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The Master’s Gift

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I was a bit confused when I arrived home from work to find the living room furniture shoved off to one side barring a single chair, and the futon mat spread in the room. A moment’s thought decided it must be movie night; we often laid the mat out to allow us to snuggle together while we indulged in a flick or two. The idea sounded divine as my day at work had been somewhat tedious and had felt overly long.

I removed my shoes, placed my purse on the side table and wandered into the kitchen to forage for something to eat plus any signs as to whether he had eaten yet or not. There were no signs of him at all, I came to realize, no dishes in the sink or resounding noises from elsewhere in the house. I took a quick glance in the other rooms, and then paused in our bedroom to change out of my uniform and into a loose sundress that tended to serve as my comfy clothes, all the while wondering where he had gotten off to. It was unlike him to not leave a message for me saying he was going out, simply so I would not worry over him while he was gone but perhaps he had just popped over to the store and would be back soon enough. I returned to the kitchen to place some meat from the freezer into the microwave to defrost and then moseyed into the living room to plop down on the chair, flicking the news on to the TV with the remote.

The click of the door before it swung open caught my attention, my head turning to glance at my master and another woman as they entered the kitchen. Both were talking animatedly as he closed the door, locked it and took the woman’s light coat from her to hang on the hooks near the door. He steered her by the elbow towards where I sat, only then noticing I was home and a bit curious looking as to who and what this woman was doing in our house as I had not met her before. His lips spread in a loving smile when his gaze settled on me fully, the rush that always tended to stampede through my personage was off and running as usual as I returned his smile and stood from my seat to greet them. I had taken a single step forward when he waved me back with an easy gesture, bringing the woman closer with him until he stood within arm’s reach. His arm extended to allow him to curl his fingers into my hair at the base of my skull using this grip much like a leash as he guided me back to sitting in the chair. He lowered his head to claim my mouth in his typical strong kiss, this action having always made me feel more like his then anything else.

“Hello, my pet, I have brought you a special treat tonight but if you expect to see it all then you must be a very good girl for me.”

I nodded my head in reply, too many words and questions floated on the tip of my tongue leaving me afraid to voice even the simple Yes, my Lord I knew I should be saying in case some of them slipped out with it. He must have seen them in my expression as he did not admonish me this time for not addressing him properly and knew me well enough that verbalization would create a waterfall of hesitant queries. He left us then, the woman standing silent next to me and me sitting confused in the chair. I glanced at her from the side of my eyes, not wanting to out right stare as she was quite a lovely woman.

She stood a tad shorter then me, I figured, perhaps around five and a half feet. Her stature was small, nearly petitely boned, though not exactly skinny at the same time. One would not be afraid she would break from touching her a bit roughly, still one trickling though came to mind as I viewed her … Bet she would scream nice. I nearly smacked myself in the forehead at that thought; apparently I had indeed been spending too much time looking at the women lately with my Master. The woman I was currently viewing had simple dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail, the ends bouncing around her shoulders as she glanced around her at our home. I strained a bit to see what was in her eyes … Such lovely crisp blue eyes … as she viewed our menagerie of medieval goblets, swords and sculptures that we had both collected over the last decade of our lives.

I was in the process of admiring her curves as she had turned to look at a sword mounted on the wall nearby, her ass definitely a lovely roundness begging to be touched and stroked. I jerked my gaze guiltily upwards as Master returned to the room, his bag of tricks in hand. I felt the moan slip from my lips before I could stop it, the whisperings and murmurings he had been feeding my ears over the last couple of weeks coming back to me then and ending my confusion as I watched him set the gear down. I knew why she was here now and I knew also why I was seated in this chair. I felt my cunt clench in anticipation, the warm trickle of fluid as it slipped from me to soak my flesh and I couldn’t help but look back to her wondering how much she knew and what she had agreed to. She had to have agreed to this, right?

My eyes must have been wide pools of disbelieving chocolate as I returned them to my Master, his self assured grin tugging at his lips as he gave me that mischievous look of his that always seemed to manage to make his eyes twinkle like an imp’s.

“Strip, pet, I wish to see My girl.”

His tone was soft and I found myself rising from the chair to do as he asked, sliding the sundress off my shoulders and letting it pool at my feet. I wore no underwear as was my Master’s preference and quickly snapped my bra off to let my breasts fall free, the nipples puckering slightly from being exposed. I squatted down to pick up my dress, folding it and my bra neatly to set it aside on a side table near my purse. I looked up at him then, perhaps for reassurance, his smile steady and warm as he watched me do his bidding. He gave a flick of his head toward the chair which had me sitting again on his command.

I sat up a bit straighter though as he pulled my cuffs and a couple of lengths of rope from the bag, strolling his way over to me to drop the rope in my lap and take up one of my wrists. He strapped the cuffs to my wrists first, then to each of my ankles, the spreader bar I had not seen him bring in was attached to my ankle cuffs and the rope soon reclaimed. He laced it through the d-ring on my left wrist, knotting it securely before looping it tightly around the back of the chair and pulling it through the ring on the right cuff. He tugged at them, drawing my hands to fall to either side of the chair and as far behind me as he could without it becoming uncomfortable. The rope was knotted again then brought back around to the front, draping the ends over my shoulders and left there as he took up the second length of rope from my lap. This was laced through the left ankle cuff’s ring, drawn under the chair and up through the other rope before being brought back down to meet the right ankle. It was then secured around one of my thighs near the knee, pulled back tautly around the back of the chair and tied around the opposite knee, hence ensuring I could not close my legs, my cunt left open in plain view for him and this woman.

I felt him place my collar around my neck last of all, a sigh slipping from me as its weight seemed to give me a sense of belonging, not only to him but just feeling right with my world. I could not wear my collar to work, so when I came home it was left to his discretion as to when I would be permitted to wear it again, I always felt naked with out, and in an odd way I felt I had displeased him if he did not place it on me soon after being in his presence again. The soft click of the lock closing settled my mind and the pair of ropes resting on my shoulder were lifted to be threaded through the ring on my collar. He pulled these tight enough to be a discomfort but not enough to cut off my breathing unless I tried to lift my head from its current position. He secured the last of the rope well out of my reach and soon came round front to view his girl. I had a clear view of what was before me, him, her, and the futon on the floor. I could not readily see my own body or the display it must have been at that point, just a subtle hint from the peripherals of my vision. The woman was openly staring at me, her lips quirking slightly as if she wasn’t sure to be amused or in awe … perhaps she was wet wanting to be where I was.

I failed to care much what she was thinking at all as my Master bent over me, his mouth brushing my neck then my ear and his hand coming down to stroke my cuntlips, a fingertip dipped teasingly into me. I tried to arch my back and press my tits against his chest just hovering scant inches from me, wanting so much to feel his heat against my skin and knowing full well I would not until he felt like it. He pushed his finger deeper into me, my lips parting to allow my moan of pleasure out and over his cheek.

“So wet, my pet, just like a slut should be.”

He turned and beckoned the other woman over, grabbing her by the base of her ponytail and pulling her to her knees before me. He took her hand, curling her fingers over to form a fist and pressed it to my cunt. I moaned at the pressure but couldn’t help jerking my hips a bit, as limited as my ability to move was, and with the pressure he placed on her hand, it slid forcibly into my soaking folds. I felt myself gush a bit more as he moved the woman’s hand within me, her small fingers tentatively flexing in experiment and pushing against the walls of my pussy. I gasped and tried in vain to lift my hips some, wanting to fuck her fist back in hopes I would find relief from it.

My eyes settled on my Master as he took his hands from the woman’s wrist to disrobe her. Her fist stopped for a moment inside me, but then want back to the steady in and out Master had showed her. Her body shivered visibly as he pulled her shorts and panties from her. He tossed them aside with little care, his hand stroking up between the woman’s thighs, tugging at her cunt lips and then pinching her clit until her mouth fell open on a gasp. She tried to pull away and he relented for the time being, resuming his attentions to removing her clothes, the blouse unbuttoned, baring pert breasts just over a handful to me and cupped within white lace. He slid the sleeve down one arm until it dangled at the wrist of the fist still pumping within me, altering in its passage by her twinges and lusts at being undressed. The bra was unhooked and eased from her breasts, the fullness of them bouncing down a bit to reveal lovely small upturned nipples already hardening as I watched. He grasped her wrist to ease it from me, my whimpers following immediately as she had only thus far teased me, leaving my cunt dripping and aching for more attention.

Her blouse and bra was pulled off and discarded then, his eyes settling on me as he turned the woman to face me, her weight braced to his chest as he slid his hands under each of her tits and lifted them high. His forefinger and thumb clamped down on those pert nipples, rolling them at first gently then with increased pressure until the woman writhed in his arms, moaning her want to us. He sank his fingers deeper into her flesh, kneading hard at her mounds as he continued to roll, pinch and tug her nipples, the woman, jerking and pulling occasionally at the more painful jolts he offered only to be soothed into compliance by the softer strokes.

I whimpered my need to him again, his smile my answer as I knew full well he would not welcome my words at the moment and that he was fully aware of how hot I was at that moment. I knew it was going to get worse though and so I tried my best to enjoy what he showed me, my body lurching and aching in its knowledge of how each touch he gave her felt. He bent his head to speak quietly to the woman, though I could still hear what he said, his hand rising to grip the woman’s chin and force her head around to look right at me.

“Do you see how My slut whimpers, how wet she is and how she craves to be where you are? Such a good girl she is, you had better hope you please me half as much as she does.”

He took the woman by the neck then, turning her quickly and forcing her to bend over at the waist directly in front of me, exposing her moistened cunt and ass to my view. I licked my lips and couldn’t help but stare at her, her cunthole obviously small and her ass clenched like a nervous virgin. I must have smirked then, his hand coming over the rounded crest of her ass cheek to stroke between her pussy lips moistening the tip before pressing it against her asshole. She jerked and moaned at the contact as he steadily watched me, his voice repeating my thought aloud to me.

“Yes, pet, her ass is virgin.”

I felt the rivulet of fluid escape my cunt and he chuckled as he firmly pushed his finger half way into her ass. His other hand was still locked around the back of her neck, a push forcing her to her hands and knees then turning her to face me.

“Open your eyes, girl and keep them on my pet, I want her to see you respond to me.”

Those orbs of cool blue opened to look at me, her face crinkled into a mix of pleasure and discomfort as he proceeded to slide his finger in and out of her ass, coaxing her to relax somewhat. Her lips parted as he introduced a second finger, penetrating her completely with both until he was shoving them hard and deep into her, then splaying them to stretch her ass apart. She looked tormented, as though she was unsure as to how to feel from the fucking, her eyes glazing over as her instinct took control and she made to jerk away from him. He gripped her tightly at the neck, the fingers pressing in enough to elicit a gasp of pain from her as he issued his warning in her ear.

“You were told what would happen and you willing agreed. You are my whore for today and you will do as I bid you.”

She feebly nodded to him and held still, his fingers resuming their movements, a little harsher now in their stretching of her ass. She closed her eyes then, probably to help her cope with the sensation and having to hold still to allow it. I couldn’t help myself as I opened my mouth to speak, a soft whisper of a voice coming from me with a cold glint to it as I ratted her out.

“She is disobeying you, Master; I can not see her eyes.”

He frowned then, and I snapped my mouth shut, unsure whether that displeasure across his face was from her or from me. Her eyes popped open though as she recalled she had been ordered to keep her eyes open and on me, knowing I was very correct in my words. He grasped her hair and forced her forward, shoving her face into my soaked cunt as he removed his fingers from her and gave her ass a firm smack. I felt the quiver from her echo through me as he reached into his bag and pulled out two items, the first being a roll of duct tape and the second his chain flogger. He placed the flogger down on her back; the cold links making her shiver and puff her warm breath out against my pussy. He unrolled and tore off two pieces of the tape, slapping them both over my mouth to ensure I could not open my lips again to speak. He had used this method when he had trained me, teaching me that the only thing he wished to hear from me was my moans, whimpers and whatever other sounds I could produce without using my lips. I was only ever to speak with permission or if it was an emergency. I’m not sure why, but this form of gagging me always made me feel like a scolded child, like I needed the enforced help to remind me of my lessons. The smack of his hand across my face also reminded me of my wrong in speaking out of turn, though he refrained in the second back hand as he stepped back, picking the flogger up off the woman.

He dangled it against her backside for a moment, then with the sway of his arm back and forward again, he proceeded to lash her with it, the chain links sounding harsh against her flesh. I could already see the welts rising along the curve of her ass, each blow bringing another one to the surface. I then noticed the woman was snuffling against my cunt, gasping and near tears from the beating her ass was getting. He stopped just as she cried out, his hand pressing to her back between her shoulder blades in reminder for her not to rise or move.

“Lift your head, girl and show my pet.”

She complied, her head rising to display her stricken face, the cold blue eyes brimming with unshed tears. I felt lust pour through me at that sight, knowing how much that chain flogger hurt and the burn it left in its wake. He had her turn then, allowing me to see the welts and redness of her ass, and made her kiss the flogger while giving him thanks for the punishment. Once done, he turned them to face their sides to me then had her kneel back on her heels, and open her mouth to him, his cock’s tip sliding over each of her lips leaving a sheen on them of his pre-cum before shoving it into her mouth. He let her suck him as she liked for a few moments, his hands curling benignly into her hair as she licked his length and suckled his cock hard. He was a big man when hard, the woman’s eyes widening as he seemed to just keep getting longer from her attentions. He eventually felt her gag and balk, making to pull away from him.

My attention was riveted on them as he cruelly grabbed her head and held her still, his cock being shoved mercilessly into her throat and held there. She choked numerous times, and then as she tried to draw breath she realized she couldn’t around his cock, not even through her nose, he blocked her throat utterly. She panicked then, placing her hands on his thighs and shoving against him, not that it did much good, he held her tightly and waited until she gave in a moment later, the tears running freely from her eyes to stain her cheeks. He eased his cock from her throat then, let her gasp in a couple of breaths before proceeding to face fuck her, alternating between shallow thrusts that filled her mouth to forcing her to deep throat him. She choked and gagged and cried through the use, but although her hands remained on his thighs she did not try to push him away again. She cried beautifully. Each tear sending a thrill through me as I watched him use her mouth like that, with little apparent care for what the woman thought or whether she wanted his cock penetrating her like that.

I could see he was loathe to leave her mouth as he drew his cock from her lips and shoved her away by the hair, the woman falling backwards to huddle momentarily on the ground on her side in the fetal position as if trying to find her balance again. I could see it in his face he wasn’t going to allow that, the hint of darkness had crept into the swirling blue murk of his eyes and he leaned down to roll her onto her back, his feet kicking her legs wide and exposing her bare pussy to us both. He secured a crop this time, the wide flat tip coming to slap down on her clit hard and in swift repetition, then ventured lower over her cuntlips until she was red and hot from it, the smacks turning to wet slaps in my ears. She twitched and moaned; her body jerking involuntarily as it grew more sensitive to the bludgeoning stroked of the crop on her. She arched her back and drew in a sharp breath, the crop finding one last crack to her clit before he stopped and knelt down between her legs. She barely had raised her head when he drove his cock hard and fast into her cunt, her body instantly soaking itself from the pressure it put in her slender pussy, the woman obviously not used to having her cunt stretched so much. She gasped and moaned loudly as he fucked her, slamming his cock in relentlessly until she wept with the pleasure of it, her lips trembling as she begged him to allow her release. I watched him through this, watched as the strain to withhold his own pleasure cross over his face as he nodded his consent to her.

“Cum, whore; show me how much you want me in your ass.”

I tried to smile at that, the expression only affecting my eyes as my mouth was firmly held in place by the tape. I dropped my gaze as she lurched up a bit and came, her eyes rolling back in her head as she gushed her gratitude out over my Master’s cock. His hand gripped her neck tightly as he thrust her back down on the floor, holding her there, while he stroked her clit to ensure she had a good long cum, his cock still moving steadily but slowly within her pussy. He withdrew his cock as he felt her contractions subside, his toy bag consulted again and soon he was back between her legs. He rolled her onto her stomach, her hands being drawn behind her back and bound in place there by the rope he had brought, her mouth stretched wide and filled with the ball gag and her cunt lips clamped together with a pair of wide clips. He idly flicked those clamps as he gazed up towards me, a laughing smile flickering over his face as he observed my wantonly stunned expression, my heaving breasts and my drenched pussy. He must have liked what he saw as he then paid me no more mind, his hands going to the woman once more.

He parted her ass cheeks, a few drops of lube added to her ass and rubbed in, his fingers dipping into her hole to ensure she was lubed enough to accept him. He spread his fingers out while in her, stretching her as much as he could and getting her muscles used to the contact. He was being awfully considerate, however I couldn’t figure it would matter much once he had the tip of his cock in her and was driving all nine inches of it into her virgin hole. I couldn’t wait to see that.

He was taking his time, stroking her ass and his cock, watching me, noting the eager anticipation in my eyes and probably having a good laugh at me for it.

“Such a slut you are, my pet, and no patience at all.”

He rose up then, pressing his cock to the woman’s ass, her body tightening instinctively, he felt it and murmured assurances to her. She relaxed and he slid the tip of his cock into her. She gasped, immediately squirming beneath him as it is might help stop him, but gagged and bound, her attempts were futile and she had little choice but to accept her place beneath him. He held still and allowed her to adjust to him, then without any warning he leaned into her, his cock sliding through her lubed asshole to bury his full length in her.

She screamed … my, how she screamed … But it was like music to my ears, and his as well, I could see the satisfaction on his face.

He rode her hard then, giving no mercy to her no matter how she bucked, screeched through the gag or cried. He used her ass as he liked, in the way that pleased him most, and I knew how hard that could be. This was not for her pleasure but for his own enjoyment and I stared transfixed at the display of raw sexual energy that arched and leapt between the two. It was almost like watching a pair of animals mate, the male forcing his desire on the female and claiming her utterly as his own. All he needed was to sink his teeth into the back of her neck to complete the image.

He slammed his cock deep into her, her head jerking up at the force and then as she laid it back down with a quivering sob racking her body, he leaned forward. His teeth grabbed her flesh, tugging it and pinching it hard enough I was sure he’d make her bleed. Her cries became more desperate, her struggles more heartfelt and still he used her ass brutally, holding her down with his weight and his teeth embedded in the tender flesh of her neck. His arm snaked around her throat, and he drew her head back as far as he could, his lips caressing over the bruised skin he had bitten as he applied pressure to her throat. She choked, coughed and still he held her, her cries turning to helpless mewls as he drove his cock deep and hard into her one last time, his cum shooting hard into her ass. He shivered his release, his lips turning soft on her neck, over her ear as he let her head down to rest on the ground, his hands smoothing over her hair and along her back in gentle soothing strokes.

He left her body then, rising to move out of the room, leaving me to stare at the woman writhing and moaning on the floor before me. When he returned, cleaned and refreshed some minutes later, he unbound the woman and rolled her onto her back, giving her a soft pleased smile. His fingers combed through her dark hair, caressed her cheek as the two spoke for some time. Then they both looked to me. I couldn’t help the shiver that ran through me as the woman crawled towards me, her face soon buried in my pussy once more. The stroke of her tongue along my slit, separating my cuntlips and delving into my hole brought a myriad of moans to come from behind the tape covering my mouth. She suckled at my clit, flicking her tongue over it repeatedly heightening the burning ache in my body to a fever pitch. It did not take much coaxing to have me looking pleadingly at my Master, unable to ask verbally I had to wait for him to notice the begging look I was sending him. He had noticed and he sat there silent for what felt like an eternity to me.

“Yes pet, cum for your Master, so I may see how much you enjoyed My gift to you.”

I didn’t make it past the cum-for-your part before my cunt contracted flooding the woman’s waiting mouth with my juices, her eyes widening a bit at the amount I tended to gush and she struggled to lap it all up into her mouth. Her tongue cleaned my pussy as he instructed her to, my Master having risen to unbind me while she did. He lifted me from the chair to my feet, taking the seat for himself as he then pulled me on to his lap, cuddling me against his chest. The woman sat at his feet, her head on my thigh, my fingers entwining in her hair as we all simply relaxed in the aftermath of such a session. A few minutes passed, and a soft wanton voice broke the silence …


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