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Saloon and Shirley

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Hot, parched, in need of at least a beer, I crutched into the darkened bar and though the blue haze of cigarettes and reek of days old beer. I was surprised that it would be so busy at nearly three in the afternoon. Maybe everyone else was thirsty I thought. The stool scraped across the floor in a loud symphony of un-tuned instruments. I rested my hips on it then leaned my crutches against the edge of the bar.

“What can I get ya?” the lovely lady asked as I stared at the ample cleavage staring back at me.

I scanned the drinks resting on the bar then looked back into her blue eyes. “Whiskey … up.”

“Hey Shirley!” a man at the end of the bar yelled. She glanced at him with an expression that said to wait a while.

“You’re new around here. I’m sure I’d-d remember you-u-u.” The last word drawled forever in a slow southern twang.

“Jake. Guess you’re Shirley.” I smiled and leaned a little closer to her cleavage. “Nice,” I whispered.

“Let me get your drink, handle Mack down there, and maybe I’ll let you chat me up.” She giggled and walked away. I watched, stripped her naked, and liked what I found.

When she put the drink down I noticed low cut part of her blouse had been rearranged to better show her breasts to me. I also noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Begging to be let out, her nipples pounded the fabric. I was ready to help the poor things. I laughed to myself as I wrapped my fingers around the glass then held it a few inches off the bar then looked deep into the valley.

“Well Shirley … so you’d remember me huh?” Half the brown liquid vanished down my throat. I let out a small gasp and wiped my lips with the back of my hand wishing it were her lips doing the wiping.

“Don’t get many men with one leg in here. You handled those crutches damn fine too.”

“You a coinsure of men with one leg?”

“In your case, probably.” She chuckled nicely. “Get off in ten,” she told me like a woman that was after my body. I was ready to give it to her.

Again, I watched her walk away. I imagined I saw her step over the pile of her clothes she had just taken off. I expected that before long I would get to refine my picture of her naked body.

She smiled as she put another drink in front of me. “For the road, but save your strength.” She giggled and sashayed off. A bolt of lighting jabbed the end of my stump and it jerked in a single wild spasm. I was glad it only did that a few times a year. ‘This had better not be the start of a swarm of them’ I told myself. I chugged the rest of the first glass.

Halfway though the second glass, her hand dragged across my back and she kissed my neck. “Ready for some fun?” The words blew in deep my ear. All the men, maybe a woman, or two, looked shocked and jealous as if they were supposed to be walking out with Shirley. I enjoyed my luck as I tucked my crutches under my arms and left the unfinished drink on the bar. The heat of the blast furnace outside roared past as the door slammed behind us.

“You can ride with me,” I said.

“Just where are you taking me?” she teased.

“Hopefully to places neither of us has been for a while.” I laughed and held the passenger door to my pickup open for her. “Your chariot awaits.” I laughed again and watched her long legs hike one at a time up onto the seat giving me a preview of what awaited me. It looked great too.

I pushed my crutches behind the seat one at a time wondering what she was thinking. I planted my ass on the seat and closed the door staring at her thighs almost completely visible from the skirt hiked up much higher than it normally hung. Her blouse seemed to press more tightly against her breasts and her nipples were more erect. My jeans were bursting as my erection filled them.

The tires squealed as I pulled into the street. “Where’s the fire?” she joked.

I glanced one more time at her. “Everywhere around us,” I whispered.

She nodded and slipped closer to me on the bench seat. Her hand roamed my only thigh and found its way over my crotch. “Hmmm. I see-e-e. Hot damn, hot springs.” She seemed as interested as I was.

It did not take long to arrive at my house – two acres, two bedrooms, and a lot of privacy. I parked in my usual parking spot, turned the engine off, and twisted a bit in the seat. Our lips met. Our tongues had their first taste. Her hand gripped the back of my head pulling my face firmly against hers. Her fingers wildly strolled though my hair. Her tongue drilled towards my heart. I wondered if we would make it out of the truck as my hands made a quick exploration of her body with no resistance.

“We should go in first,” I suggested.

“Just so you go in eventually,” she said talking about something completely different.

I laughed. “Yeah. Count on it.”

She walked just behind me watching as I took each step then planting my crutch tips ahead. “You’re good with those.”

“I forgot, you’re a coinsure. How do I measure up?”

“So far, a ten plus.” She grinned. I noticed she had unbuttoned a single button on her blouse. The left breast almost dangled free. “How do I measure up?” She flipped at the opening in the blouse with a finger freeing the errant breast. She must have noticed my silent gasp. “Guess you like it.” She laughed and ran her hand over my ass and across the end of my short stump. “You must show me your mysteries.” Her hand tugged at leg of my jeans shaking my stump in a circle.

“It interests you?” I begged as I unlocked the door. She nodded and charged ahead and down the hall. “Need a drink?” I called after her.

From the bedroom she mumbled, “Nope. Just you.”

By the time I reached the bedroom, she was sprawled across the bed wearing nothing. Her fingertip circled the erect left nipple. The parting lips of her pussy were begging me to kiss them. “Well Jake, see anything you like?” her voice was soft and undemanding, ready for action but not instant satisfaction.

The crutches crashed to the floor. The large belt buckle rattled as my jeans made their way down my only thigh. “Maybe,” I teased and sat on the bed to remove my shoe and the jeans from my ankle.

“So that’s what it looks like,” she slowly said as her head moved closer to my stump. Her fingers slipped over the soft fleshy end. “Does it hurt?”

I shook my head and pressed her hand firmly. “That feels nice,” I whispered as I massaged her hand against my stump.

“It’s so short. I like the way it looks. The scars are so pale. Have you had it long?”

“A few years now.” I laid back and let her toy with the remnants of my left thigh. My cock remained tall as I looked at her pussy resting just in front of my mouth. I inhaled and breathed the warm aroma. My fingertip touched a piece of the left labia then strolled along its full length. I could her breathing deepen for a moment and then I ran the finger down the other side. “Nice,” I whispered resting my face on her thigh and watched what I was touching. I could feel the attention shift from my stump to my cock, just her fingers. I knew her lips would be there before long.

The dampness drew me closer until I was able to drag my tongue though the dewy crevasse of her pussy opening. I avoided her clit for several passes then teased the bud like piece of skin from its hiding place in the hooded skin. I sucked it lightly between my lips letting it enjoy their wetness. Holding it in one place, I dabbed it with my tongue. “Oh-h yeah-h,” she gasped softly while letting her fingers hold my cock more firmly and her tongue stroke the bottom of the head.

Her hands pulled at my ass until my crotch rolled against her face. My stump touched a cheek and I slipped into her mouth. Her tongue circled the ridge of my cock head and then the wetness of her throat accepted it without gagging. Her hand roamed my stump and became familiar with the textures and feel. I waved it against her palm and she aided the movements. Her mouth came free just long enough to whisper how much she enjoyed the stump.

She was not the first mouth I’d been in and it was clear it was not the first cock for her mouth. She controlled my urge to fill her mouth with cum and kept me on fire. I tried to continue my attention on her pussy, but found myself lying on my back enjoying the sensations. “Sorry,” I cooed. “I won’t forget where I was.” I snickered and her head nodded.

Shirley released her mouth’s grip on my cock long before relief. She pulled at my arms until I lay atop her firm body. The positions of our toes and faces matched perfectly. My cock filled her without resistance and our lips held each other in place. Slowly our parts slipped along each other in a wonderful rhythm. One of her feet rested in the small of my back and our tongues continued to play.

“God Jake,” she drawled several minutes after we finished. With our eyes entangled, she rubbed her nose against mine. “You are-e-e special.” Her southern drawl was back.

“Thank you. Why?”

“I gotta run to the girls room.” She giggled and placed my crutches under her arms. With the left foot off the floor, she crutched as though it were normal for her.

I waited letting my mind flutter with so many thoughts. The toilet flushed and the tips of my crutches against the floor in measured steps brought her back.

“Why?” I asked.

“I thought it would be fun to try walking like you.” She smiled as she sat next to me. Her hand massaged my stump more than my balls or cock.

“I’ve got an extra pair.” I watched her expression for a moment. “We could bind your leg up so you’d look like me.”

“Hmmm.” She leaned down and kissed along the scar a few times sometimes dragging her tongue along it. “Like this? Hmmm.”

“Well not exactly like that.” I giggled and lifted the stump up into her face and wiggled it around. “You might not want all that goes with it.”

“Maybe.” Her grip on my balls tightened and she sucked some of our mingled juices from my cock. “Let me hang around for a while.”

“You’re after me ’cause of my stump?”

“Goodness no darlin’. A romp like the one we just had is rare around here. The stump just caught my attention.” She laughed and whacked me on my hip. The sound reverberated though the room for a moment.

We walked along Main Street in Franklin where my house is, about twenty miles from Roseburg where I found Shirley at the bar. The sun had set and the evening was beginning to cool off. Her hand gently rested atop mine as I griped the rubber cushion on the hand rest of my crutches. I continued to savor her beauty and ask myself why she chose me. It of course didn’t matter.

“You make it look natural,” she said as she watched the next time I moved the large black crutch tips forward. “Did it take long to get the hang of it?”

“Not really. Do you walk on crutches often?”

“Sometimes I sneak out at night, go to another town, you know, and crutch around. Guess it’s a silly little girl thing I never got over.”

“Did you see an amputee back then?”

Shirley stopped and leaned against the brick wall then rested a foot against it a short distance above the sidewalk. Her hands smoothed her dress and she fidgeted slightly as she glanced around to make sure no one might be listening. “Yeah. I was five. A woman at church and her daughter, both of them were missing a leg. They were only at church a few Sundays and I never learned what happened. Both of them used crutches. God, did it ever fascinate me though.” Her hands smoothed the dress that did not need smoothing then she crossed her arms in front of her stomach.


“Guess I shouldn’t talk like that, you being an amputee and all. Did you ever wonder what it’d be like to have a lover with one leg? You know, after you lost your leg.”

“The thought crossed my mind. Not a lot of women ready to jump in bed with a guy with one leg it seems.”

“Guess you found one.” Still leaning against the wall, Shirley laughed and squeezed my hand then relaxed her grip.

“Was it what you expected?”

“I don’t know what I expected. You know there’re pictures of amputee guys on the Internet. I’ve peaked more than once.” She snickered. “You’re much more handsome.”


She glanced around then back at me. “You seemed to know your way around a pussy quite nicely. Were you married?”

“Nah. I used to pick up someone when I felt the need. I even found a few that I considered keeping around. They had other ideas it seems.” I glanced down. “After this, ah, well not many, not any.”

Shirley held the door to Frank’s Steakhouse open and followed me inside. “Some place quiet,” she softly said followed by a lingering smile. We followed the younger woman through the dimly lit establishment to a booth by a lightly tinted window. The gold letters of the restaurant name arched in reverse across the glass. We settled on the same bench and the menus quickly rested on the table. We ordered two Scotches. Our hands intertwined and our lips hovered a breath apart.

“Wow-w,” she whispered. I let her wonderful word wash over me and stared into her blue eyes. “Where’d you come from stranger?”

“Hopefully I won’t be a stranger for long.” I smiled and pecked at her lips. “Moved to Franklin from north of San Francisco a few weeks ago.”

“That’s quite a change.”

“Just trying to forget my past … to get a new start.” I clinked my glass against hers and then finished half in a single gulp.

“And I’m the lucky girl who caught you first?”

“Yup. Insurance paid on the accident finally. Lawsuits, appeals, lots of bullshit. It all took several years. Thought I’d go broke before I saw a dime.”

“How’d you make ends meet?”

I shook my head. “You don’t want to know. I survived though.”

When taken away neither plate contained anymore of the filet mignon with bearnaise sauce. I ordered a single serving of cheesecake with strawberry sauce and a Grand Marnier for each of us.

“Whoa. Fancy, fancy.” She giggled.

“Yeah, I’m just trying to make a good impression, just in case I hadn’t already.” I laughed.

“What do you do with your time Jack?”

I watched her face and her beauty. I sighed and wetted my lips. “Well now that the insurance payment has been made, whatever I want. The house is free and clear, there’s a pool in the back, and my truck doesn’t have any problems.” I felt her hand in my lap and on my stump. I pecked at her lips.

Shirley woke up with me with her nakedness pressing nicely against my back and her hand holding my morning erection. Her lips kissed along the nape of my neck towards one ear. “Morning,” she cooed and sucked my earlobe while squeezing my cock. I twisted around in her arms and nibbled along her lips. Her tongue inserted itself partway across. I could feel her smile against my mouth. My hand toyed with different places and she squirmed in an excited manner.

“Ready huh?” she teased.


“I gotta be at work. A quickie will be fun.” I could feel her pussy absorb my cock willingly. Her radiance gushed over my face as she pushed me onto my back and sat atop looking down at me.

“Not tonight,” she had said as she left. She assured me after work the following day she would be back. There was something about personal business. I assumed without questioning there was a boyfriend. Undressed, I carried my coffee out to a table by the pool. The morning was still cool, something that would not last. I was already missing the cold summer morning fog of San Francisco. I propped my foot on another chair and unfolded the Franklin Gazette. I laughed – only twenty pages on a busy morning. Today there were ten including want ads. I laughed again.

Several sips of coffee and then I hopped to the edge of the pool. I paused for a moment looking down past my waist and watched my stump move. I thought about her comments about pictures of male amputees and how she played with my crutches. Strange I told myself. It was okay I told myself. I dove headfirst into the pool.

“Hey, hey,” she sang as she walked into the house. A small bag hung from her shoulder. “I brought a toothbrush, thought you’d like that.” She giggled and wrapped herself around me sucking my tongue deep into her mouth. She giggled again.

“Nice to see ya,” I told her and closed the door. “Did you ditch your other boyfriend?”

“Hardly a boyfriend. Yeah, good riddance to moron.”

“Hope you won’t be saying that about me someday.” I laughed. “Want a drink? Pool needs bodies in it.” I laughed again.

“Didn’t bring a swimsuit, but I’ll take a drink.”

“I don’t have one either.” I shook my hips at her. “It’s private back there.”

“Anytime I can see your naked body is a nice time.” She giggled and swatted at my shoulder missing by a mile.

I poured two whiskeys and undressed her in my mind. I would never forget her firm breasts. “Did’cha bring your crutches?”

“In the car. Do you mind?”

“Nah. I thought about it some. Nah, I don’t mind.” I looked at her long slim legs dangling beneath her mid-thigh skirt.

She kicked her shoes off and pushed them into a corner of the kitchen. She pulled her left foot up behind her hip and leaned against a cupboard to hold it in place. “Like you,” she whispered holding her hands out slightly as if modeling for me.

“What if I did mind?”

“That would be sad I guess.”

“So those women at church, probably the girl the most, left a pretty deep impression on you.”

She hung her head low and watched the floor. “Yes. Sick isn’t it?”

I moved closer taking a sip of my whiskey. I pulled her chin up and kissed her softly. I could feel her left leg ending at the knee as it rubbed against my leg. “No.” I kissed her again and stepped back. “It’s probably not all that it is made out to be.”

“What do you mean?”

I watched her sip her drink while never putting the glass down, just small sips frequently while rubbing the glass with her fingertips. “It hurts at times and it’s damn inconvenient when I need to carry big things.”

Her foot fell to the floor and she moved closer. Her whiskey-wet lips touched mine. Her hand roamed my body and covered my stump for a moment then she stepped back and took another sip leaving her glass empty. “I don’t want to lose you Jake. Can I be honest about this … ah, um, this topic?”

I nodded and added more whiskey to her glass and then mine. “Sure. I don’t want to lose you either. Hell, one night and it feels different, it feels good, you know.”

“Yeah Jake. It does. There’re a lot of jerks out there. Guess you’ve found a few too.” She watched me nod. “It’s not just that you have one leg either. Oh I won’t deny that helped.” She giggled. “Um, I’ve never talked to anyone ’bout this.” She stammered for a moment. “Somewhere along the way I found that my left leg should’ve been like yours. Don’t ask me why … I don’t know. You know how some people believe their body is the wrong gender? Um, I guess I believe my leg should end in a stump. Does that make any sense?” She swallowed the whole drink and watched me. “For thirty years, since I was five.” She poured more whiskey and sipped a little. “Maybe I shouldn’t be in your life. Maybe it will be too hard for you. I doubt you wanted to be that way.” She sipped more, put the glass down, and walked out of the kitchen.

“Wait!” I surprised even myself at the intensity of the word. She stopped and turned towards me. She shrugged her shoulders and wiped a tear. “Get your crutches. Maybe I don’t understand. Maybe I can help. I don’t know. Give me time. I just know the other day felt right somehow.” She stood in the same place about ten feet from me and watched without reacting. I held my arms out. “Come….”

“Jake….” She stood her ground. “I’ve dumped some pretty deep feelings out to you. I’ve never … nah, I’m repeating myself. None of the people around here would understand. I’ve thought of going to a big city in hopes of finding others. I even wrote to someone who claimed to feel like me. He lived in Germany. I don’t want to leave the country to live. I guess I don’t even know what I’m trying to say.”

My arms remained out. “Who knows where this might end up? Even if we both had two legs and you didn’t feel you needed to only have one, it might not last, it might not even really get started. I’m willing to give it a shot. Aren’t you?”

She filled my waiting arms and rested her face in the crook of my neck. The tears began to wet my shirt. Her sobs grew louder and deeper. I stroked her back and kissed the top of her head. “Not like there’re doctors standing by to whack it off.” Her voice filled with sadness even as she tried to make a small joke. She pulled back and dragged the edge of her hand though the tears. “So I pretend….” She again dragged her hand over her face and wiped it on her skirt then walked to the sliding doors to the backyard. She turned and unbuttoned her blouse letting her breasts be free. She shrugged her shoulders and lifted a nipple towards her lips.

I watched and evaluated my feelings once again. My shorts fell along my thigh and I hopped out as they lay around my foot. “What the hell,” I teased. “I can, ah, you can help me get past some of my issues.” I smiled. “It would be interesting if we, ah….” I sipped the last of my drink and crutched towards her. Our lips locked.

She pulled my cock into position and worked it inside. She looked deeply into my eyes. “This is what matters.” She wiggled her hips until I was fully in. “Yeah.”

The next afternoon when I opened the front door, Shirley stood on the porch with crutches under her arms and her left leg folded under a skirt that ended just past the knee. “I thought you should see me this way. It’s the closest I can come.”

I held the door open and she crutched past me. I watched. Other than a bulge behind her hip, it was difficult to tell she wasn’t missing a leg. She faced me and twisted left then right as she held her arms out slightly. “Well?” She smiled. “What do you think?”

“Even prettier.” I was surprised at myself for being so excited. I’d seen a few women with one leg at the support group meetings, but they never had so much enthusiasm as Shirley seemed to. We crutched out beside the pool and sat in the shade of an umbrella over a table.

“I can only keep it bound up for a hour or two. It really starts to hurt. My foot goes a little numb and gets tingly. Then when I undo the bandages … oh my, does it hurt.”

“You do this at home?” I relaxed slightly as I watched the way the left hem of her skirt dangled over the folded leg.

“Most nights when I’m alone. Guess, most nights I am alone.” She giggled.

“What about moron?”

“Him? Ah, it was just a thing. Nothing serious and only for ’bout a week.” She laughed and waved her hand though the air. “Glad he’s gone.”

“How long have you pretended?”

“Since I finished college. I’ve gone on vacations to other towns and pretended in public even, but never out around home. I’d be mortified if anyone knew.”

“So you, um, are serious about this. Why haven’t you found a surgeon?” I watched her move the right foot and found it strangely interesting not seeing the left leg extending from her skirt.

“You’re enjoying this, I can tell.” She laughed and fondled her knee as she had many times fondled my stump. “I haven’t found a surgeon. There rumors they’re out there though.”

“Have you thought about how much of your leg you’d like left?”

“Ah, how long a stump? That is the proper question.” She giggled and continued to rub her knee. “A few inches … yours is perfect you know.” She moaned softly. “Yeah … perfect.” Her tongue dragged across her lips as though we were talking about wild sex, perfect breasts, hard nipples, or stiff cocks. “Perfect-t-t,” she drawled.

“I think you are about to have an orgasm.” I watched her as my eyes scanned from her head to her toes.

“Oh God, sorry. I get carried away.” She stood and began to unwrap a wide ACE bandage from her leg. Her foot fell and she settled back in the chair to rub her foot. “Ouch,” she groaned. “Goddamn leg.”

“If this mythical surgeon appeared right now, when would you have the amputation?”

“Right now … of course.”

“Really? What about work … what about friends and family?”

“No family, not many friends. Guess I’d find a different line of work if having one leg kept me from tending bar. I’ve thought about what to tell people. Guess something about a sudden health problem. It happens I guess. What do you tell people?”

“Accident. I don’t give any details even if I’m pressed. It’s my business … not theirs.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Good to know. And that works?”

“Crisp, short and sweet. There’re a few that press for details. I just tell them that I don’t want to talk about it and that shuts them up. You’d never have to tell anyone you wanted to have it done.” I laughed and adjusted my position slightly. I pulled my foot up into the empty space in front of my stump.

“I tell myself I need it done, not want it done.” She giggled. “Guess I’m just kidding myself. It does fell stronger than a ‘want’.” She sighed and wiggled her left foot. “My leg is supposed to in a stump, not a foot.”

“Does it make it hard to look at me? Are you jealous?”

“A little … actually, a lot. You have what I should have. The other day when I was playing with it, I tried to imagine what it would be like if it were on my body. I was in heaven. I look at pictures of amputees all the time, but it is nothing like touching you.”

“Just one leg … not both or an arm?”

“Yup, just one leg. I’ve always seen a stump for my left leg and never another limb as a stump. Strange isn’t it that it is so fixed?”

“I guess that means if you had your leg off, you feel ‘normal’.”

“Yeah … normal.” Shirley stood and removed her dress.

Her naked body was perfect – tall, slim, firm, long legs, great breasts. I watched her hand play casually with a breast, not to arouse either of us, just to play. “You’d look great without the leg.” I nodded and fondled my cock.

“Would you give me stump rubs?” She smirked and smiled.

“I bet you could coerce me.” I laughed and continued to picture her left leg ending just below the hip all the while growing more erect.

“Save some of that for me, will ya?”

Each day more of Shirley’s clothes and belongings found their way into my house. I never objected. Each morning her crutches rested in the corner by the bed as she left for work. It did not take me long to discover the same Internet corners she had found where people lusted over amputees. Some groups for men to drool over women, some for men to drool over men, and of course for women about men or women. I’d read the stories and messages; follow links to other corners of the Internet finding people with all manner of interests I’d never imagined. Many interests I preferred to ignore. I’d just shake my head and click on other links.

I had decided to not tell Shirley of my ‘research’. I was sure she’d already been where I was, that there was little she’d not already uncovered. I established an e-mail account just for subscribing to these groups. Each day I’d check my e-mail and find nothing.

I began posting messages hinting at a need for ‘another’ amputation. The replies were lurid and sometimes filled with vile suggestions I was a fake of some kind. It was frustrating and I knew doubly so for people like Shirley. I’d heard enough from her and read enough on the Internet to begin to understand there were others. There was even some research into understanding ‘why’, though no one knew. Most felt there never would be an understanding.

Shirley developed a routine before long. She’d come home, shower, then bind her leg up. She appeared to derive great satisfaction doing things on one leg while using her crutches. I began thinking of her as an amputee. I told her so and she would hug me tightly in return.

“Let’s go away this weekend so you can go on crutches,” I told her as she rinsed the last dish. I hovered behind her and nibbled down her back.

“Baby, you’re going to get me all excited.” She laughed and spun in my arms. The knee of the folded leg hung slightly forward and banged against me. “Oh damn leg. Sorry.”

“I wish it weren’t there,” I said firmly.

“Are you just saying that?”

“No. I know how you feel and I know how I feel about you.” I struggled to not tell her about my Internet activities. “I’d love it if you had it off.”

She sucked my tongue until it hurt. Her hands roamed my head and neck as she rolled her lips over mine. “You make me so happy. It’s what, ’bout two months now. I’ve never been so happy.” Her ‘stump’ rubbed along my thigh. “Someday we’ll find a way.”

The drive to New Orleans was pleasant, the weather cooler for a change thanks to some drizzle. The humidity zoomed in the process of course. We stayed at the Frenchman Hotel in the French Quarter. Shirley faked a limp, bad prosthesis she told the clerk as she held her crutches. There was the usual nod followed by a frown I’d seen so many times. I knew it was good for her to experience the way the world outside of the house viewed people missing limbs. The porter carried the one bag for us even though we could have. It was obvious he felt we could not manage on our own.

The door closed and she bounced on the bed. “I want to go for a walk.” She smiled and giggled. “I want to do something else too.” Her hand rested firmly between my thighs.

“There’s plenty of time for both. Let walk around first. I’m sure that is at the top of your agenda.” I laughed. “I bet a hurricane would hit the spot.”

“Yum. I make them, but this is where they come from … Pat O’Brien’s.” She reclined on her elbows and watched me watching her. “Have you ever been to New Orleans?” Her fingers played with the covers before removing a few things from the bag.

“A few times, only on business. Not for about five years.”

She finished wrapping her folded leg and stood. “Does it look too weird?” She twisted her hip towards me with the foot plastered against it under several layers of girdles.

“Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.” I laughed and slapped at the foot. “Besides, they will only be looking at me probably.”

“Why not me?”

“Don’t know, maybe only at you. That’s what I’d be looking at.” I kissed her and crutched towards the door. “Are you ready?”

The front door closed as Shirley left for work and in an instant, I checked my e-mail. There were thirty-six messages in the junk folder and one in my regular folder. The subject read: ‘Re: Doctor’. My heart pounded and my hand trembled on the mouse. My finger had no strength as I struggled to click the button.

Thank you for your inquiry. We offer a wide range of cosmetic and elective procedures for the discriminating patient. We would be happy to discuss the particulars of her needs, but let me assure you we will do as she requests. Sincerely Dr. Jade Morrison.

The printer warmed up and whirred as the paper fed and the message printed. My mind spun as I ran though the list of things we needed. I looked at the suffix on the e-mail address – Mexico. I read the message fifty times still not believing what was there. Somehow, I’d overlooked the phone number at the bottom of the message. My fingers flew across the buttons on the phone. It was as if I were possessed.

“Dr. Morrison,” the female voice said.

“May I speak to Dr. Jade Morrison?”


“This is Jake Bryant. I just received your e-mail message. I need to find out…” The words flew from my mouth in a torrent.

“Jake, calm down. Listen, I understand EXACTLY what you are asking for. You said it was for a friend?”

“Yes, Shirley Howard. She’s living with me. She’s wanted this for thirty years. She pretends all the time. I need to find a way for her to have her leg amputated.” I wasn’t able to form clear thoughts and flung the words out hoping I was making sense.

“Yes, yes. I understand. Does she know any amputees?”

“She knows me. I have one leg, an accident. We’ve talked A LOT about her feelings and now I support her in doing this.”

“Sorry for your loss, but I’d like to help Shirley. I have a clinic just across the border at Del Rio Texas where I do the surgery. It’s clean and safe. There’s a place to stay until she is ready to go home.”

“Cost, what about cost?”

“Cash. Six grand for a leg with a stump – ten at the hip. That includes room and board for a week, which is usually long enough to stay. Most people are up the next day for a while and ready to leave on the third day if they have someone at home to remove the sutures on the tenth day.”

“When? Do you require some kind of waiting period or observation or psychiatrists statement?”

“If you have a statement, fine. Otherwise, I don’t need it. I prefer to just talk to my patients and make my own determinations. Usually if they contact me, this is something they know they need. May I ask why you are calling and not her?”

“I wanted to surprise her. She had tried to find someone in the past and given up. I was doing some reading to understand more about what she was experiencing and found your Web page. It was vague, but seemed like you might be sympathetic. I know she will be excited and call you tomorrow.”

“That would be the right next step. There is usually not a long wait to schedule surgery, a day or two usually. Next week is quite open.”

“Next week?” I almost screamed. “That fast?”

“Yes Jake. It is important that people like Shirley have the surgery quickly so they can move forward with their lives. She is very lucky to have someone like you in her life. Um, are you going to stay in her life after this?”

“Of course.”

“I’d be happy to do her surgery when she is ready. Have her call me.”

The door to the bar closed behind me. Six men sat in the otherwise empty place. “Hey, what a nice surprise.” Shirley’s voice sounded like she really was happy to see me. “What’s up?” She cooed as she waltzed around the end of the bar and pecked at my lips.

“Aren’t you ready for a break?”

She glanced at her watch. The other hand still held my back. “Good timing. What’cha got in mind?” Her eyes were open wide and the smile nearly as wide. She pecked at my lips again.

I leaned close and whispered in her ear. “Think I might have uncovered, ah, um, ah someone to help you.”

“NO shit!” Her voice was louder than expected but the excitement was clear. She whispered in a soft hushed voice, “When? Where?” She paused and placed her face close to mine. “Tell me.” She pulled me by the arm towards the door.

“Hey honey, I need another beer,” a customer yelled. Two others added their orders.

She waved her hand excitedly though the air towards them. “Hold your horses!” The door was almost open when she stopped pulling on my arm. “I guess I need this damn job. Don’t I?” She looked at like there was something I could do to save her from having to go back and serve drinks for another three hours. “You better believe there will be tire marks from here to your place minutes after my shift ends.” I watched her almost dance with joy back to the other side of the bar.

Hot air roared though the open window of my truck as I drove back towards Franklin. I decided to take a different road and parked at the overlook for Lake Johnson. The breeze was cooler and I watched the water skiers as I sat on the stone retaining wall. My hand held my stump and fondled it as Shirley had so often. I was becoming more relaxed about what she wanted for herself and even what had happened to me a few years ago. I pushed the left leg of my shorts up until my stump was exposed and I massaged it watching the fleshy end move in my hands. “She loves it … I can too.” I told myself aloud. My cock began to expand and snaked its way though the pants leg into the open. “You want some attention too, don’t ya boy?” I pressed my erection along side my stump as if to compare their length. The cock was at least two inches longer. “How long will hers be?” I wondered aloud.

She closed the door not long after my return home. “Where are you?” she yelled as she ran though the house. The back door closed and she stood beside me by the pool. “Hey baby, you look so fine with nothing on.” She giggled and pulled a chair in front of me. “Tell me all about what you found.”

“A female surgeon in Mexico wrote me and I called her. She’s willing to do your amputation. I think you need to call her and work out the arrangements.”

“How much? I don’t have any money.”

“Six grand. I’ve got enough.”

She fell to her knees and pulled my hips forward then kissed my erection and stump. “Jake I don’t know what I’d do without you.” My erection began to fill her mouth then she let go. “Do you mind me having one leg?” Her lips toyed with my cock sometimes letting it slip inside her mouth.

“It’s something you need to have done just like my leg had to be amputated. No, I don’t mind. I just hope you will want to hang around with me.” I laughed and watched the whole shaft disappear into her mouth as my hand played in her hair. Her hand held my stump and fondled it. I could feel the stream leave the tip of my cock. I listened to her gulp.

She looked up and wiped the corner of her mouth as her head rested on my thigh. “I don’t want to have to go back to work. Not tomorrow, not after….”

“How about if you just live with me? I have enough money for both of us. It’s not a huge amount, but I think we can be comfortable.”

“Think of all the time lounging naked by the pool.”

“Yeah, lusting over my one-legged hottie.”

“Yeah, giving my one-legged stud blow jobs.” She smiled and nibbled at the sagging erection. “I hope you don’t mind that I love to suck your cock.” She giggled as she felt it begin to swell. “No, I didn’t think you did.” She laughed again.

Our crutches rattled behind the seat of the pickup on the poorly paved road to the clinic a few miles outside of town. Her skirt rode up past the top of her thighs exposing the bare skin. “Oh God, I can’t believe this is going to happen.” Her fingers touched between her thighs, she moaned, then her thumbs and forefingers encircled the thigh twisting as if sawing though it. “Here, short, almost nothing left.” The fingers returned between her thighs and she diddled herself into a causal orgasm.

The woman wore a sleeveless blouse as she sat at the desk. It was obvious she was missing her right arm well above the elbow. She was older than I was and still attractive. She watched us for a moment before greeting us. “Welcome Shirley. The doctor is expecting you.” There were no forms to fill out, no insurance cards to copy, she simply led us down a short hall and pointed to a room with several chairs.

A woman on crutches appeared before the woman with one arm could leave. “I’m Dr. Jade Morrison. I bet you’re Shirley and you are Jake.” She giggled at her guess about who was who. She leaned her crutches against the wall and sat on a low stool. The skirt draped softly from her waist and her clasped fingers rested over the stump of the right leg. “Are you excited?” She smiled and looked first at Shirley then at me. We nodded. “I enjoyed the conversation I had with each of you. You’re very lucky to have someone like Jake in your life. So many of those coming here don’t.”

“Um, your leg?” I asked.

“Probably just like Shirley.” Her hand cupped the skirt wrapping it around the end of her stump and moving it slightly. “Five years ago. I realized then I could help others and set up this clinic. I can do things here that I could never do in the states. So I can do this whenever. On the phone, you told me – left leg, short stump. Show me about where the end should be.”

I watched Shirley crutch from the house to the pool and settle on a lounge chair. Her nakedness was just as lovely as the first time my fingers touched it. After almost two years, I find it hard to remember what she looked like with both legs just as I don’t remember walking on two.

“It’s going to be a nice day.” She said handing me a beer.

“Still tending bar I see.” I drained half the bottle and then looked at her balanced on her single foot.

“Will there be anything else? Maybe you’d let me suck your cock for a while.”

“Maybe you’d let me fondle your stump.”

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