to look at him and gave a dreamy grin. “Sorry Kevie, I didn’t know that Hannah was coming home today either. We thought we would get warmed up for you… Ohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucckkk that’s so good!” she moaned as her older sister began licking at her pussy anew.

On the opposite end of the hair color spectrum from Hannah is Kristen’s alabaster hair. Being a blonde already, Kristen had recently lightened her long, straight hair until it was nearly all white, but then added a few strands of bright pink highlights on either side to give her a sexy unique look. She also sported a different body type as Hannah as well, taking after her father and being much thinner with less curves. Her breasts were still developing and had recently grown a cup size from a B cup to a C cup. Kristen’s jade green eyes, highlighted by her long eyelashes, were very easy to get lost in, as many young men had already found out.

Kevin wasted little time stripping the rest of the way. The day was already looking better. His oldest sister Hannah attended college a few hours away, and due to the high cost of gas, she only came home to visit about one weekend every other month. This was an unexpected visit, and not knowing how long she was going to be around, he wasn’t about to waste any time. By the time he had stripped off his underwear, his cock was swollen to three quarters hard. It was Hannah’s near perfect ass that was pointing right at him which got him going, and that was what he went after.

Getting on his knees behind Hannah’s ass, Kevin leaned in close, his nose just barely touching her crack, and sniffed deeply. Her womanly smell -a mix of perspiration and musky ass scent- fired a jolt of pure excitement straight to his now rock solid cock. Pushing his nose deep into her crack put his mouth in line with her pussy, which he started to devour hungrily. His face felt like it was enveloped in her cushy ass and he loved the feeling, wishing he could stay there forever.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s tongue was pushing her younger sister closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. She had a lot of practice lapping away at Kristen’s pussy over the last year, and because of that, she knew exactly what her younger sister liked. At the same time, the feeling of her younger brothers face in her ass, and his tongue lapping away at her pussy, was exciting her a whole lot. Kevin wasn’t the best pussy licker, but he was eager to please.

Kristen’s hands gripped the blankets on her bed as her muscles tensed up with the approach of her orgasm. Getting her pussy eaten by Hannah was her favorite, because her sister was so attuned to her. It was almost as if they shared a telepathic bond when they had sex. She loved her brother, and fucking him was awesome, but when it came to oral sex, Hannah was tops.

Right now, Kristen was on the verge of the ultimate pleasure. Her eyes were closed while she concentrated on what was sure to be explosive climax. When she got to this point, a bomb could go off in the room and it wouldn’t distract her from her goal. The pressure built up as Hannah attacked Kristen’s clitoris with her tongue. She was going to cum.

“Oh shit, I’m so close Hannah, don’t stop!?

Hannah pulled away from her sister’s sweet pussy just before the clenching spasms of orgasm began, and looked into Kristen’s face.

“AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH HAAALEEEEYYY DON’T STOOOOOP!!!” Kristen half cried, half whined as her pussy was going through a series of mini spasms, the kind that precede a full blown orgasm. She picked her head up to look at her older sister “Pleeease Hannah, don’t tease me, I’m so close,” she begged.

Orgasm control was something that Hannah had recently been playing around with at college. She was very popular on campus with several guys and girls, and had learned all about teasing, and controlling someone’s orgasm. She had been practicing bringing her roommates in the dorm to the very edge, the brink of the point of no return, then stopping all contact, letting them come back from the brink, only to begin again and repeat. After months of practice with her two willing roommates, she had perfected her technique.

One time, Hannah had kept Jana, her sexy black skinned goddess of a roommate, on the verge of orgasm for more than four hours. The plan had been to see how many times the sexy, black skinned beauty could take being brought to the edge without cumming. She allowed Rebecca, their other roommate, and Hannah to tie her hands to the headboard of her bed, and her legs to the footboard.

After an hour of repeatedly being brought to the edge and denied, Jana was crying out and begging to be finished off. Instead, the two girls stuffed a pair of cum caked panties into her mouth and slapped a piece of duct tape over it, effectively ending her pleading. The torment continued for the next three hours, with breaks of five minutes each time Hannah had her right on the edge. Finally, as Hannah’s tongue was becoming too sore, she pushed her to the edge, and kept going, sending the now hysterical girl into convulsions of ecstasy that lasted until she passed out from sheer exhaustion. For the next week, Jana’s pussy was so inflamed and sensitive, that just the slightest touch sent her into spasms. Even putting on undies would cause her pussy to moisten.

Hannah wanted to take her time with her little sister to show her how pleasurable it was to build up the intensity over and over again so when she finally came, it would be the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. However, she knew that there wouldn’t be enough time to really show her how great it felt because in about a half hour, their parents would come home from work. Sliding her hands up under each of Kristen’s bent legs, Hannah took her sister’s hands in her hands and lovingly, gently licked her pussy while she looked deeply into her eyes.

Besides, Hannah’s own pleasure was building as Kevin had slid lower and was now rubbing his tongue back and forth over her clitoris. That was one part of her body that Hannah was most proud of, her clitoris was so long and fat and it was seriously sensitive. When she was turned on, which was quite often, her clitoris would swell up like a little penis. It was as thick as her thumb and as long as her big toe, and it was covered in a thick hood. She believed that it got so big from so many years of getting it sucked and licked.

As for Kristen’s clitoris, it was nearly as long as Hannah’s but not as thick. Still, when it was stimulated, it popped out of its hood looking for more attention, and Hannah loved to give it that attention. After looking lovingly into her sisters pleading eyes, Hannah dove back down into her pussy and noisily slurped up her sweet nectar, drawing another “Ooooohhhhhmmmmhm,” from Kristen, who closed her eyes again and began hitching her hips up and down, working toward the climax that she so desperately needed.

His mouth full of Hannah’s fat clit, Kevin was having a bit of a hard time breathing. His nose was pinched in between her thick, creamy labia, and her pussy was juicing so much that his nostrils were getting plugged. He was managing quick breaths through his mouth, but that wasn’t easy around the massive lump of flesh he was sucking and licking. He didn’t care though because he loved being in this position. As he sucked, he could feel her leg muscles tightening as she approached her orgasm. He also could hear his twin sister Kristen moaning and knew that she would be cumming real soon.

While Kevin was sucking his sisters swollen clit, he was slowly stroking his eight inch cock. He couldn’t wait to put it into Hannah’s pussy, but he wanted her to cum first. Running out of air again, Kevin came up with another idea and spit her clit out of his mouth, instead grabbing it with his fingers and pinching it. Intending to surprise her, he slid his tongue up through her slit and kept going until he was at her anus. Hearing her sudden intake of breath, he knew that he had hit on something that she wasn’t expecting.

Hannah was more than surprised when Kevin began rimming her asshole with his tongue. She tried to raise up to ask him what he was doing, but Kristen had taken control and grabbed her head as her orgasm was very near. It was a different feeling for sure, but it was very nice, and soon she was moaning loudly into her sisters cunt. It was hard to concentrate on what her mouth was doing while there was such magic going on behind her. She was so close to orgasm and when she felt her brother pushing his tongue into her asshole, along with the pinching of her clit, she was pushed over the edge and started to cum

As Hannah began to cum, her teeth clenched somewhat, putting just the right amount of pressure on Kristen’s clit, which sent her over the top and into her orgasm. She squeezed her legs together, pinning Hannah’s head tightly between them as she screamed and came, her pussy throbbing and spewing creamy cum.

Kevin had just managed to push the tip of his tongue part way into Hannah’s asshole when she started to cum causing her sphincter muscle to clench and push him back out. His hand was still pinching her clit though and he started rubbing it while pushing the first two fingers of his other hand into her dripping pussy. He hooked his fingers down and and wiggled them against her G-spot.

The feeling for Hannah was so intense that she tried picking her head up out of her sisters cunt, but her head was still trapped between squeezing thighs. Her hands were useless too because Kristen was gripping them so tightly while she rode out her orgasm. Unable to speak, unable to move away, and unable to push Kevin away, Hannah felt a huge gush from inside that felt somewhat like peeing, but was way more pleasurable. It took a moment for her brain to register what had happened and realize that her very own eighteen year old brother, the youngest in the family, had made her squirt for the very first time.

As Kristen finally came down from her intense orgasm, she released the death grip hold of her older sister’s head and let go of her hands. Through half lidded eyes she watched Hannah lift her face up out of her crotch. Hannah’s face was a mess of pussy juice and saliva, and Kristen thought at that very moment, she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Hannah turned her head to look at her brother, who was standing with his prick in his hand, and smiled a dreamy smile. “Holy shit Kev, where did you learn how to do that?” she asked, her thighs quaking from the aftereffects of her orgasm.

“Let’s just say that I have a good teacher. Now, who wants to get fucked first?”

Hannah and Kristen looked at each other and Kristen said “You can go first sis, you’ve been missing out on his cock lately.”

Hannah smiled brightly and crawled up on her hands and knees until she was even with her sister’s face. “Mmm, thanks sweetie,” she said and kissed her on the lips. Kristen tasted her own pussy on her sister’s full lips, and she drove her tongue deep into her mouth looking for more..

Kevin couldn’t wait another minute and climbed onto the bed behind his older sister. Kneeling behind her with his cock in his hand, he placed the head up to her sloppy pussy, and began to ease it into her. The heat from her pussy felt incredible and soon he was driving the full length of his hard cock into her steamy depths.

“Oh fuck yeah little brother, fuck me hard,” Hannah gasped, closing her eyes and momentarily forgetting about her sister. Kristen smiled as she watched her older sister’s face, then had an idea. Carefully, she extracted herself from underneath, then turned herself around and slid her head between her sister’s legs. Looking up, she had a perfect view of her brothers cock sliding in and out of her sister’s pussy. Then, her eyes focused on the reason why she had crawled under here – Hannah’s gigantic clit. She loved that clit, and lifting her head up just a bit, she stuck her tongue out and gently licked the giant nub.

Hannah opened her eyes and gasped when her super sensitive clit was unexpectedly licked. She looked down between her legs to her sister and said “Shit Kristen, it’s so sensitive. Be gentle with it please.”

Seeing what was happening, Kevin pushed Hannah’s legs apart a few inches, which had the effect of lowering her pussy down to her sister’s waiting mouth. Kristen was able to rest her head on the bed and still reach the object of her desire. She opened her mouth and gently sucked the appendage inside, where her tongue went to work, lovingly and gently licking and toying it.

Normally, after having an orgasm, Hannah didn’t want anything touching her clitoris because it became super sensitive, almost to the point of being painful, but this time was different, and Kristen was being so soft with her lips and tongue, that it quickly became pleasurable. It was an incredible feeling with her brother’s hard cock sawing in and out of her juicing cunt, and her sister’s wonderful lips and tongue sucking her clit. She was soon nearing the point of a second orgasm.

“Oh shit, fuck me brother, fuck my pussy hard. I’m gonna cuuummmm!!!” Hannah groaned, and Kevin didn’t disappoint. His newly buff body was a powerhouse of stamina and he slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. Each time he drove himself forward, his ball sack would swing and hit Kristen on the nose and lips, but it didn’t bother her and she kept sucking away.

Kevin had to concentrate hard to keep himself from spewing his semen into his oldest sister’s pussy. It felt so good and he was getting real close, but he knew that Kristen would want to feel him inside her too, and so he held back. The problem was that he was not sure how long he was going to be able to hold back his orgasm. If Hannah didn’t finish up and cum soon, he might not be able to hold off.

Fortunately for Kevin, Hannah started cumming right away with a loud “OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!’ and a “FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!” and then a “OHSHITSHITSHIT!!”

She dropped her face to the bed and bit the pillow as her body careened through another heart stopping orgasm. Kristen’s tongue was going crazy on her sister’s swollen clit and Kevin was still slamming his hard meat into her from behind with gusto. It was the most wonderful feeling.

Mere seconds later, her clit became way too sensitive and she pulled away from her siblings and rolled over onto her back to catch her breath and let her pussy stop clenching. “Holy fuck Kevin, I think I’ve been away too long. You’ve become quite the master love maker.”

“Thanks sis,” he said with a sheepish grin. Looking down at Kristen who was still lying on her back in front of him, he said, “So sis, are you ready to fuck me now?”

“Put it in my mouth first. I want to taste Hannah’s sweet juices on it.” She said, looking at him from her upside down position. She opened her petite little mouth wide and waited while her twin brother pointed his shiny, cream covered cock down and lowered it into her mouth. She smelled it before it actually entered her mouth, the sweet smell of Hannah’s pussy juices mixed with a hint of Kevin’s sweat. Then the helmet shaped head was slipping between her lush lips and pushing up against her tongue. She was not in position to attempt to deep throat him, something that he had been practically begging her to learn for weeks now.

Kevin didn’t try to push his cock too far into Kristen’s mouth because he still wanted to fuck her and was worried that he might cum. Instead, he watched as she licked and sucked the now purple head, cleaning all the pussy juice off of it. Finally she spit it out and said “Okay, I want you to fuck me now.”

Kristen swung her ass around until it was on the edge of the bed. Her knees were folded so that her heels were on the very edge and under each cheek of her ass. She reached down with both hands and grasped her ankles to help keep her legs from slipping off the bed. This put her lovely pussy at the perfect height for Kevin to stand beside the bed between her thighs and fuck her. But first, he got down on his knees and lapped away at her pretty pink flower, all the while his cock was standing straight out at a 90 degree angle from his body and dripping precum onto the floor.

After a few minutes of licking Kristen’s pussy, Kevin stood up and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. Then he stood back up straight and stared into her eyes again. “I love you sis.” he said before sliding his now almost painfully throbbing cock into his twin sister’s cunt. Kevin exhaled loudly as the tightness of her vagina began to envelop him. Even though he fucked her regularly, Kevin always marvelled at how tight Kristen’s pussy was. Hannah’s pussy always felt like it was superheated, like she had a mini furnace inside her that was always cranking on high, but Kristen’s pussy was just plain tight. He loved the feeling though, and she loved the feeling of Kevin fucking her.

Every single time Kevin fucked Kristen, which was quite often lately, he always had his momentary doubts about whether he was going to be able to push his cock all the way into her. It seemed like he would get halfway inside her and then not be able to go any deeper. He always had to work it in and out a few times, easing it farther and farther each time until he bottomed out. This time, it seemed as if his cock had swelled bigger than ever before, and as he began to enter her, he could tell that it truly had.

By the time he had pushed three inches inside her, Kristen was breathing like a woman giving birth – huff huff huff huff huff – and Kevin was worried that he was hurting her. He stopped moving forward and asked “Are you okay sis?”

Kristen was so sexually turned on that it was almost as if she was high on drugs. Her face was flushed and sweaty, her eyes were unfocused, and her hair was messed up. She smiled and said, “Ohhh fuck it’s so tight Kevin, but I want it so bad. Don’t stop fucking me. Don’t ever stop fucking me.”

That was all the encouragement Kevin needed. He grabbed her with both hands on each side of her skinny waist and said “Are you ready sis?”. She nodded and in one swift jerking movement, he slammed himself forward, driving his cock to the very back of her cunt.

Kristen’s eyes flew open wide along with her mouth and she let out a scream that was cut short when Kevin bent forward and clamped his mouth over her mouth in a tongue sucking kiss. He began to piston his ass forward and back while still kissing her, eliciting little muffled squeals from her with each thrust forward. Letting go of her ankles, she wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his butt and held on tight as he began to fuck her with all of his remaining strength.

Meanwhile, Hannah had recovered from her near coma inducing orgasm, and had climbed off the bed. She snuck around behind her brother and sister to get a view of the real action, and that was when she noticed how large Kevin’s balls were. His legs were spread for stability and his large nut sack was slapping on his twin sister’s ass while he pile drived her pussy. Looking up at the clock on the wall, she saw that there was little time left until their parents came home, so she decided to help out. Getting down on her knees behind the two, Hannah reached up and took her brother’s balls in one hand and with her other hand she began rubbing her sister’s clit.

Feeling his nut sack being fondled sent Kevin nearly over the edge. “Oh shit,” he puffed, turning his head to look back behind him. He couldn’t see, but knew it was Hannah and said, “I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum… huh huh Hannah, stop.”

Underneath him, Kristen was closer to cumming then Kevin thought, especially with her sister rubbing her clitoris, and when she heard Kevin say he was close, she said, “I’m ready Kevin. Cum inside me please.”

That was all it took. Hearing his beautiful twin sister moaning and begging him to cum inside her pussy, was what sent Kevin into orgasmic spasms. “I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming sis, aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he yelled as he felt his boiling sperm bursting from his balls and firing deep inside his sister’s cunt.

As Kevin began to cum, his movements became jerky and spasmodic, and that was what finally sent Kristen into her own orgasmic spasms. She hugged her brother tighter than ever as her pussy squeezed around his thick shaft.

Hannah stepped back to watch her two siblings finish their lovemaking. Her love for both of them had never been greater, and she wished that she could move back in with them full time so they could have all kinds of depraved sex. Nobody seemed to know her body better than her siblings, and she was always satisfied after finishing.

“Okay you two, fun time is over, we need to get cleaned up and dressed before mom and dad get here,” Hannah informed, looking at the clock on the wall. “We have about thirty minutes to clean up.”


Thank you for reading chapter 1

Chapter 2- Meet the Parents- coming soon.

There are three more chapters already written. I will post them as I finish editing. If there is enough interest, I may be convinced to tell further tales of this family as I have ideas for an Untamed Family Vacation, Untamed Family Reunion, and possibly a spin off with Hannah in college.

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