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Dean of Medicine

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Jenna was SO EXCITED!! Her freshman year of college had just ended last week but the week before that her roommate had let her know about an amazing opportunity. PARIS – LONDON – ROME- She couldn’t believe it really. It was a summer study abroad trip and one of the students had canceled at the last minute.

The price was amazingly low and although Jenna wasn’t sure she wanted to study pre-medicine or Biology, which was the focus of this particular study abroad, she couldn’t’ pass up the chance to visit so many countries in Europe while getting her necessary Science credits out of the way.

Before she’d even started studying for exams she had filled out the required forms, called her parents in dramatic fake tears to get the necessary funding and dropped the paperwork off at the Dean of Biology’s office. She was surprised to have an urgent call from the Dean of Biology, Dean Powers, on this Friday, with only a weekend before the trip’s scheduled departure and a week past classes ending.

She waited in the waiting room of the Dean’s office and an elderly woman came and knocked on the door. “I’ll be leaving for the weekend now, Dean Powers,” she called through the door. A muffled response was heard and the woman packed up her things and left Jenna alone in the small office waiting room. She wasn’t sure why the Dean had called her in but she had worn a nice hot pink cardigan with matching undershirt in an attempt to look sophisticated. The skirt she chose was a light denim and came down almost to the knee – her most respectable length that she owned. She idly clicked her white leather on light wood clogs and hummed as she waited.

“Jenna, would you come in now?” came the voice behind the door, more distinct now. Jenna stood up and walked into the Dean’s office. It was much what one would expect of a Dean of Science’s office. The desk was covered with papers and text books, a flat screen computer turned away from the door and two worn leather chairs facing a gigantic desk and walls covered with shelves of books. A full body skeleton dangling in the corner marked it for the Biology department.

Dean Powers sat behind the large desk typing away at his computer. Jenna guessed he was in his early fifties and he had a slender build with graying black hair and blue eyes behind smart spectacles. He was dressed in a blue striped button down shirt underneath a white doctor’s lab coat without any tie. Jenna almost giggled when she noticed the pocket protector.

“Jenna, I’m glad you could make it at such short notice,” started Dean Powers as he finished whatever he was typing and turned to stare at Jenna over the desk. “I suppose you’ve already guessed this is about the trip.”

“Ah, yes Dean Powers, and I am so glad to receive this opportunity at such short notice!” she said, beaming from ear to ear.

“Yes, that is what we needed to discuss. I received all of your paper work and the down payment but I’m afraid all students are required to take a physical before they are allowed to attend and you haven’t had one yet.”

“Oh, that isn’t a problem Dean Powers, I’ve had the same doctor for years. I only live an hour south of the college and I know he would do my family a favor even at this short of notice,” she said, spilling out the words from nervousness. She had to make it on this trip!!

“I’m afraid it has to be a college approved doctor, and they’ve all left for the summer,” said Dean Powers, frowning down at a form in front of him. “It’s all listed out in the paperwork.”

Jenna knew she had tears in her eyes. How could she miss such an important part of the paperwork! She had been so thorough and she was so excited. The Dean noticed her distress and quickly continued.

“There is one other way Jenna, and that is why I called you in today to meet,” he said turning to ruffle through some files on his desk.

“Oh anything, Dean Powers, I would do ANYTHING to be able to go on this trip,” said Jenna. Her big blue eyes were moist with unshed tears and her deep troubled breathing caused her large breasts to heave under her bright pink sweater.

“Well, Jenna, I am a certified medical doctor and on the college’s approved doctor’s list, though I don’t practice regularly anymore as I am a full time Dean and Professor of Medicine. But regardless, I am still able to perform the necessary physical.”

Jenna felt a huge sigh of relief. “Oh, that’ll be wonderful then! I was so nervous there for a moment,” she said, laughing she was so happy at the turn of events.

The doctor pulled out several pages of notes and ordered Jenna to step up to a scale in the corner of the office. Dean Powers noted her height (5’4″) and her weight (120lbs). He looked in her ears and down her throat and then pulled out an arm cuff to take her blood pressure. The armband was uncomfortable but it was over quickly and the Dean removed the band and took down notes on the first page. He then flipped the page over to the second page.

Dean Powers then asked a long list of questions about Jenna’s medical history. After several questions about her family’s medical history, any past injuries and medications, the Dean asked, “And when was your last cycle?” “About two weeks ago,” she said, wondering why that was relevant.

“Excellent, now I need you to unbutton your sweater while I check your heartbeat,” he said, taking a stethoscope out of his medical jacket’s front pocket. Jenna felt slightly uncomfortable as she unbuttoned the sweater and slid it off until she was only in her pink undershirt. The shirt was low cut and easily exposed a good portion of her 34DD breasts.

Dean Powers moved the chair he was using forward and slid the instrument along the hem of her shirt following the curve of her left breast until settling over where her heartbeat should be. His face was all business as he moved the stethoscope around on the top of her breast. He instructed her to take deep breaths and she did, her tits expanding and making her black bra clearly visible under the pink undershirt.

The doctor pulled the stethoscope away and jotted something on his notes. He then looked back at Jenna. “Three really deep ones this time,” he said, placing the instrument back against the top of Jenna’s breast and then as she was inhaling deeply she felt cold air on her left breast. Her nipples immediately went hard as the cold air hit them. The Dean had pulled her undershirt and bra down below her large breast and was moving the stethoscope closer and closer to her erect nipple.

Jenna felt herself blushing but the Dean’s face was still flat, he seemed all business so Jenna forced herself to keep taking deep breaths. Her entire body seemed to blush when the Dean exposed her right breast in a similar manor and continued moving his instrument and asking her to take a deep breath and hold.

After what seemed like an eternity the doctor turned away to write more notes leaving her breasts exposed and her breathing short. He took the stethoscope out of his ears. “Alright Jenna, since you’re already in this position, I will perform the breast exam now.”

Jenna nodded but couldn’t help thinking she hadn’t had a breast exam in any other physical before. The doctor had pulled out another form though and as she searched it she saw the words “Breast…Pelvic…Anal…” She suddenly became a lot more nervous as the doctor moved his chair beside hers.

“Please lift your right arm,” he said and once her arm was lifted he began to knead her right breast. At first he used two fingers and then his entire hand was squeezing her breast. He took her nipples between his forefinger and thumb and pinched it causing her to jump slightly. The Dean stopped momentarily to ask her to remove her shirt and bra which she did obediently. The Dean didn’t seem to act as though anything out of the ordinary was happening so she wouldn’t either! This was for Europe after all.

After Jenna had pulled her pink undershirt off and unsnapped her black bra she was sitting topless in the Dean’s office and he continued to massage both of her breasts with his hands. He moved closer in towards her as he kneaded them both, fingers circling her nipples that remained upright. Jenna found herself breathing deeper and growing aroused from the attentions. What an inappropriate way for me to behave during a physical, she scolded herself but she couldn’t stop the heat rushing all over her body.

Before long the Dean’s hands left her breasts hanging in the cool air of his office and turned to scribble down more notes on the forms. He then turned back towards her with no mention of putting her shirt back on so Jenna decided not to bring it up.

“The next part of the test calls for a pelvic exam, so I apologize that we are having to do this in my office. I’m afraid I don’t have all of the necessary equipment – but since this is an emergency, we will make do with what we have, if that’s still alright with you.”

“Oh, of course!,” said Jenna, smiling to hide her nervousness and her embarrassment at having her large tits still exposed so close to the Dean.

“Take off your panties, please,” he said, in the tone expected of a doctor, but his eyes stared hard at Jenna as she slowly nodded her agreement. His eyes never left her body as she hiked up her denim skirt exposing her long, silky legs. She blushed as she realized most of her normal cute undies were waiting to be washed back in her dorm room leaving only her more “special occasion” undies available.

The pair she was wearing were covered with pink hearts and flowers and tied at both sides with red ribbons. They had been a valentine’s day present from her last high school boyfriend. She untied the sides as the doctor watched and put them in the pile with her shirt and bra. When the air hit her perfectly waxed pussy she felt a chill and realized how wet she had gotten from the breast exam. She hoped the Doctor didn’t notice during his exam.

“The skirt is really just in the way,” the Doctor said and Jenna removed it as well as her clogs until she was sitting on a leather office chair completely naked. The doctor reached out and slid his hands along her thighs stopping with her fingers at the soft triangle of flesh that was her bare pussy. He slid his hands between her legs, fingers brushing fully against her wet pussy lips, and then pulled her athletic thighs apart.

Jenna felt her entire body blushing as the Doctor repositioned himself to kneel between her spread legs. He asked her to scoot forward on the chair until he bottom was at the very edge and she obliged until she was leaning far back in the leather chair with her ass cheeks just barely off the chair and her legs spread even wider and feet firmly on the ground. The Dean was kneeling between her two feet and leaning in close to her pussy.

First he lightly slid a finger between the folds of her pussy and then used both hands to spread her lips wide. She felt herself moistening even before he was tracing his fingers up and down her slit. She felt the tip of his finger slide into her opening and begin to put pressure but was soon replaced by two fingers pushing against her cunt.

“Jenna, I need you to relax, I am going to do the internal portion of the exam now,” he said and Jenna nodded and leaned back. She focused on the ceiling of the office and tried to keep from getting turned on at the Dean’s touch. Two thick fingers began to slide into her tight cunt. Jenna had only had sex with two other boys before and one had been a one night stand. Her pussy was still extremely tight and the Dean seemed to be having some difficulty getting both of his fingers all the way inside of her tiny pussy.

“Just relax, ” he repeated as he positioned his thumb directly over her clit and began to rub it softly. Jenna felt her entire body quiver as the Dean began manipulating her clit with his two fingers partially inside of her cunt. She had already felt so turned on and now she felt her knees tremble as the Dean moved his fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, pushing a little further each time as his thumb continued to tease her clit. Jenna’s breath was quickening and her entire body seemed to be rising towards a climax. She desperately tried not to think about the Dean there between her legs but she realized her orgasm was imminent.

Jenna tried to hold in her moans but as her orgasm shook her body she felt her entire body quiver and her pussy walls contracted around the Dean’s fingers, pulsing with every wave of her orgasm. She sat panting and staring at the ceiling, trying to pretend she hadn’t just came on the Dean during a routine physical.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Jenna, that is a normal response to a pelvic exam for many sensitive women,” said Dean Powers, causing Jenna to whimper from embarrassment. His two fingers were still embedded in her cunt and he withdrew them and frowned down at her spread and glistening pussy. “I’m afraid I can’t do this test. Your vagina is very tight and without the proper tools I can’t finish this exam unless you approve of an alternative method,” said Dean Powers.

After going this far and sitting naked in the Dean’s office and cumming on his hand, Jenna couldn’t turn back. She looked down her naked body at the Dean sitting between her legs and nodded. “Whatever is necessary, doctor.”

She laid back down and heard a loud zipper noise. She looked up to see that Dean Powers was removing his pants and dropping his gray boxer briefs to reveal a large 9 inch erection. Jenna suddenly didn’t feel so bad for being turned on since the Dean had been affected too. He asked her to please bend over the chair and put her butt in the air. Jenna obliged, her heart racing as she thrust her heart shaped ass in the Dean’s direction. Once she was standing bent over the seat of the chair she felt the Dean position himself behind her. The smooth head of his cock was now pushing against the dripping wet lips of her pussy.

Until today, Jenna had never seen a dick as big as the Dean’s nor had she ever seen a dick as thick. Needless to say she had never had anything that large inside of her cunt. She found herself bracing for the worst and holding her breath. The Dean began to apply steady pressure and soon she found her pussy walls giving way to the gigantic invader.

This time she couldn’t help but moan and pant as she felt her body giving way, inch by inch, to the pulsing cock entering her from behind. It seemed an eternity before she felt the Dean’s hips flush against hers and he began to thrust softly into her.

“This will hopefully loosen you up enough for the test,” he explained as he began to fuck her. Jenna noticed his voice sounded strained.

As his rhythm began to increase his large balls slapped against her clit with each thrust and Jenna couldn’t help but moan. The intense pressure of such a giant cock caused her to pull away but the Dean gripped her hips firmly and pulled her pussy back down on his dick.

“This won’t take much longer,” he said between deep breaths. His cock continued to slam into Jenna’s insides and she couldn’t hold back her groans any longer. She began to push her hips back against the Dean not caring what he thought anymore. The Dean’s hands on her hips moved around her thigh to roughly rub her clit as she continued to grind and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and cumming on the Dean’s giant cock. He held himself deep inside of her until her orgasm had subsided and then spoke with labored breaths.

“Well, you should be loose enough for the exam now, but I’m afraid I am much further along than I had planned,” he said, as he slowly removed his dick from her pussy. He knelt down behind her and pushed three fingers into her dripping wet cunt with no problem. She could feel his fingers spreading and pushing deeper inside her canal. She then felt his hand retreat and she let herself relax for a moment as she heard him moving. She felt so sweaty and sore from his cock but she kept her position over the chair obediently.

She heard the Dean approaching from the side and looked up to see him stroking his cock, glistening with her pussy juices. His hand was also covered and was squeezing his shaft as he approached to her side. He seemed to be giving silent instructions as he positioned the head of his cock close to her face and then moved his hand behind her head.

The next think Jenna realized, the Dean was pushing the head of his cock against her lips and forcing them open. She tried to protest but she felt the Dean’s hand behind her head as it took a large handful of her blond hair and pulled her forward abruptly causing her to choke as he rammed his entire length down her throat. She began to splutter and gag but the Dean’s grip held her in place as he fucked her mouth right there in his office. The further his cock intruded upon her throat, the more she gagged and fought, the more her throat squeezed his cock until he gave a relieved moan and Jenna felt his cock began to pulse in her mouth. The Dean unloaded down her throat for several seconds and Jenna could do nothing but swallow down every drop of his thick, hot cum, tasting his seed mixed with her own wetness on his shaft. Soon the Dean gave a satisfied grunt and released her hair.

The Dean had returned to where he had left his pants and began to redress while Jenna adjusted herself. She wished she hadn’t bothered to put on makeup since she knew her mascara was running down her face from the tears shed while her throat was being ravaged. The Dean paused to record more information on the medical notes, seeming very calm with no mention of the forceful nature moments before.

Jenna had returned to sitting properly in the chair, though still naked and covered in sweat and her own pussy juices oozing down her bare thighs. The Dean returned to her and smiled warmly – he had never removed his glasses which still seemed a little fogged.

“Well, there is only one test left, and I will need you to return to your previous position,” he said and Jenna felt there was little to do but obey. She turned around and bent over the chair once again, her ass waving in the air. She felt the doctor once again rubbing her exposed clit. She didn’t bother hiding how turned on it was making her, she moaned and rubbed her hips back against the Dean’s hand. After a few moments she felt something very cold being lightly rubbed along the wet lips of her cunt. She turned her head questioningly but couldn’t see what was in the Dean’s hand.

Moments later she felt the same cold instrument at the entrance to her puckered asshole. Jenna had NEVER had anyone touch there – including her family doctor – but now she felt something thin and cool being pressed into her anus. The Dean must have sensed her nervousness because he began to stroke her clit again with his free hand.

“Just try to relax, Jenna, I am only taking your temperature. This is the most accurate way. I used your own lubrication because I didn’t have the appropriate equipment here for the test, as I’ve mentioned. But don’t worry, this is the last test,” he said.

Jenna could feel the thin thermometer pushing deep into her anus. The Dean spun it and she could feel that it had ridges and wasn’t completely cylindrical. The Dean was slowly pushing the thermometer deeper and then withdrawing it slightly. The thin instrument was uncomfortable but the Dean continued to massage her clit which made the entire experience somehow less invasive.

It didn’t usually take this long to take a temperature, Jenna thought as the Dean finally withdrew the thermometer and she heard him scribble something on the paper. Jenna sighed in relief, realizing that the test was over now, but then she felt the Dean’s thick finger sliding through her slick opening and coating it in her juices. Moments later she felt the Dean sliding her pussy juice all over her puckered pink asshole. She felt her body tense as she panicked causing her asshole to shut tight.

“Shh, there’s no need for that Jenna, just relax,” said the Dean, but Jenna found it hard to follow his instructions. Despite her inability to loosen her body the Dean’s thick finger found its way inside and seemed to wiggle and squirm until he was up to his last knuckle in her tight ass. Jenna couldn’t imagine any medical procedure this could be about and felt herself freeze. She didn’t know what to do about the Dean fingering her asshole with her naked and bent over his chair in his office. She released somewhat and his finger worked its way deeper, then withdrew. The Dean was finger fucking her ass but she found herself giving in to his touch again. She reached around and began to manipulate her own clit right in front of the Dean.

The Dean took her actions as permission because he began to bang her thick finger into her ass harder, his hand slapping her cheek loudly causing her to moan loudly as she rubbed her clit into another orgasm in front of the Dean. He held his thick finger deep in her ass until the last of her orgasm had subsided and she whimpered slightly as he slid his finger out. The Dean then took a deep breath, taking in all the smells of her pussy inches from his face.

“You may put your clothes on now, Jenna. The physical is over and you have passed,” he said returning to his side of the desk. Jenna felt herself blushing all over her body as she pulled on her underwear and then put on her skirt and shirt. While she was buttoning up her hot pink cardigan and wondering how she could quickly disguise the messy nature of her hair before walking back to the dorm, the Dean called her name.


“I almost forgot to mention, the last person that cancelled was supposed to be my roommate for the trip. You don’t mind being my new roommate do you?”

“Not at all, Dean Powers.” She could feel her pussy quivering already at the thought of spending two months rooming with the Dean.

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