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Norwegian Wood

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Dark had already enveloped us while the sun continued its slow crawl down the horizon, the red and purple western sky barely visible above the tops of the soaring white pines, the dim light of dusk lacking sufficient strength to penetrate the forest to the dirt road our car bounced along.

The woods swallowed us.

Had I not known the road we travelled as intimately as an experienced lover knows how to please their partner we could have easily missed a turn here or a fork there, quickly lost amid the confusing tangle of logging roads which often mimicked the numerous private trails leading to clusters of lake properties in this part of Minnesota’s north country. But I could have gotten us to the cabin blindfolded. In fact, that’s exactly what I reassured Alicia. She said she was worried about getting lost, but perhaps her unease was more the apprehension of the woods closing around us, choking, suffocating us in the deep, silent blackness. I was only worried about hitting a deer, a tragedy I’d experienced twice before. I’d made the trek to my family’s lake cabin at least a hundred times. I knew every twist and turn, every dip in the road, but it was impossible to predict where and when a deer would suddenly appear frozen in the headlights with glowing eyes like amber coals.

A crumpled front end might have spoiled the celebratory mood of our weekend together, but as luck would have it we arrived at the cabin unscathed. We had packed light so carrying in our bags took only minutes, and then I set about building a fire in the wood burning stove to take away the chill of the late September night. While I methodically stacked kindling and a few of the smaller split sections of dried maple, Alicia took stock of the refrigerator.

“There’s a bottle of chardonnay in here. Do you think it’s okay to drink it?” she asked tentatively, showing consideration for my brother who owned the cabin since our father’s passing.

“Sure. It’s okay as long as we replace what we use while we’re staying here. It’s not a big deal.” I said without looking as I finished prepping the fire and struck a kitchen match on the zipper of my jeans to light the crumpled newspaper beneath the kindling. Satisfied with my skill at fire building I stood and turned around and found, to my great delight, Alicia had managed to silently remove her clothing and was working at removing the cork from the chardonnay with her back to me. I didn’t make a sound myself, instead preferring to watch her as she pulled the cork with a faint pop and poured two glasses of wine, all the while bending ever so slightly forward at the waist, one foot placed in front of the other, giving me a perfect view of her gorgeous rear end.

Not able to resist any longer than a few lingering seconds I closed the gap between us and took hold of her hips in both hands, pulling her against me, my rapidly stiffening member pressing against my jeans. I kissed her neck and traced a line to her ear with the tip of my tongue. As I gently sucked her earlobe I moved my hands from her hips to her breasts, enjoying the firmness of her flesh, cupping her perfectly shaped tits, relishing the firmness of her silky white skin in my palms, gently squeezing as I brushed the tips of my forefingers over her hard nipples. She reached behind to place a hand on my erection, squeezing it through the thick denim and making me even harder.

“What’s this?” she asked, still squeezing, knowing her manipulations drove me wild. I wanted to respond with something clever but my brain operated in a fog of testosterone and all I managed was a groan.

Alicia picked up the glasses of wine and turned to face me, holding out one which I accepted and started to raise to my lips, but hesitated, and instead proposed a simple toast. “Here’s to a romantic getaway with my beautiful, naked fiancé.”

“Cheers,” she said with a grin and we sipped our wine.

Alicia looked deep into my eyes and I kissed her then, setting my wine glass on the table behind her and taking hold of her slim waist, pulling her tight against me. Alicia set her glass down and moved her hands to my shoulders as we kissed, our tongues dancing a passionate tango between parted lips, my hands sliding down her backside to squeeze her fantastically perfect buttocks. As we kissed Alicia unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper, deftly reaching into my underwear, and wrapping her fingers around my manhood. I kissed my way from her luscious lips down her neck and lightly pushed her breasts together and licked and sucked her erect nipples.

Perhaps inspired by our solitude, Alicia’s creative side surfaced and as I moved my mouth from one breast to the other she raised her glass and poured wine down her chest. I pressed my mouth between her breasts, allowing the wine to flow like a gushing rapids through her cleavage into my mouth. Unable to accommodate the flow, wine splashed over my face. Alicia giggled. Equally amused I laughed too and stood to hold her in my arms. It felt so good sometimes just to hold her, knowing I was her protector as much as her lover. It made me feel marvelous thinking about how safe she said she felt in my embrace. The world around us vanished when we held each other.

My throbbing erection, trapped between us, suddenly reminded Alicia that we had some serious love making to do. Without a word she dropped to her knees in front of me and took my hard cock into her mouth, her hands on my thighs, squeezing as she looked up at me, our eyes meeting momentarily as she gauged the reaction on my face in order to confirm her actions pleased me. Then her gaze lowered to the task at hand and I watched in glory as half the length of my cock slid effortlessly into her mouth. She pulled back slowly, working her tongue back and forth vigorously in a rapid side to side motion against the underside of my cock. I gasped in pleasure. The sensation would have made me cum in seconds and I didn’t want to cum already. I pulled back, withdrawing my cock from between Alicia’s lips. “Hang on,” I said, gently taking hold of her upper arms and bringing her to her feet. “I don’t want to blow my load already. There’s something I want to do with you.”

“You can do anything you want to me,” Alicia said grinning devilishly.

I picked her up by her waist and she straddled me as she hung onto my neck. Without any effort my hard-on slipped into her soaking wet pussy all the way to the base, as if it had a mind of its own and knew where it wanted to be. “Oh fuck that feels good,” I said.

“You feel so good inside me,” she said with a little moan.

I bounced her on my rock hard shaft, my hands grasping her ass, supporting her weight as I fucked her. I turned and with my cock still inside her walked from the kitchen table to the bearskin in front of the wood burning stove. I practically threw Alicia down onto the thick fur, hot lust coursing through my veins, my heart pumping wildly with excitement. I kneeled and took hold of her legs and pushed her knees toward her chest.

Alicia’s vagina was fully exposed and I paused a moment to gaze with appreciation at the beauty of what might be God’s most perfect design, her labia glistening with the wetness of her passion, the delicate flesh of her slit, the neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair adorning the works. I hungrily lowered my mouth to her delectable pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the sweetly salty slit between her lips. Alicia moaned with pleasure. I let go of her right leg and inserted a finger into her vagina. She held her leg in place, spreading herself open for me to toy with her however I chose, soaking in the titillating manipulations of my tongue on her genitalia. I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clitoris and she practically purred like a kitten snuggled up to a warm body.

“Oh my god,” she gasped as I circled her clit with my tongue. “You’re going to make me cum!”

I stopped licking her clitoris, not wanting her to climax yet. I still had a plan to follow. Alicia had no idea what she was in for. “Not yet,” I told her. “Trust me.”

I inserted a second finger into her tight pussy and she gasped lightly, her hips lifting her butt off of the luxurious fur we lay on. Then I gently slipped my pinkie finger into her tight little ass and she said, “Oh you are so bad!”

But she didn’t tell me to stop and that was as good as a sign hanging around her neck reading please proceed. I still had on all of my clothes and I paused to remove my T-shirt and jeans. As I did this Alicia started to masturbate, rubbing her clit and grinding her hips in pleasure. I had to stop and watch, stroking my rod as I enjoyed viewing her pleasuring herself.

“Stay right here,” I said as I got up and hustled over to the few bags we had brought which were still in the entryway. I quickly unzipped my travel bag and pulled out a folded hand towel and returned to Alicia, my eyes wide with excitement, barely able to contain my enthusiasm, like a child on Christmas morning caught up in the rapture of expectation.

I knelt between Alicia’s legs and unfolded the towel. She stopped playing with herself and questioned me, “What are you up to?” Then she put her hands over her face in wary anticipation.

“Just relax. You’re going to like this. I promise.”

She looked apprehensive. I uncapped a small bottle of lube and squeezed a glob onto the tip of a demure looking vibrator, not much more than four inches long and only as big around as my thumb. I flipped the switch on the bottom and it came to life with a low pitched hum. I lay on my stomach, nestled comfortably between Alicia’s legs on the thick bearskin.

The fire crackled and popped.

I slipped the vibrator inside Alicia’s pussy and began methodically, slowly using my tongue on her swollen clitoris. The combined sensation was almost more than she could bear and her hips moved so much I struggled to maintain contact with my tongue on her clit.

“You’re going to make me cum!” she exclaimed. “Oh fuck!”

I increased the tempo at which I worked the vibrator in and out of her muff and started rapidly flicking the tip of my tongue across her clit. The orgasm rocked her entire body from head to toe and when all of her muscles tightened at once I was locked between her thighs. Her shuddering seemed to last for eternity.

“Come with me,” I told her as I stood up and offered a hand. I led her to the sliding glass door and brought her outside onto the deck.

“You have a hot tub!” Alicia exclaimed enthusiastically.

“While I remove the cover maybe you could go get the bottle of merlot we brought?”

“Okay,” she said and turned to go back inside.

“Don’t forget the corkscrew.” I watched her slide the door open and was only mildly aware of the cool breeze on my still fully erect penis. The September night air was crisp and filled with the rich aroma of maple burning in the cast iron stove.

I stepped over the six inch lip of the spa and down into the gurgling, 102 degree water. I moved to my favorite seat, the corner full body massage closest to the control panel, then turned on the jets and LED lighting. I changed the underwater light from blue to pink, Alicia’s favorite color.

Alicia appeared carrying a tray. She had our wine glasses, a bottle of Merlot which she’d already opened, and much to my astonishment I also saw my toiletry bag. She’s looked through my stuff and found my other planned surprises. “Oh you didn’t?” I said.

“Oh I did,” she replied.

“You don’t mind?” I asked cautiously. She set the tray down on the deck at the edge of the spa.

“I’m willing to experiment,” she declared with conviction. She stepped gracefully down into the tub and moved to me, climbing on and straddling my thighs, her hands on my shoulders. Alicia’s lips were soft and her mouth tasted sweet like wine. I leaned my head back against the foam seat cushion and let my butt slide forward in the spa seat so Alicia could position herself to take me inside her.

She slowly moved up and down on my cock and I kissed and squeezed her magnificent breasts as she pressed them against my face while reaching for the wine. She managed to pour us each a glass, and we downed them hurriedly.

I rolled Alicia over so she supported her upper body with her arms on the lip of the spa and the water supported her lower body, aided by my hands on her hips, her silky thighs resting on my own as I kneeled on the floor of the hot tub between her legs. I moved my hands to her pelvis, lifting her so her wet ass was above the surface of the water, the pale moonlight shining on her equally pale skin. I hungrily buried my face in her upturned ass, working my tongue up and down the cleft of her buttocks from anus to vagina, exploring her womanhood as I’d never dared before. She moaned softly when the tip of my tongue ran down the delicate divide between her labia and she spread her legs wide to accommodate my efforts. Then I pushed her up and over the rim of the hot tub so her hips rested on the edge of the spa, the water lapping at her thighs. No longer needing to support her, my hands were free to do as I pleased. I spread Alicia’s butt cheeks and flicked the tip of my tongue against her tight little backdoor. Her ass was perfect and I loved squeezing and massaging her round, juicy butt, and I hungrily tongued her asshole and licked her pussy, sucking on her clit and pulling her ass against my face like my life depended on it.

I paused for a moment and pulled a ribbed dildo and bottle of lube from my bag at the side of the spa. I squeezed out a liberal dollop of lube onto the tip of the dildo and used my fingers to smear it over the surface in a thin coating, then pressed the tip against Alicia’s butthole. This was her first time experiencing anal play so I very slowly applied more pressure until the tip gradually opened the tight ring of her anus, then the first rib slipped past, and bit by bit the dildo disappeared into Alicia’s ass.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” she said. Alicia moaned in pleasure as I paused with the dildo completely buried in her ass and gently rubbed her pussy and clit. Then I withdrew the dildo equally slowly, one rib at a time emerging from between her cheeks. I reversed direction a little faster this time and when the dildo was embedded I pulled it out and pushed it back in with more speed. Alicia gasped each time I buried the dildo in her backdoor, and moaned every time I withdrew it, clearly enjoying the sensation.

I couldn’t resist any longer and I stood and slipped my rock hard cock into her tight pussy and began fucking her from behind as I continued to use the dildo in her ass. I hammered her pussy with my big cock, plunging it in and out while working the dildo in matching strokes. My eyes feasted on the sight of her ass cheeks bouncing as I fucked her hot pussy. I was consumed with the animalistic desire to bury my cock in Alicia’s tight asshole, so I pulled my dick out of her pussy and quickly squirted some lube onto the head of my cock, then positioned it against her butthole. I pushed and my cock slipped inside Alicia’s ass and she gasped as her anus stretched much wider than the dildo. I increased the tempo of my thrusts and spread Alicia’s butt cheeks open so I could watch my cock plunging in and out of her asshole. Alicia lifted her hips off the edge of the spa and shoved herself backwards to meet my thrusts, taking every inch of my cock.

She was moaning loudly now and suddenly stood up and bent over the edge of the spa so her elbows were on the deck and her ass was high in the air. I took hold of her hips and rammed my dick up her butt. She cried out and that made me more crazed than ever. Now as I furiously pounded her asshole I slapped her butt cheeks, the bounce of her flesh and the sound of the slaps bringing me to new heights of pleasure. Each swat of my palm against her soft cheeks brought a cry to her lips and brought me closer to climax. I spread her ass cheeks wide and focused on pulling almost completely out and delivering long, full strokes with each thrust, my balls bouncing against her pussy. Alicia reached down between her legs and rapidly rubbed her clit while I relentlessly pounded her asshole full of my rock hard cock. And then she was cumming again and her anus tightened on my shaft. The sensation was beyond intense and I felt the wave building rapidly in my groin. I pulled my dick out of Alicia’s ass and shot a huge load of cum onto her butt cheeks. Then we both collapsed into the water, completely exhausted and satisfied.

That was Alicia’s first time taking it in the ass, and she loved it. Ever since that night she has begged me to give her anal attention, as she calls it. I’m always happy to oblige.

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