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Our First Trip Together

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I wake up late and you have already left for the day. I knew you said you had to work but expected you to at least say good bye before you went. You had asked me months ago to reserve this specific weekend for you and to make sure that I had off Thursday thru Sunday off because you had plans for me.

I have thought about this since you first told me that you had booked us tickets that weekend for something special. You teased me endlessly about where we would be going but never let the true destination slip. I loved this little game we played, I know you enjoy it as well. Thinking of you brings me back to the present and my irritation that you left without a word to me, it’s not like you at all.

I decided maybe you just thought I needed my sleep after last night and our pending flight later that day and let it go. I get up, shower, go through my things to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything you wanted me to bring. You had specifically asked me to bring this dress I was wearing in one of the first pictures I sent you. When you had asked me about the dress, I confessed that I had never had the nerve to wear it out in public, but here it was tucked in with the rest of my things. I reassured myself that I hadn’t forgotten anything and am feeling very pleased with myself, relaxed even.

I can hear my phone from my purse, it’s a text from you, “Sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up but I wanted to get work out of the way so I could spend all my time with you. You were so beautiful and peaceful sleeping, I couldn’t interrupt you. I hope you forgive me”.

I smile at the message and send back, “Of course I forgive you and even if I didn’t I have no doubt you could persuade me to once you come back”. I receive back from you, “You know me too well, lol! We will see how well this weekend. See you shortly, I have a gift for you”.

This last text has me nervous and excited, what could you mean by “you will see how well I know you”. I love when you bring me gifts, you do this often, a new toy or restraint device, although I stay true to rope bondage as this is your favorite. Over the months as our relationship has progressed I have learned to trust you like no other and tell you my every thought.

I see your bag packed and sitting next to the door and I bring mine over to sit next to it. To keep me distracted I get on my computer to “tie up” work ends for the weekend.

As I sit and try to concentrate on my work emails I keep catching glimpses of your bag out of the corner of my eye. I start thinking maybe I should look in your bag to give me a better idea of what I should expect for the weekend. I look at the time and it’s only been 20 minutes since we were texting, I’m guessing I have at least 30 minutes till you come back and just like that, I decide to go for it.

I casually walk over and grab it, laying it on the sofa so I can open it up when I notice that it has a little lock on it, a little travel lock. “That shit” I think to myself in disappointed amusement. I sit down in a huff next to the bag when it dawns on me, I know your favorite number. I decide to give it a try and what do you know, it opens. I am absolutely delighted with myself, I am so clever, I even laugh out loud as I unzip the bag.

Unfortunately I find nothing but his personal grooming items and clothing for the weekend, there wasn’t even any rope. I was so disappointed. As I stared into the messy suit case I figure I better get it back together before you come home. Just as I begin to straighten your piles of clothing, refolding some of the obvious items, I feel your hands grab my wrists from behind. I freeze, the shirt I am refolding falls into your suit case. I was holding my breath, waiting for you to speak but nothing came, I was busted.

In a stern voice you call me by my full first name and ask me, “Would you like to explain what you are doing?”.

All sorts of thoughts are running through my mind, how much did you see, maybe I should lie, there are too many nerves firing and the grip on my wrists is getting tighter making it hard for me to think.

Finally, I decide to try to play it casual, playful and say, “Depends, how much did you see.”

You smile behind me expecting me to try to get out of this by being cute but your voice is still stern and your grip getting tighter. You reply, “Well, seeing as how I never left, only went and worked in my office here, I saw and heard everything.”

I swallow hard, “Oh. I didn’t realize,” I barely squeaked out as my heart sped up at that knowledge. Suddenly I was straining to remember if I had masturbated in the shower earlier, thinking you would know that as well if you were just in your office, which is right next to the bathroom.

I swallow hard again as I remember thinking about the trip and feeling a little anxious, next thing I knew I was screaming in ecstasy as I held the shower head at my clit. I had debated then about breaking your rule before I did it, I know that I am not to finish by myself when we are together, unless you instruct me to, but I felt it a necessity to relax myself.

I begin to formulate my defense in my head, always thinking I am so smart.

You know me well enough by now that you know I am stalling to prepare for battle. Not physical battle, you smile as you think of really having to manhandle me and how wild I would be, but a battle of control.

I will try to persuade you of why what I did was legitimate on both counts and sweet talk you out of punishing me but you are prepared for just this situation.

You push my wrists together in front of me taking them both in one hand, while you lean up close behind me and say, in your calm, but do as I say voice, “Don’t move, don’t speak, don’t make a sound”.

I start to feel more than a little nervous, I have never seen you this upset and I can really piss people off.

I stand quietly as I look at how big your hand is hold both my small wrists. You pull a length of rope from around you neck with your free hand and begin to wrap it very tightly around both my wrists. This is odd, you haven’t used rope on me since the beginning. You bought special cuffs because I mark so easily. I’m not sure what to think of this, but decide I have enough to worry about and let it go. I just figured you are tying to make a point, leave your mark on me, knowing it will make me self conscious in public.

You don’t say another word until you have finished and are satisfied they are tied tightly and securely.

“Darling,” you start in a bit of a cocky tone, “I knew when I called you and made those comments that you wouldn’t be able to control your curiosity, it’s in your nature”. I can hear the smile in your voice as you explain the situation, so proud of yourself. “I knew exactly what you would do, but I didn’t expect you to be able to get into my bag so easily” you say sounding a little impressed by my resourcefulness.

“Because of the fact that I have a camera in the living room and the bedroom I can monitor both from my computer from anywhere” you continue. “I was able to watch the whole scenario play out, from you trying to behave, to your disappointment when you realized my bag was locked, as well as the impressive display of cockiness when you got the lock off,” he finished in a condemning tone.

I was speechless, I could feel the rage beginning to build in my belly. You had set me up and now you thought you were going to punish me for falling for it. I went to turn around, the words were already spewing from my mouth like hot venom, but then silence.

You have turned me back around, explaining rather roughly as you secure my body with your left arm while you are fastening the strap to the ball gag you have just placed in my mouth. Satisfied that you will now be able to speak without me interrupting, you then pull another length of rope from around your neck and begin wrapping is tightly around my waist, finishing by tying the rope on my wrists to the one now around my waist.

At first I am stunned, you have never used a gag on me before, you enjoy my mouth too much to block your access, nor have you ever tied me in this way since you like to tease and torment my nipples.

You release me once you have secured my wrists and gag. Then you reach up getting a hold of my upper arm to lead me to your office.

At first I stood my ground, pulling back from you, using my body weight to stay put. I was angry that you tricked me and also angry that you have gagged me and are going to punish me. When you feel my reluctance, my disobedience, you step back to me, to the point that my breasts are crushed into your body and I can feel your heart racing. I look up at you defiantly, although it hurts my neck to do so, you are staring down at me, your blue eyes seeming to deepen in color.

What started as a fun little weekend adventure has really developed into a major power game as we stare each other down, literally toe to toe.

I know you can make me do anything you want with force, I am small enough to manhandle easily, but there is a point to be made and a lesson to be taught, we just cannot agree on who is teaching and who is learning and until we do, I’m not budging, I think to myself confidently.

You cannot let me get away with my behavior this time, you think to yourself, remembering a few of the times you have recently let me slide, but now I was out of control. You feel a little guilty, you know I am new and still untrained for the most part and should have been stricter with me but you love who I am, just the way I am. You love my spirit so much and don’t want it to change, but certain parts of me have to be broken for me to be trained. You had let yourself be too easy on me because you enjoy being with me and our time is limited but that would stop now you decide.

You break eye contact and look away seeming to be battling with yourself over something but then I see the resolve on your face as you step away.

I watch you, readying myself for anything, daring you to do something, trying to push your buttons.

Suddenly you squat down and shove your shoulder into me causing me to bend at the waist and before I know it you are carrying me down the hall to your office, like a sack of dog food, over your shoulder.

I am truly flabbergasted by this action and begin to struggle, just then I remembered what you texted me earlier, “we will see how well you know me this weekend”. It kept echoing over and over as you manhandle me into your office. Before you throw me onto your leather sofa you give my ass a good solid “slap” causing me to renew my struggle.

I lay staring up at you from the sofa, still feeling defiant as I managed to sit myself up. I can really feel the sting from that smack but I manage to slide into the corner farthest from you on the sofa.

You chuckle at this act of defiance, this is the worst you have ever seen me but you are amused by it, by how it affects you and the things it makes you want to do to me.

As I watch your amusement turn more serious, I realize what that look means. I try to get myself to my feet but you push me back down on the sofa.

You call me by my full first name again then add, “You can struggle all you want but we have a flight to catch, we will not miss it and you will be punished before we leave for the airport”.

I don’t doubt you for a minute, that this is the reality of my situation and I consider giving in so we can move on but I have a point to make and you are being unfair, not to mention, my pride just won’t let me do it.

You reach around your neck and pull another length of rope free, using it to bind my ankles together.

You have shocked me again, you have never tied my legs together, you always spread them wide so you have full access to my pussy and ass, not to mention the control it gives you.

I begin to panic, I can’t read you, you are doing things out of character, I don’t know how to respond. I have the feeling like I’m in a foreign land and don’t speak the language.

You see the look of panic in my eyes as you finish tying my ankles together.

You come up to the end of the couch where my head is laying and sit on the floor in front of me. My legs are hanging off the couch, feet touching the floor as my upper body is lying sideways and I stare into your blue eyes in confusion.

I look at you pleadingly, I try to speak but it comes out in unintelligible mumbles due to the ball gag.

“You know how much I hate gags,” you start as you trace my lips around the ball with your tongue, “so I hope you realize by now that this is very serious to me”, you finish explaining calmly as you smooth my sweat soaked hair from my face.

I look down in shame, knowing even if the gag hadn’t been in my mouth I would still be speechless. I know that you would never use anything on me that I wouldn’t enjoy unless you felt very strongly that I needed it.

You continue as you raise my chin up to make eye contact again, “I would not be the Dom you need if I let this slide. You have gotten to comfortable and are under the misconception that you are the boss, so unfortunately I have to teach you a lesson, one I hope I don’t have to teach again”.

“Are you going to behave yourself? Control that wicked tongue of yours, or do I need to keep you gagged throughout your punishment?” you ask, looking me directly in the eyes trying to read me.

I am turning this all over in my head, I know that it is all true and I deserve to be put in my place, so I nod that I will behave and you reach behind my head and unfasten the gag. If feels good to have it out of my mouth and I stretch my jaw wide to adjust.

You reach up and gently wipe the saliva from the side of my face where it has leaked out and collected in a pool on the leather sofa. You lean in and kiss my forehead then rest the side of your face against it as you casually ask, “Is there anything else you need to tell me before we begin?” again using my full first name.

I know this is a test so I clear my throat, swallow the excess of saliva and confess to masturbating in the shower earlier in the day. You ask me if I brought myself to orgasm. I reply quietly that I did.

“Well, I am glad you were honest with me but unfortunately this is going to go badly for you princess.” you say as you pull away and bring yourself to a standing position in front of me.

I can feel the stress and intensity of the last 30 minutes suddenly come crashing down on me and my eyes fill with tears. I can feel them running down my face into my hair as I stare up at you.

You don’t seem to notice the tears as you turn away and walk to your desk.

Once your back is turned you take a deep ragged breath and try to regain your composure. You did notice the tears rolling down my face, you had never seen me cry, I didn’t even cried that time you spanked my ass raw when you caught me flirting in the bar. This upset you a great deal, I was your princess and not nearly as tough as I made myself out to be.

You started having second thoughts about my punishment. When you reached the desk, instead of getting the tool you went for, you sit down behind it in your seat and look at me, unsure of how to proceed.

I watch you and notice the change in your demeanor as you sit down and look at me.

I feel guilty and ashamed for behaving like such a brat, for having put you in this position.

“May I say something?” I ask timidly.

“Yes, of course you can” you say gently, curious what might come out of my mouth.

“I am sorry, I know that I acted like a brat, I invaded your privacy and violated your trust. I am also sorry that I masturbated without you, I was just so anxious about the trip and…and” I broke off sobbing, startling myself at the outburst of emotion.

I am embarrassed for you to see me cry, unable to hide my face since my wrists are tied to my waist I try to turn my face into the sofa. This makes me cry harder as I think to myself that I have brought this all on with my behavior, or rather misbehavior.

After a few minutes I get myself together and finish, “I will never do either of those things again. I am sorry I have put you in this position, that you have to punish me and I am ready to accept my punishment.”

You never take your eyes off my face the whole time I spoke, even when I broke down crying, unable to hide my face, you watched, taking in the display of emotions. You feel overcome with emotion for me and want to comfort me but another part of you holds you back. You know that you have to see it through or all control will be lost.

“Position yourself, as best you can, on all fours on the sofa.” you order me.

I am quick to follow your instructions not wanting to disappoint you further. It is difficult to maneuver with the ropes on but I manage as I position my knees and shoulders on the sofa leaving my ass high in the air with my head down.

You stand and walk over to me kneeling down on the floor next to me.

I want you to kiss me so badly, I look at you but you are not looking at me, you are looking at the ropes.

“These have been on long enough, they are cutting off your circulation so I am going to remove them now. I expect you to be compliant with any position I put your body in” you say as you start to undo the restraint around my waist.

I stay perfectly still as you finish untying the rope bindings. You run your hand over my hair and down my back to my ass, stopping to appreciate the feel of me as you squeeze and rub the thick flesh until I am moaning.

You stop suddenly as you look me in the face, making eye contact you lean in to kiss me and just as your lips touch mine your hand comes down in a powerful blow to the area of flesh you were just appreciating so much.

My body tightens and I pull back from your kiss but your other hand is on the back of my head keeping me right where I am as you kiss me harder. I begin to whimper with the combination of the increased pressure of your kiss and the stinging sensation radiating from my rear quarters.

You pull away and say, “Now stand up and strip, you may leave your shoes on if you like.”

I climb off the large sofa and begin to remove my shorts, I had only put these on while I was waiting for you to come back from work. I typically only wear short dresses but you will allow shorts as long as they are short and show off my legs.

I am bare under the shorts, as you expect me to be. You admire my smooth pussy region, as you had forgotten that I had my appt with the waxer yesterday. You feel a stir in your groin as I continue to undress.

I have a spaghetti strap tank on, the kind with the built in bra, which I pull over my head and let drop to the floor next to my shorts. I kick off my flip flops and stand before you naked, waiting for you to tell me what to do next as I stare down at the floor.

You let me stand there for what seemed like 10 minutes as you took in the sight of my body. You never tired of looking at my nude body. You direct me to turn around so you could see the results of the first part of my punishment.

I turn around and you can see the welt the last blow left behind, as well as the red mark still visible from earlier. You feel satisfied that the first part of my punishment has been sufficiently delivered.

You tell me to go over to the front of your desk lean over it as far as I can then spread my legs.

I move quickly to comply and you follow me over, but go to the other side of the desk. I watch as you reach in one of the drawers and pull out a blindfold.

You tell me to put it on, I do. I hear you reach into the drawer again but don’t know what you are getting until I feel the leather cuffs close around my wrists. You attach them to the pulls on the desk drawers causing me to stretch and stand on the balls of my feet. I can feel my nipples harden as they are mashed into the cold surface of the desk. This causes a stirring in my pussy but I try to push it aside to focus on what you are doing, I can’t let myself get distracted.

I hear, then feel you step around behind me and attach a spreader bar to the cuffs on my ankles.

You must have pulled it from under your desk, because I don’t remember seeing that in your office before.

You stand up and admire your work as I half lay, half stand draped over your desk waiting for you to do whatever you like to me.

You think to yourself to take a mental picture of that site, then you think, “why should I take a mental picture when I can take a real one?”.

You chuckle out loud and say, “It’ll last longer” and laugh again as you imagine how I will react to hearing the click of the camera.

You tell me not to move and leave the room laughing at the notion that I would be able to move the way he had me bond to the desk.

After what seemed like twenty minutes, I hear you come back in the room. Not realizing you were as close as you were, I jump when I feel you start to run your hands up the backs of my legs, starting at my ankle cuffs, appreciating the way my calf muscles are defined by me being stretched out. You make a point to push my legs as far apart as the spreader would go, then arrange how far out and angled upward you want my ass.

It is an awkward position but I want to make you happy so I strain to maintain it.

You continue by arranging my hair, spreading it out across and down my back, making sure that I had just enough arch in my back that it didn’t cause my skin to bunch up, you want it to look nice and smooth for the pictures.

“There.” you say as you step back and take in the scene. I hear the camera snapping pictures and my mind becomes frantic, then I feel your hand on my ass and tighten for the blow, but it doesn’t come, you put your other hand on the other ass cheek, you can feel the heat radiate.

My heart is racing, it feels so good, as you knead my flesh like dough. I love when you massage me deeply, just the way you are doing it right now. I start to relax into the desk, letting my pose slip and “SMACK” my ass is stinging again as I gasp and try to stifle my cry of pain. I immediately get my body back in the position you put it in.

You step back to take pictures of your bright red handprint, like a temporary brand, on my ass. I don’t say anything, this is part of my punishment and I know you would never use the pictures to hurt me.

As if you read my mind, you say, “You know I will never use these pictures to hurt you.” you say in a genuine tone, but I already know it to be the truth.

“May I ask why you are taking them? Is this a part of my punishment?” I carefully inquire. “I trust you, and know you would never do anything to hurt me. I am only asking because the time is getting late and we do have a flight to catch”, I start this sincerely but the last part did not come out as nonchalantly as intended.

I can tell by the long silence that you didn’t like how that had come across and are weighing your options. I couldn’t hear anything, only my own ragged breathing as I strain to determine where you are.

Another “SMACK” comes down on my other ass cheek.

I flinch before the blow lands, hearing your hand move through the air with such force.

“That is for having the nerve to assume that I don’t know the time in relation to our flight. I believe that will help remind you that I am always in control, if ever you doubt it again.” you say, a little more strained and concise than you intend.

You start snapping photos again, I can feel you getting closer, I try to pull my legs together, as I feel you leaning against the desk between my spread legs. I hear the camera snapping pictures of my bare pussy.

You notice me strain against the spreader, you reach up and quickly smack my pussy. I jump and spread my legs back out but can’t stop the moan the impact causes from escaping my mouth. My back arches more deeply pushing my ass out and opening my pussy for you to get a better photo.

You notice how I react to being spanked on the pussy and smile as your imagination starts to churn.

“It’s a good thing I changed our flight to a later time because I’m gonna make sure this takes a while” you say as I feel your tongue sliding it’s way up the inside of my thigh.

“Oh god, mmmmm, that feels so good” slips out of my mouth as I bite my lip to shut myself up.

“Hmmm, I’m glad you like that, because your really going to like this” you say just before you suck my clit into your mouth.

I go wild and start bucking into your mouth.

You push your fingers into my wet pussy as you continue to tease my clit with your mouth.

I can feel my orgasm building quickly as you fuck me harder with your fingers.

“Oh god, your going to make me cum, Oh please!” I cry out to you.

You stop immediately, leaving me hanging on the edge, desperate for you to touch me, finish me off.

“Oh no you don’t, this is part of your lesson,” you say as you reach up and pinch my clit and snap a picture of it.

“Who’s body is this?” you ask me applying more and more pressure to my clit the longer I take to answer you.

Finally out of breath from holding it, I answer, “It’s your body, to do with as you please because I know that you will always take care of me like you do yourself”. This must have been the right answer because you let go of my clit causing the blood to rush back in almost sending me over the edge again.

You smile, pleased with yourself as you watch me struggle to maintain control of my potential orgasm. As I gain control again you plunge your fingers back into my pussy and begin to slowly slide them in and out. I can hear you taking pictures of this as well.

“Who controls your orgasms?” you ask me, but I can’t concentrate and don’t answer fast enough. You increase the amount of force you are using on my pussy.

I can’t take much more, I am struggling to be good, to listen to you and follow your directions but it’s so close and I want it so badly.

“You do,” I pant, “you control my orgasms, I’m sorry I orgasmed without you. I will never do it without your permission again,” I plead with you.

Again, you stop, leaving me teetering on the edge of bliss. I grind my teeth and tighten every muscle in my body trying to keep myself from going over the edge, as much as I want it.

I hear you move around the desk, you run your wet fingers up my body as you do, then push them into my mouth telling me to taste how wet my pussy is. You slide your fingers in and out of my mouth as you snap pictures of it.

I hear you set down ,what I guess is the camera, on the desk next to my head. You then grab me under my arms and pull me forward until my head is no longer touching the desk. You leave the blindfold in place but remove the cuffs from my wrists. I stay just as you leave me as I hear you undo your pants and let them drop to the floor with a clunk.

You walk back to the other side of the desk and pull my legs up by the spreader bar telling me to turn onto my back but leave my head hanging off the desk. You place my feet flat on the desk, after you assist me in the turn, pushing them up until my heels are touching my ass.

You walk away but I can’t tell where you go, I assume you stay in the room since you are back so quickly. I feel you wrapping rope around my shins and thighs, holding them bent at the knee as the spreader bar keeps them apart. When you finish, you come back and reattach the cuffs to my wrists and remove the blindfold.

Your cock is directly in front of my, as a matter of fact you keep smacking me in the face with it as you work with my wrist cuffs but once you finish you take it in your hand and really starts smacking it into my face. You rub it all over my lips and eyes, smearing your pre-cum all over my face as you smile down at me.

“You are such a good girl most of the time,” you say, “but I know how you are and that you will need to be put in your place from time to time”.

I look up at you and see you holding something in your other hand but I can’t quite make it out because my eyelashes are sticking together.

You tell me to open my mouth and push my pelvis up and hold it there. I do as you direct and you shove you cock all the way in my mouth, making sure to push just past my resistance, causing me to gag.

As I feel the gagging sensation taking over me, I am distracted as something cracks and lands on my spread, swollen pussy.

I can’t see what your doing because my head is down with you cock in my mouth gagging me.

I let out a muffled cry as you land a second blow from, what I found out later to be, a small flogger.

I have never had my pussy spanked, I like it, but I especially liked that you were spanking my pussy as you fucked me in the mouth. I heard another picture snap, as I opened my eyes I could see you holding the camera at the side of my face so you could capture your cock in my mouth. I was totally turned on, I liked you taking pictures of your cock in my mouth. I loved the way you were using the new toy on me and as always loved the way the restraints held me securely. I could feel my orgasm starting to build again as you kept a slow but steady rhythm with the flogger while you pounded my face with your cock.

It was really turning you on to see how I was responding to the flogger on my pussy, I could feel your cock growing in my mouth. You stopped flogging my pussy and moved to my tits, taking turns flogging them as your orgasm built while you thrust in and out of my mouth.

I thrust my hips as much as I could to try to get you to redirect your attentions back to my pussy but you ignored this blazon display maintaining your focus on my now red tits and sore, taut nipples.

You push deeper into my throat causing me to gag again bringing on the first load cum. I try to relax my throat, to swallow as much as possible when you thrust deep again depositing your second load in the back of my throat and hold it there until you cause me to gag before pulling your spent cock out of my mouth. You stand holding it out for me, but I am lost in euphoria, even though you never allowed me release, after teasing me over several hours, I always love having you in my mouth.

I suddenly feel a sharp smack to my pussy, my eyes fly open as I lean my head forward to see what you are doing.

“You are not doing your duty.” you say as you hold your cock out to me to clean off. “Do you need another reminder?” you ask as you look down at me.

I immediately take you back into my mouth and clean you off wit my tongue and just a little bit of tooth action. You are unhappy with me for that and smack my pussy again warning me that, If I get you hard again, you will take me in the ass and make sure that I don’t cum. You also tell me that, “As it stands now, you will not be allowed to cum until you make me cum and that won’t happen until we arrive at our destination, sometime tomorrow morning”, then lean down to kiss me as you hold my head up. It feels funny because it’s upside down and I begin to giggle.

“Ok,” you say lightly as you trail little kisses up my neck, “I don’t want to have to have to explain myself again when it comes who is the Dom in this relationship. You should have a very clear personal knowledge of that now and by tomorrow morning, I’m sure it will be crystal”, you say with a wink as you remove all the restraints and help me off the desk.

My legs are shaking from being restrained and my heighten state of arousal. You pick me up and take me into the bathroom next door, start the shower and get us in. I lean against you for support as you wash my body and then yours. I almost slip right off your chest into the shower wall at one point, but you caught me before I hit. Good thing, it would have made a whopper of a bruise.

That reminded me of the ropes and I help up my wrists to see what the damage was. You saw me examining where the ropes had been and noticed how pronounced the marks were but you also knew that by Monday they would be gone.

I loved to see rope marks on my body, it made me feel sexy and owned, like I belonged to you. We had stopped using the ropes after the first time when I pulled against them so hard I had marks until the next day. You went out and bought the cuffs the very next day, one of the things I adore about you.

We finished in the shower, you assisted me in drying off and getting me dressed, making sure that you put sleeveless top on me to show off my rope marks. You asked to make sure I had packed everything you requested, I said I did. You finished dressing yourself while went to the bathroom to slash some water on my face.

You came in to check on me using some excuse about deodorant but I was behaving, I may be stubborn but I’m not stupid.

A few minutes later we are both standing at the door, you have our bags ready to go. “Well, are you ready for the adventure to begin?” you ask me.

“I am always ready for whatever you have in mind.” I reply as I strain to wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you. “Thank you for putting up with me” I say as I kiss you once more before we head out the door for the airport.

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