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It was all because of Doris.

We all live in or near Southampton, Sally is off to study music at a prestigious academy in Edinburgh. And she needs Doris to go with her. Taking the train would involve crossing London to change stations, flying would mean Doris needing her own seat, together with all the other paraphernalia. So, using our own transport is the only option. Dad owns the Volvo, it’s new and ideal for the 450-mile journey, but he works as a senior air traffic controller and can’t get four days off, and Mum won’t drive that distance, especially having to return alone. So, they need a mug who can take the time off, and that mug is me.

Doris is a cello. An expensive cello. Doris belongs to my sister Sally and, together with her polycarbonate travelling case, Doris takes up most of the space in the Volvo wagon, despite the seats being folded flat. When you add in in Sally’s cases and bags, stuffed with everything from frocks to socks there was hardly any space for my small overnight bag and some basic eats and drinks for the journey.

My name is Alan, I am 24 and live a few miles from the family home. I studied electronics at Cambridge, and then set up as a freelance consultant, working in the aerospace industry. I fell on my feet and am kept busy resolving glitches in instrumentation systems. Sally turned 18 last Easter, she was a star at school, and her musical talent resulted in a scholarship to the Edinburgh academy. It’s just a shame it’s so far away. Mum and Dad are both 45, we have a nice house and enjoy a decent lifestyle. Mum is a partner in a specialist travel agency, and we have enjoyed some good holidays.

As Sally wanted to get into her accommodation before the weekend, we agreed to set off early on the Thursday, as it’s a 450-mile trip, and Mum was arranging overnight accommodation into Scotland to break the journey. Dad was having the Volvo serviced and typing a detailed schedule, as was his habit. Mum said she wanted to have a chat to me before we set off, so I arranged to go over for dinner on Tuesday. What could possibly go wrong.

Plenty. On Tuesday afternoon Mum ran into a door at work and banged her head causing concussion. She was whisked into hospital where a scan revealed no damage, but she was kept in for observation for a couple of nights. So, our dinner was cancelled, and when I arrived on Thursday to drop off my car and pick up the Volvo there was only Sally at home, Dad having left early as usual. Sally was waiting with the small pyramid of luggage in the driveway, together with Doris. We spent a happy half hour wedging everything into the wagon, and she handed me a stout envelope from Dad containing quite a lot of cash for the fuel, although he had filled the tank the night before, and the detailed route instructions. I asked where Mum had booked our stop, and Sally waved a printout saying it was all sorted. So, I locked up my battered Golf, put the keys through the letterbox, smiled at Sally and we set off. Dad’s plan was for us to take the A34 northwards, then the A43 until we joined the M1 near Northampton, and when we got up to Leeds, we switched to the A1 which would take us all the way to Edinburgh. Seemed like a good plan.

Sally and I have always got on, there were patches when I went off to Uni and she was just getting into her teens when she could be a pain, but I guess I was no better. She is about five six, and well proportioned, her skinny years had passed, and she looked good in tight jeans and a fleece top with soft leather boots. Her dark brown hair had recently been cut into a smart bob, with cute highlights. I am no oil painting and am a shade under six feet and about one-eighty pounds, I keep in trim at the local velodrome, where I own a couple of fixed wheel track bikes and it’s a good social scene as well.

We hit the A34 and Sally texted Dad and Mum to say that we were on our way. Dad replied, but Mum couldn’t use her phone yet. We fell into easy conversation, part of her last terms had involved a couple of trips with the small orchestra in which she played, I knew that they had been to Holland and Ireland and wanted to know all about it. In return she was asking about my love life, but I had to tell her that Lily and I had split, she had a career in London with a big advertising agency and wanted to be part of the ‘scene’, as she put it. Sally said she didn’t have a boyfriend, it had all gone wrong, but she didn’t elaborate, and I didn’t pry.

Our conversation flowed as we headed north, Dad suggested that we broke the journey into chunks, with a coffee break, a lunch break, and a tea break before reaching the overnight stop, with each ‘leg’ being about 100 miles. So, as I had not had a proper breakfast we stopped near Silverstone and headed for the café. I carried the tray with coffees and bacon sandwiches and sat opposite my sister. She took a breath and looked at me without smiling.

“I guess you didn’t have the chat with Mum that she asked for.”

“No, it was arranged for Tuesday, but she had just been taken in.”


“Why, what did she want to talk about?”

“She never said but she has been weird with me these last few weeks.”

“In what way?”

Sally said that we would talk in the car, so we used the washrooms and returned to the Volvo. I was quite intrigued. We set off northwards again, and she turned to me and said:

“It’s all about sex. My sex life.” I was taken aback.

“Are you hiding some racy secrets, sister?” Whilst Sally was very attractive, I was not up to date with boyfriends, indeed I had never met one.

“No, it’s not like that at all. I haven’t got a boyfriend and have never got past the kiss and cuddle stage. Mum gave me the birds and bees talk years ago, but about five weeks ago she came on strong and started asking very personal questions, can I share them with you, promise to keep it to yourself, brother.”

“Of course, we trust each other, sister.”

This was going to be interesting.

“Dad was supervising some new equipment on a night shift, and Mum sat me down in the kitchen and asked if I was a virgin. I was very embarrassed and said yes. But several of my friends were having sex, I thought I might never get laid. I asked Mum why she wanted to know, but she ploughed on with the questions, and asked what experiences I had had. She was giving me the look, so I said that I had been snogging with boys at a party and had been on a kissing date with Max Robinson from school, although he had now left. Max played clarinet in the orchestra. She wanted to know if I had gone any further. She was drinking wine and gave me a couple of glasses, I guess to loosen my tongue, so I told her about the orchestra trip to Amsterdam. The trip was just after Easter, there were 14 of us, six boys and eight girls, together with the principal and two other teachers. It was a five-day trip, and we were to play three concerts. At the start the principal – Mrs. Vulter, who we called The Vulture, gave us a lecture about personal behavior and said that any hanky panky would see the offender sent home. The first two concerts were a success, and, in the evening, we were allowed to walk around Amsterdam after dinner. She warned us not to go drinking, and certainly not go into any cafes and smoke weed. But of course, we found a nice bar and had a few beers, as you do. On the way back there was quite a lot of cuddling and kissing. I was sharing a room with Sandra, and across the corridor Max was sharing with Paul. Paul and Sandra were an item, and after we had gone to the room and changed for bed, she scuttled across, and Max came into my room. We were both a bit excited, and a little buzzed from the beers. He got into my bed, and we started kissing and stroking. He sat up and took off his tee shirt, leaving him just in his boxers and then he was pulling at my nightshirt, feeling my breasts. Then my nightshirt was round my neck and he pulled it off. He then started to run his fingers up and down my panties, and I started to stroke his boxers, as I could feel his willy creating a big bulge. Then suddenly he let out a big groan and stuff started to flood inside his boxers, making a big sticky mess. “

“Then all hell broke loose, as there was shouting and screaming from just down the corridor, and my door burst open and Sandra rushed in, stark naked and clutching her nightie. She said that The Vulture was on the warpath opening bedroom doors and that Max had better move quick. So, he shot across the corridor and closed our door, but not before copping an eyeful of Sandra in her birthday suit. We both put our nighties back on and scrambled into bed. A couple of minutes later The Vulture flung our door open and switched on the light. We sat up pretending to be dazzled and she switched off the light when she saw that we were dressed. Then she did the same with the boys’ room and stormed off back down the corridor to continue shouting.”

“The next morning, we had to assemble in the lounge before breakfast, ready for the Riot Act. Sandra and I asked our friend Abigail what had gone on. It seemed The Vulture suspected some impropriety, and decided to have a room inspection, she started with the one shared by Crispin and Stefan, but the room was empty. The boys were next door with Abigail and Harriet and when she opened the door all four were stark naked on the two beds Abi and Crispin were an item, and she said that he had just rolled on a condom, and they were about to do it. The Vulture went mad and said that we were all going home. However, she had second thoughts and said that we would do the last concert but there would be no end of tour party, she would be writing to the parents of the four shaggers and there would be no more tours for them.”

“Wow”. I spoke. “That was some party, what did Mother say?”

“She didn’t say much, she was getting pissed with all the wine, but she said that I would have learned something about people’s desires. The next day she would drag me off to Doctor Benson and put me on the pill. She said she didn’t want to be a granny yet, and next time there might not be an interruption and I would have a cock inside me. She was getting very crude as she drank. She then asked if I was still seeing Max, but he had dropped out of school after the trip and was now in London playing saxophone in a reggae band.”

I found the whole conversation quite a turn on. Never mind the naked foursome in the bedroom, or Max shooting into his boxers, it was the thought of Sally with her nightshirt around her neck that was creating a tingle under my safety belt. I wondered what her naked breasts looked like. Then she said

“Look, it gets weirder but I’m starving, is it lunchtime? We can talk later”

What can top that.

I asked myself, and looked at the odometer, and saw that we had travelled over two hundred miles, more than halfway to our stop. We were in West Yorkshire, but rather than stop at the Services, we turned off onto a side road and looked for a pub serving lunches. A nice stone-built inn hove into view, serving hot food all day, so we were soon sat down enjoying homemade pie and mash. I reckoned that we had about one seventy to go, so we decided to skip afternoon tea and make it in one hike. Across the road was a filling station so I topped up the tank to be sure, and Sally bought some water and snacks.

Back on the A1(M) I asked Sally what was even weirder than the mini orgy in Amsterdam.

“I am going to tell you what Mother told me, word for word, and some of the words are filthy. And again, between you and I.”

“It was last weekend, Dad was in Brussels at a meeting, and mother said she wanted another talk. I was apprehensive, and again she opened a bottle of wine for us, but I saw an empty one in the trash, so she was well oiled as we sat across the kitchen table. She said that last time she had said the word ‘cock’ but this time she would use some worse language. She asked again if I had had sex and I said no. She then startled me by saying that the first time she had experienced sex was with her brother Don. That’s Uncle Don who lives in Canada. She was eighteen and about to go off to Uni, Don was twenty-three and in the Royal Air Force. He was home on leave before his maritime patrol squadron flew off to Canada on exercises. She and Don had always been close but had not seen one another often owing to his postings. They had always enjoyed a cuddle and used to exchange secrets when they were younger. Don was due to catch his train on the Monday, and she was being ferried to Uni on the Tuesday. On the Saturday the parents went to a silver wedding anniversary and wouldn’t be back until late. It was a hot September day, and the two sat on the couch just chatting idly. Then she told Don she would really miss him and kissed his cheek, he responded by holding her tight and kissing her on the lips saying he would miss her too. The kissing intensified and he pulled to her feet and carried her upstairs to her room. He laid her on her bed and started to take his clothes off, being in the military had developed his body and he showed his rippled torso. Then he slowly undressed her until she was naked, then he removed his underpants revealing a large erection. Mother said she knew exactly what was going to happen and was a willing participant. He started to kiss her lips again, then her breasts and finally her vagina. She had an orgasm immediately, and then he knelt between her legs and slowly began to insert his cock into her. She felt some resistance but soon he was fully inside, and he began to fuck her very slowly, whilst still kissing her lips and her breasts. They both became very excited, and then he suddenly pulled his cock out and sprayed her belly and breasts with jets of white sticky cum. They both lay there for a while and then he put two fingers into her and brought her to another orgasm. Then they cleaned up, had a shower, and were dressed when the parents returned. They tried not to touch each other the next day, but her mother ran them to the rail station on the Monday, and it was a tearful parting. Her mother never said anything, but she probably guessed. She only saw Don another couple of times as he later transferred to the Canadian Air Force. When he married Aunt Jennifer, his mum and dad flew across for the wedding, but Mother was in Uni exams and couldn’t get away.”

“Phew, Mother told you all this as a sort of blow-by-blow account. How did you feel?”

“Weird. I wasn’t angry or disgusted, and appreciated Mum being very candid with me. She was telling me because I was a girl, probably as a follow on from the episode in Holland.”

“It gets worse.”

“How much worse?”

“Do you remember that Mum, Dad, and I went on a villa holiday to Portugal three years ago with Aunt Jean and Cousin Louise?”

Aunt Jean was dad’s younger sister by a couple of years, her marriage to Alfie, Louise’s father had expired several years ago, and he now lived in Thailand, running a sleazy bar. Jean was a looker with long legs and a firm body, I was surprised she had not remarried or had a man in tow. She worked as a legal secretary.

“Yes, I was at Uni and into a project I couldn’t leave. Mum bagged the villa off a client at the travel agency.”

“Louise and I were about fifteen, we just sunbathed and eyed up the local boys without doing anything. The parents and our aunt just lounged about, cooked a barbecue most evenings, and polished off the local wine. Mum said that one evening they had a bit too much to drink and sat in the whirlpool tub talking rubbish, which got progressively more suggestive as they kept drinking. Then the ladies took off their tops and dad got a boner. Then he started kissing Mum’s tits and they all got out of the ‘pool, dried off and went inside. Dad threw Mum on the bed and started tonguing her pussy, and then mounted her and started fucking her intensely. All the time Jean was lying alongside playing with herself. Mum found it all very erotic and had an orgasm. Dad was still pounding away and then he pulled out of Mum, moved across and put his cock straight into his sister and carried on pumping. The two both came, and he emptied himself into Jean. Nobody said anything for a few minutes and then Jean said to mum that they were out of order. Dad then explained that they had fucked before, just the once, when Jean was eighteen. They were on a camping trip and sharing a tent and their parents had been drinking with the other campers and were snoring in the next tent. Jean wanted to look at her brother’s cock to see if it matched her new boyfriend, and things progressed from there. Her mother had put Jean on the pill, but they were rather ashamed of their actions, and agreed it would be a one-off moment. But the lust was always just under the surface. Mum said she was easy with it; she had no regrets and was rather turned on. Then Dad got a second boner and Mum and his sister played with his cock for a bit and then he fucked them both again. The next day Mum confided in them that she had fucked her brother when he was home on leave. They have never done it since.”

“Alan, I said it just as mum said it to me, dirty words and all.”

I was struggling to keep the Volvo in a straight line. What sort of parents did Sally and I have? Why did Mum tell her daughter but not her son? And why now, after all these time gaps?

But these thoughts were pushed aside as I imagined the scene in which my father fucked his wife and his sister in turn, and my heart began to trip, and my cock began to stir.

“This is all a bit much, I am struggling to come to terms with it all, did Mum say anything else.”

“No, she was well pissed by this time, and was slurring her words. I had to help her to bed, and she zonked out.”

We discussed the revelations as the big Volvo sped north toward Tyneside and the Scottish border, and I chewed on a granola bar. Then Sally, who had been unusually quiet for a few minutes, suddenly blurted out:

“Alan, I am convinced our mother is setting you up, she is using you to take my virginity before I start college, she is a cunning bitch.” And she started to cry.

We were in a stream of traffic, I was following a car and trailer and wanted to reach across and give my sister a hug, but we had to settle for holding hands.

“What makes you think that?”

“All the questions about my sexual experiences, and the sordid details of her own debauchery convince me that she wants you to be my first.”

“So why the tears, I would never hurt you.”

“I am crying for you, it’s you who have been set up.”

“I guess she was going to broach this when we were due to have dinner last Tuesday.”

“She would probably have asked for all your sexual history.”

“You make it sound like a job interview.” And we both laughed, then she said, still in a playful manner,

“Well, let’s hear it then.” I took a breath and started.

“I was going out with Wendy Nelson at school, and we decided to lose our virginities. So, when her parents were out for a day, we gave it a go. I think I did everything right, and she said I was her first, but then I found she had said the same thing to my friends, Ian and Roger, so I decided not to see her again. Then I went off to Cambridge, and there were a lot of pretty girls who were okay with casual sex. I remember one was nicknamed Brenda the Boa constrictor, but one session was all I managed with her. Then I met Lily when I graduated, and we have been an on and off item ever since.” We talked some more, and I spoke.

“Sally, I am so mad with mum, she could have at least told me what she was planning. She is treating me like one of those stud dogs they have in the kennels to impregnate all those bitches that they bring in when they are in season. It’s just exploitation, and I am not happy. I will phone her as soon as we stop.”

“Leave it, her phone is switched off.” I looked at the odometer, and Dad’s instructions and realized we were close to our overnight stop. I turned off the A1, following signs to a country house and hotel. We drove through some gates into a graveled courtyard in front of a smart lodge.

“This is it, sis, everyone out.”

“I don’t know what to expect, Mother booked it through her agency.”

She had decided that Doris didn’t like cold nights, so the ‘cello came in with us, I lugged the big carry case and my overnight bag, Sally had a small, wheeled suitcase. We were greeted by a pretty receptionist.

“You must be the Hendersons’, I spotted your car numberplate on the CCTV. You are in room twelve which is on the first floor at the end of the corridor. If you are eating tonight, I must tell you that it will soon be last orders in the restaurant, do you want me to hold a table? We are very full tonight, there is an operatic recital at the big house next door”

“Yes, please, we will be down in a few minutes.” She gave us a couple of key cards and we headed for the lift. It was rather old and small, and a tight squeeze with Doris. Sally opened the bedroom door and stepped inside.

“I knew it, the kinky bitch.”, standing back to reveal a beautiful bedroom with tasteful furnishings, dominated by a massive emperor sized bed.

“Alan, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t get upset, we can work something out. I would ask to change rooms, but the girl said they were fully booked. Let’s freshen up and have some dinner. But are you okay, Sally?”

She sniffed and I could tell she was conflicted, and then started to open her case for her washbag. I asked if she wanted a quick shower, there would just be time before dinner. She asked me to go first, as she was sorting her clothes and wanted to text Dad. The bathroom matched the bedroom with a range of units and a large walk-in shower, and I had a quick splash and dash. When I emerged, Sally told me that Mum had been discharged from hospital, and Aunty Jean was staying with her for a couple of nights. I rummaged in my small bag for a polo shirt and a pair of chinos, and as Sally made for the bathroom, I told her I would wait in the bar, so she wouldn’t have time to fanny about choosing dresses and shoes. She stuck her tongue out.

In the bar I ordered a pint of lager, sat down, and reflected on the situation. I had learned quite a bit about my sister, and a whole lot about my parents and aunt. Was I being set up? Or was Sally being a bit paranoid? Was the big bed just a booking error? And then the image returned of Sally with her nightshirt around her neck and I drank half the glass in one swallow.

Then Sally walked into the bar, wearing a pretty grey mini dress and knee-high black boots. She looked stunning, and my confusions returned. A waiter with a couple of menus was hovering in the doorway to the dining room, so we went in and were soon seated at a window table.

“Shall I order a bottle of wine? But I am not trying to get you squiffy, this isn’t Amsterdam.”

She laughed. “Don’t get me started on that again.”

I ordered the local lamb chops, Sally ordered the stroganoff, and I added a bottle of Barolo. She looked very attractive, she had applied a little eye makeup and had added some earrings to complete the effect. The food was excellent, and I said that Mother had chosen well, but that only brought on conflictions.

Should I go through with this, should I perform as a family stud dog and service the pretty little bitch brought in for me to mount, or should I be a good, kind brother and just give her a cuddle and wish her well at college?

I can’t do it; it would be me taking advantage of her innocence. I will control myself.

“But what if some ginger Scotsman gets her drunk and shoves his bristly cock into her, what will she expect. She will be terrified.

The debate raged in my head. Sally chatted on about nothing. It was a warm evening, and through the open window we could hear the strains of music from the nearby operatic evening. Sally quickly identified the arias, and we discussed music, about which I knew little. Eventually it was time for the coffees, as we had consumed the wine, so I signed the bill and we headed for the little old lift.

“I am nervous, sister. Not like me, I have been in hotels with pretty girls before, but Mother has got me very conflicted.”

“Relax, Alan. I am very happy I have had a wonderful day with my lovely brother, and a nice dinner. Fuck Mother.”

Hearing Sally say the word “‘ fuck” got me going again.

What the hell.

We returned to the bedroom with its massive bed, and Sally turned on the room tv and selected a music channel playing soft rock.

“What do you wear in bed?”

“Usually just a pair of boxers, sometimes nothing if I get lucky.”


“Well go and brush your teeth whilst I brush my hair.”

So, I took off my shoes, socks, shirt, and trousers and went into the bathroom, had a pee, brushed my teeth, and splashed my face and returning to the bedroom I slid into bed and looked at Sally. She had taken off her dress and boots and had put on a blue striped nightshirt.

Not a nightshirt. Not the one she wore as a necklace in Holland.

She then went into the bathroom and returned, carrying her washbag, which she placed on the dresser. Then something happened which made up my mind.

There were some noises outside, with car doors slamming as people returned from the concert. Sally walked across to the window, where the upper

part was swung open to let in the cool air. She reached up to close it, and in doing so her nightshirt rode up her legs. To halfway up her buttocks and two gorgeous firm cheeks became exposed. I was confronted by long, muscular legs and two heavenly half globes jiggling as she wrestled with the window catch. There were no panties. I was speechless, and blood raced to my cock. Any doubts as to what we were going to do that night were banished, I had to get my hands on them. I had to get my teeth into them. I had to get my tongue all over them, and I had to slide my rigid cock into the wet pussy in between them.

I shifted my boxers off my hips and kicked them down the bed. I gave my cock a quick stroke, not that it wasn’t at full size but just to make sure it was

ready for action when required. Which was going to be soon.

Hang on, will little sister be up for it? I have never asked. Heck, I had never even seen her in a swimsuit. And we had never kissed. Slow down Rover.

Sally turned away from the window and looked at me. “What’s up, why the funny look, Bro?”

“Sally, you are one hot little lady and you have just about given me a heart attack”.

“Why, what have I done?”

“When you reached up to close the window your nightshirt rode up and I could see that you aren’t wearing any panties. It’s the sexiest bottom I’ve ever seen in my life. And you have a gorgeous pair of legs, how come I’ve never seen them before?”

“I forgot to take a clean pair into the bathroom, Sorry, I’ll put them on now.”

“Don’t you dare, just come over her and get into bed. And don’t flash your front bottom or I’ll have a stroke.”

Bad choice of words there.

Sally slid into bed on the other side, holding the hem of her shirt firmly down, and pulled the covers up.

“It wasn’t a deliberate flash; I am not trying to wind you up.”

But you are doing just that.

She smiled at me in a very beguiling manner, and I smiled back. It seemed the most natural thing to do to put my arm around her and she snuggled up to me.

Then she reached down to tug the hem of her nightshirt further down, and in doing so she brushed her hand against my rigid tool. She yelped and withdrew her hand immediately.

“Sorry, Bro. I was just trying to keep the shirt from riding up. Have you got a boner?”

“Ummm. Yes. Your bare bum set it going. It might go down in a minute or so.”

Sally’s response was to lift the covers and stare at my groin. She didn’t say anything straight away and then:

“I thought you said you only slept in the nude when you got lucky”.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I just stared at the ceiling and cursed my stupid earlier remark and lack of self-control.

“Let’s start over. You didn’t see my bare bum and I didn’t see your big boner. What shall we talk about?”

How does she know it’s a big boner? What is she comparing it with?

“Why do you call it a big boner, I thought you said you had only kissed and cuddled?”

“There were two boys at school who were seriously weird. They texted pictures of their stiffy cocks to most of the girls in our year. They both got expelled.”

She lifted the covers again and had another look at my cock, which fortunately had not gone down at all.

“And you are definitely much bigger than either of theirs, now what shall we talk about that doesn’t involve nudity or erections.”

There is absolutely nothing else worth talking about right at this moment.

“OK, Sis, On the way up here you told me a lot of things about yourself, and reiterated mother’s graphic descriptions of her sex life. So, did any of it excite you, or did it put you off sex forever.”

“I don’t know, I have never had sex so I can’t relate to a lot of it, but her description of Dad sticking it to his sister made me feel a bit funny, in a pleasant way.”

“So, it turned you on?”

“Perhaps a bit.”

Well, it made my cock lift, even though I was in the middle lane of the A1(M).

“Was there anything I said that excited you?”


“The most erotic image you made was when you were in bed with Max, and your nightshirt was round your neck. I cannot get it out of my mind.”

Sally looked at me with a wicked grin, moved out of my embrace and drew the covers up to her chin. Then she started to pull at her nightshirt, took her arms out of the sleeves under the sheet and ended up with it around her neck like a big, folded collar. She looked at me:

“Like this, bro?”

But it was all a bit too easy. And it dawned on me.

The false tears in the car when she accused Mother of setting me up, the play acting with the double room, it was all stage managed. She was in on it all along. It wasn’t exploitation, it was a conspiracy. She was in on this from the start and had plotted with our mother to get me into bed. No doubt half of the lewd stories were fantasy as well, designed to soften me up. But I would quiz her about that later. She was obviously stark naked under the covers, and it was all going according to plan. Their plan.

All and any inhibitions on my part had evaporated. It was time for my plan. So, I lifted the covers to see what was below. Sally had an absolutely stunning body. My gaze lingered over her generous yet firm breasts with their dark pink nipples stiffening as I looked, and then my eyes travelled down her body. Across the gentle swell of her abdomen and down to her sex.

Which was amazing. Of all the pussies I had seen in my life, this one was so special. Sally had a very pronounced Mons Veneris, it stood proud of her lower belly, rather like an upturned half of an avocado fruit. She was fully shaved, and above the plump labia lips stood her clit hood like a little sentry box. The whole effect was mesmerising.

“Wow. Are you also hoping to get lucky tonight?”

“I am not naked yet.” And she pulled the ruffled nightshirt over her head, tossing it onto the floor.

“That’s better. I think I am going to be the luckiest girl in the world.” The only response I could think of right then was to kiss her, so I leaned across and brushed my lips across her neck. She turned and our lips met. What started off as a chaste smooch soon progressed into a serious lip lock, and our tongues meshed with increasing intensity. My hand inevitably moved to turn down the covers so that her magnificent young breasts were in front of my eyes. The only illumination was the small lamp on the dressing table, but it was enough to highlight her erect nipples, begging for attention. So, I broke the lip lock and closed my mouth over the nearest breast, flicking the nipple with my tongue. She gave a small whimper and raked her nails down my chest. I then half rolled her body towards me and started to tongue the other breast, whilst my hand moved to wrap around her body, and I began to rub her lower back just above her coccyx. I had found that this was an erogenous spot with some ladies, and Sally proved no exception.

“Ooh that’s nice.” “Keep kissing my nipples.”

So, I did. And then ran my hand down across her belly button and over her wonderful, raised pudendum. I found that if I cupped my hand and placed it on top it fitted perfectly. Sally started moaning and moving her body from side to side. I then let my middle finger press into her outer lips and found a trickle of her juice running into my closed fingers. It was warm, and the scent of arousal permeated upwards from under the covers.

Then I began to slide my middle finger into her hole, only withdrawing it to coat the rest of her lips with the slippery secretions. Her moans became more insistent, and I inserted another finger whilst rubbing her clit hood with my thumb. Her little pleasure bean popped up as I circled the spot, and she started to buck her hips against my hand and made some grunting sounds.

“Shouldn’t I be doing something to you?”

“Not yet, it’s my job to give the lady a happy moment first. Relax.”

“I can’t relax, I’m too excited.”

This was all going to my plan, and I stopped kissing her nipples, and threw back the bedcovers, exposing her whole gorgeous body. I pulled off one of the pillows and asked her to raise herself and slid it under her buttocks. Then I moved my lips down her body, nuzzling her stomach and then positioned myself between her legs and pushed my tongue straight into her dripping vagina.

She squealed and bucked her hips against me with some force. I wrapped my hands around her splendid buttocks and swirled my tongue in and out, and up and down her slit to lick the little bean, standing proud from her body. She was becoming incoherent, and juices were flooding into my mouth. She was going to cum, and I wasn’t going to let go. She started to pant and spasm.

“Oh my God, this is amazing.”

And she gave a couple of final heaves against my mouth and fell back onto her pillow.

My next move was obvious. I moved up the bed, kissed her nipples again and locked lips, spreading her juices into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide, but she didn’t say anything.

“Did you remember to take your pill this morning?”

“Yes, when I brushed my teeth.”

“Good girl.”

Then I grasped my cock, which had been hard for what seemed like half the day, and offered it up to her sodden lips, which felt like they were still trembling from her orgasm. And pushed. The head of my tool easily parted those lips and lodged in the mouth of her tunnel, then I carefully started to ease the rest of my rigid muscle into that virgin territory. I was slow and careful because I was unsure if she still had a hymen and didn’t want to cause undue pain. She later told me that she had broken it with one of mother’s vibrators she ‘borrowed’ from her bedside drawer. So, my gentle pressure slid me right in without resistance, and I paused to look at her. She had her eyes closed and she was sucking air in through her teeth. When I stopped as the root of my shaft bumped against her pelvic bone, she opened her eyes and stared at me with a fixed gaze.

“Just do it.”

So, I began to slide in and out, slowly at first and then increasing in tempo until we established a wonderful rhythm. I continued to alternate between kissing her lips and kissing her nipples. Sally was enjoying herself, she kept bucking her hips up into mine. I didn’t expect her to reach an orgasm on my cock at our first attempt, but she was really going for it, increasing the speed of her thrusts, and growling her appreciation.

“I think I want to cum again, but I can’t quite get there.”

I pulled out, at which she gave a moan of disappointment, and hooked my elbows behind her knees, and leant forward to slide my cock straight back in. Then I reared up onto my knees and thrust my tool even further into Sally which caused her to emit a loud squeal, and it intensified as I moved my thumb across to rub once again on her engorged clitoris. This had the desired effect, and she had her second orgasm of the night on my cock accompanied by more groans and grunts. I was but a heartbeat behind her and emptied my balls in a series of powerful squirts.

We just lay there for a couple of minutes, my cock still inside her, and we were covered in sweat, so I pulled the covers over us and eventually it went soft and came out, accompanied by some squelches and a small stream of mixed fluids which settled onto the bottom sheet.

“Are you okay Sis, no regrets.”

“None at all Bro, you were very gentle.” “I guess we’ve got that over with.”

“We need to have a little talk, Sally, but I need some water.”

It turned out we both did, and Sally raided the mini bar for some mineral water, and we both used the bathroom before climbing back into bed. Seeing her padding about the bedroom stark naked was an image seared into my brain.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Truth, mainly.”

“In what way?”

“I love you dearly, you are my gorgeous, sexy little sister but you haven’t been straight with me today. Some of the stuff you told me in the car on the way here just doesn’t add up, do you want to start again?”

Sally, sat up in bed, still naked and looked at me for a minute. Her face gave her away.

“What was wrong?”

“First off, are you a virgin, well, were one up to half an hour ago?”

“Yes, honestly. I have never had sex with a boy before tonight.”

“Just kisses and cuddles, yes?”


“Let’s start with the orchestra trip to Amsterdam. What really went on, don’t try and con me.”

Sally took a deep breath.

“You have got me; it was a bit deeper than I told you. After the second concert we were allowed out for a while, we didn’t just have a few beers, we all got smashed. All fourteen of us. And it got very touchy feely. I told you that The Vulture went into Abi and Harriet’s room and that they were naked along with Stefan and Crispin. That’s true and it started the big ruckus that woke everyone up. What I didn’t tell you was that Max and myself, and Sandra and Paul were also all together in our room, and all naked. We were drunk and had decided to find out which boy would come first if we stroked them off. When the row started, they had both squirted all over the place and made a big mess. I had to put my nightshirt back on over the top of it all. And Mrs Vulter did write to all the parents saying there had been serious misbehaviour and they should get their children to explain. Mum opened the letter before Dad could see it and I had to explain to her everything that had happened. That was just after Easter and Mum had me on the pill within days. I am sorry I misled you, Alan, I was trying to play it down. I didn’t want to sound like a slut”

“That’s okay, now for the next bit.”

“What next bit?”

“Just what did Mother say to you last week about you and me and this trip, and was any of her back story made up as well?”

“Mmmm. The bit about her losing her virginity to her elder brother is true. But the bit about the holiday with Aunt Jean and Cousin Louise is not quite exact. When I said that Dad had sex with his sister once before and that when he did it again in the villa after having sex with mum it was the first time since they were teenagers, in fact they had been doing it on and off for years. Mum knew all about it and went along. In fact, she joined in quite often. She is seriously messed up. Oh, and Aunt Jean isn’t a pillar of respectability, she has been having an affair with the senior partner for several years.”

“Well, the truths are coming out bit by bit, so what happened last week between the two of you?”

“Three in fact, as Aunt Jean is in on it as well. They sat me down at the beginning of last week with a bottle of wine and got me rather drunk. That’s when Mother told me the tale about her brother, and it was Aunt Jean who told me about the threesome on holiday and having sex with Dad. Then they said they didn’t want me to go to college without any sexual experience, and had decided that you were going to be the one to break me in. They were very crude and got fairly drunk themselves. Mum was going to arrange this room, and they cooked up what I was going to say. Then they got into awful details of what people did with their private parts. Mum went upstairs and came down with a big false rubber willy and she started to rub it up and down with instructions. And then Aunt Jean put the end in her mouth and started sucking it. Then they made me stroke it and suck it as well. I cried when I went to bed that night. They are two evil women.”

“Come here, I love you.” And I held Sally in my arms. “Sex can be a happy experience; it doesn’t have to be crude and nasty.”

“I am sorry I lied to you; it was with the best of intentions. But everything has worked out well without any input from those two weirdos.”

“When did you shave all the hairs off?”

“I didn’t do it. Mum and Aunt Jean said it would get you excited so last Sunday, they took me into the bathroom and made me strip my shorts off. Then Mum lathered me up and started to scrape it off with a razor. But she got emotional, and her hands started to shake. So, Aunty Jean finished the job off.”

“Do you want to go to sleep now?”

“Not really, and if you must know Mum put a tube of stuff into my washbag. It says, ‘Intimate Lubrication’ on the side, but we didn’t seem to need it.”

We both laughed, and somehow started kissing again. Before long the covers had been thrown back and we were stroking one another. Sally grasped my cock, for the first time that night and it soon reached full length and thickness.

“Tell me if this feels right, I only know how with a rubber one.” And she knelt and put the head of my cock into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down, lubricating me with her saliva. To be fair, it wasn’t the best blow job I had experienced, but she made up for lack of skill with love and sheer enthusiasm. Her backside was facing me, and I couldn’t resist running my hands over those lovely globes, and then pushing my fingers into her pussy, which was sopping wet again. I even pushed my thumb into her tight little anus, and she jumped, almost biting into my cock.

“Stop now, I want to fuck you again whilst I still have the energy.”

She scuttled back up the bed and gave me a wicked grin.

“You have been a really good stud dog tonight, brother, time to service one more time.”

And she got onto her hands and knees, thrust her bum up in the air, looked over her shoulder at me and said:


I beat the stud kennels record for getting on to my knees and sliding my cock right to the top of her tight canal. Despite our earlier exertions I somehow found the energy to pound away for a few precious minutes until she came again, and I shot what was left of my sperm bank into her willing body.

Then we really did fall asleep. The alarm on my cell phone then kicked off at my usual time of 07.00am and I shot up in bed wondering where I was and what I was doing in this unfamiliar room. Then I looked beside me and saw this beautiful young woman with her stunning breasts poking above the covers.

Sally also woke up, looked at me and smiled. “Hello handsome, sleep well?”

“Like a log. Did I behave myself last night?”

“Perfectly. But I am a bit sore this morning. Is that anything to do with you?”

“Yes, it was my lucky day.”

We fell into a clinch; her body was warm and soft, and I wanted to spend all day with her in this lovely big bed. Inevitably, my morning wood was pressing into her belly, and she giggled, then looked at me with a serious expression.

“This is our last chance, Alan. We may never do this again and I want to remember you. Now I need a pee so get into the bathroom.”

I rolled out of bed and headed for the sink, she followed me in and sat down on the toilet seat. The sound of her peeing was somehow very intimate, making me pause at the washbasin. Then she pushed me out of the way and grabbed a washcloth using it to wipe herself before padding back into the bedroom. I brushed my teeth and tried to wash some of the encrusted residue from my cock. When I returned to the bed, she was lying in bed with the covers down, with one hand under the pillow.

“Hurry up, we’ve just got time to work up an appetite for breakfast.”

I needed no invitation; my morning wood was returning, and I had an appetite for a good fuck let alone breakfast.

“As I am a bit tender down there, perhaps we should use this.” And she took her hand from under the pillow, holding the tube of lube.

“Lie down, Brother, I am not sure of what to do.”

“Start by taking the top off.”

She squeezed a very generous dollop of lube into her palm and wrapped it around my tool. It felt amazing, and when she started to slide her hand up and down the glistening shaft I almost ejaculated. it was heavenly torture. She made it worse by adopting a sort of screwing motion and I began to babble.

All I could think of was to return the favour, so I snatched the tube from her and squashed a sizeable amount on to my fingers, then rubbed the lubricant over her bruised outer lips. She giggled at first, and then began to pant as I wriggled my fingers into her slit and coated the inside with a generous layer.

Although I had enjoyed several partners, I had no experience of using lube, and it was Sally’s first time anyway, so we probably overdid the stuff. We were soon very aroused, and there seemed no sense in further foreplay, so I rolled Sally on to her back, and she opened her legs and raised her knees slightly. I knelt between them and pushed my cock into the start of her tunnel. It shot straight in like a pool cue on a power shot, and my root banged into her torso with a thud. We both gasped, and I apologised. We tried to find a rhythm, but it was hopeless as were slipping and sliding like novice skaters. Eventually we achieved a steady pistoning action, accompanied by squirts and squelches as the lube not only coated the two of us but also the hotel’s best linen.

I couldn’t make headway with trying to engage with her g-spot as there was zero friction, so I resorted to screwing my pubic bone against her handily sited clitoris, and this seemed to do the trick as Sally went red in the face and began to groan and whimper in time to my motion.

“I am really going to come with you, just keep grinding my pussy.”

“Keep going, Sally, you can make it.”

“I’m nearly there, don’t use your fingers, I want to make it on my own.”

And she clenched her muscles around my shaft as I kept rubbing on her clit despite the slippery coating. This made me redouble my efforts, and she came with a series of soft cries and bit my shoulder. I made a few more deep thrusts of my oiled shaft into her lube filled tunnel and pumped all the seed I had into Sally’s beautiful young body.

We both collapsed onto the bed and said nothing for a minute, then she reached across and kissed me. She ruffled my hair, forgetting that she had a palm coated in lube and we both laughed.

“Come on, Sister, we need to get a jazz on, or we will miss breakfast, and we both need the shower.”

“Go and get it started, we will have to share but please no more cock, I won’t be able to sit down for a week as it is.”

So, we shampooed and soaped one another in the large shower, and watched as the oil slick went down the drain. Then I got dressed as Sally dried her hair, and I made a start on the departure by taking Doris downstairs and putting her into the Volvo. By the time I got back to the room Sally was dressed once more in her fleece top, jeans, and soft boots and was packing her small suitcase. I stuffed my crumpled clothes – nearly forgetting my boxers lodged underneath the covers – into my small bag, and we looked around the room to see if we had left anything. There was no sign of our presence apart from the great big oily stain on the bottom sheet, and we reopened the top window to let in some fresh air.

“Let’s go, Al, I am ravenous.”

We squashed once again into the narrow lift, and just made it into the dining room before they cleared away the buffet. We tucked into the staple ‘Full English Breakfast’, and Sally cleared her plate in a flash. I was a few minutes behind her, and then we checked out and fired up the Volvo for the last leg of the journey.

We soon fell into easy conversation about this and that.

Mainly that.

Thankfully, we had an easy rapport, and Sally rather surprised me. I was expecting her to be rather sheepish about last night, but she displayed some unexpected maturity and confidence by saying that what we had done was very enjoyable, and very erotic but that it wasn’t something we would be doing all the time owing to distance apart, but we should never say it wouldn’t happen again in the right circumstances. This surprised me, I was expecting her to say that had been a one-off experience, never to be repeated. This was just what I wanted to hear, and I said that I agreed totally. That just left Mother and Aunt Jean to deal with. Sally wanted to just leave it be, but I was determined to extract some revenge for being set up.

“It all worked out, Bro, we made it work.”

“But they are evil, we could have just done that naturally without their scheme. Hell, I would have paid for the room myself and we could have just kept it a secret.”

“But they didn’t want it to be a secret, I bet they would have wanted us to video record it and play it back at the Christmas party”.

We laughed but it did make me think.

I planned to set off after lunch on Friday, and stop on the way back, I still had a lot of Dad’s cash in the envelope. So, I asked Sally to contact Mum to say that I wanted to have dinner with her and Aunt Jean on Saturday night, as Dad was away in Brussels again. I told Sally to be very non-committal if Mum quizzed her, and to tell her that I would fill them in with the details.

“When you see them don’t make it sound too good, they might want you to do it with Cousin Louise, she starts college in Manchester in a couple of weeks. You can be the family stud dog again.”

We laughed again but my mind stared to wander.

We made good time to Edinburgh and called in at the music school to put Doris into secure storage with all the other instruments. Then we arrived at the halls of residence where Sally would be staying for her first term. I helped her into her room together with all the bags and boxes. She kicked her door shut and wrapped her arms around my neck, then started to give me a long, sensuous kiss on the lips. It took all my resolve not to get her on to the small single bed and carry on where we left off that morning. But time to go is time to go, and she was rather tearful as she waved me off to return south.

I had plenty to think about on the way home, and when I stopped for a coffee near Newcastle there was a message on my phone. It was a picture of a very pretty little lady dog looking over its shoulder at the camera with its backside towards the lens. I immediately made it my screen saver and texted my appreciation.

But my thoughts turned to the upcoming Saturday night, and I stopped at the wine shop for a bottle of wine for my mother and aunt. Then changed my mind and purchased three, using more of Dad’s cash from the envelope. I carried on along the A1, heading south.

I will get them pissed and tell them exactly what went on. In detail. I will give them a graphic account of everything Sally and I did.

I imagined Mum and Aunt Jean getting worked up and starting to wet their knickers. If they were wearing any.

I will get them very pissed and demonstrate what went on. In very precise detail. I will show them the very same cock that took Sally’s virginity. A real one, not a rubber one. I will let them stroke it. I will let them take turns to suck it.

And I have the half-used tube of lube in my bag.

The stud dog is coming back to the kennels, ready to service both bitches.”

Woof. Woof.

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