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Used To Excess

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Coming home from a busy day, all Kathy wanted was to sink into a hot bath and then into bed. Tomorrow couldn’t be as bad as today had been. Soon the bath had the stress of the day melting away. Steam on the mirrors and mountains of bubbles floating on the surface of the water began to take over, and she started to sink into little subconscious thoughts. She started to daydream.

Kathy loved to dream about being a slut or concubine. It was her favorite thing. She imagined herself naked and captive, in a brothel. One of many captives, kept for the pleasure of men. There were clothed women there. They were female guards who keep watch over them like horses in a stable. At any time, she could be chosen to pleasure from one to many men, in any way they wanted. To be used or “ridden,” as one of the girls had explained her recent torment. They had no say in what they liked or didn’t like…would or wouldn’t do. They were completely at the disposal of their captures.

Kathy dreamed she was wearing nothing but a collar, along with the other women. They spend their days, sitting and talking, sometimes about the situations they had been forced into. A few girls even talked of how they loved being in this situation.

“Can you just imagine the thought of it?” asked one young girl. “To be constantly naked, unable to cover yourself, and at any time a group of men can come and look you over, totally inspecting you. Then, they can take you in whatever way they wish. And, the thought of not knowing what is going to happen, when you are being dragged away.”

Kathy was thrilled at this possibility, wondering who may come for her, or if there would be one or even several of them. As she sat on pillows, nasty little thoughts ran through her mind, of the different things she had heard from the others. Would they take her roughly? Would they bind and whip her or otherwise punish her? She could barely sit still, with those thoughts going through her head.

She imagined herself being inspected by the men, and her naked body being probed or poked, as if to find a perfect victim for whatever their devious minds were planning.

Just then, the large double doors opened, and in walked several men. They were smiling and laughing, as they stopped and talked among themselves. The girls stood, as the men made their choices. One, who was obviously the leader, pointed to four of the girls. Then he commanded the female guards to bring the chosen girls and follow them.

Kathy nearly fainted, as she was chosen with this group. The guards rounded up the four, and their wrists were cuffed behind their backs. Leashes were clipped to their collars and they were lead through two more large wooden doors, and into another room. Once through the doors, the girls were in a room with a large number of men. They felt every hungry pair of eyes was looking at them.

“There must be nearly 50 men in here,” said one. “This is too much. They’ll kill us.” Concerned for her safety, the girl panicked. But, the guards held her, and forced the girls forward to four strange devices, in the middle of the room. They looked like upside down chairs, without the legs. Instead of legs, there were eyebolts and leather straps secured in various spots, with a padded cushion, in the middle. The straps were at the back and bottom, and there was one large strap on the top, by the cushion.

Each girl was positioned at the back edge of one of these inverted chairs, ankles secured with the straps at the bottom. Once that was done, they were bent forward, until laying face down, on the cushions. The straps at the back of their knees were tightly buckled, as were the ones at the small of their backs. This left them immobilized with their upper torso hanging forward, from their secured waist. With minor struggling, testing their bonds and realizing their apparent position, the women then wondered what was their fate. Wrists bound behind them, and tightly secured to this apparatus, each one was soon going to find out.

Kathy struggled in her bonds. She was excited at her predicament and was getting wet between her legs, but hoped nobody noticed. No telling what they’ll do to me if they find out I like this, she thought.

Kathy had a cute little face, long wavy blonde hair and perky little tits. She had a nice little tight ass that clenched enticingly as she wiggled in her bonds.

Beside her was Pam. A pretty, little red head, with long hair and freckles on her face. She had a creamy white body and perfectly shaped tits. Her ass was nice, too, the way it clenched with her struggling. She was furious with her captors. She didn’t want to be there, and demanded they better let her go, “right now!” This brought a roar of laughter from the men in the room. All of her struggling and protests only excited them, as they formed a line in front of her.

Karen was another blonde, with long flowing hair. She had a very slender and boyish figure. Her hard nipples stood out against her nearly flat chest. Beth, was a shorthaired brunette. She was tall with an athletic body, toned and fit. Both Karen and Beth were silent as they waited for what was to happen.

Behind the bound girls, a couple of the women guards unceremoniously inserted lubricated butt plugs into the girl’s tight asses. Obviously, audible complaints could be heard as each felt the invasion of her ass by the plug. Moans and whimpers of protest only increased the excitement in the room. But, these were not just the normal training plugs, as the lead guard explained.

“Now, girls, you have just felt the insertion of anal plugs into your sweet little asses. These are not ordinary plugs, but more advanced, with electrical stimulation. So, if you don’t do as you are told, your ass could be shocked as a punishment. How long or how often this happens will be completely up to any of the men in this room, so I advise you to perform with great skill, if you don’t want to find out.” With this statement, she placed a footswitch in front of each girl. Facing the men, she said “Pressing these switches will get your girl to do as she is told. Use them as you wish.”

Pam shrieked at this. “Shocked? What is going on here? Stop this, NOW! I want out of here! NOW…RIGHT NOW!”

The guard walked over to Pam, turned, and faced the men. “It seems we need an example here, and I think I know who should be our guinea pig.” Turning back to Pam, she stepped on the footswitch in front of her. A quick shock was pulsed through the plug in her ass, and Pam let out a loud scream, as her body jerked in reaction to it. She was then reduced to submissive whimpers.

“Now, see how effective this is?” Murmurs of approval were heard throughout the room.

“So girls, are you getting the picture, here? You are bound in this position for a reason, and these men are lining up in front of you for a reason. They’re just off ship, where they were out to sea for a long, long time. You are their pleasure toys for the duration of their needs. Now, let the fun begin!”

The girls were twisting in their bonds, testing them for strength. Without help, they couldn’t hold their heads up for long and they’d soon be hanging limp, from the waist. But, that wouldn’t be for long. The first man in line before each girl moved up to take charge. Each had a large swollen cock, just begging to be shoved down the throat of a hot captive mouth.

Pam, still whimpering from the shock in her ass, raised her head to see the first man in line before her. She couldn’t quite turn enough to see more than his hairy legs and that enormous cock! The head was so large, how could it pass her lips? She couldn’t even imagine it going any farther. She started shrieking again, thrashing her head from side to side. “NO, NO, NO, It’s too big! It’s too big! You can’t! You can’t! NO, PLEASE!”

During all of this ranting, the man grabbed her head in his hands, and pulled her body up to him. He held her tight, grabbing both her red hair and ears for leverage. Holding her face directly in front of his bouncing cock, he waited for just the right moment. When Pam was shrieking the word “NO….” her mouth nice and wide, with a quick lunge he rammed his cock down her throat.

Pam’s screams were quickly turned into muffled whimpers, and she struggled to open her mouth and throat enough for that enormous thing. The whole room was watching this, and loud roars of approval filled the room. But these roars were quick to silence, because of the show they saw before them. Pam was getting her throat fucked, and watching her do her best to open her tiny little mouth was enthralling the men.

Deeper and deeper, that cock went down her throat, only to be pulled nearly out of her mouth. Then, right back again, down her throat. Pam’s throat was visibly filled, and that enormous head could be seen sliding up and down. As he pulled it out, saliva was glistening all over the shaft. And when he shoved it back in, Pam’s lips were glistening, too, and saliva dripped down her chin and onto the floor. Her eyes were wide, and she was still attempting her protests. But the cock in her mouth was now in charge, and her protests were coming out as only whimpers.

The man was now pumping harder and faster. He got a better hold on his captive’s head, and he pushed deeper into Pam’s poor throat. Now, she was gagging on it, as she felt it grow even larger. Her little mouth was completely filled with this hot burning cock, and she was doing her best to open to its torment. But now, her jaw was so tired, she had to submit to this invading thing.

Gulping at it the best she could, she tried to make him happy, in the hope he would soon finish. Because her mouth was so tired, she let him do all the work, forming her mouth into just a fuck hole. But, soon he realized she was doing this and yelled at her to “SUCK IT!” He grabbed her head tighter and again yelled at her “SWALLOW IT, BITCH. SWALLOW IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!” He said it with such a commanding tone, she snapped out of her trance, and tried her best to open her little mouth, and suck his hard cock, just as he said. But, it was so big, she couldn’t take it all, and again she was gagging on it, as he rammed it hard, into her mouth.

Thinking she was not listening to him, he pushed the foot switch and her tight little ass was sent into convulsions from the shock of the butt plug. Her body jerked in reaction to it, but he kept her head steady and his cock was in her hot little mouth. He waited for her to scream from the shock, and then rammed his cock deep into her throat.

With her mind on the shock, and her mouth wide open, she was caught off guard for his cock ramming so deep into her. She tried to scream again, but with her mouth full of his pulsing cock, she was not even heard. The man held her head tightly, and his cum started shooting into her mouth. It was hot and was quickly filling her mouth and throat. She tried her best to swallow it all, but it seemed like gallons. He twitched and jerked, as his cock shot over and over. He rammed his cock so deep into her mouth; her nose was smashed against his hairy stomach. Pam continued to swallow hard, gulping his hot juice down her tiny throat. She was worried she might choke, if he didn’t pull his cock out, and allow her to breathe.

The man’s body jerked, as he was groaning, and deeply involved. His cock was still shooting globs of hot cum into Pam’s little mouth. But, because he had pressed it, his foot was still close to the foot switch. During his jerking about, his foot pressed down on it again, without his knowledge. Again, the plug shocked Pam’s little hole, and again she was caught off guard. Again, his cock deep in her mouth stifled her screams. One last time, he lunged deep into her throat, and his cock shot its last bit of cum. His final moans came as he tried to keep on his feet.

He staggered backward, and his cock popped out of Pam’s mouth. She gasped for air, as his cum oozed from the corners of her mouth and dripped from her chin. They were both visibly out of breath. Pam’s bound body was lurching, as she tried to regain her strength.

The man slowly moved out of the way and the second man quickly moved into position, in front of Pam. He waited for her to catch her breath, but soon grabbed her head between his hands, waiting for the right moment to shove his hard cock into her freshly used mouth.

Pam then understood what was about to happen and she again became vocal. But, more than complaints, now they were closer to pleas. “Please, no. Please, enough. I can’t take any more. Noooo…”

But, of course, she was going to take more. That was what she was there, for. And, in the middle of her pleas, her throat was again quickly filled with a hard cock.

While all of this was going on, Kathy was getting just what she wanted. Her first man was very well endowed, and she opened wide, inviting him to fuck her willing mouth to his climax. She loved being bound and used, and was almost to passing out, from the thrill of one of her fantasies being played out. But, she remembered not to give this away, and just kept her position as a used mouth, hoping her excitement wouldn’t be noticed.

This first man grabbed her head and roughly fucked her mouth. She liked watching, as this hard thing slid in and out of her mouth. She tried to enhance their enjoyment, by sucking hard, when he pulled out. And, she loved the feel of it, as he forcefully shoved it back into her mouth. He grabbed the hair on top of her head, and watched, as he fucked her mouth. The visual effect excited him more, and Kathy felt his cock grow in size.

She couldn’t get enough of this treatment, and let out a submissive whimper in appreciation. She got more and more excited at how it felt to be bound and used, in this way. She loved being treated as a little naked captive, being forced to pleasure many men with her mouth. She could hear the other girls being forced into the same situation.

The room echoed of masculine moans and groans and submissive whimpers of sucking mouths. Kathy looked into the glazed eyes of this man, and saw the sweat dripping off his forehead. She could smell him, when he shoved his cock deep into her throat. That intoxicating scent was driving her crazy. Kathy was in heaven. A strange man’s cock was invading her mouth. What could be better? She looked behind the man and saw a long line of hard cocks. She let out another little whimper at what she saw, and continued to enjoy her position.

The man was enjoying her mouth. He started fucking faster, but Kathy wasn’t new to this. She had sucked hard cocks before, and knew how to keep them happy. But this was a little different, because she could only use her mouth to make this cock happy. She usually had her hands free to shove her fingers in dark sensitive places. Although this was a different experience for her, she was in heaven. She tried to tighten her grip on the cock in her mouth. Her soft lips sucked harder, as at the same time, her teeth were pulled back. She tickled it with her tongue, as it slid in and out of her willing mouth. She looked up to see the pleasured look on his face, as she expertly manipulated his cock. She could sense his hunger, when he grabbed her head, for a better grip on his fuck hole.

Kathy felt her wetness running down the inside of her legs, to the strap that held her knees. She couldn’t help show her excitement by wiggling her bound body, and testing her bonds. A hungry cock was fucking her willing mouth. She tried to breathe in-between his thrusts. Her saliva was dripping onto the floor beneath her.

Over and over, his hard meat drove into her mouth, and down her throat. The man’s eyes became glassy, as he grew close to cumming. As her throat was used, Kathy came closer to her own orgasm. Did she dare to let herself cum, in the presence of these men?

Of course, the other men in line were watching this. One made the comment that the foot switch should be pushed at least once, just to experience the feeling of the complete control of this captive. And, just after this was mentioned, the man stepped on the foot switch.

The shock of the butt plug in her ass shocked Kathy’s cute little ass and caused her into a reflex action that surely would have thrown her across the room, if she hadn’t been bound to that device. But, because she heard the men talking, she wasn’t caught completely off guard, as Pam had been, before. It was a powerful experience, and also humiliating to be bound and commanded to service several men with only her mouth. Then, to experience the added humiliation of an electrified butt plug that was shoved in her ass for the single purpose of achieving even more servitude.

The shock did its job, and Kathy let out a scream from the pain. And the man timed his thrust with her scream. Only a small portion of her scream was heard before it was quieted with a cock driving into her throat. Because her mouth and throat were so open from the scream, this cock went deeper than before, and she felt the hard head at the back of her throat. Just as it reached its final depth, she felt the hot liquid start filling her throat.

He moved his hands to the back of Kathy’s head, and held his cock deep in her throat, as it painted the back of her gullet with his cum. She gladly gulped it down, doing her best to keep up, and not gag. He groaned loudly as his cock kept filling her mouth. Someone of lesser abilities would have choked, but not Kathy. She loved the taste of a man’s cum. But, she was amazed at the volume. She decided it must be because they have been at sea for so long.

Thick as tapioca, but both sweet and salty, she enjoyed this man, as much as he was enjoying her. She sucked him dry, with a whimper of disappointment when it was over. He let out a final moan, as her mouth tried not to let go. She looked up into his eyes, and licked her lips. A smile formed on his face, as he turned to walk away.

Kathy hadn’t noticed, but there was now a pool of saliva on the floor, under her head. And, the wetness of her crotch exploded when she felt his cum hit the back of her throat. There was a puddle of her sex juices on and around her bound feet. It would be obvious to anyone that she had enjoyed this. She hoped it wouldn’t be used against her. After all, why should she hate serving these men? And, there was always Pam, if they wanted someone who needed to be tamed.

She was startled out of her thoughts by the next man in line grabbing her head. She looked up at him, and licked the last of cum from her lips. Then, she opened her mouth wide, in acceptance of another hard masculine cock.

It didn’t seem that Pam had calmed down any. She had a second cock in her mouth, but she was still doing her best to get out of the fix she was in. Twisting and turning, fighting it all the way, but she just didn’t realize what she was doing. All of her protesting was only going to get her more of what she protested about. That cock in her mouth wasn’t going to go away until it was satisfied, no matter how much she wanted it to. And, there were more cocks waiting in line.

The man on the other end of that cock was enjoying Pam’s protesting. He began to treat her as he viewed her … just a pretty mouth to fuck. “Yeah, fight with me, bitch. I love it. Fight all you want, but I’m gonna fuck your little mouth, down to your toes.” While saying this, he got a better hold on her head, and rammed his cock deeper down her throat.

Moaning loudly, he watched her cute little ass cheeks clenching. He loved using this little bitch. Pam was having none of it. She squirmed and wiggled, but she couldn’t get free. She did what she could, but the cock just continued to ravage her mouth. Her screams were stifled into muffled little protests, adding to the pleasure of the man using her. He encouraged little Pam with his words.

“You like this, don’t you slut? You love my cock in your mouth. I can tell you do. You like how your cute little freckled nose is smashed hard against my stomach, don’t you? And, you love how my big cock tickles the back of your throat. Open wide, bitch. I’m gonna give you more of what you love.”

Pam’s eyes were wide with fire. She wanted this to stop. She continued her resistance, in hopes she could discourage these men. But, her defenses were mostly taken from her.

Her present tormentor continued to talk. “Come on, little girl, open that sweet little mouth up. Either you open it up, or I am going to force it open. I love taming a prissy little spoiled brat; so complain all you want girl. I love it.”

Pam was still defiant. She was naked and bound. A strange man’s cock was using her mouth. It was difficult to think straight. His powerful cock was relentless. How could she get out of this situation? She decided to bite his cock. Maybe that would get him to stop. It was the only tool she had. So, when that big cock was deep in her throat, she raked her teeth against it, on the backstroke. On his next thrust, she did the same thing. This got a reaction out of him, but not the reaction she was planning on. “Oh, baby, bite me! Oh, yeah, bite me, you little slut. I love it! A little pain doesn’t bother me.”

Pam tried biting down on his cock again, but on the head, this time. The man moaned in ecstasy at the little girl’s attempts to hurt him. He just rammed his cock harder into her mouth to show her he loved it. In one last-ditch effort to get him to stop, she bit down hard. This time she got his attention.

“Shit! Fuck, you little bitch! You bit me!” To show this little bitch who was boss, he stepped on the foot switch and Pam’s bound body tensed up with the pain of the shock in her ass. The timing of his thrust down her open throat quieted her scream. She screamed bloody murder, but he held her head steady, and picked up speed with his cock, using fierce punishing thrusts into her mouth. Harder than before, he pushed so hard, her back arched from the force. Her little ass clenched with each of his thrusts, and he loved the view.

Pam’s eyes were full of tears now, as she felt she had no way out of her torment. She had always been the little princess, always getting what she wanted, when she wanted it. When she said yes, things happened. When she said no, they didn’t. This was a total reverse for her. She was not the one in charge. She was not the one in control. This man was using her mouth, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. How much longer would she have to take this? How many more men would use her before her torment was done?

Pam was on one side of Kathy, and Karen was on the other. She was also busy swallowing an enormous cock as it repeatedly pumped into her pretty mouth. Only whimpering sounds could be heard from her, but she seemed to be enjoying her position nearly as much as the man using her mouth. He reached down and pulled on her hard nipples, and a raspy moan came from deep within her throat. He watched her ass cheeks clench with his every thrust.

He had not used the footswitch nor did the man before him use it. Karen was experienced with this sort of situation. She loved sucking hard cocks. She was not new to this scene, and had been tied over this bench before. She had swallowed strange men’s cum before and would swallow more in the future. She was happy having her mouth used in this way.

Beth was on the other side of Karen. Her bright blue eyes glared with fire at her captors. She was not happy in her situation. But, unlike Pam, Beth was older and wiser. She knew she should play along with these men, because she knew it was best. Beth was also not new to this scene, and had been used this way, many times. She knew what a man wanted from her mouth, and was willing to give him his satisfaction. She knew the quicker she could make each man cum, the quicker this would all be over.

The man fucking her mouth was weak in the knees. He had trouble keeping his balance because of the way Beth’s mouth performed. He gasped and groaned, as his cock slid in and out of her tight lips. The sucking sounds from her mouth were nearly as loud as his moans. It was obvious she had his attention. He soon came with a powerful orgasm, and she swallowed hard and fast. He collapsed on the floor, dazed but satisfied, as Beth licked her lips with a smile.

The next man in line was quick to move up, his hard cock in hand and aching for release. Beth opened her mouth willingly, with her tongue curled out, as she said “Ahhh.” Stumbling past the man on the floor, his cock quickly found her mouth and he moaned in pleasure when she slurped it up. It wouldn’t be long for this guy, Beth thought to herself. Her plan was working perfectly.

Karen could hear all of the slurping and moaning beside her, and considered it a challenge. She thought she could cause her line of men to moan and gasp as well as, if not better than Beth’s. After all, Beth was doing this just to make it all end quicker. Karen, on the other hand, loved this situation and knew what it took to make a man cum. And, she loved a challenge, when she knew she could win. Her mouth turned into a Hoover vacuum cleaner, clamping down on the cock in her mouth. She looked up to see the eyes of the man attached to this cock rolling back in his head. He moaned loudly, as he reached for her head.

Grabbing handfuls of hair, he shoved his cock deep into Karen’s mouth, loving the deep sucking action she gave it, both going in and coming out. The cheeks of his ass clenched tightly, as he pushed forward to get deeper into this tight sucking hole. Karen did not disappoint him, creating a wet friction with her sucking action, giving him pleasure he had only dreamed of. “God, suck it, baby. Suck that cock dry. Hoover me, then I will shoot down your pretty throat. God, that feels so good…!”

This intrigued Karen, and she sucked even harder on that pulsing cock. Blubbering sounds of pleasure came from the man, as he tried to keep standing. Karen’s eyes glistened, as he roughly pulled her hair. She felt his hard cock go down into her throat, as his pace quickened and jerked in the spasms of his climax. His cum shot down and coated her throat and Karen gulped it down as best she could.

The man gasped and moaned as he gripped her head, holding it still against his stomach. With his cock deep down her throat, Karen sucked it completely. To keep standing, he leaned forward, pressing his hands on her back for balance. His body convulsing, hunched over her head, Karen kept sucking, feeling him soften in her mouth. His powerful climax nearly over, the man tried to catch his breath, still leaning on Karen’s shoulders. His cock slipped out of her mouth and she swallowed one last time, grinning as the man was still gasping for breath.

Standing in line behind him, the next man was impatient to experience Karen’s Hoover. He stroked his hard cock, waiting, as finally the exhausted man moved to the side and out of the way. He moved up in position and Karen was ready to go. She took this fresh cock into her mouth and he watched it disappear down her hot throat. Automatically, she began sucking hard and fast. He was caught off guard, and groaned deep within his throat. He threw his head back and growled in pleasure from the feeling Karen’s mouth was giving him. He wasted no time thrusting into her throat, gasping as he grabbed her hair to hold on.

Poor little Pam was having a rough time of it. But her problems were caused by her own actions. These men seemed to love nothing better than to tame a cute little red head. Her protests only egged them on. Her bound body was jerking and twitching, as her mouth was stuffed with cock. Her tight little ass was clenching as she constantly fought against the men fucking her mouth. Her lips were coated with dried cum of strange men and it felt like she had swallowed gallons to keep from choking on it. Her small mouth had been forced open for what seemed like hours and her tiny ass had been shocked while the men laughed at her agony.

She was brought back to her vicious reality by the commanding voice ringing in her ears. “Suck it, you little bitch! Suck it down your throat, all the way down to my balls,” the man yelled at her. He laced his fingers together behind her head, and pumped deep into her mouth. She whimpered a little protest as her mouth was violated again and again. The head of his cock tickled the back of her throat with each thrust of his hips. He watched the wires of the butt plug in her ass wiggle as she repeatedly clenched her butt cheeks. It excited him to watch this wiggle.

“Such a cute little ass you have,” he told her. “Such a cute little ass…I would love to shove my cock in that…oh, God, oh…Gawd…yes, YES!” his climax cut short his words, spilling cum into Pam’s mouth. “Swallow it, you little bitch…swallow it all.” Pam did the best she could, swallowing hard. He continued to pump her mouth, gasping and groaning the whole time. Soon, it was over again. Another man had fucked Pam’s mouth. Another man had cum down her throat.

The next man in line yelled aloud “Next!” as he moved up into position in front of Pam. He waved his hard cock in front of her, slapping her cheeks with it and poking her nose with it. “You want my cock, little girl?” he said, in a tormenting way. “You want me to fuck your cute little mouth with this big mean thing?” he continued. Pam tried to ignore him, turning her head away from his cock when she could.

But, this man was having none of that. He liked this little red headed girl with the freckles. He loved the look on her face. The look of innocence used by force. He continued to slap her face with his cock, asking her those same questions over and over. “Well, little girl, do you want it? Are you ready for a real mouth fuck now? Such a sweet little mouth you have. It will soon be stuffed with my cock. It’s a man size cock.”

Pam was still shaking her head back and forth, continually replying to his horrendous questions with the same answers “No, no, leave me alone! I can’t take any more of this. Please leave me alone. No more…please. Leave me alone.”

The man only laughed at Pam’s protests and grabbed her hair with both hands. He held her still, so the head of his cock was lightly bouncing against her chin.

They both were motionless for a few seconds, staring into each other’s eyes. Then, he stepped on the footswitch and with a violent jerk. Pam’s body reacted to the quick shock to her ass. She screamed in pain, only to have her mouth stuffed with his cock. His evil plan had succeeded. Now, he continued to talk to her, as he fucked her mouth. “You like this, don’t you, little girl. You love my cock in your mouth. I know you love it. I see it in your eyes. Suck it down your throat, little bitch. Suck it good, or I will step on that button again. That’s a good girl. Suck it. Suck that cock.”

All Pam could do was keep her mouth open for his cock. He kept pumping into her mouth, as he tormented her with his trash talk. She had to do as he said, or he would step on that damn footswitch again. Pam had had enough of that. She did her best to suck the man’s cock, as he commanded. Opening her throat as large as she could, she tried to allow him the pleasure he demanded. The cock in her mouth had complete control. Pam didn’t like it, but that was the way it was.

Her body was tensing up, recoiling to his advances, but that was the only reaction she could muster. She knew if she didn’t do as she was told, her poor little behind would be shocked again and again until she did. The feeling of that thing in her ass was unyielding. It was physically there, so she could feel it. Large enough to cause her pain, but it wasn’t big enough to demand her complete interest as the cock in her mouth did.

Still, it was always there, and in the back of her mind, she knew it would do its nasty work if her mouth wasn’t giving enough pleasure to the men. The hard cock in her mouth brought her back from her thoughts, as she continued to do her best to gulp it down. This, in-between the whimpers of a young girl being forced into a life of submission.

Kathy just couldn’t get enough of the men in front of her. She loved the musty smell of their bodies, and the forceful way they took her mouth. She went along with them as if they were making her, but she loved playing the part of a taken woman. She loved being the sex toy. She loved being tied, naked and used. The humiliation of it…the feeling of submitting to all of these men ran chills through her body, from head to toe.

Little pleasure moans came from her mouth, as even louder moans came from the men.

She loved the taste of semen, and she loved the expectation of another man shooting his hot cum down her throat. She sucked like the expert she was, and another man succumbed to her charms. She cooed as her throat was again coated with her reward.

She swallowed as the man groaned out his climax. She relished the extra loud groans she could cause with her sucking. The men saw it as their using her mouth, but Kathy saw it as her mouth using the men. It was just an equal trade off for mutual pleasure. Kathy licked her lips and smiled as she watched another man stumble to the side.

“Another satisfied customer,” chuckled the next man in line. He quickly moved up in line, holding his bulging cock in his hand. “Let’s see if you can do that for me, doll.” Kathy grinned as she saw the purple head of his cock coming at her. She made a mental note to herself to suck extra hard on this one. She was going to drain the life out of him. He would be speechless, when she was finished with him.

Karen also enjoyed what was going on. But, she would much rather have been able to use her hands to grab the man’s ass cheeks and pull him to her. She would also like to be able to snake her finger up their ass. She knew that was always a good way to get their attention. When done at the right time, it can make a man cum gallons. She remembered one job she had where lunch breaks were for sucking cocks instead of eating. She and a couple of other girls had quite a reputation for their marathon lunches. The other girls had even joked how it was a good way to keep their girlish figures.

She only wished she could snake her finger up the ass of the man fucking her mouth right now. She would dispense with these men in nothing flat. Even using just her mouth and tongue, she still knew the men would be moaning loudly.

Beth was holding her own. Being side by side, she and Karen were both causing quite a show. It seemed like some sort of sucking race. Each girl accepted the cock in her mouth, and then seemed to take charge. The men whimpered, then moaned loudly as their cocks were quickly sucked deep into the women’s wet mouths. Beth was near robotic in her actions. She seemed to have a method of steps to lead the men to a climax.

She had a special swirl thing she did with her tongue. It worked every time. At just the right moment, that tongue went to work and the cock in her mouth exploded. Just as she knew he would, the man moaned and twitched as his cock hardened in her throat. He roughly grabbed the back of her head and plunged himself deep into her hot mouth.

Beth’s eyes twinkled with his reaction. Her tongue had done its thing again.

So, this is how the afternoon went. Kathy enjoyed every second of it, and Pam hated every second. Karen and Beth were in a sort of battle to see who could suck the most cocks dry. A secondary game began causing as many men as possible to collapse on the ground. That was also being enjoyed by some of the men who were watching.

Karen was proudly gulping the man in her mouth and Beth was beside her doing the same. The line of men in front of each of them was becoming restless. There was a pile of satisfied bodies to each side of the bound girls. Slight movement from them was proof they hadn’t been sucked to death.

Draining the very life from the men via their cock was Karen’s idea of a good time. She knew Beth had the same thoughts. Looking to the side, she could see Beth’s head bobbing up and down on a sailor’s throbbing cock. His eyes were glazed and his head tilted back. His hands each had a fist full of Beth’s hair as he pounded into that hot throat. She had the necessary skills to open her throat to a hard cock. Just the feeling a sex starved man can enjoy. And, with the sucking action of her mouth, it wasn’t long before Beth had a row of satisfied sailors.

Pam wasn’t doing her job on the man’s cock to his satisfaction. “Listen, bitch. If you don’t suck and suck hard, I’m gonna shove it up your ass. You’ll make me cum, one way or another. Pam’s eyes widened at that remark. She had never had a man’s cock in her ass, and this wasn’t the time or place she wanted for the first time. She opened her mouth to its limits and tried to swallow him whole. His stomach was smashing against her nose. He was as deep in her throat as he could be. But, now the man was agitated. His excitement was turning into a need for torment and Pam’s tight virgin ass looked pretty good to him.

He pulled out of her mouth, and with a confirming look from the lead guard, he walked around behind the bound girl’s body. He reached down and wiggled the butt plug until it slid out of her ass with a pop. “Oh, yeah. A nice tight one.” He stoked his hard cock, as he put the head of it at the little brown opening of Pam’s ass.

“No, please! No, please, no! I will do better. I will suck your cock down my throat. Please, don’t do this. I can’t take it. I beg you! You’re too big for me, back there. Please, Nooooo!”

But, Pam’s protests were music to his ears. He loved hearing her plead and beg. His cock got even harder, as he continued to force it into her tight ass. “Oh, yeah, baby. Fight me. Fight me, and make this little hole even tighter.”

Pam tried to keep him out of her ass, but her actions seemed to make him even happier. He was going to fuck her ass! “Oh, God! Please, it’ll hurt too much. Please, I’ll suck you better. Please, I will. Ouch…Oh! No, oh, God, Noooo!”

After the initial torment, he shoved his cock deep into Pam’s behind. She screamed in pain, continuing her pleas for him to stop. Her face was now contorted in pain, as he pleasured himself at her expense. Her body shook with each stroke, and she shrieked. The man leaned forward and grabbed her hair, enjoying his time in her ass.

Pam was in pain, but she seemed more in shock. The thought of multiple men fucking her in her ass didn’t appeal to her at all. But, it was a fact she had to deal with, because there was one fucking her ass. She continued to protest loudly, as he continued.

Seeing this new way of fun, lines began to form behind each of the girls. Sort of like an exodus to their rear. Although several men moved to the rear position, at least as many stayed to the front. So, as Pam got her ass fucked by one man, another stepped up and pointed his cock at her face. She started shaking her head, when she saw the man moving up to her head. “No, no. No, you aren’t going to shove that in my mouth. NO! Please, I’m begging you. I can’t take all of this. Please, don’t do it. Please!”

But, this man had other ideas. First, he took control of her head from the guy in back. That man then moved his hands down to Pam’s bound wrists. Pam had her hands clinched into tight fists. She continued to beg the man in front of her not to fuck her mouth, but he was determined to succeed. He waited until the man behind her was shoving his cock up her ass, causing her to scream from the pain. He quickly plunged his cock into her mouth, turning Pam’s scream into a whimper. Her little body was being used to the extreme, as she did her best to take it.

It was quite a sight to see, as several men had gathered around to watch. “The little complainer’s getting what she deserves, now,” said one sailor. “I think I’ll get in the ass line, so I can put it to her, too.” Several men, all eager to get into that little ass followed him.

But, this wasn’t the only show. By now, each of the girls had lines in front and behind. The sounds of sex filled the room. There were feminine whimpers and masculine groans. Kathy was in heaven. She had never been bound and used this way, and she loved it. She devoured the cock in her mouth moaning with desire. She sucked each man dry.

Karen and Beth had forgotten about their little contest. They were too involved. But, Karen was still milking every cock with great skill. The men were fucking her in rhythm. One pushed as the other pulled, alternating their thrusts. Little moans of satisfaction escaped from her mouth between thrusts. Her eyes were glazed and drool dripped from the sides of her mouth. The men fucking her ass didn’t seem to bother her. She seemed entranced by her experiences.

Beth didn’t seem to mind her ordeal, either. Although the expression on her face wasn’t as inspired as Karen’s. She struggled with the cock in her mouth, because the man was forcing it down her throat. She didn’t have much of a chance to take charge as she had with some of the other men. Little did he know what she could do, if he let her control some of the action. Obviously, he didn’t notice the pile of satisfied men to the side of the line. What a Neanderthal, she thought.

Kathy dearly loved this kind of treatment. Bound and used by multiple men for their pleasure. She was in heaven. From the looks on their faces, so were the men using her. She gulped at the cock in her mouth at the same rhythm the other man fucked her ass. The man in front had his hands full of her hair. The one in back had hold of the strap at the small of her back. All three were enjoying their experience.

The crowd around Pam had gotten larger and more vocal. Because she had put up such a fight from the beginning, the men really enjoyed fucking her little ass. All that could be heard from her were squelched cries and whimpers. But, the crowd was becoming electric.

“Fuck her! Give it to her, good!” said one. “She loves it rough,” said another. Laughs and taunts could be heard from many of the men. One man pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face, as she cried in humiliation. But, the next man was quick to step up, so her cries were short lived.

The guards all stood to the side, watching the show. The lead guard had a smile on her face. “This will teach that little trouble maker a thing or two. Something tells me she won’t be a problem, after this.” The other guards chuckled in agreement.

Time went by, and all of the girls looked tired. All had dried cum on their backs and on their faces. Pam had cum dripping from her face. After all, she had become the main event at this party. The other girls didn’t look nearly as bad as she did. More than an hour had passed, and many men were satisfied. The electricity in the room was quieter and the men were slowly leaving.

Pam was lying limp in her bonds, crying quietly. Karen looked over at Beth and smiled. Her hair was wet and spattered with cum. Beth licked her lips.

“You look like I feel,” laughed Karen.

“No worse than you look, I bet,” replied Beth.

Down on the other end was Kathy. She was thinking of the different men and the looks on their faces as she had made them cum. She loved those looks. Her face was spattered with cum, and her jaw and ass were sore, but she was sorry it was over. She loved being a captive slut.

The guards went to each girl, unhooked the straps that held them and helped them stand. They were taken back to the cage, where their cuffs were removed and they were shoved inside. The door was locked behind them. The other girls in the cage gasped in horror at what they saw. The girls looked tired and in pain. They had cum dripping from them. What had been their ordeal, they wondered?

Pam crawled over to a corner pillow and continued to cry. A girl went over to her and tried to clean her face. Pam brushed her hand away. “No more, please. Leave me alone.”

“Oh, she’ll be all right,” said Beth. “If she hadn’t been such a prude, she might have even enjoyed it, a little.”

“The first time isn’t easy,” Karen said. “She is brand new.”

“Well, it still could have been better, if she hadn’t complained so. That just excites them.”

“True. Very true.”

Kathy slowly walked over to a large pillow. She didn’t even have the energy to go and clean herself up. She just lay there and relaxed, and it wasn’t long before she went to sleep. Dreams of the afternoon spun around in her head. What would it be like, the next time? She wondered. She couldn’t wait to find out.

Kathy was startled awake by the cold water in the tub. She had fallen asleep. The steam was gone and so were all of the bubbles. One of her hands was holding her tit, and the other was between her legs. All of a sudden it came back to her. It was all a dream. But, it had been a great dream. She smiled. She loved being used to excess.

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