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Nice Guys Finish Last

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Katie hummed to herself as she strolled down the hallway, her small arms holding a large basket of laundry braced against her stomach. As she reached to door to the laundry room, she pinned the basket to the wall as she dug for her key in her pocket. As she produced the tiny key, she lifted a knee to help her shaking arm bear the weight of the encumbering load as she struggled to slip it into the door. As the towering basket tipped to the side, a sock fell off onto the floor.

“Need some help there?”

Katie turned her head to see Todd standing in the hall, his arms crossed in front of his shirtless chest, a smug look of contentment plastered across his face.

“Sure,” she answered, turning back to her laundry. “Can you grab that sock?”

“Well I could…” he muttered, strolling over casually. “But I think I’d rather watch you bend over and pick it up.”

“Arrrrgggg,” she growled with irritation as she turned back to the door. “Asshole.”

“Ooooh, I like it when you talk like dirty,” he shot back with a charming smile. “Relax. Here.”

Katie pushed the door open and shoved her way into the laundry room as Todd tossed the sock over her head onto the pile of laundry in her arms. She tried to ignore him as she set the basket on a nearby table and searched through her pockets for a quarter. With his usual cocky smirk, Todd hopped up on the table beside the basket as he continued his playful harassment.

“So what brings you to my building?” he asked, his legs swinging to and fro. “Is Paul making you do his laundry now?”

“No,” she answered curtly. “Paul doesn’t make me do anything. I’m doing my own laundry.”

“Okay, Okay. Geez Katie, you need to lighten up a bit.”

“Whatever,” she muttered dismissively.

“Seriously,” Todd pressed on. “You seem tense. Is your boyfriend not putting out lately or what?”

“Ugh,” she groaned, turning away in disgust as she opened the washing machine and placed the coins in the slots. “You’re such a pig.”

Todd laughed.

“Where is Paul anyways?” he asked, turning to poke through her laundry. “I haven’t seen him today.”

“He had to go to his mom’s. He’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Whoa! What do we have here?”

Katie turned to see Todd beaming with excitement as he held up a little black lacy pair of panties, inspecting them with a lecherous grin.

“Give me those!” she ordered angrily, reaching in futile as he held them just out of arms reach.

“Okay, relax,” he said, finally let her snatch the tiny black garment from his hand. “Seriously though…I didn’t know you had it in you. I always took for a granny-panties kind of girl.”

“Great,” she answered abruptly. “I’m not discussing my underwear with you.”

“Oh come on,” he pleaded, retaining his ever present cocky smile. “It’s not like I was trying to smell them.”

His face turned serious for a brief moment.

“Can I smell them?”

Katie shook her head in amazement as Todd broke out in laughter once again. As she began heaving armloads of clothing into the washer, she turned back to him.

“What do you mean ‘granny-panties’ kind of girl?”

Todd shrugged.

“You just don’t really strike me as the adventurous type,” he explained. “I mean…”

“You don’t even know me!” Katie snapped, cutting him off as he leaned back in surprise.

“I know how girls like you are…” he continued cautiously.

“Girls like me?”

“Yeah. You know…good girls.”

“So you think I’m a good girl?”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he added in promptly. “I mean, you have kind of a sexy librarian thing going on there. Some guys like that sort of thing.”

“Just because I don’t dress like a slut, like the girls that you take home every night…doesn’t mean I’m a good girl.”

“You don’t need to dress like a slut,” Todd explained casually. “But it wouldn’t hurt if lost the glasses once in a while…”

Katie glared at him with daggers in her eyes as if daring him to continue.

“…and it wouldn’t hurt you to show a little skin. I mean, you look like you have a tight little body under there…”

“Okay!” she stated firmly as she slammed the washer door shut. “That will do.”

“You’d look hot in a little skirt or…”

“Shut up!” she snapped, starting to feel a little self conscious. “Maybe you should show less skin! Why the hell are you walking around without a shirt on all the time?”

“I get hot,” he explained with an amused laugh. “And don’t pretend you don’t love it.”

As he spoke, Todd brought his arms up into a cheesy, mock bodybuilder pose as he continued to tease his friend’s girlfriend. Katie shook her head and wet back to her laundry, trying not to feed his ego by looking his way. The truth was, she did find his body very attractive, although she would never admit it. In fact, he was probably one of the best looking guys she had ever known. The problem was…he knew it. Women tended to love him and he certainly loved women. Even with his offhanded, sexist remarks and dirty jokes, he tended to get any female he wanted. Particularly, he had a specific penchant for ‘attached’ women, specifically lusting after married or engaged ones. In fact, he had even managed to bed several of Katie’s friends, including her best friend Kendra a few weeks earlier.

“You never did tell me why you are here.” Todd stated, hopping down off the table.

“The laundry machine in my building is out of order,” she explained. “And my roommate’s boyfriend is visiting.”

“You’re roommate huh?” Todd perked up with interest. “I don’t think I’ve ever met her. Is she hot?”

“Does it matter?” Katie scoffed. “It’s not like you have any standards anyway.”

“Oww,” he exclaimed, putting his hands to his chest, feigning insult. “I’m hurt!”

“And…” he continued as his face turned serious for a rare moment. “I do have standards…because…”

He leaned in close behind her as he whispered in her ear.

“…I still wouldn’t fuck you.”

Todd immediately burst out laughing as Katie swung out with an open palm, beating him several times about the shoulder as he stumbled away chuckling.

“Awww,” he said, sensing that he might have actually hurt her feelings. “I’m kidding.”

He came forward with arms out in an exaggerated hug, as she held him off as best she could. Gradually, he overcame her petite frame and wrapped her in a playful hug.

“I’m just kidding. I’d fuck you,” he muttered in a baby-like voice, as Katie struggled to push him away.

Todd kept laughing as she shook her head and walked out of the laundry room into the hall. As much as Katie pretended to be annoyed by his antics, she genuinely enjoyed his company. He seemed to be able to make any situation fun, even if it was at the expense of others. And she did actually wonder why Todd had never made a pass at her before. Could it be because he was casual friends with her boyfriend Paul? Or was he simply just not that attracted to her? That question bothered Katie more than she thought it should.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A few hours and a couple more loads of laundry later, Katie stood inspecting herself in the mirror. After Todd’s comments, she had decided to dress a little sexier than usual for her upcoming night out. She had recently purchased a little black dress that she had planned on wearing for her cousin’s upcoming wedding, but she had decided to wear it that night instead. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she removed her glasses and set them aside.

At barely 5’2 and possessing an extremely youthful appearance, Katie had always been taken as much younger than her actual 23 years. The main reason she had usually opted to wear her glasses was because they tended to make her look more her age. Always shying away from provocative clothing and cute little outfits, she dressed conservatively so that she would be taken seriously in her career. Her body was lithe and petite, with slender legs and moderately sized breasts. Her chestnut colored hair was usually cut short, but recently she had allowed it to grow longer, now reaching down to her shoulders. Her facial features were soft with a tiny little button nose and piercing green eyes that were usually hidden behind her sensibly framed glasses.

Katie gave herself one more look, before heading out the door to meet her friend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You look hot tonight!” Kendra exclaimed, sipping her cosmopolitan as she sat across from her friend.

“Thanks,” Katie said in response, looking down into her drink with a vacant, preoccupied gaze.

“What is with you tonight?” Kendra asked, hitting her friend’s shoulder with a light backhanded slap. “You seem a little…strange.”

“Do you see me as a good girl?” Katie asked, completely ignoring her friend’s question.


“Do you? Just answer the question.”

“I don’t know Kate,” she answered, sitting back with surprise. “I guess you’re…a bit conservative.”

Katie frowned and continued to look down into her drink.

“Why?” Kendra insisted. “Where is this coming from?”

“I don’t know,” she said after a moment of silence. “I saw Todd earlier today. He made a style=”mso-spacerun: yes”>

Kendra burst out into laughter as Katie scowled in response.

“Todd?” she exclaimed, still laughing. “You can’t listen to anything he says!”

“Whatever,” Katie muttered with a dismissive wave of her hand as she took another drink.

Another moment of silence followed before Kendra spoke again.

“So…when did you see Todd?”

“Oh my god,” Katie cursed as she shook her head. “I knew that was coming.”

“Did he look good?” Kendra pressed on. “What was he wearing?”

“I can’t believe you like him,” Katie stated without answering her friend’s questions. “He’s such a prick.”

“Yeah, but he’s so fucking hot!”

Katie shook her head with disapproval as she took another drink.

“So…,” she began cautiously as she absently twirled her glass in circles. “What…was he like?”

“Huh?” Kendra asked, her brow furrowing with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Like…in bed. What was Todd like when you slept with him?”

“Ahhh,” she said with a large, beaming smile. “Why? Are you looking for something on the side?”

“No!” Katie spat with disgust. “I was just wondering…what the big deal is.”

“Well,” Kendra began, leaning in close as the volume of her voice lowered. “I can tell you…that among all the guys I’ve been with…”

“Uh huh.”

“He was by far the best.”

“Really?” Katie muttered, her interest growing quickly. “Why? What did he do?”

Kendra’s eyes rolled back in her head as she began to reminisce, a blissful expression crossing her smiling face.

“Mmmm, everything,” she uttered, sucking air in through her tightly closed teeth. “He just…took control, and did whatever he wanted to me. It was so hot.”

“And you liked that?” Katie asked with surprise. “Him…controlling you?”

“Oh yeah!” Kendra answered quickly. “There’s nothing better than a guy who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.”

“That sounds a little…rough.”

“I like it rough!” Kendra exclaimed, flashing a bright, playful smile.

Katie looked back to her drink as she began to think…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Katie stumbled down the hallway of her boyfriend’s apartment on aching feet, cursing her decision to wear high heels. After a night of dancing and numerous cosmopolitans, she was tired and moderately inebriated, looking forward to some ice cream and a warm bed. She slipped the key into the lock and turned, pushing the door open.

“Son of a bitch!” she cursed, realizing that she had left a load of laundry in the washing machine earlier that evening.

As she began to search through her purse and pockets for the key to the laundry room, she soon realized that she had left it in on top of the washing machine when she was last in there. She was about to concede to her misfortune when she had an idea. Dropping her purse on the floor, she kicked her heels off and stepped back out in the hallway. Taking a few steps, her strides brought her to the next door. She raised her fist, hesitated for a moment, and then knocked on the door before her. She waited for an agonizing moment, before she started to turn away back to Paul’s apartment.

Then the door opened.

“Well, what the fuck do we have here?” Todd blurted, as he stepped out into the hallway.

Katie spun around to face him as his eyes widened with amazement.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, his eyes scanning her up and down. “I’m impressed. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you, when you didn’t look like a Sunday school teacher.”

“Yeah, very funny,” she shot back, although his veiled compliment did produce a satisfied feeling of warmth. “I left my laundry in the washing machine. Can you open the door for me?”

“Oh, I guess so,” he replied, reaching back inside to grab his keys.

As the two made their way down the hallway, Katie suddenly felt herself feeling quite nervous.

“So…I’m not keeping you from one of your whores am I?” she asked, fidgeting anxiously as she began to feel his eyes roaming her body.

“Nah,” he muttered dismissively with a wave of his hand. “She already left.”

Katie glanced over at him, noticing from the playful smirk on his face that we was kidding.

“So you must have had a good night,” Todd mentioned as she opened the door to the laundry room. “You seem a little…tipsy.”

“I’ve had a few drinks,” she answered with a smile as walked past him into the room.

She expected him to go back to his room, but to her surprise, Todd followed her through the open door.

“So how’s Kendra doing?”

“She’s fine,” Katie answered blandly, as she began to transfer her clothes from the washing machine to the dryer.

As she slammed the door shut, she placed her purse on top of the machine and began to search for the three quarters it would take to turn it on. She quickly located one, then another.

“Oh shit,” she muttered, realizing that she still needed another coin.

“What’s wrong?” Todd asked as Katie turned to face him.

“Do you have a quarter?” she asked.

“Maybe…,” he answered cryptically, his smug grin quickly returning to his face. “What will you give me for it?”

Katie was about to cast him a glare of disapproval, but for some reason she stopped herself.

“What do you want?” she asked, as his eyebrows immediately rose with interest. Her uncharacteristic agreeability seemed to catch him off guard and he paused for a moment.

“Give me your panties,” he suggested, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Who says I’m wearing any?” she retorted in a promiscuous sounding voice, the remaining alcohol coursing through her blood making her somewhat more flirtatious than usual.

“Well if you prove it…,” he continued calmly as his smile broadened. “…I’ll give you two quarters.”

Realizing her teasing bluff had been called, Katie crossed her arms as well.

“The panties,” Todd insisted, taking a coin from his pocket and flipping it into the air. “Or else you can hang your clothes out the window to dry.”

“I am not giving you these,” she answered adamantly. “They were expensive!”

“Okay,” Todd said, catching the quarter in the palm of his hand. “I know what I want.”

Katie looked on with curiosity, as she set the coin on the table and pulled his cell phone from his pocket.

“Let me take a picture,” he suggested, flipping the phone open.

“What kind of picture?” she asked, her eyes narrowing with suspicion as she expected a lewd or sexual response.

“Just a pic of you in that little dress,” he said simply. “You look fucking hot.”

Katie felt incredibly flattered by Todd’s blunt comment. Maybe it was because he was generally stingy with his compliments, but for some reason that simple sentence had made her feel better than all the adoration heaped upon her by her boyfriend on a daily basis.

“O…okay then,” she complied, suddenly feeling like an embarrassed school girl.

Todd’s face lit up and he held the phone out before him, eager to snap a shot of his friend’s girlfriend.

“Come on,” he urged. “Let’s see a sexy pose at least.”

Growing bold by her intoxicated state, Katie turned her back to him before slowly bending over the dryer, displaying her ass to his lecherous gaze.

“How’s this?” she asked softly, looking back over her shoulder with smouldering, sexual expression.

“Perfect,” he answered quietly as the picture was taken with a ‘snap’.

Katie’s heartbeat increased as she heard that sound, knowing that the sexy image would be forever at Todd’s disposal. It felt wrong…but for some reason it also excited her.

“Here you go,” he said with a charming smile of satisfaction as he handed her the tony coin.

Katie blushed a little as she accepted the quarter before she turned back to the laundry machine. Placing the coins in the slots, she then pushed the slider in and pressed the button as the dryer roared to life. She paused for a moment, feeling Todd’s presence looming over her. Taking a deep breath, she remained unmoving as she felt him inching closer.

“What are you doing?” she asked, feeling him begin to press into her body from behind.

“You know exactly what I’m doing,” Todd answered, placing his face to hers and whispering into her ear.

Katie’s pulse was racing and her mind became a jumbled mix of thoughts as she felt him brush her hair back behind her ear. She closed her eyes, her increasing desires battling her better sense as she tried to convince herself that Todd’s warm breath on her bare skin was having no effect on her.

“Y…you…shouldn’t be doing this,” she muttered, her voice shaking with uncertainty. “P…Paul…,”

Her words were those of reluctance, but she wasn’t even convincing herself. Even the uttering of her boyfriend’s name could do nothing to overcome the seething lust that was bubbling up from her subconscious, dying to be unleashed. When she felt his lips touch her neck, she knew that there would be no turning back.

“Do you really want me to stop?” Todd whispered as his hands took hold of her slender hips and he pulled her tiny body into his.

Katie swallowed hard as she felt the growing hardness in his pants pressing into her ass.

“N…no,” she replied meekly, her voice barely audible over the whirring of the laundry machine.

He kissed her harder, his teeth biting gently into her soft flesh as his hands slowly descended down her leg. She let out a subtle gasp as his fingers touched the bare skin of her thigh, sliding upwards as she felt her skirt being pulled up the side of her leg. Reflexively, she placed her hand on his, preventing him from exploring further. He stopped briefly before pinning her firmly against the dryer and pushing through her feeble defences, his hand reaching up under her dress.

Again she stopped him, holding his hand against her hip as his eager fingers began to trace the borders of her tiny black panties. Todd’s other hand slowly migrated up her body before sliding into her silky brown hair and gradually closing into a fist. Katie’s breaths came in rapid gasps as he pulled her head back and hissed into her ear.

“Stop resisting.”

The forcefulness of his quiet words caught her off guard, but she found herself melting into his body as she let her hand leave his and allowing him to continue his sensual exploration. Todd’s fingers grazed the lacy fabric comprising her underwear, following the thin seam as it travelled down between her legs. Katie fought the urge to stop him, her small body writhing against him as she felt his fingers pressing into her dampening mound through the thin, sheer material.

“Mmmm,” he moaned, cupping her pussy through her underwear, his middle and ring fingers massaging her with firm, pressing movements. “You’re wet.”

The combination of alcohol and much needed sexual excitement sent Katie into a state of elated bliss as her arousal grew under Todd’s forceful touch. The crotch of her panties turned wet under his fingers as he pawed her with increasing determination. Pulling the moist material to the side, he quickly found her wet hole and slipped his middle finger deep inside.

“Oh my God!” Katie panted as she felt his finger push inside her. “We…we shouldn’t be doing this. It’s…,”

“Wrong?” Todd asked, sliding another finger into her tight little pussy.


“Do you feel…like a slut?”

Those words should have strengthened her resistance, but in reality they only heightened her arousal. She did feel like a slut. And she liked it.

“You know I’m going to fuck you, right?” Todd asked, speaking softly as he twisted his fingers inside her dripping hole.

“W…we shouldn’t…,” Katie muttered absently, although she made no move to stop him.

“I’m going to bend you over this machine…,” he continued, paying little notice to her moans of protest. “…and fuck this tight little pussy of yours.”

Katie swallowed hard as her pulse continued to race. She could feel his dick through the back of her dress, pressing into her firm little ass as he continued to finger her pussy with smooth thrusts of his talented fingers.

“I want to hear you say it,” he hissed. “I want you to tell me what you want me to do.”

“I…I want…you to…,” she began, her reluctant voice broken by brief pangs of hesitation. “…bend me over and fuck my tight little pussy.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted saying them. She never talked like that! Now Todd had her talking dirty, out loud as he continued to aggressively seduce her. As he pulled his hand from her hot little hole, he held it up to her face, letting her view the juices of her arousal coating his fingers and giving them a glistening sheen.

Before she could say anything, Todd shoved the fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself as her lips closed around them.

“Mmmm, you’re going to make a good little slut,” he said with a smile as he slowly withdrew his fingers from her mouth.

Katie let out a startled shriek as Todd suddenly shoved her forward, bending her over the dryer with her arm roughly pinned behind her back. She panted with desire as she felt her face pressed against the cold metal as he pushed her dress up over her hips. Before she could say anything, he yanked her little black panties down her legs before freeing his cock from his pants with surprising one-handed efficiency. Her heart throbbed in her chest as the realization of the situation hit her. She was about to get fucked.

Todd spit into his hand and rubbed it over his dick as he held Katie’s petite body pressed against the vibrating machine. A second later he pressed his dripping tip to her dewy lips and pushed.

“Ugh,” she blurted out as she felt her tiny pussy stretching around Todd’s forcefully invading cock.

He slid it back and forth a few times, allowing her wet hole to lubricate his thick shaft before thrusting in as far as he could. Katie let out a tiny yelp as he slammed into her, filling her tight little opening with his impressive girth.

“Fuck,” he cursed, reaching up to grab her roughly by the hair. “You’re even tighter than I imagined.”

Katie closed her eyes as Todd’s thrusts grew harder and longer, painfully driving her body into the dryer with each aggressive stroke.

“Mmmm, you’re a good little slut,” he muttered, fucking her from behind as he held her firmly frozen in the submissive pose.

His offensive words only turned her on more as her pussy grew even wetter around his thrusting cock. At that moment, all thoughts of guilt or apprehension faded away as she allowed herself to be taken. To be used. At that moment she was a slut. She was his slut.

“Do you like being fucked little a dirty little whore?” Todd asked, giving her a sharp, resounding slap on the ass.

“Yes!” Katie gasped, feeling her bare skin sting from the force of his strike.

“Do you like having my dick in your cunt?” he asked crudely, again supplementing his question with a forceful slap.

“Yesssss,” she seethed thought her teeth. I love it!”

“Tell me!” he ordered, fucking her with intense, rhythmic thrusts. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I love having your dick in my…cunt.”


“I love having your dick in my cunt!” she called out without regard for who might be listening.

Her eyes closed, Katie became lost in the pleasure. She was nothing more than a hole. An orifice for Todd’s enjoyment. She was totally in his control and she was willing to do anything he asked.

“Get down on your knees,” he ordered, sliding his pulsing dick from her beaten hole. “I want you to suck your pussy juices off my cock.”

Urging her with his hand still entangled in her hair, he guided her down to her knees before him. Katie winced as her bare knees pressed against the hard, cold floor, her sparkling green eyes gazing up with expectation. Todd held her head as he guided his wet cock to her mouth. She parted her lips with obedience as she felt the throbbing member pass into her mouth, her tongue tasting the sweet nectar of her dripping pussy along his length.

The taste of her own juices aroused her further and Katie moaned around Todd’s dick, her eyes looking up to him with admiration. He forced his dick as far as she could take it before standing passively over her and allowing her to clean his cock with her eager little tongue.

“Get up,” he said bluntly after a few minutes of enjoyment by way of Katie’s pleasing pink lips.

Oh shaking legs, she rose to her feet as her panties fell down around her ankles. Todd stared down at her for an instant before scooping her up by grasping her tiny ass with his strong hands. Katie gasped with surprise as he legs wrapped around his body. He took a few steps and pinned her against the wall, holding her aloft as he reached down and worked his dick back inside her.

“Oh yes,” she blurted out as she felt his length sliding back inside her as she wrapped he arms around his neck.

Thrusting his hips into hers, Todd fucked her with even greater intensity than before. With her tiny body pinned between him and the wall, he was able to generate substantial force as he slammed into her repeatedly, causing her panting pink lips to emanate a lustful gasp with each violent thrust. As he pushed deep inside her at one point, he reached down to grasp her pert little ass cheek, gripping it in his large hand as she moaned into his ear. Slowly his hand dipped into her inviting cleft, with one of his busy fingers pressing against her tightly closed asshole.

“No…,” she gasped timidly, reaching down to prevent his unexpected intrusion.

Todd just brushed her hand away and pushed his finger roughly into her clenching orifice as she squirmed between his heaving chest and the wall behind her. She felt her ass stretching open as he hissed into her ear.

“I’m going to do…whatever the fuck I want to you.”

Katie closed her eyes and bit her lip as Todd proceeded to finger her virgin asshole with slow but forceful thrusts of his thick finger. She had always been uncomfortable with the idea of anal play, but as she once again relented to his will, she began to relax and allow him to have his way with her. After few more minutes of the rough but pleasurable treatment, Todd carried her back over the table by the door and laid her down upon it.

He quickly climbed back onto her willing body, his cock once again finding its home within the warm, wet confines of Katie’s irresistible pussy. The hard surface of the table was uncomfortable, but she didn’t care. Her hands roamed Todd’s muscular body as he thrust into her, feeling every taut, contracting muscle as he ground himself into her tiny form.

“Put your finger in your mouth,” he ordered as the table squeaked under them.

Katie complied, sliding her middle finger into her mouth and sucking it as she stared into his eyes.

“Now put it in your ass.”

Katie froze. She hesitated for a moment, but the unwavering look in his eyes told her that he was dead serious. Reluctantly, she reached down as she lifted one of her thighs around his thrusting hips. Her little wet finger soon found its way to her tiny asshole and she began to massage it with apprehensive probes. Gradually, her tight little star gave way and she felt her finger slip inside.

Combined with the pressure Katie felt from Todd’s cock buried deep in her pussy, the odd sensation of her finger in her ass soon turned pleasurable and she started to slide it back and forth.

“Do you like that?” Todd asked, his rhythmic thrusts growing more erratic.

“Yes,” she answered, feeling her asshole squeezing her tiny finger.

“Good. Now take it out and get it nice and wet again.”

Katie was somewhat confused by this new request, but she followed his orders, wetting her finger in her mouth once again.

“Now,” he said softly, grinding his cock deep inside her dripping pussy. “Put it in my ass.”

“Uh…,” Katie began to stammer, as Todd gave her an intense glare of warning. “I…,”

“Do it,” he hissed, his eyes portraying his determined lustful intentions.

Katie reluctantly reached down his back, feeling the muscles of his ass clenching with each thrust. Finding his crack, she slipped her delicate hand between his taut cheeks in search of her final destination. He moaned quietly as her little wet finger touched his asshole. It seemed impossibly tight, but she stroked her tip over it before testing its tautness with gentle, pressing stabs. Her boyfriend would never request such a thing, but her apprehension soon gave way when she sensed Todd’s arousal increasing due to the subtle activity of her probing finger. Pushing it inside, she felt him contract around her as she began to push it deeper.

“That’s it, you little whore,” he moaned into her ear. “Just like that. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Don’t…cum inside me,” she said softly as Todd began to drive his dick into her with long, hard strokes.

“I’m going to cum wherever I want,” he answered with chilling coldness.

“N…no,” she pleaded. “I’m not on the pill. You can’t…”

Todd looked down at her as he began to increase his thrusting. The look in his eyes told Katie that he had no intentions of stopping.

“I’m going to cum in your cunt,” he stated, pinning one of her arms against the table.

As his plunging cock filled her hot little hole, Katie felt her own climax approaching. She pulled her finger from his ass and clawed at his back as her legs wrapped around him.

“I’m going to cum in your cunt,” he repeated, his hips rising and falling with rapid succession. “Aren’t I?”

“Yes!” she blurted out, feeling her orgasm surging through her body. “Yes! Cum in my fucking cunt!”

Those words sent Todd over the edge and he slammed his pelvis into her hers with forceful aggression. Katie clamped her mouth shut and groaned with restrained pleasure as she felt his hot cum spurting inside her unprotected pussy. He kept thrusting until his climax subsided, gradually slowing to a lazy pace as she panted for breath underneath him.

Todd climbed down off the table and began to pull his pants back on. Katie remained lying on the table, her dress bunched around her waist and a trickle of warm cum leaking from her pussy. She turned her head to see Todd smiling, his characteristic smug grin dominating his flushed, satisfied face. Without a word, he bent down and scooped up her panties from the floor.

“Oh, by the way,” he noted casually as he walked towards the door, holding the panties to his face and taking a deep sniff. “I’m keeping these.”

As the door slammed shut, Katie found herself alone in the small room with the whirring sound of the dryer muffling the sound of her beating heart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When Katie woke the following morning, her thoughts immediately began to drift back to her erotic experience the night before. The fact that she was lying half asleep in her boyfriend’s bed seemed to bother her little, as she found her hand migrating between her legs while her mind replayed the night’s events in vivid detail. She had experienced more in those few minutes than in her entire previous sexual history. Her eyes had been opened to a completely new world and she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Even after making herself cum both in bed, and later in the shower, Katie’s libido still showed no signs of slowing. It was as if the flood gates had been opened and just couldn’t be closed. She even found herself looking on the internet for movies that featured really rough sex, finding plenty to satiate her newfound craving. Before she knew it, she had idled away the entire day and her boyfriend would be returning home soon. In fact, she had barely enough time to clear her browsing history before Paul walked through the door.

After seeing her boyfriend, Katie’s guilt somewhat dampened her sexual desires. She briefly considered confessing her recent infidelity, but quickly dismissed the notion as she felt that it would most likely cause too many problems. Although Paul and Todd were not the best of friends, they were neighbours and had been growing increasingly close after living beside each other for the past couple years. She always sensed that her boyfriend had always been somewhat jealous of Todd and his success with women. Playing the part of the supportive girlfriend, Katie had assured Paul that decent girls want a nice guy, while Todd’s antics only worked on slutty girls with low self esteem. She had even tried to convince herself of the same things, while secretly harbouring a lustful desire for her boyfriend’s friend. If Paul knew the truth now, he would be crushed. The last thing that Katie wanted was to hurt him, and so decided to keep her dirty little secret for the time being.

Paul took Katie out to dinner that night, before the couple rented a movie and returned home for a mellow Sunday night. It was the same way that they had spent pretty much every Sunday night for as long as Katie could remember. She had always considered it a perfectly acceptable way to spend time together, but now she was beginning to wonder if maybe they needed to spice things up. After three years of dating, they had settled into a somewhat predictable routine.

After the movie, the couple retired to the bedroom. Although Paul was tired, Katie had other plans.

“What’s gotten into you?” Paul asked with wonder, as his girlfriend began kissing his neck and stroking her small hand over the crotch of his underwear.

She had been trying to entice him all throughout the movie as well, but he had showed little interest in her amorous intentions.

“I missed you,” she purred, giving his flaccid cock a gentle squeeze through his boxers.

Katie was unused to being the aggressor when it came to sex, but she was beginning to feel that it would be the only way to get her boyfriend’s engine running.

“All day…,” she continued, kissing his ear as she whispered seductively. “…I’ve been thinking about what I want you to do to me.”

“Really?” he asked, taken off guard by his girlfriend’s uncharacteristic behaviour. “A…and what do you want me to do to you?”

“Mmmm,” she purred as she felt him growing hard under her hand. “Anything you want.”

A few seconds later, Katie was on her back with Paul lying atop her tiny body with his dick buried snugly within her tight little pussy. She had hoped that he would have chosen something a little more adventurous, but he had opted for their usually missionary position. She was craving him to take control and use her in the same manner that Todd had, but he remained soft and gentle, his hips rising and falling between her legs as she lay under him.

Katie clawed at his back and grasped his ass in an attempt at urging him to go harder, but to her dismay he maintained his easy, monotonous pace. Then she remembered what Todd had asked…no, told her to do the night before. Putting her hand to her mouth, she sucked one of her fingers before reaching down to his ass.

“Whoa!” Paul blurted out, tensing his entire body as he felt his girlfriend’s finger delving between his cheeks. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll like it,” she said softly, trying to calm him down as she continued to probe.

“I…don’t think so,” he stated adamantly, reaching back to brush her hand away.

Katie hid her disappointment, but remained resolute as Paul resumed fucking her with slow, careful strokes. She then decided to try something else.

“You can go harder,” she suggested. “I want you to be…bad to me.”

“Huh?” Paul asked with confusion as he looked down into his girlfriend’s face.

“Like…,”she began, her face growing red as she searched for the words to say. “…rough. Try holding my arms down while you fuck me.”

Paul complied, pinning Katie’s small arms above her head as he resumed with slow pumps of his hips.

“And…call me names,” she suggested, closing her eyes as her mind wandered.

“Names? What kind of names?”

“Like…slut…or whore,”

Paul stopped all movement and Katie opened her eyes in confusion to see him looking down at her with a puzzled expression.

“Ummm, this is feeling kind of weird,” he said, his brow furrowing with obvious disinterest.

“Oh…okay,” she answered back, her spirits dampened by his lack of enthusiasm. “Just…do it normal I guess.”

“Actually…,” he said, lifting himself up on his arms. “I’m really pretty tired. Do you mind if we just go to bed?”

Katie was shocked. She had given her boyfriend free reign to do whatever he wanted to her, and he wanted to sleep? She was disappointed. She was frustrated. She was even a little angry.

“Fine,” she said curtly, trying to keep her anger buried deep down inside.

Paul leaned down and gave her a friendly peck on the lips before rolling over and closing his eyes with apparent contentment. Katie’s eyes fixed on the darkened ceiling as she processed what had just occurred. Not only was she not tired, but she was horny as hell. She wanted to be taken. She wanted to be ravished. She wanted to be used.

And she knew just where to go.

“Hey babe,” she said quietly, gently shaking Paul from his state of partial slumber. “I’m still wide awake. I think I’m going to go home and sleep in my own bed. I just can’t fall asleep here.”

“Okay,” he returned with a yawn, not even opening his eyes. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Katie slipped out of the bed and began to gather up her things before she realised that she could just pick them up tomorrow. She slipped on a pair of little blue shorts and a white tank top, tied her tangled hair into a pony tail, grabbed her purse and slipped out the door. Her heart began to race as she stepped out into the hallway. There was no turning back now. She had an itch, and there was only one way to get it scratched.

She stopped at Todd’s apartment and held her ear to the door, listening for any sound that might indicate the presence of company. All she could hear though was the faint sound of the TV. She raised her hand and rapped lightly at the hard wood. She held her breath and even considered running away as she waited there in the hallway. Then, the door opened.

“Hello?” Todd greeted with a surprised look on his face, standing in the doorway dressed only in a pair of baggy, camouflage shorts.

Before he could say another word, Katie held her finger to her lips and stepped inside. As the door closed behind them, she turned to face him, staring up through her dark rimmed glasses.

“What do I owe this pleasure?” he asked, scanning her body with his eyes as he stood over her.

“I…I…was…,” she stuttered, struggling to put her thoughts into words.

“Oh, I think I know why you’re here,” Todd said suddenly as his usual cocky grin made its first appearance.

Katie blushed, suddenly feeling extremely shy.

“You want me to fuck you again don’t you?”

She nodded, biting her bottom lip as he continued to study her with satisfaction.

“And why should I?” he asked, placing his hands behind his back as he smiled down at her.

“I…I’ll…do anything…you want,” she suggested truthfully, feeling like a school girl with a crush as he watched her discomfort.


Again Katie nodded.

“You want to be my dirty little slut?”

“Y…yes,” Katie replied as she felt her pulse quicken and her pussy dampen at those simple words.

“You’re going to have to ask nicely,” Todd added with a smirk.

Twenty four hours ago, she never would have played into his games. But now…she was willing to do or say anything.

“Please…,” she peeped meekly, “…can I…be your dirty little slut?”

“Maybe,” he answered coldly. “If you promise to do whatever I tell you.”

Katie nodded.


“Get down on your fucking knees.”

The sharpness of his tone caught her off guard, but she quickly complied, dropping to her knees as he hovered over her. She swallowed hard as her eyes remained on the floor and she felt her pussy drooling fluid into her panties as she awaited his next order. Todd stepped forward, placing a bare foot on the floor.

“Kiss it.”

Katie froze. Could she really do something so subservient and degrading?

“Kiss it whore!”

She immediately dropped down onto her hands, reluctantly leaning forward to place her soft lips against the bare skin of his foot. As she did, she could picture Todd’s face in her mind, with that cocky smile as he looked down at her. For some reason it turned her on even more. She wanted it. She craved it. She wanted his abuse and she was willing to do anything in order to get it.

“Alright,” he stated triumphantly, reaching down to grab Katie’s little brown ponytail in his fist. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

As he headed off, he pulled her by the hair as Katie scurried along, crawling to keep up. Once inside the bedroom, he hauled her back up to her knees as she stared up into his face with anxious expectation.

“Pull my shorts down,” he ordered, placing his hands on his hips in an authoritarian pose.

Katie reached up with trembling hands and began to inch the loose fitting shorts down his legs. As they fell around his ankles, she found herself looking straight into a good sized bulge protruding from within a pair of tight, black boxer briefs that hugged his hips and stretched tightly around his well muscles thighs.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, grabbing her roughly by the ponytail and shoving her face into his crotch.

Katie moaned in response as she felt his cock growing rigid through the thin lycra-like material. She opened her mouth and breathed in his musky scent as she struggled to taste his cock through the underwear.

“I bet you’ve been wanting this all day haven’t you?”

“Yes,” she gasped, looking up at him as he held her face pressed firmly between his legs.

Todd then pulled her head back and smiled a devilish grin as he peered down into Katie’s panting visage. She then flinched as he spat into her pretty face, spattering her glasses with saliva as she blinked with surprise.

“Do you like that slut?” he asked in a smug, satisfied tone.

“Y…yes,” she replied timidly.

In truth, she was completely startled by the degrading act. He just spit in her face! She was struggling to process what had just happened, when he yanked her head back again, this time quite roughly. Katie’s lips parted in a silent gasp as she winced from the pain, and Todd spit again, this time into her open mouth. The increased dampening of her already wet pussy told her that she did in fact enjoy it, as she felt a thin droplet of spittle dripping down her chin.

“So, do you want to be a whore?” Todd asked, gazing down into her emerald green eyes. “Or a dirty fucking whore?”

“A dirty fucking whore!” Katie panted with desperation.

Todd smiled as if her words were music to his ears. He then turned his back to her and placed his hands back on his hips.

“Pull down my underwear,” he ordered, as Katie immediately reached up to pull the tight fitting shorts down his ass.

As he kicked them aside, Katie now found herself fully clothed, kneeling behind his completely naked body.

“Now…,” he said, looking back over his shoulder. “Kiss my ass.”

Katie inched forward with eagerness, eyeing his muscular backside with animalistic lust. Placing her tiny lips on his bare flesh, she kissed his ass cheek in a sign of absolute submission as he moaned with delight.

“Good little slut,” he praised as she pulled her mouth from his naked skin. “Now…lick my asshole.”

Katie froze. She had never even thought of doing such a thing in her dirtiest dreams. Although completely willing to submit to Todd’s desires, she found herself reluctant to engage in such a lewd act. As she hesitated, Todd glanced back with disapproval, causing her heart beat to hasten even more.

“Now!” he chided with authority.

With shaking arms, she reached up and gently pushed his firm ass cheeks apart as he waited impatiently. With timid reluctance, she leaned in and pressed her delicate young face into his ass as her lips parted and her tiny pink tongue slipped out. As she felt the tip of her tongue touch Todd’s small, wrinkled opening, she could hear him moan with approval, stoking the fires of arousal within her. Harder she pushed, burying her face in between his taut, muscular cheeks as she licked at his asshole with submissive, loving laps of her tiny tongue.

“That’s it whore,” he groaned, reaching back to pull her face deeper into his ass. “Lick that ass.”

Eager to please, Katie did her best to force her tongue into his clenching hole as she struggled to breathe. With every lewd lick, her pussy dripped with pleasure, the animalistic lust slowly transforming her from a prim and proper young woman into a wanton slut. She was an ass eating whore. She was Todd’s ass eating whore.

“Do you want my cock now?” he asked, as her tongue wormed its way deep into his asshole.

“Fuck yes!” Katie gasped. “Please let me suck your cock.”

“Mmmm, I should let you know…,” he said, turning to face her once again. “That I fucked another dirty little slut earlier tonight.”

Katie sat back, wiping her mouth as she waited for him to use her as he saw fit. His statement however, caused an odd tinge of jealously within her.

“You can probably still taste her pussy on my dick,” he continued, stepping towards her. “Go ahead. Clean that whore’s cunt off my cock.”

She swallowed as she watching his well sized dick coming towards her face. She reached out for it, but Todd slapped her hand away with a swat of his arm.

“No hands,” he stated, standing over her kneeling form.

Katie placed her hands behind her back and passively opened her mouth to accept Todd’s thick pole in between her waiting lips. As she felt him sliding over her tongue, she closed her lips around his girth, embracing the pulsing shaft within her wet and willing mouth. Immediately she could taste another woman on his cock. She thought that he may have been fibbing, but the taste was unmistakable. It was the taste of pussy. Some other girl’s pussy…coating the length of Todd’s dick from the tip to his balls. Once the initial shock wore off, she went to work sucking his cock clean of any sign of his other slut. She began to wonder…who was she? What did she look like? Did she lick Todd’s asshole as well? The thoughts flew through her head as she bobbed back and forth on his rod, tasting every inch of him as he placed a hand passively on her head.

Gradually, the passive placement of his hand turned to a gentle urging, and finally to a violent thrusting as he drove his cock into her back of Katie’s throat. Her eyes watered and her lips sputtered around his shaft as he fucked her pretty little face.

“Do you know where I’m going to cum?” he asked, staring down as his dick disappeared repeatedly into her tiny mouth.

“Anywhere you want?” she answered, more in the form of a question as he smiled back in response.

“That’s right. And do you know where I want to cum?”

Katie shook her head as he pulled his dick from her wet, inviting lips.

“I’m going to cum on your face.”

She remained still, waiting for his next order.

“Would you like that?” he asked, stroking his dick a few inches from her face.

“Y…yes,” she whimpered, her eyes locked on Todd’s swollen tip as it bulged with every pump of his hand.

“Ask for it,” he added, his strokes growing faster with every passing second. “I want to hear you beg for my cum on your face.”

“Please cum on my face,” she squealed, gazing up at him with salacious admiration. “Please cum all over my slutty little face.”

Todd’s stroking increased to a blinding fury as his muscles flexed and pulsed. Suddenly, his hand movements ceased and his balls tightened as a thick spurt of white liquid shot forth onto Katie’s waiting face. The cum lashed out in a long, hot rope across her glasses and cheek before another shot struck her in the forehead. A few seconds later, and her adorable, child-like face was left a splattered mess of creamy white jism.

As the last drop of cum oozed from Todd’s tip, he smiled down at his recent masterpiece with a prideful expression. Staring back up with a gazed face, Katie waited patiently as she felt the warm fluid slowly streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t move,” Todd said, as he turned and walked out of the room.

After what felt like hours, but was most likely closer to ten minutes, he reappeared as Katie waited submissively on her knees in the middle of the floor. Without a word, he pulled her up and began to drag her across the room towards a large dresser topped with a well-sized mirror. As he slammed her body into the dresser, he forced her down into a bent over position before pulling her head back up and forcing her to look at herself in the mirror.

“Mmmm, look at that,” he hissed as Katie was forced to view her cum covered face. “Doesn’t that look nice?”

She gasped as he roughly shoved his hand between her legs, groping at her pussy through her tiny, blue shorts. Feeling the dampness through her clothing, Todd stood behind her and pulled her shorts down around her knees as he held her hair with an unyielding grip. Next, her panties were yanked down, leaving her bottom half exposed as she trembled with anticipation.

“What do you see?” he asked, sliding two fingers into her little wet hole. “Tell me what you see in the mirror.”

Katie gazed upon her own reflection, her pretty face dripping with glistening lines of cum.

“A…a…cum faced little whore,” she answered as Todd rotated his fingers inside her.

“That’s right,” he agreed, placing his thumb over her tight little asshole. “A dirty…little…cum faced…whore.”

With each word he spoke, he pushed his thumb deeper into her ass until all three digits were firmly ensconced in her shuddering little body. Katie lurched forward as he began fucking her holes with his hand, driving her into the dresser with each forceful movement.

As his cock once again rose to hardness, Todd slipped his fingers from Katie’s dripping cunt and went about replacing them with his eager pole. She closed her eyes with bliss as she felt his dick spear her flushed lips and slide deep inside her.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded as he jostled her back to full consciousness with a sharp yank on her ponytail. “I want you see yourself while I fuck you.”

Katie’s eyes fluttered open and she once again peered through her cum covered glasses to cast her gaze upon the obscene visual as Todd filled her pussy with rapid thrusts of his cock. The longer she looked at herself, the hornier she became. She glanced past to see Todd’s smug visage smiling back at her as he held her by the hair and fucked her from behind, causing her petite body to shudder with each powerful stroke.

Todd then reached around to wipe a droplet of his own cum from Katie’s glasses, leaving a filmy smear across the lens. He then placed the finger at her tight little ass opening as he slowed his thrusting, leaning back as eased his finger past her tight muscular ring. She moaned as she felt her asshole clench around him, resisting with futility as he forced it deep inside. With his finger buried up to the knuckle in her ass, Todd resumed fucking her dripping pussy with slow, even strokes.

“Fuck your ass is tight,” he muttered, his hips grinding into her back of her slender thighs. “I can’t wait to get my dick in there.”

Katie’s heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of Todd’s cock in her ass. As her mind struggled to comprehend what it would feel like, he slipped his finger back out of her ass and reached forward, hooking into her gasping mouth. As her lips closed around it, she could taste the cum that he had wiped from her face as she watched herself descend into a world of depravity before her very eyes.

Suddenly, Todd pulled his dick from her little wet pussy and pulled her back up by the hair. Wrapping one of his powerful arms around her, he lifted her into the air and strode across the room to the bed. He tossed her onto the large mattress, smiling with contentment as he watched her tiny body bouncing like a toy before coming to rest on her stomach, her legs still fastened together by the small pair of panties around her knees.

Holding her down against the bed, he yanked the underwear down her legs before resting a knee on each side of her prone body, straddling her as she lay beneath him. He then reached down and pulled her head back by the ponytail as he stuffed her wet panties into her open mouth. Her glasses slipped off her face and he brushed them aside before rising back up to admire her little willing body pinned beneath him. Katie took deep breaths in through her nose as she struggled to gasp with the panties in her mouth. She could taste her pussy on her tongue as her saliva began to permeate the damp, lacy fabric.

“Spread that ass,” Todd ordered, looking down at Katie as he knelt over her, stroking his dick with long, slow pumps of his fist.

Obediently, she reached back with both arms as she rested her face against the bed. As her hands gripped her pert little cheeks, she gently pulled, exposing her most private regions to Todd’s lecherous gaze.

“Mmm, look at that tight little asshole,” he uttered, collecting his saliva in his mouth before letting it drip down onto her tiny hole.

Katie’s heart pounded as she felt the warm fluid dribbling down over her winking hole. She then felt the spongy tip of his cock touch her tiny orifice and her body tensed as she braced herself for what was coming next. She let out a muffled groan into her wet panties as she felt her virgin ass begin to stretch around Todd’s impending thrust.

“Shhh,” he hissed, smiling as he watched her tiny body squirm beneath him. “You better be quiet. Your boyfriend in on the other side of this wall you know.”

Katie silently cursed him for bringing up Paul, but it did little to abate her growing lust. She could feel her ass burning with agony as he pushed his swollen head inside her with one particularly forceful stroke. Her tight little ring clenched around his shaft as if trying to expel the invasion, but he held steadfast, his cock gradually sinking into her wriggling body.

Overcome by the painful pressure, Katie squirmed and groaned with discomfort, even reaching back with her hand in futile attempt to slow his penetration.

“Aww, princess,” Todd teased, grabbing her hand and pinning it forcefully against her lower back. “Is my cock too big for your tiny little asshole?”

“Uh huh,” she managed to respond, her desperate voice dampened by the panties in her mouth.

“Do you want me to use some lube?”

“Uh huh.”

Todd leaned down against her body, pulling the underwear from her lips as he whispered into her ear.

“I’ll take it out, but it’s going to be going right into your mouth.”

“O…okay,” she whimpered, desperate to do anything to make the agony cease.

Todd rose back up and gave one more dry thrust of his dick before slowly withdrawing from her clutching asshole. As it popped free, he laid down on the bed, grabbing her hair and pulling her face to his dick. Without hesitation, Katie took it into her mouth, sucking it deep with eager, hungry bobs of her head.

“That’s it slut,” he said, placing his hand behind in head in a relaxed pose. “Get that cock nice and wet, because it’s going right back into your ass.”

Katie bathed his throbbing pole with wet, hungry sucking as her tongue covered his length with lustful licks. As she sucked him, Todd reached over and opened the drawer beside his bed producing a small bottle of lubricant.

“Want me to use this?” he asked, tantalizing her with the small bottle, as her eyes looked upwards.

She moaned a muffled ‘yes’ around his cock as he raised his knees up from the bed.

“Okay,” he said with a mischievious grin. “Maybe if you lick my ass like a good little whore, I’ll use it.”

With that, he pushed her face downwards as he lifted his legs to give her unfettered access. Katie immediately pushed her little soft lips into his ass and treated him to a lustful, wet kiss before lavishing his hole with a series of torrid licks. As she lewdly tongued his asshole, she glanced up to see him looking back down at her with a satisfied expression. His look of contentment brought pleasure to her and she increased her efforts, tongue fucking him with slutty enthusiasm.

“Suck my toes,” he ordered suddenly, pushing her face from his ass.

Katie obediently spun around, straddling his leg as he squirted some of the lube into his hand. She grabbed his large foot in her tiny hands and lowered her lips to wrap around his big toe. As she subserviently sucked his toes into her little wet mouth, Todd reached down and rubbed his lube-coated fingers over her asshole. The feeling of the cool, slippery liquid on her tightly closed star caused her to moan lustfully as she worshipped his feet with loving licks and kisses.

“Finger your asshole,” he ordered, reclining back to enjoy the feeling of Katie’s warm, wet mouth.

Reaching back, she easily slipped a small finger into her own ass, pushing it deep inside. The lube made the feeling somewhat pleasurable and she added another, feeling her tight little muscles clench around her wriggling digits.

“Are you ready for my cock now?” Todd asked, watching intently as her little asshole swallowed her own fingers.

“Yes,” she gasped, looking back at him with desire.

He sat back up and knelt behind her, pulling her hand from her ass as he stroked his dick in preparation. She placed her wet, slippery fingers to her lips and slipped them into her mouth as she looked back at him for approval. His smile warmed her and she reached back to spread her ass cheeks in ultimate submission.

“I want to hear you beg for it,” he muttered, looking down at her shimmering, pink hole.

“Please put your cock in my ass,” Katie whimpered, her small hands holding herself spread wide in an obscene invitation. “Please…make me your little anal whore.”

Todd’s tip touched her tiny hole and her body froze. He pushed and the diminutive opening slowly gave way before his descending pole. The lube made things much more pleasurable, but the feeling was still intense as she felt her tight little tunnel slowly filled with cock.

“Oh yeah,” Todd exclaimed as he watched his shaft sink into Katie’s twitching asshole. “You like being my slut?

“Yes!” she gasped, clutching at the bed sheets as he slipped in up the balls.

With his dick completely buried, Todd gripped her tiny hips and began stroking in and out with short, casual thrusts.

“Oh my God!” she squealed, before biting her tongue with restraint.

The inexplicable sensation overwhelmed her and she tightly pursed her lips to prevent her lustful keening from penetrating the thin wall and rousing her sleeping boyfriend. Gradually, Todd’s dick slid in and out with longer strokes as his hips butted into her shivering thighs.

“Whose ass is this?” he asked smugly, grabbing her little brown ponytail once again.

“Y…yours,” she panted with exasperation before cringing as he buried with cock in one forceful stab. “It’s your ass!”

He gripped her hair firmly as he fucked her harder with each thrust, marvelling at the way her tight little body shuddered and shook with each plunge of his cock. After one particularly forceful stroke, her knees slipped out from under her and she fell flat against the mattress as Todd fell on top of her little prone body with his length buried deep inside her virgin hole. She let out a child-like yelp as he forced her tiny asshole to swallow his girth as she felt his hard, muscular body pinning her to the bed. His pulling of her hair increased her arousal as pain and pleasure began to mix, enveloping Katie in a state of ecstatic bliss. She felt his hot breath in her ear as he groaned and grunted with animalistic lust, his cock violating her most private hole with unrestrained passion.

“I always knew that deep down inside, you were a dirty fucking whore,” he hissed, his hips rising and falling as he filled her tight little ass.

“Your dirty fucking whore,” she corrected, inciting a renewed fury of plunging thrusts.

Todd grabbed her wrists and roughly pinned them against the bed, her arms forming a ‘Y’ shape as he held them above her head. He grunted with each thrust of his hips, driving deep into her tiny butthole with savage, potent blows.

“Oh fucccckkkkkkkk!” Katie screeched as the bed shook and battered the wall, squeaking under the lustful pair. “Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck my little asshole!!”

Complying with her slavish request, Todd’s hips hammered her ass as his dick reamed her hungry hole. As the enlightening sensation of approaching orgasm flowed through his tensing body, he smiled with contentment and increased his pace until he felt his balls tingle and tighten.

“I’m going to…cum…in…your…fucking…ass!” he seethed through the last few thrusts, before plunging deep and unleashing a hot, creamy deluge inside Katie’s well-fucked asshole.

Katie squealed with delight as he battered her tiny body and flooded her insides with his warm, slimy cum. Her anus pulsed around his throbbing shaft, milking every drop from his deeply embedded dick as his chest heaved on top of her. The pressure in her ass gradually subsided as Todd’s cock softened, allowing her clenching tunnel to slowly tighten around his wilting length. As he lifted himself off her ravaged body, his dick slipped free with a sickening ‘slurp’.

Katie remained pinned to the bed as he moved upwards, straddling her narrow shoulders. She then felt her head yanked back as he grabbed her hair and wrapped her ponytail around his cock, using it wipe clean the slimy mess of cum and lubricant.

“Thanks,” he muttered, after wiping his dick clean with her hair and slumping back onto the bed with a relaxed sigh. “You can let yourself out.”

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!”

Paul groaned and rolled over in his bed, wrapping his pillow around his head in an attempt to drown out the constant thumping and faint moaning coming from the other side of the wall. After two years, he had grown accustomed to the sound of sex coming from his neighbour’s apartment, but this one seemed particularly loud.

“Dammit Todd,” he muttered to himself in a tired, sleepy voice. “I wonder what dirty slut you managed to pick up this time?”

The End

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