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New Horizons

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Toni came awake slowly. She could hear voices in the distance, and as she opened her eyes, she saw medical equipment and monitors all around the room she was in.

Her emerald green eyes darkened as she wondered what she was doing in a hospital. She checked herself over, moving her arms and legs to find nothing broken or wrong except for a slight headache and a little stiffness in her body.

Focusing on the voices, she saw two men in blue scrubs standing in the hallway talking.

She could not understand them but that didn’t worry her because she knew she was in a foreign country. Her new husband Jason had surprised her with a trip to Sweden for their honeymoon.

She smiled as she thought of Jason, remembering his laughter as she tried to find out what his surprise gift to her was going to be.

Wondering once again why she was here, she slowly sat up as she tried to remember the last thing she did, and a picture of Jason on the trail they were exploring came to her mind. She had just told him she was going to look at the view from the cliff and turned away from him to walk over to the ledge. She remembered nothing after that.

Toni’s brow wrinkled in frustration as she tried to remember more and she rose up straighter in the bed. This caught the attention of one of the men standing outside her door. He said something to the other man and they both watched as Toni stretched, enjoying her unconsciously sensuous movements. He smiled when she noticed them watching her, blushing as she lowered her arms to her sides. He watched her delicate fingers play with the edge of the sheet as they walked into her room.

Toni smiled hesitantly at the man that came to her bedside. Meeting his eyes she asked, ” hello, can you tell me why I am here and where is my husband Jason? Oh, I hope you can speak American.”

The man smiled back at her and she thought to herself, I bet the girls of this country don’t mind being put in this hospital. She looked at the other guy as he was pouring some liquid into a small cup.

They were both handsome and muscular, the one standing next to her had black hair, while the other had brown. Her smile deepened momentarily, as she thought that they couldn’t compare to her Jason though.

The black haired one answered her. ” I speak some, pretty one. I not know husband.” He watched her incredible green eyes darken even more and her smile dimmed as her lips trembled for a moment before she asked him, ” Then can you please find someone that can tell me what’s happened? I can’t remember.”

Toni rubbed her forehead in frustration as she watched the brown haired man approach her holding out the cup to her. She took it, smiling politely at him, then turned to the black haired one as he answered her. ” Yes pretty one, I take you there, but you drink first. Medicine.” He grinned, as Toni smelled the liquid and her nose wrinkled. ” Warn, it taste bad.”

Toni reached out and rested her hand on his forearm. His breath caught when she gently squeezed his arm, then smiled at him again. He was amazed at how beautiful she was. He forced his natural reaction away, making himself focus on what she was saying instead, ” thank you for the warning. I feel fine, but if you think I need this, I will take it. Oh I hate medicine!” he felt her fingers tighten on his arm as she swallowed the bitter liquid. He grinned in sympathy when she shuddered, and inhaled then exhaled quickly.

Toni drew in her breath again, making a face as she handed the cup back. The brown haired one caught her expression and chuckled, as he accepted the cup then moved away. Toni heard and laughed at herself also, saying, ” if that old saying about the worst the medicine tastes, the more it cures is true, then I think I’m set for at least the next 50 yrs or so.”

The black haired man looked at her sharply, amazed at the accuracy of her words. He relaxed when he realized the girl was just innocently talking. She had no idea how true her words were, yet. He smiled when she squeezed his arm again, then let go, to ask him, ” may I get up please? I do feel fine. And I really need to find Jason.”

He nodded and stepped back as she slid her legs over the edge of the bed. His smile widened as her gown rose up her thighs when she scooted closer to the edge to stand. He felt another shaft of desire hit him when as he helped her off the bed, he caught her scent. He quickly controlled his features as she looked up at him.

Toni didn’t notice his reaction because she was just realizing how tall he was, as she stood up. She was 5 foot 5 inches, and he had to be at least 6 foot 6 or 7 inches tall, because she noticed her head barely reached his shoulder. Her eyes sparkled in humor as she met his eyes, and she remarked, ” please don’t think me rude but, wow, you sure are tall! I barely reach your chest.”

To-Ar laughed at her frankness, as Rem handed her a lightweight robe. He told Rem in their language, ” this one will be interesting to train I’m betting. I envy Regan.” Rem nodded in agreement, as he watched the girl put the robe on. ” She does seem to have a higher than usual intelligence and spirit, doesn’t she?”

Toni listened to them talk, smiled questioningly when they laughed, and asked, ” may I have a drink of water please?”

To- ar nodded his head, telling her, ” yes, but I take you first. You get drink there.”

Toni wanted to find out what was going on a lot more than she needed a drink at this point so she agreed. She lightly held onto his forearm again as he turned towards the door. She said before they left, ” would you mind telling your co worker thank you for me, please?”

To-ar looked at her intensely again, surprised but pleased also, at her show of manners. His gaze-met Rem’s as he said, ” definantely more intelligence than I’ve seen in a long while, yeah. Her beauty is obvious, but this, this is rare.”

Rem had to agree. He smiled at her, envying Regan also, as he watched To-ar take her through the door.

To-ar could feel her fingers tremble against his arm as they walked down the hall and he wondered how she was going to react when she finally realized what was happening to her. He could envision the scene that was about to take place in Regan’s office and again envied the man.

Toni curiously glanced into the other rooms as they passed them and saw only women. She realized that this must be a woman’s only section of the hospital. She thought this strange, but then it was a different country.

They came to a door at the end of the hall and she watched as the man pushed a button on the intercom attached to the wall next to it. She listened quietly as he spoke to the other person, thinking that their language sounded a lot like French to her. She liked how fluid and smooth the words sounded.

To-ar heard her soft gasp when the door moved inwards a fraction, then slid into the wall. He looked at her expressive face, seeing her amusement, and had to smile, when she told him that only doors on something she called an elevator opened like that.

Toni was pushed gently into the doorway, but she turned back to the man before he left to say, ” Thank you also, for your help.” he nodded and said, ” goodbye pretty.”

To-ar watched the blush spread across her cheeks as she told him, ” My name is Toni.” His smile widened as he backed up so the door could close. He replied just before the door separated them, ” pretty Toni.”

Toni shook her head in embarrassment as the door slid shut. She could feel her cheeks pinking and tried to ignore them as she turned around.

Her cheeks were forgotten when she took her first look at the room. Toni thought the layout of the office was very interesting. It was split into two levels. She was standing on the upper level and directly in front of her about four yards, in the middle of the room, was a giant circular couch that was even with the floor on her side and opened out into the lower part of the room.

It was huge and a dark rich brown color. She noticed how the padding covered the back and seat then smiled when she saw the padding also had been added to the floor inside the circle. There were multi colored pillows to complete the design.

On either side of the couch was a set of wide steps that led to a bar on the right and what looked like a conference area on the left. She could see a desk setting at the far end of the lower half of the room and a door was next to it.

Toni walked down the right steps and approached the desk as the door opened and another incredibly handsome man entered. She stared at him a moment, wondering how this hospital could be lucky enough to get all the good-looking men to work here? She smiled at that silly thought and at the man as he met her in front of the desk.

Regan was pleased as he looked into the girls emerald eyes. Her smile was bright and her face was beautiful with soft lips and high cheekbones. Her nose tilted just a bit, giving her a mischievous look. Yes, he thought to himself, I believe I made a good purchase this time.

He handed her the translator and watched her as she examined it, nodded slightly and startled him by putting the instrument into her ear, exactly how it was supposed to fit. His gaze sharpened substantially as he met her eyes and read curiosity and something else he couldn’t define. He decided not to pursue that thought for now when he felt his desire stirring, as his eyes finished examining her body. She was small boned, but perfectly shaped. Regan wanted to get this first part of her training over quickly so he smiled and told her, ” Hello, I am Regan.”

Once again she surprised him when she held up her hand, waved her fingers at him, then replied, ” hello to you also, my name is Toni Lowry.” Regan controlled his features, hiding his growing astonishment, when she continued, ” thank you for the translator. I like this design, I must say. Very convenient to use.”

Regan relaxed slightly as he remembered that the planet she was taken from was a recent rediscovery, and might very well have technology. He made a mental note to research the subject more, as he rested his hand lightly on her shoulder inquiring, ” Would you like something to drink Toni Lowry?”

Toni nodded and felt his hand turn her toward the bar. She moved gracefully, unconciosly fueling his lust as he watched her walk. He was growing impatient, but curbed the emotion as they reached the bar. He poured her a glass of water, and then casually let his finger glide over the paper that held the aphrodisiac pellets. One instantly adhered to his fingertip and as he handed Toni the glass he touched her hand. The pellet was microscopic, so she couldn’t see it, and once absorbed into the skin, it took about ten minutes to work.

He smiled at her when she put the glass down and asked him, ” Mr. Regan where is my husband Jason? Please, tell me, has something happened? The last thing I remember is turning to see the view on the trail we were on.”

Regan first said, ” Come, sit and relax as we talk.” And led her to the couch. He watched as she sat down, then settled himself a couple of feet away from her, before he continued, ” Is this husband your Master, little one?”

Toni blushed faintly as she shook her head. ” My Master? No that’s a very different word. Jason is my mate. We are married.” Her brow wrinkled with worry as she looked at him. ” I’m starting to get very worried about him. He would be here with me right now, unless something has happened to him. Please tell me what’s going on.”

Regan watched her waiting for the first effects of the drug to appear, as he answered, ” patience, little one, you will understand everything very soon, I assure you. Now I would like you to tell me the difference of mate and master. Also of married, because the translator doesn’t recognize it.”

Toni became slightly irritated with Regan, but kept her voice pleasant as she said, ” alright I will. Then I must insist that you tell me where Jason is.” She paused talking, feeling an odd tingle in her stomach, then continued as it went away. ” In this instance, mate means a person that is your chosen partner. Being married means a couple have bonded themselves to each other. The word master has different meanings, the first being expertly skilled at something, the second meaning is to own someone.” once again she felt a tingling sensation. It seemed to start in her belly.

Regan shook his head as he watched her adjust her robe. He said, “I do not know of your husband, pretty.” Toni blushed faintly before her brow wrinkled in confusion. “My name is Toni, Toni Lowry. I don’t understand why I was brought here if you can’t help me. I need to see Jason.” She shivered suddenly as a wave of something flushed through her. She could feel a tingling sensation starting in her center and seem to work it’s way around inside of her.

Regan’s eyes darkened as he saw the first effects of the drug starting in her. He told her, “He said this is to get you here, Toni. Jason will no longer matter to you now.” He watched her nipples harden though the thin fabric before she replied,” what are you talking about! Jason will always matter to me. I think I had better go.”

Toni started to rise but another wave raced through her, causing her to gasp. She looked at Regan suspiciously as she said, “what have you done to me?” She saw him smile as she raised her knees up in front of her.

Regan stayed still, just watching her as he answered, “you belong to me now, pretty, forget this Jason.” He watched her head shake in denial. Her eyes flashed fire at him as she answered, “your crazy! I’m leaving.” Toni watched his smile widen and she couldn’t stop the shiver passing through her. She realized that there must have been a drug in the water he had given her. Her body was tingling, and flushing in turns, and she could feel the heat building up and heading to her womanhood. It was like a giant orgasm forming in her and she was powerless to stop it. She shook her head and started to push herself up onto the floor behind the couch as Regan told her, “you have nowhere to go pretty Toni. I will have you before you leave this room.”

Regan stood up as she backed away from him, sliding across the floor to the door. He started undressing as he watched her stand and try to unlock it. He said to her, “you will not get it open. Come back to me little slave.”

Toni ignored him as she feverishly tried to remember the sequence of numbers to open the door. She was trying desperately to fight the sensations coursing through her, but they were becoming painful. Her womanhood was on fire, aching with wanting release. She heard him command her to come back once more and she cried out, “Go to hell! I am not a slave! You have no right to do this!”

Regan pulled his shirt off and laid it aside, then slipped out of his shoes. He shrugged off his pants and then silently moved up behind Toni. He could hear her ragged breathing as she pounded on the keypad.

Toni cried out and lashed out at him when she felt his hand on her shoulder. She whirled around and backed away, sliding down the wall toward the bar, as Regan steadily followed her. She was getting so sensitive that the fabric of her gown was unbearable. She took off the robe as she told him again, “stay away from me! I won’t let you do this!”

Regan let her put the bar between them and replied as he fixed himself a drink. “You have no choice, little one. I bought you for your beauty and I will enjoy your body to the fullest. Soon you will come to me. I will not force you, I will not have to. The drug will bring you to me, you see. There is only one way to make your pain stop. And that is to have me inside you.”

Toni listened in growing horror at his words. She shuddered as another wave coursed through her. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she tried to fight the sensations. She ached with unfulfilled desire, but she was determined not to give in to it. She focused on his remark about buying her and said, “You-you said you bought me. You c-can’t do that. I am an American citizen! You can’t buy people, there are laws against it!”

Regan inhaled as he saw her nipples grow more prominent, pushing against the thin fabric of the gown as she hugged herself. He could smell her musk from where he stood and knew that she was in acute pain from needing to orgasm. He laughed quietly before answering her, “This maybe true on your planet, girl, but not on mine. And you are on mine now.”

Toni looked at him incredulous. On his planet? He must be delusional, she thought. She looked away and noticed the other door that he had came in before. She didn’t see a keypad next to it.

Regan saw her look at the door and as she moved, he caught her. He laughed again as she tried to bite him. He was a little amazed that she could fight so fiercely as he picked her up and started toward the couch. She tried to twist out of his arms as she said, “I don’t want you! Please, don’t do this!” He could feel her body trembling as he held her to his chest. She glared at him and he could see the panic and fright behind the anger in her lovely eyes as he came to the couch. His lust grew stronger and he told her as he tossed her onto the padded floor below the couch, “You have much to learn, little Toni and it is my pleasure as well as my job to teach you.” He saw her headshake in denial as her body twisted in frustration. She was not aware of how sensuous she looked to him as he pushed the button the on the panel beside the steps to raise the floor.

Toni started as she felt the floor rising. She realized that is was designed to turn the couch into a giant bed. She tried to get as far away from him as possible as the floor met the seat of the couch. She was gasping and her body was almost convulsing from the intense sensation, but she was determined to get away from this madman. She saw him start to remove his loincloth and she shuddered in dread.

Regan heard the intercom beep on his desk and frowned in irritation. He looked right at Toni then said as he turned away, “remove your gown. I will be right back.” He smiled when she again told him to go to hell. Reaching his desk, he turned off the girl’s interpreter before answering the call. It was one of the Med Techs that had handled Toni’s tests.

“Lord Regan, we have the results from the second set of tests on the new girl. I thought you should know since they show that she is pregnant. Barely four days along.” Regan thanked him then turned back to watch Toni. He knew that by now she was close to an agony of need to have a man thrusting into her. That is how the drug worked on a woman. The only way to relieve the pressure was the friction of coupling, then her orgasm. He realized that now he couldn’t afford to wait for her to give into him as he did with all new slaves. No, he couldn’t take a chance of her miscarrying if she fought him to the full potency of the drug side effects. He removed his loincloth and set it on the desk before turning her interpreter back on and heading back to her.

Toni was barely conscious of Regan’s presence as she twisted on the bed. She had tried to get back up to get the door again, but she was aching so much that she couldn’t move fast enough. She felt his hand on her ankle and she tried to kick at him as he pulled her to the center of the bed. She couldn’t stem the tears forming in her eyes as she cried out, “No! Don’t please don’t do this! I am not yours, I am Jason’s. I love him! Please let me go!” She gasped as she felt his body cover hers, holding her pinned to the bed. She tried to push him away, but she knew he was to strong and her body became an inferno as his hand settled on her breast. She sobbed in frustration as her body betrayed her mind and responded to his touch.

Regan held her under him as he felt her delicate hands pushing against his chest. She shuddered when he flicked her nipple and he smiled. “Stop fighting me little slave. I will have you and you will orgasm over and over for me. This you cannot stop so why fight it. Forget your Jason; you will never see him again. You are my property now, little slave, and I want to enjoy all of you.” He watched her head shake as she pushed harder against him. She met his eyes and he could see the tears make them shine brighter as she replied, “I will never forget my husband! I am not your property! You have no right to do this damn you! NO!” She cried out when he started to untie the strings at her shoulders holding the gown together.

Regan pulled her hands above her head and held them with one of his as she tried to stop him. He reached above her and opened the panels in the bed that held the restraining straps. They were built into the bed so that he could tie her arms above her head. There were matching straps at her feet. He tied her wrists down and finished untying her gown. He pulled it off to reveal her perfectly shaped body and breasts. He smiled with satisfaction as he cupped one again. Immediately it swelled, the nipple seeming to harden even more as he flicked it with his thumb. He heard Toni groan and he felt her shudder.

Regan settled his hips against hers and she couldn’t stop herself from arching into him. He laughed gently at her as he told her, “see pretty one, your body knows what it wants. So I will give it the satisfaction we both crave.” Regan ignored her denial and forced her legs open. He plunged into her and gasped as her walls immediately spasm as she orgasmed. She was so soft and tight that he was amazed. He pulled out and plunged back in, groaning as her womb once again caressed his penis. He could feel her legs straining to push away even as her hips met his every thrust.

Toni cried out as she felt her body explode with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. She arched into Regan as the waves of pleasure subsided, but then immediately started building again. “Please, please m-make this stop.” She tried to relax, to force her muscles still, but the drug was too powerful and relentlessly the waves of sensations started over. “You belong to me now, sexy Toni. And I will end this when I please, not when you say, little slave. You would be wise to remember this,” he said to her. She could feel Regan’s hands moving over her body, caressing and exploring and she wanted to scream at him to stop, but she was afraid that he would hurt her.

Regan lost track of time as he enjoyed himself exploring her body. She was creating sensations in him that he hadn’t felt in hundreds of years. Her responses were so intense to everything he did. He could feel her muscles tightening around him as be brought her to climax repeatedly. He felt his control slipping unexpectedly as she shuddered and his orgasm matched hers in intensity. He held her pinned close to him for a moment as he caught his breath.

Glancing at the clock on his desk as he rested briefly, he was surprised to see that three hours had gone by. He realized that she had not said anything for a while and turned her face to meet her eyes.

Toni was shaking and almost exhausted when he finally stopped and held her tightly after he came. She tried to concentrate on staying relaxed so that the drug would not start again. She didn’t think she could take another episode so soon. She felt his hand caress her cheek before he lifted her face so that he could meet her eyes. Toni tried to look away but he just held her face still as he lowered his lips to softly meet hers in a brief caress.

Regan saw the pain and self-disgust she was feeling toward herself there in her eyes. He also saw her fear of him. He brushed the hair away from her face and as she flinched he said, “do not condemn yourself for something you cannot control, Toni, you cannot defeat the drug. You will realize this as time goes on.”

Toni shuddered as she heard this. She looked at him as she said, “Please let me go home. You took w-what you wanted, and I would promise not to say anything about this, but I want to go home! I can’t b-be what you’re wanting. I cannot live like that.”

Regan replied, ” You will learn to my beauty, in time. There is no way you can ever go back to your world.” Toni twisted angrily in his arms as she listened. “My husband will find me! Jason will never stop looking for me. Why can’t you see, I love him and he is the only man I want.”

Regan scowled as she said this. But then smiled as he smelled her musk rising again. He started caressing her hips and belly as he told her, “That is not quiet true, little slave. Even now your body is awakening, wanting me inside of you.” He slid his staff into her, feeling the welcoming warmth and her incredible tightness. “Like this. You meet my every thrust, little one. Your body knows what it needs.”

Toni tried to relax as he moved above her. She knew she couldn’t stop the drug from making her orgasm, but maybe if she stayed as calm and possible, they wouldn’t be so intense. She answered him to distract herself, “I do not want you! I don’t understand h-how you can want me. I will never love you! I could never give myself to you fully.”

Regan thrust into her deeply, feeling her hips rising to match his every move and smiled as he listened, “what you are giving me now is enough. This love you speak of, I do not know the word. You must concentrate on pleasing me, not on memories of another master. I have you now and I will keep you until you are sold to another.”

Toni shuddered as another orgasm built up in her. Tears blinded her green eyes and her head snapped back as she cried out and arched into him as she came. “I will never please you. I pity you if you’ve never known love.” She broke off as she could feel another onslaught starting. She bit her lip as she tried to concentrate, “please how long w-will this go on? I want to-to stop.”

Regan buried his staff into her, holding her hips still as she bucked under him. He shuddered as her orgasm caused her muscles to ripple around him. Looking

At the half pain, half pleasure expression on her face he said, “you do please me little one. Whether you want to or not. The drug reacts to your resistance, the more you fight it the longer it will take to leave your system. We will be together for awhile, pretty Toni.”

Toni cringed as she listened and felt him start to pump into her. He lowered his head and she felt his breath on her neck as he ran his tongue along a nerve and she shuddered. He traced a path toward her ear and she tried to pull away as far as she could, but he held her still. She could no longer control her tears as she felt him bringing her to another orgasm.

Regan laced his left hand through her silky hair and held her still as he pulled her ear into his mouth and gently bit it. He tasted her tears as he kissed his way to her mouth. He could feel her trying to resist as he ran his tongue along her lower lip before gently pulling it into his mouth. He suckled it, groaning with pleasure as he felt her womb contract around his penis. He slid his tongue between her lips and tried to force her teeth open, but she clamped them tight. He chuckled as he pulled away, “still fighting little one? So stubborn and foolish you are. But I will enjoy every moment so you have my permission to continue.” He said tauntingly as he lowered his lips to her breast.

Toni tried to ignore her body as he caressed and took his pleasure from her involuntary responses. She thought briefly of Jason but forced his image from her mind. She couldn’t stop her sob as she realized that he would be crazy with worry by now.

Regan frowned when she wouldn’t answer him. He slipped his fingers down her belly until he reached her mound. He felt her tense as he slid them into her lips straight to her clit. He could feel her body trembling as he started stimulating her and still she said nothing. He was growing concerned for the unborn child, because he knew that the drug could still cause her miscarriage if she didn’t stop trying to fight it. He heard her almost silent cry as she moved under him and realized that she would not give in. He said to her, “I will force this over and over. I must work all of the stimulants out of you Toni. Try to relax if you want this to end.” He watched her nod silently and smiled as she bit her lip. He watched her eyes close as he started stimulating her body again.

Once again, he lost track off time as he took her over and over. He made sure the drug was almost gone before he felt his control slip and he orgasmed. He had turned her over and was thrusting into her, enjoying the feel of her soft buttocks and back. He pulled her against his chest tightly as he shuddered and came.

Toni heard his ragged breathing and she could feel his heart pounding against her as he caught his breath. She was exhausted. She felt him untie the restraints and could barely move her arms and legs closer to her body. She prayed that he was finished as she felt his arms loosen around her.

Regan could smell her musk and was satisfied that drug was almost completely out of her system. He watched her curl up slowly and knew that she needed to rest. He could safely leave now though. He gently turned her to face him and looked into her eyes. A curious chill raced down his spine as he read the hopelessness and hurt she couldn’t conceal. He shook his head as he pulled her face into his chest. He felt her tense as his hand caressed her back gently so he said, “relax, little one. You have satisfied me fully for now.” Regan felt her nod slightly and heard her whisper, “I want to go home, please let me go home.” He smiled in spite of his irritation at her stubbornness, and then frowned as he felt the wetness on his chest from her tears. He tightened his arms around her slightly as he realized that she needed this release. He let her cry herself to sleep before he moved away from her.

Watching her curl into a ball, Regan wondered if her body would give her next owner as much pleasure as it had him. He also realized that he would have to sell her to someone that would keep her exclusively for his personal slave. She had too much spirit to survive in a tavern. As he looked at her face, seeing the hurt she felt even as she dreamed, he knew that it would take a lot of time for this little one to accept her new life.

As he moved off the bed to start dressing, he started thinking of whom he could sell her to. He smiled as the perfect man came to mind. He owed him a favor and as he watched the girl sleep, he knew that this would repay him.

Toni awakened as she heard talking. She kept her eyes closed hoping they would not notice her as she listened. But Regan had turned her translator off, so she couldn’t understand them. She heard laughter and the clinking of glass. Peeking though her lashes, she saw Regan talking to another man. She tensed when they looked at her.

Regan watched her eyes open as she sat up. He hardened as she moved but he knew that his time with her was over. As she pushed her hair from her face, he heard Srek groan quietly and smiled as he turned to him. “Beautiful isn’t she. But not for us. I am giving her to Lord Drade.”

Srek looked at Regan as he said, “giving, my Lord? You will not profit from her?” Regan shook his head, “not this time. I owe this Lord something and I think she will be more than enough to repay him.”Srek watched as she reached for the gown and covered her front from his view. He saw the pain and fear she was feeling clearly on her face as she watched them warily. He smiled as she met his eyes then frowned as she shuddered.

Regan handed Srek her paperwork then reached for the slave bands. He turned her translator on, and then walked toward Toni watching her eyes darken as he approached her. “Hello pretty Toni, will you put these on or will I put them on you?”

Toni looked at the bands he was holding out to her. They were a smooth gold metal with writing on them and looked seamless. She said quietly as she took them, “I will, what are they for, if I may ask?” He answered as she slid them on her wrists and ankles. “They are slave bands little one. They mark you as mine for now.” He watched Toni cringe as they automatically adjusted to fit her. She could not take them off now. Her arms went around her drawn up knees to shield her body as she said, “I am not a slave. I will not be what you want. I cannot be.”

Regan frowned as he listened, “You will adjust in time, you have no choice, little one.” He scowled as he heard her answer, “I have a choice. You cannot control my heart no matter what you do to me. I am not a slave.”

Srek heard the girls reply and moved forward to stand beside Regan. He handed her the slaves tunic smiling as she thanked him unconsciously. Regan laughed when she turned away to dress. Srek watched her as she slid the tunic over her head and had to turn away before he lost the battle not to take her.

Regan smiled at him before saying, “she affects me the same. I actually lost track of time in our first session.” his smile turned to a grin as he continued, ” The second session lasted twice as long. The use of her body for your pleasure is included in her paper work. She is not to be used by anyone else.”

Toni cringed on hearing this as she turned back to them. She saw the one called Srek smile as he looked at her. He held out his hand as he said, ” come here, girl.” she forced herself to move close enough for him to touch her, and tried not to resist as he pulled her off the couch.

Srek’s smile widened as he moved aside so she could slide off the couch. He told Regan, “I am already anticipating the pleasure.” Seeing her shudder slightly, he chuckled.

Regan felt her tense as he pulled her against his chest. Lifting her chin, she trembled, as he looked into her eyes. He was still a little amazed at her beauty and that he could read everything she was feeling in her eyes. It had been a long time since the hunters had found females that were even above average in genetic quality, let alone intelligence. But as he lightly ran his finger over her lip, he saw the intelligence behind her fear. He knew that she desperately wanted to pull away, as did most females after their first session, but where they would be stupidly trying to fight him still, she stood there, restraining her instincts.

He frowned as she blinked her eyes, seeing a single tear slide down her cheek.

He then said to her, “this is a new world to you, pretty Toni. You will believe me the instant you look at our sky. The one I am giving you to holds great power here. You have the choice of trying to please Him, or ending up in a tavern servicing any that claim you.” He watched her eyes darken as he continued; “I hope you prove as smart as you are beautiful, for your own sake.”

Toni shook her head slightly saying, “I am not yours to give. I cannot stop you,

I know this. You will send me to wherever or who ever you wish, it doesn’t matter. He will be disappointed.”

Regan smiled at her stubbornness, saying, “Oh, I think not, Toni. Now little one it’s time for your journey to start. Look to Srek, follow his orders and no harm will come to you.” He tightened his hand gently around her chin as he lowered his lips towards hers. “I will have one last taste of you, though.”

Toni’s hands rose to his chest as he forced her lips open. She didn’t realize she was pushing against him, as he pulled her tighter into his chest. His tongue teased hers as he held her steady. Regan growled softly and pushed her away.

He tamped his desire for her down, realizing that he shouldn’t have touched her again. Then he smiled, watching her back further away until she bumped into the side of the couch. She looked ready to bolt if he moved closer, and he laughed softly, as he turned to Srek saying, “Take her now, or I will delay your trip another day.”

Toni heard the desire in Regan’s voice and was almost grateful to Srek when he took her arm and started for the door behind Regan’s desk. She could feel Regan’s eyes watching her, until she was led through the door. She closed her eyes for a moment, as Srek took her straight across the room to another door. As they went out of it, Toni felt the sudden heat of the sun and opened her eyes.

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