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Melody Malone

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I was in Los Angeles on business and one day I was in Century City for a business conference and when we broke for lunch I headed for a restaurant I’d heard about. I was walking down the street when something slammed into my shoulder and I heard a voice say:

“Watch where you’re going asshole.”

I turned and saw a guy standing there looking at me and smiling. It took me about half a second to recognize Bill Gibson and I stepped to him and took him in a big bear hug.

Bill and I had grown up together and had been friends from the fourth grade. I’d lost track of him when he dropped out of college in our junior year. We had exchanged cards and phone calls for a while and then life got in the way and I hadn’t seen or heard from him in almost ten years.

He asked what I was doing in LA and I told him I was on a lunch break and he practically drug me to a small bar that served sandwiches and we settled in to play catch up on each other’s lives. I filled him in on my marriage and divorce and what I was doing for a living and he told me about his two marriages and two divorces. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a film producer.

“No kidding? What are some of your films?

“I doubt that you have seen or heard of any of them. They have been mostly low budget independent films.”

“I’ve seen some of that kind of stuff. Give me a couple of titles.”

“Well, one of my biggest was “Diary of a Sex Crazed Housewife.”

I sat there stunned when I heard that. He saw the look on my face and said, “What?”

“That was yours? You produced “Diary?” The one starring Melody Malone?”

“Yeah, that one and a ton of others like it.”

“I can’t believe it; my old buddy a king pin in the porn industry.”

Bill looked at his watch and said, “I’ve got to run, but I’m having a party at my house tonight. You have to come.” He gave me directions and I told him I’d be there and he took off.


I couldn’t believe that Bill was a porn film producer. Of course he probably found it hard to believe that I knew some of his films well enough to know who starred in them. I owed that to my ex-wife. In our third year of marriage she decided that our sex life needed spicing up so she started stopping at an adult book store on her way home from work and renting tapes to bring home.

They did spice things up, but unfortunately they also made Claudia curious. She saw all the big cocks hanging from the porn stars and she started wondering what a big one (mine measured in at 6 ½ inches) would be like. Bad cess for her that on one of the days she was finding out I came home early from a working lunch with a mild case of food poisoning.

But Claudia had me hooked on porn videos. Not because they spiced up our sex life, but because it turned out that one of the porn stars was an old girlfriend of mine.

I’d met Mary when we were both enrolled in Business Law III during our senior year. I asked her out and we dated several times and then things got hot and heavy between us and I was about to propose when her father died. She flew home to be with her family and never came back. I tried several times to get in touch with her, but I never saw her or spoke to her again until Claudia brought home “The Playful Housewife.”

I don’t think Claudia ever had a clue as to why I fucked her seven times that night. Oh she knew it was because of the video, but she never knew that while I was fucking her I was thinking of Mary and what she had been doing in that video. Mary sucked Peter North’s cock and as I watched I remembered how great she had been at giving me head. When Mary took Sean Michaels’s cock up her butt I remembered how tight it had been when I spent time there and seeing her on tape in threesomes and moresomes blew my mind.

After tossing Claudia out on her ass I started haunting adult bookstores and video arcades looking for porn starring Mary and I had nineteen of them on the shelf next to the VCR. I’d watch one and think of what I had lost when I hadn’t gotten off my dead ass and flown back to her home town instead of leaving phone messages.


Bill’s party was already cranking along when I got there. He handed me a beer and then introduced me to a bunch of people, some of whom I recognized from the porn videos that I watched.

“You still like to play poker?” Bill asked.

“Have a standing game every Friday night when I’m home.”

“Good. There’s an open seat at the table” and he led me over to a table where a game of seven-card stud was in progress. Bill introduced me, warned them that I was no stranger to the game and then took off to look to his other guests.

I’d been playing about an hour and I was doing okay. I was a winner, but not a big winner and that was okay because I never am. I play for the enjoyment of the game; the challenge of trying to read the other players, of bluffing to win and to not let myself be bluffed.

I was sitting there looking at my hand and trying to read the other players. The game was five-card draw. I had opened for twenty and gone into the draw with a pair of kings and had drawn three cards, two nines and a jack of clubs. There were three besides me still in the hand. Two had drawn three cards, which indicated they had gone in with a pair, and the third guy had drawn one card. Since it was jacks or better to open and he had passed to begin with I knew that he had tried to draw to a straight or a flush. Whether or not he had hit I would know if he called or raised. The question was how high a pair had the other two drawn to and had they gotten any help.

While I was sitting there trying to work things out in my mind an arm reached over my shoulder and picked up my empty beer bottle and placed a full one down in it’s place. I mumbled distracted thanks and then bet twenty bucks. They guy on my left called, the next guy threw in his cards indicating that he hadn’t filled his straight or flush. The third guy raised me ten, I called and the guy to my left folded. The third guy laid down his kings and sevens and said “Shit!” when I put down my kings and nines.

The next hand was my deal and I called five-card stud. After the deal I had a deuce looking up at me. I checked my hole card and saw another deuce. The guy to my left had a jack up and he bet ten. Everyone called and I dealt the next card, nobody paired visibly and I gave myself a six. The jack was still high and he bet another ten and everybody called. I dealt the cards and gave myself another deuce. That gave me the only visible pair, which made me high. With three of a kind I felt pretty strong, but a large bet would probably drive at least two or maybe even three of the other players out of the hand.

Conventional wisdom was to bet and drive them out before they could get help. But the more that stayed in the larger the pot. With one card remaining to be dealt and no other pair showing I felt I could gamble – that is what we all sat down to do, right? – so I bet ten and everyone stayed.

The last card gave everyone a pair showing, but the six of spades that I dropped in front of me gave me two pair showing. I had the high hand and so I bet twenty. The man to my left had paired his jack and he raised me twenty which meant that his hole card paired one of his other up cards, but not the jack or he would have been betting before that. The next two dropped out. The next guy called which told me he could beat two pair jacks high. He had a pair of sevens showing but he only called because he was hoping he wasn’t going against three jacks. The last guy tossed in his hand and I called the raise and kicked it another twenty and everyone folded except the jacks to my left. He called me and then smiled at me when he turned over the third jack. He had done just what I had done; he kept the bet low to enlarge the pot. The smile slipped a little when I turned over the third deuce and showed him my full house.

As I raked in the pot one of the guys said:

“He’s won two pots in a row with you standing behind him Mel. How about sharing some of that luck with the rest of us?”

I turned and saw Melody Malone standing behind me.

“Sorry guys, but he is a stranger in a strange town and I’ve appointed myself his guardian angel.”

She smiled at me, reached down and picked up my beer and drained it and then took the empty and walked away. She was back in a couple of minutes with a full one and she set it down in front of me and then she wandered away. I lost the next five hands and then she came back and stood behind me and watched the game. I won the next three hands and then she wandered away again and I lost the next two. I told the guys to deal me out and I started to stand up and one of the guys said:

“Oh sure, just come in here, win all our money and then leave.”

He was joking and I knew it, but I also knew that I shouldn’t come into Bill’s house and leave a bad taste in the mouths of his friends so I counted out what I had won – almost six hundred – and I tossed it in the middle of the table.

“Six hundred boys. Match it and I cut you high card for it.”

“You’re kidding. All six of us draw against you?”

“High card takes it all,” I said.

The six guys put up another six hundred and one of them shuffled the cards, offered me the cut and when I shook my head no he spread them out across the center of the table. I told them to draw first and while they were pulling out their cards Melody came up to me with a fresh beer and then stood there watching. The six were all smiles as they laid down their kings, queens, jacks and tens, but the smiles all faded when I pulled my card and turned it over. It was the ace of hearts.

“Thank you gentlemen, it has been a most interesting evening and I hope we can do it again sometime.”

As I was picking up the money Melody wandered off again. I was walking away from the poker table when Bill came up to me.

“You going to let me in on your little secret?”

“What secret is that?”

“What have you got that has this city’s hottest porn star hanging over your shoulder?”

“I’m sure that it had nothing to do with me.”

“Bullshit old buddy. Mel has been to dozens of my parties and she has never – I say again with emphasis, NEVER – gone over and stood by the poker table. And she has never – one more time with even more emphasis, NEVER – gone and got a guy a beer. She did it three times for you.”

“I don’t know Bill. She said something about me being a stranger in a strange town. Maybe it is because I’m the only one here that she doesn’t know.”

“Uh huh. You’re holding out on me pal, but I will find out” and he walked away.

I spotted Melody Malone talking to three other women I recognized from my video collection and then I went out onto Bill’s deck for some fresh air. I’d been there five minutes trying to see stars through all of LA’s light and haze when I sensed someone behind me. I turned and there she was.

“Hello Mary.”

“It’s Melody now, or Mel for short. How are you Bob?”

“Fine, yourself?”

“I’m good. I don’t mind telling you that it was a major surprise to see you here.”

“No more of a surprise than my seeing you.”

“Forgive my nosiness, but why are you here?”

“Bill and I grew up together. I was in town and he invited me over.”

I saw what I took to be disappointment register on her face and I jokingly said:

“What? You thought that I had finally tracked you down?”

She looked my straight in the eye and said, “A girl can always hope.”

I stared at her in silence for several seconds and then said, “If that was your hope, why did you never return my calls. Why did you not make some effort to keep in touch with me? Why did you just disappear on me?”

“It is a long story Bob and not a pretty one, but I can’t talk about it here. Would you follow me home if I asked you to?”


Again I saw disappointment and I hastened to add, “Give me directions and I’ll come by, but Bill is already curious about why you spent so much time around me tonight. I don’t know the situation or relationships here and I’d just as soon keep a low profile until I know more. You leave and I’ll wait half an hour and then I’ll come by or I’ll leave and you wait the half hour.”

“You ashamed to be seen with the nasty porn whore?”

“No, I was just looking out for you. Not having the slightest ides about your life I was just trying to prevent talk that might cause you problems.”

“That’s sweet of you, but these are my friends and they all know me well enough that nothing I do surprises them. They will be curious and eventually one or two of them will ask about you and I’ll tell them the truth.”

“And just what is the truth?”

“At my place Bob. Let’s get out of here.”

Mary was hanging on my arm when I went to say goodnight to Bill and tell him I was leaving.

“Still going to tell me there is no secret?”

“There are secrets bud, and then there are secrets.”

“That doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Some secrets are shared bud. I can’t tell you what Mel might not want you to know. The secret is hers to tell not mine.”

“I’ll tell you later Bill” Mary said, “but not now. I’ll call you in a couple of days. Right now I’m going to take Bob home with me and fuck his eyes out.”

My eyebrows went up at that and Bill’s jaw dropped, but before any more could be said Mary tugged on my arm and led me away.


I don’t rent cars when I’m in LA. It is a whole easier to use cabs and let someone else be the frustrated driver dealing with the road rage so I squeezed myself into Mary’s little BMW convertible for the ride to her place. I tried to start up a conversation, but she shut me down with:

“Not until we get to my place Bobby. I’ll tell it all tonight, but my way and to my schedule.”


“You’ll see Bobby, it won’t be long now, just a few more minutes.”

We pulled up to a gated community and the security guard at the gate tipped his hat and said, “Good evening Ms. Malone” as he opened the gate for her. She pulled in a driveway, used a remote to open her garage door and we pulled inside and parked. The entry door from the garage led into the kitchen and as we walked in Mary said:

“Do you remember the last time we made love?”

I did and I told her so.

“It was on the kitchen table in that little studio apartment you had. That’s where I want to pick things up.”

I turned to her and saw that she had already let her dress slip to the floor and she was standing by the kitchen table kicking away her thong. She sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs.

“I want to pick up where we left off baby. I told Bill I was going to fuck your eyes out. That is the schedule I mentioned. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk or see straight and then we can talk.”

There she sat on the edge of the table, the girl who had fucked my brains out in college, the woman whose videos I had memorized and who I had cursed myself for letting get away and I was going to say no? As I dropped my trousers to the floor I wondered how many back home would ever believe me if I told them that I had fucked one of the most well known porn stars in LA on her kitchen table.

I know she expected me to step up to her and drive my cock into her, but I didn’t. I lowered my face to her clean shaven pussy. Touching it only with my tongue I kicked her little button as she squirmed and pushed her pussy at me. I pulled my face back and just kept on licking. She was panting and moaning and I pushed a finger into her cunt and was rewarded with an, “oooohh godddd.” I pushed another one in with the first and she screamed and bucked her hips up at me and I latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked it for all I was worth and she exploded in what I hoped was one of the best orgasms of her life.

I stood up and put my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and hesitated while mentally chanting to myself, “Wait for it, way for it” and then it came:

“Do it, do it damn you, do it! Don’t tease me, just do it!”

I shoved my cock forward and she was so hot and wet that I slid right in. I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and began pushing into her with long hard strokes as she lay there on the table thrashing and screaming at me to fuck her and make her cum. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could until, with a long drawn out moan, she came. I felt the walls of her cunt trying to clasp my cock and I felt her hot juices flowing around my cock head and I exploded into her.

I stood there, her high heels next to my ears, looking down at her. I felt something flutter around my shrinking cock as her pussy tried to hold onto it and damned if it didn’t start to come back to life. She felt it too and she said:

“The couch Bobby, the living room couch. This table is too hard on my back.”

I picked her up and carried her into the living room and set her down on the couch. By then I was hard enough and I pushed her legs apart and thrust into her. She responded and I slowly started to fuck her pussy. I pushed in deep, slowly withdrew, held still for a fraction of a second and then pushed deep again.

“No” she cried out in frustration, “Don’t tease me Bobby, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I ignored her. This wasn’t going to be just another fuck session, at least not for me. I had no idea if I would ever get to do this again so I was going to do it my way.

“Damn you Bobby, fuck me” she cried and tried to buck her hips up at me in an attempt to get herself off, but I pulled back out of her until she held still and moaned:

“Oh please Bobby, please god don’t do this to me. Fuck me Bobby, please fuck me” and then I slid my cock back into her.

I did it several times and each time as I sensed her orgasm approaching I stopped and waited several seconds before I began again. She was begging me to let her cum, but I kept toying with her until I felt myself ready and then I fucked her fast and furious. “Oh fuck!” she screamed as she came and at the same time I blew my load into deep into her. She held me to her as my cock went limp and then she said:

“My bedroom Bobby, take me to my bedroom; it’s at the top of the stairs.”

I picked her up and carried her up to a room with a king sized bed. I set her down on it and she pulled me down with her. She kissed me long and lovingly as her hand fondled my cock. She sent her tongue probing into my mouth and I sucked on it until she broke the kiss and moved down to take my cock in her mouth. I knew she was wasting her time. Hell, I’d just cum twice in the space of twenty-five minutes; it would be an hour before Mr. Happy would be ready to play again. Mary proved me wrong. It took her ten minutes, but she got me iron bar hard again.

“We never did this before Bobby, but this time I want you in my ass” she said as she got on her hands and knees. “I’m not a virgin back there Bobby, but go slow until you get all the way in.”

I slid my cock in her pussy to get a coating of our juices on it and then I slowly pushed myself into her tight little ass. She hissed out a low, “Oh yes, oh God yes” and started pushing her ass back to meet my strokes. She moaned with pleasure as I plowed her butt with long hard strokes. I reached under her and my fingers found her love button and I rubbed it. Her entire body shook with the strength of her orgasm and as she was coming down from it I shot my cum up inside her.

I fell to the bed and she lay down and rolled up against me and we kissed. She pulled me out of the bed, led me to the bathroom and washed off my cock. Then she went down on her knees and went to work trying to get me up again. It was the most exhausting night of my life.


I lay next to her on the bed, breathing hard and wondering why she couldn’t accept it as a lost cause as she fondled me in a vain attempt to get me up one more time. Finally I said:

“Okay Mary, you win. My eyes are still in my head, but I seriously doubt that if I got out of bed I could walk.”

“I keep telling you it is Melody now, or Mel, but not Mary.”

“You can be Melody or Mel to your adoring fans, but you are always going to be Mary to me. Now, the first half of your schedule is out of the way so how about telling me why you ran out on me. Why didn’t you come back from your father’s funeral?”

“He was my step dad and I didn’t go to the assholes funeral. I just used his death as a way to get away from you and don’t take that wrong Bobby. Before you say a word let me explain. You were getting ready to ask me to marry you and I had to get away from you before that could happen.”

I started to say something, but she put a finger to my lips and said:

“Hush baby, let me get it all out and then you can talk. I loved you Bobby and I would have loved being your wife, but I would have been a lousy wife and you would have ended up hating me. I considered marrying you and then trying to keep my bad side hidden, but I knew I would eventually get caught or someone would tell you about me.”

“Tell me what?”

“That I was a cock hungry slut; that I was a round heeled whore, that under the right circumstances I was anybody’s fuck toy.”

She saw the look on my face and said, “It’s true Bobby. I’ve been a slut since my step dad took my cherry at a very early age. Even when I was dating you I was fucking other guys and I would have kept it up even after we got married. I love sex Bobby, lots and lots of sex. Have you seen any of my videos?”

I nodded a yes.

“I’m not an actress Bobby. What you see when you watch my videos is the real me. I’m not acting; I’m doing what I love to do. I knew that about myself Bobby and I couldn’t do it to you, I just couldn’t. But I did love you and I would have said yes if you had asked me to marry you. I would have done it and it would have ruined your life so I ran.”

“How could you be so sure it would have ruined my life?”

“You would have come home early one day and found me with someone or someone who knew us both would have seen me going into a motel or hotel and would have told you. In fact I’m surprised that no one ever told you about what I was doing while we were dating, about all the back seat time I had or the frat parties where I pulled trains.”

“Did you ever stop to think that I might have loved you enough to share – to let you be yourself as long as you were mine?”

“No baby, I didn’t, but it doesn’t matter because you know you wouldn’t have.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because you threw your wife out on her ass when you caught her doing what I most likely would have been doing.”

“How in the hell did you know that?”

“We have mutual acquaintances and I talk with them from time to time and I always ask about you.”

“No one ever mentioned that.”

“I asked them not to baby, I didn’t want to open old wounds to no purpose. I almost walked out of Bill’s tonight as soon as I saw you, but I couldn’t.”

“Why couldn’t you?”

“Because I’ve missed you Bobby. You are the only man I’ve ever loved enough to consider marrying. Once I decided to stay it was all I could do to keep from throwing myself at you and jumping in your lap.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because I was afraid you would push me away and tell me to leave you alone.”

“Well I didn’t, so what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do I just get up, get dressed, say thanks for the trip down memory lane and leave?”

“That’s about the way I had it figured. The only difference is that I was going to try and keep you company for as long as you are out here. How much time is that?”

“Four more days. I’m scheduled to fly out of LAX on Friday afternoon, but I could change it to the Sunday night red-eye. Six days isn’t even close to the lifetime I wanted, but I suppose it is better than nothing at all.”

“I can promise you a fun filled six days if you would like.”

“How are you on weekend visits?”

“You would fly out here just to see me?”

“Or fly you to Denver. If you’ll remember Colorado is lovely this time of the year.”

“I remember, but it isn’t a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Out here no one thinks twice about seeing someone in the porn industry. Being seen with a porn actress on your arm in Denver would create quite a buzz.”

“I’m a big kid and I think I could handle it. Besides, think of the reputation it would give me with the local ladies. They would flock to me just to see what it was that had a famous porn star keeping company with me.”

“Don’t joke about it Bobby. Something like that could hurt you as far as your reputation in the business world went.”

“Sorry, but now that we’ve connected I don’t want to not see you again. I’ll transfer out here. We can pick up where we left off. I’m talking marriage here Mary.”

“Don’t be stupid Bobby. It couldn’t work now for the same reason that it wouldn’t have worked back then. I wouldn’t change; I wouldn’t stop being me. I still would want lots of sex and not to hurt your ego baby, but you can’t give me enough to keep me home. Look at you right now. I’m playing with your cock trying to get it up again and it is just lying there. You said it yourself; your eyes are still in, but you don’t think you could get out of bed and walk. On the other hand I’m ready for more. I want more. If there was another guy here, or two or three for that matter, I’d jump out of this bed and leave you here while I fucked them.”

“Maybe I could handle it. Did you ever think of that? And don’t throw Claudia up at me. She was Claudia and not you.”

“It doesn’t matter Bobby. Even if you could live with being a cuckold I couldn’t live with you being one. I would end up losing all respect for you if you could just sit back and let me be a whore. I’d come to see you as a wimp and I’d bring guys home with me and do it in front of you. I’d ask you to eat my pussy after they came in me. They would make fun of you and the word would get out that you were a wimpy cuckold and people who know you would laugh at you. Behind your back at first and then eventually to your face. No Bobby, I won’t do that to either of us. But now that we are back in touch I do want to keep seeing you. Maybe once a month you can come out here for a weekend.”

“What’s the difference if I come out to see you or stay here with you?”

“I can be true for a week end Bobby, maybe even for as long as a week, but after a week all bets would be off. Let’s take what we can work with Bobby.”

“I guess I don’t have much choice then, do I?”


I spent the rest of the week with Mary, but when Friday came I went right from my meeting to LAX and caught my flight home. I didn’t tell Mary. I left for my meeting that morning with her expecting me back and expecting me to stay until late Sunday. I couldn’t do it. I’d spent years regretting that I hadn’t gone after her when she left for the funeral and then I found out that it wouldn’t have mattered if I had.

The memory I had of Mary was a false one. Still, I would have loved to stay with her, but I knew in my heart she was right and that I couldn’t live the life she had predicted for me.

When I got home the nineteen videos I had of Melody went into the trash since there was no sense watching them and eating my heart out for something that I now knew could never have been.

In the weeks following my return from LA Mary left several messages on my answering machine, but I never returned the calls. I received three letters and I returned them unopened. I got home from work one night and found four phone calls from Bill on my machine. I called him and after some small talk he asked me what I had done to Melody.

“Nothing, why?”

“All she’s done since you left is mope around.”

“I don’t know what the problem is Bill. All I did is get out of her life.”

“Why in God’s name would you do a thing like that?”

“Because she painted me a picture of the living hell my life would be if I stayed in hers.”

“Well hoss, you know where to find me if you ever come back to LA. Don’t be a stranger now, okay?”

“Sure enough bud, I’ll look you up. I still need to give your buddies a chance to win some of their money back.”


Thirty minutes after I hung up the phone my doorbell rang and I opened it to find Mary standing there with a suitcase.

“I’ve been sitting in a motel for the last six hours waiting for Bill to call me and tell me you were home. May I come in?”

I stepped aside to let her in and I closed the door and turned to see her standing there looking at me.

“I’ve taken a personal vow of fidelity Bobby, to you and only you. I don’t know if I can do it, but I do know that I have to try. I have to do what I didn’t do ten years ago, I have to give us a chance. Will you let me Bobby? Will you let me try?”

I stepped forward, took her in my arms and kissed her and then I picked up her suitcase, “Let me show you around the place.”

All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope.

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