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He was sitting at his desk, exhausted from another long day at work. Tie loosened, his jacket thrown over the back of the chair, he looked as if he was ready to head home at any moment. And he was. Until his boss dropped another stack of files to go through. As if he didn’t have enough to deal with already.

He was working well into the evening, when there was a knock at the door. Finding this strange, he called out for the person to enter.

He hadn’t expected her to walk into his office that evening, but he knew exactly what she was there for. Her eyes said it all. They always did.

She stopped part way into the office.
“You’re not too busy, are you?” she asked.

“I’m never too busy for you,” he replied with a smile.

Keeping her eyes on his, she stepped the rest of the way into his office, and shut the door. He heard the click of the lock as it engaged in the door.

“Looks like it’s you and I tonight,” she said, running her hand through her hair.

“Yes, it is,” he said softly, while watching her every move. He was always amazed at how sexy she was. She looked particularly sexy tonight, with her white buttoned shirt, undone far too much for the work hours; her short skirt, that would show her ass if she bent forward even slightly; and those high heels that added just that little bit of height, and made him stare at her legs that much longer.

He was looking pretty damn good too, she thought. He was exceptionally sexy in his suit, but with his tie loose like that, shirt undone just a bit, she knew she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. She was already imagining him with nothing on. And what she’d being doing to him once he had nothing on.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, misinterpreting her stare.

“Nothing,” she said, with a sexy smile. “I’m just thinking about what I’m about to do to you.”

“Come on over here and tell me all about it,” he said, already undoing his tie the rest of the way.

That was the only invitation she needed. She walked toward his desk, and then around it. Once she reached him, she leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, her hand running over his face, and down to the buttons of his shirt.

As she was undoing his shirt, he put his hands on her waist and guided her onto his lap, kissing her back, savouring each gentle touch as she pulled his shirt back.

Pulling it off his shoulders, she got up off his lap, and slowly walked behind him, tying his hands with his own shirt. Taking the tie from where he tossed it onto the desk, she slowly tied it around his eyes, whispering into his ear, “if you’re good, I’ll do anything you want tonight.” He moaned softly as she moved away from him, and he wondered where she went.

She sat upon his desk for a moment, just staring at him and smiling. “This is going to be fun,” she thought. She got up from his desk, and knelt down in front of him, holding the arms of the chairs for support.

“Are you in front of me right now?” he asked, his voice filled with longing.

“Maybe,” she answered, in her true antagonistic fashion. He couldn’t help but smile at her, expecting that answer from her.

With that, she moved her hands to his pants, quickly undoing them, but not taking them off yet. She wanted to prolong teasing him for as long as she could. Through his pants, she slowly and gently began to touch and rub his cock. He pushed his hips up slightly, wanting her to rub a little harder. But she pulled back, and said teasingly, “you can’t do that. That’s not following the rules,” knowing she would give into his desires the moment he behaved.

“Okay,” he said, “I’ll stop.”

She then slid her hands a little higher, to the waist of his pants, and told him to lift himself up slightly. She pulled his pants down to his ankles, and then off completely, and in doing so, left his cock free for her to tease and touch.

He felt the cool air of the office on his cock, and moaned in relief. He was dying for her to touch him again, even in the slightest, to relieve some of his aching desires. But he also knew how much she loved to tease him, and with the tie around his eyes, he had no way of knowing what she would do next.

He felt her nails move down his legs ever so slowly, making him breathe a little harder.

She watched his mouth as his breath escaped, and then his hips as he pressed toward her, his cock now wet with the lust he felt. She too felt herself becoming more and more aroused, and knew she could hold back no longer. Kneeling in front of him once again, she slipped her mouth around his cock, taking in as much as she could.

He gasped as her mouth surrounded him, trying not to push himself all the way down her throat. Gently, she moved her mouth up and down, not wanting to drive him to the edge just yet. Lifting her mouth from his cock, she used her tongue to tease his head, licking and kissing every part. His cock was getting more and more wet, and she loved the taste of him.
She kissed all the way down his shaft, and back up again, sliding his cock into her mouth again, sucking a little faster this time, wanting to get him as worked up as she could. The feeling of his cock on her tongue was turning her on so much that she had to start touching herself, alternating between gently teasing and rubbing her clit and sliding her finger into her wet pussy.

Once her finger was covered in her own wetness, she whispered for him to open his legs a little more, guiding one of them over the arm rest. He did as she asked; hoping he knew what was going to happen next.

Taking her finger from her wet pussy, she began to tease his ass with it, rubbing around his hole and pushing her finger in slightly. He moaned in appreciation, moving his hips forward more, so she would slide her finger up a little further.

Suddenly, her mouth was gone from his cock, and he felt slightly disappointed. He loved having his cock sucked, and he wondered what she would do next. He gasped in surprise as her tongue began circling his hole, and her hand rubbed his rock hard cock. He couldn’t believe how hard he was, and he knew he was getting closer to cumming. Feeling that it was only fair to warn her, he told her how close he was. Her only response was to lick a little harder, and slide her hand up and down his shaft a little faster.

Knowing how close he was drove her crazy and she started rubbing her pussy with her other hand a little faster, making sure her fingers were wet for what was to happen next.

Moaning loudly, and thrusting his hips upward, he whispered, “I’m so close. Oh yes…..”

Taking her tongue from his hole, she slipped her now wet finger into his ass, making him moan louder and thrust harder. She then slid his cock back into her mouth, and sucked his cock and fucked his ass with her finger in the same rhythm, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

Overcome with lust, he came in her mouth. Tasting his cum in her mouth, she sucked harder, fucked his ass a little faster, urging him to give her his all. She sucked his cock until she felt him relax, and slipped her finger out of his ass.

Once he had finished cumming, he was still rock hard. Excited for what would happen next, she kissed his mouth as she undid the tie around his eyes, and then untied his hands.

Standing up, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto the desk, spreading her legs wide. He leaned forward to kiss her, her skirt lifting, his cock teasing her wet pussy. She moaned into his mouth, trying to grab at his cock, but his body over hers wouldn’t allow it. He ripped her shirt open, and kissed down her body, until he reached her pussy.

Grabbing the chair, he sat back down, and slid his tongue deep inside her. Her hands immediately went to the back of his head, pulling him in deeper. He responded by licking faster, and she pushed her pussy into his mouth, moaning his name.

He took his tongue from her pussy and began licking her clit with the tip of his tongue, teasing her. He slid his finger into her dripping wet pussy, fucking her slowly. She began moving her hips so he would fuck her faster, but he kept at the same speed, still teasing her with the tip of his tongue, and slowly fucking her pussy with his finger.

He added another finger to her pussy, making her moan louder, and started licking her clit a little harder, knowing the effect he was having on her. She started to fuck his face, drawing his tongue in so he would lick her faster.

Taking his fingers out of her pussy, he began teasing her ass the way she had done to him, very gently. She was so excited, and he knew he could make her cum at any moment. All he had to do was slide his finger into her ass, and she would cum all over his face.

Taking her juices, he spread them around her hole and rubbed gently. He took his tongue from her clit, only for a moment, to taste her ass and her pussy together. Her hips lifted as he licked her, wanting his tongue pushed up further.

Instead, he took his wet finger and slid it deep into her ass and started licking her clit as fast as he could. Holding the back of his head, she rode his tongue, and came harder than she ever had before, her ass tightening around his finger, her pussy suddenly flooded with her cum. He took his tongue from her clit and pushed it deep into her pussy, tasting what he had done to her.

He backed away from her slowly, taking his finger from her ass, his tongue from her pussy, and as she stood before him, she removed the rest of her clothes, so that they were both naked. Looking at her, he knew she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and when she looked at him, she knew she wanted no other.

She straddled his lap again, taking his cock and teasing herself with it. Knowing that neither of them could stand it anymore, she let him take over. He slipped his cock inside of her pussy, both of them sighing in relief as they became one again.

She rode his cock slowly at first, wanting to feel every inch of him take her. He kissed her all over: her face, her neck, her shoulders, anywhere his mouth could reach. Her hands were on the back of his head, holding on as she felt another orgasm building inside of her.

He slid his hand down to her wet clit, and began playing with her again, feeling her getting more and more excited, starting to ride him harder and harder.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, please,” she moaned.

Suddenly, he took his hand away from her, and stopped moving. She looked at him, confused, and he asked her to get up. She played along, wondering what he was doing. Taking her hand, he guided her down to the floor, and had her lay back.

“You wanted me to fuck you, didn’t you?” he whispered in her ear, and she knew what he was going to do to her. He laid his body on top of hers, and slid his aching cock inside of her pussy again. She moaned in his ear, then gently biting his neck and ear, running her hands up and down his back, while he started to fuck her harder and faster.

Suddenly, he felt her breath on his ear as she whispered, “I want your fingers in my ass. And then I want your cock in there.” He stopped, and looked at her, wanting to make sure she was ready for letting him go there. When he saw there was no hesitation in her eyes, his cock became even harder, which he didn’t think was even possible.

“I’m going to do everything you want me to, my love,” he whispered back. She moaned in his ear, her lust making her want him even more. She began playing with her clit, picking up where he left off, while he joined in, getting his fingers wet to tease her ass again.

Ever so slowly, he pushed one finger inside, and hearing her moans of ecstasy, he pulled back, and pushed in again, loving the feeling of her ass gripping his finger. He pulled back once more, and added a second finger, feeling her pussy become wetter. He felt as if he’d gone to heaven, and knew what was next would only be better.

Reaching into the drawer beside them, she grabbed out the lube she had hid there the previous evening.

“You’re prepared, aren’t you?” he said with a laugh, excited that she had been thinking about this all of last night.

“Of course I am. I want you to fuck my ass hard and deep, and I want you to be able to do it as if you’re fucking my wet pussy.”

Smiling at her, he slowly pulled his fingers from her ass, and his cock from her pussy. He kissed her on the lips once more, and she got up on her hands and knees, her ass in front of him for the taking. Not wanting to rush this moment, he kissed her lower back, down her cheeks, and slipped his tongue into her pussy, getting it wet with her juices. From there, he ran his tongue up to her hole, circling and sliding it in and out, making her push her ass back onto his tongue. He felt her hand slide up onto her pussy, and she played with herself while he fucked her ass with his tongue.

Picking up the lube, he rubbed some onto her ass, and his fingers, and began finger fucking her ass again.

“Does that feel okay?” he asked, concerned he might hurt her.

“That feels amazing. That’s what I want it to feel like when you slide your hard cock inside of me.”

He pulled his fingers back, adding a little more lube to her ass; he also covered his cock in it. Kneeling behind her, he asked if she was ready. She looked back, smiled and nodded at him, obviously excited for what was about to happen.

Slowly, he began pushing his cock into her tight ass. He got his head into her ass, and she was moaning louder he had ever heard her moan before. Her fingers were playing with her clit as he stopped for a moment. Adding a little more lube, he let her start pushing her ass back on to his cock. Taking his time, he was finally able to get the entire length of his cock inside of her.

He had never felt anything like this before; it was beyond amazing. Slowly pulling back, he slid two fingers inside her dripping pussy, making her moan his name.

“Oh my God, you better put your cock back in my ass, I’m going to cum all over you,” she said, breathlessly, playing with herself faster.

Adding a little more lube, so he could fuck her the way she wanted it, he began sliding his cock in and out a little faster, hearing her moaning getting louder. Her fingers had never moved so fast across her clit, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer either.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, cum with me?” he said, sliding in and out of her ass, harder and faster.

“Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my ass; cum deep inside me.” She began fucking him back, knowing she was going to cum at any moment.

He fucked her ass as she cried out, screaming his name as she came, harder than she ever had, harder than she did when his tongue was all over her moments before.

As she came, he felt her ass tighten up around his cock, and it was just too much. He began to cum with her, filling her ass, holding onto her hips so he wouldn’t collapse on top of her.

Slowly, they both relaxed from the intensity they had both just experienced. He gently pulled out of her, wanting to thank her for everything that had happened that evening.

As he lay down next to her, she leaned over and kissed him, and said, “thank you, my love. That was the most incredible feeling. I love you so much. Can we do that again?” Her eyes were all he needed to see to know how happy he had made her.

“Of course we can. And you read my mind. Thank you for everything. I love you too.”

So, can we do that?

I love you.

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