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Allen Clarke was a tall, handsome man of twenty-one. He was a very sexually adventurous person. From the age of sixteen he had done just about everything a guy could do to enjoy the erotic world of sex.

Threesomes, foursomes and even orgies had been done. There was even an evening with transsexual. Of course, it was a very beautiful and effeminate TS and he was the male in the act. In fact, the sex driven lad was up for anything that involved consenting adults.

Allen love women. He loved sex. If he were a female, the sex-hazed man would have been called a ‘nympho’. Instead the label of ‘oversexed’ was often given.

Although he had a full and exciting sex life, Allen felt unsatisfied. There was something missing. He didn’t know what it was until reading erotica on the Internet.

The one element of sex he hadn’t had yet was incest! He wanted the women of his family. Hell! They were all beautiful. His aunt, cousin, sister and even his mother were sexier and hotter than most of the pussies he had gotten!

So, right after his twenty-first birthday, Allen set a course to seduce and fuck his female relatives. What he didn’t know was the task being accomplished would be a lot easier than ever expected. The sex minded man wasn’t the only member of his family to be ‘oversexed’.

The first target of this sexual Holy Grail was his older cousin, Mary Louis. She was four years older than he. Like himself, she was a purchaser of antiques and vintage furniture and art. It was a family business tradition.

Mary called one evening asking for him to join her on a trip to San Francisco. Allen liked the idea; it would be the chance to be close to her. He quickly agreed to go. She would be picking him up and they could drive to the city together.

As Allen packed an overnight bag, the contemplating of how to get his sexy cousin in the sack was racing in his mind. They both had always been close. They even went out on ‘dates’ together as teenagers.

Of course, nothing ever happened. That, he now regretted never trying. There was a feeling that a certain special connection existed between them.

Mary was a beautiful woman. He hadn’t seen her in about three years. There was hope she was the same hot female of memory.

The doorbell rang. He quickly moves to answer. The sight on the other side wasn’t a disappointed.

A once, close-cropped, auburn hair now glistened a strawberry blonde. A set of brown eyes fairly sparkles. Her body was fit and athletic. It was well toned and sexy. Her skin had one of those tan in the can suntans.

Mary’s waist was much narrower than remembered. It accented the fullness of her breasts, which were always a healthy set of 38C’s. A sensuous set of rounded hips led down to a set of very curvy legs.

“Hi, baby,” she greets flinging a pair of excited tan arms around his neck. A deep tongue kiss is given. Allen didn’t resist.

The surprised cousin felt a firm upper leg rub up against his groin. It was a bare skin against a partly harden penis. The woman had to know what was touching her leg. The sexy cousin didn’t act as if she did. The hug tightened. The probing leg was caressing his dick.

Their tongues twirl. Their bodies press even closer. The stirrings increased.

“Gawd!” Mary said breathlessly hugging tightly, “I’ve missed you so, my big cousin.”

Allen feels this warm body against him. A set of firm beasts rubs nicely over his chest. The stirring in the loins grows.

“Damn!” he responds hugging back, “I’ve missed you.”

“You have!?” she coos giving a final hug, “I think that’s wonderful.”

Mary then moves inside the apartment with a very sexy wiggle. Her five-eight frame was enhanced with a set of three-inch stiletto heels. It gave a set of tanned sexy legs a move curvaceous look. The woman was just plain hot!

They talk while Allen completes the packing for the trip. It would be a two-day junket instead of overnight. That wasn’t a problem. It would be a longer time with the sensuous relative.

Since it was going to require an overnight stay, she had gotten a single hotel room reserved. Mary hoped he didn’t mind. It would be cheaper.

Allen said he didn’t mind. After all, they were cousins. And most rooms have very large beds and/or couches to sleep on. Besides they slept together as kids!

The trip up to the bay area was fun. There was reminiscing of the days past. Also there was some professional talk to include the possibility of going into business together. Finally the conversation got around to past loves and Allen managed to turn the to the subject of sex.

To his surprise, Mary was very open about her past. She revealed that her and the ex-husband had dwell into swinging. She even admitted to becoming bisexual.

Mary told him to tell his past. Allen told of his adventures including a night with a sexy transsexual. His older cousin thought that was hot. She was glad he hadn’t become an ‘old fuddy-duddy’.

The revelation of this made Allen even hotter for his sexy cousin. He couldn’t believe his luck! Getting her into bed might be simpler than expected.

They arrived at the hotel room late in the afternoon. After a few phone calls to establish the next day’s activities, they settle in to the room.

“So,” Mary asks flopping down a couch, “Whatcha got in mind for tonight?”

The way she sat down cause the short shirt to creep up. Allen had a full view of a skimpy throng covering a moist crotch. An involuntarily sigh was given at the vision.

“Wanna stay in or go out?” he options.

“I think I would like to go out,” Mary answers.

“A little dinner an’ some dancin’?” Allen suggests.

“I could go for that,” she readily agrees, then says jumping up, “I gotta freshin’ up first!”

About an hour later both were ready to go out. Allen chose to dress in a casual sports suit. Mary was in a dark red slinky outfit that enhanced a trim body and short enough to show off a set of curvy legs. She was stunning in his eyes.

The pair first had dinner. Visiting a couple of clubs quickly followed this. The evening was enjoyable and very relaxing. The dancing included a number of slow numbers where they held close.

All through the evening Allen held her hand or placed an arm around the small waist. While dancing, his hands ‘slipped’ down to a set rounded asscheeks. Mary showed no objects to the caresses.

Allen had no doubts that she would allow him have that exquisite body before the night was out. His cousin was such a sexy woman. He had always desired her.

It was doing a slow dance that he decided to make the move. Her long, sweet smelling neck was just too tempting. Allen places soft kisses on it.

“Ohhhh!” she whispers, “I don’t think you should be doing that, cuz.”

“I think I should,” Allen whispers back still kissing the soft skin.

“Please, Allen,” Mary says in a low moan, “this just isn’t the right thing to do.”

He runs a finger along the neck and to rounded chin. Her face is cupped in a strong hand. A broad smile is given.

“Do you want me to stop?” Allen asks in a soft voice.

“No, I don’t,” she admits just as softly, “God forgive me, I don’t want you to stop.

The cousins lock into a deep kiss on the dance floor. They sway to the rhythm of the music. Hands slowly caress.

“I think we should return to the room,” Mary breathlessly suggest breaking the kiss.

“I agree,” Allen hotly concurs.

Driving back to the hotel had Allen more subdued than expected. The lusting man was preoccupied with the idea he was going to be making love to a taboo female. His first ever venture to incest was about to start. He was as anxious as a teenager in heat!

In the elevator up to the room, they embrace into a deep French kiss. There was another couple in the cage with them. They, too, were engaged in a kiss. Allen wondered if they were involved in something that was societal forebidden.

The taboo lovers kiss and hug all the way down the hallway. They continue to hold each other and caress into the room. Both moves quickly to the bedroom.

As soon as they entered, Allen reaches forward to gently pull Mary into his arms. He leans forward and softly brushes their lips together. His tongue easily extends pass a set of ruby lips. The beautiful cousin moans into his mouth.

Her breath was warm. It tastes of wine. Allen hands stroke the long, slender neck. They move up to tenderly rub a set of small ears.

“Mind if I relieve you of this dress, cuz?” Allen asks moving hands round her back.

“Please,” she hotly admits, ” I’ve been waiting twenty years to hear you say that.”

“I always knew you loved me more than a cousin,” Allen happily notes as the zipper is pulled down.

The tight dress easily peals off the slender body. A set of pink panties and bra was exposed. Both really were too small for the areas they covered.

The slick fabric that felt good in his hands. The full breasts fit easily in a set of massaging palms. His hand moved downward to a set of tight ass cheeks. They tense with the gentle touches.

“Please, Allen,” she hotly request, “strip now.”

He stands back. Mary’s scanty clad sexy body again makes a sigh occur. Allen quickly disrobes to his short.

“Should I go first, or should you?” he devilishly options hooking his thumbs into the briefs waistband.

“By all means,” the smiling Mary says, “you go first.”

The underpants are tug down. A rigid cock springs forward with freedom. It bounces evilly. The sight causes Mary to jump a little and then giggle.

“It’s not polite to laugh when you see a man’s penis,” Allen mockingly remarks, “It could effect a delicate ego.”

“Just nervous laughter, cousin,” Mary says seductively while reaching out taking the hard shaft.

A warm hand caresses the stiff shaft. Allen is relishing in the touch. It is his first incestuous act. It is beautiful.

“I’m very pleased, baby,” Mary huskily tells, “My first husband was such a disappointment.” With a wide-eyed stare, she hotly says, “But I’m not gonna be disappointed tonight.”

Her soft hand begins to pump the hard eight inches. Allen moans feeling the forebidden touch. The lusting cousin lay back on the bed for just a moment. He let her enjoy the feel and the sensation of holding a taboo dick. A cock that was hard and ready for her.

Allen’s passions were becoming uncontrollable. He reaches out and hooks his fingers into the front of the flimsy bra. Mary is pulled down to where they can kiss.

An anxious pair of fingers unclasps the bra from the back. She rises up to allow the brassiere to slide off. The large fleshy mounds were fully exposed to his view.

“Damn!” he admires in a hiss, “Those are beautiful.”

“Tonight, cuz,” Mary says removing the bra completely, “they are yours.”

Allen brings her down to him. A hot mouth inhales one of the tender breasts. She tastes sweet. He thinks the taste is fantastic.

Mary’s nipples, the erect, pink tips that top a set of lovely tits, seem very sensitive. Allen mouths and tongues them lustfully. The incestuous flesh is so delicious.

“Ooooooooooooo,” she groans

Mary’s hand recaptures the rigid shaft. She plays the hard cock. The strokes quickly become wilder as the sensations of his mouth increase.

Allen disengages her hand. If she continued, Mary would bring him off too quickly. He didn’t want that.

Allen rises up and gently moves Mary onto her back. Two middle fingers hook into pink panties. The last remaining garment is slowly pulled down.

“Omigod,” Allen awes, “You’re more beautiful than I’ve ever imagined.”

“I’m not all that,” the blushing Mary denies. “Please don’t get your hopes up too high.”

“Yes you are,” Allen disagrees leaning forward. “In fact you have the most hottest body I’m ever personally seen.

For the first time the two cousins lock their bodies into a naked embrace. A deep, passionate French kiss follows. Soft moaning sounds into the room.

“I haven’t had a chance to freshen up,” she said obliquely.

“Mary,” Allen professes, “I’ve masturbated to your image so many times over the years.” He begins to kiss down the firm body. “I really want to taste you now.”

The trek continues to the top of a sparely covered crotch. Allen gently spreads the slender legs wider. They are then lifted upward to the full chest. The taboo cunt was fully exposed to his view.

Mary’s clit was a pastel pink and the folds were puffy. Using thumbs on either side, Allen spreads the glistening lips. He then leans into her crotch.

The sweet cunt lips were wet with moisture. A warm tongue extends. It teases the pulsating vagina. Then the experienced tongue goes deep into her depths.

“Oh wonderful jezzus!” his lovely cousin cries out.

His tongue to plunges even deeper. It swirls swiftly to cause stronger sensations to radiate. Allen then flicks upwards barely grazing the engorged clit.

“Oooooooommmmmmmi,” Mary groans louder as the pleasure making tongue surrounds the little dick with licks and kisses.

Mary begins to rock a set of firm hips faster. His tongue licks and laps across the supersensitive skin of the clit quicker. Allen sucks the warm skin into his mouth. Loving nips are done to add to the stimulation.

“Yes! Yesss! Oh sweet goodness! Yes!” she moans hooking legs over his broad shoulders.

A set of athletic thighs squeezes him hard as a powerful climax approaches. As his tongue bores deeper into the hot clit, a finger eases pass a set of clenching pussy lips. It was the final stimulation needed.

“I’m cummin’!” she huffs. “I’m cummin’ hard!” Mary screams, pressing hard thighs around her cousin’s head.

Allen pushes the digit as deep as possible. Mary’s wetness increases. Milky fluids coat his finger, face and tongue. The excess runs onto the already damp sheets.

Athletic hips involuntarily raises higher as the thrill waves capture her body. Mary’s head flips from side to side. The sexy body suddenly tonics with a final orgasm. She collapses onto the bed.

Allen sits back to look at his beautiful cousin. Incest sex was wonderful. Mary was more than a gorgeous woman. She was a forbidden female of his dreams.

“I don’t remember ever bein’ tongue fucked so deeply before,” Mary pants looking at her handsome cousin.

“I don’t remember a better tastin’ cunt before,” he responds moving from between her legs.

He lays next to her. Mary shifts around so they are facing. The taboo lovers stare at each other lustfully.

Mary looks down to see an eight-inch tool nearing a very wet pussy. Allen begins to caress a pulsating slit with the rigid head of his penis. It runs up and down the glistening slit.

“Gawd, Allen,” the turned on cousin hiss in a whisper breaking the kiss, “You’re made me so happy.”

Mary gives a deep French passionate kiss to Allen. A pair of rounded tits crushes again a flat chest. A leaking pussy slid up and down on a rigid cockshaft.

“It makes me want you even more, cuz,” the lusting Mary hotly groans, “You are such’a fine example of a man.” She starts to move down the athletic torso with a trail of kisses, “I’m gonna give you the best lovin’ I can possibly give ya.”

Allen felt his cousin’s tender kisses move slowly down. She was giving slight pecks in a trail to a very hard cock. The touches were so erotic and stimulating.

Mary stops at the head of the taboo cock. She looks up with a loving glaze. Then a strawberry blonde head slowly inhale the shaft.

“Oh sweet jezzus, cousin!” Allen gasps.

A pink tongue then trails the underside of a harden cock. It traces the seam from the ball sac to the glans. It returns down the stiffen rod even slower.

Gentle kisses and feathery caresses stimulated the balls. The sack retracts to the tender digits. A pair of ruby lips sucks on the scrotum with a hot tongue licking between each touch.

Allen couldn’t believe how wonderful his woman was! She was making love to his cock. His sexy relative was giving the greatest blowjob of all time!

The hard rod goes deeper into a warm mouth. The walls adhere to the cockshaft. Mary’s head bobs slowly on his firm erection.

“Omigod, Cuz,” Allen groans loudly, “I’m never had my cock feel this way before!”

Her forbidden lips were like silk. It seem every inch of his stiff dick was being loved. The hardness of the rod made Allen think the skin was going to split from the growing erection.

“Please cum in my mouth, Allen,” Mary huskily orders, “Let me pleasure you as you so deserve.” She sucks in the very hard dick to the hilt and then backs out. “I want you to know how much I want you now, Allen.”

The cousin again captures the erect pole in a warm mouth. This time the rhythm picks up. Humming could be heard as her head bobs up and down.

“Yes! Yes Goddamn it! Yes, dear sweet cousin!” Allen wails lifting hips off the sheets, “I wanna cum in your mouth! I want ya to taste all my sperm!”

Her mouth moves faster on the erect dick. A hot tongue snakes the entire length. The forbidden rod stiffens in the pleasures making mouth.

“Ooooooooooooh, baby!” Allen yells, “I’m gonna cum now!”

Mary feels the river of hot sperm enter. A hungry mouth swallows every drop as much as possible. Her head moves faster to encourage a strong cum.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” Allen wails into the room while freezing to the sensation.

Mary’s head then moves as fast as possible forcing the last of the forbidden love juices into her mouth. She sucks greedily preventing no drop to escape. It was a total blowjob.

Gasping to regain breath, Allen can’t believe how wonderful of a cocksucking he just received. Perhaps, it was because an older cousin gave it but it was fantastic. There was a regret that he hadn’t try incest sex earlier.

She then climbs back up the athletic, sweaty body. The two clinch into a passionate kiss. Tongues dance the tango. Hands pet and caress the other’s body. Allen shifts them so he is on top.

“No more teasin’, Allen baby,” Mary moans placing arms round a corded neck, “Fuck me deep an’ hard.”

The head of firm cock slowly enters. Mary’s eyes rolls back enjoying the initial sensation of the forbidden penetration. A tight cunt surrounds the hard cockshaft with a snug, moist embrace.

“You can’t know how many times I’ve done this in my fantasies,” Allen whispers to her. “All those years never bein’ able to hold you like this.”

“I know how you feel,” she moans back, “I have often wished this wonderful cock in me as it is now.”

Allen leans forward until their lips tenderly meet. A pair of tongues dances sensually. This is the first of many deep, passionate kisses to take place in conjunction with a fuck rhythm.

Allen tries to establish a slow deep cadence with his hips. At first the plunges were as desire. But the rising pleasure sensations turn the thrusts into harder and faster strokes.

Mary’s legs open wider. She was completely exposed to the sexy cousin. A wet pussy greedily tries to suck the pleasuring make tool deeper with each ramming.

“Fuck me so good,” she murmurs hotly, “I knew you’d be different.” Mary groans loudly, “Oh Gawd! Why didn’t we fuck like this a long time ago!”

Allen is completely in lust. A large ball sack slaps rapidly off a tight ass. The sounds echo in the room.

“Cum in me, baby,” she moans loudly. “Fill me, cuz!” Mary wails insanely, “Pump me full of your juice!” She screams, “Just do me! Just use me! Fill me up, baby!”

Allen feels Mary’s arms wrap even tighter. A set of curvy legs crosses over his back. His cousin’ hot sexy body is glued to him.

“I’m gonna cum!” he yells, “I’m gonna cum hard!” Allen pants, “I’m gonna explode!”

With one last, hard thrust buries a pulsating cock deep in her. A hot river of sperm rushes to flood the taboo cavern. Cum shoots over and over into her.

“Iiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Mary shrieks loudly.

Her juices rush to meet Allen’s. The cousins’ bodies taunt and twist with each spasm of pleasure. A final powerful wave captures their bodies freezing the lovers in place.

They then collapse onto the wet sheets. Both of them covered in a sheen of sweat and love juices. They lay facing the other with loving grins.

As Allen strokes his cousin’s tan cheek, thinking, “One down; three to go.”

It had been a couple of weeks since Allen’s encounter with Mary. It was still a fresh memory. He couldn’t get over how good his hot cousin was. They would be hooking up again soon.

Now it was time to go after her mother, Marie Louis. His aunt was a robust woman of forty-two. A full figured lady with an athletic body.

Marie had been a widow for ten years now. After a normal period of mourning, she began dating and socializing. Such hedonistic activities as tennis and aerobics were away of life.

As a young man, Allen lusted after the hot older brunette. He would watch a set of 38C’s bounce nicely whenever she moved. The sight of the older relative walking away was always relished.

The dilemma of how to get close to her was solved suddenly. She called one afternoon and wondered if he could come to visit. Marie lived about hundred miles away.

There was some old furnisher and other items stashed in the attic that needed to be appraised. Besides, they haven’t seen each other in years. It would be nice for her favor nephew to come by.

Allen couldn’t believe the luck! Here he was tying to find an excuse to visit and she gave a convenient reason. This was going to be an adventurous time.

Despite her being a very sociable woman, Marie was a private person. She often dressed conservatively. Many nights were spent in solitude. Allen wondered if she was the same.

If she were, it would not be an easy effort to get her into bed. There was a hoped that Mary’s morals were inherited!

Allen pulls up into her driveway after a two-hour drive. Aunt Marie was outside working on a garden. It was a warm day and she was dressed appropriately.

Marie was in a set of Daisy Duke shorts and a tight white blouse. The flimsy material of the shirt hid very little of the large luscious mounds. The dark pink nipples pushes outward. The short pants rode high pressing deep into the pussy and ass crevasses.

Damn! She was one hot sight! When did this woman become his conservative aunt!

“Allen!” Marie shrieks happily.

She runs toward him happily. The lusting nephew couldn’t ignore the loosely covered mounds bouncing. A long brunette mane waves wildly as she approaches. It was a vision of beauty.

“Give your ol’ auntie a big kiss!” she squeals wrapping arms around him.

They kiss deeply. A hot mature body presses deep onto him. He automatically hugs back.

“Let’s go into the house, Hon,” she suggests.

Allen just couldn’t get over how good Marie looked. He could only imagined how good it would be to see this hot aunt naked. It would be great to eye her beautiful tits and amazing ass with an unobstructed view.

He settles in to the guest room and changes clothing. Taking her attire as a cue, he puts in a tight pair of sport shorts and a tank top. The material of both shorts and top embrace a youthful athletic body. Every detail of the muscular physique shows perfectly.

“Wow!” Marie comments handing him a drink, “Mary was right. You’ve spouted out nicely.”

“You’ve spoken with Mary?” Allen asks taking a sip.

“Yes,” she answers, “Last week.” The hot brunette tells, “She told me all about your trip to San Francisco last month.”

“Everything?” he quizzes.

“She said you two had a very successful venture.” Marie tells, “She said that she couldn’t wait for you two to travel again together.”

Allen smiles. He wondered what Marie would have thought if she knew about the nights’ activities. There was a brief fantasy of her and her daughter in the same bed.

“So where is this stuff you want me to appraise?” he asks.

“It’s up in the attic,” she answers while passing him.

The sexy aunt goes up the staircases first. Allen watches a blue covered ass sway enticingly. There was a desire to grab the gorgeous cheeks at that moment. A lusting nephew’s dick hardens.

It was amazing how perception could change so quickly. Before deciding to go after his hot relatives, this vision would be nice but not erotic. A woody wouldn’t be in his shorts now.

They step into the very warm, almost hot attic. It was cluttered with miscellaneous items and objects. The room was lit by the sunlight coming thorough the windows.

“Here it is, dear nephew,” Marie announces with spreading arms.

The emitting light silhouetted Marie’s sexy torso. The rounded breasts and dark pink nipples were showcase splendidly. Allen’s dick grew even harder.

“Let’s start checkin’ things out,” he quickly suggests.

The lusting nephew had to start moving around. The shorts did nothing to conceal the bulge. He didn’t want Marie to know how he felt at this time. He might be requested to leave if she was aware.

The two begin to shuffle and examine the different items of interest. The warmth of the room increases as they work to find certain long buried items. Soon both were covered with sweat.

Marie’s top was soaked. It was completely transparent. A set of marvelous breast was display easily for him to see.

Allen’s the passions were erupting. Marie’s skimpy outfit was just too revealing. He was openly watching his aunt’s body with hungry eyes,

The turned on nephew could no longer hide the lusting long looks. Marie was just too hot. He had to find away to get down stairs and get some form of relief or his sexy aunt just might get raped!

“I need to go to my room an’ git something!” he hastily excuses.

“Whatcha need?” Marie asks.

“Something for to help me make an assessment of some of this stuff,” he lies hurriedly moving down the stairs.

Allen couldn’t believe how incredibility hard he was! This woman had him panting like an adolescent in heat! His dick needs to be taken care of now. Damn these erotic desires! They were taking control of his actions!

He almost runs to the room. Inside the shorts and shirt come flying off. He looks at a very hard cock. The sex hazed nephew flops on the bed. A hard cock is capture in his hand.

Just as Allen was starting to masturbate, the door suddenly opens. There is an immediate effort to cover up. Marie enters.

“What were ya doin’, Allen?” she asks with a devilish smile.

“Nothin’. Just coolin’ down,” Allen said kind of confused and dumbfounded.

There was a feeling he was the hunted not the hunter. This sexy aunt seems to be more than expected. Could Marie be running some kind of game on him?

“It’s okay, Hon, don’t worry about it,” she calms, then asks in almost a whisper, “So whatcha thinkin’ about?”

“I don’t think you’d like to know,” the perplex nephew stumbles, “I—, I don’t’ think you really want to know.”

Allen tries to conceal the huge hard on. That set of Daisy Dukes and flimsy shirt did little to end the erection. Her tits were still fully exposed by the damp material.

“You were thinkin’ about me.” She quizzes, “Weren’t ya?”

“Well, yeah. Sorta,” Allen admits still feeling as if somehow he was the prey in this game.

Marie then sits beside him on the bed. A set of dark eyes looks at the tent in the sheet. A soft hand slowly slides under the covering. It touches an aroused dick. It then withdrawals

“I see you’re real excited,” she coos, “That’s from thinkin’ about me? I wonder how you would get if you actually had me?”

“I don’t know what I would do,” Allen says barely being able to speak, not believing what was happening.

“I know what you would do,” she responds hotly.

Marie stands up. The damp shirt comes peeling off. The perfectly rounded tits just bounce out. The cutoff shorts are unbuttoned pushed down the slender legs. A nicely trimmed pussy is presented.

The set of mature breasts are nice and round. The pink pussy’s trimmed hair covering matched the long tress in color. Marie was forty-two and had the body of a thirty year old. The woman was a gorgeous sight.

Allen was totality at lost. He was supposed to be the seducer. Yet for some reason, he was the one being seduced! It was erotica extreme. He would go along with the sexy aunt knowing a very rigid dick would be up her beautiful cunt.

Marie then slowly sits on his lap. She starts kissing passionately. As their tongues tango, Allen slides a hand to a full rounded ass.

“How would’ya like your aunt to suck that hard dick of yours, Hon?” Marie hotly questions, then adds in a husky voice, “I’ve been told I’m a good cocksucker.” With a lustful grin, he offers, ‘Would’ya like to test me on that?

The stunned Allen just nods ‘yes’. It is apparent that this entire scene was Marie’s plan. How could she know he was going after her? How could her forbidden lust peak at the same time as his?

It really didn’t matter. All Allen knew was that he was about to get another woman of the family pussy! That was the reason of coming her in the first place.

Marie then lays the bigger nephew back on the bed. She kneels in front of him. A warm hand then captures the hard dick. A pink, wet tongue starts slowly circling the head.

“Oh sweet fuck,” the trembling Allen moans.

Marie licks the taboo cock slowly. It is then half of it is taken into a hot mouth. She sucks on it.

“I’m gonna cum quick if you keep that up, Marie,” Allen groans,

Leaning in closer, the hot aunt inhales the head of the young cock deep. A hot tongue licks up the precum. Allen could feel his rod has become harder than ever before experienced. The older relative’s mouth is exquisite.

“Oh Marie,” he groans, “That does feel so good”.

His hand is placed on the brunette head while it is bobbing up and down on the taboo rod. Allen’s body moves in perfect cadence with the wonderful mouth. A hot tongue runs up and down the length of the stiff shaft.

“I think you’re so wonderful, Marie,” he softly moans, “I do love you, my sweet aunt.”

“Ummmmmmmh,” Marie’s muffle moan responds.

The sounds of an aunt sucking her nephew’s juicy, wet cock filled the room. The large fingers push down on the dark mane. A hungry mouth thrust downward as an athletic pelvis pushes up.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Allen groans louder. “Omigod! I’m cummin’, babe! I’m cummin’ really, really hard!”

The taboo cock floods her mouth with the warm cum. A river of sperm rushes out forcefully. Marie keeps locks on the taboo dick continuing to suck greedily.

Allen could hear the gurgling sounds coming from his aunt. A hot mouth swallows the rushing cum as quickly as it leaves the pulsating cock. Not a drop escapes the skilled mouth.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” Allen gives one last squeal of delight.

His body flexes and taunts uncontrollably. A firm ass lifts off the sheets as an aunt’s mouth continues to inhale the forbidden juices. Finally he goes limp.

Marie sucks harder for every last drop of cum. Some of it escapes dripping unto a full tit.

Well, it answered that question where Mary got her cocksucking talents from. Marie just gave a blowjob second to none. It was another excellent dick loving. He had to wonder if this was a family trait. God! He hoped so!

Marie then got up. The sexy aunt then positions on all fours. She grins evilly at him.

“I enjoy a dick up the ass more than in my cunny,” she tells hotly pointing to a quivering anus. “Would you, dear nephew, make my asshole happy?”

To Allen, this was a first! He had never had a woman who wanted to be buttfucked before taking it in the pussy! He should have tried Mary at this. There was no doubt the hot cousin would have gladly done it!

He quickly mounts the firm ass. The size the forbidden hole said it been used often. A hard dick is slowly pushed in between the two firm asscheeks.

“Oh yeah Allen,” Marie hotly groans taking the entire dick, “Come on, push it in! You know you want to butt fuck your aunt.”

“Do you like that, baby?” Allen moans feeling the tight sphincter around the invading shaft. “You schemin’ bitch! You planned to get my cock up your ass.”

“Oh yes I did,” Marie admits then hisses, “Fuck me harder, Hon. I love your dick! Cum in me, Allen! Cum in your aunt’s asshole!”

Marie goes wild. Allen feels the tight anus get even tighter. In and out his dick repeatedly plummets. A wiggling ball sac slaps off the taint area. It echoes throughout the room.

Marie is swaying with her nephew’s plungings. Her body shakes with uncontrolled passion. A powerful climax was rising. Allen getting another relative to give up the incest satisfaction he sought.

He could finally no longer hold back his orgasm.

“Here I come, take it aunt,” Allen yells pumping faster. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he screams exploding inside his older relative’s ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Marie moans loudly as she bucks away.

The two continue to hump until the last waves of climaxes are completed. They collapse onto the sheets. They both lay on the bed exhausted.

After a few minutes Allen feels Marie lick his dick. The long rod automatically gets hard again. His aunt is ready for more.

“I want ya inside my pussy now, Allen,” she huskily whispers, “I want ya to fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before.”

He can’t believe his luck! His cousin and now his aunt are cauldrons of lust. They are women of erotic desires. He can only hope his sister and mother are of the same passions.

Allen moves up his aunt’s hot body. Two hands capture the firm ass cheeks. Placing a hard cock head to the taboo pussy lips, he begins to push.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Marie groans very loud, “That’s it baby! You fuck your aunt! Make me your slut!” she feels the forbidden cock touch the deepest part of hot vagina. “Do it! Goddamnit!” Marie demands hotly, “Fuck me hard!”

A rigid young cock pushes deeper as the mature cunt sucks it in. Marie begins shoving back on the hard prick. It had been impossible that the thought of this hot woman wouldn’t have brought a hard on before. She was a magnificent cunt!

Allen’s cock seems to be massaging every inch of the forbidden pussy walls. Dark eyes widens as he fucks harder. The feel of the young balls hitting a rounded ass with each thrust was so fantastic.

“Yes baby!” Marie pants, “Fuck it harder! Harder!’

“Oh yes!” the gasping Marie adds, “Fuck your auntie raw!”

Allen impulsively reaches down to the still wet anus. He begins rubbing the sensitive asshole. Marie flinches to the touch.

The feel of her nephew’s cock in her pussy and probing of her asshole brought a stronger set of thrill waves. The mature body responds by quavering involuntarily. A strong orgasm is ready to erupt again.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Allen!” she squeals, “Fuck! Oh fuck yes!”

The words coming from his aunt had Allen even hotter. He fucks harder and deeper. The feel of forbidden pussy convulsing on his cock was beyond description. The finger in the quivering asshole goes deeper.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh!” she squeals, “Goddamn! This is beautiful! I’m cummmin’!” she squeals louder, “I’m cummin’ soooooo hard!”

“Marie!” Allen shouts into the room, “I’m cummin’, too!” A rigid cock slams to the root and hold there as sperm rushes into the taboo hot cunt, “I’m cummmmmmmmmin’, you bitch!”

“Baby! Iiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeh!” the lustfilled aunt shirks with one last thrust on the rigid shaft.

The two lovers collapse on the bed. Both were panting and gasping for air. Their bodies a complete sheen of sweat and love juices.

Marie rolls over and lays a brunette head on his chest. Allen wraps an arm around the upper back. She was as good as her daughter.

“Two down,” he counts to himself, “an’ two to go.

Marty, his eighteen-year-old sister was probably the hottest of all of the female relatives. The girl was a bodybuilder. She was also a professional aerobics instructor. She had been into fitness ever since growing boobs. The young body hadn’t an ounce of fat.

His sibling was a stunner. Green eyes, a shoulder length red tress, and skin that had a natural tan that had a natural copper tone make her a standout. A set of 36C’s, flat abdomen and firm ass gave her an almost perfect body. She truly was the hottest woman he had ever been around.

Allen thought she might be the easies conquest when this venture started. But Mary and Marie seem to prove that theory wrong. There was hope he was right about the sexy sister.

When they were younger, Allen use to masturbate in front of her. She would watch and sometimes giggle. She liked to watch his ‘little volcano erupt’.

As they got older, he and Marty often talked about sexual and private things. She told him right after loosing her cherry when it happened. She also confessed the desire of wanting other women.

So it made sense that when he now wanted that gorgeous pussy, she might be willing to give it up. The chance came when their parents were going away for the weekend. His mother asks if Allen could stay over in his old room to keep a watchful eye on her.

He planned to go after her the first night they were alone. That didn’t quite happen that way. A few high school friends came by and kidnapped him away.

They had gone to a local bar where it became an evening of drinking, shooting pool and talking over the good times. Allen, not planning to, became slightly intoxicated. He didn’t get home until late.

Allen was horny walking toward his sister’s room. The desire for the hot teenage body was strong. He made it to the door. It was gently pushed open.

There she lay. Sweet young innocent Marty, dressed in a knee length nightshirt. The shoulder length red hair disheveled and messy spread out over the pillow. That sculptured, athletic body sprawled over the satin sheets. It was a magnificent sight.

Allen stated in but halted. He knew this wasn’t the time. A larger head needs to be thinking now.

He wanders back to his old room. Inside, all clothes were discarded across the floor. The drunken, intoxicated brother flops onto the bed.

He looks down to see a hard, rigid cock at attention. Damn! Allen wishes it could be service now! Since he hadn’t started with Marty yet, a wish for a sexy cousin or aunt occurs. Recent incest memories quickly dominate.

The stiff rod is clutched. Soon it is being stroked slowly. It was feeling good. Not as good as a warm pussy, but to satisfy a drunken lust it would work.

“I can never get enough of seein’ that volcano erupt,” a voice remarks.

Allen’s eyes jerk toward the voice. It was Marty. There she stood in the doorway. Her green eyes wide, watching him masturbate. How long she had been there could only be imagine.

An incredibly erect cock twitches in his hand. The horny brother smiles back at her. The fact Marty was watching was a monster turn on. His hand starts to stroke up and down harden shaft again.

Marty’s stare never leaves the hand on dick action. She steps forward into the room slowly. A set of green eyes follows the movement lustfully. A Machiavellian glimmer grows.

“I think that act is such’a beautiful one,” she coos walking across the room, “It’s been too long not watchin’ it bein’ performed.”

Allen was very excited that his hot little sister was mesmerized by the masturbation. It was obvious that his erotic younger sibling was has sexy as ever. He wanted that beautiful body now.

Still it would be a hopeless effort to try anything this night. Damn! Why did he drink so much earlier?

Marty’s eyes left the pulsating cock to stare directly into Allen’s. The young green eyes were filled with anticipation. She was sexually aroused.

A set of muscular legs opened wider. The jerking of the stiff cock increases. Fantasies of what that athletic, young body looked like under that nightshirt accompanied the masturbation. For the first time in his life, Allen openly desired it.

“Big brother,” Marty compliments, lowering onto the edge of the bed, “after the cocks I’ve had, this is still the most beautiful one of all.”

She reaches out and places her hand on his wrist. Allen’s hand is pulled away from the rigid shaft. It throbs enticingly.

“Let me help you with this for once,” the sexy redhead offers wrapping small slender fingers around the pulsating shaft.

“Jezzus!” Allen reacts as the touches send titillating thrills up his groin.

“I’ve always wanted to touch your tool, Allen,” Marty hotly admits beginning to caress the pulsating dick.

Allen grasps a handful of cover in each hand. A muscular back arches in pleasure. It felt like every muscle of his body tightens.

Marty was experienced at this. He would have been jacking as fast as possible by now. His younger sibling moves with a slow, deliberate rhythm. She was pleasure torturing him.

“I’m gonna cum soon, baby,” Allen whispers behind clinched teeth.

This was the third time one of his female relatives seem to be the sexual aggressor. It was no doubt that the forbidden drive that had been controlling him all these years was a family thing.

“Please do,” Marty breathlessly encourages, “Let me see that little volcano erupt.”

“I gonna explode hard, little sis,” Allen groans feeling an orgasm rising quickly.

The first wave of cum shoots wildly into the air. It splashes over Marty’s hand and wrist. It runs down her lower arm and dripping on his thigh. Allen shutters with the sensation.

As she continues to pump the forbidden shaft, the grip tightens to force every drip of fluid out. It seems every muscle in his loins tense to force all cum to the surface. Allen doesn’t remember experiencing a stronger ejaculation.

The fact that it was his sexy younger sister’s hand over the pulsating rod adds to the pleasure. This was a masturbating beyond the normal physical pleasure he was use to. Marty was an experienced masturbator.

“Oh my,” Marty sighs, “Even your cum is beautiful, big brother.”

The small hand releases the softening cock. Allen feels physically exhausted. It was unbelievable that just a jerk off session could have been so exciting.

Yet, Marty not only drained his balls, all of the strength from his body seem to be gone as well. Allen laid there a physical spent. His little sister was going to be one hot lover.

Marty crawls up his body. Their eyes locked. She smiles.

Without a word, brother and sister engage in a deep French kiss. They roll onto sides embracing tightly. Hands run over the firm back and skim a set of pantied asscheeks.

“I’ve wanted to do that for years,” Marty confesses in a whisper breaking the kiss.

“I’ve wanted you to do that for years,” Allen responds softly.

The sensation of the climax must have counteracted the effects of the alcohol. He suddenly feels clear-headed. Then the erotica of the moment had the adrenalin pumping in mass amounts!

Big fingers begin to work up nightshirt. He pulls at the material until a set of slender thighs is bare. Allen slides hands under, running fingertips up the warm flesh.

They go over the straps of the skimpy panties. The probing fingers goes onto the slender hips. They move to a flat stomach and then downward again.

“Allen,” Mary coos, “What are’ ya doing?”

“Returnin’ a favor,” Allen whispers.

His right hand strokes down over the thin panties. A middle finger presses into the widening opening between her lips. The material was warm and moist.

“Oooooooooo,” Marty moans softly as his fingers moves into an auburn tuff.

Allen’s fingers pet the gorged, swollen lips. They find a protruding clit. The opening was moist and soft.

“Yes,” Marty groans, “Touch my cunny, big brother.” She hotly declares, “All other cocks an’ cunts were practice to make me ready for you, baby.”

The sexy little sister just admitted wanting him! Just like her hot cousin, another female relative desired his body. Being over sexed was definitely a family trait!

The probing digits run up and down the pulsating slit. They tease from the top to the bottom. Investigating fingertips tickle every single spot lovingly. Not a hair is untouched or a muscle unstroked.

“You know where this is going, my sexy sis,” Allen hisses.

“Exactly where it should go,” Marty moans back.

The locked into a deep kiss again. His fingers press against the taboo cunt. Marty grows wetter and hotter.

Through the nightshirt Allen could feel the large nipples growing and hardening. The feel of her cunt gets wetter. Her breath was comes in short hard gasps, a set of fingernails dig into his back while being pulled closer.

“Omigod.” She groans, “You are returnin’ the favor.”

The big fingers dart up and down the forbidden crack. The wet opening is penetrated slightly. The inner soft lips stimulate just enough to draw out more juices.

A pair of fingers trace along wet lips. An engorged clit is circle. They move with precise speed.

“Oh god. Oh my god,” Marty moans. “You have very talented fingers. You’re makin’ me so hot,” she gasps.

Marty lays on the bed helplessly a slave to the pleasure making digits. Her body tightens with the feel of a rising climax. A slender back arches.

“I’m cummin’!” she squeals as eyes roll back. “I’m cummmmmmin’ hard!” she pants, “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmin’!” Marty screams.

The young body twist and taunts. A red mane flares wildly. Then she tenses and finally goes flaccid.

Allen looks into the huge green eyes. They are all blurry and unfocused. She smiles lovingly. It is time to see this beautiful body.

Allen grips the thin material of the panties. A tug snaps the skimpy garment off. The nightshirt is pulled over her head.

He puts both his arms around her waist. The forbidden naked hot body is pulled into him. They embrace tightly and kiss deeply.

“Marty,” Allen asks breaking the kiss, “how far do you want to take this?”

“How far?” she gasps. “All of the way Allen.”

The lovers engaged into another deep kiss. The taboo naked bodies rub and grind into each other. Hands explore wildly.

“I wanna be on top!” she pants placing knees on each side of muscular thighs.

A growing penis feels the pressure of the young hot body pressing down atop it. This was deepest act of incest for Allen. His sister is driving a wet pussy onto his rigid rod.

“Yes,” she whispers huskily, “You are my big brother!”

A set of rounded breasts presses onto a muscular chest. Allen feels her warm breath and smells the aroma of sweet perfume. It enhances erotica of the tight moistness of a forbidden cunt around his cock. Tremors of excitement run through his body.

Allen’s keen hands reaches up. They close in on her sides and move up a set of rounded hips and over a flat abdomen. One hand goes around to a curvaceous back. The other captures a large titty and teases a big nipple.

“Your nipples were so big an’ beautiful,” Allen sighs hotly.

“They’re for you, my brother,” Marty moans rocking on a very stiff rod, “Everything I have is for you.”

The loving siblings lock into a deep kiss. Her tongue is sucked into a lusting mouth. The embrace becomes more passionate.

A wet taboo pussy drips onto his groin. The hardness of his cock compels the desire to drive deeper. Their tongues wrestle and tango with a greater zeal than Allen has experienced in years. His sister has brought out a sexual craze he hadn’t experienced since being a young teenager.

Allen breaks off from Marty’s mouth. He is panting deeply. She is whimpering and gyrating hips madly. Both are in an ecstasy-blinded world where the taboo laws of society are moot.

“I love you, Allen,” Marty pants skyward as a mane of red hair flails, “I’ve loved you in so many way for so long!” A young, tight cunt slides up and down his pole faster, “I’ve fantasized usin’ other lovers that it was you fuckin’ me soooooo deeeeeep!”

Allen was in a lust of unequal passion. He needs to be in control. He places both hands under Marty’s bouncing ass. They flip over. A hard cock rams deep.

“Oooooooooooooo!” she squeals.

Allen’s pulsating cock pushes as deep as possible. His hips begin to pump faster. Marty’s legs open wider.

“Oh sweet jezzus!” she screams clutching onto him with arms and legs, “Omigod! Yes! Yesssssss!”

Curvy legs and slender arms wrap tighter. Allen feels fingernails dig deep into his back again. She is panting loudly.

“I’m gonna cum, big brother!” Marty wails, ‘I’m gonna cum hard!”

“So am I sis!” Allen responds just as loudly. “So am I!”

He rams with unabated lust. An extremely hard cock pounds the forbidden pussy almost savagely. A set of balls feels a churning of the sperm ready to explode into sibling’s cunt.

“Are’ya proud of me, dear brother?” Marty groans into Allen’s ear, “Are’ya proud of how good I can tak’a dick?”

“You are a magnificent piece o’ ass, sis,” he moans back in a pant.

The taboo lovers pick up the pace. A set of athletic legs open allowing him to drive deeper. A large ball sac slapped loudly against a taunt ass.

“Ram me deep, Allen!” She squeals, “Make me the whore you want!”

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, Marty!” he shouts wildly, “You’re a whore’s whore!”

“Yes! Now!” Marty yells aimlessly, “I’m ready to cum! Fuck me! Fuck your little sister!” she screams into the room.

“Yes I am ready too, Sis!” Allen quickens the strokes. “I’m ready to cum!”

“Do it!” Sara commands.

“Yessssssssss!” I’m cummmmmmmin’!” the sex hazed brother shouts.

“Yessssssss! I’m cummin’ tooo!” the lustfilled sister shouts back.

They both twist and hump as he exploded into the awaiting cunt. Her juices came flooding back. They were climaxing together. Brother and sister committing the ultimate act of taboo.

Her climax peaks at the same time as his. Both groans as love fluids flow together. Muscles tighten and flaccid as a single unified body. A final involuntarily spasm races thorough their bodies as a last orgasm apex. Both collapse exhausted. Bodies covered with a coating of sweat.

As they lay wrap around each other, Allen couldn’t believe how fantastic Marty was. This session justifies the desire to experience incest. His aunt and cousin were good but his sister was fantastic!

“Thank you Allen,” she says softly.

“No,” he replies, “thank you.”

Allen cradles Marty in his arms. They kiss her until she fell asleep. He admires his sister’s beauty.

Allen then heard their mom and dad entering the home. The trip must have been cancelled for some reason! Fortunately, both bedroom doors were closed. They wouldn’t look in. His parents would go directly to their room.

Allen kept quiet. He had one thought on his mind. “Three down; one to go.”

Allen’s sex life had radically changed. He was balling his aunt, cousin and sister on regular basis. Using the excuse of doing some joint antiquing, Marty would spend the weekend with him. There were times they never got out of bed.

Despite it all, he was now lusting for the final member of the immediate family that hadn’t shared a bed with him. His sweet, sexy mother, Martha Clarke was the center of his craving now. Often when fucking his aunt, cousin or even sister, his mother’s image was what he was plunging a hard tool into.

Allen feared he was becoming obsessed his mother. The desire to taste her breasts, eat the cunt he came from and even bang a taboo tight ass was a regular staple in his imitation regularity. He wanted her more than any women before.

The chance to complete his sexual vision quest came one late fall warm day. His father was out of town on business and wouldn’t be back until next week. Martha asked Allen over for dinner and perhaps going to the movie together.

His mother looked fantastic! She was wearing a vee-neck, light and loose sleeveless cotton dress befitting the weather. It swirled around her petite and perfect body nicely.

A shoulder length auburn tress highlighted an alabaster face and dark blues eyes. Her body was as fit as he could ever remember. Marty had convinced their mother to join her at aerobics.

His mother had a nice set of 36C’s with rounded hips and a gorgeous pair of legs. In fact, Martha had the best legs of all the women in the family. Allen envied his father’s nightly position.

“I’m glad you came over today, son,” Martha said, “I really needed to talk with you.”

“Talk to me?” Allen puzzles, “About what?”

“I think you should know your mother knows alot more about you than you think,” she opaquely responds.

“Like what?” Allen puzzles. What did she know about him?

Martha came over to him. She placed hands on each side of the easy chair and bent over close to him. They were almost nose to nose.

The top of the low cut dress fell open. A white lacy bra was exposed. Her aromatic skin smells great. She was as beautiful as ever.

“Mother, you’re being very, very mysterious.” Allen wonders, “What are you leadin’ up to?

Standing back up, Martha smiles broadly. She moves over to the couch. Still being mute, she sits down allowing the shirt to creep up a slender thigh.

“I’m tryin’ to say this in a way that doesn’t totality freak you out, baby,” she answers slowly.

“What would freak so me out,” Allen asks looking up the shirt seeing a part of matching panties to the bra, “that you are havin’ such difficult in sayin’?”

“How about knowin’ all about your sex life,” she answers flatly.

Sitting up sharply, he yips, “What do’ya mean!?”

“Let’s say I can’t blame you for ballin’ Marie an’ Mary,” she remarks with a smile.

“Oh sweet jezzus!” the panic induced Allen gasps, “I—,I—, I’m sorry you found out.” He hurriedly tries to apologize, “Mother, I’m sorry you—-,”

“Hush, baby,” Martha calmly says holding up a palm of a hand, “Please, baby, don’t apologized.”

“Mother,” the at lost son mystifies, “you’re not upset at what has happened?”

“Of course not,” she coolly eases, “your an adult. They’re adults. I have no problem with that.”

Allen was stunned at his mother’s admission. He was totality perplexed at such liberal thinking coming from his parent. She was a very broad thinking person.

“I’ve always been an advocate of that consenting adults do in the privacy of their lives is their business,” Martha reveals.

He wondered if this tenet would extend to him and her. Would she be so serene if knew about Marty. Would this belief hold up after knowing that?

“Come over here baby,” Martha invited patting the seat next to her.

Allen stands up and slowly moves over to the couch. He was still totally at lost about his parent’s thinking. Could he be lucky enough to such a freethinking mother? How far does that open mindness goes? Again does it include them as lovers?

“Mother,” Allen admitted sitting down, “I’m speechless. I would have never suspected you were so liberal about sex.”

“Why should you be?” she giggles, “Mothers an’ sons’ don’t normally talk sex.”

She runs a set of knuckles over a left cheek. A motherly smile is given. A set of dark blue eyes sparkles with pride.

“Does Marty’s pussy taste good?” she suddenly asks.

“Ohmygod!” Allen yaps jerking up, “You know of her as well!?”

He starts to pull away but Martha grabs hold of his hand to prevent that. Allen is visibly shaken. What else could she know?

“On, baby, no!” Martha calms putting arms around her big son, “I don’t want you to feel ashamed or embarrassed!”

She tightens the hug around him. Allen feels some light pecks on his neck. His mother’s body feels so nice.

“You’re not even upset with Marty an’ I?” he puzzles still holding her close, “You really don’t mind?”

“Are you both adults?” she leans back, “An’ was it consensual?”

“Well—,” he answers amiss, “—yes.”

“Then there’s nothing wrong with it,” she simply answers.

Feeling this desired body. Holding this hot woman in his arms. Allen then knew the next level had to be addressed.

“Mother,” he asks slowly, “where does this ‘consenting adult’ thing end?”

With a mischievous grin, she quips, “Why don’t you find out?”

“Do you have any idea how far I want to take that?” the heart thumping Allen asks.

“You wanna become a motherfucker,” Martha bluntly answers.

“Oh jezzus,” the at-lost Allen sighs.

He leans into Martha. Their lips meet. The kiss grows into a deep passionate one.

“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks now,” Allen says in a pant.

“Then why should you stop?” Martha hotly encourages, “Why not fulfill all your desires today?”

Allen kisses her again. A nervous hand is placed on her knee. It slithers up a slender leg. The dress hem is pushed up exposing a set of rounded thighs.

“I’m not gonna stop mother until I’ve been inside you,” the turned on Allen hotly declares unbuttoning the dress.

Once again her small lacy white bra is uncovered. His hand brushes over each cup. A stiff nipple is felt with each mound.

“You’ve always had such a fine set of tittles,” Allen says softy, “I don’t understand why you wear a bra. They don’t need to be covered.”

“At my age it’s not too wise to go without one,” Martha states, then quips, “They wouldn’t be so nice if they were saggin’ an’ droopy.”

“I can’t ever imagine you bein’ so careless,” Allen notes still rubbing the covered breasts, “You’re such’a beautiful rose, mom.”

“Why don’t we go to my room?” Martha suggests, “More of this flower’s petals can be peeled in there.”

She grabs his hand. Allen is jerked up. They rush to her room. A tremendous hard makes walking a task!

Inside her door they lock into another deep French kiss. His hands move back to the dress’s waist. He frantically unzips the dress. It falls easily away.

“Sit down an’ watch, baby,” Martha says in a calm voice.

A bra is unclasps exposing a set of rounded breasts. Martha inserts a thumb in each side of the lacy waistband. Teasingly and slowly they are pushed down.

The wide-eyed Allen stares lustfully at the breathtaking sight. A pussy with an auburn haired triangle glistens wonderfully. Pink, protruding lips trim nicely down a beautiful slit.

“I hope you like it!” Martha coyly says.

“It’s wonderful!” Allen hotly appreciates, “I don’t think there is a single woman in my family that doesn’t have a beautiful cunny.”

Allen grabs Martha by the hips. She is pulled closer. A long finger bushes the taboo pussy lovingly. Instantly the forbidden fluids leak.

“Jezzus!” Allen amazes, “I never saw a woman so juicy,” He adds lightly and now more relaxed, “I might drown if I jump in that hole.”

“You fool!” She playfully slaps his forearm.

She bends down. They exchanged light kisses lovingly. His finger removes from the wet pussy.

She is pulled onto the bed. Allen quickly turns Martha on her back. Blue eyes sparkle as she gives a loving grin.

“Kiss me more, son,” she hotly murmurs, “I want you to kiss my whole body, baby. “

Allen showers each rounded orb with little kisses. The pink nipples surrounded by large areolas stand erect.

“Omi,” Martha coos, “My little boy remembers suckling those things.”

Allen’s anxious tongue begins exploring the rest of his mother’s body. A hot tongue paints its way down a flat abdomen. It takes a few minutes to tease a sensitive bellybutton.

“Ooooooooh!” she shudders to the touch

After playing the extended belly button, he arrives at the auburn pubic hair. Allen parts the glistening cunt lips. An engorged clit wiggles enticingly. The odor of the taboo cunt is overwhelming.

Allen wants to attack the gorgeous pussy with all the passion he can give. But he wants his mother to know this is an act of love as well as lust. A very stiff cock presses against the crotch of his pants.

Martha takes hold of her son’s head. Both hands gently forces it toward her twat. A pair of slender legs opens wide.

“Eat me, son,” she pants in a whisper, “Please eat me out.”

Allen’s mouth locks over a pulsating pussy. A nervous tongue licks and laps excitedly. Martha opens legs wider. She presses her son’s head against the wet opening.

Allen feels a set of animated hips thrust against his mouth. Love fluids flow faster from the hot hole. The lusting son goes on sucking and licking the taboo liquids as they exit.

“Ooooooooooh!” Martha says in a quivering voice, “Oh my god, you are the excellent cunt eater I’ve been told you are!”

Allen is lost in the world of erotica. Now he has made love to all of his immediate female relatives. His desired mother completes the task making it such a pleasurable journey. He wraps arms around a lower back and sucks deeply and with unabated lust.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” Martha screams, “I’m gonna cum!” A short series of spasms forces her to release the hands on his head. “I’m cummmmmin’! I’m cummmmmmmmin’ so fuckin’ hard!” she wails blindly.

The climaxing mother twists and turns uncontrollably. Her body taunts and flexes wildly. A final last orgasm captures her body. She goes flaccid on the sheets.

Allen stands up and begins to undress. His clothes are being jerk off hurriedly. Finally a pair of briefs goes flying across the room.

“Oh my, you are a big boy,” Martha groans looking at an eight inch hard on. With two outstretched arms she huskily invites, “Bring that monster over here. I’ve gotta taste that beautiful tool.”

Allen lies down on the bed. A very rigid cock stands tall as he position on a broad back. It wiggles to lure

“I’m gonna make you feel really special tonight, son,” Martha promises in a hiss.

“You gonna be my special lover, mom?” the handsome son asks. “Are’ya always gonna want to make me feel special?”

A warm hand pets an erect cock. It is rub and massage gently. Allen’s hips move with the pleasuring making gyrations.

“Mom,” a curious son asks, “who told ya about the others?”

“Well, discuss that later, baby,” Martha says increasing the grip on the stiff shaft.

The young penis was given a couple of loving strokes.

“Omi,” Allen moans, “That really feels good, Mom.”

“This’ll feel better, baby,” Martha promises leaning into her son’s crotch.

A hand reached down and caresses the head of the pulsating cock. It was wet with precum. Allen wanted to ask more about how she knew but an unnatural desire was filling the lusting son’s soul.

Martha cups a full ball sac lovingly in an experienced hand. Feather-like fingers massage them gently. Pleasuring making touches had a set of fit hips gyrating on the sheets.

Leaning in closer, Martha inhales the head of the young cock deep. A hot tongue licks up the precum. Allen could feel his dick become harder than ever before experienced inside his parent’s mouth.

“Oh mother,” he groans, “That does make me feel so special”.

Allen places a hand on her head encouraging it to bob up and down faster. His body moves in perfect cadence with the wonderful mouth. A hot tongue runs up and down the length of the young stiff shaft.

“Damn, you’re one fine cocksucker, Mother,” he softly moans, “I love you so much.”

“Ummmmmmmh,” Martha’s muffled moan responds.

The sounds of a mother sucking her son’s juicy, wet cock filled the room. The boy’s fingers push down on the auburn mane. A hungry mouth thrust downward as an athletic pelvis pushes up.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Allen groans louder. “Omigod! I’m cummin’ mom! I’m cummin’ really, really hard!”

The taboo cock floods her mouth with the warm cum. A river of sperm rushes out forcefully. Martha keeps locked on the hard dick continuing to suck greedily.

Allen could hear gurgling sounds coming from his mother. A hot mouth swallows the rushing cum as quickly as it left the pulsating cock. Not a drop escaped the skilled mouth.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” Allen gives one last squeal of delight.

His body flexes and taunts uncontrollably. A firm ass lifts off the sheets as a mother’s mouth continues to inhale the forbidden juices. Finally he goes limp.

Martha then crawls up and lays a mother’s head on a broad chest. Allen slowly threads the long hair. His heart was racing like a stock car’s engine.

“That needs to be it up my achin’ pussy,” she remarks watching the forbidden cock rise again.

Allen gently places Martha on her back. A set of muscular arms wrap around her neck. She stares back at him. It wasn’t a sweet motherly stare. It was a look of a sensuous lusting woman. It made her one hot bitch.

The tip of a hard rod rubs against a set of wet cunt lips. It feels wonderful. This was an enjoyable moment having his knob nestle in the forbidden, wet cunny.

“I will give you the best piece o’ ass you have ever had,” Martha hisses in a lustfilled tone, “I’ll be the best cunt of any woman in this family or any you have ever had!”

“Bring in on, baby,” Allen hisses back, “Make me one proud motherfucker.”

Martha spread legs wider. She pushes against the hard taboo cock. A set of firm hips gyrate to encourage penetration.

“Come on, son,” she hotly says, “Put that nice rod up your momma’s cunny.”

Allen inserts half of hard shaft in the wet cunt. It feels better than any he had ever been it. Could his mother be the fuck he had always been searching for?

“Oh yes, baby,” he gasps loudly, wrapping arms around his waist, “Show me what the women of this family has been tellin’ me,” the turned on mother challenges pulling his body against hers, “Show me you’re a hot stud.”

Allen can’t believe that his mother is such a sexy bitch! He was so excited that it was difficult to stay in control. A very hard cock then fully inserts into the mature, wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Martha groans loudly, “Yes, my baby, fuck me deep! Make your mother cum lik’a leaky faucet!”

“Oooooooommmmmmigod!” Allen groans back, “You’re cunt is so hot an’ tight!”

She was open and ready. Instinctively, the hard rod found taboo wet love hole. He slips into the oozing tunnel of pure delight. The first stroke fills her long and deep.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Martha moans into his ear, “That’s it, my son!” She hotly urges hoarsely, “Fuck me deep. Fuck me hard.”

Allen’s arms go under the sexy upraised legs. Martha pushes up on his chest to tell Allen what she wants. He props her up, preparing the forbidden cunt for the pounding fuck coming. She wiggles a hard ass to say that the wish was do it now.

“How’s this?” Allen gasps picking of the pace of the plungings.

“Yes!” she hisses. “Fuck me, Baby! I’ve been wantin’ this for so long such a lovin’ screw. “Ooooh,” Martha moans. Her cunt walls tighten around invading shaft. “Fuck me!”

Allen feels his mother’s sucking pussy on the stroking, very hard cock. It was sending chills throughout his soul. She was giving him the best that sex could possibly get.

Allen was in heaven. Her pretty face responds to everything he was doing. His long, slow strokes built up the taboo passions. Every few strokes he would ram his mother hard and fast unexpectedly. She would shudder uncontrollably. The virginal muscles would ripple along the full length of the buried rod.

“Now, my hot parent,” Allen declares lustfully, “it’s time for you to feel a real lovin’ fuck!”

He amplifies the deep plungings. First he starts hitting deep one in five strokes. Then one in four and finally every one went deep. A large ball sac slaps off the wonderful ass cheeks.

“I’m cumin’, baby!” Martha screams aloud. “God, I’m cumin’ hard!”

He had been controlling the fuck, but the rising climax changes that. Suddenly Martha was fucking back! She squirms around, ending with hard gripping hands on his arms. Her feet were flat beside his hips. As she fucks up to him, his mother’s twat the lubricant the plummeting dick with the slickest juices ever.

A wicked smile appears on her mature face. It told Allen what just happened was on purpose. Somehow his oversexed mother managed to promote such excretions. It was like a velvet coating of love.

“Mmmmm,” moans Martha. “You like that, baby? My big son likes his mother’s nice, tight pussy?”

Allen had stopped moving. He presses up as if at the top of a push up. He wishes to regain control of this fuck session. It didn’t work.

Under him, Martha was anything but still. A hot cunt squirms and shivers. She works every muscle in a luscious, mature body toward his enjoyment. His mother fucks up to him, trying to screw her entire self up over the aching hard on.

“Come,” Martha purrs. “Shoot off inside me, Baby.” She says, “Don’t pull out. Go as deep as you like!”

Allen did just that. He shoves harder. He wants his balls in side that incredible pussy.

“Oooooh, God!” Martha groans still arching a set of firm hip back at her son, “Let me feel it! Let me feel all that hot cum, baby.”

His mother’s juices were bubbling out around the hard prick. He had just cum in her fantastic mouth a few minutes before, but her wicked words were making his cock jerk again.

Allen starts to stroke in and out of the silky fuck hole in time with the upward thrusts. Their bodies fell into an unison of lustful motion. They were one fucking machine.

Even with this being such a perfect fuck Allen felt Martha wanted something more. She pulled him forward just enough to put the sawing ridge of his prick over the swollen clitty. Her legs wrap high around his back. In less than a minute, she would be cumming. He would be behind her by about two strokes.

“I want more than a fuck,” the panting mother states, “I want to take me to the fantasy I’ve always wanted!

“What exactly is that fantasy, Mom?” Allen hissed catching one an erect nipple in his mouth.

Feeling her long fingers running gently thorough his hair, she whispers, “I’ve always wanted to mate with you.” She quickly adds, “To get me pregnant!”

“Say what!?” the surprised son yelps.

Allen halts the pumpings. His head jerked away from the rounded tit. He stares big eyed at his mother.

“I’m not takin’ the pill,” Martha calmly reveals, “We are now not just son an’ mother. We’re lovers!”

She grasps his head with two trembling hand, “We’re now fuckin’ partners and so it is a stretch to think matin’ was all that far off?” The look in her eyes said this woman meant it! “I want my son to impregnate me with his sperm!”

Martha was a female in heat. She wanted to be mated. Allen’s mother was more erotic than ever believed! She wanted him to knock her up! Mating with Allen was the fantasy his mother claimed to lust for!

Most men would have been alarmed, even frightened away. He wasn’t. In fact a young cock became harder! He wanted to do this! It would be the ultimate act of love between them.

“I’ll take you to that fantasy you want, mother,” Allen agrees hotly, “I’ll leave ya pregnant.”

Her legs move up her son’s arms and rests at on the biceps. A sweet smelling cunt was being presented for deeper penetration. Martha was wet and ready.

His shaft did go deeper. It was as if she enlarges a tight virginal cave just for this act. It was incredibly warm and tight. The muscles of the opening clamped around the invading cock.

“Ohhhhh!” Martha moans, “My son, my mate, leave me with your sperm.” She lovingly begs, “Make me the mother of your child.”

To Allen it was exotic. It was erotic. It was the hottest sexual act he had ever been engaged in. The sex-hazed son was turned on more than he had ever been! It would have taken an army to pull him off his mother’s body.

Allen continues to stroke deep. He had to feel the entire cavity. The sex driven son wants to ensure this cunt would soon be carrying his child.

“Oh God this is right!” Martha wails as the curvy legs cross around his back.

She was a vise grip of lust. Her ass comes off the floor with each retraction and slams back down with each insertion. Allen plummets a cock hard into the taboo wet pussy.

“Yes, baby!” She promotes, “Yes, my darlin’ son! Drive into me, my handsome boy!”

Martha pulls his face to hers. They kiss hotly and passionately. They were two people in the grips of a mating fever! They were not just fucking! They were trying to create a life!

“Mom,” he promises in a lustful vow, “I’ll leave ya knocked up!”

Allen rams harder into Martha’s cunt. She continues to hold tight and ride her son like a bucking horse.

“I’m gonna explode!” he shouts.

“Oh sweet Mary!” Martha pants, “It feels so special,” She whispers in a sexual bliss, “It feels so warm an’ lovin’!”

“So am I, Honey!” Allen wails.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Allen blindly shrieks.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh! My god!” Martha squeals, “It’s feels so wonderfullllllll!”

A stream of rushing sperm enters Martha’s twat. The fiery, pink slash between the curvy legs sucks the juice out of his body. Allen climaxes so hard that little lights burned into the back of his closed eyelids just as he collapses over her panting body.

It was a so strong that was he had to struggle to stop from blacking out. Breathless he relaxes a sweaty body over Martha while she caresses a muscular back. Allen keeps his face buried in her hair, savoring its sweet perfume.

Martha rolls over on her side. Allen cuddles her into his arms from behind. He is amazed at the two of them had just completed. It was the optimum of forbidden acts. Yet, it was the maximum of erotica he was searching for.

Allen places a hand on a rounded hip. He starts caressing the tender skin. His cock was rising again. A hard rod presses against a puckering anus.

There is one final act the two of them has to do to complete this incest journey. Allen inserts a muscular leg between a set of curvy, slender ones. The turned on son grins evilly.

A quick thrust follows. An erect cockhead slips past a tight sphincter. Without a word a firm ass hunches back.

“I knew we would go here,” she pants, wiggling a pair of asscheeks against the hard cock, “I just love it when a man takes the initiative.”

Working slowly to make the fuck comfortable, he moves in a circular motion. A forbidden ass widening more as a sphincter relaxes. A rigid cock slides easily inside.

“How’s it feel, Mom?” Allen asks, concerned not to cause pain.

“It’s good, baby!” Martha pants, “Don’t worry. Shoved it all the way in me then keep it in.”

A leg goes over his. A pair of rounded asscheeks spread. His cock sinks easier into the tight anus.

“Keep movin’ slowly, son,” the turned on mother instructs in a hushed voice, “I wanna get used to your dick.”

Allen pauses, his rod is embedded in her bowels. He suspected that his mother had done this before and more often that most women. It felt so receptive to his pulsating cock.

Strangely it felt identical to Marie’s anus. It was just as tight and experienced. A thought that this was a sisterly trait entered a young mind.

Allen then shoves a full length to the root. Suddenly, he felt a detectable looseness around his shaft. It seemed that the suspicion of this being a regular act for the sexy parent was right! She liked butt fucking!

“Oh yes, baby,” Martha coos, “I love a good dick up my ass.” She pushes back saying, “I love to feel hot cum in all my holes.”

“Then I shall fill all your hole, Mother,” Allen hotly promises as his hips move quicker.

“Oooooooo,” Martha moans feeling her son’s cock go deeper.

Lust surged up his body. All want this to be hard and hot. He immediately rammed deep into the taboo anus.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Martha screams with anal pleasure, “Butt fuck me baby!”

A mature ass goes wild. Allen feels like he was riding a wild horse. In and out his dick repeatedly plummets. His ball sac slaps off her cunt. It echoes throughout the room.

Martha is rock with her son’s plungings. Her body vibrated with lust. Another climax was rising. Again, Allen was giving satisfaction like no woman had before.

Allen could finally no longer hold back his orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he screams exploding inside Martha’s ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Martha moans loudly as she bucks away.

The two continued until the last waves of climaxes are completed. They relax together. A spend cock leaves a pulsating anus. Both bodies covered with a sheen of sweat.

Martha turns over to face him. He sees a totality satisfied look on his parent’s face. He knows the sexual quest has been completed.

“Did you enjoy it, Mother?” Allen asks.

“Yes,” Martha answers, “You are very good, baby.”

They lock into a deep French kiss. Allen caresses the forbidden body tightly to him. She had just given him the most erotic and loving session ever wanted. She and the other women of the family had made him a very fulfilled man.

“You have passed the test, baby,” Martha states breaking the kiss.

“The test?” Allen puzzles, “What test.”

“The one we had to do to ensure how far you would go to show us love,” the sexy mother answers.

“Us?” the mystified son wonders, “Who?”

You sister, aunt an’ I,” Martha reveals with a loving smile.

“You mean you women set me up!?” Allen yaps sitting up.

“Oh no, baby,” the chucking mother corrects, “You set yourself up!” She adds still laughing, “You just made it easier to get our scenario going.”

“I don’t understand,” the at-lost Allen puzzles.

“Baby,” Martha says sitting up, “once Mary told us about you guy’s trip to San Francisco we knew it was time to introduce you to a family tradition.”

“Explain,” Allen asks, “please.”

“You come from a family with very liberal women in it.” She gives the confused son a quick kiss on the lips then reveals, “Your Aunt Marie an’ I come from a family that believes that the family that loves together; stays together.”

“Really?” Allen is enticed about his mother’s revelation, “Please tell me more.”

“In my family it is a belief that there’s nothing wrong with family members lovin’ each other as long as it is adults only,” Martha leans back against the headboard continuing, “We both have slept with your grandfather an’ uncles as well as each other for years now.”

“Does Dad know?” Allen questions.

“Well,” she quips with a broad grin, “Let’s say you’ve been gettin’ your father’s sloppy seconds since you laid Mary.”

“I’ll be fucked raw,” the surprised son mutters.

“You probably will, baby,” she responds mirthfully

“An’ the test was to see if I could lay all four of ya?” Allen assumes.

“No,” Martha corrects, “The test was the ‘get me pregnant’ scenario.

“I’ll be damn,” Allen amazed at the deviousness, “You’re on the pill.”

“Of course I am,” she confirms, “I’m too old to have another kid.” She quickly discloses, “You sister ran that with your father an’ Mary did it with one of your uncles.” The scheming parent completes, “It is our way, the women of the family, to find out how much you men will love us.” She admits, “It is rather drastic and really emotional but it reveals the depth of the love you have and what we want.”

“You know I met it when I did it,” Allen states.

“Yes,” Martha says sliding next to him, “I do know it. An’ I’m so proud of you for it.”

They kiss deeply. As they did, the two lovers slip back down onto the sheets. Allen rolls over on top.

“So now what?” he asks breaking the kiss.

“Well, your father won’t be home for a few more days,” Martha coyly answers, “But your sister an’ aunt will be here tonight.”

“Oh sweet jezzus,” Allen awes, “My first family orgy.”

“You’re first family orgy,” Martha confirms. Pulling him closer, the sexy mother huskily says, “Until then, let’s have some more fun.”

As they lock into another deep kiss, Allen realizes that he had found the sexual satisfaction always craved. It was always here for the taking. All he had to do was go after the women of the family.

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