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Finding a Daddy at College

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It was the first day of class and Chris was feeling very self conscious. The professor went around the room having everyone introduce themselves. At 39, Chris listened to student after student saying their name, and that they had just gotten out of high school. When it was his turn, Chris stood up, turned to the class and said, “Hi, I’m Chris, and I did not just get out of high school.”

After that first introduction, it became a competition between the ‘kids’, which was most of the students in his classes, and ‘the older generation’ which was Chris. With his easy smile and sense of humor, he soon won over almost everyone.

It quickly became apparent, to the rest of the younger students, that Chris was serious about getting his degree. He learned quickly, studied hard, and was soon being asked for help on the homework. The girls were attracted to him because he treated them like they were more than a piece of ass.

He was sitting and eating, and had been staring at a girl in the cafeteria. Actually, he had been daydreaming and just happened to be staring at her. A very large guy sat down next to him, “Why are you staring at my girlfriend, old man?”

Chris snapped out of his daydream, and realized what he had been doing. He saw the girl and started laughing, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking at her, just daydreaming. Besides, you don’t have anything to worry about, if she and I had sex, I’d never live through it.”

The guy laughed, “Well you might not have been looking at her, but she was looking at you. Almost every time I see you, there are all kinds of pretty girls hanging around you. How do you do it?”

“Well, it’s because I’m safe. They can relax around me, because they know I’m not going to hit on them.”

The next day Chris came up to Alexis, “Hey, can I borrow you?”

Alexis was an absolute fox. Her hair was a mass of black curls and it trailed down her back. It only served to make her gray eyes sparkle by contrast. She had hopes to be a television news anchor and was working very hard to make it with her brain and talent, not just her looks. “What are you talking about?”

He saw her expression and chuckled, “My ex is coming over at lunch to get her check from me, and I was wondering if you would…ah…kind of…ah… just be there and pretend to know me?”

Her smile was breathtaking, “I would love to.”

When his ex showed up, she was with their daughter, and her current boyfriend. His ex had thought to rub his nose in it, but to her surprise, Alexis had showed up, and to Chris’s surprise, Alexis had brought along her girlfriend Lacy. Lacy was a 20 year old, tall blue-eyed blonde of mixed Japanese/Caucasian heritage and was just as beautiful as Alexis, but had a touch of the exotic and both girls were hanging all over him.

A little girl waved to him from the back seat, “Hi, daddy, I love you.”

His ex-wife was in the driver’s seat, Chris leaned in from the passenger side to give her the check, “I love you too, baby.” Her current boyfriend, who was in the passenger seat, reached for the check, and Chris pulled it away. “I need to give the check to her, not you.”

The guy gave Chris a dirty look, “I can come out and just take it.”

Chris looked at the girls hanging on him, “Would you two move over there for a minute, please,” and he pointed. When they moved, he looked at his ex, “Is it impossible for you to get a boyfriend with a brain?”

The guy got pissed and reached for the check, “Give me that damn check.”

Chris grabbed the guys arm, yanked it outside of the car and bent it back. The boyfriend started to groan with the pain; Chris put his finger to his own mouth and whispered, “Shh.” He then calmly handed the check to his ex. Chris waved to his daughter, “I miss you baby.”

His daughter smiled and waved back, “I miss you too daddy.”

Chris nodded to his ex, “Roll down the window so I can give Shelly a kiss,” the window stayed up. Chris added, “Please,” and the window came down. He switched hands holding the boyfriend and Chris got his kiss from his daughter, a hug too.

He rose back up and whispered to the boyfriend, “You cuss around my daughter again, and I will beat you to death with your own arm,” and he yanked the guys arm. “Have a nice day,” and released the boyfriends arm. Everyone had heard what he had said, except the little girl.

Alexis and her girlfriend came over and the girls hung on him again, but kept an eye on the boyfriend in case he got out of the car. The little girl waved at her daddy, as they drove away. Chris smiled at Alexis and Lacy, “Thank you; I’m sorry you had to see that.”

Alexis reached up to his face and her finger captured a tear. “I never knew my father; I’d like to think that he would have loved me as much as you love your daughter.”

The episode with his ex was all over the college in a matter of hours. The next morning, Chris could feel their stares on his back on his way to class. He decided to act as if nothing had happened and that everything was completely normal. In his class there were five girls that always hung out together as a group and as Chris came into the cafeteria carrying a box they waved and asked him to come over and sit with them.

He sat down; wearing a huge smile, “I love to watch the guy’s faces when I hang out with you all. They can’t get over the fact that some old guy is with you, and they’re not.”

One of the girls, Ashley, responded, “That’s because they’re jealous. They think with what’s between their legs instead of their brain, and assume you’re having sex with all of us.” Ashley was a nice looking girl, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. Her smile was her best feature because it lit up her whole face. “And don’t call yourself old.”

“Sex with all of you, yeah right,” Chris started to laugh, “If I had sex with even one of you young ladies, I doubt I would survive it.”

Ashley smiled, “We’d be gentle,” leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Zoë was on the other side of him, “Look at him blush!” Zoë was a red haired, pale green eyed ball of energy. She was only 5’0″, but she was a force of nature. She planted a kiss on his other cheek. All of the girls giggled at his embarrassment.

The two girls finally stopped, and Chris looked around, “I wonder what they’re thinking now?” Everyone cracked up.

Alexis was curious, “What’s in the box?”

“The answer to that is, Saturday night.” He saw that the girls didn’t understand, “Isn’t there a dance this Saturday?”

Ashley answered, “Sure, it’s a Father/Daughter dance, and we’re all going, except Ali.”

Chris was puzzled, “Ali?”

Alexis, shrugged, “It’s a nickname.”

Chris already knew the answer when he looked at her, but he asked anyway, “How come you aren’t going?”

Alexis was so pretty that even a frown looked good on her, like it did now, “I would end up feeling like a fifth wheel.”

Chris got up and moved to stand beside her, “I thought as much,” and handed the box to her. All of the girls wanted to know what was in it, and were urging her to open it.

Alexis opened the box and there was a wrist corsage. She just looked, repeatedly, from Chris to the flowers. Chris took the corsage out of the box, took her hand, and placed the flowers on her wrist, “I would be honored to take you to this dance.”

With tears streaming down her face, and all of the girls cheering, she stood up and hugged him. Chris whispered in her ear, “That is, if you wouldn’t mind being seen with me, and your boyfriend is all right with it.”

She kissed him full on the lips, “I would never be embarrassed to be seen with you.” Looking into his eyes, Alexis was pleased to see that she had caught him off guard with her kiss, “I don’t have a boyfriend, but even if I did, it would be my decision, not his.”

Zoë asked, “How come you’re doing this? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet and all, but why?”

They had both sat back down; Chris looked over at Alexis, “Because every young woman deserves to feel like Daddy’s girl.” Alexis just cried some more, the rest of the girls decided to call their own dad’s and tell them how much they loved them.

Saturday came and Chris had arranged to meet Alexis at the freshman dorm. He showed up early, even though to Alexis, it seemed to take forever. She was a little curious if he would like the way she looked, all dressed up. She paused at the top of the steps, he had a tux on! Alexis felt a moment of shame. She had been around Chris for quite a while and hadn’t realized how good looking he was, or maybe he just looked good dressed up, anyway, she felt she should have noticed.

Chris saw her walk down the steps to where he waited. His mouth dropped down and he just stared. “Wow!”

“Do you like?” She gave a little twirl.

“Like is not the word I would use, love comes to mind.”

She handed the corsage to him, “Ah, for tonight, would you mind…I mean…”

Chris put his finger to her lips, “Would Daddy’s little girl like me to put the corsage on her?”

Her nervous reply was very soft, “Yes, Daddy.” She had wanted to say that word to someone her whole life.

He placed the flowers on her wrist, and kissed her hand. He liked the red color that colored her cheeks when she blushed. They walked out to his car, arm in arm, and he opened the door for her.

She was a little embarrassed; no one had ever done this kind of stuff to her. As they started off, she smiled at him, “Thank you for asking me Daddy.”

“Daddy’s little girl has made me very happy,” he saw her get a huge smile that stretched from ear to ear.

Chris and Alexis got to the dance, he helped her out of the car, and they walked, arm in arm, to find the table where her girlfriends and their fathers sat. Alexis watched her friend’s faces as her Daddy held out her chair for her to sit.

Chris looked around the table, “I’m not sure that sitting here is a good idea for us.”

Their friends all chorused, “Why?”

“You are all positively breathtaking, I’m not sure I can be with so many lovely young ladies and survive the night.” Everyone laughed, even the girl’s fathers. After that, everyone chatted with him like they had known him all their lives.

The band soon started up and everyone at the table watched as Chris got up and gently took Alexis’ hand, “Would you like to dance?”

She was on her feet even before her “Yes” could be heard. Her girlfriends all laughed at her hurry.

Chris stared at her hair, “I didn’t notice you put a flower in your hair. Why on earth would you do that?”

The sudden question made Alexis very self conscious, “What do you mean?”

“That flower must be depressed because you put it to shame as you are much lovelier. Any man would be proud just to be near you.” She melted, and all of the girls that had heard what he had said made soft “Awe” sounds.

The two of them were quite the sight on the dance floor and almost everyone was watching them. Chris whispered into Alexis’ ear, “Almost everyone is staring at us, Alexis, are you sure you’re all right with this?”

They were dancing quite close and Alexis felt like she was walking on air. She hugged him and put her arms around his neck to pull him closer, “I don’t care, let them look, the other girls are just jealous of me and my Daddy. Why don’t you call me Ali?”

He kissed her cheek and said, “I feel like your Daddy, and your name is too pretty not to use it, Alexis.”

Alexis laid her head on his shoulder. His kiss had been soft and it lasted only a few seconds, but she felt a tingle going through her entire body.

They finished the dance and walked back to the table, again arm in arm. As Alexis sat down Chris kissed her hand and she felt butterflies in her stomach.

Alexis’s friend, Lacy, asked, “I know my timing stinks for this, but I have to know, why did you and your ex break up?” The entire table went silent to hear what he said.

They saw Chris stiffen but after a few seconds, he softly exhaled, “Well, I loved my wife very much. When we dated, she said and did things that made me feel like she loved me. Then somewhere along the line, she decided that she wanted something else.”

Lacy scrunched up her face, “I don’t understand.”

The memory still hurt, and as Chris recalled it he got an aching look on his face, “Let’s just say that there isn’t room in my life for a wife with a boyfriend, and leave it at that.”

Everyone around the table sucked in their breath in shock. Ashley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Oh my God, you’re ex is an idiot.”

Alexis felt her heart aching for him. Her own eyes teared up when she saw a tear make its way down his face.

Zoë whispered in her ear and Alexis smiled, “Of course not.” Zoë popped up, grabbed Chris’s hand and they headed for the dance floor.

They glided across the floor, lost in the music; she whispered to him, “I’m sorry for what happened?”

“I appreciate that, but why should you be sorry?”

“You don’t treat your husband that way. If you want out, you get out, and then you get a boyfriend,” she said as they finished the dance. He took her back to her seat and kissed her hand as she sat down, she flushed at this as a grin spread from ear to ear on her face.

Alexis laughed at him, “I’ve finally found out why the others are staring at you. I watched you and Zoë on the dance floor, and I realized it’s because you really dance. Most everyone else is just moving to the music but you actually know how to dance.”

He smiled and turned to Lacy, “Do you want to dance?”

He escorted Lacy to the dance floor and everyone agreed on the fact that they looked nice together. But Lacy felt uncomfortable with him and when he asked, she said “I’m sorry this is so awkward, I’m just so tall.”

“I’m enjoying myself just dancing with you and I hope that you will enjoy yourself as well.”

“Thank you for that, and thank you for looking at my eyes, not at my breasts. I get kind of tired of that.”

He smiled, which produced one on her face as well, he then said “I haven’t earned the right to look there.”

“Wow,” Lacy didn’t know what to think or to say to such a thing.

“Plus, I enjoy your eyes, there dazzling to gaze into. A man could get lost in those eyes.”

Lacy didn’t say anything out loud, but thought to herself, “My mom and dad would freak if I told them I had a crush on you.”

Chris laughed, and it was infectious. Lacy was soon laughing and totally enjoying herself.

Chris danced with all of the girls at the table, and the rest of the dads did the same. Everyone had a really good time.

Alexis insisted that the last dance with Chris was hers. She held her Daddy very tight as they moved. She gave a heavy sigh, “I wish this wouldn’t end, I’ve enjoyed this, so much.”

“I really do feel like I’m your Daddy, and anytime you need me, I’d like to be there for you.”

She gave him a half smile, “All of my girlfriends really like you. You get beyond what we look like; we don’t get a lot of that.”

He gave her another kiss. He meant to kiss her cheek, but she moved to say something, and his lips touched hers. “I’m very happy that you have allowed me to do this for you, thank you.”

Alexis put her head on him and finished the dance with tears in her eyes, tears of joy. Alexis was used to having guys like her, and being nice to her, because of how she looked. She had never met anyone like Chris. He was nice to her because he was nice to everyone. This evening was a perfect example of that, he had no reason to give her this night, and all he expected in return was a thank you.

The dance was soon over and everyone said their goodbyes. Hanging on his arm, Alexis walked with Chris to his car. She waited until he got in and slid over next to him. Her arms went around him and she kissed him on the lips, “Thank you, Daddy.”

As he started to drive, Chris felt her snuggle up next to him. He put his arm around her, “Did Daddy’s little girl have fun tonight?”

She didn’t answer at first, and then softly said, “Yes Daddy.” Slowly her hand moved to his leg and lay there.

Chris swallowed hard, but didn’t say anything. He felt her delicate fingers brushing against the front of his pants.

Alexis watched her hand playing; very slowly and she heard his breathing change. Her Daddy had been hurt very badly. “How long has it been, Daddy?”

Chris felt compassion, not passion, in her touch, “It has been a long time…but…ah…”

Alexis breathed a kiss on his neck, “You need me Daddy, let me help the pain go away.”

Chris exhaled very slowly, he turned and his lips found hers, “I hope you’re not disappointed.”

Choking back a sob; her heart ached as she wondered how deep his pain ran. Alexis pushed away from him, “Daddy, I need to get some clothes to change into, and then I want to go to your house.”

The rest of the drive was filled with pleasant conversation between her daddy and his little girl. She told him how much fun she’d had, and that she hoped they could do this again. She talked about a hundred other things she had wanted to say to her Daddy all of her life.

They went back to the freshman dorm and Alexis gathered some things before they left again, and finally pulled up in front of his house. Chris opened her door and held her hand as he helped her out of the car. Standing there, he held her face in his hands, looked into her eyes, not a single word passed between them but words were no longer necessary between them.

Alexis felt the connection in her soul; she had lost her heart to her Daddy. She held his hand as they went inside of his house.

He turned to her, “Are you sure? I’ll just take you back if you change your mind.”

She had never been more certain of anything in her life. Her lips touched his and the kiss was tender and caring, her entire heart and soul were in that kiss. She rested her head on his shoulder, sighed and said “I love you, Daddy.”

Bending down, he picked her up in his arms. With her arms around his neck, he carried her to his bedroom. Chris never thought the evening would end like this. He had just wanted to help ease some of the pain he had heard in her voice when she had talked about never knowing her father.

When Chris put her down, she kissed him. Alexis had fantasized about her dad. She could picture him in her mind, had done it a thousand times. She could imagine reaching up to hold his hand, as he walked her to the school bus. She could see them laughing together while sharing an ice cream. She could feel him comfort her with his strong arms, when she was small and afraid of the world.

A little girl had desperately wanted a Daddy. Her mind, heart and soul had chosen this gentle and kindhearted man. Alexis had connected with him on a level she hadn’t even realized existed. All of the images of daddy that had always been a part of her imagination now had a face.

Alexis pushed away from him and headed for the connecting bathroom. After she had changed her clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror. She slowly brushed her black curls, and smiled at her reflection, she had a Daddy now, and he needed her.

Chris saw Alexis walk out of the bathroom, not in some sexy lingerie, but in an over sized shirt. He realized that this wasn’t a woman that wanted to have sex with a man, but a little girl that wanted to love her Daddy. His heart felt odd as he watched her get into bed and pull the cover up.

He undressed without saying a word. Wearing only his underwear, he slipped under the covers. To his surprise, she was shaking. He put his arm out and felt her move into his embrace, “I’m here baby,” and he just held her.

Alexis turned and looked him in the eyes; she slowly exhaled, not realizing she had been holding her breath. Moving the covers, she laid her head on his chest. After a few minutes, she said, “Daddy, I can hear your heart.”

Chris put his arms around her again, held her, “I like having my little girl in my arms.” It was strange, but somehow, he knew what she was feeling. He really couldn’t put a name to it, but it felt natural, like she belonged there. As he looked at her, he saw the light reflect off of her hair and couldn’t resist touching it. The wispy softness of her curls felt like a hundred feathers under his fingers.

A soft sigh escaped her mouth as she felt his fingers playing in her hair. Using her fingernails, she hesitantly made little designs on his stomach.

Chris felt her fingernails make Goosebumps appear on his skin.

Alexis moved her hand slowly, and then she finally reached out one delicate finger to touch the front of his underwear.

He was semi-hard by the time she got between his legs. Her tender and playful touch soon had him reacting.

She giggled, “I don’t know, Daddy.” She freed his hard penis, “Look at you, and I’ve only used one finger.” She wrapped her hand around him, “What are you going to do if I use all of my fingers?”

Her touch was cool, but it still made his blood start to heat up. As she played, Chris’s hand moved from her curls to caress her cheek and neck. Her skin was smooth and inviting. She had taken her pierced earrings out when she had undressed, and he teased her earlobe.

Alexis turned over, her face only inches from his. Her lips gently brushed his, and then she stared into her Daddy’s eyes. She desperately needed reassurance that it was still a little girl and her Daddy.

Chris saw her soul in her eyes; her need was emotional, not physical. With one finger he traced her lips, and felt her tremble.

Alexis closed her eyes, his touch made her heart ache. She kissed his finger, leaving her lips pressed to him.

Chris whispered, “I need you Lexi.” He really didn’t know why he had used that name.

Alexis sucked in her breath and just stared at him, dumbfounded. She had dreamed of being with her Daddy many times, she had heard her dream Daddy call her that, but she had never told anyone. In her entire life, no one had ever used that name. Somehow, her ears had heard what her heart yearned for.

Tingling all over, she rose up and pulled her shirt off. She watched his face to make sure he was watching. Alexis then lay beside him on the bed, her arms around him, and her lips touching his. Her eyes teared up with the different emotions she was feeling.

Chris saw her tears, “Lexi, if you don’t…,” he didn’t get to finish.

The tears were tears of joy, and she couldn’t stop them. Her voice was a whisper, “Why did you call me that?”

Chris smiled, “I’m not sure. You’re my little girl, and that feels like a name a daddy would use. It would be something special between you and me, no one else…,” he was stopped by her kiss.

Alexis lay beside him, still kissing him. She moved around until she was lying on top of him, her back was to his front. Her head was still beside him, her lips refusing to break contact with his, she put her legs on the outside of his.

Chris reached around her. With her laying on him that way, he had access to both of her soft rounded breasts. Silky to the touch, the nipples reacted and poked against his fingers.

His touch was delightful, tender and caring. Reaching down, her graceful fingers found him, hard and aroused. Gently, she rubbed the head against her vagina. The lips parted, and a warm loving pleasure filled her as he contacted her sensitive flesh. She moaned softly, “Oh, Daddy.”

She had steadily gotten wetter, and finally her heart told her when it was time. Alexis guided her Daddy into her young body. Years of wondering and dreaming should have prepared her for finally having her Daddy inside of her, but it hadn’t. She was astonished at what she was feeling, as if it was more than sex.

Her mind couldn’t understand how he could have just entered her, and she was exploding in the most intense orgasm in her life. She had never felt anything quite like it before and it was life changing. Her body was shuddering, as the most thrilling shockwave she had ever experienced coursed through her. It was fulfillment of a need that had been building up inside of her for years.

Chris felt her trembling as she lay on him, and tightly held her. He really couldn’t put into words what he was experiencing, but deep inside, he knew it involved not just her body, but her heart and soul.

Alexis turned over, which made him come out of her. She lay on him, their eye inches apart. Barely touching her lips to his, neither of them closed their eyes.

Chris watched her sit up, position herself; accept him into her for a second time. His hard cock was surrounded by scalding liquid velvet. As she started to rock back and forth, his pleasure grew greater, stronger. Some people look better with their clothes on, Alexis was not one of them. Her breasts were big and perky with a small nipple and areola; they bounced enticingly with her movements and he could see her stomach muscles contracting under her smooth skin.

Alexis was delighted with seeing the raw pleasure she was bringing him written so clearly on his face. Pleasant warmth filled her as she made love to her Daddy. She knew with every fiber of her being that they were making love, not having sex. She knew sex and their bodies were joined in a way that was much more than that.

She and her Daddy were sharing an emotional bond with one another. She cared very much about him, and connected with him on a deeper level than she had known before. Their souls joined even as their bodies reacted to each other slowly and intimately.

Chris felt things that were incredible. He absently thought of his comments that he would never survive doing this with one of the young girls. Going that way wouldn’t be all that bad.

It was so intense and remarkable; as he slid inside of her, muscles grabbed him to prevent him from leaving. It was hot and powerful and absolutely the most passionate thing he could have imagined.

Growing into something enormous, Chris arched his back, grabbed her and with an “Ahhh, yesss,” his sperm left his body and long months of pain and heartache left with it. Shot after shot exploded from him.

Alexis felt him throbbing deep inside of her and ground herself into him, wanting more, needing all he could give to her. She kept it up even when she knew he was done.

Finally, she collapsed next to him, their lovemaking reaching an end. Her heart almost leaped from her chest as Alexis felt his hands reaching for her. They held and cuddled each other as a deeper form of intimacy bonded them together.

Chris held her, and every now and then, his lips would touch hers as he looked into her eyes. “Lexi, I’m feeling things for you that I don’t understand. I find you irresistible, and I mean your spirit.” He hesitated, “I hope I didn’t ruin it by saying that to you.” He was bewildered, how could she have made him get to this point so fast? As he gently ran his fingers through her mass of black curls, he wondered if he should ask her to move in.

Alexis adored the way his arms wrapped around her; it made her feel safe and cared for. She was in love with him, on every conceivable level. They were not just lovers; she felt a connection in a deep emotional bond. “How could you ruin anything by telling me that you love me?” She felt his heart in his touch as his fingers roamed through her hair. She wondered if she should ask her Daddy if she could move in.

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