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Yvette and Kristen

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Okay, so a little about me. I am 48 years old, 6’1″, 185 lbs, single (divorced many years ago), live on Cape Cod but love to travel and am an independent investor.

Last September, I drove to one of my favorite North American cities, Montreal. My intent was to research several local companies and as well as to soak up the local culture. I am convinced that many of the most gorgeous women in the world live in Montreal. Unlike most parts of the States, many of them dress in a sophisticated manner and show real outward personality. Their accents also drive me crazy. Unfortunately many of them smoke cigarettes but that is a complaint for a different venue.

I checked in to a small hotel east of downtown that I have stayed at several times before, intending on staying for three days. On the second day, I had a mini crisis of sorts with my credit card company. The end result was that I needed the services of a local bank to receive some local currency. I wandered in to a downtown office of one of the big Canadian banks. A young gentleman listened to my needs and was able to take care of my transaction very quickly and efficiently. While walking out, I passed the manager’s office and thought I should let him or her know how pleased I was. As an investor, I always pay attention to customer service, both good and bad. It is often an indication of the strength of management.

The manager was a really attractive woman. I guessed mid forties, perfect blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, maybe 5’4″ and slender. She was dressed in a corporate style, black business suit, skirt brushing her knees, red blouse, maybe 3″ heels, some non-flashy jewelry and non-flashy makeup including perfect red lipstick. Again very corporate but certainly nothing sexy. And clearly someone who cared about her appearance. I walked in, introduced myself and she stood to shake my hand. I got a slight whiff of her perfume that I couldn’t place but was very nice. My intent was only to stay a minute but we started chatting. It was one of those magical meetings where both parties know about five minutes in that you have an interest in each other. After forty five minutes, Yvette reluctantly said that she had to attend a meeting. I took that as my cue and asked her out to dinner. She readily agreed with the provision that she choose the restaurant. She asked if she could call me after her meeting.

I picked up Yvette at seven. She was absolutely stunning. No longer the corporate type, she wore a short black dress with spaghetti straps (yes, the quintessential little black dress!), hose, much higher heeled sandals, long sparkly earrings and a blazer. Her makeup was borderline slutty but classy if that makes any sense with lips that just shimmered, begging to be kissed. I was stuck by the ease in how she walked in the heels. So many women who wear heels struggle to walk in them and the sexiness is somehow lost.

She lived in an older neighborhood in Montreal itself. The house had a lived in feel and I guessed that she had lived there for many years. Yvette explained that we were going to a family style Chinese restaurant that did not serve alcohol and asked if I would like a drink before we left. I accepted and we started to talk. Her husband and son had died five years previously in a private plane crash which clearly had devastated her. Her daughter had just started grad school in Chicago after having earning her under grad degree locally at McGill while living at home. Yvette was three weeks in to living by herself without family for the first time in many years.

I explained that I had worked on Wall Street after college, got married to a corporate attorney and then divorced at 31 when I suddenly decided that I did not like the life that I was leading. I am still very friendly with my ex-wife but she is now going through her third divorce which only reinforces my decision. I struggled to invest on my own for a few years but am now very successful. This in turn allows me to travel whenever the urge presents itself. I am very close to the children of both my brother and sister and family is a big part of my life. I have a number of casual lady friends, some of whom are “professionals” (no, I did not admit that to Yvette!) but haven’t had a serous relationship in ages.

The Chinese restaurant was truly a unique experience. Loud and raucous, various dishes were served directly from carts wheeled through the dining room. I was impressed that Yvette spoke enough Chinese to communicate with the staff. As the evening progressed I just desired her so much on so many different levels. She was clearly a knockout physically, she was sexy beyond belief, she was intelligent, worldly and every other good thing. I fell in love that night and she did too.

When we arrived back at Yvette’s house, while nothing was said, it was clear that I would spend the night. Once in the door, we immediately started kissing softly. Within minutes, she led me by the hand to her bedroom. We proceeded slowly, touching each other, savoring every minute of the experience. After a good fifteen minutes, I unzipped her dress and found incredibly sexy black lingerie, bra, panties and garters which I hadn’t seen since I was married. Her body was just wonderful, soft and thrilling and responsive. I just couldn’t stop touching her, holding her, loving her nor could she. We went at it until at least three in the morning. We were both very glad that I had been presumptuous enough to buy condoms!

The following morning Yvette asked me to stay with her for a week so I retrieved my belongings from the hotel. At the end of the week, it was clear to both of us that we would never leave each other. So despite some misgivings from both of our families especially Yvette’s daughter, Kristen, we drove to my home on Cape Cod and I packed up many of my belongings and brought them to Montreal. The trip also afforded my family the opportunity to meet Yvette and all loved her almost as much as I did.

I gradually met Yvette’s large family. A few were suspicious of me and could not understand how I made money. One uncle clearly thought that I was out to get her money but I was friendly with all and became especially good friends with her brother. I still had not met Kristen but had spoken with her on the phone a number of times. I had seen numerous pictures of her. She was taller than her mom, still very slim at 23, and according to Yvette, very outgoing and funny and a bit of a wise ass. Her undergrad degree was in journalism and that is what she was studying in grad school.

Kristen was due home for a month long semester break about ten days before Christmas. As the day approached, Yvette clearly was becoming anxious about whether Kristen would accept me. I loved Yvette so much that I was determined to do anything that I could to make Kristen comfortable. And while Kristen and Yvette talked on the phone daily, I knew that Yvette missed her very much.

Kristen’s flight was due midafternoon on a weekday. Yvette was going to take the afternoon off from work and we would pick her up together. An issue came up at the bank and Yvette almost tearfully called and asked if I could pick her up by myself.

I immediately spotted Kristen in the baggage claim area where we had agreed to meet. She looked much like her recent pictures, about 5’9″, slender, long brown hair. She was dressed as you might expect a college student who was travelling to be, sweater, jeans and sneakers. After a hug and greetings, she suddenly asked, “So, you’re my replacement dad?”

I was more than a bit taken aback but I saw the glint of a smile in her (I quickly understood Yvette’s wise ass characterization of her) and explained that I loved her mom very very much and really wanted to get to know her daughter. We quickly fell into conversation about each other and I realized quickly that she was her mother’s daughter and loved her for it. I also quickly realized the depth of her relationship with her mom.

Once home, we started making dinner together. We continued talking and laughing. I mentioned that her mom had been anxious for weeks about whether we would get along. Kristen decided that at the moment that her mom walked into the house, she wanted to start a fake argument with me. So, the moment that Yvette walked in the door after what we all knew had been a difficult day, Kristen shouted, “you god damned, piece of shit gold digger.”

The look on Yvette’s face was awful until she saw us both grinning from ear to ear. Mom and daughter hugged for minutes. We sat down and had a great dinner and couldn’t stop talking until 11:00 that night.

Kristen’s presence put a slight damper on her mom’s and my sexual activity. We went without our standard after work practice of me undressing Yvette and whatever ensued from there. However, I really liked having her around. After Christmas, I was scheduled to go to New York for a few days. Since Kristen had shown some interest in what I did for work, I asked if she would run some daily computer programs for me while I was gone. She took very detailed notes (as you would expect from a journalism student) when I showed her what needed to be done and I was confident that she could do some pretty complicated stuff. And she even subsequently cleaned up a bunch of files and made suggestions on how to reorganize them.

As we became closer, I was never aware of any sexual tension between us. She always dressed in a very casual manner around the house, usually sweats or jeans. A few times when she went out, she put on make up and fancier clothes but she was not the clothes horse that her mom was.

I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and have seen him perform with the E Street Band many times. Bruce and the band were scheduled to play the Forum a day before Kristen was to return to Chicago. Yvette and I also had a vacation (our first together) scheduled to Key West a few days later. I managed to get three good seats for the show.

Two days before the show, Yvette very seriously said she needed to speak with me. She prefaced it by saying that she loved me very much but wasn’t sure I would or could continue to love her. What followed was a long and tearful story from two summers ago, when Kristen caught her mom and Kristen’s then boyfriend in bed together. The boyfriend was apparently a real hunk who didn’t have a whole lot upstairs. Kristen was on the verge of breaking up with him when the incident occurred. Yvette explained that she hadn’t had a man in her life since her husband died and she just had a huge lapse of judgment. Kristen wasn’t very mad at the time. The boyfriend had left the house, never to be heard from again. I thought that, while unusual, if Kristen understood the situation and the boy hadn’t meant much to her, then no harm, no foul. Just something that probably shouldn’t have happened and, as Yvette said, a lapse of judgment. I knew that her mom would never want to hurt Kristen in any way.

However, there was more. After the boy left, the two had had a tearful embrace and ultimately it became a sexual. Yvette downplayed that part of it but did say that very occasionally the two had continued their relationship, most recently while I was in New York. Yvette said that both she and Kristen were very heterosexual but their relationship was a further extension of the love between a daughter and her mom, especially in the absence of a father. This was a bit harder for me to digest but I figured that I could probably understand it and accept it in time. Certainly it was a little weird and unexpected but I knew how highly sexed that Yvette was and how difficult it had been for both of them after her husband and son were killed and I just loved both of then so much.

However, there was even more. After the brief, one time affair with Kristen’s ex-boyfriend, Kristen had asked her mom if she could someday share one of Yvette’s boyfriends. Yvette still had not had a boyfriend up to that point and had sort of agreed. Yvette at this point looked deeply into my eyes and kissed me. “I really want you to spend the night with my daughter. It would mean so much to me and to her. I know that this may be putting out whole relationship on the line but it would mean so much to me.”

So, it was agreed between the three of us that I would spend the night after the Springsteen concert with Kristen. Yvette set the thing up with Kristen and shuttled information between the two of us. At one point, I took Kristen aside and asked her if this was really something that she wanted to do. She replied that it absolutely was and we had a long, frank talk about her relationship with her mom and how special it was and how happy that both were now that I was in their lives. She ended the discussion by wrapping her arms around me and giving one of the best kisses that I have very had. This in turn caused an instant erection that she felt. “Please keep that in good shape for the next couple of days. And please give it a rest with mom for a while too. I want you fresh! I hear you two going at it every night like rabbits!” With that she turned and walked away grinning. I then noticed how incredibly cute her butt was.

Yvette took Kristen shopping and told me how hot she was going to look. Knowing Yvette, and the way the she liked to dress, I asked her what she was going to wear. Yvette said that she didn’t want to compete with her daughter for my attention and was going to wear an old pair of jeans. I tried to pump her for what Kristen planned on wearing without success.

We decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant before the show. I showered and dressed early and waited for my two ladies. Kristen came down first. She just looked like the perfect slut to take to a rock show. High heeled black boots, black stockings, incredibly short jean skirt, and a tight shiny blue halter top through which her braless nipples were apparent. Very dark eyes, some wonderful dark pink lipstick, large hoop earrings and hair that had been mildly teased. She carried a very short blue leather jacket. I suspect that her mom had helped her with the outfit, knowing as she does what turns me on. And she walked with the same ease as her mom in the heels.

I was dumbfounded at how good that she looked. She took in my profuse compliments and threw her arms around me and kissed me, smearing lipstick in the process. I also received a little squeeze in the crotch. At that point, we heard Yvette’s heels on the stairs. I quizzically looked at Kristen and said that I thought her mom wouldn’t get dressed up tonight. “Oh did she give you the “just an old pair of jeans line”? If you think that I look hot wait until you see her”

Kristen was right. Yvette did in fact have jeans on but they were incredibly tight. There were tight, black leather over the knee boots, a transparent white blouse under which was a white lacey shelf bra that exposed her nipples and makeup that was similar to her daughter’s.

Kristen immediately looked at me and said, “I told you that she’d look hot”

Ever the mom, Yvette took one look at her daughter, and said “You know that your nipples are visible and that top really isn’t appropriate for winter? I hope that you going to wear something over that.

“But mom, I can SEE your nipples. You’re the one who needs to cover up.”

“I’m going to wear my black blazer, ok? And you,” she said looking at me, “How did that lipstick get on your face?”

At that point, both ladies hugged me laughing and I kissed both of them. Somehow, both of their hands found my crotch. I knew then that I likely would have a constant erection all night.

Kristen insisted that we take my ancient Dodge pick up truck. This is absolutely the wrong vehicle for Montreal’s streets but she insisted. She got in on the drivers side before me and her mom got in on the passenger side. This was the reverse order from the few times we had all gone somewhere in the truck before. Of course, Kristen’s legs got tangled in the gear shift which just did nothing to keep her from moving closer to me. Again, a constant erection.

Both girls insisted on making a show of fixing their lipstick in the truck when we got to the restaurant and both insisted that I kiss them lightly. Needless to say, I was glad to have a coat that covered my groin. I had a girl on each arm as we walked into the restaurant. We had typical Mexican fare but the conversation took a spicy turn when Yvette told the story in great detail of how when she was nineteen, she and a girlfriend went to a concert of a band that she refused to name and talked several of the roadies into letting them attend the after concert party at the hotel. After putting on a sex show with her girlfriend and having what she termed one of the all time best orgasms, the two suddenly realized what they were doing and abruptly left. The whole time she told the story, I had one or the other of their hands in my lap underneath the table. I made a mental note to ask her later if the story really was true but it certainly aroused all three of us. Kristen was somewhat shocked with several “Mom, I can’t believe you did that” comments. But one strange thing that I just caught was a look between them where each of them each squeezed a nipple under their coats.

The concert was incredible as it always is. It was warm and both girls took off their jackets. All through the concert, I would get an occasional kiss, hand in the crotch or a brush of a nipple. At one point, I was admonished by Yvette for not having an erection when she went to cop a feel. “Aren’t we hot enough for you?”

Around the mid point of the show during Dancing in the Dark, Kristen pulled out a fat joint and asked me if I’d like some, ignoring her mom. I nodded which brought a look of indignation from Mom. I lit it for her and she took three heavy hits. After the third, she moved to kiss me and exhale the smoke into my mouth in a very loving and erotic manner. I took several hits before looking at Yvette, and after getting an accepting nod, did the same to her. I then passed the joint to her and to my amazement, she did the same sharing with her daughter. I did not need a squeeze in the crotch this time. Our activities were clearly attracting attention from those seated near us but neither girl cared. The weed served to give us more energy and we starting dancing in front of our seats and eventually in the aisle. Of course this included more sexual attention and, at one point several very attractive thirty-somethings decided to join in and gave me a few brushes and crotch grabs.

The show ended as they all do but we were still very energized. The girls still looked terrific after all of the dancing. I drove home as quickly I could knowing what was in store. Once home, Yvette immediately yawned, kissed me and went to bed. I knew that she wouldn’t sleep and suspected that she might get out the Hitachi. Kristen and I drank some beer and then she excused herself. She returned in a blue teddy and held her hand out. She then led me upstairs as her mother had done the first time we met.

We made love. There is no other way to describe it. We did not fuck, we did not engage in oral sex, we did not get laid. We made love. For at least an hour. Despite all of the sexual tension that had existed since dinner, it became one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I entered her almost immediately and we just started moving together. Yvette had agreed that that was not a need for a condom. Kristen is multi-orgasmic like her mom but was completely under control throughout unlike her mom. It ended with both of us climaxing together, the contractions of her orgasm creating mine.

We both starting stirring about 8 the following morning. Kristen starting again with the tittie brushes and lightly teasing my penis. The aroma under the sheets from our mixed emissions was indescribable. However unfortunately my bladder desperately needed to be emptied. Kristen made me promise that I would be right back for “sloppy seconds” and slyly put her fingers up her pussy and then into my mouth. That served to make me quickly go down on her to see how good it would be. But nature was calling and I had to interrupt our fun for a few minutes.

Yvette’s door was closed as I tiptoed to the bathroom. However there was a lingering unpleasant smell in the bathroom that most folks make in the morning so I knew she had been up. In fact, she opened the door when I was in mid stream which caused me to stop. An open bathroom had not been part of our relationship until now. She was wearing my favorite short silky black nighty and I could still smell her perfume from the previous night. “I always wanted to try this” she said as she moved behind me and grabbed my penis. I tried to explain the physical impossibility of peeing with an erection and after a few minutes she sat on the bathtub and asked how it had gone with Kristen. A little embarrassed, I told her that it was very pleasant and refused to provide details. When I finally was able to pee again, she gently held by dick and directed the stream into the bowl.

After shaking every droplet from me, she gently washed just the head and went down on me. I knew that she wanted to enjoy her daughters scent as well as pleasure me. After I brushed my teeth, she led me by my cock back to our bedroom. I tried to explain that I had promised to go back to Kristen’s room for sloppy seconds but she would have none of it. “The deal was just one night with her, and in case you haven’t noticed, it is now broad daylight.” She was clearly in control and I couldn’t argue. And either way, I was going to win. Once in the bed, she pointed at her pussy. When she does that, I know that she wants me to go down on her. I saw the Hitachi on her bed and confirmed by her scent that she must have made heavy use of it overnight. After just a few minutes, I had three fingers in her and she was on the verge of a very hard orgasm, when we were interrupted.

“MOM, he was supposed to come back to my bed. I don’t believe that you stole him like this.” We both were startled and I pulled my fingers from that soft wet place and tried to cover up. I just couldn’t believe what happened next. Kristen got on the bed and swung her leg over her mom’s face. Since Kristen was facing away from me and Yvette’s face was obviously buried, I couldn’t see either of their expressions. The body language, however, told the tale. Kristen was on all fours as her mom lapped away. There was significant sloppy seconds on Yvette’s chin. I resumed my duties going back down on Mom. Yvette very quickly exploded in an enormous orgasm, the likes I have never seen from her. She shook initially followed by intense writhing followed by at least three minutes of vaginal contractions during which she wouldn’t let me touch her clit. Kristen lifted off her mom slightly and we both watched her complete pleasure. Once Yvette came down, Kristen again planted her pussy on Yvette’s face. I just sat there lightly stroking myself and watched. Soon Kristen started breathing very heavily and started screaming repeatedly “Oh Shit, oh shit, Mom, oh god, oh just like that, oh, oh ah shiiiit” and simply exploded like I have never seen anyone do before. Kristen clearly won the noise contest!

The three of us lay in bed with me in the middle talking and laughing. I don’t think that any of us ever dreamed something like this would occur. But spontaneity is often best. We knew that Kristen had a 5:00 flight and we all started to get up when Kristen suddenly looked at me and said “You never got your sloppy seconds did you?” Mom agreed and said “I don’t think that this will take much time” as she went down on me. Kristen held me and watched as her mother did her thing. Eventually I motioned Yvette for a 69 as I love to come when I have my face buried in her snatch. Kristen then surprised us again and slid a finger up her mom’s snatch and once lubricated, tucked it in to her mom’s ass. Mom suddenly lost all interest in me and again had a huge orgasm. Anal sex was not something that we had experienced in any form.

Yvette had to relax again but Kristen took pity on me and gently stroked me. Yvette looked at her daughter and said “Wow, no one, not even your dad ever did that to me.” Kristen responded “Mom, you mean you have never had a dick up your ass? That’s going to change” With that she positioned her mom on all fours, got some lube and dumped half of the bottle in her hand. While certainly some lube ended up on the bed, Kristen very clinically inserted first one finger, then two and finally three along with the lube up Mom’s ass all the while gently rubbing her clit. When she was satisfied that Yvette was not going to experience any pain, she slid a condom on me and dumped perhaps a quarter of the lube on her hand and started on my dick and then to my surprise my own ass. Ultimately she helped insert my cock in her mom’s ass. The tightness was extremely pleasurable. Yvette and I soon developed a rhythm as Kristen’s very slippery hands massaged us in different places all the while telling us how sexy we were and how much she loved us both. After awhile, Kristen got out the Hitachi and applied it to mom’s clit and then slipped another vibrator up my ass and all hell broke loose. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like this before and we both came as we never had before. It must have been ten minutes before we could begin breathing normally with wise ass Kristen just grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time.

Eventually Kristen removed the somewhat disgusting condom from my still hard dick. She gave me a quick wash with a facecloth and sat on me. I think that her mom was somewhat oblivious to what was going on. It was clear that Kristen was extremely turned on and just wanted to come. So I turned the tide and applied the Hitachi to her clit as she rode me. Somehow, I take a great deal of pleasure in watching a woman have an orgasm, watching her facial expressions, feeling her body movements. While I again came simultaneously with her, it was secondary to Kristen and how beautiful she looked while in the midst of coming. Afterwards, she stretched out on top of me with my still hard dick still slowly moving inside of her “Not exactly sloppy seconds but I’ll take it. That was really, really wonderful”

At that moment, we both remembered Yvette who was still recovering beside us. She reached out and the three of us all held hands.

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