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New Tricks

Category: Anal Sex
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All he could think about was her ass. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out, and her pussy had provided him more pleasure than most men could only dream about in a lifetime. But he couldn’t stop thinking about her asshole, that sweetly puckered opening, so tightly closed, so vulnerable. What was wrong with him?

Christ, Kelly even put out at least three or four times a week, still, after fifteen years of marriage. Robert didn’t have much to complain about, and he certainly didn’t have a right to demand much more. Did he?

He’d tried to assuage his curiosity with porn. Kelly didn’t care if he watched porn—see, yet another amazing thing about his wife!—and he indulged on occasion. He’d visited all the ass-sites he could find—Ass Traffic, Anal Hell, Ass Stabbin’, you name it—thinking, hoping, it would ease his hunger to experience it all first hand. Instead, watching women spreading open their cheeks, taking a lubed up finger and then a well-oiled cock up that tight hole—seemed to have increased his need.

Not good.

They had sex pretty much whenever he wanted to—she was very compliant, but never in a bored sort of way. She was always eager to please, and had indulged a great many of his fetishes over the years, including a foray into bdsm and another into a rape sort of fantasy. The woman was amenable to almost anything—except anal, apparently. But still, he couldn’t stop fantasizing about it, and it was always worse during sex.

“Please, Kel?” He murmured, having already wetted his finger, his cock a steel rod in her pussy from just looking down at the tight rosebud of her asshole. He loved her on her hands and knees like that. “It’s just my finger.”

She sighed, her shoulders slumping on the bed. But still, he pressed onward, sliding his wet finger over her fluted flesh, teasing the hole. The wrong hole, she would say. Christ, that was hot. He loved watching it tighten whenever his finger got near. Somehow her refusal made it even more sexy. God, what was wrong with him?

“Rob, come on.” She glanced over her shoulder, pulling her dark hair away from her face. He knew the look—but he couldn’t help himself. “We’ve talked about it.”

“It’s so hot, baby.” He probed a little, making her gasp. “It turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Well, it doesn’t turn me on.” She pouted—she was incredibly beautiful and sexy when she pouted, and he almost gave up—but his fingertip was almost inside, her asshole contracting, as if it were trying to push him out, and that made his cock swell to monstrous proportions. It made him want to come. God, if he could just slide the tip of his cock inside of her… just the tip…

“Just give it a chance,” he begged. He knew he was begging. He didn’t care. Her pussy squeezed him every time she tried to press his finger out of her ass, and the sensation was incredible.

“No!” Her tone changed and he winced. “It hurts!”

He sighed, slowly withdrawing his finger and muttered, “It can’t hurt that much.”

“Goddamnit, Rob!” Her eyes flashed, and she turned on him in an instant, pushing him down onto the bed, spread-eagle. Shocked, he watched her shove his thighs open with her palms, her finger probing—Christ, what in the hell was she doing!?—between his ass cheeks. “You want to know what it feels like? Huh?”

“Kel—” Any words disappeared when she plunged a finger into his ass—no warning, no buildup, just a straight shot in. He gasped, eyes wide, his cock spasming at the sensation. It was foreign—wrong…all kinds of wrong. He wanted her to stop, but she wasn’t hearing him.

“‘Please Kel,'” she mimicked him, her finger working faster. She pressed another one in, making him wince and then moan. “‘Let me put my finger in your ass. Let me put my cock in your ass. Let me fuck your ass. What’s wrong with my pussy, huh?'”

“Nothing… I… oh fuck, Kelly!”

She was breathing hard with the effort, her fingers working in and out of his asshole. “How do you like it, then? How does that feel?”

Rob groaned, feeling something welling up inside of him as she massaged him deep, her fierce fingers plunging hard, his cock so stiff and swollen he thought he might burst. He grabbed it to keep that very thing from happening, but he couldn’t stop it. He was going to come.

“Huh?” Kelly growled. “How do you like it, Mister?”

“Ahhhh fuck, I love it!” he cried, his cock exploding in his fist, the first hot spurt of his cum hitting her surprised cheek, the next landing on his balls and sliding wetly down toward her pumping fingers. He shuddered uncontrollably, the pressure of her fingers buried in his ass forcing more cum than he thought humanly possible from the tip of his cock, across his belly, over his thighs.

Kelly stopped, her face frozen in shock. Then she laughed. “Well goddamnit…”

He groaned when she moved her fingers, sliding them slowly out. “God, that was so fucking good. Oh hell.” He took a shaky breath, looking down at her bewildered face. “Want to do that again?”

“So much for teaching you a lesson,” she snorted, shaking her head in disbelief.

“I guess.” He chuckled. “But apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks…”

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