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Dogging Is Such A Dirty Word

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If my husband had told me what it was called there was no way I would have gone; why its called Dogging I have no idea, but having sex with strangers in public is the way he originally put it to me. We were enjoying a nice evening in bed, his fingers working on my pussy and as usual the talk was all about sex and my fantasies.

I had told Steve, my husband that I had a fantasy to be fucked by strangers. We had been swinging off and on for a few years and I loved to the attention the guys gave me.

Steve was asking me about my fantasy, and if I wanted the group at home or to meet in a forest and be used. I love sex in the open, and just the suggestion of combining this with my fantasy of being used by a group of guys who I don’t know, and may never meet again sent rivers of juices from my pussy. Steve was telling me he had read on the internet that there was a car park in a local forest where couples park and have guys come watch them play; and if they wanted more all they had to do was open the window for the fun to start.

It sounded so sordid to be on display in the front seat of the car to all and any perverts that were around, but the more Steve talked the more I wanted to try it, and the more I wet the bed. The thoughts of what might happen sent me over the edge into a wonderful orgasm, which required Steve covering my mouth to keep my screams from waking the house. The rest of the night was one of those wonderful nights that don’t last long, but the sex is incredible with me never coming down for 30 minuets as Steve swapped his fingers for his cock and fucked me hard to exhaustion.

Some weeks later, Steve’s parents came over for the weekend and he asked if they would watch the kids so we could go out for a beer. They were happy to let us out for a night and we drove to the local pub. The place was packed with young people getting drunk and making loads of noise so we decided to go for a drive instead. Steve suggested we head over to the forest he had told me about to see what happened. I said yes as long as we only watched, I loved the idea, but reality was scary!

Salcey forest is near to Northampton and only 30 minuets from our house; Steve pulled into the car park as the sun went down. We went for a short walk in the red light of dusk before returning back to the car to see if anyone was around. We sat there for an hour before the first car drove around the car park, it had a single guy in it and he slowed as he past our car looking to see what was happening. Steve explained that if we wanted company all we had to do was switch the inside lights on and playfully reached for the switch. I smacked his hand away and said this time I just wanted him, with that he reached under my skirt playfully fingering my pussy lips. Although I usually like to take thing steady, gradually building up to pussy contact after nice passionate kissing, tonight I wanted to him to finger me, to rip my panties off and fill my pussy with his fingers.

He was amazed at how wet I was, sitting chatting about having some stranger actually come over was turning me on, even if I was too scared to actually try it. We kissed for several minuets with Steve’s fingers driving me crazy. By this time there were quite a few cars around and a car would slowly drive past us every few minuets the lights a bit distracting at first. We were to realise that there is no point turning up at Salcey before 10:30 as no one gets there before this. I was getting to that level of passion where I just did not care what happened as long as Steve’s fingers didn’t stop. Steve suggested turning the light on and seeing if anyone wanted to watch him finger fuck me. I really was not sure, but the actions of his fingers were over riding my self control. As I did not say no Steve switched the light on for about 10 seconds, and then returned to playing with my pussy.

I had thought no one was going to come over, but as I had started to relax back into my sexual dream world I noticed a guy standing next to my window. Steve had left the engine running on the car as it was quite chilly outside, and the lights illuminating the heating controls filled the car with a soft red light. Steve had virtually stripped me, my top and bra on the floor, my skirt up around my middle and my panties long gone. It was obvious that the guy could see everything and my first reaction was to cover up, but Steve said it was a bit late and to relax.

I looked out to see the guy had his face right next to my window, watching Steve’s fingers sliding in and out of my pussy; this really turned me on. I saw the guy stand up straight and take his cock out; normally I would have been turned off at the sight of this dirty old guy playing with himself, but now it really made me wet. The site of Steve fingering me was driving this guy to wank himself, and him wanking was turning me on; what a crazy circle.

Steve suggested I open the window and give him a better view, maybe let him touch me. I wanted to be touched by this guy, but I was still not sure. Steve made the decision for me using his switch he opened my window. The guy continued to play with his cock with one hand as he tweaked my nipples with the other, his cold hands made me jump, but the feeling of utter desire washed over me. It didn’t take long before I was flying at 20,000 feet floating in that wonderful wonderland of sexual arousal.

Within minuets I felt the first tingles of my approaching orgasm; at first I pulled back as my thoughts of totally letting go in front of a strange guy brought me back to earth for a few seconds. As usual I can not control myself for long once my pussy takes over and again I was lost in the building passion. With unbelievable force my orgasm hit me; I thrust my hips so hard against Steve’s hand that he nearly lost it inside! The waves of my climax drowned my awareness, I drifted in and out of my dream like state as Steve’s fingers worked on my “G” spot and the stranger pulled at my nipples. With a grunt the stranger came, spraying cum over the door and several drops over my chest, and worked this into my chest as I climbed back down to reality.

Very few words were spoken apart from a quick thank-you as he disappeared into the night. I loved it, the perversion, the dirtiness of the situation, the sheer weirdness of the evening was a real turn on and I wanted more. As we needed to be home early, we left Salcey chatting about the night, Steve asked if I wanted to try again, and with a smile I told him I wanted more, much more.

One of my oldest fantasies has been to be blindfolded then to be led into a room full of guys, and used as a sex toy by them all. Never knowing who they were or what they look like. Dogging was very close to my fantasy in that I have no idea who they are, will probably never meet again and almost certainly would not recognise them if we did. The next time I wanted to be taken by who ever wanted.

End of part 1


The following weekend, Steve had arranged for his friends daughter to look after the family on the Saturday night, and made sure she could stay all night; allowing us to stay out all night if we wished. I was the last to know about the arrangements and only discovered them late on the Saturday afternoon when the sitter arrived. Steve smiled and said we could go visit Salcey forest again, my heart started to beat like a drum.

Steve suggested I wore clothes that were easy to remove, and with a grin we went to prepare. A quick bath, shave of the legs and my pussy and I was ready to go. I had put some stockings and suspenders on as they would keep my legs warm and look sexy; I wore my black frilly bra and panties under a crop top and short skirt. When I looked in the mirror I looked like one of the girls who hang out on the street corners of the red light district. My defences we kicking in and I was loosing my bottle as Steve walked in with a VERY large scotch. We had eaten early with the kids, but I knew this would soon have my head reeling. There was no rush as we knew nothing would happen until after 10pm, so Steve suggested going to a pub on the way for another drink. I did not really want to go to a pub dressed like this in case someone we knew saw me, but the warmth of the scotch was doing its magic and I agreed.

We went to the same pub we had visited the week earlier, knowing it would be full of young people who would not know us. What we had not thought about was that it would be full of randy young guys who love to “cop a feel”. We walked into the pub; it was already pretty full and very noisy. We had to squeeze past several groups of guys who seemed to enjoy making the gap as small as possible, forcing me to rub against them. Once some of the guys saw what I was wearing they elbowed their mates to take a look. This was making me very randy knowing I was making a stir. Once we had our drinks, we found a space to stand next to some guys; I could feel their eyes undressing me as we walked towards them.

We finished our first drinks, Steve chatting about us inviting the guys next to us to come out and fuck me, but I wanted to go to the forest, the lads can wait for another time. Steve went over to the bar to get more drinks, and as I stood I felt a hand slide up my skirt.

My first reaction was to jump away and shout, but I decided “what the hell” and did nothing. The hand slid between my legs rubbing my panties and bum, I eased my legs apart to give the owner more access just as Steve returned. The hand disappeared and I was quite upset, its ministrations were starting to get me randy as hell. I was tempted to turn around to see who had been so forward, but decided to wait. I told Steve about the hand, he described the guys behind me and that there was one guy very close, so I moved back slightly rubbing my arse on his hand. He soon got the message and felt the hem of my skirt lifting slightly and the hand return between my legs. This time I moved my feet a foot apart to give him as much room as possible. His fingers slid under the edge of my panties and the tips of his fingers entered the edge of my slit. I was dripping, I could not believe I was doing this, but it was wonderful, I felt so good, so horny, as this young guy tried to gain access to my pussy. I rocked back and forward slightly on his fingers, never getting them deep in my puss, but enough to make me very randy. Steve said it was time to go; I quickly moved off the hand and as we moved to go, turned around and gave the young guy a kiss. I don’t know if his friends knew what he was up to, but they were stunned when I kissed him.

Steve and I giggled about what happened all the way to Salcey, saying we must do it again. Steve parked the car in the same place as the previous week, close to the main forest and with clear view of the full car park. There seamed to be cars everywhere some parked, some driving around, totally different from the deserted place we had visited a week earlier. The drinks and wandering hand had made me very light headed and randy, at that moment I would have done anything and that was exactly what I had in mind.

Steve left the engine running to keep us warm and I removed my bra and panties, leaving my crop top, skirt, stockings and suspenders. I looked at Steve and without comment I opened the door, bringing the interior light on. It seamed to take ages before anyone appeared, but in reality it was probably only 2-3 minuets. At first there were only two guys standing several feet away, I swung my legs out of the car and leaned back across the car with my head on Steve’s arm and started to play with my pussy. Soon several guys were drawn by the light and with cock in hand watched me play with myself.

Steve climbed out of the car and wandered around to the group of guys. I was left sprawled across the car head back on the centre console not paying much attention to what was happening out side. A light flashed on me, bringing my attention to the guys, and the torch one guy was playing on my lower half. This made me nervous, it was one thing to be watched in semi darkness another to be putting on a flood-lit sex show. As before my pussy took charge the tingling sensation taking over my mind and worries. Steve had been chatting to a guy who asked if he could touch me, and knowing my desires said yes.

The guy moved forward and the first I knew of his approach was the soft touch against my legs. My body went into over drive, producing juices within my pussy, dripping down my slit. The guy moved his hand from my legs and moving my hand allowing him full access to a woman’s most prised possession, my bald slippery pussy. His fingers quickly moved, spreading my lips apart, driving two fingers into my slippery pussy hole. It was too much for me, the fingers in the pub, my own fingers and now this guys fingers working on my pussy, I had the first of many orgasms that night. Steve had taken some blankets out of the car, laying them on the nearby picnic bench, the shrill screams and moans of my orgasm had brought more guys around to see what was happening.

I had hardly come down from the heights of orgasm when I felt myself being bodily lifted out of the car. I saw Steve was one of the guys carrying me and knew he would ensure I was OK, so closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience of being carried through the air with a guy’s fingers still buried in my pussy. I felt myself lowered onto the bench and looked around to see face after face standing around me. We had agreed that I would only have sex if the guys used condoms, I was baby proof, but I don’t want to catch any nasty bugs. I saw the guy who had been feeling my pussy, roll a condom onto his cock, and from that second knew I was to have the fucking of my life from the guys watching.

Two of the guys took hold my legs, stretching them high and wide. The guy who had been fingering me moved to the edge of the bench and I was lifted towards him. I felt his cock press against the entrance to my pussy, and with steady pussy he slid into my hole, he was no monster, but it felt good all the same. He went at it like a train, I love it hard and fast, but usually I get guys to slow down so I can have some fun as well; with this many guys around I didn’t bother, I just wanted to be screwed.

Within 5 minuets he was grunting, announcing his impending cum, but even with a condom I felt his warm cum inside me. He pulled out and was replaced by someone else, bigger than the first, but still no monster. This guy had more idea of how to satisfy a woman, but before I could get into it, a guy climbed onto the bench and slid his cock into my mouth. I was getting the full service, but I was not sure who was being serviced more. The remaining guys were in close, watching the cocks driving in and out of my two holes, some one took my hand and placed it around his cock as he stood next to me, another was sucking my nipples, a finger was rubbing my clit, my body was being used, used like a woman should be used. I loved it, crying out as my second orgasm hit me, and the sound of my climatic screams both guys filling me came. The cock in my mouth erupted with amazing force, flooding my mouth beyond capacity, the excess dribbling out of my mouth and down my neck.

I was lifted from the bench, my hips still twitching from my orgasm. I guy climbed onto the bench and I was lowered onto his cock. My face was looking into a complete stranger’s eyes as his cock swelled my pussy, but before he could attempt to kiss me, a cock was offered to my mouth. Again I humped a cock in my pussy and another in my mouth, but with my arse in the cold air a finger started to rub my brown ring. I have tried anal sex with Steve, but have never enjoyed it, my friends tell me its wonderful but I haven’t found it so. I close my ring as hard as I could in the hope the guy would take the hint, but the finger was spreading my copious amounts of pussy juice into my ring.

I tried to say stop, but the cock in my mouth reduced the NO to an erotic groan, and before I could do anything the finger had gained access to my back passage. At first it hurt, and I made myself relax and the pain disappeared along with the finger right up my arse. The pumping of the cock in my pussy and the cock in my mouth soon distracted me enough to give in the fight and as I soon as I gave in I started to enjoy the feeling of the finger wriggling in my but. It was a cross between a similar feeling as my pussy being filled, mixed with a need to go to the loo, either way it was turning me on. As I humped the guy under me the finger drove into my bum, and after 2 minuets of fingering my arse, it was removed. I was quite sad at the loss as I was getting to like the strange feeling from my bum, but I was not to be without too long. I felt the touch of something warm on my bum, I thought the guy who was fingering my arse had returned, and return he did but not with a finger, but his cock. He placed it at the brown opening to my arse, I writhed at the thought of having my arse and pussy filled at the same time, but with slow pressure the cock started its way into my back passage. The feelings I had felt earlier were back only ten times greater. I had no option this cock was going in, so I relaxed as far as I could and was surprised to find it slipped easily into my bum with virtually no pain; in fact the feeling of both cocks was amazing. The cock in my arse pushed the cock in my pussy hard against the front wall and my “G” spot, the feeling was delicious. My pussy was throbbing, my bum was throbbing, my clit was ready to explode, I was in heaven.

The guy in my mouth could stand no more blasting a second load of thick creamy cum down my throat. His cum triggered the guy in my pussy to cum and his hard thrusts up into my pussy sent the guy in my arse off, and for the third time I joined in. Steve told me afterwards that at least 4 guys who had been watching came on the spot at the sight of three guys and a woman coming hard. I had got to the point where the guys were not letting me come down from each climax and I felt like I was in dream land. I really missed having a cock in my arse the feeling is hard to describe, not fantastic at first, but soon changes to a strange nice pain that grows to encompass your pussy. I could never get off on it, but I was sure it was going to be something I want to do a lot more often.

Within seconds of the three guys easing out of me they were replaced by more guys, I lost track of how many guys fucked me or came in my mouth, but Steve said it was at least 9 and another 6 wanked themselves watching. At 3 am I was eased off the bench, with sore legs, bum and very sore pussy, but still high from repeated orgasms. I have never come so many times in my life and I was drugged from the sexual hormones, Steve had to help me get back into the car. I was chatting like a school kid all the way home, but as the high wore off I became exhausted and by the time we got home I could not keep my eyes open.

Steve put me to bed and the next thing I knew it was 2:30 the next afternoon. I was still covered in dried cum over my chest and tummy, my hair was matted in the stuff and worst of all was the smell of my breath, but I want more. I can’t wait till the next time we go up, it’s a shame it’s so cold in the winter, but if I get warmed up like I was on Saturday night I don’t care how cold it is its worse than a drug I just want more.

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