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MMF Hen Night Party

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James and myself were regular performers at the local gay theatre, where we put on sex shows for the members of the public, as well as encouraging audience participation, be it from male or female participants. Following one of our shows, we were approached by Natalie, an organiser of a hen night party, to perform our sex acts in front of a group of girls.

We were both astounded by the job as we had never performed out of the theatre before, and were not sure that a hen night would receive a gay act as well as in the theatre. When Natalie had told us that she and her friends from her office were regular attendees at the theatre, and that they would all be attending the hen party, we decided to give it a try.

On the night in question, we arrived at Natalie’s house an hour before the party was due to begin, so we could both get ready. Natalie led us to the spare bedroom so we could get changed and stay out the way of Jane, the Bride to be; she had no idea that we were to be her special performers tonight.

Once Natalie had left us, we both stripped from our clothes. James turned at me and laughed,

“You’re not wearing those pants again are you?”

I smiled too. I had on my favourite pair of latex pants, with a sheath for my cock, and a latex dildo that went up my ass. I always wore it before a show, firstly, so I could stretch my ass muscles, so when the shagging started I was already relaxed, and secondly, perhaps more importantly, I just enjoyed having my ass filled.

“Just getting ready for your huge cock.” I replied.

Having completely stripped, James moved towards me, “Then let me help you remove them” he said.

He put both his thumbs inside my pants and pulled them down gently. My cock was the first to be freed as it slid out of the sheath, then James pushed me forward so I was bent over. He then teasingly pushed the dildo further up my ass slowly, before, even slower, pulling it out. I could feel my ass slowly contract as he pulled on it, before he pushed it back in fast. I grunted with delight as he then fucked me with my own pants; trapped where I was, unable to move because the rest of my latex pants were now around my thighs.

“Ok, that’s enough,” he said. “We need to get ready, plenty of fucking later on.” He pulled the dildo out of my ass, and suddenly I felt empty. Having removed my pants completely, he covered me in baby oil, making my completely shaved body glistening under the light. As he applied baby oil to my ass, he inserted a finger briefly, before rubbing some onto my dick, in long slow movements. I let him do so; it was always a ritual before a show where we would both tease each other before going on stage. My balls were now aching, ready to unload, after being briefly fucked and slowly tossed. James could feel my cock hardening to unload, so he squeezed me tightly with one hand, preventing any ejaculation. I relaxed, and then turned to rub oil onto his hunky frame. I started with his shoulders and then moved to do his chest. Standing behind him, I pressed my chest against his back, so some of the oil on me would rub off onto his back. I circled my fingers around his nipples as I playfully kissed him on the back of his neck, and slowly rubbing my cock in the crack of his ass. He groaned, pushing his bum cheeks back to grind against me and because of the oil, my cock slipped between his cheeks and I felt the tip hit the underside of his balls, resulting in a soft moan from James. I kissed him again, this time on the side of the neck. He went to turn his head to kiss me, and our tongues touched briefly when the door opened.

“Oh sorry,” Natalie stood there holding two mugs of coffee. ” I just…er…thought you may have wanted a drink before you start.”

“That would be lovely, thank you.” James said. We both untangled and moved towards Natalie to get our coffee. She looked at the both of us naked, her eyes wide, and being as observant as I was, I could see her nipples were erect through her soft cotton t shirt. We both took a mug from her, her eyes glancing alternatively from my 7-inch cock and James 9 incher.

Gulping, she asked “May I?”

“Of course” I said, knowing what she was asking. She grabbed out both hands and took our cocks, her hands warm from holding our coffee. She closed her eyes as she slowly tugged on our dicks. With a mug in one hand, I reached with the other to her left nipple, and teasingly pinched at it. James did the same with her right, and we could both hear Natalie’s gentle moaning in her throat.

“I love cocks,” she whispered, “will you fuck us tonight during your show?”

“Only if you’re a naughty girl,” I said, and I moved my hand from her nipple to between her legs. Underneath her skirt, I discovered she was not wearing any underwear, so I moved my finger, locating her clitoris, before probing inside her fanny to moisten my finger. Eyes still closed, she gyrated herself against my finger, and now feeling it well lubricated, I moved back to her clit, and started rubbing gently. Again she moaned in silence, and I kept slipping my finger deep inside her regularly so as to keep a moist finger. While doing this, I finished my coffee, and put it down before turning to her side, so my left hand was now stroking her pussy, clit now between my index and middle finger, and my right was clenching her ass cheek. James finished his coffee, and moved behind her. Lifting her skirt, he positioned his cock over her now dripping fanny, and slowly penetrated deep inside of her.

The shock of James’ 9 inches pushed her forward, yet I kept her steady as my hand still had control over her fanny. I moved my right hand onto James’ ass, and helped him with his slow thrusts, as he turned his head to face me. I closed my eyes and reached out with my tongue, searching for his, then I felt his warm, coffee flavoured mouth closing on mine.

Still thrusting inside of Natalie, he put his hand on my ass cheek, so that we now steadied each other with one hand, whilst our respective other hands were supporting Natalie, mine on her pussy, James’ on her right breast. I placed my own dick between James’ thigh and Natalie’s ass, so with every thrust, I could feel it being squeezed, my balls being knocked onto mine and Natalie’s left thighs repeatedly, while occasionally, I could feel James’ cock brushing the tip of mine. We must have remained like that for five minutes, when the doorbell downstairs rang. James was about to stop the shagging, but Natalie yelled “NO, don’t stop now, FUCK ME, KEEP FUCKING ME!” James then picked up the pace, thrusting hard, and nearly knocking me over. I moved out the way to let James fuck Natalie, but she screamed at me to keep playing with her pussy, so I retook my position and as the doorbell rang again, Natalie suddenly let out a loud scream and threw herself off James’ cock. She landed on her knees and remained there, shaking, but at the same time smiling. “Wow” she said. “Fucking awesome.”

There was a loud knock on the door. “Had you better get that?” James asked.

“I can’t,” she replied. “Can one of you get it please? It’s only the girls. Jane is the red-haired one by the way. Its her hen party.”

“Well we’re not quite ready, we need to get dressed…” I began saying.

“You are all ready, I can assure you. I just need some time to get my strength back,” she said. I hesitated, but she continued, “These girls love watching you two. We come to the theatre every payday to get pissed and horny. When the girls see you, trust me, you won’t need clothing. Just get straight into it. No build ups please, just straight into the shagging.”

I looked at James who smiled, “Sounds good to me!”

Seeing his Natalie-induced lubricated cock, I smiled back, wanting to taste her juices on James’ magnificent tool. “What we waiting for then?”

We both headed downstairs, James going into the living area, in front of the burning log fire, and lying on the sheepskin rug, and me to open the door. I hid behind the door as it opened, so any passers by couldn’t see me, and the girls walked in.

“About time” they chorused. They walked in, and I counted four of them in all, mostly between 20 and 40, though one must have been in her fifties. As they walked in, they turned to look at me expecting to see Natalie, and they all smiled when they realised who I was, except Jane, the bride to be. She stood there, transfixed.

“Oh my God, its you! From the theatre. What are you doing here?”

I looked at her, and moving towards her smiling, I took hold of her long red hair, and brushed it softly away from her face before planting a gentle kiss onto her lips. “I’m one half of your present from the girls.” I said.

She looked down at my still rock hard dick. “That the other half?” she smiled. I moved her towards the living room door. “No, that’s the other half.” I said.

She gasped with delight as she saw James, sitting near the fire, legs spread, supporting himself with his left hand and slowly jerking his cock in his right. All the girls moved into the living room to find a seat. Jane was still astonished at the present that the girls had bought her as Natalie walked in with boxes of bottled beer for everybody.

“Here we are girls,” she said “plenty of food and drink here now. So we have no reason to leave the room while these two boys get down to showing us how to suck and take dick!” She was still looking flushed from her experiences upstairs, but I didn’t care about that just then. Those experiences had worked me up so much I needed to both swallow cum and jettison it. James looked at me, knowing that was our cue.

I walked over to him, my cock pointing directly at him. He licked his lips, our pre-arranged signal that indicates that he will suck me off. So I approached to the side of him, and even before I had stopped, he had taken the tip of my dick in his mouth. Slowly he engulfed my entire shaft, rubbing his tongue on my underside as he slid his mouth back and two. I stood with my hands on my hips, enjoying the sensation of James’ expert mouth. Every time he pulled away, he would stop and give a little nibble on the end of my dick, before thrusting his face forward again. I looked over at our small audience, all the girls staring at my cock appearing from and then disappearing again into James’ mouth. One or two of them had already let their hands move to their crotches.

I looked down at James’ cock, standing proud, and eager to fuck. I pulled out of his mouth and gently slapped his cheek with my dick. He knew the signal, so he lay on his back. I positioned over him, so dick was back in his mouth, and now, supported by both my arms, I lay on top, leaving enough space for the girls to see, and I took James’ throbbing cock head into my mouth. With his gentle wanking, Natalie’s juices had rubbed off, so building up enough saliva into my mouth, I slowly spat onto his cock, letting all the saliva drip down from my mouth and down his entire shaft, before taking his whole length in my mouth. James let out a silent groan; I knew he did, not because I heard him, but because I felt the vibrations pass along my dick from his mouth. At the theatre, I was known as the deep throat expert, so I found his nine inches easy to take, and when I reached the bottom of his shaft, I pushed my nose into his balls, making him groan louder.

One thing about James is his teasing. He likes to suck slowly, much too slow for my liking in fact. So I took over the control of the pace, and instead of him sucking me, I was now thrusting in his face. I worked like a seesaw. Thrusting deep inside his throat, then deep-throating him, as my dick was withdrawing. I heard a moan from the other side of the room, and when I tried looking, I could see one of the girls had now started wanking herself furiously, though which one, I could not say, as my view was blocked by my arm. I thrust and sucked, thrust and sucked, and I could now taste James’ pre-cum, taking care to swallow it when I was thrusting. His slightly salty taste was always a delight to swallow, never harsh, but very creamy and always hot.

As I was thrusting into his face, I was picking up pace and could feel my balls slapping against his nose, but I could also feel the vibrations of his groans travelling up through my shaft, and I knew it was nearly time for him to explode. I went to suck him quicker and quicker, stopping my thrusting movements, and letting my cock bob around above his face. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks, as he became noisily vocal.

“Nnngh, ngh…yes, oh yes…nnnnnnnngh!”

I felt his cock hardening in my mouth before I felt wave upon wave of James’ cum hitting the back of my throat, and filling my mouth. I tried not to swallow any of it, but being a big cummer, James kept pumping his hot liquid into my face. I moved around, and planted my mouth over his, letting cum drip out from mine into his. Then I got up and looked at the audience. All the girls were now wanking frantically, and I moved to the closest one, the lady in her fifties, who was clearly enjoying the show. I knelt before her and placed my lips over hers, letting her taste James’ cum. I could hear James moving behind me, then the loud kissing sound of James sharing his cum with another of the hen night party.

My lady was really lapping up the cum from my mouth, and she had also reached for my cock, pulling on it slowly. I stopped her, and then pulled down her knickers. Probing with my cock, I found that she was already wet, and with a little push I slid into her wet cunt. With a stifled moan, she resumed licking James’ load from my mouth as I thrust gently deep inside her. Her pussy was tight, and it felt as if she hadn’t had cock in a while, so I carried on with my fucking slowly, getting her fanny used to my thick 7 inches, with my balls rubbing against the fabric of her chair. James, meanwhile, had been around the remainder of the women, letting them all taste his cum by means of kissing and had now moved back to me. I could feel his wet finger slowly enter my ass, and then gyrate to make my opening bigger. Then I felt his warm tongue against my hole, and slowly he pushed it deeper into me, and then pulling out and rolling it around my rim. I stopped kissing my shagging partner, and turned to look at the other girls in the room. They were all watching me shag, and being rimmed, one or two with cum traces around their mouths, but all rubbing themselves with one hand, whilst the other was fingering their fannies.

One of them cried to my lover, “Doreen, are you sharing him with us?”

I picked up my pace, thrusting faster and faster, showing the other girls (and James) what they were missing out on, then I could feel myself harden so I grabbed my cock with both hands and squeezed my dick tight to hold myself from cumming. I withdrew from Doreen, then moved onto the next girl in line, a young blonde, with small breasts. I placed my cock in her mouth and let her suck me.

“I know,” said James, “Lets play Musical Cock. I’ll play some music, and all the girls have to pass the cock between themselves, only using their mouths. Whoever has the cock in their mouth when the music stops can be fucked by him”

The girls seemed pleased with this idea, it was a little game James and myself played in the theatre when we encouraged audience participation, though usually it was with the men in the front row. A very popular game shall we say.

So I found myself encircled by all the girls, and being passed around. The girls’ wet mouths eager to hold onto my cock so I could fuck them, and they all varied their facial grips. Some held on with their teeth, some just by suction alone and some tickled my dick with their tongues as I went passed (or rather through) them. Jane took me in her mouth and was very reluctant to pass me on, instead to gently bit onto my cock, locked her lips around and sucked gently, I could feel myself cumming, but Natalie was next in line.

“Come on Jane, that’s cheating, let him come around us all.” She said.

And she placed her lips at the base of my shaft and brought me round to her. Her eyes never left mine, but Jane was still not for letting go.

“Don’t worry Jane, we got something special lined up for you after.” I said, and reluctantly she let go. Natalie immediately clamped her mouth over my cock then, and I stared into her eyes. She was still looking into mine as she went up and down my entire length, before passing me onto the brunette girl next to her. She quickly took me in her mouth then James stopped the music. Her eyes lit up and immediately let go of my cock and went to sit in a chair.

I moved towards her, and she lifted her skirt to reveal a shaven fanny. I knelt down in front of her and ran my tongue along her pussy lips. She gave a gentle moan, and I could tell that her friends were both jealous and excited. I moved closer, opening up her blouse and unclipping her bra. I took hold of her large nipple between my teeth, and manoeuvred my cock in front of her wet and waiting hole. With a slight adjustment in my positioning, I found myself slipping in. I stopped, taking my time; enjoying watching the enjoyment on her face as she slowly took in my cock. I pushed half way in, before pulling out again. Her face showing pleasure and frustration as I teased myself into and out of her. Then without warning, I thrust all the way in, deep inside her wet, warm fanny, and I stayed there, buried to the hilt, for several seconds, before slowly withdrawing again. I couldn’t really shag her fast, for fear of coming, so I slowly fucked her, feeling her pussy lips sliding down my long shaft as I enter, her legs now wrapped around my thighs, holding me in place.

I saw James move to the small-breasted blonde beside where we were, and kissed her. She was receptive, but suddenly pulled back. I guessed what James had done, and now I could see his next stage. As he kissed her, he slipped a condom into her mouth, that’s why she pulled back. But now she got the idea too as James stood up, and placed his hard cock against the blonde’s mouth. She placed the tip of the condom against James, and then using her lips, she rolled it down the length of his shaft. He then turned to me, and first, he inserted a finger, then two, before actually placing his throbbing head against my opening. I withdrew slightly out of the brunette, just so my tip was resting inside her. James pushed gently, and I found myself falling deeper into my current lover. As James pushed deeper in, I found I had nowhere else to go, so as I struggled to take 9 inches of James up my ass, I was wriggling deep inside the girl in front, her nails digging into me, and my ass getting fuller and fuller.

Natalie could take no more watching so she dived onto her knees and started kissing me, her tongue probing mine, as my dick probed the brunette and my ass was being deeply probed by James. I moved my hand to Natalie’s crotch and she continued to kiss me as I found her clit again, and rubbed it between my fingers, letting James control my fucking of the brunette by his pace whilst fucking me. I felt James lean in to throw his tongue into the kissing circle, and both he and Natalie were now kissing me all over my neck and shoulders. With James picking up the pace too, I felt my balls tensing and my cock hardening. I looked back at the brunette I was fucking, and she felt it too. She tensed her body, nails digging into my sides now as I finally came, letting out jets of hot liquid deep inside the brunettes fanny. The more I let out, the more she groaned, and I could feel my dick becoming sensitive, and yet James kept pushing me deep inside this fanny in front of me, and Natalie had her hand down around my balls, scooping up any escaped cum, and putting it in her mouth. Then a chorus of screams broke out from behind us, and we all turned to see Doreen and Jane, clinched together, rubbing each other’s pussies, and they had both cum just watching our achievements.

I finally managed to pull out of the brunette, and pulling James out of me, I then sat on the next available chair, and pulled him towards me. As he half knelt before me, I put my legs over his shoulders, and he entered me once more. I could feel his shaft rubbing against my balls as he thrust deep within me. The blonde now came over and took my cock in her mouth, sucking away any cum that remained. James continued to pump away at my ass as the other girls watched what was happening. Here and there I could hear groans of pleasure as they played with themselves or each other. I watched the blonde sucking on my dick, and realized that all the girls had been fucked except for her, and being one to play fair, and let everybody have their share, I moved my hand down to her thighs, and gently rubbed them through the nylon of her stockings, visible between her skirt and knee length boots. She tensed, and as I brought my hand up, discovered why.

This small-breasted lady wasn’t a lady at all, but a transvestite. Automatically my hand started wanking her small cock. She groaned, and closed her eyes, relishing my hand stroking her length as her face was inches away from James cock shagging away at my ass. I went to move her round on top of me, and she placed her mouth near my ear and whispered.

“Please be gentle, I’ve never been with a man before.”

If she was telling the truth, then she must have been a natural, as her dick licking was expertly done, but I chose to believe her.

“Ok honey,” I replied. “We’ll start off slow. Stand in front of me, and take off your skirt.”

She did as I asked, so here I was, bent double on a chair with my legs over James’ shoulders, and the blonde in front of me, her cock centimetres from my face. She supported herself by grabbing hold of the back of the chair behind me.

“Go girl, go for it.” I heard the chorus from the other girls. So I put out my tongue, and touched the nib of her dick, just licking the velvety head. The first touch was enough for the cock to instinctively jerk on its own, hitting me gently under the nose, then I went to grab it using my mouth, a task made harder by James who kept knocking me about as he thrust deep inside. Being in this position, the blonde’s short length was enough for me to take, and I slid my lips down her shaft, and when I came back up, I stopped, held behind her bulbous head using my teeth, and licking the end with my tongue, before slowly taking her entire length into my mouth again, and taking a wild swipe at her balls with my tongue. Then she knelt further towards me, her knees resting against my shoulders, and I knew by the slurping sounds James had started to tongue her ring, sending waves of tingles through her body. At one point, I was so far down her shaft I could feel James’ chin against mine.

Then suddenly, James moved back, and I could feel the blonde thrusting into my mouth, rather than me controlling the pace, and knew that James had moved his finger into her ass, pushing her into my mouth as he still fucked my ass. And at that moment, for my first time, I felt two cocks hardening inside of me. James pulled out of my ass to pull of his rubber as the blonde came in my mouth with gushes or warm spunk, and she screamed all over the house as she kept pumping more and more into me. Then I felt warm liquid over my stomach and balls as James was wanking his load onto me, before I could see him rubbing the nib of his dick in the crack of the blonde and over her ass cheeks. I was still swallowing the blonde’s cum as she collapsed onto my chest, and cradled my head in her arms as she recovered from such a powerful orgasm.

She lay like that for a while, and I could feel James taking my now hard cock into his mouth, and by the cold sensation, I knew he must have been placing a rubber onto me. Having rolled it on with his mouth, he then grabbed hold of the blonde and placed her above my cock. With ease, it found her opening, but I realised she was right when she told me that she had never been with a man before. Her ass was tight, and was resisting any entry. James could see this, so he came over and helped by massaging and softly tickling the blonde’s skin. Eventually, I was able to penetrate a little into her, and once in, she sat right down onto me. Being her first time, I let her control the pace, but I took off her blouse to reveal a smooth and well-toned chest and body. Letting her naturally long blonde hair cascade over my face, I held my arms around her neck and pulled her towards me so I could kiss her on the lips. She opened receptively, and our tongues raced around each other and into our mouths. Her eyes closed, and a gentle murmuring sound emitted from her throat as she slowly moved up and down the base of my cock, not yet wanting to fully thrust onto my whole length. I could now feel the heels of her boots digging into the outside of my thighs, but it was her floppy cock bouncing around on my stomach that I enjoyed, and feeling her stringy cum remnants sticking onto my skin. I moved my hand down to her ass cheeks and gently kneaded them, encouraging her slightly to pick up the pace. As she did, she moved back, so she was now sitting upright, moving up and down on my dick. I went to look at my dick as it disappeared and re-appeared from inside her, and found that she was already hard again.

She started wanking herself in time with her fucking, eyes still closed. I found myself falling in love with her toned stomach and went out to stroke it, to feel it, before moving up to play with her nipples. She was beginning to get faster now, and she was using the whole length of my dick to move up and down, her tight ass really squeezing the hell out of my thick cock. With her spare hand, she started rubbing the remnants of James’ now cold spunk into my stomach. Then she used both hands to steady herself by holding onto me above my nipples, and started to really go for it on my dick, building up a steady rhythm, using my whole length to satisfy her anal itch, building up pace, flying off then crashing back down onto me, burying me deep inside her before she finally collapsed onto me, and resting her head next to mine.

“Fuck, that was good. Thank you.” She said, before gently gyrating on my cock again, and biting hard into my shoulder to stop screaming any more. As she gyrated, I could feel her wanking her cock using both our stomachs for friction, and the pre-cum that was being released felt heavenly as it reached my skin.

I saw that James had now moved over to Jane, and had started licking her pussy, and I knew it was nearly time for us to leave this party, but at the moment I was enjoying the intimately close gentle contact with my new blonde friend. My cock aching to explode as her ass muscles contracted around me, but at the same time, just kissing her was all I that I needed at that moment.

“Can I fuck you?” she suddenly asked.

“If you like.” I replied, “but I need to help James too. This is Jane’s big finale.”

Understanding, the blonde got off. I moved over to James, who had now lain on his back, with Jane sitting on his cock, facing forward, so that her back was to James. I moved over onto all fours in front and started licking both James and Jane. As I did so, I felt the blonde fumble away at my ass, before feeling her cock slide in effortlessly. Cheeky, I thought, but was enjoying it too much to say anything. I traced my tongue around James’ balls before following the outline of his cock’s base and Jane’s pussy lips, moving my tongue in circular movements. I then moved down and took James’ balls completely in my mouth, and with the tip of my nose, rubbed Jane’s clit. The blonde was well into the giving lark, and she was thrusting away quickly at my ass, making me moan and groan, resulting in James getting the vibration feeling in his balls, and my nose clit- fucking Jane at a very random pace.

All the time however, Jane was screaming the house down as her clit was being stimulated, and James’ large cock fucking deep inside of her. I changed my technique and now moved my whole tongue over both sets of genitals. Starting from below James’ balls, over them, onto James’ cock base, letting his balls slap against my chin as they fell off my tongue, and over Jane’s pussy and clit. The blonde was now fucking me real hard up the ass, and I found myself being moved up Jane’s body, my tongue first finding her ample breasts and then her mouth. Using my left arm to hold the floor to support myself, I moved my right around Jane’s shoulders and kissed her passionately on the mouth, her breasts squashed tightly under my chest. Then without warning, bar the odd loud grunt, the blonde emptied herself up my ass, and I realised that her first ass fuck was done without any protection, and my ass was fast filling up with hot cum, but I didn’t care at that moment, I was savouring the feel of the spunk as she was slowly thrusting more up me, and it was dripping out and running over my balls and down my thighs. When she finally pulled out, it was done with a loud slurping pop as my ass contracted to fill the void.

I went to turn round to kiss the blonde, my hand on her pert ass, and I saw all the other girls were in a completely wild wanking frenzy as they watched the action amongst us and the bride to be. I turned back to Jane, and found that James had repositioned her so that she now straddled him facing him. This was it: Jane’s grand finale. I moved closer and took up position behind Jane. With my middle and index fingers either side of James’ cock, I pushed them into her fanny, thus wanking him off inside of her, and stretching her pussy. Satisfied that she could take it, I then placed the underside of my cock against James’ and he held Jane still while I took position. Then happy that we were both ready, he pushed her back down his cock, this time however, her pussy stretched over my cock as well. As she fucked away, with loud moans, I could feel my balls rubbing along the lower half of James’ cock, as both dicks rubbed against each other as they competed for space in Jane’s now extra tight pussy.

The two’s-up fuck was sending pleasure deep inside of Jane, and her back was arching towards me so she could take full advantage of both cocks. I grabbed her breasts from behind, kneaded them with my palms and rubbed her nipples between my fingers.

“YES, YES” she cried, “Fuck, I’M COMING, COMING NNN…NNN…NN. OH YEAH, YEAH, THAT’S IT!” and with that she bucked away on our cocks, and James suddenly let loose his load, filling her pussy full of his creamy cum so that it wrapped itself around our cocks. The hot sensation and the loud moaning, along with the blonde’s cum that was still dripping out of my ass was getting to me, and I felt my thrusts slowing down as I came deep inside Jane’s pussy to mix in with that of her own juices and James’. Pulling out I lay on my back, and grabbed Jane so that she straddled my face, letting the mixed cum cascade into and around my face. The blonde was back, cleaning me up, and James had the attention of both Doreen and the brunette, as they both did the same to him. Having now got off me, Jane walked over and stood on the arms of Natalie’s chair and forced her pussy into Natalie’s face, so that her best friend could finish cleaning her out. When all the last bits of spunk were licked away, all the girls collapsed into their chairs looking tired. Tired ourselves, James and myself got dressed ready to leave.

“Thank you for such a wonderful hen night.” Jane said, “Though I don’t think I will be able shag my new husband tomorrow night.” She smiled.

We made for the door, and Natalie and the blonde joined us.

“Will we still see you at the theatre from now on?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we’ll all be there.” Jane said. “In fact, we may make it twice a month now if you promise us front row seats.”

“By the way,” interjected Natalie, smiling. “Its my hen party in a couple of months.”

Then the blonde came up to me, still naked except for the knee length boots and stockings, her balls and cock flopping in front of her as she came to kiss me on the lips.

“And its me arranging that party” she said, wiggling her cock over my jeans, leaving spunk trails.

“I’m sure we can make another party.” I said, reaching into my bag and pulling out my favourite latex pants with the dong. “And when I come back for this, perhaps you would be so kind as to tell me your name. I hate not knowing who’s shagged me.” And with that, we left the girls to their sweet dreams and hot pussies, as James and I made our way back for some slow sensual fucking at his house with his wife.

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