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Rain, on the Beach

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Rain smiled as she walked down the beach with her fiancé and lover, Marina. The Pacific Ocean was so… BIG! It was the first day since their arrival from Alberta, and she had dragged Marina down to the beach before they had even made it to her house.

The clouds were faint, barely noticeable as the couple walked down the beach, leaving footprints on the sand, but they gathered quickly, casting a shadow over the young lovers as they embraced, eyes locked firmly on each other.

“I love you, Rain. I love you forever, and always.”

“I love you too, Marina. I’m never letting go of you, now that we’re together.”

The kiss was tender and loving, all the intimacy and mutual adoration the pair had for each other blending together, intoxicating, incredible, slowly growing more passionate. Rain opened her mouth for Marina’s tongue, and they wrestled in the hot cavern of her mouth, eyes laughing as Marina effortlessly dominated the smaller girl, moving upwards, forcing the little brunette to go on her tiptoes, leaning up, reaching for the tall Italian’s sweet lips.

The storm broke, drops of rain streaking like bullets, the wind picking up and swirling around the couple as they continued to kiss, Rain hopping up and wrapping her legs around Marina, her tiny frame still not matching the size of the Italian amazon as they kissed, pressing their bodies together eagerly as the rain poured down upon them, soaking them, little streams of water running across their faces as they continued to lock lips, never slowing.

Marina pulled away, a slight frown on her face as she studied her girlfriend, watching tiny goose bumps appear on her skin.

“Maybe we should head home, love. I don’t want you to catch a cold…”

She was cut off by a pair of lips against hers, and let out a soft sigh as Rain’s hands wandered up her body, sliding underneath her now soaked top, warm skin touching her body, gently caressing her toned, flawless skin.

Marina’s own hands started moving, tracing tiny circles on Rain’s sensitive back, evoking little whimpers of desire as the rain beat down on them, obscuring everything except the two lovers, kissing, embracing, slowly peeling off each others tops, fingers eagerly moving across skin, touching, feeling, pleasuring, lips never leaving the others.

Finally Rain broke off the kiss, tearing Marina’s top all the way off, throwing it off to the side before jumping down from her lover, grasping the bottom of her shirt firmly and pulling it off as well, the pair gazing at each other as the rain coursed down their skin, little rivulets of water running between their breasts, down their stomachs, drops of rain impacting like little shots of pleasure on their aroused flesh.

Lightning cracked across the dark sky, illuminating the couple as they stripped each other, the wet clothes tossed aside carelessly, their passionate embrace slowly becoming more vertical, hands sliding lower, gasps of pleasure overwhelmed by the sounds of the storm, a bass rumble of thunder blocking out a cry of ecstasy as Rain’s fingers found their way to her lovers sensitive groin, rubbing her clit gently.

Rain’s lips moved onto Marina’s neck, kissing her skin as the rain poured over the pair, drenching their bodies, the pair completely ignoring the weather around them as Rain’s small, delicate fingers found their entrance into her lovers body, sliding inside her slick passage, moving deep inside her, brushing against all her most sensitive spots, pushing inside with complete confidence.

Thunder crashed again, completely overwhelming Marina’s cries of pleasure as Rain thrust her fingers deep inside her, the delicate fingers of the tiny woman carrying her lover to new heights of pleasure, her long, toned body writhing on the sand as the rain pounded down on the couple, covering them in a glistening sheen of rainwater, Rain moving her lips along her fiancés collarbone, gently licking, kissing and nibbling at her sensitive skin, fingers never ceasing their movement inside her.

The tall Italian arched up in pleasure, her climax overtaking her quickly as Rain’s fingers worked their magic inside her, curling inside her, stretching her wide as she thrashed in pleasure, her muscles clenching in orgasm. Rain’s tongue slid across the skin of her lover, tasting the rainwater that soaked both of them, traveling between the curves of her lovers breasts, across the rippling, toned abs on her stomach, unceasing in motion until her mouth reached her lovers dripping sex, tongue licking up her juices, eagerly tasting her lovers essence.

Marina groaned out again, her orgasm not fully subsided as she felt Rain’s hot mouth on her groin, feeling the tongue curling around the hard nub of her clit as she arched her hips again, hands tangling in her lovers soaked hair, urging her against her body, wanting to feel more, already soaring towards another fantastic climax.

The tiny girl sucked her lovers clit into her mouth, gripping it gently with her teeth as she rubbed the tip of her tongue against it, feeling Marina’s hips jerk at the slightest contact, hands trying to hold her steady as she suckled on the hard bud, sliding her fingers into her lovers damp passage again, moaning out softly as the rain pounded down on her back.

Marina bucked her hips against Rain’s mouth, completely lost in pleasure, her lover pleasuring her with incredible skill, her tongue curling against her bud just… right! And oh god, her fingers… moving inside…

Rain pulled away from her clit, licking her lips as her fingers slid out of Marina’s tight opening, quickly replaced by her tongue, plunging it deep inside her lovers thighs, rolling it from side to side, caressing every part of her passage that she could reach, rubbing Marina’s clit between thumb and forefinger, causing Marina to jerk in pleasure.

Marina arched off of the ground, her entire body shaking in ecstasy as she hit her second climax, juices gushing into Rain’s mouth as her tongue moved inside her, prolonging her orgasm, drawing it out, urging every bit of pleasure from the orgasm that she could, swallowing her juices as they poured into her mouth, pulling away from her lovers sex, murmuring softly, her words almost lost in the storm, but not to Marina’s ears.

“I love you, baby. Getting our clothes back on is going to be a bitch, though.”

“Oh god… Rain… you aren’t going to need your clothes on for a while.”

Rain licked her lips, kissing along her lover’s stomach and back up to her lips, embracing on the wet sand as the storm raged around them.

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