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An Aerobic Affair

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I always liked to leave aerobic class late. My teacher was truly the first women I ever had a crush on. She was a perfect 5’6″ with long thick blonde hair she wore in braids and the most perfectly shaped tits. I had had enough fantasizing and I was about to approach her when she walked into the shower room.

I followed her and I admired her sexy supple ass that twitched back and forth so seductively. I heard her go into the showers; I stripped out of my sports bra letting my 34c tits free. I then wiggled out of my hot pants and took off my black g -string.

When I walked in I heard a strange moaning sound, but there was so much steam that I couldn’t see her clearly. I got into the shower directly across from her and I started soaping up my large tits and my tight stomach. Then I dropped the soap to get her attention, her quiet moans stopped and she turned around, I smiled and went back to lathering my body. When I got to my pussy, I felt the most wonderful sensation. I turned my head and my teacher had her tits pressed to my back.

She smiled and slowly took the soap from my hand and started to rub my tits, she grabbed my nipples and said “you can’t forget these” I didn’t know what to do I thought I was dreaming. Well If I was I didn’t want to wake up. After she had lathered up my nipples she pressed her tits further onto me and started rubbing the soap down my side. She got to my pussy and she started to rub my clit with the soap and as she started to pull on my clit she firmly put the soap in my pussy and said ” not a lot of women remember to wash their pussy” I was so horny for her and so wet I didn’t know if it was the water or my pussy juices running down my leg.

Just as I was about to cum she turned me around and pressed her glorious tits to mine and started pulling on our nipples. I put my hands on that beautiful ass and I pushed her pussy close to mine and I started grinding. She started moaning and grinding back, I then stuck my finger in her ass and she arched her back, grabbed my ass and did the same. Right when I was about to cum again she suddenly pulled away and gave me the sexiest little smile I ever saw. She grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me and let me teach you a new kind of aerobics.” I followed her through the shower door and out into the locker room.

I happened to look over my shoulder and I saw this girl sitting on the bench wither finger in her pussy and her tit in her hand. She looked at me and I saw that she had been watching the whole time. I waved my hand and told her to come along. She jumped up and her young perky tits bounced as she scampered to follow us. The teacher opened a door to an office and told me to go in, she looked at the young sexy girl and smiled. She grabbed her hand and said, “you can come too, but you have to do what teacher says” She nodded and came in the door. The office was completely empty except for a table with a wide assortment of sex toys. The teacher pressed a button by the door and a bed came out of the wall. She told us to get on the bed.

We got on the bed and she started to put the girls hands in these leather straps, she did the same to her feet. Then she looked at me and said ” I’m going to teach you how to fuck” she bent down and started to lightly bite the young girl clit, the girl moaned with pleasure and started to buck her hips up to get closer to teachers mouth. Then the teacher told me to straddle her face and fuck her mouth with my pussy. I started to rub myself on her when I felt her sharp little tongue start fucking my pussy, it felt so good that I started rubbing faster and faster, then I pushed my pussy in her mouth as far as I could. She started licking and biting and tugging me so much that I started to have an orgasm when the teacher told me to stop and to turn around.

She said that the more we teased each other the better the final orgasm would be. She started to unhook the girl’s hands and feet and she told me to stick my face in her pussy while I stuck mine in hers. We got into position and started 69ing each other faster and faster when we both felt the teacher get on top of me. This made my body go down harder on her body and then the teacher straddled me on my ass and stuck a finger in each of our sopping pussies.

She started to rub her sweet clit on my ass, which made me so fucking horny that I started eating and fucking that girl as fast and hard as I could. The teacher stopped us again and told the girl to get on top of me and rub her pussy on mine. When she started fucking and rubbing my pussy the teacher put her sweet wet clit tight in my mouth and started tweaking the girls pink nipples. Then she started sucking them which made the girl start fucking me faster and made me start sucking the teachers clit harder. Right when we all reached the climax point the teacher got up and told us to stick a big pink dildo in our pussies at the same time.

I put my end in and the girl slowly lowered herself onto her end, then the teacher presses the middle of it and it started vibrating. It felt so good that we started pushing our pussies closer and closer all the way until the dildo was completely in both of our pussies. The girl was still straddling me and humping me when the teacher turned us around so I was on top. I started riding her pussy faster when the teacher put her clit in the girl’s mouth and started to fuck her brains out. I grabbed her tits and the teacher grabbed the girl’s tits and we all started going faster and harder and faster when all of a sudden we all climaxed together and pussy juices flew everywhere, we came for at least a whole minute.

The girl swallowed teacher’s juices and teacher got up and told us we were dismissed, and that she’d see us next week.

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