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Her Full Return

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Sitting on the bed, half aroused and anticipating the arrival of my lover, I heard a small knock on the hotel room door. I rose to answer it and my arousal increased at the sight of my beautiful girlfriend looking seductively at me. As our eyes met, I reached for her and drew her inside, closing the door behind her.

She had an erotic, seductive and sexual aura about her and she melted into my arms as I kissed her neck and told her she looked very sexy. As we moved into the room she looked at me with a naughty and suggestive look which told me all that I needed to know. She had a look of pure lust in her eyes and her slightly disheveled appearance made me want her more than I ever had before.

As we neared the bed, we came together again in a hot, deep and wet kiss. She tasted of sex and her mouth was hot. She kissed me like she had been denied for too long. Her kiss was erotic and tasting her hot and sexy mouth made my thick cock throb between us. As we broke our kiss I held her pretty face in my hands and asked her if she was my naughty girl. She responded, “Yes, baby” and those two words made my cock throb even harder as I knew the exact meaning of her sexy and welcome confession.

I kissed her neck again, sending shivers through her body while cupping her hot, sexy ass in my hands. I then turned her gently and eased her onto the bed as I again met her with another deep, searching and sensual kiss. Her taste was erotic and forbidden; hot, wet and fulfilling. Her taste was the product of a deep and long hidden fantasy and she knew exactly how hot this kiss made me. As I broke away reluctantly to explore her, she moaned telling me again that she had been a very naughty girl for me.

I laid her back gently and lovingly marveling at how absolutely erotic and sexual she was at that moment. I kissed my way to the tops of her cleavage while my hands each found a warm, sexy and trembling thigh. I parted her sexy legs as I kneeled and kissed my way down her bare stomach. She was watching me intently as I gently lifted her skirt and moved my hands farther up her long, smooth thighs.

We shared a look of pure wanton lust as I told her how sexy she looked and how much I wanted to fuck her. We broke our gaze as I looked down to find her hot and wet pussy exposed between the thin and very wet material of her thong panties. I was mesmerized and totally under her spell as I drew the damp material away to fully expose her swollen lips to my greedy eyes. I could see her arousal and in her open and dripping state, it was obvious that her pussy had been used and filled with the hot, wet load of another man.

“Tell me baby, tell me how naughty you were for me” I half gasped in a very aroused but low voice. My cock jumped again as she replied, “I fucked him”, “I let him fuck my naughty pussy and he filled me with his hot come”. My favorite fantasy for many years was being fulfilled as I stared at my baby’s beautiful, sexy pussy dripping with another mans hot come. I took in the erotic sight before me and told her of my arousal. “Oh yea baby, your pussy looks so wet and slutty, and you turn me on more than anything”.

As we shared another lustful and knowing gaze, I noticed a look of confidence in her eyes taking over as the apprehensive look that had been there since I greeted her at the door slipped away. I felt her thighs start to tremble a bit more as I reassured her further by telling her how hot she was and how much she turned me on. She replied by asking me if I liked looking at her naughty pussy and if knowing that she had been bad made me want her even more. I replied in a moan “Oh yes baby, you are so hot like this”. I reached up further finding her wet, swollen lips and parted them even more. Her pussy was so wet, so hot and I could feel her need as she slowly began to grind her hips seductively before me.

“Oh baby, I need to come again” she breathed as I parted her lips with a finger. The warmth of her pussy and the slick wetness of her lover’s come invited me into her farther. Even when I had done this before after fucking her and filling her, her pussy had not been as hot and wet and inviting as it seemed now. As I slowly slid my finger into her throbbing and dripping pussy, she moaned again “Mmm, don’t tease me baby, eat my naughty pussy, I need you to make me come”.

She knew this part of my fantasy well and was enjoying every second of living it out. Her next words were purely out of need as she reached for the back of my head and drew me into her wet and used pussy. “Oh god yes, suck my clit baby, eat my hot pussy, can you tell how hard he fucked me”? “Mmm, yes baby”, I moaned in total lusty approval as I licked her and continued fucking her with my finger.

Feeling her respond to me, her thighs then joined her hands in keeping my head buried in her wet sex. As I felt her throb against my finger, I could tell she was close and I reveled in her naughty, come-filled pussy. As her contractions started and her hips bucked against my hungry mouth, I sent her over the edge. “Oh yes, I’m coming, oh yes, suck it baby, suck that hot come out of me, oh yes”. As she stiffened and her trembling thighs held my head, her hot and used pussy covered my greedy and willing mouth with the strange come she had brought to me.

As her contractions continued, her breath remained a sexy gasp, she released me. I made my way up to her, I found her eyes closed and an erotic smile of sexual bliss on her sexy lips. I kissed her as I released my thick cock from my shorts. After tasting me, she grabbed my face and reveled in the erotic potion I had brought to her. We broke our kiss as she asked me to fuck her deep, saying that she wanted to feel my big cock fill her and that she wanted every drop of my hot come.

As I moved my cock to her, I held her head in my hand so that we could both watch as my cock entered her. It was so erotic, so hot watching my cock slide so easily into her usually very tight pussy. I could see her pussy accept me and then as I withdrew, I could see the come from her lover lubricating our hottest fuck ever. As I fucked her slowly and deeply, I asked her about her encounter and if she liked being so naughty for me.

She gasped out the words as I fucked her harder; each word bringing a deeper and harder response from my aching cock. She relived each naughty detail for me and I replied in hot groans of appreciation. As I fucked each hot admission from her, my pace quickened and became more urgent. As she told me of her pussy being fucked hard by a big strange cock and then being filled with it’s hot come, I exploded. Buried in her wet and slutty little pussy, my cock throbbed in the strongest and most intense orgasm of my life. I kissed her again as I felt her pussy grip me, milking my hot load into her still hungry pussy.

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