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“So what do you think?”

My thesis partner turned his computer around and showed me a photo from freshman weekend. At our university almost all freshmen participate in freshman weekend – they go to the middle of nowhere, stay there for two days drinking, partying and general horseplay. My thesis partner was in charge of the whole shebang, so he’d obviously had a good look at most of the new students.

I looked at the screen. Facing the screen was a picture of him in a toga showing his hairy ass to the camera.

“Come on dude! That’s not what I want to see!”

He looked non-plussed at me. I turned the computer back to him.

He started laughing.

“Sorry, must have hit something.”

He clicked the computer and turned it back. I hid my eyes behind my hands.

“No, I can’t take more of that horror!” I mocked jokingly.

“You’ll like this one.”

I looked at the screen. Staring back at me, obviously flirting with the camera, was a very cute little thing. The sun was shining, she was in a two piece bikini, and she was wearing sunglasses. She had perky tits, a flat stomach, absolutely beautiful red hair and freckles. I love freckles. They seem to signal innocence even though they won’t disappear with slutty behavior.

“Nice! You bang her?”

He was in a committed relationship, but he was also working as a bar manager at night at a popular place downtown, and I knew he did a lot on the side.

“No, man. Not that I didn’t try. But she didn’t go for anyone. I did this one though.”

He clicked through the pics and found another one. She was probably hotter than the first one, but she was not my type. Just a bit too much. Dye job overdone, tits shown off a bit too much, make-up a bit too heavy. For my taste that is. She’d probably be the right fit for a mens magazine.

He clicked through the pics again.

“Banged this one too. Not too proud of that though, but in one of the activities we had a treasure hunt in the forest, and I was sitting there all alone. And when her group left, she stayed and simply started blowing me. What am I to do?”

I laughed.

“Right. If they throw themselves at you like that, who are you to destroy their confidence?”

A couple of months later I was sitting at my office at the University, when my thesis partner stopped by. I had been elected student body president the year before, so I was usually in my office even though it was getting late. Our terms ran for 12 months and I was not sure, if I would run again. I had spent a year working as skiing instructor in Austria before I started studying world history. Probably the easiest task I’ve ever had. And so I spend my days drinking, smoking weed, picking up girls – doing absolutely everything that makes college famous except studying. It was no wonder when I dropped out a little into my third semester. Exiting the registrar’s office I was at an all time low. I knew I had come to a cross roads. Spend my life chasing cheap empty thrills or throw myself fully into realizing my potential.

The next semester I moved to a different part of the country and started studying political science as well as joining a youth party organization and the football team. Oh, there were lots of cheap thrills still – but this time they were secondary. Now at 27 I was getting ready for life as a true adult.

“I am truly amazed that you have this fantastic office and yet so few people come by.”

I studied his expression gauging his intentions. Was he yanking my chain or up to something else?

“Well, watching me work is hardly anybody’s idea of a fun way to spend their evenings.” I pointed out with a sigh.

“But you know I have an idea. You’re up for elections soon, right?”

I was silent for a moment. In politics stating anything but pure ambition is akin to committing seppuku. I might as well slice open my belly Japanese samurai style as admitting my doubts. But I knew he had my back. We never hung out outside of working on projects, but we had a huge mutual respect. And we had – and still have – each other’s backs. Always.

“I’m not sure I’m running though. The party has gauged my interest in running for the coming European elections. And I can’t do both.”

He whistled.

“Wow! That’s really awesome man! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, well. I haven’t decided yet.”

He looked at me with this sheepish grin that signifies some hare-brained scheme that somehow always manages to work out for the best in spite of all odds, gods and sound reason.

“We are gonna have a party at your office at the annual university party.”

Our university have just 17.000 students so each year the university throws a major bash with all students invited. It is general mayhem, beer, booze, music and plundering the labs supply of pure ethanol for mean punch bowls at unsanctioned after parties at the different institutes that are supposedly locked down for the night, but are open to everyone working there. Including TAs, ph.d. students and the likes. That is where the real party starts. Luckily for the cleaning crew our common area floors and walls are made up of granite tiles. As student body president I was to dine with the university president, the board, the administrative director and some dignitaries. Usually the student body presidents would hold a short speech trying to ingratiate themselves with the higher-ups, preparing to be hand-picked for some fast-track career. That wasn’t my style.

“You do know that I will be under a lot of spotlight that evening, right?”

“Well yeah. But you are the only one with enough authority to tell security to fuck off.”

He was holding up his fingers, ticking one off.

“And you can announce a ‘reception’ before hand to increase awareness of the work of the student body.”

He ticked off another finger.

“And then you can legally use your funding to buy outside booze. And it’ll give you a grand stand start to whatever you decide to run for.”

He ticked off a third finger.

The only downside to the annual party was that the university set prices for alcohol unwarrantedly high. While it reduced mayhem at the official part of the party it definitely also reduced the fun.

“What’s that finger?”

He was still sitting there with his one finger raised.


The party was blazing. A lot of people had shown up and all around my office people were dancing, grinding, yelling, kissing and doing a lot of extracurricular activities. I was standing at the DIY bar mixing a drink when I felt a hard nipple half press up against the back of my arm through her flimsy dress, as her hand took my elbow. Electricity ricocheted round my body and seemed to end up in my abdomen. She had my attention whoever she was.

Drawing on my bartending experience I continued mixing my drink, while looking down over my shoulder at her.


Her green eyes blazed up at me. I suddenly felt intoxicated. It was like the sounds of everyone around didn’t carry. She had this mischievous smile in her eyes that just barely reached her mouth. As if we shared a joke that no one else was in one. I could smell her hair. It looked even better off screen. It was red, auburn and bronze all at the same time. Obviously natural. No hairdresser however good could color hair like that. She smelled faintly like coconut.

“Your speech caused quite the stir.”

I realized I hadn’t said anything in a while. Just been standing there staring at her, fantasizing about kissing her soft full lips. I believe I could have without her protesting. Probably would have if she hadn’t thrown me off. She was making my mouth water.

I swallowed hard, before replying.

“Were you there? I’m pretty sure I would have noticed you. Nice to meet you, by the way.”

“No, no. But my friend Leann was standing in the doorway hoping to get the autograph of that newsguy – the old journalist – and she practically recited every word.”

I had given a speech that made the university president squirm in his chair. Chastising the budget priorities for this fiscal year, basically telling the board, the university president and the dignitaries that they should take a moment and think for a second about the price of the dinner they were having, compared to the fact that budget cuts had been made on almost everything student related. Some classes were so overbooked that not all students had a chair at semester outset. I had not used the language expected of me. I had not kissed their asses.

Afterwards a board member and former deputy secretary of the interior came up to me, shook my hand and told me to keep at it. That I was right on the money. It had made my day.

“Thank you. And thank your friend for me too.” I handed her the drink, I had been mixing and started on another for myself. She hadn’t released my arm. I didn’t want her to.

When we approached midnight, people gradually left my office to seek out after parties, friends, rides or places to hook up. Before leaving my thesis partner had given me wink and thrust two condoms into my hand. Suppressing laughter I had pocketed them smiling and winking back at him.

Rebecca had hopped up on my desk. I was tidying up the place a bit. We were the only ones left.

“Where are you going, now?”

She asked leaning back a bit on her hands. Her perky breasts were jutting out even more that way. Though I had tried not to stare, I had failed miserably all evening. Her small nipples had been poking out through her short flimsy shiny deep blue dress without abandon since she snuck up on me. I dropped some cups in the trash and walked over to her with purpose.

Instinctually she uncrossed her legs leaning back a bit more bracing herself. I stepped right between her legs, grabbed a handful of her hair just enough to hold her head in place, while I kissed her as deeply and intensely as I have ever kissed a girl. She melted into me and put her arms around my neck.

I pulled the strings of her dress down her left shoulder and dropped her dress below her breast. She broke our kiss breathlessly and tried putting her hand on my chest, but I caught her wrist in my hand and lowered my head to her bosom.

I let my tongue play gently with her nipple, running it over her sensitive bud tentatively before teasing it with my lips. Her head fell back as she moaned in pleasure. She used the wrist I had caught to prop herself up, and the other hand tussled through my hair. I let my teeth scrape lightly against her nipple and she yelped followed by a new moan. I pulled back a bit admiring the flawlessness of her milky white breast. The perfect size, not grotesque, not even large, but to her tiny frame it looked like a work of art. Defying gravity. Mocking both God and Newton at the same time. Accentuated by even more perfect pink nipples.

I could have stared at her tit for an eternity without tiring or noticing time pass, had it not been for the painful erection in my pants and the scent of her arousal. Without pause I fell to my knees, and in one swift motion I pushed her dress up, her panties aside and plunged my tongue into her soaking pussy.

She gasped aloud in part pleasure, part chock. She put both her hands in my hair and tried pulling my head away. I was not yielding.

“Wait. Stop. Not on a first date.”

I ignored her pleading and instead sucked her clit gently into my mouth and rolled it gently between my lips.


She exclaimed excitedly and fell back on her elbows, her hands still holding my hair. I kept at it. My fingers teasing the outside of her hole. Pushing at, but not in her. She put her legs over my shoulders, released my hair and fell back flat on my desk. Her hands grabbed her breasts. One bare, one through the dress and started to pinch her nipples.

My fingers and my face were soaked in her juices. I let one finger lightly caress her sphincter. She moaned continuously and I felt her legs tense up. When I pushed my ring finger almost fully deep into her ass, she screamed and started to come instantly.

I got up, standing between her legs. She was so out of it in a orgasm induced euphoria that she didn’t protest in the least, when I kissed her deeply, gently, playfully licking her lips and sucking on her tongue, letting her taste her own juices. She was responding slowly, still enjoying her post orgasmic bliss too much to think straight let alone get her body to respond to her commands.

I bit gently into her nipple.

“Aaahh!” She gasped liking it.

“We have to get out of here. Security will come by shortly.” I told her.

It was surprisingly easy to get a taxi even though we had to wait in the cold November night for about ten minutes. She had a short jacket over her flimsy dress. I don’t remember how we decided. Or if we even decided or just shared the same thought. But we got out in front of her two-story apartment building. I was feeling the alcohol buzz a bit more now having been out in the cold. She stumbled to the front door fumbling with her keys while I paid. The cold was obviously affecting her too.

I got up close behind her and kissed the back of her neck, biting her gently. I felt her goose bumps rise against my lips, and she almost fell into me, while still trying hard to get the door unlocked. I let my hands seek out her breast and found her fantastic nipples even harder in the cold. I teased them gently a short while, until she let out a triumphant laugh, when the door opened. She started running up the stairs with me in fast pursuit.

She had more luck with her front door and in seconds we were inside. I tried grabbing her, but she wriggled out of my grasp with a smile and went to the bathroom. I looked around her apartment. It was larger than most student accommodation, but still obviously a one person apartment. She wasn’t a neat freak. Discarded clothes were lying around.

I went into her bedroom. Her window sill had a line of candles in different sizes and shapes. I found a matchbook next to one and proceeded to light them all. They gave a warm fuzzy feel to the room. My head was spinning a bit.

I heard her emerge from the bathroom and rummage around the apartment. I stood by the windows looking out into the darkness, when she came in.

She was a sight to behold. Still in her flimsy dress, the red and copper in her beautiful hair highlighted by the candlelight. Her petite frame highlighted by those constantly pointy nipples that I couldn’t keep my eyes from. And a half-nervous smile that send a sparkle in her eyes.

I walked to her, took her chin in my hand and tilted her head up. Looked her in the eyes and kissed her gently. She responded eagerly. She put her hands under my shirt and I aided her in getting it off. Still kissing passionately but gently I peeled the straps of her dress down, and pushed it down her narrow hips until it pooled at her feet. I broke our kiss to admire her tits. Damn they were enticing. I lifted her and put her on the king size bed.

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants removing my socks in the process. She propped her head up on one elbow and looked at me, obviously liking what she saw. I lay down beside her, resumed kissing her and let my hands roam free. I slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties, and her hand grasped my wrist. I looked quizzically at her, while forcing my hand further down letting my fingers look search out her mound.

“Not on the first date.”

I ignored her and resumed kissing her, finding her clit.

She fought my hand, and broke our kiss.

“I mean it! Not on the first date!”

I looked at her, half smiling.

“This isn’t a date.”

I pushed a finger in her to the first knuckle.

But she was adamant.

“Stop. Not now.”

“You are serious, right.”

I wasn’t asking. She nodded anyway.

I fell back on her bed. Drunk and blue balled. The room was spinning slightly.

She snuggled up to me. I felt her right nipple against my ribcage. This was not how I imagined my evening ending.

But I was drunk. And tired. So it didn’t take me long to pass out.

It was very bright when I woke. It took me a second to realize where I was. And why I woke. Rebecca had her hand down my boxers, teasing the base of my cock. It was still just semi-hard, but my balls were damn near blue.


I said. My mouth had wall to wall carpet. I desperately worked my tongue around trying to extract some moisture. She leaned in and kissed me anyway. She did a good job. I put my arms around her, and pulled her on top of me. Her mound was pressed up against my now fully erect rod. Through our underwear I still felt how her labia was astride my dick. She rubbed against me.

My hands wandered down her back, tracing her spine with my fingertips, teasing her ribcage. I put my hands under her panties and touched bare ass. Her skin was so soft and smooth too like the porcelain it resembled. I reached further down and let my finger touch her forbidden hole before finding her nether lips. She was wet. Very wet. Having both my hands down her panties pushed them down over her ass. She kept rubbing her mound against me. I grabbed the sides of her panties and drew them down her thigh as long as they would go in our position. To my surprise she didn’t object but instead raised her ass up, so I could take them off. She managed to kick her panties off, without getting off me and resumed kissing me while rubbing her mound against me.

“You know it is starting to get rather unpleasant.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“Cloth against my dick I mean. Take my boxers off.”

She slid down my chest, trailing kisses on my chest, my nipples, my abs. She then pulled my boxers off. It was pure relief to have my dick out in the open. She straddled me again before I could start getting other ideas and proceeded to rub her mound on my very hard dick. Slowly all the way up and all the way down. I was quickly getting coated in her hot wet juices. And I liked it. But I wanted to be in her. I needed to be in her. So I tried angling my hips to get into position. It took a couple of tries, but then the tip of my cock caught the entrance of her pussy. She stopped immediately.

“Do you have a condom?”

I looked at her. My mind wasn’t working too fast. Should I lie and try to get her bare, or should I tell her that I had two in my pocket?

“I’m not on the pill. So if you want to, you need a condom.”

“Oh, I want to. Be right with you.”

She fell on her back on the bed, while I got up and rummaged through my suit that was discarded on the floor.

I got the condoms and ripped one open. Usually I get the XL ones. These were standard. I hated them. I hate condoms in general and the standards in particular. It hurts putting them on, and they are so uncomfortable. But I needed to fuck her. I wanted her so bad that I put an effort in putting one on.

“Are you ok?”

She looked at me puzzled.

“The fucking condoms are too small.”

After working it for a couple of minutes my hard on had subsided a little, so I managed to get the condom rolled about two thirds down. I jumped right in and started to lick her sweet tight little cunt. But she had other plans.

“Just take me. I need you in me.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I sat back on my hunches and positioned myself. Rubbed the condom clad tip on her slit to get some of her juices on me, before I pushed in.

When I did push in, I hardly fit. I have had my share of women, but none was as tight as she was in that moment. It wasn’t friction, it wasn’t lack of preparation. She was simply both small and tight.

“Easy. I don’t want you to split me in half.”

She laughed up at me.

That lit something in me, and I immediately pushed as far and as hard as I could into her. She half screamed half moaned. I pulled out slightly and forced more of me into her. Again she made that sound. It was animalistic. And it got to me. It was no mere semi, condom or not.

I worked my way into her. And even after I bottomed out. Even after I could get no more of my cock into her. Even after she had gotten a bit used to me, she was still tighter than anything I had felt before. It was unreal. I started fucking her in earnest. Her tits moved deliciously under me, so I bent down and caught a nipple between my teeth eliciting cries of joy. I sat back fully on my haunches and let her thrust up against me. She enjoyed it. I enjoyed it even more. She had blue balled me in a bad way last night, and now my orgasm was approaching quickly. I desperately tried to think of something else. But the way she tensed up, the way she whimpered struck a chord with me deep down. She was so innocent in a way. So vulnerable. So warm and wet. In a moment of clarity I realized this was feeling too good. And then suddenly the condom was gone.


I was not pleased. Not in the least.


“The condom ripped. Look!”

It had ripped and rolled itself around my cock about two thirds down. I started getting it off. A painful and quite arduous process. When I finally got it off, I got the second condom out in seconds. But between the unpleasantness, the blue ball frustrations and the hatred of condoms I was growing soft. I couldn’t get it on.


I exclaimed like a pirate that had dug for a whole day only to realize the treasure map was upside down. She took the condom from me.

“Thanks. But with these tiny suckers I’m pretty sure I need to do this myself.”

She looked at me. She was flush. Being a redhead with porcelain skin her face was flush all the way to the top of her bosom.

She looked at the condom in her hand. Then nonchalantly threw it on her bedside table.

“Just promise me to pull out.”

Within two heartbeats my cock had gone from flaccid to fully erect. Those were probably the hottest words I had ever heard.

I practically jumped her. I forced my way into her open sex, while she tried to pull me even further in with her heels. Physically I had never felt anything like her. She was slick, yielding,yet so tight. But there was something else. Something I had never felt before. It was all in my head. It was her vulnerability. Of her loving what I did so much that she would risk pregnancy. That she had to have me in her no matter the consequences. And it was a feeling of power. Of me controlling her fate. That I could cum in her if I wanted to. I could knock her up and there wasn’t’ a single thing she could do about it.

I was fucking her in earnest. I held a steady pace all the way in, all the way out savoring her bare unprotected pussy gripping me. Her moans. The feeling of her hard nipples against my chest, when I thrust in her. The feeling of her hips pushing up to meet me.

The headboard was banging against the wall in that familiar rhythm. The beat of sex everywhere.

It didn’t take long for her to get close. Suddenly she went silent, stopped breathing and her pussy gripped me forcing me over the edge. I pulled out quickly, roared and sprayed what felt and looked like liters of cum over her. I absolutely drenched her. It was all over her mound, her stomach, her breasts. Some had even reached her lips and her little button nose.

I collapsed next to her trying to catch my breath. I rolled over on my side just in time to see her licking my cum of her lips. It excited me. I wiped the cum from her chin and put my finger in her mouth. She licked it gently.

“Wow! That was awesome!”

I stated the obvious like a buffoon.

I withdrew my finger and let my fingers caress her breasts. I played with my cum massaging it into her smooth porcelain skin. I traced the outline of her tits and down to the pool of cum that gathered in her bellybutton. I looked at the cum running down her mound towards her nether lips. It was like a bolt of lightning struck me. My seed was all over her sex. And she was unprotected. The realization alone made my cock throb again. I had never tried anything like it. Never before had the thought of impregnating a girl made me horny. It had always been something to avoid.

I leaned in and kissed her, while I let my hand slide through my cum and down to caress her clit. She gasped in my mouth, when I found the right spot. I coaxed her excitement back to life quickly and she started kissing me deeply. The tip of her little tongue teased me ever so delicately. Then I had a devilish thought and I couldn’t stop myself. Reason was to the wind. I rubbed my fingers through the cum on her stomach and put my hand on her mound and put two cum covered fingers in her pussy. She gasped in my mouth. I knew I might have just impregnated her. I knew that this was bordering on sexual violation. At first I didn’t think she realized the risk I was putting her in, but then I noticed her breathing had become shallow. She was as turned on by this as I was!

I rolled on top of her, sliding between her legs, my erection rubbing against her sticky wet nether lips.

“You are not protected.”

I told her as a matter of fact. She looked up at me with a somewhat horrified expression. Then shook her head almost imperceptibly.

“You are covered in my sperm.”

She nodded slightly.

“I put some of it in you.”

She nodded again and goose bumps arose on her arms.

“We’re out of condoms and my dick is covered with sperm.”

She just looked at me.

“I’m going to fuck you now. And I’m going to cum in you.”

With that I pushed forward slowly until I bottomed out. Until I felt the tip of my cock mashed up against her cervix.

Her eyes went wide, she gasped and her mouth formed that silent O. She grasped her tits as I started to pound her. I was crazed with lust. This gorgeous 21-year old woman was taking my cock bare and unprotected. She hadn’t protested when I told her, I would cum in her. That I could potentially knock her up. I bent down to kiss her, but I was too excited to even slow down long enough to kiss her properly. I kept pounding away and I knew I wasn’t meant to last. Even though this was my second time in a row, she was getting to me quickly. As she had all along, but now it was different somehow.I sat back on my haunches.

“Play with your clit for me.”

I told her with a deep growl that surprised me. She obeyed instantly using both hands. One to part her nether lips as to display her sex to me and one to stimulate her clit. In doing so she was presenting her magnificent breasts even more to me. I gripped her nipples and squeezed them hard. She yelped in between her delicious moans.

I took hold of her hips and pulled her onto me in time with my thrusts in a desperate attempt to pound her harder. To get even deeper into her. In an impossible attempt to force myself past her cervix and into her uterus.

She lifted her head and looked down between us, where my rock hard cock pounded into her petite body. I followed her eyes and I could actually see that I was making a bulge in the lower part of her abdomen, when I thrust in her.

“Oh, God! You are so fucking big in me!”

She exclaimed in disbelief.

“I’m so close!”

I told her.

“Wait! Wait for me!”

She wasn’t asking. It was begging.

I thrust into her once, twice more. She was close, but I couldn’t hold back.

“Aaaaahhh, you’re growing!”

She screamed it out, throwing her head back, furiously rubbing her clit.

I pushed in all the way. And then I tilted my hips and somehow got an extra inch in her. And without a sound I came in a torrent. I sprayed directly into her fertile womb.

“I can feel it!”

She dragged the last part into a primal scream and then she started bucking on me as her orgasm hit her. It was truly a magnificent sight that prolonged my orgasm immensely. She was showing me what the term ‘in the throes of orgasm’ actually meant. She came so hard that it even dwarfed my orgasm.

I collapsed on top of her and started kissing her neck, gently chewing her ear, kissing her lips. She was making small sounds of appreciation but was otherwise unresponsive in her orgasm induced euphoria. Then my phone rang. I had no idea what time of day it was.

Regretfully I got up and picked up my phone.


“Where are you man? Hangover cure is on the table.”

It was a friend of mine. We had decided prior to last night’s party that we would gather at his house with 4 other friends, eat homemade burgers and watch football. Our dorm was a pretty large building. We even had our own bar. And next to the dorm were some one story studio townhouses that required two residents accommodating couples. His girlfriend was spending a semester abroad so we spend most of our time off hanging out there.

“Right, sorry. I lost track of time. I’m not at home right now, but I’ll be there in about 35 minutes.”

He laughed.

“You at that blondes place?”

He was referring to a girl I had hooked up with a couple of times before.

“No, I don’t actually know where I am right now, but I’ll be with you as fast as I can. Keep the burgers warm, will you?”

“Sure thing.”

We hung up, and I started collecting my clothes from the floor.

Then I looked over at Rebacca. What a sight she was. She hadn’t moved an inch. Her eyes was closed and her face had that angelic blissful relaxed look that only comes post orgasm. And if not for the slow rise and fall of her chest in time to her breath, I would have suspected her dead. She had sperm crusted on her breasts and her stomach. Her sex was visibly sticky and sperm was leaking out of her abused sex.

I began to stir.

I pondered my options for a second. Get dressed, go home, take a shower and hang out with my friends. Or fuck this otherworldly sexual divination again. Easiest decision of my life.

I grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed in one swift motion. She weighed next to nothing. At least compared to the guys I was used to throwing around on the football field. I probably weighed more than her at age 11 – but in fairness I was a fat kid back then.

Her eyes flew open as I interrupted her post orgasm. For a second she looked like she didn’t know why I had pulled her. Then she saw my erection.


She asked incredulously.

I plunged right back in her, making her wince and snuggled my cock right up to her cervix.

“Ow! Easy. I’m getting a bit sore now.”

I bent down over her and kissed her deeply. She winced again at the friction my movement caused. Then I started to move just a fraction of an inch. In essence massaging her cervix gently.

She moaned in my mouth. I loved the sound of her smothered moans. I took them as a cue to start fucking her for real.

I teased her. And me. Drawing slowly all the way out, before plunging back in just as slowly. Alternating with the tiny thrusts massaging her cervix. I reached down and started to pet her clit, but she grasped my wrist.

“Please no. I’m so sensitive. I can’t take anymore.”

I relented and fondled her tits instead. She just lay there and took it. Her arms had fallen back to her side. Her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Her eyes were closed. Her mouth was slightly open letting small moans escape. I pushed them above her head and grabbed her wrists with one hand, while the other kept teasing her tits alternating between her two breasts.

I kept drawing out antagonizingly slow but thrust hard back in making her tits bounce. Still she was laying limp. My hand sought out her throat and closed on it. Not hard, just enough to make her work for her breaths. She opened her eyes and sought out mine. Keeping the pace I bent down next to her ear and whispered.

“You little slut.”

She gasped at the harsh word.”

“You love having me in you.”

I wasn’t asking, but still she moaned a yes in reply.

“You love feeling me fill you completely.”

Again moaning yes.

“You loved having me fuck your unprotected pussy.”

Again she moaned.

“You loved it when I sprayed my potent sperm straight into your uterus.”

“Oh, fuck yes!”

I squeezed her throat a little harder and bit her earlobe. Hard. She drew her breath in sharply.

“You love the risk. You love that I could knock you up right now and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.”

“Oh, yes! Please – would you just fuck me already!”

I complied. I started taking her for real. In the position we were in, it was not as much of a pounding as before. It was hard enough to make her tits bounce, her nipples scraping deliciously against my hairy chest, but it was like her pussy had stopped trying to fight me. She was excited, but it was all in her head. It was the risk she was taking. It was being in my power, having control taking away from her that got her hot. Physically she was spent. Her pussy was just taking it, not really responding with anything but lubrication. The realization made me even hornier.

I released her hands and propped myself up on one arm to watch her. She put her arms around me raised her head and kissed me deeply. My steady pace didn’t miss a beat even when she wrapped her legs around me.

I grabbed the back of her neck to prop her head up and keep kissing her, while gaining leverage to fuck her even deeper. Had we known each other better this would be called making love. It was such a fantastic feeling. It was like our bodies were trying to stimulate each other all over. It was like electricity shot through every nerve every fiber. Like the orgasms we had earlier had opened up our neural pathways and now we were transcending normal sex.

When I broke our kiss for a second to catch my breath, she said something I almost missed.

“Fill me up.”

I was taken aback. She was asking for it. She had consented to my suggestions earlier, but now she was actually asking for it.

“Say it again.”

I said breathlessly.

“Please. Fill me up. Cum in me.”


I ordered. Not sure I meant more words or simply more of all of her.

“Cum in me. Use me. Spray my fertile pussy with your sperm.”

She had definitely thrown her inhibitions to the wind.

Her words excited me beyond anything I had ever experienced. I kissed her again, ravishing her mouth, sucking on her little tongue.


She said with urgency.

“Please cum in me! Please! Oh, God, you’re working me! How are you hitting those spots?!? You’re doing it to me again!”

With that she tensed up and started shaking. I kissed her roughly smothering her, as she let loose a scream for the world to hear.

I wasn’t quite there yet, and as she came down, she went limp. I let her fall back on the bed. I grapped her hips for leverage and she just took it, laying limp. I don’t think it would have felt any differently fucking a passed out girl.

I started talking to her.

“I’m getting close.”

She didn’t seem to hear me.

“I’m going to cum in your tiny pussy again.”

No reply.

“I’ll knock you up, and you will have to carry my child.”

She didn’t move a muscle. I wasn’t sure she was even conscious.

“Your belly will grow huge.”

That did it for me. I started to swell in her and as I did, she clenched her pussy around me making it impossibly tight once more. I sprayed her cervix once more, though not as much this time. When I caught my breath I was lying on top of her, my nose nestled next to her ear.

After a while I regained my senses.

“I really gotta go now.”

She didn’t respond. I got up and pulled out. That kind of woke her. She rolled over on her stomach.

“God, I’m sore. I won’t be able to walk straight for a week.”

I laughed. Somehow that always bring a strange sense of pride to me.

I picked up my phone. It had been an hour since my friend called. Oops.

[Sorry! I’m on my way now. Calling a cab.]

I texted him. But then I looked at her. That tout little ass was raised ever so slightly off the bed from the way she was lying. Standing at the foot of the bed I could see her exposed battered sex. It was crusted with my cum. I stirred. Again.

This is unreal I thought. Again?

I threw my phone back on top of my pile of clothes and climbed back on top of her. When she felt my erection against her thigh she tensed up.

“Are you serious? I’m too sore.”

“Then I’ll just have to use that amazing little ass of yours.”

I poked the head of my dick at her sphincter.

“No! Please no! I don’t do that. And you are waaay to big for that anyway!”

“You’d be surprised at what you can take. But since you ask me nicely, I think I’ll take your pussy again.”

With that I pushed my cock in her. I was sore. She was raw. I could feel how the walls of her pussy were bruised and tender.


She cried out.

I lay still on top of her, half buried in her sex. Then I moved a bit. Then a bit more. She moaned in obvious discomfort. I drew back a bit and then forced myself in all the way. Her cum-crusted nether lips were dragging along my rod dryly and unpleasantly. I put a hand under her, using my fingers to part her lips as I drew back and plunged in again. Her pussy started to get wet in defense of the onslaught of my cock. This was bordering on rape.

My phone rang. We both ignored it.

I started teasing her clit very gently. She squirmed a bit trying to escape my fingers but I had her pinned with my weight. I started taking her. There was no other word for it. And she started moaning. I wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or in pain, but frankly I didn’t care. She was powerless to stop me.

I took her with at an almost lazy pace as my cock truly was sore. Apparently she did like my stimulation of her clit after all, because after a while she started to push back against me once again having my cock massage her cervix.

My phone rang again to no avail.

When she came shortly after it was a tiny orgasm. But enough for her to cry out with the unpleasantness of my continued stimulation of her clit.

“Don’t! No more! I can’t take anymore!”

I moved my hand to her beautiful red hair, grabbed a handful and twisted her head to the side. I bent down and kissed her in the somewhat awkward position and then I simply came. It wasn’t hard or fast. I just started cumming pretty much without any warning to me or her.

But she must have felt it, because she let out a sigh of pleasure and relief. Though I was sore I didn’t really get sensitive as I usually do after cumming. So I just kept up a lazy pace. It was as if I had ejaculated without a true orgasm. I sped up again realizing I could go on.

“Oh, God, no! No more!”

She tried bucking to get me off. I ignored her as her bucking only increased my stimulation. I was now completely ravishing her. This was now nothing more than a rape. A rape of someone who had been willing up until this point, but now she was not enjoying herself in the least. The thought raced through my mind. I was raping her pregnant. I started pounding into her hard and furiously. My phone rang again, but I hardly noticed.

“Please! Please stop! It hurts so much!”

There was something in her voice that made me slow down to an almost complete stop. I didn’t want to hurt her for real after all.


I kissed her neck and nuzzled her earlobe while still moving gently in her.

“Then lick my cock. Make me cum with your mouth.”


It was a flat out refusal.

“No? Well then…”

I said sadistically while thrusting hard in her again.

“Ow! No. I want your cum in me. Lay down on your side.”

Intrigued by her desire for me to cum in her pussy yet again, I rolled over without disengaging from her. She immediately started to use the muscles in her cunt to milk my cock. It was hot. It was like her body was begging mine for more cum.

My legs started to tense up and I swelled up in her anticipation of another orgasm. My increased size made her wince, but she kept at it none the less.

“Yes. Cum in me again. Fill me. Spray me.”

Her words did the trick. I came in a hard orgasm but I didn’t provide more than a drizzle of cum. My balls were simply emptied. Into her. Into her vulnerable body. I knew this line of thought wasn’t helping, but when I withdrew from her I had to bite my lip hard not to scream out. I was so sore, so spent.


She said when I withdrew.

“How did you just do that? That has got to be some kind of record!”

I smiled at her, rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply.

“I have never tried anything as hot as this before. You are so sexy, so picturesque beautiful. And this?”

I made a sweeping gesture with my hand, then put it between her legs and touched the stickiness there.

“This is the hottest I’ve ever done.”

We kissed a lot more. Just easy teasing kisses. She felt me stir a bit and looked at me with horror.

“No way! No more! I need to heal!”

We laughed together.

“Don’t worry I’m pretty sore myself. And I probably have to go.”

I got up and grabbed my phone. It had been three hours since my friend called first. He was the missed calls. There was a text too.

[Where are you?!? Are you ok?]

[Sorry! But my dick just wouldn’t quit! I’m getting in a cab for real this time.]

Two seconds later a reply ticked in.

[I’ll forgive you – if you give me all the details. Gotta live vicariously through you :)]

I looked at Rebacca. Had my dick not been so sore, I would have taken her again. Whether she wanted me to or not. I had to possess her. It was like the thirst of a man walking through the desert with no water. Like the hunger of the starving. I wanted to be in her and never withdraw.

I started dressing. When I had put my socks and pants on, she got out of bed and came up to me, caressing my chest and abs.

“Thank you. It was amazing.”

I kissed her my consent.

I put on my shirt not bothering to tug it in. Everyone to see me would know I was wearing my clothes from last night anyway. When I had opened the front door to the stairwell she came up to me and kissed me, not bothering to get dressed. She kissed me and the world around us disappeared. I grabbed her tout ass and fondled her breast. Vaguely I noticed footsteps passing us on the landing with a short pause in the rhythm of the steps.

When the door had closed behind whoever that was, she broke our kiss.

“Call me. And be sure to thank your thesis partner from me, when you see him.”

“Oh, I will! I’ll probably have to buy him a round of beer after this.”

She laughed a delectable little laugh and blew me a kiss.

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