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My New Canadian Friends

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I unpacked my clothes and supplies in the beachside condo and walked a block to the store. It was late afternoon and I was in a beer mood.

I stood in front of the cold case going back and forth, trying to decide what to get. A man and woman were standing next to me talking and laughing about the selections.

With all the lite beer on display, they joked about there not being any real beer for sale.

I chimed in, “Yeah, I like a beer with a little heft myself. You might want to try some of the microbrewery ones.”

They smiled warmly and asked me if I was from around here, explaining that they were from Canada and didn’t recognize most of the selection. We chatted some, I told them what I could about the different beers and they made their choice.

We hit the parking lot at the same time and with a “long time, no see” banter stopped to chat some more. Their kids were older teens and had activities and jobs of their own now, so this was their first vacation in years as a couple. The two, Liz and Doug, were practically giddy with the thought of unencumbered time for fun.

I told them I was a tad jealous, that I had their freedom only for tonight since my entourage would arrive sometime tomorrow. I drove in today because I had to pick up some out of state relatives at the airport early in the morning.

We chatted and joked around, enjoying the moment and camaraderie. After a few minutes they gave each other a quick look and a nod, first Liz, then Doug. Doug said it would be a shame for me to be all alone tonight, and invited me to eat dinner with them at their place on the north end of the beach. I accepted and told them I had gotten sweaty unpacking and needed to shower and change first, so we went to my place.

As I showered, I thought about Liz and Doug. They were about my age. He was about my height and build; she was about six inches shorter. They were slim, appeared to be in good shape. Both of them were attractive, very attractive I thought. Our conversation had been natural and easy, like talking with old and dear friends. And, it seemed to me, flirtatious.

I followed them to their condo; high up, overlooking the beach, it was a breathtaking view. We drank, we ate, we talked, we laughed. And we flirted, no doubt about that. We were all a bit buzzed when the song came on the radio.

“Ooh, ooh, I love this song. C’mon Doug, dance with me,” Liz blurted as she stood up, held out her arm and flapped her hand at him.

“Jeez, Liz, you know I hate dancing,” he groaned.

“I’ll dance with you,” I offered, “if it’s okay with you, Doug.”

“Hey, be my guest. Thanks for bailing me out,” Doug laughed.

I stood up and took Liz’s hand, my arm snaked around her waist. She closed the distance and laid her head on my shoulder. The song was a slow ballad and we began moving to the rhythm. She pressed closer against me than she should have.

As we danced, she managed to wriggle against me and it wasn’t long before I became aroused. She pressed even closer to me. I joked that if the song went on much longer I’d have to take a cold shower.

“Or maybe there’s something else you’d like to take?” she teased.

“You mean like dessert?” I teased back and pulled her in a little tighter. She responded with a chuckle.

“Um, okay, I’m a little nervous about this. Uh, okay, here I go. Doug and I have had a fantasy for a long time now. We, um, want to experience a threesome. I don’t want to scare you away, but Doug and I talked about it on the ride here. That if everything felt right that we’d, um, invite you to join us.” Liz put her hand on my cheek, looked into my eyes and said in a soft voice, “We’re really, really comfortable with you and I know you’ll be perfect for us.” She kissed me, exchanged a glance with Doug, said, “Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” and skipped away to the bedroom.

I was sitting on the couch with Doug, chatting and drinking beer, waiting for Liz to come out of the bedroom. Doug said, “We’ve talked about a threesome, and variations thereof, forever, but never did anything about it until now. We’re ready. We’ve really enjoyed your company tonight and I know we’ll all have a great time. We’re lucky to have met you.” I told Doug I felt the same way about them, wondering about the ‘variations’ he mentioned.

Liz emerged wearing a skimpy bra, matching boy shorts, fishnets and incredibly high heels. She beckoned. I stood and approached her. She gave me an arms up pirouette. “You like?”

“Oh man, I love.” She kissed me. I kissed her back and after a lingering moment she pushed me away, her eyes gleaming, laughing sweetly as she sashayed back into the bedroom.

Back on the couch, Doug and I sipped our beer, chatted, and eagerly waited for Liz’s next appearance.

Liz returned. She was stunning. She wore an under bust corset, panties, sheer black stockings, those amazing high heels. And a strap-on. She vamped a pose and curled a forefinger at me.

I smiled and rose. “Oh baby, what do we have here?” I said, taking hold of her toy. Liz grasped the back of my neck and reeled me in for a kiss. When we broke she said, “Surpri-ise. All I can say is I love it. And Doug, well, he really loves it. And, um, maybe you’d love it a little too?” Doug blushed, but said nothing.

“You have no idea, but first…” I said as I kissed her and ground the base of the strap-on low against her mound. She moaned.

“Take your clothes off, Doug,” I softly suggested.

“You’re so beautiful Liz.” I kissed her again, my hand lightly grazing her breast while Doug disrobed.

I stroked her nipple, said, “Come join us Doug. Let’s just let this happen. What we all want, okay?”

Doug came over, kissed Liz tenderly, caressed her. I took him in my hand told him he had a nice one and massaged him until he was fully erect. Liz smiled lovingly when he closed his eyes and moaned. Softly, “Take off my clothes, Doug, while I kiss your wife.” Liz nodded slowly at him.

Doug kneeled on the floor while he finished undressing me. With my hand on his shoulder, I gently held him there. His breath was shallow and he was hard, leaking a little. Liz was stroking me. I kissed her and asked her about their fantasy.

In a voice smoky with desire, Liz said, “I want to see him with you. It’s one of our biggest fantasies, Doug being with another man. That’s so hot. Oh god, we talk about it all the time in bed. So if it’s okay, baby, I want to see him with you.”

I kissed her, said, “Yeah, I’d like that. Go ahead Doug, give Liz what we all want. It’s okay, I want it too, let it happen.”

Doug looked up at his wife, his eyes anxious, begging. “Go ahead, baby, do it, we want this, it’s okay baby, do it, don’t be scared, take it,” she said breathlessly. My arm around Liz, hers tight around me, her hand on the back of his head with gentle pressure.

Doug reached up, took hold of me, and closed his lips around me. Liz moaned at the sight. “Oh my god, baby, you’re sucking him. He’s in your mouth. That’s so hot. Suck him, baby, make him come.” She kissed me hard as she held the back of his bobbing head, while his silky hot mouth enveloped me. He moved down and up, using his mouth and hand, his eager tongue. Liz kissed me, broke away and dropped to her knees.

“Oh god, baby, that’s so hot,” she reached under Doug’s chin and cupped my sack for a moment, then slid her hand up to my base. Still holding Doug’s head, feeling him plunge down on me, said “Deeper, baby.” Liz wet a finger in her mouth, reached behind me and toyed with my opening. I shivered at her touch.

Doug worked on me, his mouth soft and hard around me. Finally, “Oh god Doug, I’m gonna come,” I moaned with ragged breath, looked down at them.

Liz’s eyes widened. “Oh my god, baby, he’s gonna come in your mouth.” I peaked and groaned and came in Doug’s mouth, his eyes closed. “Hold it, baby, hold it, don’t swallow.” Liz pulled Doug off me, kissed him, her tongue reaching out before her lips found his. They shared my cum while she slowly jacked him. When they closed, Liz looked into my eyes, took me in her mouth for several seconds, pulled away, said, “Oh, baby, that was amazing, you taste so good. God Doug, it was so hot seeing him in your mouth.”

We moved to the bedroom, onto the king sized bed, Liz taking the lead. She motioned me to sit, my back against the headboard. She kissed Doug tenderly, love in her eyes, said, “Suck him, baby, I want to see you suck him again. Make him hard with your mouth, baby.” Doug looked at me, smiled and went down on me. His tongue swirled around my head and I moaned. Liz moved behind Doug, up on his knees, his mouth busy, and prepared him. She moved into place and slowly pressed into him. Doug swayed forward slightly, then back, moaned around my hardness. Liz started gently, slowly, letting Doug get used to her thickness. Doug rocked back, signaling his desire. Her hips accelerated, drummed into him. Doug was moaning and grunting and pleading around me. I leaned against the headboard, one hand teasingly milked him, my other hand on the back of his head as he sucked me deep inside his hungry mouth. Liz grinned wildly as she took him from behind.

In time, Liz slowed down, pulled out tenderly. She maneuvered Doug onto his back, his head hanging off the bed. His legs came up and she entered him gently. Liz nodded me to stand, Doug’s head dropped down, I eased into his searching mouth and closed my eyes as the moist heat welcomed me. Liz picked up her rhythm, drove into him hard.

I sawed into Doug’s mouth, careful not to go too far. Doug reached behind me and pulled me to him. I pressed slowly deeper, his hands urging me until I was in his throat. “Do it, I do him, all the way, he can take it,” Liz said breathlessly, moving his legs to her shoulders, driving into him with long, deep strokes. I backed out, in again. Doug’s hands releasing and tugging hard, giving me permission. I matched Liz’s pace, thrust deeply. I leaned in and kissed her, heard a sighing moan. Liz strained, several lightening fast thrusts and she groaned sharply, dropped Doug’s legs and slumped to his chest. Doug released me and I slipped away. Breathing hard, we rearranged ourselves on the bed and caught our breath.

Finally, softly, “Time for the real thing, baby. I want to see him do you, baby, like we talked about.” Liz kissed Doug, moved to kiss me, worked her way down, nibbled then bit my nipples, moved down and licked me. Long, slow, tantalizing licks along my length. I caressed her silky hair. She moved lower, mouthed me as she stroked me. She moistened a finger then closed her mouth around my head, her tongue flickering. A finger pressed against my opening, worked inside me. I was delirious. As Liz sucked me she gently kneaded my prostate and I swooned with joy. I was so hard. With a lingering lick and kiss, Liz pulled slowly off me, said in a thick voice, “He’s all yours, baby,” and moved away.

I kneeled between Doug’s legs, stroked his cock, toyed with his nipples. “You want this?” I asked. Doug nodded eyes anxious with desire. “Tell me. Tell Liz and me what you want.”

Doug looked over at Liz, up at me, said softly, “I want you in me. I want you to take me.” I moved in closer, his breath quickened. I spread his legs father apart, held his ankles and lifted his legs up. Liz took his hand in hers, her eyes blazed. I held my breath, my essence narrowed. For the first time in my life, I pressed into a man’s hard ring of soft flesh, and from a great distance thought I heard a gasp. I kneeled over him, slowly going deeper until I was flush against him. I held still and remembered to breath.

“Oh my god, he’s in you, baby. How does it feel? Does it feel good, baby? Do you like it?” I started to move slowly, his pulsing flesh tight around me. I moved a little faster and he moaned.

“It’s good, baby. So different. I never thought…ohhh.” Doug spread wider for me. I put my hands behind his knees and jackknifed him, pressed his legs almost flat. I drove into him faster now, a steady pounding rhythm. Small grunts from Doug, from me, as I slapped into him.

I slowed down, let go of his knees, leaned down and before I could think about it, pressed my lips to his. I reached out with my tongue to kiss a man for the first time. Doug’s lips parted and as I moved faster against him we kissed. Lying next to us, one hand squeezing a breast and nipple, other hand busy below, Liz exhaled, “Oh my god, your kissing him, oh jesus, oh my god. Do him, do him harder.” I pinned his hands above his head, our tongues thrashed, his legs high and wide as I slammed into him with all that I had. I cried out when I came deep inside of Doug.

We took a break, freshened up, then sipped some beer as we all lay on the bed. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. It’s so hot, it’s amazing. God, I love it. I’m so happy,” Liz said, her voice ragged. Doug rolled to her and kissed her, their hands fluttered over one another, found a home. She pulled him onto her, into her. They rocked gently, reassuring themselves of their love and trust. I left them alone until they started moving a little faster, breathing a little harder, then moved to join them.

Liz kissed Doug desperately, hands cradling his head, as I knelt behind him and eased into him again. He started rocking his hips as he adjusted and I moved faster against him. “Oh my god, baby, is he in you? Is he? Do you like it? Do him. Do him hard. Oh my god. I love it, so hot. Oh my god, baby, do me harder,” she rasped as I took her husband from behind. I took Doug hard, driving him into Liz while they kissed and urged me on. I heard them grunt and groan sharply moments before I came.

Later, after Doug and I had lovingly, thoroughly, exuberantly teamed up on Liz, we rested together on the bed, snuggling, legs intertwined, Liz in the middle. We looked at each other, it was quiet for a moment then we burst out laughing.

“Wow. I am sooo glad I met you two. I feel like I won the lottery tonight. You guys are awesome. Oh man. I wish I could spend the entire week with you,” I confessed.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Doug said as he rubbed his leg along mine.

“We feel we’re the lucky ones, baby, you’ve really been a treasure. I can’t say how thankful I am, you’re perfect for us. Can we keep you?” Liz laughed as she gave me a playful squeeze.

“Wellll, the plane doesn’t come in ’till 8:00 tomorrow morning. Liz, put that thing back on,” I implored as I rolled over her and, for the first time, took a man into my mouth.

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