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Watersports Other than Surfing

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Part 1

The first time I ever used an Internet dating site, I thought it would be just for fun. I never expected it to work, let alone help me find something that would change my love life forever — and open up my world to the greatest, most perverse sex I’ve ever had in my life.

I’m a pretty normal guy. Average build, average size penis — nothing really about me stands out. At the time I had just finished university and was in my first job.

I’ve had my share of girlfriends who all basically fit the same description — Caucasian, blond or brunette, average tits, nothing really special. I hoped the online dating service would help me find someone new, and something I’ve never experienced before.

While filling out my online application to the dating site, I spoke briefly about myself. I included a photo, but the thought of one of my friends stumbling upon it scared me, so I used one that was a little blurry and low-resolution.

I also wanted to mention some of my favorite pastimes: surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, basically any activity on the water. I’ve lived near the beach my entire life, and I would ideally want the woman of my dreams to have the same interests as me. So under the ‘hobbies’ section, I summed up my outdoor activities simply as ‘watersports.’

Luckily the hazy photo was able to catch the eye of several women, including a Japanese girl around my age, known only as ‘Jasmine.’ Her photo must’ve been professionally touched-up, because there was no way this beautiful girl would be wasting her time with me if she looked that good in real life.

I contacted her through the messaging service and we exchanged numbers. After talking on the phone a couple of times, we agreed to meet for our first date the following Friday. I suggested we go to this little Thai restaurant downtown I knew. I chose it for its intimate setting complete with dim lighting and soft music.

We agreed to meet at 7pm but I planned on getting there at 6:30pm. I wanted the extra time to get our table ready and put out the bouquet of flowers I bought for her as a romantic gesture. Although to my surprise she was already waiting outside the restaurant when I arrived.

From afar I recognized her from the photo on the dating site, but as I got closer to her she looked ten times better than her photo had suggested. My penis twitched a little as I realized that this exotic Japanese beauty was here for me, and no one else.

“Jasmine, right?” I asked as I handed her the flowers.

“You must be Morgan!” She exclaimed, accepting the bouquet.

I offered my hand out for her to shake but instead she flung her arms around my neck in a tight embrace.

“The flowers are really sweet,” she purred. “I’ve been looking forward to our date all week long.”

“So have I. You look even more beautiful than your picture. I had no idea you were going to be this gorgeous!”

She laughed and flung her hair. “Oh, you’re such a sweetheart! Morgan, you’re making me blush!”

I gently laughed along with her and stared into her eyes. I hadn’t realized that ten seconds had passed, which had created a moment of awkward silence between us. Breaking the tension, I quickly jumped in.

“I wasn’t expecting you to show up so early, Jasmine.”

“I know, I’m sorry. But I work just down the street and had nothing else to do, so I thought I would wait outside here for you. I hope you’re not mad.”

“Oh, God no, I’m not mad. In fact, I’m just glad you didn’t stand me up!”

She laughed again. I took that as a good sign.

“I have to be honest with you, Jasmine, I haven’t been on a real date in a while. I hope I don’t screw it up.”

She looked me up and down twice. “I wouldn’t worry about that, sweetie. You’re way too cute. I’m sure there will be a second date …”

She let her eyes linger with mine a few seconds more before she made her way into the restaurant. Like a dog in heat, I followed her immediately. I was finally able to get a good look at her incredible figure without getting caught. She was slim, around 5’5, with B cup breasts, enough for a good handful.

But the feature that really got my attention was her ass. It perfectly swayed back and forth in a hypnotic trance as she walked towards the maitre d’. My eyes were totally fixed on her perfect tight ass. My heart started racing, just like the time when I looked through my first porn magazine. I felt like it was dangerous to look, but couldn’t turn away.

It wasn’t overly busy at the restaurant so we were seated immediately. The waitress came soon after and took our order. I discovered Jasmine love Thai food and she ordered the spicy Pad Thai without looking at the menu. I also ordered my usual without glancing at the menu along with a nice bottle of wine.

For the next hour we engaged in small talk between bites, just getting to know one another. Jasmine spoke about her family, her job, what she wanted out of life, and her innermost dreams. But the entire time she was talking, I couldn’t help but stare at her figure.

Her tits were perky under her blouse, her long, dark hair waved as she laughed, and her pouty lips were just asking to have a penis between them. I hadn’t been so turned on in my life. My carnal urges were shooting through my body all the way down to my cock.

“I have to go pee,” she whispered, knocking me out of my trance. “I’ll be right back.”

She lightly caressed my arm and my hand before walking away from the table. I was able to get a good look at her ass once again as she walked to the bathroom. Just as she entered the ladies’ room, she looked back at me and licked her lips. My dick grew hard at the sight.

I was a little nervous while she was gone. I was already totally in love with the exotic creature and I had only just met her. My heart started racing once again as she approached the table after returning from the restroom.

“The wine must be getting to me. I had to pee so bad,” she softly said. “You know that feeling you get when you have a sensation inside you and it builds up and builds up and then it feels soooo good when you finally release it?”

I thought about the cum that was building up in my balls and how much I wanted to release it all over her. Jasmine was getting me so horny I couldn’t stand it any longer.

After the meal was over, I paid the bill and helped her out of her chair. I don’t know what it was but some primal instinct in me just wanted to tear the table cloth off the table and start fucking her right there in front of everyone in the restaurant. I’ve never had that thought or feeling before in my life. She had this seductive power over me to the point where I would’ve done anything she wanted.

“Thank you for dinner. I had a great time with you tonight,” she said as we walked outside.

“When can I see you again, Jasmine?” I asked with a little too much eagerness.

She came in close and hugged me, never taking her eyes off of mine. “Hmmm, the sooner the better. I have a feeling we’re going to have lots of fun together.”

She reached down to my pants and squeezed my cock through my pants.

“What about tonight? Can I … see you tonight?” I softly begged between gasps.

She squeezed my erection one more time before letting go. “No, not tonight. I don’t want this to turn into a one-night stand. Anyways, by the time I see you again, I want you to want me so bad that you’ll explode!”

“Jasmine, I’m already there …”

“Mmmm … I can tell,” she purred.

She gave me one soft kiss on the lips and then turned to hail a cab. When she was safe inside the taxi, I gave the driver more than enough to get her home. She called me a gentleman as I closed the door for her. An hour later I was at home jacking my dick so hard I thought my hand was going to fall off.


Part 2

The following night I got a follow-up email from Jasmine about our date. She said she had a wonderful time and wanted to see me again next week. I thought about her every day but I tried to cut down on jerking off when it got closer to our second date. The few times we spoke on the phone I caught myself unknowingly playing with my dick just from the sound of her voice. All of my pent-up stress and sexual frustration was soon to be released.

She wanted to choose the restaurant this week and I told her I didn’t care where we went, just as long I as was able to see her again. We ended up at a sushi place that her friend’s parents owned, with plans to go to a dance club later on.

“You look stunning again tonight, Jasmine. I didn’t know it was possible but you look even better than last week!”

“Oh, you’re sweet, Morgan. You too have gotten sexier than I remember.”

She leaned in close. “And if you’re lucky tonight, you might be able to see even more of me …”

I wanted to get the bill then and there but we hadn’t ordered yet. I would’ve suggested we leave then and there, but she knew the owners and I didn’t want to seem desperate. She took the opportunity to tease me the entire dinner by rolling her tongue around her lips, simulating blowjobs while she ate Maki with her chopsticks, and talking about previous sexual escapades.

I didn’t care if I was getting my signals crossed or not, I was going to fuck Jasmine tonight. Thoughts of licking her ass and getting my cock between those tits of hers were interrupted by a slight tickle under the table.

I lifted up my napkin that was on my lap and was shocked to see Jasmine’s left foot rubbing my penis up and down through my pants under the table. I covered up again with the napkin and looked back at her.

She was sensually smiling at me and gently biting her lip. Jasmine had taken her shoe off and was working her magic on my erection with her stockings. Her foot was arched and was stroking my shaft while she masterfully used her toes to play with the tip of my cock. I started breathing heavily and I could feel my face getting flush and warm.

“What are you trying to do to me, Jasmine?” I whispered.

“What does it feel like I’m trying to do?”

“If you keep this up I’m going to cum in my pants.”

“Well, I don’t want that happening yet. I want that first big load of your hot cum down my throat.”

I looked around quickly to see if anyone could hear her or she what we were doing. The restaurant was busy and noisy, and no one seemed to care about us. But Jasmine began speaking a little louder … too loud for me, especially because of what she was saying. From the looks of it, it seemed like she wanted everyone to hear. Her daring, wild side was coming out … the one she warned me about over the phone.

“What do you like most about sex, Morgan?”

I was a little embarrassed at the question because the woman at the next table shot a glare at us. It also didn’t help that I was so close to cumming from the best footjob I’ve ever gotten in my life.

“I like all kinds of things,” I answered, trying to keep the conversation tame. “But I have a feeling that you have a lot to show me.”

“Mmm, hmm, I do. I like everything about sex … the rush, the anticipation, the feeling of adrenaline you get … are you feeling the anticipation right now?”

Her toes squeezed my cock hard and I could feel the pre-cum oozing out.

“Very,” I panted.

“I really enjoy sucking on a man’s penis. I love how it feels in my mouth when I rub my tongue up and down it. But most of all, I love it when a man shoots his cum in my mouth. Mmmmmm …”

Jasmine closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. Her right hand was underneath the table and slowly moving back and forth. I hadn’t realized it until now but she had been masturbating during our entire little conversation. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was in her possession. Anything she wanted from me from now on I would do at the drop of a hat. I suggested we leave and she agreed.

At the front door she asked he to hold her purse while she buttoned up her jacket. When she handed it to me, I could see her pussy juices glistening on her fingers. She even deliberately placed her hand in front of my face so I could get a good whiff of her scent.

We hailed a cab and headed for my townhouse that was just off the university campus. We held each other tight and explored each other’s bodies with our hands and our tongues. I started squeezing her tits gently as she reached down in my pants and started to jerk me off.

As I was sucking on her tongue I saw out of the corner of my eye that the cab driver had adjusted his mirror to get a better look at the action. I didn’t care. Neither did Jasmine. It almost seemed as if she was more turned on knowing that someone was watching us go at it like high school kids.

I had never even thought of being an exhibitionist — the chance had never come up before. But it was strangely turning me on the more we got into it — we didn’t stop the entire ride home.

When we finally arrived at my place I paid the driver but he waved off the tip. “You and your lady friend have already given me a tip tonight, pal.” He said in some Eastern European accent I couldn’t place.

I fumbled with my keys at the front door as she fumbled with my belt. It wasn’t long before we were in my living room and ripping off each other’s clothes. Because the intensity had been building up all night, I’m not sure how long I was going to last before I came. I couldn’t really see her beautiful naked body because all the lights were off. But from what I was feeling in the dark I knew she was a goddess.

As we kissed more passionately, she bit my earlobe and whispered, “Let’s go to the bedroom, I need you to fuck me now!”

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my room. I playfully threw her onto the bed and started sucking on her nipples. She pushed my head down and moaned, “No, I need you to suck on my clit now! I’m so close to cumming!!” I was only more than happy to oblige.

Her pussy was completely shaven to my pleasant surprise and had a faint, musky smell. I started licking up and down and nibbling on her clit. I rolled my tongue around in circles, changing the direction periodically. She was already wet so I hardly needed any saliva.

Her pussy tasted so good and I lapped up as much as her juice as I could. My mouth and lips rapidly shook back and forth across her folds as I darted my tongue inside her love-hole. She pulled my head violently into her and wrapped her legs around my neck. I was a prisoner between her legs, not looking for parole.

After about five minutes my animal instincts overcame me. I grunted as I picked up her body and swung her around onto her stomach. Her tight ass was staring me in the face and her beautiful, hairless asshole was just aching to be licked. I spread her ass cheeks apart and hungrily licked her asshole. She tilted her hips to meet my tongue, and it gave me better access to her hole.

I was a raging madman, licking and sucking her ass with everything I had. I even probed her hole with my tongue, reaching around her insides, looking for heaven.

She moaned that she couldn’t take the anticipation any further as she rolled over onto her back and pulled me on top of her. Jasmine stared into my eyes and ordered me to fuck her. The seriousness in her voice and look in her face were intense. This woman wanted me more than anything else in the world. I felt like Superman.

My cock was already super-hard so it didn’t need any encouragement. I drove into her like a jackhammer; there was no time to ease into things. She wrapped her legs around my back as I pounded her pussy through rhythmic grunts. I didn’t know where it was coming from but I felt more powerful and dominating than I had ever felt in my entire life. She started yelling to go faster and harder and I maxed out on her.

My dick slid completely in and out of her tight pussy, and each time I re-entered her I slammed her body harder and harder. I lost track of time. I had no idea how long I was fucking her sweet body. My grunts were in the hundreds, coming once a thrust for what seemed like an eternity.

I desperately needed to cum. My balls were filled to the brim and needed release. But I wanted to stay in there until Jasmine was done. I didn’t want to disappoint her on our first session. I increased my thrusts and pounded her harder, not caring if it hurt her. It seemed to have worked.

She pulled my hair and clamped her legs around my waist. Her entire body shook. She screamed something in Japanese. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as beads of sweat ran down her temples.

Once her climax had succeeded in taking over her body, I pulled out and began shooting my hot cum onto her tits. My orgasm was intense. Instead of wasting my load on her skin, she grabbed my cock and wrapped her lips around the tip, swallowing every drop. She milked it for several moments more until I was completely drained. My post-orgasm shudder crippled me and I fell onto the bed. The cold sheets on the bed met the sweat on my back and it sent chills through my body.

Her and I were both panting. Nothing was said. Finally through heavy breathing and perspiration beads, Jasmine smiled at me. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard.

“I have a feeling we’ll be having a lot of fun together, Morgan.”

We both fell asleep after a couple of minutes, holding each other in a tight embrace. It was the first time in my life I fell asleep with a smile on my face.


Part 3

The next morning was a Saturday, so we were able to sleep in without the annoyance of radio alarms or snooze buttons. What made our date absolutely perfect was the fact that she was still laying beside me in my arms when I awoke the next morning. She was real, it wasn’t a dream. And she stayed for more.

I quietly crept out of bed and walked to the kitchen. I made her a light breakfast and brought it to her in bed. The perfect gentleman. She was rubbing her eyes as I walked into the room holding the tray.

“Oh my God, you didn’t have to do this!” she exclaimed after seeing the meal I prepared for her.

“It’s nothing, my dear. I just wanted to treat you like the princess that you are, and I want to give you everything you deserve.”

Jasmine caressed my face and smiled. “Thank you very much, Morgan. This is really sweet.”

“Do you have anything to do today? Any plans, or anything?”

“No, I’m completely yours. And as long as you promise to fuck me like that every time, I’m not going anywhere!”

I blushed. “I don’t know what came over me last night. I’ve never acted like that before. You just … you just have this power over me. I was an animal. And you were the one that brought it out!”

“Well, whatever I did, I’ll be sure to do it again.”

We relaxed for most of the day. I took her out for lunch and she did some light shopping. She picked out two summer dresses at one store that she modeled for me. While she was trying on a third, I took the liberty of paying for them at the cashier. It took her by complete surprise as she came out of the fitting room and they were already wrapped up in a bag. She flung her arms around me and warned me not to spoil her too much, because she would end up marrying me, she joked. I told her it was nothing, even though I honestly couldn’t afford much right now, having just started at my new job.

Dinner was ordered in, as was the movie from one of those “on-demand” movie stations. She was rubbing my leg during the entire movie, and I was responding with caresses of my own. I noticed that she was drinking a lot of water during the movie though, and every time she started a new glass, she would wink at me and giggle. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

After the movie was over, she started playing with my top shirt button.

“How about we head into your bedroom for another go at it?” She started unbuttoning my shirt one by one. “I know of a couple of new things we could try …”

I thought she was talking about giving me a blowjob. She had referred to the act of fellatio many times, but we really didn’t get the chance to get to it last night. I told her that I was in her power, and anything she wanted to do I would be fine with. She grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and instructed for me to take off all of my clothes and lay on my back.

She was in the bathroom for a couple of minutes. I called out and asked what she was doing.

“While we were out shopping today, I picked up a little something while you were in the book store,” she explained. “I hope you like it.”

She walked out of the bathroom and she was wearing a white negligee overtop of a white bra and panty combo, complete with sexy pantyhose and a garter belt. She played with her hair and asked me if I liked it. I was speechless. She was so beautiful, and this exotic outfit really accentuated her gorgeous figure.

She climbed onto the bed and squatted down overtop of me. She looked into my eyes and purred.

“I’ve got something for you, something I know you’ll like.”

I was all smiles as I prepared for my blowjob. Instead she remained in the squatting position and gave me a seductive, sultry look.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Oh God, yes! I’m ready baby! Give it to me!”

She winked and looked down at her panties. She moved the fabric off to one side, exposing her beautiful, hairless vagina. After a couple of seconds passed I was a little curious about the holdup. All of a sudden, my stomach exploded in a hot, wet sensation. I looked down at Jasmine’s pussy and I freaked out. She was peeing on me.

“Wha … what the hell are you doing?” I stuttered.

Jasmine gave me a weird look. “What does it look like I’m doing, big boy? I’m giving you exactly what you said you wanted!”

“Jasmine … I … I don’t …”

The terrified look in my eyes suggested otherwise. She gave me a shriek of embarrassment and jumped off the bed. Trying to hold in her urine as best she could, she made a mad dash to the bathroom. Once inside, she closed and locked the door.

I grabbed one of my socks that was on the ground and wiped the pee off of my stomach, and then dabbed the sheets where it had ran down and collected on the bed. I ran over to the bathroom door and tried to open it, with no luck.

“Jasmine, I’m sorry sweetie! I had no idea you were referring to that! I thought you were talking about something else!” I called out through the closed door.

She wouldn’t answer. I could hear her sniffling.

“Morgan, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you!”

“I’m not upset, I’m just confused! Please come out so we can talk about it!”

“I can’t look at you right now, I’m too embarrassed!”

It took about ten minutes of coaxing until she finally removed herself from the bathroom. Moments before the door opened, I heard the toilet flush — obviously she had finished up in there after starting the act all over my chest.

When she came back out, she had gotten dressed. She looked like a little girl who had gotten caught for something she shouldn’t had done, looking very shy with no eye contact. I had to tell her that everything was okay — there was just a little mix-up, that was all.

“I’m so sorry, Morgan. I … I don’t know what to say …”

“That’s okay, sweetie, it’s not the end of the world.” After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, I had to ask a burning question.

“Why did you think I was into that?”

“Into what?”

“You know, you … peeing on me.”

“From your profile on that online dating site.”

“What was it about my profile that told you I liked that sort of thing?”

“Under your ‘interests’ section. You said that you were a fan of watersports.”

And then it hit me. It all made sense. The sensual looks right before she would go to the bathroom, giggling when she would drink water, she was enticing me with nasty thoughts of things to come, or drip, for a better word.

“I meant I was into surfing, parasailing, diving, stuff like that. REAL watersports, not that,” I explained.

She didn’t say anything. I probed further.

“Was that why you contacted me in the first place? Was it because you like that stuff and thought I did too?”

She sighed. “Yeah, I guess a little.”

I was crushed. I thought that this Japanese flower had walked into my dreams solely for the purpose that she saw something in me that she liked. My personality, sense of humour, kind gestures … all pale in comparison to me acting as her toilet.

“I still thought you were cute though,” she added, almost at the brink of tears.

“Jasmine, I …”

She ran out of my bedroom and grabbed her jacket. “I understand if you never want to see me again.” She bolted for the door.

“It’s not that big a deal!” I called. “We can work this out!”

She opened the door and ran outside to her car. It was three days before I spoke to her again.


Part 4

Jasmine and I talked forever over the phone once her embarrassment had subsided. I was afraid that the only reason she was with me was because of our supposed common interest of watersports, and she was afraid that I thought she was a freak. I convinced her that I was crazy about everything about her — her look, her personality, the way her hair smelled, everything.

She told me that she felt the same way, but she was even more excited because she found someone who she would be able to share EVERYTHING with. I told her that it was such a small, stupid thing to worry about, and we should easily be able to overcome it.

I started ‘researching’ websites that specialized in peeing and watersports. It was completely new to me, the thought never occurred to me to do something like that. Like I said, I was pretty normal and not very exciting when it came to sex. Jasmine had opened up my world in more ways than one. After a few visits to certain sites, I saw how beautiful and innocent a woman can be when she was peeing. It was very natural, very sensuous.

After a while, I got turned on by the sights. I figured the reason why I freaked out when Jasmine did it to me was because I wasn’t expecting it at all — it caught me completely by surprise. Thoughts of Jasmine peeing on me started entering my mind when I jerked off. Thoughts turned into fantasy. Fantasy turned into obsession. Now all I could think about was the next time I saw her, I would have a surprise for her.

She agreed to meet with me at my townhouse once again the following week. I made her dinner and we polished off a bottle of wine. Sitting on the couch, we cuddled while watching TV. I started caressing her leg and arm. I could tell she was a little uneasy and I asked her if anything was wrong. She was still a little afraid that I was grossed out with her.

“Quite the opposite, my dear. I’ve been thinking about what happened, and … I might want to give it another shot.”

She looked at me with caution and studied the look on my face. “Are you sure? You seemed really upset the last time!”

“That’s because I didn’t know it was coming. You surprised me, that’s all. I’ve been reading up on it and I think that if you like it, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t grow to like to either. But either way, I want to make you happy, and if that makes you happy, then I want to do it.”

She grinned. “Okay, as long as you’re okay with it …”

“Oh, I’m more than okay.”

We stared at each other for a few moments and then our lips met in a heated embrace. She started licking my lips and running her tongue all over mine. Something had triggered the animal urges in her again, and I think I know what it was. I fondled her breasts through her shirt and pinched her nipples. They were erect from my touch and I desperately wanted to suck them in my mouth.

We stood up and moved to the bedroom. She started furiously undressing me, and couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. Once we were both naked, I released her from my hard grip and took in her entire body. She was so beautiful. I gazed at her naked breasts, perfectly natural as God had intended, with no hint of sagging. Her pussy was still shaven and her clit was trembling, just aching to be touched.

“First I want to do something for you, for being such a good boy,” she moaned.

Jasmine walked back over to where I was standing and dropped down to her knees. She took my cock in her hands and slowly started massaging it. Never taking her eyes off of mine, she swallowed my entire shaft in one plunge. I shuddered. She sucked long and hard, deep throating my dick all the way to my balls. She was a skilled craftsman at cocksucking — flicking the tip of my penis with her tongue and cupping my balls at the same time.

She ran her tongue along the length of my penis, which had never been harder than right now, and kept going all the way down to my balls. She started jerking my cock with her right hand as she took of my balls in her mouth and lightly sucked on it.

I thought I was going to come right there. Sensing it, she released my testicle from her mouth, but didn’t stop rubbing my cock. Looking up into my eyes, she asked me if I was ready to experiment again, without saying a word. My eyes answered ‘yes.’

After giving my cock a few more masterful tugs, she stood up and walked over to the bed. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. No sense in making a complete mess, I thought. I laid the towel down on the bed and climbed on top of it. She squatted over top of me again, but this time I was ready for it.

My heart was beating fast. I don’t know if it was the anticipation, or the fear of what was going to happen, or maybe a combination of both. She closed her eyes and everything was still. No sound was made from either of us. It was as if the world had stopped. We both waited in anticipation for that sweet nectar to flow for her body.

I looked down and saw her pussy clench and slightly open up. A few drops came out. They landed on my stomach and collected in my bellybutton. A few more drops followed, until she released a stream of piss right onto my chest.

It was so hot, both in passion and in temperature. The air smelled of salt as I watched the pee spray off my chest and land everywhere. The towel wasn’t helping but I didn’t care.

She started moving the stream of pee all over my erect cock and balls. Curiosity engulfed me and I sat up so I could move my face underneath the stream. It landed on my face and I had to close my eyes because the salt was stinging them. I moved my hands up to my face and washed it with her piss. I had never been more turned on by something so perverse and so wrong.

Her pee stream was losing its strength, indicating fun time was almost over. I dared to open my mouth and I caught the remaining pee between my lips. The taste was pungent and strong, and I didn’t want to swallow it this first time, so I spit it back at her and she laughed. I did however bring my fingers to my mouth and greedily sucked the remaining pee off of them. Once she was done she grabbed my other hand and started sucking my fingers too.

Her hairless pussy glistened in the lamplight as the remnants of her piss covered her public region. I threw her down to the bed and dove between her legs, licking every square inch of her pussy, sucking the piss off of her clit. We had no toilet paper, so my tongue would have to do.

I ate her pussy out until she climaxed harder than the first time we had sex. As she came, several drops of pee squirted out at me, and I lapped them up like a traveler in a dry desert. We laid there for several moments, panting from the experience. Jasmine jumped up from the bed and immediately started sucking my cock. I was so turned on I came instantly, and she swallowed every drop.

The bed was wet, our bodies were sticky and smelled like pee. I was in heaven. I had found something brand new and I loved it — having only this gorgeous Japanese goddess to thank for.

Jasmine and I had countless wet experiences following that, and I was having the best sex in my life. I fell in love with her a month later and we continued to push the boundaries of our love-making.

We are currently engaged to be married in the summer.

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