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A Day at the Beach

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I stormed out the door, but before I slammed it I said “You can just stay in the room and pout if you want to. We paid all the money to come to this ocean-front resort, and I am going to the beach!”

Lisa is my gay girlfriend, and she has been acting bitchy lately. I have about had enough. She is 22 which is technically an adult, but she can be very childish. I am ten years her senior, but before you accuse me of robbing the cradle let me point out that she seduced me.

We met in a club about two years ago, and she actually picked me up. After some conversation she asked me to take her home with me. I did, and we have been together ever since.

It was my first lesbian affair. Lisa is exclusively gay, but I had quite a few relationships with men before I met Lisa. Maybe it is time to try heterosexual sex again. Two years with Lisa might be enough.

I rushed out and bought all kinds of beach things just before we left home, and the bikini I bought just does not fit right. Usually when a woman says that the garment is too small. This time the bikini bottom just fits strangely. It kind of gaps open at my crotch, but I could pull it up a little and it seemed all right.

I found a good location at the beach, up pretty far from the water. That gave me plenty of room for privacy. I did not want to socialize, I just wanted to relax and listen to the waves.

I spread out one of my huge beach towels and organized my stuff. I lay on my back and tried to read, but I found myself re-reading every sentence.

I dozed off, lying on my back in the sun. Apparently in my sleep my legs parted into a position that was not modest. I woke with the feeling that someone was nearby, and in fact there was a tall young man standing ten feet away, staring intently at my crotch. I looked down and saw that my loose-fitting bikini bottom had bunched up and pulled away so that my cunt was clearly visible. I quickly reached down and pulled and straightened it so it covered me.

“Getting a good look, are you?”

He answered, “Yes, indeed. It is a very beautiful view. You look great in that bikini. I bet you look even better without it.”

“You have a lot of balls, mister!”

“Yes, I do.” He replied. “Would you like to see them?”

I regretted my choice of words, because it gave him the opening to say that. I wanted to say “Fuck you!” but I was sure he would turn that around into an offer.

He was really quite handsome, probably about twenty-four, which if I guessed correctly is eight years younger than me. He was slender and muscular, and I felt a rush of warm excitement as I looked at him. I couldn’t help myself; I tried to imagine him completely naked. God, I had no idea how much I missed muscles and testosterone!

He was pretty charming, so full of self-confidence. It was like he was half-kidding and 100% serious at the same time. His smile was disarming, and I couldn’t help smiling a little as well. I imagine that he was used to getting away with approaches like this because he is very handsome.

He said “Is it OK for me to sit down?” I sat up and made room for him on my beach towel. He sat right next to me, making a little body contact as he did so. He tried to make it seem accidental, but I knew better. A rush of excitement went through me as he brushed against me. I had not been this close to a man in years. He has a swimsuit on and a tee-shirt, but the thought that he was almost naked made me a little dizzy.

As we sat and talked about the resort, and the restaurants and clubs, we were like teenagers on a first date. He would occasionally put his hand on my thigh, and I would touch his strong shoulder with my fluttery hand. We both tried to make it casual and not sexy, but it was.

We exchanged more small talk about the nice day and the great beach, and then he got to the point.

“You caught me looking right at your private parts, and I apologize for offending you. To be fair, I think you should have a good look at mine. ”

He turned toward me, with his legs spread, offering me a close-up view. He didn’t have on one of those gross Speedos, but even with the suit he had on there was a clear outline of his balls and a long bulge indicating his cock. I tried not to look, but I was helpless.

“Go ahead, satisfy your curiosity” he said. I blushed, and turned away, but I was drawn back to the view. I couldn’t help myself; I reached over and touched the bulge of his ball sack. My hand was trembling, like a shy school-girl. Then I traced the outline of his cock, which was quite long even though it was not hard.

His suit had a zipper fly, and he un-zipped and pulled his cock out.

I whispered “Oh, no! Put that thing away! Someone will see!”

Still full of confidence, he took my hand and guided it to his shaft. I grasped it, and fondled and squeezed it. It was a little thicker than any in my previous experience, and a lot longer. I didn’t want to let go of it, but this was crazy right out in the open like this.

“Put that back in your pants before someone calls security.”

He did as I asked, although it was a struggle to get it back inside his swimsuit because it was now quite stiff.

I couldn’t believe myself, feeling up some guy I just met 20 minutes ago. I suddenly realized we had not even exchanged names. What a slut I am. I have been missing having skin-to-skin contact with a hairy, muscular, dominating man. My sex life with Lisa was gentle, loving, and satisfying, but I needed to be held down and fucked.

“My name is Laura. What is your name?” I thought I should at least know that much about the man who I wanted to fuck me. I had not had sex with a man for over two years, but this could be it.

“John. Let’s take these off.” He reached over and tugged at my bikini bottom, and at the same time he pulled on his swimsuit. “I’ll go first” and he started to pull his suit off.

“My God! We can’t do that! Someone could walk by at any moment. We would be embarrassed, not to mention maybe arrested.”

I was feeling very strange. I was embarrassed and ashamed but at the same time I wanted to suck his beautiful cock and have him fuck me silly.

I said “Look, we are on a public beach. Can’t we go to your room?”

He replied “I came here with three of my buddies. We are sharing one room to save money. I can’t kick them out. What about your room?”

“There is a problem with that, too.” I didn’t explain further.

He said “OK, there is no one any closer to us than 100 yards. You obviously picked this spot to be alone. We can do it right here.”

“Impossible” I said. “Someone will walk by and see us.”

“Here is how we handle that. Leave your top on, and I will leave my tee-shirt on. We can put your other beach towel over us from the waist down. We can cuddle up spoon-style and look like we are lovers embracing, with the towel over our legs because the breeze is getting cool. People might be offended by our public display of affection, but no one is going to think we are having sex on a public beach like this.”

Genius, I thought. Does he do this a lot? I did bring two big beach towels that are the size of a blanket. We were laying on one of them, and the other one was folded up next to me.

I said “This is completely crazy. But I am going to do what you say just to show you it won’t work.”

We laid back, positioned the towel over us from the waist down, and pulled our swimsuit bottoms down to our knees. We needed to be ready to pull them up quickly if we had to. I turned on my side facing away from him, and he spooned up next to me. His cock was very stiff, and he pressed it up against my butt.

I was quivering with excitement. I reached back and took his cock in my hand. It was thick and heavy, and growing by the inch. I fondled and stroked it and it became hard as a rock. I touched his balls, and then felt his cock all the way up to the head. The head was smooth and velvet-like, with a drop of wet fluid on the tip. I smeared that all over the head, to make it as slippery as I could.

John said “I going to fuck you now.”

“How is that possible? If you climb on top of me and someone walks by, we are busted!”

Full of confidence, John said “Just stay on your side. I will move slowly and carefully. We will not make any moves that look like we are fucking.”

By then I was so turned on that I would try anything, just to get his shaft in me. I held still while he fumbled a bit to get his cock lined up. Finally he found the wet opening of my vagina, and his cock slid in all the way with one push. I was so wet I could have taken a baseball bat up my cunt.

I had not had a cock inside me in years, and I realized how much I missed it. John started to fuck me, very slowly so as not to be obvious to anyone walking by. The beach was not crowded; the nearest people were hundreds of feet away. I didn’t have to worry so much.

He reached up behind me and touched my asshole. I had anal sex in the past, many years ago. It was with a guy who I dated for a short time. He had an average size cock, but it felt huge in my asshole, especially the first time. I got used to it quickly, and now I remembered how erotic it was.

Lisa likes a lot of anal play in our sex repertoire. She tries to get her tongue up my ass when she is really turned on, and I like it. I never put my tongue up her ass, but I do like to push my middle finger up in her butt and finger-fuck her. I taught her to do the same to me, with her long slender middle finger.

I moved back to press my asshole against his exploring finger, to show him I was trying to help him get it in, and he got the message. He pushed his finger all the way up in me, and finger-fucked my asshole. My mind was racing trying to think of a way to get his cock out of my vagina and up my asshole.

I had an idea of how to encourage him. I whispered “I am not on any birth control”. That was true, actually. Since I had only been having girl-on-girl sex there was no need for it. I whispered again “You will have to do it that way.”

I didn’t need to tell him twice. It was like telling a starving man he would have to eat a steak dinner. He pulled both his finger and his cock out of me, and put the tip up against my asshole. An electric thrill went through me as I realized it was going to go up my ass. His cock was coated with my vaginal secretions, and that should help him penetrate me.

It was fortunate that I had that previous anal experience. That previous guy’s six-incher had stretched me enough so that John’s big tool would go in without any discomfort. He pushed the head in, and it stretched and filled me. I exhaled and grunted a little, and he stopped thinking it hurt me.

I said “It’s OK. Don’t stop.” He continued carefully insinuating it into me, wiggling it side-to-side as he pushed, to help find the way. I just held still and let it slide in. When it reached the depth of my previous penetrations, it just kept going in. He went into unexplored territory.

Finally, his ball sack pressed up against my sopping wet pussy, and I knew it was all the way in. He began to slide it in and out of me, but he was very careful not to be obvious. He only pulled out an inch or so, and he hesitated several seconds before slowly pushing it up in again. I don’t think any movement was noticeable through the towel.

We fucked in super-slow motion, barely moving. It reminded me of the Tantric Yoga I have read about, where a couple tries to hold completely still and calm with the guys cock all the way in. Eventually they can’t keep it up and they explode into fast and furious fucking.

I was in a state of bliss, totally relaxed and submissive. I was not the only one to be aroused, because he stopped with it all the way in, and held his breath while he came. He buried his head in my hair and tried to muffle any sounds he made, as his cock twitched and his cum squirted into me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cum so quickly. I couldn’t help myself.”

I could not criticize him for being turned on by me, could I? I whispered “It’s OK. I understand.”

He started to withdraw, but I stopped him and said “Just leave it in me. Rest for a while, and when you are ready you can start over.” He did not lose his erection, it stayed hard and stiff. Maybe because he was so aroused, or maybe my tight anus acted like a cock-ring and prevented the blood from escaping.

We stayed in our close embrace, and to any observer I think we looked like a couple in love, dozing off and cuddling under our towel to stay warm. The fact that I had my bikini top on, and he had his tee-shirt on reinforced the illusion. No one would think we were naked from the waist down, with his stiff cock up my asshole.

After a few minutes I wanted him to begin again. I gave his cock a gentle squeeze with my anus, and he mumbled something I could not understand. It was clear that he felt pleasure from what I did, so I began to squeeze and release again and again, milking his cock. It worked like magic.

He started to fuck me again, this time withdrawing halfway, hesitating, and slowly pushing all the way in. The load of cum in my asshole lubricated me so he could use longer strokes, but still in super-slow motion. I was in a dream-like state of ecstasy, totally submissive to whatever he wanted to do to me.

I was more aroused than I have been for a long time, but I was also anxious about the possibility of being caught. What about if a whole family walks by, husband, wife and a bunch of kids? This is insane, we should stop. But of course we couldn’t.

His first orgasm had taken the edge off, and he continued for a long time. As far as I was concerned he could fuck me all afternoon. Of course he couldn’t, and now he moved with a sense of urgency. My asshole was sloppy-wet with his jism, and there were some squishy sounds from down there as he gave me a dozen hard, fast strokes.

I noticed something in the corner of my eye that caught my attention. I raised my head, and saw an older woman standing just ten feet away from us. She was staring right at us, actually right at the towel with its strangely sensuous movement.

I gave her a look that clearly said “Mind your own business!”

She just smiled back and gave me a knowing wink, and made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and slid the middle finger of her other hand in and out of it. I gave her another withering look, and she turned and walked away.

I said “John. We were just busted! A woman saw us and clearly knew what was happening. We need to get out of here!”

He murmured “I can’t stop now! Let me finish, please!”

“Well hurry up, then!”

He threw caution to the wind and fucked me hard and fast, not caring if anyone saw us. Our movements were unmistakable now, but we had reached the point of no return. He slammed up against me hard, and groaned as he shot another load into me.

I expected a smaller amount this time, but a man in his twenties is full of surprises. If anything there was even more cum this time, and he squirted and spurted it into me. My body accepted the love-juice like a dry sponge accepts warm water. I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

It took us a minute or two to regain our composure. Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was someone standing just a few feet away. If that nosy old bitch is back I am going to tell her off! I lifted my head up and looked directly at the person, and realized that it was Lisa!

I stammered “Lisa! You surprised me. Let me explain.”

“Just shut up! I saw what you were doing! You don’t need to explain that he was fucking you!”

“Yes, but . . . um . . . I mean . . . I don’t know . . . it just happened!”

She turned her back and stalked away without another word.

“Who was that?” John asked.

“That was Lisa, my partner”

“You mean your business partner?”

“No. She is my lover. We are a couple.”

He thought quietly for a minute, and then said “I am sorry if I got you in trouble. I had no idea.”

“I will have to deal with this. I am going to find her and apologize. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind pulling your cock out of me.”

“Of course” he said, as he slowly withdrew his still-hard member from my cum-filled asshole. When the head popped out a little river of cum came out of me.

We fumbled under the towel to pull up our swimsuit bottoms, and got to our feet.

“Nice to meet you” he said, and I wondered if he meant ‘meet’ or ‘meat’, because he certainly had his meat up inside me. “Will I see you again?”

I answered “I will probably be on the beach again tomorrow, but I don’t think I want to play beach-blanket butt-fuck again!”

John tried to confirm another meeting, as if it was just a casual date, and not simply a plan to sodomize me again. “Maybe we can find another way to be alone”

I had to admit to myself that I would like to see him again. “OK. I will be here in the same place on the beach tomorrow. If we meet, we meet.” He helped me gather up the towels and my other things. I left him there on the beach.

I hurried back to the room at the hotel, hoping to find Lisa there. I unlocked the door, and she was on the bed sobbing. I went over to the bed, and climbed in beside her. We hugged and kissed and she stopped crying. “I’m sorry,” I said. “But I am apparently still attracted to men. I know you are not, but please try to understand.”

It became obvious that we were going to have make-up sex, and we helped each other get naked. She began to play with my pussy, and said “I suppose he ruined you for me! I don’t want to taste some stranger’s gooey stuff!”

“No, he didn’t. He used the other way in.”

She pondered that for a moment before she said “My God! He put it up your ass? Didn’t that hurt?”

She reached lower and touched my asshole. She intended to carefully push her finger in, but it slid right in all the way with no effort.

“You are all wet and slippery! He must have put a big load of his nasty stuff into you!”

“Two loads, actually. He is like the Fountain of Youth.”

She thought about that as she fingered my asshole. She seemed to be enjoying the sticky, wet feeling of John’s cum.

We had our make-up sex and she calmed down about my indiscretion. We spent the rest of the day together without any fighting.

The next morning I woke up feeling a strong urge to meet with John again. For some time I had accepted the fact that I was gay and all I would ever want was to have sex with Lisa. Now it was clear that I am bi-sexual, and I still have a strong desire for sex with men. And apparently a strong desire to take it up the ass.

I got dressed in shorts and a tank-top, not in the poorly fitting bikini. Lisa was still sleeping soundly, so I quietly let myself out and closed the door behind me.

I made my way down to the area of the beach where yesterday’s episode occurred. John was there, lying on a beach towel and obviously waiting for me.

“Good morning!” he said with a big smile. Since I showed up he assumed that I was ready and willing to bend over and offer him my asshole. Don’t be smug, I thought. I can still decline.

“Good morning to you.” I replied, and sat down next to him. The smell of a man is so different; maybe it is the pheromones or just man-sweat. I was as giddy as a college girl sitting next to the star quarterback.

Not one to waste time, he asked “What kind of arrangement can we make for today?”

“Well, my room is still out of the question. You briefly met Lisa yesterday and she would go ballistic.”

“My room is out too. My three buddies would want to have a turn with you. Unless you would like that.”

“God damn it! I am not some kind of low-life slut! I have never done anything like this with a perfect stranger! I am not interested in a gang-bang!”

He said “Obviously, I am not perfect. I apologize. I was just kidding; I didn’t really think you would do something like that. I guess it was not funny.”

I calmed down because he seemed sincere. And also because I didn’t want to ruin the chance of feeling his cock slide up my ass again.

I saw a woman approaching us from the boardwalk. As she got closer, I recognized her.

“John, the woman coming toward us is the one that saw us yesterday. She clearly understood what was going on under the towel. If she is going to lecture us, I am going to tell her to fuck off!”

When she was close enough, she said “Hello. How are you two doing this fine morning?”

“OK I guess.” I answered. I could not tell what she was up to. I looked her up and down, trying to figure her out. She was dressed in what people call country club casual. She is tall and slim, and quite attractive for a woman her age.

Her hair is black, with streaks and hints of gray, very stylish. She looks like a professional woman, maybe an attorney or some other kind of high class position.

“Are you two looking for a place to hook up again? I have a suggestion.”

She does not look like the sort of person that would be arranging a sex scene, but that is what she was doing.

John and I just looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Why don’t you come to my room in the hotel? Much safer and more comfortable than the beach.”

I answered warily “Why are you doing this. What do you want?”

She pondered that for a moment, and then said “I thought about you two all day yesterday, and part of the night, too. I have to admit that I was aroused by what I saw. I would like very much to see more. I won’t interfere; I just want to watch you without the towel in the way.”

My god, she is a voyeur. John and I exchanged looks, and it seemed that we were both willing to do what she asked. It would indeed be safer and more comfortable than any place on the beach.

John said “OK. Lead the way.” And we were off.

We followed her toward the hotel, and on the way she said “My name is Karen, by the way.”

I thought it would be OK to give her first names, so I replied “I am Laura, and this is John.”

We went through the lobby and up the elevator to the 5th floor. We walked together down the hall to her room, and she opened the door for us. It was a really nice room, much bigger than mine and Lisa’s.

There was an awkward silence as the three of us just stood there, and then Karen took charge.

“Make yourself comfortable. The bed is a King.”

I looked at John and shrugged my shoulders. We were not sure what to do.

Karen said “Let me get us started. I will go first.”

She carefully removed her fashionable clothes and folded them and put them on the chair next to her. She is slender and really quite attractive. She doesn’t have the pendulous boobs hanging down to her waist that many women her age have. Her breasts are small and still very nice.

Her legs look like a fashion models. Her pubic hair is completely gray, and her butt has sagged a little. Those are the only things that give away her age. I wondered exactly what her age is.

She was not self-conscious in the least. She acted as if she was still completely dressed, and just smiled at us. She is very self-assured and not modest at all.

John and I realized we were next, so we took off everything. The three of us stood facing each other, and John and I tried to match her casual attitude and lack of modesty.

We were completely naked, and Karen said “Laura, you are beautiful. And John, what can I say? Magnificent!”

I knew that she was referring to his extra-long cock.

“Karen, you look great. I know this is impolite, but how old are you?”

“I am 62. How about you two?”

Incredible, I thought. She looks at least ten or fifteen years younger than that. I hope I look that good when I am her age.

“I am 32, John is about 24, I think. Is that correct, John?”

“Good guess. You are correct.” said John.

Karen looked puzzled. She obviously thought we were a couple, here on vacation together. Why wouldn’t I know his age? She was too polite to ask, so instead she said “You are both at your sexual peak. That is wonderful.”

So here was this elegant, graceful, beautiful mature woman standing in front of us completely nude. She had the calm attitude of someone who was born into wealth and high status. She acted as if we were all just having a polite conversation at a cocktail party.

She pulled a chair up near the side of the bed, and sat down. She crossed her legs and put her hands in her lap. It was as if she was preparing to listen to a piano recital at her ladies’ club, not watch us fuck.

John and I got onto the bed, and I lay face-down, reaching back to spread my butt for him. There was no need for any foreplay; we both were ready and willing.

He moved into position over me, and put the tip of his stiff cock against my asshole. I looked at Karen, and she had a look of surprise and shock on her face.

John pushed, and the tip of his cock forced my anus open and slid in. I grimaced and gave a squeal, as if it hurt. It didn’t, I am well stretched after yesterday’s episode, but I wanted to give her a good show. It worked, because I saw her silently mouth the words “Oh my god.”

He waited for a moment and then pushed a couple more inches into me. Karen’s look was now one of amazement. I maintained eye contact with her as the rest of John’s shaft disappeared up my ass.

She asked quietly “Where is it all going?”

I knew it was a rhetorical question, but I answered anyway, “All the way up in my stomach.”

That was like throwing gasoline on a fire. I think she was more turned on than I was.

John began to methodically fuck me, and I surrendered to it as Karen just stared at us. She put her hand between her legs and caressed her pussy. I tried to maintain eye contact with Karen, but she alternated between meeting my gaze and staring at John’s cock as it appeared and disappeared into me.

Just like yesterday, John was quick to cum the first time. He pushed all the way into me and grunted four times, and I felt his warm semen squirt into me. I responded to each grunt with “Yes…yes…yes…yes.” I looked at Karen and her eyes were wide open with delight.

I said “Karen, I just felt four big spurts of cum shoot up inside me. And there was more that gushed out in between the spurts.”

She was swaying and rocking back and forth in the chair, and I thought she might pass out. She rubbed her dry pussy furiously. She didn’t have an orgasm but I think she was close to it.

As John huffed and puffed to catch his breath, Karen came to my side and kissed me, tongue and all. Then she kissed John with the same intensity.

She said “My god, you guys are so hot! I had no idea you were going to do it that way!”

“John and I just found out yesterday that we both prefer it that way.”

Karen climbed on the bed to lie beside me, but I moved over and motioned for her to lie between us. John and I both moved as close to her as we could get. Three naked people in close contact, skin touching skin.

“Are you saying you just met yesterday?”

“Yes,” I replied, “right before you caught us in the act.”

John excused himself to go wash up. I heard the shower running so he was doing a thorough job of it.

When he was out of the room, I began to play with Karen’s pussy. It was just a dry, tight slit. She seemed to enjoy what I was doing, but she didn’t open up or get wet.

“Is sex uncomfortable for you?” I whispered.

“Yes. And with your guy John it would be downright painful.”

I know this happens to women when they age, and it is a shame because they still want sex but it is impossible. I reached a little lower and just touched her asshole. She gave me a look but didn’t say anything. I pushed in just up to the first knuckle and waited.

“I know what you are trying to tell me. I should try it that way. Is that what it feels like?”

I pushed all the way in and gave her a kiss.

“No, it’s more like this, only much bigger.”

Karen said “I would like to try it. Do you think John would do it to me?”

“Yes. You should try it. And I bet John would be happy to oblige.”

Karen said “I don’t know how to do it.”

I answered “You don’t have to do anything. Just relax. He will push it up into you.”

She thought about that for a moment. She was obviously turned on by the idea.

“Sex for me was always like a polite dance at my club. I would get in the missionary position, and the man slipped into me. A quick in and out and he was done.”

“Now I am considering letting a man I just met fuck me up the ass. I have never done anything as kinky and nasty as that. I feel kind of dirty and ashamed of myself, but I want to do it.”

She continued “I am too embarrassed and ashamed to ask him to do it to me. What will he think of me?”

She blushed and said quietly “Will you ask him for me? I don’t know him as well as you do.”

I don’t know him much better than you do, I thought, but I will do it. I bet he will have his cock half-way up her ass before I finish asking him.

John came back from the shower with just a towel around him. I didn’t waste any time, I got right to the point.

“Karen really enjoyed watching us. Now she would like to try it if you are willing and able.”

Karen blushed and stared at the floor, embarrassed by her blatant and straight-forward request to be sodomized.

She said “I am sure John needs some time to think about it. And probably some time to be ready again. Maybe we could try later today?”

I remembered how quickly he was ready again after he shot his first load into me yesterday.

I replied “You said that John was at his sexual peak, and I agree. I bet he doesn’t need any time to recover, or to agree to do it.”

“No, I sure don’t” he said with a smile.

There was an awkward silence, so I pointed to the bed and gestured for Karen to get on it.

She climbed onto the bed and lay face-down. Her gray pubic hair was concealed, and the slight sag of her butt was gone now that gravity was not pulling on it. You would swear that she was in her forties, not sixties.

She reached back and spread her butt cheeks and said “Should I do this?”

John said “Yes, please. That will help.”

She held her lily-white butt cheeks apart although it was no doubt humiliating. Her tiny pink asshole was clearly visible, and her vagina was still clamped tight and dry. No matter how turned on she was, it was not going to open up.

I said “John, don’t try to start in her vagina. You will never get it in. Just go right for her asshole.”

My language shocked Karen, because she blushed. But she didn’t move; she was still waiting patiently to be penetrated. Imagine this gracious, sophisticated woman lying face down, completely naked, trying to force her asshole to open up for a big cock.

John dropped the towel, and his cock was semi-erect. Karen looked at it with a mixture of apprehension about how much she would be able to take, and curiosity about how it was going to feel. I wanted to help, so I got on my knees in front of him and took it in my mouth. I slid it in and out while I stroked it with my hand. I wished he would cum in my mouth but that would be selfish; it is Karen’s turn now.

When it was stiff as a board I tried to leave it as wet as possible, and I even put a gob of saliva on the head. I hoped that would be enough lubrication but to make sure I climbed up behind Karen and tried to put my tongue up her ass. She made whimpering sounds as I tongue-fucked her asshole, and then I left another big gob of saliva on her anus.

He climbed onto the bed and moved into position over Karen, his cock bobbing and swaying. Her eyes were wide with anticipation, and he put the tip on her tight hole. He pushed and the head went in, stretching her anus open.

She reacted with an “Oh!” and a startled look in her eyes, and she flinched.

Her asshole was so tight that the head popped out, and the look in her eyes turned to dismay because she thought it was not going to work. She was not disappointed for long, because John pushed it right back in, this time up several inches so it would not slip out again.

John pushed it deeper slowly and carefully. Karen’s eyes now had a vacant unfocussed stare, not really looking at anything. She was concentrating on the sensation of the stiff meat-pole insinuating itself into her abdomen, with the smooth helmet-head leading the way. She made a little grunting sound with each fraction of an inch that slid into her, so it was obviously stretching her to the max.

This was a first for me, too. I had never watched anyone get fucked. Oh, sure, we all see internet porn, but like the soft drink company used to say in their commercials, there is nothing like the real thing.

John paused about halfway in to let Karen’s asshole accommodate him. I estimate that John’s cock is eight or nine inches, so Karen has at least four inches up her ass. I knew that it would go in further, but it was different to see it instead of feeling it. It looked impossible.

I moved in closer and said “I want to see it.” Karen’s asshole was stretched around the shaft as tight as a pink rubber band. I held her left cheek open to free up her hand, and she cautiously felt his cock right where it disappeared into her. I guess she wanted to confirm that it was really his cock that was invading her.

I asked her if that was all she wanted; if that was enough.

She softly said “No. Please give it all to me.”

I backed away to give them room, and John gave her one long, steady push, and it went all the way in. His big, hairy ball-sack pressed up against her dry, lonely pussy. Karen was breathing hard, huffing and puffing like a woman in labor.

When the last fraction of an inch disappeared into her, John began his measured, methodical fucking motion. Because she was so tight he had to move slowly, only pulling out a few inches before pushing it back in all the way up to his balls.

Karen’s eyes were now closed, and she was breathing heavily through her open mouth. She was completely submissive and clearly in a state of bliss. If there had been any initial discomfort it was long gone.

Her hands fell limply to her side, and her butt cheeks closed around John’s cock. It slid in and out, disappearing into the crack of her ass, as he pressed up against her silky smooth butt.

John kept going in his workmanlike style, and I knew he would last longer than he did with me because this was his second fuck in less than an hour. All good things come to an end however, and I could tell he was about to cum.

He gave her a dozen hard strokes, and grunted as he pushed it all the way in and held it there. I knew what was happening inside her by my own experience, but it was a complete surprise to Karen. Maybe when she was in her twenties she had felt the force of a young man’s ejaculation, but that was a long time ago.

Her eyes snapped open with a look of delighted astonishment as she felt John’s semen pump into her stomach. Here was a 62 year old woman experiencing spurts of cum squirting up her asshole for the first time. I bet when I am 62 there will not be anything left for me to experience for the first time. By then I will have done it all.

John tried to not crush her as he collapsed and struggled to catch his breath. The expression on Karen’s face can only be described as ‘dreamy’ as she basked in the afterglow.

John finally recovered enough to pull out of her. It took almost as long for it to all slide out as it did for it to go in. He excused himself to hit the shower again.

“I haven’t made love in so long I forgot how good it is.”

Made love? She is so prim and proper I decided to be my crude self, and I said “You have never been fucked up the ass before either. How far was his cock in you?”

She was taken aback by my language, and she blushed as she pointed to a spot just above her belly-button and said “I think about up to here.”

We both giggled at this slight exaggeration, but it was probably pretty close to the truth.

“I have never felt a man ejaculate in me that clearly before. It is different that way.”

I replied “Yes it is. And it has probably been some time since you have ben fucked by a young man. The amount of cum a man that age produces is remarkable.”

She was silent but I could tell she was thinking about that. She was still aroused, like a fire that is still smoldering. I felt that I should do something to help her.

I said “Karen, you are like a nervous cat that is stuck way up in a tree, and you need to get down. Let me help you.”

I got on the bed with her, and moved down to her crotch. I gently eased her legs apart and moved in.

She said “I have never done that either. I am not gay.”

“First time for everything, I guess.” If having my affair with Lisa has taught me anything, it is how to eat pussy.

I began to kiss and lick her tight, dry slit, and she did not object. I worked my tongue into the crack, and poked and prodded and searched for the clit I knew was hiding in there.

I finally found it, and I flicked it with the tip of my tongue. I think it took less than a minute, and Karen had an orgasm so intense I thought she was having a seizure.

When I looked up there was John, with a silly grin on his face.

“That was lovely, Ladies. I have never watched women have sex together before. I thought Karen’s head was going to explode.”

“Oral sex makes women cum their best.” I said.

“Men like oral sex too, you know.” he replied. He dropped the towel again, and believe it or not his cock was starting to swell. Good god, this guy could do stud duty, and he could make a fortune as a sperm donor.

I invited him to join us on the bed, and he climbed in between us. Karen grabbed his cock like it belonged to her, and I fondled his balls. I motioned to Karen for us to move down to his groin, and we did so together.

I took his cock in my mouth and began to take it in and out. Karen watched from her close-up position. His cock stiffened with my help, and I pulled away and signaled to Karen that it was her turn. We alternated for a while, one sucking and one watching.

John’s breathing changed and he tensed up, so I knew he was ready. I backed off and Karen took it in her mouth as far as she could. John moaned, and Karen made slurping, gulping sounds. She couldn’t get it down fast enough and some cum ran out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled onto the bed.

She pulled away from it, and coughed and spluttered from all the cum that went down her windpipe. I thought I might have to do the Heimlich maneuver on her, but she finally recovered and caught her breath.

“Well, that’s one more new thing for me today.” She said.

“You mean you have never sucked a man off before?”

“No, I have done that many times. But I have never swallowed the semen. I always ran to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out.”

“Karen, you need to understand, that is pretty insulting to the man. What if I had gotten up and washed my mouth out after I finished with you?”

“Yes, I suppose you are right. Men have seemed disappointed that I didn’t swallow what they gave me.”

“But they didn’t squirt it down my throat and fill my mouth up three or four times! I had to swallow it! I couldn’t carry all that to the bathroom. My god, John could impregnate a Water Buffalo!”

John said “Sorry, Ladies. You are both so hot, and I can’t help myself. But I think I am finally done.”

I said “Done? I’ll say. I think we should take you to the Hospital so they can give you IV fluids.”

We were all amused and satisfied. We relaxed and lay side by side.

Karen said “I am so glad I met you two. You are both amazing. I wish both of you would come to my home for a weekend. I will pay your airfare and expenses. I want to spend a whole weekend doing this.”

We exchanged full names, addresses, cell phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. When we finally get up and get dressed, we can make a note of it for each of us.

We are from three different cities, and it would take two plane tickets at considerable cost.

“I can pay my own expenses, Karen. You don’t need to do that for me.”

She replied “Please let me do this. I am inviting you both and I want it to be my party. I will have the tickets sent to you.”

John seemed relieved, and I suppose at his age he may not have the disposable income to pay his way. Karen is obviously wealthy, so why not let her do it.

John said “That’s a long trip for just a weekend.”

Karen answered “Stay as long as you want, John. I will just send you a one-way ticket, and we will go from there.”

Karen looked at me and we nodded that we understood each other. She wanted to keep him for a while as a 24-7 on-call fucking machine. Why not? She is entitled to some good sex. She has denied herself for so long, and she should take advantage of the opportunity now.

“My house has plenty of room, five bedrooms each with their own private bath. But I hope we will spend the weekend in my master suite. I will have a limo waiting for you at the airport.”

She is definitely upper-class. I usually take the shuttle service with the other peons.

“This coming weekend is too soon. Can you both make it the weekend after that?”

Wow, she is willing to spend the high fares for short advance purchases. Money obviously doesn’t matter, and she wants to get her ass-fucked and her pussy licked again soon.

John said “I will be there. Count on me.”

“Me too. But I will just stay for the weekend.” It looks like I will be breaking up with Lisa before that.

I will enjoy the weekend in the comfort of what is probably the mansion that Karen calls home. I wonder if she will make John an offer he can’t refuse. She may ask him to stay indefinitely, and he would be a fool to not take it.

I would not stay and be a kept woman. I have a good job and a life to go home to. John probably has a meaningless low wage job that he will be glad to give up. Living with Karen his only job would be to fuck her up the ass frequently, and let her suck him off once in a while. I will have to show him how to give her an orgasm orally. It’s the least he can do. As long as he keeps providing stiff hard-ons and gushers of cum he will live in the lap of luxury.

I will have a great weekend of getting it and watching Karen get it, both of which I enjoy.

Life is an adventure.

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