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My Neighbor, the Tease

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I was fucking tired of Blair’s teasing. That young woman had enjoyed tormenting me since I moved in next door. She would wear the tightest, skimpiest outfits that she could squeeze her body into. After a night of partying, she would come home and start undressing by the window, “accidentally” forgetting it was open and facing mine.

She knew that I was on the other side, stroking my cock as she did it. I could tell because of how she would look at me the next morning. She always had that coy look as if to question “You like to watch me don’t you?”

I had a thing for Blair for years. I even let her know about it last fall, but nothing came of it. There was just something about the way her long, black hair traveled down her spine. The waves in her hair caused my eyes to follow their ebb and flow. Her small frame was held in with the creamiest of flesh, yet somehow she packed the fullest ass into her pants. Her breasts pushed against her shirt. I often wondered if they were real. Her thoughts about me were like most of the local girls. I’m just some goody two shoes. They all described me as handsome, smart, talented and NICE. Ugh, the killer word. Nice. Nobody wants to fuck a nice guy. If she only knew. If they all only knew.

I heard the car door slam. I watched as the black Camaro of Blair’s latest boyfriend peeled out. Blair had said something about a party going on this weekend, but it was still early in the evening. I assumed they were going to eat first, but who knows. I went back to my drawing table and continued on my watercolor painting. In what seemed like a short while later, I saw headlights coming towards our cul-de-sac. I guess it had been a while, judging from the progress that I had made on my painting. Time vanishes when I work. The headlights weren’t from the Camaro I saw earlier. I recognized the car when it got closer. It was her best friend Laura’s Altima.

Laura was in many ways the exact opposite of Blair. She was tall, blonde, and outspoken. She had the most amazing tits that I have ever seen on a woman. Always with an entourage of friends, you could tell she was popular. She shared a dazzling charm with her best friend and I can only figure that she and Blair would have swarms of guys around them at those parties.

I had only spoken with Laura once while I was tending to my yard. I had worked up a pretty good sweat one day as I was trimming the hedges when I heard a cat call from Blair’s back yard. It wasn’t Blair’s demure voice though. I turned to see the two visions sunbathing in the tiniest of bikinis. They began teasing me heavily.

“Want to come oil us up big guy? Seeing you like that is making more than your shirt wet, I promise.”

I smiled but couldn’t think of anything clever to respond with and before I knew it Blair had chimed in “He’s not like all those other guys you paw over, Laura. He’s a true gentleman and a genuine nice guy. See, he’s trying not to even look over here now.”

“That’s too bad. A body like that could really throw out some carnal sex. He could ravage me and I would never be able to stop him, not that I would try.”

I pretended not to be listening and went back to my yard work. It was hard to concentrate. I announced to the women that I was going to get a drink and clean myself up. If they still wanted me to oil them up after I was done, I would be happy to indulge them. After a quick glass of water and wipe down with a damp washcloth, I stepped back out only to find that they had gone inside for the day. It looks like once again the only thing that I would be oiling down would be my own dick.

I imagined the two of them together in the bathroom. They took turns stripping out of those string bikinis and giggled at the thought of turning me on. Blair’s breathing became heavy at the sight of her friend’s heaving chest. Her light pink areoles stood erect. Her deeply tanned skin was the result of many long, relaxing sessions in the tanning bed. Blair’s eyes were drawn down to the smoothest shaven pussy that she had ever seen. Laura definitely gave her sex great and careful attention on a daily basis. Facing each other, Laura lifted the gaze of her admirer to her own. They held one another closely. Looking tenderly into the others eyes, they shared a passionate kiss. It was a kiss you would read about in those old romance novels of your mom’s. It was deliberate. As one’s tongue caressed the other, I could see their souls entwined together. Their hands caressed the soft, salty flesh of the other. This was the kiss that all lovers were meant to share. It wasn’t the steam from the shower that was causing the mirror to fog up or to moisten the soft lips between their legs.

This wasn’t the first kiss the two of them shared. It wasn’t the first time they had seen one another naked. Like all great lovers, each new time felt like the first. Every single opportunity was treated with the delicate sensitivity that the deepest of love embraces. There was a connection that extended far beyond simple best friends but it was something that nobody around them could understand. It had to be kept secret for now.

Blair led the way into the shower. The hot water soaked into her long black hair and ran down her back. Laura had stepped in and began lathering the shampoo into the wet locks of her lover. This was one of few pleasures that could be shared with such intimacy. After rinsing, Blair picked up her loofa sponge and squeezed her body wash into it. Laura took the sponge and began cleaning the back of her desire. She moved slowly around her shoulder and down her arm. She reached around and cleaned up the other arm. As she washed the milky white skin atop Blair’s chest, she pulled herself close and kissed the nape of Blair’s neck.

The dark haired temptress took the sponge from her partner. She massaged the top of Laura’s chest, which was now rising and falling rapidly with her near panting breath. She gently washed the sides and gave extra detail to the sensitive underside of each breast. The soap slithered its way down the soft skin. The bubbles tickled Laura’s swollen cunt. She was hungry with lust. These two lovers were truly blessed in the moment.

After their bodies were cleansed and dried, the two young women returned to the bedroom. Blair pushed Laura onto the bed. She leaned over her girlfriend and kissed her softly. As she did so, she un-tucked the towel from between Laura’s immense breasts. Laura tilted her head back and enjoyed the breath traveling down her neck, passed her collarbone to the tops of her mountainous globes. Blair propped herself on her elbows on either side of her lover. Her hands, tiny in comparison to the chest of her mate, caressed the voluptuous flesh. Subtly stroking the side of the left breast, Blair went on to trace her tongue around the light pink nipples. She took such care, such tenderness in her action that Laura actually had a small orgasm from the attention her tits received.

Blair moved down, kneeling at the side of the bed and took her position at the opening of the glorious flower. Her hands tickled the insides of her lover’s thighs from the knees up to her hips. She flattened her tongue and moved her head forward. The broad lick was strong with intent. She made sure she was taking in all of the flavor and aroma of a delicious meal. With great skill, she suckled on Laura’s clit while darting her tongue around the soft labia. Juices were flowing steadily from the blonde vixen but none were going to waste. Blair’s light humming brought an intense delight and, as soon as she guided two fingers into the steaming sex of her partner, Laura burst into a flood of orgasm causing her entire body to tremble.

Such were my fantasies as I sit at my desk. I spent countless hours stroking my swollen cock at the thought of both of those nubile women. I fantasized about them individually, together and together with me. Why did they enjoy teasing me so much? Why must I be perceived as a “nice guy”? Looking at the two of them as they got out of the car, I wondered if tonight would be my chance to change their minds. I cracked my window to hear the already loud conversation a little more clearly.

“What an asshole! I still can’t believe I’d ever go for a guy who would talk down to me in front of his friends just so he could prove he was still one of the guys” Blair said heatedly.

“Well, sweetie, think of it like this. You and I know it takes a real man to stand up for someone in front of those he cares about and he is obviously not a real man. He’s an asshole whose dick gets to figure out how to suck itself tonight unless his pals are going to do it for him….wouldn’t that be an interesting sight? You’re neighbor guy….” was all I heard Laura say before her voice trailed off behind the closing door.

Ah, they’re talking about me. What in the world could they be saying? What about the neighbor guy? I had to hear more. I threw some dark shorts and a sleeveless shirt on, grabbed my sandals and quietly went out the back door. I jumped over the fence with ease and nestled at the corner of her window. Peeking in, I could see Laura sitting on the bed talking. She was facing the bathroom and I could hear their voices, though a little muffled.

“Jason’s really a great guy but he’s obviously not interested. We practically threw a threesome at him that day when we were laying out and he didn’t even raise an eyebrow to us.”

My eyebrows were raised now and they had my full attention.

“Yeah” replied Laura, “maybe he’s just shy. It was the first time he met me after all, but I hoped he would have heard my comments about not being able to stop him if he wanted to take me. I don’t think either one of us would really try very hard though.”

“See, why would a guy who looks like that not speak up unless he just wasn’t interested? If he would ever just take the lead…you look like you’re ready to pass out. I think you drank a little too much. Go ahead and lay down. I’m going to take a quick shower and we can finish talking about this tomorrow.”

Without argument, Laura sank back onto the bed and buried her head into a pillow. This was my opportunity to show them things they didn’t know about me. It was time for me to act more than think this time, not that rational thought was an option at this point. I went around to the back of her house and got the spare key. I guess that’s another perk of being such a voyeur of my beautiful neighbor. I quietly opened the door. After I wiped the key, I put it back where I found it and stepped into the house. The place was a little disheveled but easy enough to make my way through without knocking stuff over or tripping on anything. I followed the sound of the running water to her bedroom. There was Laura lying helplessly on the bed. I could have my way with her and she would never be able to stop me. She probably would have just thought she was having the best dream of her life. I will tend to her another time. There couldn’t be much time left.

I walked into the bathroom quickly and quietly. It couldn’t have been laid out more perfectly for my plans. There was a separated space across from the shower for the toilet. I can only describe it like it was in a closet without a door and it was dark. That’s where I would wait. The towel hook was positioned so that she would have to turn her back to me as she went to dry off. Adjacent to the shower was a vanity with a large mirror. Across the room from it were her sinks. It was a his and hers double sink with a long counter and a mirror over each raised basin. Despite my devious plans, I couldn’t help but notice how elegant they looked.

My dick was getting hard just imagining the trail of soap bubbles trickling down her chest, tickling over the luscious lips of her swollen pussy and trailing down her thigh to her gorgeously groomed feet. I had a dry washcloth in my hand to muffle her surprise. The water turned off and out stepped Blair.

Just as I had thought, she turned and reached for her towel. I moved quickly in behind her and grabbed her long, wet locks of hair. When I pulled, her head came back and she nearly slipped on the cool ceramic flooring. Just as quickly, my other hand stifled her gasp with the washcloth and I caught her. She tried to pry free from my clutches, but it didn’t take long before she realized she was over-matched.

“I have watched you bring so many other guys here.” I spoke softly into her ear, “Time after time, you never seem to learn your lesson. I can only see you like being punished. You probably do the same shit to them that you do me. Just teasing them and playing with them, you never truly give them what they want… what I want!”

She again tried to wrestle free, forcing me to pin her to the wall just below her towel hook. Her body simply crumbled beneath the strength of my arms. I wrapped her hair around my hand to gain better hold of her.

“You seemed a little humiliated tonight. I don’t think you know what real humiliation is. I think the most humiliating thing about you is that you mistake kindness and tact for weakness. Somewhere inside your mind, you think a real man is more primitive. You look for a carnal ravishment that only exists in these Cro-Magnon jerks you bring around. Honey, they can’t spell prehistoric, let alone think they know the way to pleasure a woman. That’s what leaves you empty isn’t it?”

Blair was taking my words in and nodded her head.

“I am going to fill you up tonight.”

With that, I eased my hold over her mouth and pulled her hair back again, stretching out her beautiful, tender neck. I leaned in and kissed her just below her ear. Her flesh, still hot from the shower, was sweet with her perspiration. I dropped the washcloth to the floor and reached around her body, squeezing her left breast with my powerful hand. She let out a low moan as I tweaked her nipple. She started matching my motions on her other breast. My cock was at full attention when she had stepped back to regain her footing on the slippery floor and her firm, perfect ass brushed against me. She let go of her nipple to take hold of my hand. Slowly, she took my fingers to her lips and began to tease them with her tongue. She would take one into her warm mouth and suck on it deliberately. Her other hand found its way inside of my shorts and was soon stroking my thick shaft. Any thoughts she may have had about running away had now given in to raw, carnal lust.

“I’m going to smack your ass until it glows red if you get out of line. I think that will only turn you on more. Along with the sting of my hand, I will keep your dripping wet cunt aching for my cock. You like that hard cock don’t you, slut? I won’t allow you to come unless you show me you can be obedient and try to please me. I’m going to shove you to your knees and fill your mouth with my manhood. I’m going to choke you on my cock as I fuck your face harder than that slutty little pussy of yours has ever been pounded. Then I’m going to jerk you up by your hair, bend you over the sink and pump my hard flesh into that soaked little clam between your legs. But before I come, I’m going to fuck that sweet little ass of yours.”

Blair’s body tensed and she gasped when I said that. Before she could say anything, I fulfilled my first promise and shoved her to her knees. I parted her lips with my thickness. The pre-cum smeared slightly on her upper lip. She flattened her tongue to the base of my dick and opened her throat has I slowly pushed my flesh into her inch by inch. I started to rock my hips back and forth slowly and deliberately, allowing her to get used to my size. Then, I seized her hair and shoved my dick to the back of her throat. Violently fucking her face, I savored the warmth of her soft lips. Her eyes began to tear as she struggled to breath around my 8 inch cock.

I pulled myself from her momentarily and let her catch her breath. Without hesitation, she grabbed my ass and pulled my savage meat right back into her mouth. I knew she was a slut for a big cock. If I had been paying better attention, I would have noticed that she had position her foot so that it would rub on her pussy with each thrust I gave her.

Who knows if she was hearing or understanding the profanities I was muttering with my fleshy shaft shoved into her face. “I knew you were a cock hungry slut. God, yeah! Oh, you love having a thick cock in your face don’t you? Fuck. You really know how to suck on a dick. I bet you suck a lot of dick, don’t you? You little tramp. When I’m done, you won’t remember what any other dick was like. You’re only going to remember mine!”

Blair had moved her hands from my ass. One found its way to her own clit, causing her to moan deeply in ecstasy. The other hand found its way to my balls and she began to tickle the underside. As she stroked my perineum and masterfully sucked me, I felt my body tense. I wasn’t ready to come yet but you couldn’t tell my dick that.

I reluctantly pulled out of her mouth and, as promised, jerked her up by her damp hair that was still wrapped around my hands. Staring at one another longingly, I kissed her passionately. We spun around to the sink. I scooped her up and sat her on the edge. Her legs were wrapped around me, keeping me close to her. Our tongues engaged with the passion of two Spanish dancers performing the Paso Doble. I kissed down her neck. My lips continued along her collarbone. Her firm, fleshy tits were in my hands. I took her hardened nipple into my mouth while she leaned back and rested her head against the mirror. My kiss traveled further down her body, along her rib cage and down her flat stomach. The warmth of my breath met her sensitive slit. She was dripping with desire. I knelt before the true grace displayed before me.

“Now, the master is kneeling to his slave,” she teased.

“You’re going to find out what I’m truly the master of, sweetheart.”

I lightly kissed her vulva, savoring the sweet scent emanating from it. Flicking the tip of my tongue on her protruding clit, I once again denied her the immediate pleasure and continued down her dangling legs. I suckled the beaded water from her flesh. My hands caressed the underside of her knee. My loving lips journeyed down her calf, passing lightly across her ankle and kissed the ticklish arch of her perfectly smooth foot. Pushing her leg up slightly, my fingertips retraced my path home which sent a deliciously hot chill to her pleading love. I took her pedicured toes into my mouth and gave them the same attention that she had given my fingers just a few minutes ago.

At the same time, my hand had started pressing against her pussy, moving in slow circles around her clit. She pulled on her tits, pinching her nipples in bliss. I draped her leg over my shoulder and moved my head back into her. Giving her a light nibble inside of her thigh, she once again felt a jolt of sexual energy run through her body. My tongue tantalized her tender lips, tracing the fleshy folds of her flower with exquisite care. Unconsciously, she tried to pull my face into her.

I seized her wrists and looked up at her with an intense stare. My dark brown eyes were pierced with the crystal blue windows to her soul. Firmly, “I told you… if you got out of line… and tried to regain control… that I wouldn’t let you come. Now you’re going to have to endure this longer.” She felt the resonance of my deep voice vibrating on her hungry clit.

“Holy shit,” she whimpered as my words alone actually fucked her. I could tell how bad she wanted it.

Forgetting my earlier tenderness, I dove back to her cunt. Her juices oozed from her and I drank from them as sweet nectar that gave me life. Her clit was bombarded with a barrage of sucking, licking, humming and moaning. I could hear her low cries echoed with pleasure. When I felt her legs tense around my head, I stopped and blew a rush of cold air onto her quim. Then, I feverishly attacked again. And again. And again.

The door burst open. A very weary Laura clumsily dashed in, making a straight line for the toilet. “I was having the hottest sex dream about you,” she said from her seat as she relieved her full bladder, apparently unaware of what she had just walked passed. I never relented on Blair’s poor pussy. “We were in a sixty-nine licking each other’s pussies while I was getting fucked from behind with an absolutely amazing cock! I almost came in my sleep. It was like I could really hear your moans while you’re being licked.”

“OOOOOH, AAAAHHHH, OOOOOHHHHHHH,” Blair cooed with aching delight.

“Yeah, just like that. You don’t have to do that though. I of all people know what you sound like when you’re….. OH!”

She walked around the corner again and drank in the sight of her best friend naked, perched atop the counter being eaten by a faceless, sculpted man. Her green eyes connected with Blair’s. The tension shot through the air. Laura’s nipples hardened immediately. Blair almost came without warning. I had to stop abruptly. Rising up, I turned focus from her soaked pussy to the bewildered entrancement of those emerald eyes. Before everything sank in to her, I moved toward Laura. Blair’s eyes were still fixed on her friend, now drunk with desire.

“You’re going to drink your friend’s juice from my lips.”

Her gaze fixed on mine, Laura made no effort to stop me from kissing her. I took her into my arms and kissed her. My kiss was deep and strong. It established my tangible presence. This was not a dream. I was real and I was strong. She moved her hands to my shoulders and down to my biceps. I drew up the back of her shirt. The thin, light-blue material slid up her skin with ease. Her black skirt zipped and fastened in the back. I unclasped it and let it fall to the floor. I grabbed her round, tight ass and pulled her to me, pressing my thick dick against her stomach. She began to moan as our kiss grew more heated.

I pulled her shirt up a little bit and lowered myself to kiss her stomach. As I did so, I pulled her lacy blue thong panties down. Her pussy was absolutely the smoothest pussy I had ever laid eyes on. It was exquisite. Laura wasn’t wasting time either and she pulled her shirt off which was quickly followed by her bra. She tossed it to her orgasmic friend who just sat watching those mammoth tits fall free and smiled. I had already started licking up Laura’s wet slit.

“Ooooh, yeah. Oh I needed this.” She moaned acceptingly.

I stood up and kissed her again, giving Laura a taste of her own juices.

“Did you like the way your friend tasted on my tongue?”

She nodded. Her eyes were still half closed from the last kiss.

I stepped to the side and urged the blonde bombshell towards her raven haired counterpart. “I want you to pick up where I left off.”

Blair parted her legs once again as Laura took her position. The tanned beauty leaned in and caressed the lips of her perched friend with her own. Their tongues darted in and out. Blair’s small hands attempted to hold onto the enormous bust in front of her. Laura’s hands were busy rubbing Blair’s swollen clit and dripping lips. My hands were slowly stroking my shaft at the sight. I stepped behind Laura and pressed down on her shoulder, encouraging her to bend lower and eat her friend. With no hesitation, she bent over and adoringly made love to the wanting pussy in front of her. It was a sight beyond sights. Nothing in my most vivid fantasies could have prepared me for the true delicacy I was being shown.

Laura’s tongue caressed the sensitive folds of Blair’s sex as the light from sunrise awakens the sleepy valley. Every turn of flesh, every ridge and every curve received the most loving attention. I found myself light headed and short of breath in the scene. The brunette’s toes curled upward as she held her friend’s head against her during her intense orgasm. Blair howled against the low moans vibrating on her clit, an extended gift from her lover.

“I think it’s time we move to the bed for a little more room. Blair, you’re going to repay your friend here for that,” I instructed.

“mmmmm, ahhhhhh, yeah… better grab those towels,” she replied.

Laura stood and took the fair skinned beauty by the hands, helping her from her perch. Blair’s legs were still shaky from the bliss she had just withstood and she trembled when her feet hit the floor. Their eyes met with a flash of heat as Laura caught her stumbling partner. They turned and led the way to the bed. I followed after I took the towels still hanging by the shower. I didn’t have to tell either of them anything at this point. The two of them fell back on the bed, stretching from the bottom corner to the opposing top corner, with Blair now dominant and on top. She took the towels from me and placed them beneath her blonde lover. The water was steadily dripping from her freshly washed hair.

The ravenous vixen wasted no time diving into the smoothly shaven treasure in front of her. She knew exactly how Laura liked to be licked. I knelt beside Laura’s head on the bed, slowly stroking my shaft and admiring the carnal knowledge these two had of each other.

“I want you to suck me with as much fervor as you showed her cunt. My cock got jealous and needs your attention while she eats you.”

“I was hoping you’d give me that big dick of yours. I wa… ahh… ahh..,” her statement cut short by her bursting orgasm. Now I know the towels weren’t for Blair’s dripping hair, but for the all out squirting rush of the most amazing orgasm I have ever witnessed. Blair had sensed it coming and blocked it with her hand, redirecting it back onto the flawless flesh in front of her. When the orgasm had subsided, Blair lovingly and immediately moved right in to clean up every last drop. My dick was now being stroked by the blonde while she regained her senses. Her smile proved that her closest lover knew her better than any one could imagine.

“Give me that cock now,” she whispered.

Before I could react to everything my eyes had just taken in, her lips engulfed my manhood. She slowly snaked her way down my shaft, tonguing and swallowing along the way. My head was spinning, both with the sensation of this incredible blowjob and with the recurring flashes of the hottest sex I could imagine between two women. Laura was obviously getting more and more into it as her head picked up pace bobbing up and down on my meat. Her moans told me that Blair had once again found the sweet spot and another gush of climax was impending. Once again, her body quaked and her pussy erupted in pleasure. She pulled her head from my cock but continued to stroke me to the best of her ability. It was more than I needed and I exploded with my own orgasm all over her chest and stomach. I was kind of surprised with the range and shear volume of cum I spewed.

Blair crawled right up her partner’s body, licking all of my spilled love juice from the body before her. The wet locks of her hair left a cold trail from her lover’s pussy to her heaving chest, but not one drop of cum went to waste.

“Naughty, naughty! You two made a big mess. But since I cleaned it all up, you both should fuck me now.” The words came from Blair playfully, but dead serious. Her tone was almost like a sexy school teacher whose students were eager to do her bidding. With that, she turned around and lowered her clit to the masterful mouth beneath her. My dick hadn’t backed down one bit, despite the huge amount of cum that had just flowed from it. I took position behind Blair’s ass.

Reaching up, I grabbed a fistful of long, black hair that slithered down Blair’s back with my left hand and smacked her hard on the ass with my right.

“You’re talking out of line again, little slut! You shouldn’t forget so soon that you’re mine. You cunt is mine. Your tits are mine. Your mouth is mine. Fill that mouth with your friend’s cunt again or I’m not going to let you come.”

I was teasing the tip of my dick against her moist opening the entire time I spoke.

“You do want to come again, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied as I began bumping her clit with my stiff shaft beneath her. Laura, looking up at the sight, lifted up and began to lick the length of my long dick all the way to my balls.

“How badly do you want to come, little tease?”

“So bad it hurts!”

“Prove it,” I commanded.

She started to lower her head and I yanked back again, this time impaling her on the full length of my raging hardon. She didn’t have time to prepare for the fulfillment and let out a loud cry of pleasure and pain. Laura gasped at the scene only inches from her face and then ran her tongue along her lover’s slit and continued right up my scrotum once again. I stared pumping back and forth slowly and deeply, allowing Blair to savor the intensity of the large dick inside of her. Her blonde lover resumed work on her clit. Within minutes, juices from our sex were flowing out of her cunt with each thrust. Her orgasm was building. I started slamming harder into her, sending wave after wave of pleasure deep into her body. Her moans became screams of ecstasy.


Her pussy was soaking wet. Before her orgasm was done, I pulled out my dick and reminded her of what I had told her in the bathroom.

“Now I’m going to have that ass that you flaunt in front of me all of the time.”

I pushed the tip of my dick slowly into her tight little asshole. Her body tensed in pain and she gripped the sheets while she hissed.

“You like the pain of that dick inside your ass, don’t you? I bet you’ve never had a dick this big in your hot little ass.”

Blair couldn’t speak. She was too busy gasping for air. Her dripping pussy had left me well lubricated but it still took me a while to push my length inside of her. Once I was in, I held still and let her relax her sphincter around me. I eased back a couple of inches and pushed forward again. Over the next couple of minutes, we began to work up a slow rhythm. Laura continued her work on her lover’s cunt, helping her to relax. I was now able to start delivering long, full strokes into her accepting ass.

“I want you to come again slut. I want you to come for me now.”

She could only respond in deep grunts.

I slapped her ass again.

“Come!” –smack- “I thought you said you wanted to come, slut!” I pulled back on her hair again, almost pulling her completely back upright.

“Oh, FUCK! Uhh, God, yeah, fuck my ass harder,” she screamed out!

I smacked her stinging red ass one more time. “Come. Come all over your girlfriend’s face.”

I felt her walls tightening and started fucking with everything I had. I pushed her head down into the soft flesh of Laura, who still lay beneath her. My thrusts had become so forceful that I nearly pushed her off of the bed. I swear she began speaking in tongues when her orgasm finally hit.

It was such an intense climax that I couldn’t move inside her. The muscles inside of her clamped down and held me in place. After her orgasm finally abated, she rolled onto the bed and lay beside her blonde lover and began lightly stroking the tan leg in front of her from calf to thigh and back down again.

“That was really intense to watch but I want that big cock in me now.”

“You want this cock? What makes you think you should get this cock in you?” I teased, barely able to keep my breath.

“I’ve wanted it since the first time I saw you, but you weren’t man enough to get me. Now, here you are, taking whatever you want. We are your fuck slaves from now on. I want your cock in me now because I can’t take it anymore. Please! Fuck me and fuck me hard!”

I was bewildered at the declaration. I moved down on the bed and took my place between Laura’s silky thighs. Tapping my dick against her clit, I asked her “Is this the dick you want inside you?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

“This little dick? Are you sure this is the one?”

I slid my shaft along her slit, coaxing her response.

“Yes, please fuck me with that big dick of yours!”

With my head teasing at her opening, I commanded “Show me!”

She wrapped her legs together behind my back and impaled herself on me, slamming my body against hers. All of her lubrication made it easy for me to slide right in. She was tighter than I would have thought. Maybe it had been a while since she had a real man. I bottomed out inside of her and she gasped at the sensation. My long, deliberate strokes were smooth and steady. I sat back as I pumped in and out of her and began rubbing her clit with my thumb. She was rocking her hips in response to the rhythm. Our eyes were fixed on each other. I picked up my pace and quickly could feel her pussy tightening around me.

I leaned in and kissed her. The heightened sense and slight angle change sent her over the top. She released her wet orgasm once again, this time directly into my body, and flowed between us. My second orgasm was building. With just a few more deep thrusts, I laid my seed deep within her. Just like Blair had done, I collapsed onto the bed beside my blonde lover. We all laid there, a tangled mass of sex soaked flesh, and caressed one another until we drifted to sleep.

It was a deep, restful sleep. Possibly the most relaxing and fulfilling sleep I’d had in years. I awoke to the feeling of a tongue running up my hard shaft. I could feel each woman draped over my legs. I stirred. Moving my hands to her… wait… shit!

“Awe, he’s awake. Big man thinks he can just sneak in and take what he wants from us,” I heard Laura’s voice.

“Yep, but he didn’t think that two poor, defenseless little women would think about tying him up the next morning did he?” said my neighbor.

“Nope, too bad that blindfold is on. I really enjoyed fucking him and I kind of feel guilty with him only listening to us. All of these toys for us to play with and he has no idea what we are doing to each other, or what we will do with him.”

“Yep, he really showed me last night what an amazing fuck he is. I really have underestimated him. If he hadn’t made me come like that, he might be in a lot of trouble today. I guess he’ll just have to show us what kind of a man he really is today. What time are Lisa and Kristy going to be here?”

“Around 10,”said Laura.

“Good. I can’t wait until I get to unleash my animalistic lover on them!”

What did I get myself into?

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