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Dos Amigos y Mi

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We were talking in the kitchen when his friend came and stood between us. I glanced over at him, but looked back at Jose, a little confused by his insistence that his friend come and hang out with us. Suddenly, his friend, whom he had introduced moments before as Alec, was on his knees in front of me, slipping his fingers sensually along my inner thigh, just above my knee. I was shocked, and immediately moved back while pushing his hand away.

He responded by immediately replacing it with his other hand, this time higher up my thigh, just below the hem of my red lace negligee. As I started to push his hand away again, Jose stepped closer and smiled as he said, “Relax…this is going to be nice for you. Two men. I told you I was ‘gon bring a friend by sometime.” My mouth dropped open. He had said he was going to bring a friend by with him sometime, and he had brought up the subject of me being with more than one guy more than a couple of times, enough that I knew that it was more than a casual question.

Still, I was shocked when his friend dropped to the floor and started feeling me up, and I was more shocked to realize that they had obviously planned this. Jose reached over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, then nodded to Alec, who had backed up some when I pushed his hand away the second time, and said something in Spanish. Alec immediately resumed his position on the floor in front of me, while Jose worked his behind me. I protested to Jose that I could not believe he really brought someone over with the intention of having a threesome.

He laughed and informed me that he needed help because I wore him out. Besides, he insisted, “You love to fuck more than any woman I ever met. You will love it having two men. We gon’ make you feel real good. You gon’ like this a lot. You gon’ want it again.”

I thought about it for a couple of minutes. At least it seemed like a couple of minutes in my slightly drunk state. Or, maybe it really was a couple of minutes, because while I was thinking, Alec had replaced one hand on my inner thigh with his lips and tongue. I remember watching him work his strong brown hand and long fingers up my ivory leg and feeling the sensations of his tongue and long curly black hair brushing against my skin. All the while, Jose was speaking to me in a soft comforting tone about how sexy it would be for me and how he wanted to watch Alec fuck me.

Suddenly, however long it had been, I decided that Jose was right. It was a great idea. I was extremely horny. I had not had sex in about three weeks, which for me is an eternity, and the idea of two sexy Spanish guys fucking my brains out sounded like a plan to me. I went over to the shelf and grabbed the bottle of rum there and poured each of us a drink, and headed back to the living room.

Jose and Alec followed, and Jose joined me on the sofa while Alec positioned himself in front of me on the floor. Alec happily shoved my lacy red hemline above the lace and mesh red panties I wore, and thrust his fingers underneath the fabric of the bikini’s crotch. While he did this, he continued moving his tongue along my inner thigh and stroked a trail behind it with the fingers on his other hand. Jose reached over and pulled the lace neckline down so that the band fit tightly under my 38DD tits, lifting them like a sexy push up bra, but exposing them completely for them to fondle and view.

While Alec was considerately and gently stimulating my body, teasing my nerve endings and making my body start to ache, Jose was not in a romantic mood. He had positioned himself to my side and slightly behind me. He reached around my back and over my shoulders and grabbed both my tits with his hands from above, holding them like handles and shaking them for Alec to see. He made some obscene comments in Spanish about my big tits, then reached down and grabbed my crotch with his hand roughly, all the while talking animatedly in Spanish to Alec and treating me as if he had hired me for a fuck session.

Alec didn’t talk much, but he smiled and nodded, and kept his eyes on mine. He hurriedly unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and I was shocked by the size of the long, thick cock thrusting from between his legs. Jose had joked previously about how sexy I was and how I needed dick so bad, and how he knew he had a pretty small prick, and felt like I needed more. He had told me several times that I would like his friend because he had a big dick and would fuck me really well. I had always laughed it off and assured him that he made me feel great, which he did. Now, with Alec in front of me with that stiff, swollen pole, at least 9 inches, probably 10, I couldn’t help but smile.

Jose continued speaking to Alec in Spanish,and at the same time directed me to suck his dick, which by now was inches from my lips. Jose knows how much I love sucking cock, and leaned close as I happily started to flick my tongue around the edge of Alec’s prick. I swirled my tongue around the head, and licked my way down the length to his balls.

His were big and full and meaty, my favorite. I love it when a man’s balls are so large that the excess weight kind of hangs there below them. I wrapped my hand underneath one of them, and it completely filled my small palm and hung over the sides where I had it cupped. That made me so hot that I immediately sucked it into my mouth. I begin to alternate between his balls and his swollen knob. When the knob was really big and I could feel his pulse throbbing in his balls and in his shaft, I would suck him deep, quickly, and tightly. He shuddered and moved to sit on the couch, never removing his hand from my hair, holding my mouth positioned against his cock.

I was sitting on the floor, leaned to the side with his big dick in my mouth, my head in his lap, sucking happily like a greedy little cockwhore, when Jose moved between my legs. He spread them and positioned himself to fuck me. When he slammed his cock into my cunt in one smooth motion, deep and hard, I moaned. I was shocked at the hardness and his aggression. He is normally a rather mild mannered, considerate lover- sometimes too considerate for my taste. Now, suddenly he was ramming my cunt with his rock hard dick, withdrawing all the way to the head, only to shove the stiff meat back in my wet pussy all the way to the hilt.

I was ecstatic, feeling two throbbing cocks inside me at the same time. Just as quickly as he had entered me, Jose pulled out and spoke to Alec, motioning him to the floor. He then turned to me and pointed for me to get on top of him, and said , “Fuck him…fuck him good.” Alec’s dick was stiff and fully erect. I climbed on and slowly slid my body onto his. Inch by inch, I could feel his thick pole spreading my hole and filling me. I savored the fullness, and began a slow gyrating grind. Within minutes, the motion became more frustrating than pleasurable as my body ached to feel him pound me. I slid up the length of his shaft and dropped my full weight straight down, impaling myself on his hard rod. As he groaned, and reached for my hips, I began bouncing up and down on his big dick.

Jose sat back on the couch and stroked his cock as he watched. Alec had his fingers gripped tight, squeezing my ass cheeks, controlling the rhythm. As I rode him harder and faster, my big, heavy long nippled tits bounced freely. The more my tits bounced, the more Jose beat his meat. I love watching a man jerk off, and seeing him pounding his dick, seeing it thrust out of his tightly gripped fist with each stroke was driving me mad. I rode Alec frantically, and Jose walked over to us and thrust his bulging dick toward my lips. I could feel every inch of Alec’s cock buried in my wet, needy cunt, and as I humped faster trying to get relief, my body shivered as I realized Jose’s cock was full to bursting.

He grabbed my hair with one hand and forced my head forward as he thrust it into my open mouth. Usually, he strokes my hair softly and allows me to adjust the tempo as his dick fills my mouth, but not this time. He never even slowed his pace as he shoved it deep in my mouth. I felt myself starting to gag and choke as he fucked my throat. He never looked into my eyes like he normally does, instead he peered intently at my bouncing tits, his meatstick pumping furiously into my open mouth, and continued fucking me. Then, he pulled it back, leaving just the head between my lips and fisted himself steadily, bumping his fist against my face as he jacked off. He alternated between pumping into my mouth, wiping his wet dick over my face and cheeks and eyes, and smacking me in the face with his heavy, cream filled dong.

In seconds, I felt his cock start to explode in my mouth. He thrust deeply once, then snatched it from my mouth and began rubbing the oozing head across my lips and face. He then pulled it about a quarter inch from my face and fisted himself hard and slow, controlling the wild spasms and aiming the cum spurts at my lips and face. He clearly wanted to cover my face with his hot jism. As he emptied his load on my face, he used his now softening dick to spread the cream. He ran his fingers thru it, and shoved them in my mouth for me to lick them, and I came so hard that it seemed like time froze. His cum covered fingers thrusting into my mouth, my fat tits bouncing, and Alec’s hard stiff dick rammed up my wet cunt, made me crazy. As I came and moaned, I don’t think either of them even noticed. They were both too busy finishing use of their respective holes.

Alec pulled his thick, hard, pole out of my cream filled, soggy pussy and shot a load of cum all over my belly and tits. They pulled me up and moved me back toward the couch. Alec then took his cream coated cock and wiped it across my face, then pushed it into my mouth, and ran his fingers thru the cum on my tits, and started to rub it on my fat nipples. He plucked them and they started to harden and grow, and I felt my pussy start to tighten and ache. I wanted something rammed up in me again. Jose sat down beside me, said something to Alec in Spanish, then told me to lick my pussy cream from Alec’s dick. As I started to lick and suck Alec, Jose shoved a finger into my wet twat, then another, then another. He finger fucked me hard and deep as I sucked. Then, I felt him position his hard dick against my pussy.

He rammed his cock deep and began to pound my cunt with a steady, purposeful rhythm. Alec gently brushed my hair aside with his fingers, but thrust his big dick in my mouth with abandon. I had wanted a good hard fuck, and that is what they were giving me. No soft, considerate love making this night. They were slamming and pounding and beating my wet aching cunt. Fucking me hard and deep with fingers and tongues and cocks. As Jose slammed his pole to the base and emptied another load, I thought about how sore I would be the next day. I love it when I get fucked so much that I feel it every time I move the next day. Of course, then my pussy tightens and starts to ache each time I move, and I end up masturbating 5 or 6 times. But, that’s another story.

As Jose emptied his load, Alec took his swollen cock in his fist and stood behind Jose, waiting to take another turn on me. As soon as Jose pulled his limp tool out of my wet, dripping snatch, Alec thrust his dick in. However, he did not shove all the way in immediately. He put a couple of inches of his pole into my cunt- the head, and just a bit of his shaft. He moved it slowly, grinding slightly, pulling out so that just the head was inside, then pushing back in ever so slightly.

I was confused, and frustrated. I wanted him to fuck me. He smiled and brushed his fingers across my nipple tips, then pulled them gently. That just made it worse. I felt like he had some kind of direct connect running from my nipple tips to my clit. It was maddening. He pulled his dick out completely and turned me around.

He made me get on my hands and knees, and began to play with my nipples and work his fingers around my swollen pussy. I moaned and writhed. He rammed his big cock in all the way this time. As he started fucking me, I loved the way he pounded my sticky, aching cunt. I loved how I could feel it deep and hard, how he pulled the shaft all the way out so that just the dick head was still in me. That feeling of almost being empty, only to have the thick pole shove its way back into my cunt seconds later, burying itself in my body, spreading me open again, invading me. I loved feeling his big full balls bounce against my ass with every thrust, and hearing that nasty smack.

I was just about to come again when he pulled out all the way and suddenly turned me over. He put my legs over his shoulders. I was limp by now and did not care what he did or how, but my mind jumped with happiness. This was my favorite position. I love it because the cock goes deep in my pussy, and I love the fact that I can see his big dong spread my cunt open and thrust in and out. I love that he can grab my long, big nippled tits while he fucks me like that, either holding me by the nipples, or grabbing my big tits like handles while he rides me. I love that I get to look into his eyes while he fucks me, get to watch him come.

Alec slammed his cock deep into my aching twat. He stared into my eyes and grabbed my fat tits. Hard and deep, he pounded, and I gazed into his eyes and stared as he buried his thick brown meat deep into my wet creamy cunt. I loved the feeling of his dick slamming my pussy, loved being full of him, loved that every time he rammed his pole into me, his balls slapped against my ass. It turned me on that my big titties were bouncing with his every thrust until he pinched his fingers around the nipple tips to keep them still. It was sexy to me that my nipples are so big and long that they still thrust out between his fingertips as he held me like that while he fucked me. I loved that I was covered in cum from two cocks, and that his friend was watching him fuck me like a dirty little whore.

Jose was right about me liking being with two men. He was right about how much I loved to fuck. He knew I was a cock craving little bitch in heat, and I guess he knew that I would enjoy being a nasty little cum drinking fuck slut. It ended up being a long and memorable night. Jose informed me that he intends to gang bang me soon. He says I will have to take at least three or four guys next time. He said he knows how much I want it, and he stuck his fingers in my mouth to make me suck them. I’m not so sure about this road that we have started to travel, but it feels inevitable. My pussy was wet again and starting to ooze.

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