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Hillary Finds Her G

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Textbooks, and assorted school supplies littered the dorm room as the three girls stretched and yawned during a well-earned study break. It was the last night before finals, and all three were in the midst of some pretty heavy cramming. Allison brought out her human sexuality text-book, much to the delight of Hillary and Caren, both of whom would rather listen to anything other than their boring lecture notes.

The two friends sat around Allison crossed legged as she flipped though the chapter on sexual response.

“What does it say about the ‘G’ spot,” Hillary asked. “I’ve heard so much about his magic spot that is supposed to make you cum harder and longer than you’ve ever before.”

Allison checked the index of her textbook and looked under ‘g’. She wrinkled up her nose when she was unable to find an entry.

“I don’t know…there’s nothing in here under orgasm or masturbation,” she said, color rising in her cheeks. “I read something in Cosmo about it one time but it was too confusing, you know, like you’d have to be a gynecologist to ever find the stupid thing. I doubt that it’s real, anyway.”

Caren, who had been quietly taking notes up to this point, put down her notebook, took off her glasses and rubbed between her eyes. “Oh, it’s real, that’s for sure,” she said, with a cat-that-ate-the canary smile on her face. “My old boyfriend Brad found it last summer by accident and let me tell you, we had plenty of fun exploring.”

The other two girls focused their attention on Caren and giggled with nervous anticipation. Finally Hillary broke the ice. “Ok, I’ll bite. “What sort of fun did you have?”

“Oh my god, you won’t believe how incredible it feels when you finally hit your spot the right way. I have this little pocket sex manual that explains how to find it, and for the longest time, I spent hours with brad trying to locate the sucker. It’s really far up inside you, but it’s worth it, let me tell you.”

“I’ve never even heard about it,” Allison said. “Where is it?”

Caren though abut her response for a bit and then began fishing around in her purse. She found the little pocket-sized hard cover book and pulled it out. It was one of those little books filled with pictures of beautiful people engaged in every sexual position imaginable.

“Here, let me read this,” Caren said. “The Grafensberg spot, shortened to G spot in most text, is a small, spongy bit of tissue about the size of a quarter, located about the third the way up the inner wall of the vagina.”

“That really doesn’t help at all,” Hillary said. “How do you know when you’ve found it?”

“Hold, on, there’s more: ‘If the g-spot is simulated correctly, intensely pleasurable sensations will be felt though out the whole vagina and the area will swell and become rough to the touch. You will experience a total body experience as wave after wave of sexual sensations will be felt throughout the body.”

“That’s it, I’ve got to try this out,” Hillary said, already standing and popping open the buttons on her jeans. “Does it say the best way to reach it with your fingers?”

Caren stared at her friend as she pushed her jeans down around her ankles and stepped out of them. She was wearing lacy white cotton bikini panties and Caren was sure that she saw a wet spot forming between her legs. She snapped out her shock at Hillary’s apparent lack of inhibitions and looked back down at her little book. “Um, yeah, I guess it does.”

Allison sat up closer as Hillary sat down on the facing sofa, pulling her sorority sweatshirt down so her panties were modestly covered.

“Are you going to try and find it right here in front of us?!” Alison said, her eyes as wide as saucers and her faces so flushed, Caren thought she might faint.

“Oh, Ali, you really need to live a little,” Hillary stated bluntly. “So what if you guys watch? This is for a class you know, and besides, we’re all girls here anyway.”

Alison, who had constantly denied have ever having sex or touching herself ‘down there’ chewed on this for a moment and then seemed to be more curious than embarrassed. Both looked over at Caren with expectant looks on their faces.

“Ok,” Caren said, clearing her throat. “It says you’re supposed to make sure that you adequately aroused because you can’t find the spot unless the vagina is swollen. Hillary crossed and uncrossed her legs, saying that arousal wasn’t a problem. “You should spread you legs as wide as they feel comfortable and pull you knees up to your chest.”

Hillary spread her legs wide, revealing her white panties in their full glory (along with the growing wet spot) and pulled her heels up to her behind as if she were squatting in the woods.

“Ok, check,” she said, her face glowing. “Now what?”

“I think you’re going to have to take your underwear off for this,” Caren said, her breath coming heavy.

“Ok, now what?” Hillary asked, her slick vaginal folds shining in the light and her face flushed with obvious arousal and excitement.

“Well, it says you should relax, lean back against some pillows for support and insert two fingers into your vagina as far as they will go until you reach a barrier.”

Hillary did as instructed leaning back against the couch for support and then slowly running the index finger and the middle finger of her left hand over her sparse pubic triangle over her slick folds and probed for her entrance. When her fingers found her slippery hole, she let out an n audible gasp as her digits sank slowly into her vagina. She paused at her first knuckle, but then bore down on her hands until the entire length of her fingers disappeared into her hole. Allison looked on with a look of pure amazement as she watched her friend shamelessly finger herself.

“Mmm, ok, I’ve got my fingers in as far as they will go,” Hillary said, as she pressed her palm into her crotch and rubbed her slick sex.

“It says you should feel a protruding bit of flesh that is shaped like a peach. Hillary wiggled her finger deep inside and pushed her hand still deeper into her hole, her two fingers in past her third knuckles. To Allison, who had begun to fidget nervously in her chair, it looked like Hillary’s vagina was going to swallow up her whole hand.

“Mmmm…Ok, I can feel it, it feels like a couple of grapes.

“Good, that’s you cervix, Caren said, crossing her legs to hide her own growing excitement under her skirt. “Now pull your fingers out about a half inch and feel along the front wall of your vagina.”

Hillary, her face contorted in the pleasurable sensations shooting out of her groin, pulled her fingers out slightly, a squishy wet sound could be heard by both girls.

“It says to hook your fingers out toward your pubic hair and make a ‘come her gesture’. Good. Do you feel a rough patch of skin that swells when you touch it?

“I… don’t… mmm… I guess so when I press against it, to feels like I have to pee.”

“It says that feeling of having to go to the bathroom will subside with further stimulation. It should feel different as you stroke the spot, growing and swelling under your touch.

Hillary pushed her fingers deeper and her breath began to come in ragged gasps. Allison was blushing so hard, it looked like her face would burst as she pressed her behind deep into the chair she was sitting in and pressed her thighs together. Her finger came up to her parted lips and she bit her fingertip as her friend masturbated before her.

Hillary was lost in her own world of self-pleasuring. Her other hand crept up under her sorority sweater and was kneading her full breasts through her bra, tweaking her rock hard nipples. She was now urgently finger fucking her hole, filling the room with her slick sexual noises, along with her moans and gasps. Caren could see a trickle of lubricating juices ooze out of her vagina and stream down between her butt cheeks. As her passion, grew, Hillary seemed to abandon trying to stimulate her g-spot, instead, her fingers slipped out of her vagina and began rapidly rubbing her swollen clitoris, now sticking out like a pencil eraser. As her hands danced at her glistening sex a mile a minute, her other reached under her bra and began kneading her breast b under her sweater.

Caren realized that Hillary was no longer following her instructions, but had lapsed into her obvious rhythm of masturbation. Hillary clamped her eyes shut, gritted her teeth and began to buck her hips against her hand.

“Wait, em, you’re not even touching your spot.”

Allison, now very into the show she was watching, shot her hand up and put her finger to her lips. “Shhh…let her be.”

At that moment, Hillary went over the edge, her finger flying at her clit. Her eyes popped open and her entire body went rigid as her orgasm swept through her. “Oh god… I’mmm going to…” was all that escaped her lips as she bucked hard against her hand and slumped down onto the couch, waves of pleasure flowing through her body.

Caren and Allison shot looks at each other and giggled before turning their gaze to their panting, sweaty friend on the couch. Hillary lay back with her right hand still between her legs, her whole hand glistening with lubrication. Her sweatshirt was now a loose confusion around her neck while her bra, still fastened in the back, was pulled up on one side to reveal her full white breast. Her chest heaved and she definitely had the cat that ate the canary look on her faces as her breathing returned to normal.

“That was quite a show,” Caren said, her own breathing coming rather heavy. “But you were not stimulating your g-spot at all to wards the end. If you get yourself off like normal, you’ll never know hat a g-spot orgasm feels like.”

“I… whew…I guess I just got too turned there to keep at it. Besides, I just got entirely too wet and slippery inside to keep pressure on that one area. Gawd, I feel like I was going to wet myself,” she gasped, looking down at the wetness under her bare bottom on the couch as she threw her sweater on the floor and pulled her bra back down over her exposed breast. It felt great, pushing against the spot, Hillary said, pointing to an area just above her pubic hair, but I just couldn’t keep it in reach, like it was pulling away from my fingers. I was building up to something pretty huge until I gave up. Enjoying yourself, Ali?”

Unconsciously, Allison was pressing her fingers into her own crotch, kneading the flesh between her legs. She yelped at being caught with her hands in the cookie jar and pulled her hand away in embarrassment.

“It says here that that a lot of women have trouble achieving the g-spot orgasm because their spot is too far back along the vaginal wall and their fingers wont reach,” Caren said, crossing and uncrossing her legs to try to ease the ache growing there. “It says there are other positions to try for better access.”

“What other positions? It feels like there’s a fire inside me, like an itch I just can’t scratch.”

“Ok, there’s a diagram her…just follow what I say. Go over to the bed and get on you hands and knees.”

Hilary got up, stretched and padded across the room to the bed. She stretched like a cat and reached back to unfasten her bra. Allison’s moth dropped as she saw her friend naked and sweating before her, but her eyes never strayed from the bit of swollen slick bit of flesh between her legs. Hillary assumed the position with her legs spread apart and her bottom pointing right at Allison. Ali couldn’t believe the sight of her friend’s gaping vagina yawning open before her as a droplet of juice dripped onto the bed sheet. Hillary looked back at her and winked, her heavy breasts swaying as she did so.

“Ok,” Caren said turning the page of the little pocket book. “You need to lean forward so that your shoulders are resting on the mattress and kinda hunch yourself forward so that your kne3ees are as far up toward your chest as possible. It says you can use a pillow for support under your tummy.

Hillary situated herself with a huge throw pillow under her torso and her shoulders pressed against the bed. With her knees pent upward under her, her bottom raised straight up in the air. She spread her legs, giving Allison a direct view right down her vagina as it spread open.

“Uh oh, it says you need a vibrator or dildo to really make this work.”

“There’s got to be something around her we can use,” Hillary said, swaying her ass in the air and grinding her pussy into the pillow.

Caren searched around the room, looking for anything phallus shaped that would do the trick. “A pen? A comb? No those won’t work… How about…”

“Won’t this work?” Allison said, pulling a long white candle out of a nearby candlestick.

“Yeah, that’s perfect,” Caren said, taking the candle out of Allison’s hand and passing it to Hillary on the bed. She went to the bedside table and pulled open a drawer, producing a tube of KY jelly. Hillary took the jelly and spread it all over the base of the candle, the thick part around the base until it was shiny and wet. She hunched forward and rubbed the candle against her swollen lips, gasping at the feel of the cool wax against her hot flesh.

Caren returned back to her chair and while the other two girl were focused on their makeshift dildo, she reached under her skirt and quickly pulled her panties off in one motion, tossing them into a damp pile on the hard wood floor.

“Now, insert the candle deep into your vagina, aiming for your belly button.”

Hillary ran the dildo against her dripping sit and pressed forward, trying to push it into her gaping opening, but couldn’t quite get the right angle to push it in, being all bent over and such. She almost pushed it into her asshole before the slippery wax squirted out of her hand and onto the bedspread.

“Shit, I can’t get it in this position.”

She started to push herself up, but before she could, Allison sprang forward and grabbed the sticky candle in her hands. Wordlessly, she placed the fat end into her friend and slowly, slowly pushed it forward. The candle slid into Hillary like a hot knife into butter and she wriggle and gasped with every inch she too in.

“Ali, push it forward until you can’t any more. Good now ease it out a bit and press it against the front wall of her vagina.”

With a smile on her face, Allison pushed the candle down toward the mattress, and Hillary cried out in pleasure. “Oh my god, that’s it… ohhh… ohh… pull it towards you a little… ummmmm… there right there… oh god yesss… right there.”

“Hold it steady and just push it against her g-spot,” Caren said, slouching down in her chair and hiking her skirt up around her hips. She had never felt herself this turned on, watching her prude friend stimulating Hillary’s g-spot. Caren began rubbing her own pussy in slow circular movements. Hillary’s whole body began shaking as Alison pushed the candle in another half inch. Hillary’s ass shivered and she grabbed the sheets with both hands for deer life and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She started grunting and moaning, deep guttural sounds as the fire between her legs raged out of control. Caren now was rubbing her slick pussy lips with her right hand and tweaking her hard nipple with her other through her blouse. She watched as Allison wiggled the candle up against Hillary’s g-spot while Hillary’s entire body went rigid and sweat pour down her flushed face, now pressed firmly into the bed sheet. Allison’s hand was now in contact with Hillary’s gushing pussy lip, and it looked to Caren that she might slip her whole hand into Hillary’s frothing hole. The erotic scene unfolding before her was almost too much to stand as Caren spread thee wetness all around her hard clitoris and began falling into the same rhythm she’d been using since she was a little girl, her fingers rubbing her clit and slit in fast figure 8.s

Allison, too, was caught up in the moment, as her free hand was also between her legs, pressing deeply into the crotch of her jeans and panting almost as heavily as Hillary who’s body began to convulse in the most explosive orgasm of her life. Caren fought to keep her eyes open as Hillary let out a cry that was halfway between a sob and a shriek. Caren’s wet fingers danced across her pussy as she felt her own orgasm rise up and wash over her. Hillary collapsed onto her side in a sweaty heap as Allison finally let go of the candle and stepped away from her writhing friend, who was moaning like a wounded puppy. Allison turned just in time to see Caren bit her lip and cum all over her fingers in beautiful orgasmic bliss.

The room was quite for about five minutes as all three girls recovered from the sexual buzz. The temperature in the room seemed to rise and the fetid smell of sex hung in the air as Hillary reached back and swiftly pulled the shiny candle out of her vagina, sending another contracting throughout her body. Allison sat in her chair, looking extremely agitated, biting her lips to keep from plunging both hands into her dripping panties. Hillary stood up and stretched, wrapping the sheets around her sweaty naked body and excused herself to the bathroom for a well-earned shower. Caren smoothed her skirt back down over her hips and smiled at Allison, who squeezed her legs together like a bitch in heat.

“I think it’s time that you release a little of that frustration, Ali, “Caren said, her smile spreading. “Why don’t you take off this jeans?”

To Be Continued…

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