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Our Babysitter Watches Us

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I met Tracy my senior year at The University of Texas in Austin, what we all considered to be the ‘real’ U of T. She was a year behind me and was also a business major though she was headed to finance and I was aimed toward marketing and advertising. So, she was a numbers drone and I was a ‘flack.’

Obviously, we immediately kidded each other unmercifully then proceeded to fall in love. One thing about Tracy that wasn’t immediately apparent was that she loved sex, she just couldn’t get enough. Now, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t slutty, no, it took a while to really get her in bed but once she decided to have sex with me it was a hundred percent, she just wanted it all the time.

Now, couple that with the fact that she was also very good between the sateens and had few inhibitions, anal sex being one, but also one of mine. Others may just love it but we both have so many other ways we never felt the need or desire. But we sure did it lots of other ways.

When I graduated, we both stayed in Austin, like so many others, as I’d found a career in high tech and when Tracy graduated, she ended up with the same company.

After about two years, we had Nicole, our little daughter, and, like with almost all couples, it put the brakes on a lot of our social life.

But, also like so many others, after a year or so, we began to want some of our life back and began looking around for a babysitter. It turned out that one of the women Tracy worked with had a daughter who had just started at the university and did babysitting to help with her finances.

So, the big test came and we hired Andrea for a Friday night that we went out to dinner near our house. As every parent hopes for, all went well and we began using Andrea more often.

She seemed to be highly competent and things went so well, we eventually just contracted with her for every Friday night.

Now let me stop and tell you a little more about the three of us as we all are part of this story.

I’m six-one, one-seventy-two, Tracy says I’m nice looking, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes (she says they sparkle), trim and pretty fit, I suppose, and, since this is that kind of website, I’m about seven inches and fairly thick around. I know Tracy thinks I’m just fine.

So, is she. Even better than fine. She’s five-six, one-nineteen, blond hair just past her shoulders or up in a ponytail, steel blue-gray eyes (they sparkle, that’s for sure), trim figure at 36-B-23-36, her B’s are perfect, they stand right up like she was sixteen (she’s now twenty-four) and are firm and round, tipped with the prettiest, plump and pink nipples and the centers get really hard and erect quite easily. All I have to do is tell her I want to suck her boobs and they pop out.

She shaves her pussy and she also started shaving around my cock, says that I’m nicer to suck that way and anything I can do to enhance my suckability, well, I’m willing to try.

The last one in our story is Andrea. Well, she’s eighteen, a freshman, as I said, and very pretty. A blond, with short, curly hair with crystalline blue eyes, she’s five-four, about one-ten and her boobs are about the same size as Tracy’s. Just as pretty, too, with small, very light pink nipples. She also shaves as I was to find out.

That’s the three of us and here’s what happened.

I had just come back from taking Andrea home and Tracy and I were changing for bed when she asked, “Wonder how our babysitter is in bed? What do you think?”

Well, we ended up having great fun in bed that night based on that original question as we asked each other questions about our babysitter. Things like, “Think she likes to get herself off…likes girls better…likes to suck cocks…likes to go to nude beaches…likes to do sixty-nine…likes to fuck in public places”…just on and on, questions like that.

Our verbal play got us pretty worked up and we ended up fucking like crazy with Tracy pretending she was Andrea, telling me that she wanted me now that my wife was out of the house and stuff like that. Well, it was the best sex we’d had in quite some time. I fucked her through three orgasms and I went through two, something that hadn’t happened in quite some time. We went at it for maybe two hours.

Then, the very next Friday night, I had just come home after taking Andrea home when Tracy said, “You know, I was just putting away some clean clothes and, well, I wonder if our babysitter has found where I keep my toy collection.”

“Your panty drawer, right?”

“Yeah, and I think they’ve been moved around and I always put this one vibrator right next to the side of the drawer. It’s now in the middle. Maybe she’s getting off with my vibrators or dildos?”

“Easy enough to find out,” I told her. “I’ve got a motion-operated videocam recorder at the office, it’s easy to set up, we could find out if you want.”

Well, Tracy agreed and I set it up before we went out the next Friday night. All during dinner we each wondered what, if anything, the video might show. I did aim it to just get the edge of the dresser so if she got into it, we could see but, even better, if she used our bed, I had a really good view of that.

As soon as I got back from taking Andrea home, I hooked up the videocam to our television and we watched as our babysitter came into view, opened the dresser drawer, reached under Tracy’s panties and pulled out her favorite vibrator, a Rabbit. Then, just as I was hoping, she got up on our bed, pulled her shorts and panties off and proceeded to give herself two rather spirited orgasms.

We watched it twice, once clothed, the second time naked and having our own fun, then followed by a whopping fuck that lasted well over an hour. The next day, I downloaded the video to my laptop.

So, the next Friday night, we talked about what our babysitter might be doing at any given time while we were having dinner and we discussed it in great detail complete with all the dirty possibilities.

By the time we got home, we were both ragingly horny as hell, of course, and as soon as we were out of the car, we were groping each other and remained that way pretty much as Andrea got herself ready. Tracy was just super-horny and didn’t stop when Andrea came in our bedroom to tell me she was ready to go home.

Tracy had me pulled tight to her tonguing my mouth and her hand gripping my cock though my pants.

I pulled back and said, “Hon, not in front of Andrea,” to which Tracy said, looking right at her, “Well, maybe Andrea’d like to watch us? What about it, Andrea?”

“You really mean it?”

“Sure, we’re all adults here. Craig and I are ready right now if you don’t mind waiting a while longer. We’d provide the entertainment.”

“Yeah, I think I would, that would be awesome.”

“Have a seat right there, we might just like an audience,” Tracy told her pointing to a wing-backed chair. Then my wife began undressing me as I stood there rather surprised at how this had gone.

She got down to my boxers and shoes and socks, then had me turn toward our babysitter as she knelt down and got my shoes and socks off, then, turned to Andrea and said, “Here’s what I’ve got to entertain me,” and pulled my boxers to the floor.

She took my cock in her hand and kissed it, telling Andrea, “If you want something to use for yourself, I’ve got some toys in that third drawer on the left, third from the bottom,” she pointed, looking up at me smiling as we both knew she’d been in that drawer before. She stepped over and opened it and took out Tracy’s Rabbit and went back over to the chair.

My sweet wife leaned forward, her lips sliding smoothly over my cock as she began sucking me. I looked down at her squatting below me and could tell that she also had one or two fingers up inside her as she gave me head.

She sucked me for a few minutes then stood up, quickly undressed and got up on the bed on her hands and knees; I knew she wanted her favorite fuck, doggie-style, she always did when she was extra-horny.

In proper doggie fashion, I mounted her quickly and began taking the long, slow strokes in and out of her that she so loves.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, this is what I want. Fuck me nice and slow, hon, you know I love it,” she groaned as she put her head down on the mattress.

I looked back and Andrea had her shorts and panties on the floor, both still encircling one ankle and her top and bra pulled up baring her breasts as she fucked herself with the vibrator and rubbed and pinched her nipples. Well, she wasn’t shy.

Tracy had me hold still so she could do the fucking, something that she just loves to do and I looked back over at our babysitter and she had her legs up over the arms of the chair running the vibrator in and out of her while my wife rocked back and forth on my cock.

“I’ll bet Craig would love to do you like this, Andrea, if you want. It’s really okay with me, I don’t mind sharing my husband and I know he’d love it.”

Bless my wife, isn’t she just a sweetheart?

“Really, you would, god, you two look so hot and, well, he looks so good going in and out of you, yeah, I’d like that but take your time, I’m happy right here.”

Oh, we were taking our time all right, it was a big turn-on to have this young college girl watching us fuck as she masturbated just a few feet away. I knew it must also be a big turn-on for Tracy as well because she was more spirited than ever in our lovemaking.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, this is so good, I was wanting this all through dinner, just so wet and horny, mmm, fuck me, Craig, mmm, oh, yeah, so good,” she murmured back to me.

We were so worked up already that I didn’t expect that either of us would last very long and I was right. Tracy put her head back down and asked for me to fuck her really fast and it really got both of us off in record time. I collapsed down on my wife, my cock still happy deep inside her as she asked Andrea to join us on our bed.

We made room for her in between us and she said, “I just never expected anything to happen like this. I can’t quite believe it but I’m so excited,” as I leaned over and kissed her then moved to her breasts and began sucking on her hard nipple as my hand went down as she widened for me.

Tracy, a bit to my surprise, began kissing her and rubbing her other boob. My wife never has talked about doing any girl-on-girl action though I had a pretty strong suspicion that she might have had a relationship in college with two of her girlfriends.

But, I minded my own business as I slipped down between her legs, taking the vibrator from her and cycling it over her clit as I began licking her. Looking up, Tracy was now sucking her boob as Andrea was rubbing my wife’s pussy. Have fun, I thought, I sure am as I went on feasting on her pretty pussy.

I continued with the Rabbit and my tongue until she began to shake and moan, so I took the vibrator and ran it up into her, pressing the clit stimulator down as the vaginal wand rotated in her pussy. I knew just how strongly that got Tracy off when I used it on her and it worked it’s magic on our new coed lover.

“Oh, OH, OH, OMIGOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, UUUH, UUUH, AYYYE, AYYYE, uuh, uuh, uuh, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, so intense, so strong, I’m just washed-out, whew, I’ve never had one like that,” she gasped.

“Craig used my rotating vibrator on you, girl, it does the same thing for me, too. If you want, you can take it home with you and I’ll order another one for me, okay?”

“It sure did get me off, but that’s probably because your husband really knows how to use it,” she said.

“Are you ready for him?” Tracy asked her.

“Oh, wow, what a night, yeah, I guess so. All this and I get paid, too,” she laughed.

I got up between her legs as she widened out, then pressed the tip up to her slit and pushed as I watched my cock ease into her all the way.

“Mmm, I like your size, nice, mmm,” she moaned as I began pulling back then pressing in again. Tracy was leaning over her dropping a nipple onto her lips which she began eagerly sucking and I fucked her in and out.

I reached down and lifted her feet high over her, spreading her open as I probed her over and over. She was so tight, gripping my cock on the way in and on the way out, it was almost like she was sucking me with her pussy.

Tracy whispered something to Andrea and then got up over her, holding the headboard and lowered herself right down over her face and began swiping her pussy back and forth as I continued fucking her.

The scene I was watching was so hot, so erotic. My wife up over Andrea pressing her pussy down on her face and Andrea’s hands were up under my wife, rubbing around as she licked and tongued while I was down between her legs fucking her quite happily. It was lovely.

I was taking my time with Andrea, she was so nice and tight, really tight and I could feel her tighten around me every time I began to pull back out of her, then she would loosen her muscles for me to slide forward. It was heavenly and I just wanted to savor her while I could.

Tracy was moaning and moving her pussy over Andrea’s face. “Mmm, mmm, oh, mmm, so good, oh, my pussy, mmm, mmm,” my wife moaned. I knew just how much she loved her pussy eaten. I should, I’ve certainly done it enough.

“Oh, oh, yes, right there, mmm, so good, yes, YES, UUNH, UUNH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I watched her trembling, holding herself up on the headboard, Andrea’s face wet with my wife’s juices, her tongue pointing up as Tracy slid back and forth across it.

Then, my wife got up off her face and came down to begin kissing Andrea, rubbing her boobs as I continued fucking her. I pushed her legs back onto her chest so I could really drive deeply inside and when I did, I pushed hard, just grinding deep into her as she wiggled back and forth.

“Mmm, feels so good, mmm, do that, ummm, yeah, good, feels good,” she moaned and I kept my cock deep inside her just moving it a little as we both enjoyed the feelings.

I was pretty sure she was really close and I wanted to keep her right there, just on the verge of an orgasm, not quite, just close. So, I would slow down whenever I thought she was just on the edge, even stopping a few times.

“Mmm, oh, this feels so good, oh, I can’t believe this is happening, mmm, so good,” she groaned.

Tracy was kissing her and gripping her boob as I fucked her, it was just so good.

“Mmm, oh, I’m gonna cum,” she cried, so I went ahead and gave her a couple of fast strokes and pushed hard down into her and moved my hips from side to side as she threw her legs up around my back, locking her ankles behind me and pulling me tight into her.

“OOH, OOH, OOH, AYYYE, AYYYE, AYYYE, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, oh, wow, so good, mmm,” and Tracy and I both fell over her covering her face with kisses.

“Mmm, this was so good, Andrea, so good,” my wife said as we all snuggled together.

“I just never thought anything like this might ever happen. With both of you, too,” she told us.

“Well, I learned something new about my wife…that she also seems to like women, too.”

“I guess I never quite knew it, either, Craig. Hope that’s all right with you. It surprised me as much as it did you, I guess,” my wife admitted.

“This whole thing surprised me but I guess I couldn’t be happier, it’s really incredible,” Andrea told us. “I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“How about next Friday night?” I asked her and Tracy eagerly seconded my request. “Yes, oh, I hope you’ll do it again, it was wonderful.”

“I feel kind of guilty charging you for my being here, especially like this, I mean, after all…”

“No, that’s fine with us, really, I know I loved it and I can tell Tracy did as well. I really don’t think she’d ever been with a woman before, have you, hon?”

“You were the first one ever for me but, well, I loved it and hope we can do it again. I hope you say yes,” Tracy told her.

“I liked it, too, and I liked both of you, this has been really hot. I just never dreamed that something like this might really happen but it has and, yes, I’d like for it to continue.”

We both grabbed her and kissed her over and over, then kept her from getting home a while longer until we each gave her an orgasm orally. She was one happy babysitter when I took her home. She insisted on playing with my cock all the way there.

That was the beginning, but just the beginning. It’s been three years now and we have Andrea living with us now as an au pair and she comes with us on vacation and our sex is full-time as she’s often sleeping in with us. She’ll be in her final year of college next fall and she plans to try to find a full-time job here in our town and even remain living with us if she can.

She’s really become an intimate part of our family. Very intimate.

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