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A Pie at Work

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My name is Pete Smith and most people would describe me as a fairly normal guy. I am aged 35 and presently single. I am of medium build and not too fat, not really handsome but also not ugly. Most people would look at me and think I was an average type of happy go lucky guy. I work long hours doing night shifts on my own as a security guard in a large building full of admin offices for a large multi national company.

It’s not a really thrilling existence, but looking at CCTV monitors for hours and hours during the night and patrolling the building does pay the monthly bills. The job does have one interesting perk though – I do get to use the Internet.

One night a few weeks ago when I came in to work my night duty shift and handed over from the day shift I settled down in front of the bank of monitor CCTV screens and checked my emails on the computer system. There it was quite unexpectedly an email for me from a Ms Anne Symonds.

The email read as follows:

Dear Mr. Smith,

It has recently come to my attention during some regular IT maintenance that you have been using the companies computer system inappropriately. In order that we may deal with this matter it will be necessary for me to carry out further investigations.

Taking in to account that the nature of your work is completed during a night shift I am prepared to meet with you within your duty hours to further investigate this matter.

I would thus be grateful if you would attend a meeting with me in room CP102 at 10.30pm on 14th November. I will be interviewing another person on that date prior to meeting with you, so would be grateful if you would wait in the reception area until I am available.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Anne Symonds. (IT systems).

This unexpected email frightened me. I did not know who Anne Symonds from the I.T. department was, but I knew that I could possibly be in big trouble. I presumed that it had been found out that I had been downloading porn from the Internet. I remember somewhere reading rules as to use of the company’s computers, but had never paid them much attention. Everyone else used the computer for porn but as far as I knew no one had ever before been told off or got into trouble for it. I was frightened that I would be made an example of, or even lose my job.

When 14th November approached I came in to work full of trepidation and fear as and I knew that this could be the last shift that I ever worked. I carried out my routine tasks and duties until slowly the hands on the clock moved towards10.30pm. As the hour of 10.30 pm approached I made my way up to the first floor and the room CP102, as had been instructed in the email, and waited in the reception area.

I sat waiting in the comfortable reception sofas with nervous anticipation and sweaty clammy palms. At 10.35 pm a smartly dressed man man in a suit who looked about 45 came briskly out of the office and headed directly for the lift. A moment later a ladies voice then called for me to come in. I slowly walked in to the office across the sea of luxurious carpet towards her desk. She motioned for me to sit down. I finally sat down facing Anne Symonds. She looked as if she was aged about 40 and was quite pretty in a plain sort of way. She had well groomed black shiny hair that was cut short and swept back. She wore a plain business like white blouse over her ample chest, and from what I could see of her from behind the large desk a black pleated skirt.

‘Do you know why you are here?’ she said. I thought I might try and bluff the situation out and replied ‘no I’m sorry, I’ve no idea why you have called me here tonight.’ However, she carried on by saying ‘last week when I was doing some routine maintenance on your computer I found an interesting folder on your hard disk. Do you know which one I might mean?’

I knew what she could have found as I had been downloading stories and pictures for ages from the Internet, but I was not going to openly admit to that and tell her.

She went on and said ‘it was the folder called ‘Pete’s stuff’ and it was full of downloaded stories and pictures from the Internet about cream pies and sloppy seconds. I found it rather interesting. I didn’t know what a cream pie was until I opened and read your folder.’

I openly blushed and became very bashful as she told me what she had found on the computer. I knew that one of my private fantasies had been seen and read by another person.

‘So Pete’ she said. ‘You are probably aware that the use of company computers for this type of thing is totally prohibited.’ It was pointless trying to wriggle out of this so I replied bashfully ‘yes Miss’. ‘I could have you sacked for this indiscretion’ she said. ‘However as I am a decent, reasonable person I have decided to give you another chance on the condition that you do something for me in return.’

I wondered exactly what she meant by having to do something for her and inwardly I heaved a great sigh of relief as I realized that I wasn’t going to lose my job. ‘What do you want me to do?’ I asked.

‘Come here’ she said ‘come over to my side of the desk by me.’

I slowly moved round wondering what this was all about and what on earth she wanted me to do, but realizing at the same time I didn’t really have any choice in the matter. As I walked round to her side of the desk she said in a very husky authoritarian voice ‘now get down on your knees on the floor in front of me.’

I reluctantly did as I was told and although it felt really strange I obeyed this lady and dropped to my knees in front of where she was sitting on a small black swivel chair. She leant forward towards me and in a voice that was barely a whisper she then said ‘I’ve just been fucked on my desk and I’ve got a lovely thick, sticky mess in my pussy that’s going to need cleaning up.’

In a flash I suddenly realized then what she wanted me to do. ‘I can’t do that’ I said. ‘Why not?’ she retorted.’ I stammered ‘its nasty and messy and a fantasy is always different to reality.’ ‘You will clean me up’ she said ‘you will swallow the fresh sticky sperm out of my pussy until I come, or you will lose your job.’

At that moment I knew there was no way out of this situation. She had me exactly where she wanted me. I had to do as she wished as if I didn’t I would be out of a job. And anyway it could have been worse, instead of being sacked I was being asked to fulfill one of my fantasies of licking out another man’s come from a freshly fucked pussy.

As I sat on the floor in front of her behind the desk, she slowly and provatically hitched up her black skirt until it was round her waist. My heart almost skipped a beat as the lace of her black stocking tops was brought in to full view. The stockings framed the smallest pair of expensive looking red silk and lace panties that barely covered her pussy. I could see black pubic hairs poking out over the top of her panties, but looking closely below could see the neat shape of her pussy lips through the nearly transparent wet silk panties, and she appeared smooth and shaved round her lips. I took in a deep breath inches away from her pussy and inhaled the intoxicating smell of sweat, sex and aroused wet juicy pussy.

In front of me only inches away from my face she slowly slipped down the small red silk panties. As she pulled them away from her smooth pussy lips a few strands of white sticky come came away with them bridging the gap between panty and pussy flesh. She moaned quietly and slowly spread her legs in front of me.

As she spread her legs in front of me her shaved pussy lips fully opened up and I saw, and smelt, for the first time the extent of the fresh sticky juicy mess clogging the inside of her pussy. There was also a sticky matted mess in her black curly pubes above her wet shiny slit. A sticky trail of slimy gooey come was slowly dribbling from her pussy down to the crack of her bottom.

‘He fucked me quick and hard’ she said, ‘he emptied a huge sticky load deep inside of me.’ ‘Eat me’ she said ‘lick all that nasty spunk up from my pussy and clean me up.’

My head hovered inches away from her pussy and I was unsure what to do. It felt as if I did not really want to taste her and eat up her lover’s sticky load of come. Then suddenly as if she could wait no longer she cupped the back of my head with her hand and pulled me in to her. I had no choice and I poked out my tongue and ran it up her smooth slit. She gently moaned at the contact and I tasted for the first time the salty bitterness of a mans thick come dribbling out from a freshly fucked pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and slowly circled her clit tasting the shiny sticky wetness. She forcibly pulled my head further in to her and moaned as I pushed my tongue right inside her pussy. I felt the combined juices from her and her lover coating my mouth and tongue and I swallowed globules of the salty bitter mixture. The more I sucked on her pussy it seemed the more come oozed out into my mouth and down my throat. I glanced up and watched as Anne cupped her breasts and roughly pinched her stiff nipples through the material of her blouse as her breathing became heavier. ‘Suck all of that nasty sperm out of me’ she said moaning as my tongue slithered up and down her smooth slippery slit.

I licked and sucked at her juicy pussy as if my life, or job depended on it. I nibbled on her clit alternating with sucking the come out from her pussy and feeling it slip down my throat. After a while Anne moaned and shuddered, and I felt her pussy spasm on my tongue as she finally came. She released my head and I pulled away from her and licked the final sticky spermy juices off my lips, savoring the creamy bitterness.

‘Thank you, that will be all’ she said. ‘I may have to take this matter further and if further investigations are needed I will email you.’

I was dismissed and I left Anne alone in the office to put her knickers back on and smarten up. I went back to work savoring the great after taste in my mouth of the creamy sperm of Anne’s lover mixed with her own wet juices and wondered if she would email me for a repeat performance.

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