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Delicious Communion

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You have to understand this: despite my lover’s sexuality and beauty, she tends to hide her light under a bushel in public. She rarely wants her physical appearance to be the center of attention.

It’s a long story as to why this is so, and perhaps that’s a story for another time. Suffice it to say that she reminds me of a line from the movie, Moulin Rouge:

‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.’

So, I work hard to teach her this great thing, to please her with subtle hints and praise, telling her how nicely a dress suits her, or telling her how much I love the blonde highlights she’s had done that day.

She will only wear a low, low cut blouse for me on a night out when she wears a jacket to keep the chill off her shoulders. In this way, she secretly wears the blouse underneath for me alone, cleavage heaving underneath the jacket.

While, in its way, this thrills us both, I wouldn’t mind being able to openly gaze and admire my lover’s charms, yet, she will always bear the shadow of doubt implied by my open admiration, so certain she is that she cannot possibly be the cause of real sensual devotion.

How can I make her believe that although she is not physical perfection, she is more than enough to strike the flint, to kindle the fires in my heart and my loins, and thus she may as well be perfection to me?

When I do chance to spy her nakedness in our busy life at home, she will sometimes tuck herself up and holler at me for staring and verbally praising her lusciousness. Yet, once we are in bed and warmed up good and plenty, she loosens up naturally and nakedness is no longer a problem. Under the cover of the privacy of the bedroom, as you will plainly see, she has no qualms at all. This brings me to a rare moment that is the subject of this story, this scene…


I had lain down in our bed to rest for a minute or two and soon was napping. Drowsily I came awake to hear whispered humming from the walk-in closet. She must have just gotten home from work to change, I thought, half dreaming.

Then I glimpsed her nakedness through the crack in the partially closed closet doors, her milky white skin shining in the closet light’s glare. From my position there on the bed, I had the rare chance to ogle my lover as she moved about, unaware of my admiring gaze. It was as if I were seeing her anew.

I saw her large breasts bared without thought, and watched as they bounced with her steps. Her areolas were big and pink. Her coloring all blended with her lovely auburn hair: deep brown eyes, white skin, pink nips, and auburn pubic hair adorning her reddish pussy.

She bent over to pick something up from the floor and I was privy to her glorious pussy lips, long and outsized, hanging down like thick wings of a butterfly. I imagined sucking on these for hours. By now, my cock was getting quite hard and putting wicked thoughts into my head.

She slowly sauntered out of the closet, still humming, still sweetly nude. Her glorious breasts swayed and jiggled with each move. Through half-closed eyes I watched every nuance of her sensuousness that seemed to flow from every step – her full hips, the curve of her back, the bounce of her fine ass. This woman was all mine. I loved it!

I felt a stirring in my loins that went deeper than the roots of my cock. This was a full body rush. The moment was a creation of wonder.

Without a word or thought I stood and followed her, embracing her as she stood at the mirror applying creamy makeup remover. I kissed the luscious nape of her neck, caressing her thighs then her sweet ass cheeks. Her sexy humming stopped and a delightful squeal escaped her lusty lips. My hands moved slowly up her torso to knead her pendulous breasts, something I know she loves.

I moved on to her large areolas and nipples, stroking them until they began to bunch and harden. Playfully, she slapped my hand, yet knowing I would not be deterred.

Before things got too far, I told her I had to pee. As I turned to the toilet and pulled out my hardened cock, it took a bit for the stream to start flowing. When it did, I felt her behind me. She peeked over my shoulder, her hands on my butt cheeks.

“Stop or I’ll get too hard to finish,” I said laughingly.

Instead of stopping, she placed her left hand over mine as it held my cock. She ignored my plea and continued to grip my hand while I continued my business, watching with curious interest as my yellow stream gushed into the toilet. Her right hand stroked my right ass cheek.

“My, my honey, you got yourself a handful there, umm?” she murmured, pressing her head against my arm.

I nodded in agreement.

As I began to finish, she nudged her hand underneath mine and held my cock as I peed.

“So this is how that rocket feels when you pee,” she said with a quiet, growling mew.

I could feel my cock respond in the grip of her womanly touch, her fingernails painted bright red curling around my thick shaft. Her luscious breasts were pressing my back, her hardened nipples poking into me with turgid intent. She even pulled my foreskin back, shook my cock and queried, “All done?”

I turned my head and said in a throaty, sex-deepened voice, “Hardly.”

Next thing I knew, she nimbly ripped some toilet paper from the roll and dried off the end of my dick.

“I love a salty dog as much as the next, but let’s not go overboard,” she said with a wicked smile on her face. She winked at me, her hand locked on my cock.

She led me to the bed by my rock hard cock and in a timeless choreography she nudged me so I backed onto the bed. She quickly lay beside me and gazed at my ‘rocket’ wickedly, and then with both hands she grabbed my cock with one at the base of the long shaft and the other fondling my helmeted head.

“Takes two hands to handle a whopper,” she said knowingly, then smiled and began her ministrations.

She used her left hand to hold the base of my shaft like a cock ring to keep me turgid. She used her right to explore the length of my shaft and the head with ever increasing squeezes and strokes to the upper part of my hard length. This served to pump up my dick until veins along the shaft bulged and the head began to swell and redden like a ripened plum.

Next, she licked the head, rimmed the crown with long, hard strokes with her stiff tongue and flicked at the Y junction that she knew would curl my toes instantly. She kept this up, now pumping and stroking my cock as she did to keep it long and hard. From time to time, she would reach with her hand splayed in passion and stroke the length of my thighs, feeling the hard muscles of my quads.

At this, she moaned and her ministrations quickened. She cupped my balls in her left hand as if to reassure herself of the heft she knew was there, and then tugged on them the way I love – careful but not too. She reapplied herself to licking my cock shaft, even sucking on it sideways from the base upwards while licking at the same time! She spent time on each rivulet of vein, following one down and another up, seeming to draw them to the surface like tiny ropes.

Only then did she take me in her mouth, sucking the large head as her cheeks hollowed and she gazed deeply into my eyes. A smile worked its way around her full mouth and lips. Now, she took in half my cock, closed her eyes and headed with her lips to the base, stifling her gag reflex as my cock head touched the back of her throat.

Once she had me hard enough and big enough to her satisfaction, she eyed me with lustful abandonment then drew back, releasing my swollen cock from her mouth.

“I’m going to ride you like a bitch in heat,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“My thoughts exactly,” I said as she mounted astride me and guided my dick to her hot pussy. “You know what I love.”

First, she teased herself by rubbing her labia wings and clit with my now engorged head and soon found herself nearly coming.

“Not yet. Not like that,” she whispered, and guided the full head inside herself, dropping onto the nicely thickened shaft.

“Ohh,” she exclaimed with a throaty cry as she felt me hit her cervix.

She settled some, and wriggled her bottom until she felt things were just right. Then she used her hips in a gliding motion to fuck me in a steady, sensual rhythm, her white orbs dangling above me – a temptation no man could resist!

Her dark pink, cup-sized areolas shrank and wrinkled, gathering up her nipples into hardened bunches. I eased up and took each in my mouth in turn, giving oral supplication like a starving infant. At first I suckled with both hands on a single breast to guide the nipple to its haven of warmth. My tongue next circled round and round each nipple, then licked each one back and forth, on and on. I used my hands to continue kneading her breasts, then to pull and squeeze her nipples.

Suddenly, she began to buck wildly in response to my ministrations. I urged her on.

“That’s right baby, fuck me!”

This spurred her to even newer heights, and all the while I had remained still, letting her have this moment of glory on top, impaled on my swollen manhood, gliding and bucking us to sensational heights. Now, placing my hands on her ass, I began to thrust upward with my hips to begin my turn of fucking her from below.

As my strokes quickened, I began to suck and nibble each nipple in turn on each up stroke. As I tired slightly, I lay back and she took over once again with her nimble gliding fuck. Not as much traction, but it still kept the fires blazing. She arched her back, then reached behind with her left hand and felt for my cock and balls, leaning round so she was able to gather my large balls and tug and pull.

“Love your balls baby, so full for me. Gonna fill me with your gism?”

I grunted my assent.

Satisfied, she went back to her gliding fuck.

This spurred her to more gyrations on my cock, mixing the gliding motion with bucking up and down, finally settling back on her rhythm glide. All the time, her pendulous breasts were bouncing, flapping and slapping her torso – and each other on occasion when she really got going. As I looked at her I could see she was consumed by lust; her eyes were unfocused, her lips swollen, her face flushed.

Finally, as her breasts flashed furiously, she gathered one breast in the crook of her arm as she reached across and cupped the other, rolling her eyes at me as if to say it was a bit too much for her tender, sensitive breasts. I kissed the air at each of her breasts, then one directed at her lips. She just nodded breathlessly as our movements in unison continued.

As I took my turn next, fucking her from beneath, I quickened the pace and rammed my cock even harder. This caused a chain reaction and she began to sense her come, throwing back her head and opening her mouth as a stream of obscenities and cries escaped her lips.

“Yes, fuck me you stud, oh, god yes… Harder, harder, fuck me harder with your dick… Oh, baby, your cock… Fuck, fuck yes, ohh, ahhh!”

She squealed and screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head.

I kept up a finishing stroke rhythm and slowed to a stop as she came on top of me. She collapsed down on me while I made sure to stay inside her firmly pressed against her pubis as even now gentle shudders rolled through her body. I rolled over until I was now on top, never pulling out.

I kissed her all over; covering her like a stallion covers and mounts a mare. We rested for but a moment and then, like a phoenix rising, I began a slow fucking pace, in and out, in and out, making sure to stroke the full length of my cock.

“You didn’t come?” she cried, pleasantly surprised to feel me still moving inside her.

She murmured soft at first, urging me on again and again. I just kept fucking her, now determined to fuck her as long as I could without stopping. She soon was back into it as my length was drenched in her womanly cum when my curved cock had done its job by hitting her G spot with my swollen cock head.

“Oh god, you’re so thick, so big, yes… Fuck – me – hard, make me cum again and again,” she rambled in her horny ecstasy.

Now as I stroked her, on every third or fourth stroke I would ream her hard and fast. I bent down and sucked on her nipples, then licked round and round the nipple as before and flicked hard with my tongue. She wiggled underneath me in response. I kept fucking her hard, alternating the rhythm and the angle of my strokes to hit her pussy and clit all over. She had a series of mini orgasms, giving us both ever deepening satisfactions.

I continued fucking her harder, deeper and faster until I was in that super phase of blurred action. Soon I could feel my balls tighten and my ass muscles grip, and my thrusts went into overdrive as I began to come hard and long. I groaned with the effort.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I bellowed in a conquering voice as I filled her with a load of cum, spurt, after spurt.

Steadily, I kept fucking, stroking and milking us both for every second of delicious aftermath.

I pulled out and a small river of love juices drizzled out of her pussy.

Without hesitation, I scooted back until my face could reach her pussy and I could gaze at her lovely, swollen pussy lips. I had always loved the extra large folds of her labia that draped around her pussy, and now I pulled them out to their majestic fullness, like big butterfly wings. I twirled them between my thumb and fingers and watched as her back arched and she thrust her pussy forward.

Then I licked them – sucked on them into my mouth like tiny ball sacs, drawing them into my mouth with building frenzy, tasting her gushed love juices and my own gism as they became one.

She let out a sudden groan.

“Ohhhh, baby!”

She bucked against my tongue in a mock fucking motion and so I fucked her greedily with my hardened tongue until she came again in shudders that rippled down her body, moaning sounds that were sweet as honey in the throes of her final coming. I had lost count of the number of orgasms she’d enjoyed, and felt a rush of something like a wave of emotion rising from within me, knowing the pleasure I’d given her.

I crawled up to her mouth and kissed her, returning the tastes of our love juices to her lips. She could only smile and groan as we kissed passionately, our love-making over for now.

I whispered to her as I held her close.

“I love you, you goddess of lust.”

For just a second, a smile flickered across her countenance, as if for once she’d take the compliment into her heart. But at the last moment the smile faded and she took on a look of impatience and playfully slapped my shoulder.

“Shoot! Goddess of lust? Get real.”

She laughed.

I sighed and rolled over, thinking perhaps she was right. Perhaps she knows I’m a line of bullshit just geared to set her up for further seduction. I wondered then: is that such a bad thing?

Yet, within my heart of hearts, I saw her as the actress on the swing in Moulin Rouge, still struggling to believe she was worthy of true love and admiration, still reeling from the hardships of life, striving to learn and accept the one great thing: of loving and being loved in return.

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