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Not What You Think

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My back was killing me by two o’clock. At eighteen I’m in good shape but, Damn!

My sister has a lot of crap!

Some how it’s become my job to move it all.

My dad would help, but at sixty his back doesn’t need the strain. And he’s working on the family barbecue grill.

My two older brothers should be helping but, Tim is away at collage. My other brother, Tom, their twins and mom should be shot, is off in the Middle East getting sand in his bdu’s

Mom and my sister are packing it all up.

And I’m toting a lot of crap!

I’ve made three trips from the rented storage unit today already. This is just the first one from the house.

And answer me this why does a recently divorced woman truly need with all this crap?

She got all her stuff and he got the house. It was in their prenup. The house had been in his family for three generations.

I shut off dad’s truck in my sister’s new driveway. I looked at the house again and was still dumbfounded.

Forty eight hundred square foot, fixer upper on five acres plus… for a single woman age thirty. Who couldn’t drive a nail into a snow bank, is terrified of power tools and hates yard work.

Yep, all kind of logic there.

Mom called it marriage bait.

You know though, she does have enough crap to fill it.

Opening the front door I looked at the Mayan ziggurat of boxes I had already delivered today.

I walked past them and headed upstairs. This load was the start of the stuff she had been using while living back home with us.

Pushing open the door to her bedroom I saw the large four poster bed. A true antique it had come with the house. There was a large king size mattress still in it’s plastic bag leaned up against the wall. I had opened the door and watched as two guys delivered it this morning. All I can say is it’s a good thing I hadn’t been responsible for getting that thing up those stairs. She would have been sleeping her ass down stairs if I had.

I sat down the first box and went for the others. It was as I was putting down the third box that it started to buzz!

Startled I pulled off the tape and opened the box. I figured it might be an electric toothbrush or an old cell phone set to vibrate.

As I moved aside a pile of lacy underwear I felt my jaw hit the floor.

I picked the nine inch long blue vibrator up out the box. It had a little man on the side of it. No! It was an angel! He was knelt down on the top of the thing leaning forward. His wings were soft plastic and were twitching as they vibrated.

I found out how to switch it off after a bit of looking. I was about to put it back when I saw the other one!

Reaching in I pulled it out and to my total astonishment I saw that it was made of glass. It also looked nothing like the other one. This one was short, maybe six inches but it was way thicker in the middle than near the base or the tip. Hell it was almost as thick as a coke can!

“God, why would a woman want this in her pussy?” I asked out loud.

From behind me, scaring me out of two years of my life, my sister answered.

“It doesn’t go in my pussy! That’s what the blue one is for. Now if your done being a perve and going through my things there are more boxes in my car.” She told me hot, her eyes a blaze.

“I wasn’t being a perve, it started vibrating!” I protest. “I didn’t know what the hell it was till I opened the box!”

“Well now you do. Go get the rest of the boxes, Please.”

Severely pissed at the whole damn business I handed her the two things and went outside to where her car sat beside dad’s truck. Damn electric hybrid. Little toy fucking car doesn’t make any noise.

As I leaned in to pick up the box something she had said to me clicked.

It wasn’t for her pussy.

Holy Shit!

I carried the rest of the boxes inside like a zombie. I felt like a steer at the slaughterhouse just after the hammer falls.

Not for her…

Holy shit!

“Hey William.”

I turned towards my sister’s voice. She was sitting on the edge of her desk.

“I’m sorry about snapping at you earlier. I was just really embarrassed by what you found. I didn’t mean what I said and I want to thank you. I never could have gotten all this stuff over here by myself.”

I shrugged. Part of me wanted to be mad but, I was still struggling with the visual that kept trying to form.

Not for her…

Holy shit!

“You ok Will? You look tired.”

I nodded and shook away the thought.

She came over and gave me a hug.

“Well if you’ll help me do one more thing I’m good and you can go.”

I looked over at the four poster.

“The damn mattress on the bed.” I said with a sigh.

“Yep come on it won’t be bad.”

I don’t know what delusional world she thinks she bought that mattress from but that bastard was heavy.

As I drove Dad’s truck home I thought about my sister. Hell my whole family for that matter.

Mom and Dad married late. They both had kids from previous marriages, a real Brady Bunch kind of deal. Dad’s first wife, my sister’s mom, died in a car wreck. The same wreck that messed his back up for the rest of his life.

Now my Mom’s husband, the twins’ dad, well he cheated on her and left or, she threw him out. Depends on how many rum and cokes she’s had when she tells the story.

They met in their late thirties, dated for about a year. That means they were having sex without the kids having to hear. I’m told it was a nice wedding. My sister tossing flowers, the twins as the ring bearers.

They never expected to have anymore children since mom’s tubes had been tied when the twins were born.

Well guess what! The stork didn’t get that memo. Mom gave birth to me at age thirty-nine.

My brothers and sister can remember long visits to grand parents. They had all passed by the time my memories start. Tom and Tim have told me of Dad playing football with them when they were kids. His back hurt him too much by the time I was around.

Yea having older parents can really suck.

The old ford ground it’s gears all the way home.

Not for her…

The image of my sister trying to put that glass thing up her…

Holy shit!

I never had the long brother, sister relationship most siblings have. She was twenty and off to collage when I turned eight. She was getting married before I ever dated. She was divorced before I went to the prom.

I saw the red lights as I rounded the corner. The burning plastic smell of a house fire hit me at the same time I saw what house was burning.

I don’t remember parking the truck.

A policeman and two fire fighters tackled me before I could run into the burning house.

All three were friends of my older brothers. Had gone to school with them. Had been over to our house, for dinner, a many a night. They had called my mom ‘Mom’. They held me till I ran out of strength.

I was sitting on the curb silently crying when my sister’s car turned the corner doing ninety. She skidded the tires twenty feet to get it to stop. She ran towards me then slowed to a step by step halt.

“Dad? Mom?”

I couldn’t talk. I just looked towards the billows of white smoke pouring out all the windows.

We sat holding one another, surrounded by onlookers from the near by houses. They made stupid comments trying to comfort. Like maybe mom and dad had gone some where and would be pulling up any minute. Maybe to get dinner?

I could clearly see the car burning through the garage door.

After an hour the fire was but a smoky haze. The air smelled of damp ash and burned plastic. I know it was only my imagination that smelled charred meat.

I watched the people go inside. It was not long after that when one of them came back out and went over to the fire chef.

An old friend of Dads I saw his face even before he started to walk over towards us. I knew then, I was crying and clinging to my sister before he even spoke.

The insurance on the house, plus Dad’s life insurance, came to a large sum. My sister was executor of the estate. She handled all the details while I existed in a zombie like state.

At the funeral I saw my brothers again for the first time in a few years. For once the twins didn’t look alike. Tim now had glasses and had grown out his hair to a pony tail mom would have hated. Tom wore his dress uniform. He was tanned a dark brown and his hair was high and tight. He looked skinny. Like all the fat had been cooked off him under the desert sun.

I’ve always been closer to them than to my sister. Not as much distance in age maybe. It was their words that brought the most comfort to me.

I didn’t know it at the time of course… but, that was to be the last time that I would see them alive.

Six weeks latter Tom was shot in the chest by a sniper in some piss ant little town in Iraq.

Tim died of a heart attack. From the coroners report it was to the second that his twin had died.

The day after the fire I moved in with my sister. It didn’t take long to move. All I had were the smoke smelling clothes I had on my back.

When news of our brothers came… I lost it! Somehow she kept it together. She managed to get through it with her sanity intact.

Wish I could say the same. I must hide it well though. They didn’t lock me up.

Part of me wishes they had.

I began to twist inside to try and fill the lost voids in me. I would find myself thinking and doing things that were just plain weird.

Some of them were just plain sick.

I also began to hurt myself in ways that didn’t show.

The pain helped to forget about other pains.

One of the things I did was troll into the sicker side of the Internet. Into dark places where dark thing hide. I saw the things no one should see.

Late one night I was sitting half looking at a site, It was full of wild things, twisted things.

I heard a moan. I reached down to turn down the volume, then I realized it was already muted.

I got up and went to my door. Opening it I looked down the hall towards my sisters room.

I heard the moan again.

I went on silent feet to her door. The doors in this old house don’t close well. They would sometimes pop open just a bit. Her’s had done this.

I put my eye to the side of the door and looked into her room.

My sister lay naked on her big four poster bed. I could see every thing! My god she looked good. I could hear a light humming sound and her hand was pumping slowly between her legs.

Her head was laid back in the deep pillows, her eyes closed and she was uttering deep throaty moans of pleasure.

As I stood there watching, I felt my self harden. I pulled back a bit when I saw her move. Looking back I saw she was now facing away from me her ass towards the door. I watched her hand come around to her back.

I saw the light glitter off glass!

My mouth dropped open as I watched her slid it into her ass.

“Uhh! Oh god yes.” She moaned.

My hand went into my sleep pants. My cock felt like a lead pipe in my fingers.

As I watched her she pumped the glass toy into and out of her ass. She would groan as it went in then shudder and sigh as she pulled it out.

I must have watched her for ten minutes till she brought herself to orgasm.

There was cum running down my leg long before then.

I got back to my room and dropped onto the bed. My cock still hard, I pulled it out and I began to pull on it as hard as I could.

I made myself cum till I couldn’t get hard. Five, six times maybe? I lost track. Every time I thought that I could get some sleep the image of my sister with that toy up her ass would pop back into my head. Her moans as it entered her!

My god I would be hard again! I stayed hard several times even after I thought I was done.

My cock felt raw by morning. I finally gave up on sleep and went down stairs.

Sitting in the kitchen I was a wreck. I was sipping my way through a second pot of coffee, when I heard her start to move around. When she came into the kitchen my eyes went to her ass as she opened the door to the refrigerator.

I noticed then that my foot was tapping a hole in the floor. When I stopped she looked over at me.

“You ok?” she asked her face scrunching up in concern.

I shook my head. My foot went back to tapping.

“What’s wrong?” she asked softly.

I shook my head again.

She came over and tried to take my hand. I pulled it away from her.

“What is it?” she sat down looking at me

“Please talk to me.” She said after a moment when I didn’t answer. “You can tell me anything.”

She sat there looking at me, pleading me to talk with her eyes.

“You wont like it.” I told her.

She smiled.

“Anything.” She made the word into one long breath.

I took a deep breath.

“I heard you last night.

She blushed. She took a deep breath about to speak, but I didn’t let her.

“Then I saw you. Your door was open.”

Her jaw dropped. She went scarlet. I saw her trying to speak several times. Finally she picked up her glass and took a long drink of her orange juice.

She sighed.

“Well I said anything. Ok. Well. All right you watched me masturbate. Ok. Well I guess… it’s a good thing I didn’t know you were there. I might have died of embarrassment… I may still. Well ok… you want to talk about what you saw?”

I looked up at her I could see she was serious.

“You looked beautiful.”

She smiled ruefully.

“Well thank you. Knowing that my kid brother finds me beautiful when I’m buck naked and stuffed with dildo’s does my ego a world of good.” She chuckled softly.


She reached over and took my hand.

“Don’t be. We all do it after all. I’m sure to a young man a naked woman playing with herself was something incredible to see.” She sighed then looked up at my eyes. “Well did you get hard?”

I nodded.

“And?” she tilted her head slightly to catch my down turned eyes.

“I had to play with myself.”

She nodded.

“Ok… a bit sick but ok. Well I don’t know what to say. Got any questions? Have you ever seen a woman naked? Are you virgin?”

“I thought you wanted to know if I had questions.” I said looking up.

She chuckled.

“Yea I did. Sorry. Any questions?” she reached over and patted my hand.

I swallowed. There was a lot of them but, at that moment I figured answering hers would be easier than asking mine.

“No I haven’t. Seen a woman naked before.” I looked down at my hands. “And yes I am. A virgin.”

She patted my hand again. It was clearly doing something to calm her nerves. What her touch was doing to me is another matter.

“Ok. Well that’s ok. I was about your age when I lost mine so… you’re still running about average.” She looked up at the clock. “Shit. I’ve got to go get ready for work. When I get home we’ll talk some more. Ok?”

“Sure.” I answered relieved she’s leaving.

I watched her go back up stairs. When she came back down in a bit, she was dressed in the business conservative look she always wears. The top buttons were undone to show a good amount of cleavage. Marriage bait.

I was watched from the doorway as she drove away. Closing the door I went back up to my room. I sat in front of my computer just starring at the screen.

I typed in a search.

For the next hour I watched an ever increasingly harsh collection of anal porn videos. I saw women being….

I was harder than a Chinese algebra test when I got up. I went down the hall to my sister’s room in a kind of daze.

I crawled onto her bed. I could smell her on the sheets. I noticed that the middle of the bed was damp. I leaned down smelling this place, then buried my face in the wet scent. Sitting up I started opening drawers. By the bed I found the toys.

I brought them out and smelled the blue one.

Laying it to the side I stripped out of my pants and shirt. Laying naked on the spot where she had ‘masturbated” to use her words. I took hold of my cock. Pulling hard I didn’t care how sore I was. I cried out in pleasure.

Opening my eyes I saw the glass toy lying on the bed beside me. The other one didn’t interest me. I picked it up and ran it across my chest. It was cool and silky feeling. Pulling even harder on my cock I slid the toy around to my ass. I centered it up on myself and started to push in.

“Oh fuck!”

The pain was horrible. I pulled it out as quickly as I could.

My hard on died in my hand as I lay there panting. I felt more than a little nauseous.

Lying there with the scent of her surrounding me I again pictured my sister. Then all the women I had seen online. The size of the things they put into themselves dwarfed this little glass toy.

I tried again.

“Oh god!”

Picturing how easily it had gone into my sister I pushed harder.

“Oh Fuck!”

It popped into me! Felt like I had a tree inside me!

I had to get it out!

“Oh dear god. Oh fuck.”

Pulling on the base the thicker middle section seemed like to was going to rip me open. My screams were echoing off the walls as I finally pulled it free.

Tears running from my eyes and gasping for breath I rolled over to get up.

And saw my sister standing at the door.

She looked like she would never get her jaw to close again. Ever.

Finally she shook her head and walked into the room.

“Well I guess fair is fair huh.” She sat down on the corner of the bed. “You saw me, now I’ve seen you.”

I couldn’t say anything. I lay there trying to cover myself.

“Not much point in that.” She looked in my eyes. Reaching down she picked up my shirt and tossed it to me. “Here then,”

I lay the shirt across my flaccid self.

“Now.” She took a deep breath. Reaching over she picked up her blue toy. “I know Mom must have at some point told you that sharing toys was the right thing to do, but not like this.”

I chuckled. Fuck even laughing hurt.

She picked up the glass toy with two fingers near the base. She held it out from her and put it back in the drawer.

“Clean that up in a bit ok?”

I nodded. I wanted to reach around to my ass.

“Sore?” she asked with a grin trying to peek out.

I nodded.

She laughed.

“Did you not Think… something like that would hurt?”

“But you can do it.” I told her hotly. “I saw you!”

She nodded.

“Now. I promise you it’s not a quick thing to get use to. The first couple of times I was penetrated back there it hurt like hell.” She said looking me in the eye.

I sat silent for a second.

“Why did you keep doing it?”

She sighed and looked down at the bed.

“Because I loved the man who was doing it. I thought he loved me too. I was wrong about that. The next guy taught me what gentle could be like.”

“Your husband?”

She shook her head.

“No, he hated the idea of anal sex. Considered it disgusting. He’s the reason I have that toy.” She looked towards the drawer by the bed. “By the end of our marriage the other one as well.”

I sat quite trying not to flinch when my ass throbbed.

“Ok.” she nodded. “Alright. Well. Look I… I can’t have you in my room doing this ok? Really the idea of incest is not a turn on for me at all. If you have that idea in your head little brother… give it up. The fact that I know you will be masturbating while thinking of me is disturbing enough as is.”

I nodded. I have to admit to being disappointed. Having seen her in a sexual heat I wanted more. I could still smell her scent coming up off the sheets.

“Ok tomorrow we are going to go do two things.” She took a deep breath and at that moment noticed she was holding her blue toy tightly. She leaned down and put it back into the drawer.

“Take me to the sanitarium. Lock me in the sanitarium.” I asked as the toy disappeared.

She chuckled.

“The thought is there, but no. Where going to a toy store. You’ll use your own… not mine.”

I was about to say I would never do that again but, even at that moment with pain trobbing I knew I would.

She saw the look on my face and nodded.

“Yea.” A hard look came into her eyes. “Now when we are at the toy store if you call me sister I will murder you!”

I nod grinning.

“After that we will be going to see my therapist.”

I looked up surprised.

“Yea. I’ve been seeing a therapist. For the last year. First to help get me over my marriage. Then all the rest. I should have thought to have her see you months ago. I have an appointment tomorrow and I’m going to call her and give it to you.”

“Her?” I ask quietly. I don’t think I can talk to a woman.

“Yea her. Now when I see her next week I’m going to ask her about tomorrow. She may not tell me everything but, if I have to I will tell her all of this. You need some help brother.”

I nod.

“Now for a bit of sex advice, that mom and dad would never have given you. Next time use this.” She reaches into the drawer and pulls out a tube of lubricant. “That’s what it’s for,”

I take it from her and turn it around in my hand reading the label. When I look back up I see the sympathy in her eyes.

“I love you. We are all each other has now. I will do what I can to help you get through this. Not what you may want me to do, but what I can.” She takes my hand and gives it a squeeze.

I look down at her soft fingers.


I look back up at her.

“Get your naked ass out my bed!”

I laugh. Getting up I gather my clothes and leave.

The store was a thing far beyond my experiences. Lace and leather clothes. Plastic clothes. Whips, paddles, fuzzy handcuffs.

And that was just the front of the store. We had to show ID to get to go in the back.

There were two couples in the back already. A guy and a girl, and… two guys.

“Ah just what we were needing.” My sister grabs my hand and pulls me over to the two gay guys.

“Excuse me for a moment.” She steps up by them.

They turn and smile. I feel uncomfortable when they look at me. Given what I had been doing I couldn’t help but, wonder if I might be gay myself.

“How can we help you hun?” asks the taller of the two, the one with the spiked hair.

My sister smiles.

“My friend … has recently taken an interest in anal play. I was wondering if you could recommend a toy that a guy would like. Something I would get might not be right for a man. I understand the anatomy is a bit different.”

They chuckled.

“Just a bit.” Says the smaller of the two. His voice is a deeper, more masculine baritone.

“Well I know women like to be filled but, not penetrated deep. And I can’t stand anything that vibrates back there.” She looks at the wall of toys.

The taller one looks over the selection for a bit, then takes down two boxes. He shows them to his partner who nods at his selection.

He hands them to me.

“One to begin with… one for later.” He says smiling.

The one for later makes me want to cringe.

He takes a card from his pocket. I can see, from the card, he’s an electrician. I was expecting a florist or, a hairdresser.

“Feel free to give me a call if you have questions.” He says with a smile that’s all white teeth.

I just nod. They grin at me a bit, then go back to shopping.

I have to pay for the toys. My sister says she absolutely couldn’t have it in her mind that she had brought them for me.

I have to admit the therapy helped. It got me to stop some of the really insane shit. I came to feel a lot better about what I was doing that wasn’t ‘normal’.

The toys? Well they were a pain in the butt.

I never did get comfortable using the larger one. It always hurt.

Sometimes… I wanted that though.

My sister had all the doorknobs in the house changed. The new ones close and stay closed. They also lock.

She said me having seen her and her me the once was enough.

I silently disagree.

I was twenty when I met Melissa. She was wonderful to me. We went everywhere, did everything together. In fact I was giving serious thought to asking her to marry me.

Then being nosey one day she found the toys. She left and wouldn’t return my calls. When I finally found her she called me a disgusting pervert. She said if I ever came near her again she that she would tell everyone that I was gay.

I left her and went almost straight back to the therapist.

When I was twenty one my sister’s marriage bait finally caught one.

So of course she asked me to move out.

Oh well by that time I was close to sick of her anyway. She wouldn’t have sex with her brother, but that didn’t stop her from being a twisted little cock tease. Knowing I couldn’t help but hear her she would moan, scream, cry out for cocks in her ass.

Sister or not, if not for my therapist, the drugs she prescribed and those damn door locks she came very close to finding her teasing ‘Ass’ raped.

I got an apartment in town. I was working construction by then. Repairing my sister’s place had given me a taste for it. I was in training to be a general contractor when I met Carol.

She was a welder, steelworker. She was older than me by a few years. Maybe closer to my sister’s age. She didn’t pay much attention to me at first.

I can’t say the same about her.

Watching her light a cigar with a cutting torch had first caught my attention. I would see her on first one job, then another over the course of a few months. Then I didn’t see her for awhile.

In fact the next time I saw her was at a strip club. The guys had talked me into going with them one Friday after work.

She was there, still in her work clothes. Smelling of metal and cigar smoke I’m sure. I watched her stuffing bills into a strippers g-string for half the night. I saw her at one point go into one of the side rooms for a lap dance.

I was outside letting my buzz settle down, about to leave when she came walking out. She saw me and grinned. Coming over to me she flipped out her zippo and lit the stub of her cigar.

No makeup, short hair, rough hands, and arms like a wrestler. Smelling like rusted metal and cigar.

Not what I was looking for in a woman.

But yet?

“I didn’t see you inside.” She told me with a grin, coming up to stand in front of me.

She does have a pretty face.

“I wasn’t in a g-string.” I tell her with a smile.

She laughs.

“Well you should have got one on and got your ass up on stage. I would have hung some bills off you.” She was grinning at me around the glowing stub of her cigar.

“Didn’t think you were into guys?” I look over her shoulder at the neon lights of the club.

“Oh didn’t you?” the smile dropped off her face. “So because I weld for a living, smoke cigars,” she takes a step forward and blows smoke at me. “And stuff my check into a strippers ass crack, I’m some sort of raging bull dike? Is that it?”

For a second I begin to seriously wonder if I’m about to get my ass kicked by a girl.

Then she grins.

“Well your half right. I’m like a saloon door. I swing both ways. Girls get me hot guys leave me wet.” She elbows my chest; I can smell the whisky on her. I’m sure she can smell the same on me.

I chuckled with her.

“How about a beer?” she asked me as she sent the cigar to the asphalt. She ground it out under her leather boots.


“Follow me.” She walked over to a dirty truck. It fired up with a deep rumble.

As I pulled up behind her, I saw a bumper sticker on her rear bumper. It read ‘Real women hunt meat!’

“Ok” I said to myself shaking my head.

I followed her about five miles to a house up in the hills over looking the city. It was a beautiful place. All stone, wood, and white plaster. She pulled up in front of the garage and shut down the truck. I pulled in beside her. There was plenty of room in this driveway.

“Nice place.” I told her looking around. “And it’s quite up here.”

“Yep Dad bought this place back when I was a kid. We fixed it up together then he left it to me when he passed a few years ago.” She shrugged and headed for the door. I saw a old pair of men’s boots sitting by the back door. They looked like they hadn’t been moved in years.

I followed her in through the side door and into a very nice kitchen. It was done the way I would have done one. All hand made wood cabinets and black and white tile. The ceiling was copper panels.

Very nice. I looked around nodding.

She walked over to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of beer. Ice cold.

She sat down on a kitchen stool by the backdoor and started undoing her leather boots. With a groan and a moan Carol left them by the backdoor and on socks walked out the kitchen. I followed.

“Grab a seat. I’ll be back.” She told me as we entered into a large room.


I watched her go down the hallway at the other side of the den, family room, living room, whatever you want to call it. I called it beautiful. Hard wood, stone. A big fireplace that would burn real wood, not gas logs. Over it there were dozens of pairs of antlers on little shields. Some were impressive.

There was a TV in front of the couch that could have been seen from space!

As I sat down on a suede leather couch I heard a shower running. It stopped after just a few minutes.

When she came back into the room she was in a T-shirt, sweat pants and bare foot drying her short hair with a towel. She shook her head when she saw me.

“Turn on the TV you twit.”

She climbed over the back of the couch and dropped down so she was sitting cross-legged. She took a long pull on her beer, then started flipping channels. We ended up watching the new ‘Predator’ movie.

I very quickly forgot that she was a girl. She was like hanging out with one of the guys. She would talk to the screen, knew more about the guns they were using than the actors probably did. When my beer ran dry she told me to bring her another as well. When those were gone she got up and came back with a big bowl full of chips and some dip. Plus two more beers.

The next movie we got to watching was the ‘Watchmen’. At one point she went all zombie like looking at the screen.

“Big blue penis, big blue penis.”

I about spewed beer out my nose!

We watched the huge TV like we were at a theater. When the chips ran out she placed the empty dip bowl into the big bowl and set it to the side.

When the Owl and the Silk specter rescued the people from the fire I saw her get quite. We watched them strip out of their costumes and make love on the owl ship.

I felt myself getting a bit aroused watching the slow motion sex. I looked over at her.

I saw Carol take a sip of her beer and slowly lick her lips.

“You know that’s a hell of an idea.” I heard her softly say to herself.

I looked over at her to see if she had been talking to me. My head was a bit buzzed. She turned and looked me in the eye for a second then gave a slight nod.

She sat down her beer and caught the bottom of her T-shirt. It was over her head in a second. Then she was crawling across the couch on top of me.

I swear, it took me a few seconds to catch onto the idea.

Suddenly I was being kissed. Her mouth tasted of beer, potato chips, and cigars. I could smell a vanilla like scent for her shampoo in her hair.

My hands were all over her back, from bra strap to the top of her sweats. Then out over her ass giving it a squeeze.

She pulled my shirt off me and started kissing my chest.


She bit hard at one nipple. Lashing it with her tongue she made me squirm for a second then let me go. She sat up astride me looking down into my eyes. She reached behind her and unlocked her bra.

I saw a metal shine from her nipple for a second then she was back down on my chest. Her lips hot against mine.

I kissed her hard, my hands digging into the muscles of her back and ass. I slipped both hands down her back. My fingers went under her sweat pants across a thong and then I was holding her ass in both hands.

She ground herself against my crotch. I was as hard as the steel she welds.

Carol stood up quickly. I lay looking up at her watching as she slowly slid down her sweats. I saw a black thong go with them.

I was right. I saw metal studs at both nipples; she also had her bellybutton pierced. Looking down I saw a small ring at the top of her, clean shaven, pussy.

“You like?” she asked looking down at me.

“Oh yea.” I brought my eyes up to meet hers.

“Show me.” She said grinning.

I got to my feet and kicked off my shoes. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor.

I was standing tall and hard.

“Oh yea, that’ll do.” She walked past me and knelt down on the couch. She leaned over the back of the couch and stuck her ass up in the air. She looked back over her shoulder at me and winked.

I did not waste time.

Stepping up behind her I ran the head of my cock across the wet lips of her pussy.

“Don’t you fucking tease me!” she pushed back engulfing the head between her lips. I grabbed her hips and drove myself into her.

“Ohh, uhh,onh!”

She pushed back as I thrust inside. Soon she was rocking back as hard as I was pushing forward. We would meet with a smack of skin.

My thumbs dug into her hips as I pushed into her hard. I was panting now, so was she. I looked down and saw he ass starting to shine with a coating of sweat from her back and from my stomach.

I saw her asshole like a wrinkled rose, winking at me with every thrust. I ran my hand from her hip across her ass. I moved my thumb down the crack of her ass.

She gasped when I pushed against her asshole with my thumb.

“Oh and he knows how to push my button too. Oh yes!”

She started fucking back even hard than before.

I slowly sank the tip of my thumb into the warm heat of her ass. With every thrust back she made it go a little deeper.

She was now pounding back against me almost painfully hard.

“Yes. Yes. YES. YES!”

Her ass clung to my thumb as she clinched her cheeks hard together. I felt ripples of sensation down the whole length of me

I buried myself to the hilt and screaming, I filled her with cum till I felt it come running back out.

Panting we both fell to the couch. Our sweat covered bodies hot against one another.

“Whew. Oh that felt good. Mmm.” she wiggled around till she kissed me again. Her lips softer now. “I’m not done by a long shot how about you?”

Her hand wrapped around my still hard cock and started to pump.

“Oh yea I can work with this.”

She slid her fingers over my cock. Her fingers were strong and tight around me. I was slick with her juices and my cum.

“You don’t talk much?” she said giving me a hard squeeze.

“Sorry I’m still a little winded. I also don’t know if I’m awake or dreaming.”

She chuckled.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because stuff like this doesn’t normally happen when I’m awake.” I ran my hand down her damp back to her ass.

“Well here, nibble on these till you wake up.”

Sitting up a bit she put her nipple right in front of my mouth. I saw the silver barbell going through it. Leaning forward I took her into my mouth. I ran my teeth across till I hit the piercing.

Strange sensation. Like taking a bite out of the most tender steak you ever put into your mouth and biting into the fork.

Going from nipple to nipple with her holding onto the back of my head and my cock I soon had her moaning non-stop. I was beginning to think her tight fingers would soon have me cumming again when she stopped.

She pulled away getting to her feet. She grabbed up the remote and clicked off the TV.

“Come on.”

She leads me to a large bedroom. It had a massive California king-size bed. She pulled back the sheet and crawled out onto the middle.

“Lay down.” She told me sternly.

I climbed onto the bed and stretch out onto my back. She looked me in the eye and gave me a slight grin.

I watched her lean down, then groaned when her hot mouth engulfed me. She went to the base in one long slow movement. I moaned as she sank her teeth into me and raked back up to the tip. Her teeth caught on the head and she lashed the tip with her tongue.

After a minute she popped off me leaving my cock shiny wet. The cool air of the room sent a shiver up me. Maybe it was lust? She walked on her knees to the side of the bed. She leaned down and opened a drawer on the nightstand. Then stopped and looked back at me.

“I promise you the wildest night you have ever had. I’ll do or try to do anything you ask for. In exchange for that It’s anything goes. What ever I want to do is just what we do. You ok with that?”


She took something from the drawer, but didn’t show me what. She leaned down over me and places a gentle kiss on my lips. I tried to kiss her back but, she pulled away.

“If it gets to be too much just say ‘I’m a wimp'”

I chuckled. I was starting to feel a little nervous inside but, lust was winning this night by a big margin.

She took my hand and pulled it to the top of the bed. I heard the clink of metal then I felt the hard cold cuff close on my wrist. She caught my other hand and made it go up beside the other. I’m not sure I could have stopped her even if I had wanted to.

Unable to move my hands I could only watch as she went back to my cock.

Her mouth was like being attacked by teeth and tongues. I was very quickly just moaning and hanging on for the ride. I knew that I couldn’t take a lot more of this or, I was going to cum again.

I felt her slip something around the end of my cock and down to the base. She did something I couldn’t see and then I suddenly felt a tight strap around my balls. She pulled it up even tighter.

“Good. Now you don’t get to cum till I tell you to. Here make yourself useful.”

She swung around, her leg going over my head. Her pussy slammed into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and it was quickly awash with a mixture of her juices and my own from earlier. She moaned and sat up astride my face.

From inside her came a slick ooze, like thick honey. Her movement soon had it smeared all over my face. I realize it was mostly my own cum. My mouth was soon flooded with it. Her juices mixed into it made it tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. Like no girl I had ever gone down on before.

Then I felt her lean forward. Her mouth was back on my cock. Sucking hard at me. As she pulled on my cock with her mouth I soon was licking her at a furious rate. The taste at first strange had become a turn on to me. Something about how naughty and nasty it was maybe. Plus her mouth was driving me insane!

Then I felt her hands at my ass. Her fingers spread the ass cheeks open; something hard was pushed up against my asshole.

The toy was small compared to mine. Hardly bigger than a finger really. I wasn’t expecting it though and there wasn’t any lubricate except sweat.

I screamed into her cunt as she pushed it into me. She was not gentle!

“Take it. Oh yes your gonna take it!” then she had me back in her mouth.

I was gasping for breath and her wet cunt against my face was sucking away what little air I could get. Then she stared to cum and my face was awash.

Fuck! I felt like I was being waterboarded with pussy!

And I Needed To CUM!

No matter how hard she sucked or, how hard she drove the toy into me I couldn’t. The tight strap was keeping me from that.

I cried out as she sunk the toy to the hilt in me. I heard her screams as I sucked on her clit. The little metal ring resting on my nose the whole time. She legs first twitched then thrashed above me. Finally she shuddered to a panting weight pressing down on top of me.

After several minutes of feeling her head lying against my thigh. Her hot breath against my balls I felt her start to move. She sat up. I had to turn my head to the side as this closed off what little air I was getting. Then she leaned back forward. I felt her fingers at my ass. She pulled the toy from me with a yank!

“Oh my god!”

“Who’s a little bitch?” she asked softly. I felt her fingers at my cock. She undid the strap on me and I felt a release almost like cumming but, I didn’t get soft or cum.

She turned around on the big bed and kissed my wet face. She reached up and undid the handcuffs. I saw then they opened with a button, not a key.

I sat up next to her rubbing my wrist. I watched her hook first one of her wrists, then leaning forward she hooked the other. She was chained to the bed face down. She looked back over her shoulder at me and gave her ass a shake.

“Your turn.”

If my cock got any harder it was going to split!

I moved around behind her my hands coming to rest on her hips. I looked down and saw her pussy all wet and open. Above it her asshole was a crinkled rose. I moved my hand and went to brush it with my thumb again but, she moved away teasingly at my touch.

Getting my knees into the insides of her legs I slammed my cock into her pussy in one hard stroke. I felt wet juice splatter my thigh as I heard her cry out. I pushed in and out a few times then pulled out. I was dripping wet. I pushed down on her hips making her go lower. I felt her knees spread apart.

I put the head of my cock at Carol’s ass. With my own ass still sore there was no way she was going to tease me. As I pushed up against her I felt her tremble under my hands.

“If you’re going to do that, don’t you dare be gentle.”

I wasn’t sure I had heard that right. My mind reeled.

My cock knew what it wanted though. For the first time it had been offered a woman’s ass.

My finger’s tightened on one hip as I started to push. I held my cock steady as I got the head inside.

“Oh! OH! Oh FUCK!” she moaned under me.

The head inside I turned lose of my cock and grabbed her hip. With a primal sound I drove the full length of me into her in one thrust! In that one thrust I was ball deep in her ass.

My head thrown back in ecstasy, I heard her screams, her whimpering cries of pain, but they didn’t mater just then. Only the hot, tight, warmth of her ass as it held me tightly matter.

My cries began to join hers as I started to thrust into her. All the way out to the head then back all the way in. Harder and harder. Harder and then Harder again! She very quickly opened up and got slick wet. I was sucking air as I pounded into her. “Oh fuck. Oh dear god yes! OH Fuck YES!” she was a constant monologue of guttural sound mixed with profanity.

My breath was coming in gasps and grunts as I tried to break her. With every thrust I tried to get a harder scream from her. I felt like if I could just pump hard enough I could put an inch I don’t have in her and she would make that perfect sound that would make me cum. Denied it before the need to cum was horribly strong in me now.

I heard a deep shuddering moan from her and I felt her quiver inside. Knowing that she had just cum and was still cumming from me fucking her ass was enough.

I dug my fingernails into her hips as I screamed! I threw back my head and howled as the cum poured out of me.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed under me. Shuddering and trembling she slid off her knees to lay flat on the bed and I collapsed on top of her.

Just trying to breathe with my pulse pounding at my temple I reached up following her arm to her wrist. I found the little button on the cuffs and turned her lose.

Sitting up, using her butt to brace myself a little I started to pull myself out of her ass.

She clenched down her ass checks and tightened around me as the head popped out. She screamed out and clawed at the sheets with her strong fingers.

I watched her cumming again in amazement. Looking down I saw her asshole open and red. It slowly closed as I watched and a trickle of white ran down her. Across her pussy lips and onto her thigh.

I collapse onto the bed next to her. She turns and curls up next to me. Leaning down I lightly kiss her red sweaty face. She cuddles into me and lays her head against the side of my chest.

“That was fucking incredible.” I tell her trying to catch my breath.

She gives me a tired smile. She takes a deep breath and winces.

I smile slightly I know that feeling.

“I’ll be feeling you every time I have to go for the next day or, two.” She says chuckling.

” Sore?”

She grins.

“You know I am. You like fucking a woman in the ass don’t’ you?”

“That was my first time.” I tell her brushing a strand of hair back from her face.

She looks shocked.

“Really. Wow. You poor man. Well for a first timer that was awesome.” She grins up and me and plants a kiss on my chest. “However next time if you’re with someone else, you might want to be a bit more gentle at first.”

“But not with you?” I asked looking at her face.

She smiles and shook her head with a grin.

“I like it rough.”

“So I can tell.” I lift her nipple out from her breast by the metal barbell.

She runs a hand down my stomach and caressed my soft cock.

“You need a rest? Or are you done for the night?”

“Just a rest.”

“Oh goodie, but it’s my turn next. Did you like the little toy?”

I nod.

“Still up for anything?”


She turns over and leans off the side of the bed. She comes back to me and sits up onto her knees. She unfolds a long strip of silk cloth. She wraps it around my eyes.

All I can see is blue silk.

I hear and feel her get up. I listen as she moves around in the bedroom. I hear a door open and coat hangers slide on a metal bar. Then there’s more movement then silence.

The first moment I know she is back is when she grabs my hand and drags it to the top of the bed. I feel the cuffs go back on. Then I feel her on her knees crawling across the bed. Her hands catch my ankles and she rolls me up. God she’s strong. I feel a hard pillow, I think, put under me.

Her fingers trace down my thighs and across my ass. I feel her gently rub around my balls, then the space them and my ass.

“So you like fucking a woman in the ass huh? Well now you the woman.”

There is a quick movement from her. Her hands push my legs up by the back of my knees. I feel her finger rubbing some thing cool around my ass hole.


“OH dear GOD!”

She pushes into me as hard as I did into her. It’s hard and cold and larger than either of my toys. Carol spreads my legs and leans in between them. She begins to thrust. I feel bother her hands on my thighs. It’s at that moment I realize she’s wearing a strap on not just using a dildo.

She was a woman who can fuck like a man!

I’m a man getting fucked like a woman.

I moan as she buries the whole length of her toy into me. I cry out when she pulls it all the way out then slams back into me.

I lay there and take it. Moaning with every thrust, I have to force myself to relax and let her have me. It lessens the pain but, gives her control over it.

I feel her reach down between us. She takes hold of my cock in her strong rough fingers.

“Why do I think this isn’t the first time you’ve had something this big up your ass.” she says with a grunt.

I can only nod.

“A cock?” she asks burying herself to the hilt.

“NO!” I cry out she goes back to slow pumping.

“A toy then? Oh you are a naughty boy. Well that means I can do this.”

She turns lose of my cock and grabs the back of my knees. She pushes up rolling me farther up onto my back. She leans in and begins to pound into me!

“Oh god please.”

“Please what?” she asks she reaches down and catches a nipple. She pinches it hard. “Please what?”

“I want to see you.” I tell her nearly in tears.

She chuckles. Reaching up she pulls off the blindfold. I see her flush face as she trusts into me. I look down and see her breasts bounce with each thrust.

Our positions are ironic. We are in the classic church approved missionary position, but the man is the one being penetrated. I don’t think they would approve of the change.

“Better?” She asks me looking into my eyes.

I nod.

“Like what you see?” she asks between gritted teeth as she grinds against me.

“I do.”

She smiles

“I almost feel sorry for you. I’m only getting a little stimulation of my clit from the end of the dildo. It will take me quite awhile to cum this way.” She turns her head and kisses the inside of my leg that’s by her shoulder. When she looks back I see the lust in her eyes. “I’m not stopping till then.”

I feel her hand go around my leg and wrap around my cock again.

“I’ll try to keep you from getting bored.” She says as she starts to pump me in rhythm with her thrusts.

She I find out is right about how long it will take her to cum. She more than had the stamina to keep up a steady rhythm into and out of me. My stomach was wet with my cum and I was whimpering at the hot pains radiation out from my ass long before she starts to moan. Her pace starts to quicken.

I feel her fingers clutching at my thighs. I know I will have bruises in the morning from them. She already has some on her hips from my hands.

“Oh fuck. Oh Fuck OH FUCK ME!” she cums screaming and thrusting. I gasp for breath and cry out at every thrust. I’m trying to catch my breath as I feel her shivers through the length of the toy.

Carol falls to the bed beside me. The toy is torn from my ass when she does. The air that rushes in before I close up is wonderfully cool.

I feel her sweaty body lying next to mine. I would take her into my arms but for the handcuffs. Looking up I see they have scraped and bruised my wrists without me every noticing them doing it. I look down and see her looking up at my face.

She grins tiredly and licks her lips. She leans her head down and licks a trail, through the cum, across my stomach, chest and then our lips meet. Her kiss is soft and gentle. Her mouth tasting of my cum again. She pulls up away and looks down at my face.

“That was intense. Never met a guy who would let me do that before.” She grins.

“I’ve never met a woman who wanted to do that to me.” I say smiling back

“Marry me.” We both say together.

Laughing we kiss again. She reaches up and uncuffs me from the bed. Slowly painfully I get up. We shower together having to each half hold up the other. We curl up in bed together. The sheets reek of our lust but, we are both way to worn out to change them. Beside the bed is big enough we can sleep away from the large wet side of the bed.

In the morning we made love gently. Slow kisses, soft caresses. Neither capable of anything else. I move my stuff in later that day.

My sister disapproves of her. My sister’s new husband is intimidated by her.

Carol want’s to fuck them both.

I want to watch.

“Ok so…I’m bat-shit crazy!” shrug.

Where did I leave that therapists number?

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