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We’ll Meet Again

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I work for a small chain of retail shoe shops, in all there are thirty-one shops spread throughout the country, the shops are broken down into four regions, and mine was in the south.

Every three months we would attend a regional meeting and always it would be an overnighter, which I didn’t mind, the only problem being that I was the only woman and sometimes felt left out.

The regional manager Peter was one of the best I had ever worked for and when it came down to the evening meal and a late night in the bar he totally relaxed and drank along with us all.

After the first day of the meeting we had all arranged to meet in the bar around seven, by the time I got there they were all drinking away, except Robert who was still missing.

We had a couple of drinks before entering the restaurant for our evening meal, the chatter continued unabated as we sat down at a table that had been arranged so that we could all sit together.

We had been seated for twenty minutes when Robert appeared looking somewhat relaxed and a smile covering his face.

You look pleased with yourself, you been at the tissues,” remarked Peter.

The guys grinned at his comments but I didn’t understand what he meant at first and it took a while for the penny to drop.

As the chatter continued I glanced around the table at the seven men, these men were all professionals except at these meetings when they all ended up drunk and behaving like spoilt school kids.

The drink flowed and by the time we had finished the meal there were eight empty wine bottles and replacements on there way.

“So Robert did you enjoy your tug,” asked Peter.

“Fine boss thanks,” he replied with a laugh.

“How often do you do it,” continued Peter.

“Oh probably once a day, two times on occasions,” came the reply from Robert.

I looked from one to the other not believing this conversation was going on or maybe I didn’t understand and was reading the wrong thing into it.

Peter then turned to Ian and asked him the exact same question and the answer he got was almost a carbon copy.

Next he asked Bob and with some arrogance in his voice he replied that he didn’t need to as his wife satisfied all his needs.

Peter skipped me and carried on asking each man in turn and the answers were generally similar that they did it on average once a day.

I found it amusing that the conversation was so open but then again it may have been the wine that stopped me feeling embarrassed about this subject.

When every one had replied a short silence descended over the table, Robert looked at Peter and shrugged and it was Robert who broke the silence.

“You’ve heard about us Lisa so how often do you do it,” he asked.

I glanced around the table and they were all looking at me so I felt obliged to answer, “maybe once every couple of weeks,” I answered.

“So we’re all a bunch of wankers then apart from Bob,” said Peter causing loud laughter to cascade around the table.

The conversation remained on sexual matters and Peter suggested that we take turns asking the rest about carnal activity.

George was the first to go and asked if anyone had ever delved into doing anything with the same sex.

To my surprise all except Bob admitted to having at least once in their lifetime experimented with someone of the same sex, when I was asked I said no I hadn’t even though I had on occasions wondered what it would be like doing it with a woman.

Next up was John whose question was have you ever been unfaithful to your partner, everyone of us except Bob admitted that we had at least once strayed.

The questions then got a bit banal but showed that apart from Bob we were certainly no angels. Eventually it was my turn so I asked if anyone here had ever faked an orgasm. Only Paul admitted that he had and blamed it on alcohol then passed the question to me.

My answer was short and sweet, “yes I have.”

“Would you like to give us a bit more detail?” said Peter, once more taking over.

The drink had loosened my tongue so I had no reservations in telling them the gory details.

“A couple if years ago I went out with a guy who reckoned he was quite a stud. After dating for a couple of weeks we ended up in bed together, his cock was big and I mean big in length, it must have been ten or eleven inches long. Anyway he ends up on top of me banging away and it hurts like hell so I dig my nails into his back and yell that I’m cuming and I squirm and wriggle with my pretend orgasm and that sent him over the edge and he came. I never bothered seeing him again after that.”

“When you’re not pretending, what’s it like to have multi-orgasms, if you do that is,” John asked.

At first I didn’t want to answer the question as I felt that they were picking on me and me alone, that was until Peter just blurted out “I bet its fantastic”.

“Well I don’t really know, when it comes to screwing most guys don’t last long enough for me to find out,” I replied casting aspersions on all their manhood.

“So let’s see whose best,” said Peter turning towards George and raising his eyebrows. “How long can you last,” he continued.

“I reckon about five to ten minutes,” said George.

Once again almost everyone had the same answer except Bob who said, “I keep going until my partner screams with joy and holds me so tight then I cum.”

“Yea,” was all I could say to that.

The maitre de then came across and asked us to keep the noise down which was the signal for us to retire to the bar. The bar was quite crowded when we arrived and there was no way we could all sit together so Peter suggested we all went to his suite and he’d get room service to send up some more drinks.

I thought that by this time the subject might change but I suppose you get a group of guys together and some booze and it’s a inevitable that their brains move south.

“After your experience with the guy with the big dong what do you prefer size wise,” said Peter directly to me. “No wait don’t say,” he continued, “write it down and we’ll see who comes closest to the perfect size,” he said while passing me a sheet of paper.

I wrote down my answer, folded the piece of paper and placed it under the fruit bowl on the coffee table.

“Okay left to right each one answer in turn, starting with you,” Peter said pointing at John.

I was amazed how each of them said six inches, maybe this really was the average size I thought to myself.

Peter went to grab the paper and I caught his arm, “they’re not all telling the truth, you cant all be the same,” I said.

“Good point, I think we should measure them,” he said reaching into his briefcase and withdrawing a ruler.

He passed the ruler to John and told him to measure it, John got up to go to the bathroom but Peter stopped him and said, “we have to witness it or you might just lie.”

“I’m not getting my todger out in front of everyone especially with Lisa sitting there,” said John with a slight redness to his cheeks.

“Peter passed the ruler to me and said with an amused smile, “Lisa will take the measurements.”

By this time I was well pissed and didn’t see any harm in conducting this scientific experiment. With unsteady feet I stood up and walked over to John, taking his hand I helped pull him to his feet. Kneeling in front of him I pulled his fly down and slipped my hand into his trousers, his bulge was not hard to find as it tented as soon as my fingers began to pull it free of its confines. I placed the ruler up against his balls and called out five and three quarter inches, this I did for each of them and true enough all of them were within one inch of each other.

As I sat back down Peter picked up the piece of paper and read out what I thought was the perfect size,

“Lisa says about seven to eight inches, so you all fail.

They all booed in unison then burst into laughter, that is except John, “what’s the matter John?” asked Peter.

“Well Lisa’s seen all our willies so how about she shows us what shes got, its only fair.

“I don’t think so,” I quickly interjected.

“Lisa it wouldn’t be fair that we’ve all been exposed to you and you’ve shown nothing, so how about at least giving us a look at your tits.”

I thought about it for a moment, I suppose he has got a point and what harm could it do, there was no way anyone was going to blab about it considering I’d touched all their cocks when I measured them.

I stood up and pulled my blouse out of my skirt, slipping my hands beneath my blouse I reached behind and undid the clasp of my bra allowing my breasts freedom from their restraints. While keeping my blouse tightly together I fumbled with the buttons until the last one was undone and then swiftly I stood before them and revealed my tits. An audible gasp went around the room, my beautiful 36c certainly sobered them up a bit as they all stared at my chest.

As fast as I had undone my buttons I was even quicker doing them back up and felt some dampness in my pussy at the thought of being exposed to my colleagues.

“Lisa you said you don’t know if you are multi orgasmic, how about finding out. Apart from Bob everyone said they can last for between five or ten minutes that makes at best fifty minutes to find out if you are, maybe longer if Bob is true to his word,” said Peter jokingly.

I must admit the drink had removed my inhibitions and my pussy was craving some attention, but could I let my work mates use me.

I considered Peter’s proposal for a couple of minutes, James wouldn’t because he was gay and Bob has never cheated so he wouldn’t, that left five of them. Could I let five of my close colleagues have sex with me, I wanted sex but with so many men I wasn’t sure and would they keep their mouths shut or would I be known as a slut for the rest of my working career.

“Okay, let’s do it,” I brazenly said. “But on one condition, so the choice is yours. Firstly one of you will accommodate James, as he prefers arse and not a women’s arse.” I said knowing that whatever happened it would never be spoken about except in this close group if one of them took it up the butt.

Picking up the piece of paper I wrote on one section ‘YES’, then I tore it into six small pieces. “who ever gets the yes gets screwed by James, do you all agree.”

They all agreed except Bob who feigned any interest in shagging me. I emptied the fruit onto the table and dropped the bits of paper into the empty bowl and gave them a good stir.

Peter was the first to select, opening the folded paper it said yes and Peter slumped back in his chair feeling dejected.

“If I get done up the arse do I still get to screw you?” Peter asked with waning enthusiasm.

“Even better than that while you fuck me James will be fucking you, it’ll be a team effort,” I said slightly shocked at my own use of the word fuck.

“Let’s go for it,” said John as he stood up and started removing his clothes and was quickly followed by the others doing the same.

I watched as six of them removed every item of clothing, everyone of their cocks were standing to attention and Bob didn’t seem to mind that he wasn’t involved in the planned activities.

“I suggest the smallest goes first and then we finish with the biggest,” I said as I removed my blouse and cast my bra aside. I followed this my slipping out of my skirt and finally removing my extremely damp thong.

“Shall we move to the bedroom then we can be more comfortable and Bob can watch the television as he doesn’t want to partake,” I said already half way across the room.

I lay on the bed my legs slightly open ready for the first one, out of the corner of my eye I saw Bob enter and sit in the chair giving him a good view. The rest of the guys gathered round the bed as George positioned himself between my thighs and thrust forward filling me totally with his hard cock. My pussy was throbbing as he began thrusting in and out of me, it didn’t take long before my pent up frustration exploded deep within me. Stars flew past my eyes, my brain felt like I had just taken two thousand volts causing my body to jerk uncontrollably and squeeze the cock buried within until he also came filling me with his love juice.

One by one they fucked my willing hole, I made Peter wait until last, I wanted to make sure that no one forgot that our boss had taken it up the arse, this would ensure that their mouths stayed sealed forever.

Peter pulled me closer to the bottom of bed so that my legs hung over the edge, two of the other guys opened my legs wider as Peter sunk his rigid tool between my pussy lips.

He lay on top of me not daring to move as James lubricated his prize, Peter jerked as lubricant was pushed and spread in his hole. I felt the extra weight as James penetrated Peter slowly at first, each push causing Peter to yelp with discomfort. I could tell when James had filled Peter completely because of the steady thrusts, it took a few pushes before a suitable rhythm was established. Before I had even got close to an orgasm Peter was groaning and coming in me and quickly lost his erection. But he couldn’t move as James continued fucking the boss’s arse, I got the clear impression he was actually starting to enjoy it as it wasn’t long before his cock began to grow inside me once more.

I was nearing orgasm when with a long moan James came inside Peter causing Peter to come in me before they both collapsed on top of me.

By now I was frustrated beyond belief and was tempted to ask for more, but then they would think that they could have me anytime so I resisted the temptation.

They all left the room except for Bob, he got up and closed the door leaving us alone. I watched as he stripped off surprised that he had succumbed to the chance of having sex with a woman other than his wife.

He squeezed my nipples to make them stand erect before taking turns sucking each one. I thrust forward as he sank his teeth into one nipple and then the next, the orgasm I experienced had sneaked up on me and without any word of warning I was bucking like a crazy possessed woman.

He kissed my breasts then slowly moved the kisses down my body until he found my pussy, his tongue found my clitoris and he sucked it into his mouth and once more I erupted in a blissful orgasm. I wanted him inside me but he continued to suck and nibble my pussy.

“Please fuck me now,” I whispered.

“What,” he replied pretending not to have heard me.

“Just fuck me!” I shouted just a little too loud.

He didn’t need to be asked twice and was soon fucking me for all he was worth. Orgasm after orgasm was exploding throughout my body and I started to feel numb with the pleasure he was giving me.

He had been going for a good half an hour when I begged for his cum inside me which he duly obliged bringing me to the most extreme orgasm I had ever encountered in my whole life.

When he finished there was a round of applause, they had all returned and were watching Bob do me, obviously impressed with his stamina.

I lay there exhausted as each of them fucked me once more, even James joined in and gave me the painful pleasure of being fucked up the arse for the first time.

By the time they had all finished with me I fell into a deep sleep and unbeknown to me so did they. None of us woke until well past midday and sensibly Peter decided to cancel the planned meeting and reschedule for the next week, which I’m looking forward to.

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