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I got a wonderful comment on an older, Valentine’s fantasy story and a Halloween themed one was requested. I’ll get to that some day but this idea popped in my head and wanted to write it. I hope you enjoy! No anal, some girl on girl but otherwise straight sex.

It was supposed to be a fun, hunt for eggs in the forest but I was well and truly lost. I was on vacation with my family for Easter break. While we were gathering candy eggs, I had taken a raw egg and threw it at my sister Laura’s chest, it broke all over her top. I had run away from her as she chased me, throwing her candy eggs and whatever else she could get her hands on at me. It was my way of getting some fun out of the game, we were twins, not identical but had turned 18 earlier that year. Our parents refused to accept that though and still had us gathering eggs and candy that they’d hidden near our campsite, the winner getting cash as well as the family trophy.

I’d explored the woods before but hadn’t noticed the slope or the ravine I’d fallen down on my prior wandering. I guess I was running pretty hard though, I’d lost Laura ages ago and lost my bearings. How I made it to the bottom, tumbling and rolling without breaking my neck I don’t know but I twisted my knee pretty badly and had fallen into the water. Luckily, I found a stick thick enough to support my weight and limped my way up the stream, hoping to find a way to climb out. I looked for my phone in my pockets then remembered it was in my tent at Dad’s insistence as we played their game.

I heard a rumble of thunder over my head, it was cloudy but the day was meant to clear up later, ‘so much for sunshine’ I thought to myself. I stopped to rest a little, I felt I’d been walking for ages but hadn’t spotted any easy way for me to climb up with my twisted knee. I walked a little further and found a cliff face, the stream was being fed by its small waterfall and as I got closer, I spotted a small, shallow cave near it. The rain started to fall, I was soaked anyways but I thought it best to shelter and limped towards the cave.

I’m not sure how long I was unconscious for, I lost my footing and put too much weight on my bad leg and face planted on the rocks. I pulled myself up and mostly crawled into the cave and tried to sit but I felt sick and my vision was blurry. I think I blacked out again for a little, when I came to it was raining really hard and the waterfall had grown and was obscuring my view out. My vision was still pretty bad anyway but I started to let despair get into my head and soon had tears running down my face.

“There now, there’s no need to cry,” said the voice.

I jumped, it was still light enough to see the whole cave but I hadn’t seen anyone else in it when I first went in. I yelled out when the figure spoke again, right next to me.

“What the, who the fuck are you?” I gasped.

Stood beside me was a, well, tiny person. She was no more than 2 feet tall, blonde hair in pigtails and her clothes were made of burlap or some other kind of crude material. I knew she wasn’t a midget or anything, more like a woman that had been shrunk.

“Such language, Timothy,” she said with a laugh.

“That, uh, that isn’t my name,” I replied.

“I know, it’s Marcus. I was trying to be funny, you young ones like to swear a lot. It doesn’t bother me, they’re just words. You’re bleeding pretty bad, I need to stop that.”

I tried to back away from her when she approached me but she had something in her hand that she rubbed on the cut I hadn’t even felt on my head. She tore a piece of fabric from her dress and ran it under the waterfall then came back to wipe the blood and dirt from my eyes. My vision got a little clearer but was still blurry and I felt drained.

“So, you have a concussion and you lost quite a bit of blood from that cut. Your knee is pretty badly sprained too,” she said.

“Who are you?” I replied.

“Were you even listening? You’re in a pretty bad way, Marcus.”

“Are you just rubbing it in, are you going to eat me or something?”

“Uh, not my type and you’re way to big for me, no.”


“Oh! Eat you as in devour. Got it, no! I’m a forest nymph, we don’t eat humans and we’re only allowed in your realm for what you call Easter. We’ve been called Easter bunnies, mostly because we sometimes slip and let ourselves be seen but only when we’re fucking. We always do it doggy style so we can keep watch and run away quickly, pretty sure that helped with the name.”

“Why are you here?”

“I saw how badly hurt you were and wanted to offer help. I’m not usually allowed but you have juuuuust the right mind that I think I can get my energy early this year and go back to my own realm quicker.”

“Energy, what are you talking about?”

“We get energy any time we cause blissful feelings in our forest. Sometimes it’s a pretty deer or other animal stopping long enough for the pictures, other times it’s the suggestion in the couple’s ear that this would be a great clearing or place to have sex. Sex that we’ve caused? Oh boy, talk about bliss in abundance!”

“This feels like something I’m imagining.”

“Well, believe what you want but if I don’t help you, you’re not going to make it. I’m not being mean, it’s the truth. I’ve revealed myself to you as I do want to help but I need your consent and I have a price. I’ll give you a gift to help pay it but 5, no wait, 10 orgasms should do it.”

I laughed.

“So, you’ll help me and all I have to do is jerk off in the woods 10 times? I was planning on trying that anyway,” I replied.

“Nooooo, 10 orgasms caused by you but with a woman.”

“I’m not sure if you know, I’m here on this dumb camping trip with my twin sister and my parents. How is that going to work out?”

“Ah yes, pretty Laura. Laura who you masturbate at night thinking about her pale breasts that you’ve sneaked a look at when she’s showering. Pretty Laura who smiles at you and you think ‘can she read my mind and knows I want to lose my virginity to only her’. Pretty Laura who’s kept you single because you’ve not met anyone who can make you laugh like she can. Need I go on?”

“You can read my mind?”

“Well, yes. How else would I know all that, you haven’t even told your best friend.”

“I still think I’m hallucinating.”

“Just need your consent and she can be yours. I’ll give you the power to take her.”

“Y… you can have my consent.”

“I’m going to put a little rock in your pocket. Have it made into a pendant if you like but you just need to touch it and tell Laura you want her. She’ll do the rest.”

“What if she doesn’t want me? Wouldn’t that be forcing her into something?”

“Oh, she wants you but is like you and too afraid to admit it. Once you’ve paid your debt, you’ll be able to use on strangers if you wanted, think of all the hot women you’ll be able to sleep with,” she said with a grin.

“How will you fix me anyway?”

“Take it easy, we have you,” said the man.

I looked around, I wasn’t in the cave anymore, I was sat leaning against a tree being tended to by 2 Park Rangers.

“What happened?” I asked.

“By the looks of it, you were running full speed, tripped on a branch and hit your head. You have a mild concussion so you’ll need to take it easy but otherwise you’re fine,” said the woman.

“Your family were looking for you, we called them and let them know we found you. Who is Laura?” the man asked with a smile.

“Why, is she okay?” I replied.

“I assume so but you were mumbling her name before you came to, you must care about her a lot.”

“I pranked her then ran away,” I said.

“Well, I’m sure she loves you too. Come on, we’ll help you walk, don’t want you tripping again,” said the man.

They both took me by the arm and helped me stand up, I cautiously put weight on the knee I’d twisted but I was fine and other than feeling a little lightheaded, no real damage. I reached up to touch my head, no blood but a pretty big bump.

“Marcus!” yelled Laura as we walked into our camp.

She came running up to me and gave me a hug, Mom and Dad were close behind.

“He has a mild concussion but he’s otherwise fine. You have another 2 weeks here right?” said the male Ranger.

“Yes,” replied Dad.

“Well good, he shouldn’t really travel, just take it easy, plenty of fluids and watch for any signs of him getting worse, vomiting or severe nausea. He was out cold when we found him, likely why he didn’t hear you yelling, pretty sure one of you walked right by him.”

Mom glared at Dad.

“Well, someone who’s supposed to be on vacation keeps getting calls,” said Mom.

“Here’s our number, please call us if his condition deteriorates,” said the Ranger then they left.

Mom and Laura fussed over me for a bit, they said I’d been gone a couple of hours but I really didn’t know. I was dry, my knee was fine and just a minor bump on my head. I thought I’d imagined the forest nymph until I felt the little rock in my pocket. I looked at before Laura came back, it was green and was almost like a crystal.

“Do you remember what happened?” said Laura, handing me a drink.

“I remember being a dick and smashing an egg on you then running off. I’m sorry, Sis,” I said to her.

“Well, it was just a prank, I’m not going to get upset about that. I was mad, sure, but I saw the funny side and it was a good shot, the goo went right down my top,” she said, smiling.

“Why are Mom and Dad fighting?”

“Something happened at Dad’s work, they keep calling but Mom is pissed.”


“Can I snuggle with you, we’re not allowed to let you sleep just now, Mom has a couple of tests to do with you later but for now I’m on stay awake duty.”


Thankfully my camping cot was pretty big, I loved camping but I also enjoyed comfort and Laura was able to lay with me no problem. They had me propped up but she cuddled close and laid her head on my chest. She smelled amazing, she always used her lavender shampoo and body washes and I loved how they smelled on her.

“Mmm, just like our movie nights though you’re not allowed to fall asleep on me,” she said, smiling at me.

“Well, how can I help it, you’re so warm and comfortable,” I replied.

“I don’t care, Steven, you can fucking tell them,” said Mom as they walked towards us.

“Kids, I’m sorry. One of my other managers got in a wreck and the plant is having issues, we need to go back early,” said Dad.

“They said Marcus isn’t allowed to travel for a few days,” said Laura, she kept a hand on my chest.

“You are not risking his health, look at his head. If he gets worse because he’s going down that bumpy road,” said Mom.

“I, have to go. I’ll get things in order then come back, I’m sorry,” said Dad.

“It’s fine. Laura, please come and help me unload the stuff we’ll need without the jeep,” said Mom.

We had a few things we kept in the car but Mom would have extra room in her tent with Dad leaving us behind. It didn’t take them long, Laura came back and snuggled with me and Mom just went into her tent. By that evening, my head cleared up and Mom asked me some questions, they seemed silly but the Rangers said they used them to make sure the person they were helping didn’t have a serious concussion. I was allowed to shower alone, we had a pretty crude portable one but it worked and I didn’t complain. As I ate, I thought about the forest nymph, was it all in my head? I played with the stone in my hand and put it away as Laura approached me.

“Mom is really upset, she took one of her strong sleeping pills and has gone to bed,” said Laura.

“That sucks, I hate seeing her upset, Dad is not being cool about this is he?” I replied.

“Can I tell you a secret, promise me you won’t say a word?”

“I promise.”

“I think his whole work thing is a ruse, I heard Mom talking to Aunt Lisa and she thinks he’s cheating on her.”

“Wow, that’s fucked up.”

“It’s their issue, I’m staying out of it for now. Supposed to be up here to relax. How you feeling?”

“Honestly, I feel great.”

“Well, since games by the fire is out, want to just snuggle instead? We can listen to some music and just cuddle.”

“That sounds perfect, Sis.”

We both had our own taste in music but when we had a bad day or were upset, we listened to soft classical music and just held each other. I had moved my cot back into my tent, it was starting to get dark and with Laura snuggled close to me, I couldn’t think of anything that would have made me happier. My body had other ideas though, with her warm body pressed against mine I felt my cock starting to harden and there was nothing I could to do stop it. Laura’s leg was draped over mine, she felt it pressing against her.

“Mmm, is that for me, mister,” she said with a soft giggle.

I decided to test my stone, I put my hand into my pocket, thankfully not one under Laura and touched the stone.

“I want you, Laura,” was all I said.

She leaned up on her elbow and looked at me.

“You, better not be joking,” she said.

“I’m not, I promise.”

She looked at me for what felt like forever then slowly leaned closer to my face and kissed me on the lips.

“I’ve wanted you for so long but I didn’t know you wanted me too. I’m a virgin, Marcus, I’m on the pill but I want it to be gentle,” she said, softly.

“I…. I am too,” I replied.

“Then we will take things slow and explore each other. When we’re ready, I’ll take you inside me and it will be perfect.”

She kissed me again and she began pulling at her clothes, asking me to do the same. Before long we were naked and laying on our sides, facing each other. I was gently fondling her breasts as she slowly stroked my cock.

“These are so beautiful, Laura,” I said to her.

“You don’t think they’re too small or pale?” she replied, her breath shallow.

“They are perfect.”

“Do you think this will hurt me? I’ve used a toy in me before but it wasn’t as thick as this.”

“I’ll take my time, are you getting wet?”

“Yes, you should touch me there.”

Laura draped her leg over mine giving me access to her pussy. I ran my finger over her labia and she was soaked. I got her onto her back and went to lick her but she stopped me.

“We can try that later, I want you inside me,” she said, biting her lip.

I climbed between her legs and let her guide my cock to her pussy, she was shaking a little but her eyes were wide with anticipation. I slowly pushed my cock inside her, taking slow thrusts to coat my cock in her juices. She felt amazing, so warm and tight and I groaned as I got deeper inside her.

“Fe….Feels so good,” she gasped.

I kept going until I was fully inside her and stopped, savoring how wonderful it felt to be inside a woman for the first time then I began to thrust. Laura gasped after a few thrusts and I felt her tighten even more. Her mouth was open like a silent scream and she shuddered as she had her first orgasm. I struggled to stay inside her but I kept thrusting and it wasn’t long before I felt like I was close.

“I… I’m going to cum, Laura,” I gasped.

“Do it, cum inside me,” she whimpered.

I pushed as deep as I could inside her as my cock exploded, swelling as I sprayed my seed deep inside her. I set her off again and she gripped my ass as I filled her with the full contents of my balls. I was almost seeing stars by the time I was spent, I’d never felt so alive or so in love with my own sister.

“Th… that was amazing,” she gasped when we could finally breath.

“I agree. We should do this again,” I replied.

“Can we rest a little first?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean right away, sorry,” I said with a smile.

“You should get off me so I can go pee and drain all this cum you sprayed in me, it was a lot.”


I climbed off her and laid on my side and watched as she pulled my t-shirt on.

“Hey!” I said, laughing.

“I don’t want to ruin my panties, I won’t get it messy,” she said then left.

“Wow, half way there on just your first time, she really enjoyed that!” said the nymph. I shrieked a little.

“Oops, forgot you’re a little jumpy. I know you were doubting I was real so I wanted to say hi and give a progress report.”

“You scared the crap out of me,” I replied.

“Sorry. I’ll see you again when you’re all paid up,” she said then was gone.

“Who were you talking to?” said Laura.

“Oh, myself I guess,” I replied.

“Okay then, weirdo,” she said then kissed me.

“You staying with me?”

“For a while, I want to cuddle then when you’re rested enough I want more. You should go clean up.”

“Mom sleeping?”

“Yea, I can hear her snoring.”

I put my sneakers on and nothing else then ran over to our bathroom to have a wash. Laura watched me and laughed when I ran back.

“That was funny, you have such a nice ass,” she said.

“Well, you can hold it against you anytime you like,” I said, kissing her again.

We pulled a blanket over us then just melted into each other’s arms. I brushed the hair from her face and just gazed at her.

“What?” she said, smiling.

“I’m just so happy right now, I would fantasize about just touching your breasts and here they are pressed against me with the memory of being inside you.”

“Are you always this cheesy?”

“No, just when I’m naked with my sister.”

“Yea cuz that happens like, allll the time.”

“Well, even if that was our only time and I still got to snuggle close with you, I’d die a happy man.”

“You’re far too sweet. Doesn’t it bother you that you lost your cherry to your sister?”

“No, you’re so beautiful and really sexy. I’ve been on a few dates and have had girls chase me but none of them come close to how pretty and how wonderful you are.”

“Didn’t you go out with Kendra a couple of times? She’s cute.”

“I guess but when she opens her mouth it’s like listening to those trashy kids in your gym class. She has no empathy, only cares about herself and is so vain.”

“I see. I think you’re just saying this so I don’t feel used or something.”

“Do you?”

“Not really, I wanted this too, I’m just worried you’ll get bored of me.”

“Laura, I’m going to tell you something and I hope you’ll see but you are perfect to me. I’d dream about you, I’ve lusted over you for so long.”

“So I’m just a sex object to you?”

“No! I love you, I want to cherish and worship you!”

“You’re so easy to wind up at times my love,” she said with a laugh.


“Promise me you won’t cheat on me. I didn’t give you this easily, I’ve wanted it for so long but if you’re with me, you’re with me. No dating, no fuck buddies with that whore Jennifer, just me.”

“I wouldn’t dream of betraying you.”

“Good. Think it’s rested enough to give me doggy style? I’ve watch so much porn with that.”

Pushing into her from behind made me wish for more light. She had a beautiful ass and holding onto her slim waist as I thrust in and out of her felt wonderful. She was cumming almost every 3rd or 4th thrust but I managed to hold out longer than the first time. When I did cum, I saw stars and got really light headed. When I was spent, I must have blacked out.

“I know what I smell, Laura, just don’t lie to me okay. Did he hit his head again?” said Mom, she was holding a damp cloth to my forehead.

“I didn’t,” I said.

“You’re supposed to be taking it easy. Not sure rampant sex with your twin sister is included in that list. How long has this been going on?”

“This was just our second time, we lost our virginities together, tonight.”

“Oh, I see. Well, no more tonight, got it! Get some sleep, you, in your own tent, I’ll stay with him for a bit, make sure he’s okay,” Mom said to Laura.

“C.. can I have a hug, I was worried,” she said.

“Fine, I’ll be right back.”

Mom left Laura and I alone, Laura hugged me close to her and kissed me on the lips.

“I’m so sorry, I was so freaked out when you passed out,” she said, touching my face.

“It’s okay, she doesn’t seem mad.”

“Go, missy, clean up too please, we don’t have laundry up here remember,” said Mom.

“Goodnight,” said Laura and she left.

“Put some boxers on and grab your pillow, you’re with me tonight,” she said.

Laura watched me follow Mom and mouthed ‘what the fuck’ as we walked by her.

“I know what young lust is like, this is not a punishment to keep you apart, it’s to make sure you rest. I really care about you not dying on me so just get comfortable and get some sleep. You can snuggle if you like but no getting frisky, you need rest.”

I fell asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I woke up with the sunrise, Mom was snuggled into my back and I couldn’t help getting hard with her breasts pressed against me. Mom was always a little groggy the morning after her sleeping pill but Laura already had a pot of coffee on the stove and handed Mom a mug when she surfaced a few minutes after me.

“Don’t disappear, either of you. I’m not mad but we’re going to talk about last night,” she said, sipping her coffee.

“Okay,” Laura and I said in unison.

We sat apart but stole quick glances and smiles at each other when we thought Mom wasn’t looking. Mom was smiling when she put her empty mug down.

“Thank you for the coffee. I’m glad you woke me up when you did, I’m guessing you’d have been at it all night. I still remember my first time, I wanted more all the time. I’m going to be blunt, sex is sex, yes, society says you really shouldn’t fuck your siblings but just don’t run off and have a bunch of kids. I’ve watched you two grow into wonderful human beings and the way you treat each other warms my heart. I hope you both do right by each other, that neither of you is using the other and that you have fun,” said Mom. Laura and I were stunned.

“I thought we were going to catch hell,” said Laura.

“For having sex? No. Now if I’d caught either of you mistreating the other, different conversation but by the way I see you both together I’m hoping it was slow and gentle the first time,” said Mom.

“He was wonderful,” said Laura, smiling at me.

“Good. I’ll tell you a little secret, I lost my virginity to a cousin, we fucked for years after it and he was so good to me. Our parents never found out and we have that memory to hold on to. Just please, treat each other with the same respect I see outside in the bedroom, okay? Your Dad may not be as forgiving if he catches it but I’ve a feeling he’s too busy elsewhere to even fucking notice. So how did this start anyways, I’ve seen you both cuddle all the time,” asked Mom.

“He told me he wanted me and I already knew I wanted him too,” said Laura.

“Just like that?”

“I kinda had a little help,” I said.

“What do you mean?” said Mom, smiling.

“A nymph gave me a magic stone and I had to give Laura 10 orgasms to pay for fixing me,” I said.

“Oooh, shit, too late. I forgot to tell you not to tell anyone about that but is my bad, sorry,” said the nymph. Mom and Laura jumped and screamed a little when she appeared.

“What the fuck, who the fuck, what is that, Marcus?” said Mom, noticing I wasn’t freaked out.

“She never told me her name. Can I tell them everything?” I said to her.

“Humans can’t pronounce my name, I’ll tell them but you broke my spell and you need to pay me back again, 10 each this time. Marcus fell down what you humans call Devil’s ravine. He twisted his knee pretty badly, cracked his head open on the rocks by the waterfall and had a nasty concussion he wasn’t going to survive. I saw his heart and I didn’t want to let that happen though so I offered to fix him in return for 10 orgasms with his pretty sister. He’s in love with her so you know, he’s not just using her. Anyway, I gave him an enchanted stone to open her mind to it and forgot to mention not to tell anyone that part,” she said.

“He was found less that a mile from here with minor injuries, Devil’s ravine is 4 miles that way!” said Mom.

“Fine, I can show you,” said the nymph.

We all watched in our heads, the nymph standing next to me, talking as a slow stream of blood ran down my temple and my knee sat crooked and swollen. Our vision cut to a newspaper, its headlines showing I was found months later by hikers “missing teen’s body found” it said. Mom gasped when the vision stopped.

“Marcus is a good man but in the whole, space time thing you humans follow, little blip. I have rules that I need to abide by though, I forget them sometimes and end up a mess like this but I see your mind pretty lady, I know your heart. Steven doesn’t deserve you. If you give me my 10, I’ll let you keep the stone and you’ll all live happily with each other. You can say no, I know these two will say yes but I won’t be upset, my rewards just won’t be as nice,” she said.

“You keep saying ten, what do you mean?” said Mom.

“Orgasms, Marcus will explain how they help me but each of you, 10 each together,” said the nymph then she was gone.

“Th.. that was real, right, I didn’t imagine a little pixie talking to us, showing what happened to you?” said Mom.

I showed her the stone.

“I thought I took to incest a little too easy. I kid, I felt more open to you when you spoke to me,” said Clara, smiling.

“What did she mean, what they do for her?” asked Mom.

“Bliss caused by their actions give them power to go back to their realm. Sometimes it can be having a deer stand 5 seconds longer to let the man or woman get a beautiful picture, other times it’s a suggestion to have sex in a clearing. Orgasms give stronger bliss so that’s what I agreed to. I was a mess, Mom, I don’t doubt I wouldn’t have made it without her help. My price was well worth it,” I replied.

“And I can’t just masturbate in the woods for mine?” said Mom.

“I asked the same thing, nope.”

“I didn’t want to show you this but it might help,” said Laura. She showed Mom something on her phone.

“I already knew honey, this was my last straw. I’ve had my detective following him and he has what I need for me,” said Mom. Laura showed her a camera still of Dad embracing another woman.

“I know I’m very happy to pay with you my love,” said Laura as she smiled at me.

“I want you too, Mom,” I said, still holding the stone.

“Then let’s have fun. No counting, just enjoy this. I’ll teach you both how to pleasure each other and we’ll just enjoy our love,” said Mom.

Mom undressed and had us do the same, she was just as beautiful to me as Laura and I was hard by the time Mom led us into her tent by each hand. She closed the zipper then had us both hug her and kissed each of us in turn. Not her usual, goodnight kiss but a tender, sensual kiss on the lips. Laura could barely keep her eyes off Mom’s breasts, they were fuller than Laura’s and her nipples were big and dark. She had us both touch them and Laura leaned over and sucked her nipple into her mouth. I was throbbing hard watching her.

“I have another breast you know,” said Mom with a smile.

I took the hint and joined Laura sucking and fondling Mom’s breast, Mom was softly moaning and took us with her as she laid on her back. She had us stop sucking her nipples then gave us instruction. I got between her legs and pushed my cock inside her as Laura straddled her head and lowered her pussy to Mom’s mouth. She felt amazing, it was only the second pussy I had been inside but I couldn’t compare, it was just as warm and tight as Laura’s and I groaned as I thrust in and out of her. Listening to Laura moan in pleasure as Mom licked her put me on a hair trigger, I lasted maybe 7 or 8 thrusts but hearing Laura cum set me off and I groaned as I sprayed my seed inside Mom. Laura climbed off Mom and I pulled out with a sheepish grin on my face.

“Sorry, I usually last longer but hearing Laura moan set me off,” I said.

“It’s okay, just means you’ll last longer next time. Laura, I think you should clean my pussy,” said Mom.

Laura seemed to be in a trance, she got between Mom’s legs and started licking, Mom was clearly enjoying her efforts. She had me feed her my cock then pointed to Laura’s ass sticking up, I got behind her then pushed my cock into my sister. I lasted longer as Mom said I would, watching my thrusts cause Mom’s breasts to bounce made me grin and I loved watching Mom’s face as Laura pleased her. We all came again then collapsed together in a heap, all sweating and smiling. Laura snuggled into Mom on one side and I took the other, it felt so right. Laura was gently fondling Mom’s breast so I did the same with the other.

“I’m going to try and keep up with you both but I don’t have the same energy. I did enjoy that though, you are nice and big, Son. Did you like what we did, Laura?” said Mom once we’d all caught our breaths.

“Yes. I’ve never touched, let alone licked another woman before. I really liked it,” she said softly.

“I love it, women know just how to please women,” replied Mom.

Before we went to sleep that first night, I had both Laura and Mom about twice. My poor cock was aching by the time I showered and went to bed. Laura came into my tent and snuggled with me.

“Don’t worry, I’m too worn out for anything, I just want to be held,” she said as she rested her head on my chest.

“I really enjoyed today,” I said as I rubbed her back.

“Me too. You get a pass too, I’ll happily share you with Mom,” said Laura with a grin.

“Oh good.”

Laura and I fell asleep together, we woke up to the smell of coffee and when we got up, Mom was sitting naked as she drank hers.

“I figured there was no point getting more clothes dirty if we’re going to just take them off again. I didn’t even need my sleeping pill last night, you both wore me out,” said Mom as we got our own coffee.

“I was hoping we were going to repeat, yesterday was so much fun,” said Laura.

“Well, finish your coffee and you can get me started. I enjoyed your tongue. We can teach your brother how to eat us too,” said Mom, grinning.

“I’ll never complain about the practice!” I replied.

The next two days went by in a blur. I lost count of how many times I filled both my Mom and my Sister but Mom fed me Dad’s stay hard pills and I kept going for hours. We’d all showered and were sitting round the fire, Laura and I were snuggled close and Mom just sat with a soft smile on her face. When the nymph appeared we all jumped.

“Sorry, it’s safer for me to cross right here. I’m very pleased to report your debt is paid. I would like to thank you too. Your stone has been replaced with a nicer one and you should reeeeeeally check out the roots of that fallen tree in the morning. I peeked and Laura would prefer you didn’t have powers to have any girl Mr. Marcus, sorry,” she said.

“Oh I’m not, I wouldn’t want any other woman,” I replied.

“Good answer, I knew I was right about you. Remember, don’t tell anyone about me, have a wonderful life!”

Our Easter ‘bunny’ disappeared, we never saw her again.

The next morning, we sat around the blanket with all the gems we had found in the tree root. We’d guessed it to be some ancient buried stash from years past. Mom, being a legal assistant, wanted to do the right thing and called the Rangers, they gave us good news.

“This land belongs to you, Mrs. Black, your family has owned this land for many years. This all belongs to you. I would suggest having a professional survey team come up to check for more but congratulations,” said the man.

We donated thousands to the Rangers for new equipment and gave the team that found me a very nice retirement check each. They loved what they did and it was the only way they’d accept the money. We didn’t find any more but the gems we found made us millionaires. Mom divorced Dad, we had to share with him too but Mom was less than kind and the small amount he had left when she gave him the evidence of him cheating was enough to start a new life, just one without us and the lavish life we could afford.

We live together still. All 3 of us still enjoy camping as much as we can and there and at home we enjoy each other, making love to whoever is close then spending hours just holding each other. We’ll never tell anyone about our ‘Easter Bunny’ that saved my life. We appreciate the gifts she gave us and the money sure helps too….

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