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My Halloween Party

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The Cop

I got invited to a Halloween costume party this year. I don’t normally do this type of thing, but I was given enough advance warning that I was able to get online and find a cheap outfit. I chose a referee’s outfit that came with a striped top and a matching striped mini skirt that barely covered my ass.

I had a whistle around my neck and blew it every time somebody put their hand on my ass. I blew the whistle a lot, plus a few other things as the night wore on. It was a good party.

You probably want details. Where do I start? I think the best thing I saw all night was my friend Bev. She’s got an awesome body. I’m so jealous. Bev’s twenty one, tall, dark blonde hair, perfect tits and an ass I’d kill for. She went as a cop. Her outfit was a police hat, a mini dress that buttoned down the front starting at the bottom of her cleavage, a big black belt around her waist with handcuffs hanging from it and a night stick. Oh, and a black collar that just screamed bondage.

She’s got fabulous breasts that begged all night to be let loose from her dress. She patrolled the house with perfection, slapping girls on the ass with her night stick when they misbehaved and bringing it up between guys legs when necessary, making sure to stop just as she reached their balls.

Everybody wanted to be handcuffed for some reason, but Bev wanted to wait for just the perfect moment to bring them out. Unfortunately, some guys got drunk before she was ready. I knew she was in trouble when I heard somebody say she was ‘arrested’. The next thing I saw was Bev being led out of the room, her night stick being pushed into her back.

They prodded her down the hallway, down the steps and into the basement rec room. The guy with the stick, Joe, was a really good looking jock from my school. He was wearing a very unimaginative toga, but I figured Bev didn’t mind a bit getting all his attention. I’m not sure she was prepared for what happened next.

Once everybody was situated and Bev was standing in the center of the room, Joe took over.

“Bev, I’ve had reports you were abusing people with your night stick. How do you plead?” he asked her.

“Not guilty. They deserved it,” she answered with a straight face.

People in the crowd voiced their disapproval until Joe help up the stick to silence them. He moved behind Bev.

“You seem to be in the minority. I think some punishment is called for.”

A cheer went up. With people offering suggestions from all around the room, Joe took the night stick and placed it between Bev’s legs. The room got quieter and quieter as Joe lifted the stick, raising Bev’s little skirt at the same time.

“Hey!” Bev yelled out.

“Quiet,” Joe ordered. “I think you’re outnumbered anyway.”

Joe only had to lift the skirt a few inches to expose the bottom of Bev’s gorgeous ass. She went to swat the stick away, but Joe used it to hit her hand gently. She shrieked once more and grabbed her wrist. Joe returned to the skirt and lifted it even higher.

Bev’s tiny white panties were exposed, along with the firm roundness of her cheeks. The room was almost completely quiet now as everybody strained to get a look. Then it got louder as whistles and comments grew in number.

It was an incredibly sexy moment and I think most people would have been satisfied if it stopped there. But Joe had other plans.

“What do you think, people? A couple whacks to even things out?” Joe asked the crowd.

It was unanimous.

“I’d hate for this dress to get in the way. Do you think it would work better if she took it off?”

More cheers and applause.

Joe walked in front of Bev. He moved forward so his body pressed against hers. As he began to take off her belt, he leaned and whispered something in Bev’s ear. Nobody heard it but Bev. From that moment on, she was a different girl.

The black belt came undone and Joe pulled it away, tossing it onto the ground after removing the handcuffs. He looked at her for an instant, then unbuttoned the top button on her dress. You could hear a pin drop as his hands moved down her dress, slowly opening each button.

I could feel my thong beginning to dampen. When he was done, Bev’s dress lay open far enough to expose the inner half of her bare breasts and the front of her panties. Joe reached up and took off her hat. The he used the night stick to push back one side of her dress. Bev’s breast was on full display. I couldn’t believe she was letting him do this. Their eyes were locked together, as if communicating.

Joe used the stick to push the dress off Bev’s shoulder. She lifted her arm out of one side as he moved the stick to the other. In seconds, the dress was around Bev’s ankles and she stood in just her panties.

What a sight! Bev’s nipples were starting to grow, pointing straight out from her perfectly shaped breasts. Her chest rose and fell quickly along with her breathing. Her pussy was barely covered by the tiny panties and her ass still looked marvelous.

“Turn around,” Joe ordered.

All eyes were on her body as she slowly rotated so her back was to him.

“Give me your hands,” he said.

Joe took the handcuffs and fastened them to her wrists.

“Are you ready for your punishment?” he asked Bev.

“Yes,” she said softly. “Please be gentle.”

Joe smiled. Then he took the night stick and lightly touched her ass with it. Bev flinched at the touch, perhaps expecting more.

“Bend over,” Joe said.

Bev looked over at him, then spread her legs and slowly leaned forward. My God, I thought I was going to cum on the spot seeing this beautiful young girl, her breasts hanging down, her luscious ass pointing up at us below her handcuffed hands.

Joe tapped her once more with the stick. Finally, he hit her a little harder and she groaned. The sound of the stick hitting her panties and cheeks was the only sound. I saw Joe’s toga stretched out slightly from his erect cock. I wondered how many other guys in the room were hard.

He hit her a couple more times, slightly harder each time. Her breasts jiggled with every slap. Bev’s moans were somewhere between pain and pleasure.

Finally, Joe stepped directly behind Bev and slid the stick between her legs, directly over her pussy.

“Want me to stop?”

Bev nodded. “Yes.”

It was almost a whimper. Very unconvincing.

“I’m not sure you mean that,” Joe said. He took his hand and ran it from her ass to her pussy. Bev spread her legs a little more. We watched him feel her for a few seconds.

“You’re wet.”

Bev didn’t answer.

“Let’s take a vote. How many think she wants more…on her bare ass?”

All of us were very glad to have a reason to say something. The tension in the room was awesome. We all agreed she did.

Joe grabbed the waistband of Bev’s panties and pulled them down her legs. She stood up straight as the last of her clothes were removed from around her feet. If I’ve seen a more erotic sight, I can’t remember it.

More and more people had come down when word got around what was going on. We were all close enough that bodies were touching each other and I had more than a couple hands grope me during the ‘show’. I didn’t mind. I would have fucked the first person I saw if I thought I wouldn’t miss what Joe was doing to Bev.

Joe hit her a couple times lightly on the ass, then had her spread her legs and lean forward. The stick he was using was about half the circumference of a baseball bat. Not very big. So when he slid it down the crack in Bev’s ass and allowed it to disappear between her legs, everybody in the room had the same thought at the same time.

‘Is he going to put it in her? Nah. He wouldn’t do that.’

We watched him rub it over her clit, then put the tip between the lips of her pussy. Just when we thought he might do it, he moved it up again and rubbed her clit some more. Bev was clearly stimulated. She rose up slightly and stuck our her chest whenever the stick hit her clit. But she never protested.

After what seemed like an eternity of Joe taunting her, the stick was once again at the entrance to Bev’s pussy. This time he did it. We saw the tip enter her, spreading her pussy lips apart like a huge cock. Bev gasped loudly.

Joe leaned over and put his hand on one of her breasts. He squeezed it.

“Every guy in this room wants to fuck you,” Joe said just loud enough into Bev’s ear that we all heard it. “Pretend this is a cock. A long, hard, thick cock.”

He pushed the stick in another inch.

“Oh, God. Ohhhhh…,” Bev moaned.

“We’re all naked and we’re going to take turns fucking you from behind while you’re handcuffed,” Joe said softly. He began to move the moist night stick in and out of Bev’s pussy. He gripped her nipple and rolled it between his fingers. Bev cried out her approval.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me,” she begged.

The stick was now every guy’s cock and Bev’s pussy was more than a willing subject. Somebody grasped both cheeks of my ass and squeezed tightly. I wanted a cock so bad. Anybody’s. I wanted to be Bev.

Surely Joe was going to stop before Bev climaxed. Yet the stick pounded her faster and harder. Deeper and deeper. He gripped her breast, his cock pushing out against his toga without embarrassment.

And then the unthinkable happened. Bev had an orgasm. She screamed for Joe to keep plunging the stick into her as her entire body shook. After the first couple waves of her orgasm, she sank to her knees with Joe supporting her. He kept fucking her and she kept begging for more.

If anybody had touched my clit at that moment I would have cum, too. But we just wanted to watch, and listen.

When it was over, Joe carefully pulled out the stick, laid it aside and held the exhausted girl in the handcuffs. Bev was stretched out on the floor on her stomach. What an ass! What a party!

She told me afterwards Joe had whispered a ‘safe’ word to her so she could have ended it at any point. We’re all glad she didn’t.

The Schoolgirl

Nobody who witnessed the show in the basement rec room could have left without feeling extremely horny. Which might explain why some people didn’t leave. I, for one, needed another drink so I followed the crowd back upstairs.

One of the people I talked to along the way was my friend Julie. She’s my age, but like most of my girlfriends has a much better body than me. She was flaunting it in a schoolgirl’s costume. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her since she knew I wrote these stories, so here’s one I found on the net of what she had on.

Yes, she looked that hot. She said she almost let a guy fuck her while watching Bev and Joe. I mentioned the hands on my ass and she laughed.

So here we were, two oversexed, horny girls at a costume party that was quickly turning into an orgy. It would have been fun to watch some more escapades, but it was about time we got our share.

It’s never a bad idea under those circumstances to find Joe and the mob that normally hung around him. I doubted that he was going to allow his erection to go unattended for very long. As much as I would have loved to be the one to attend to him, my chances were slim.

Julie and I simply followed the sound to find him. Cheering from down another hallway led us to the family room. There, on the couch, was Joe with his toga opened and a nurse with her dress mostly wrapped around her waist eagerly sucking the cock I desired. It was huge, at least what you could see when it wasn’t deep inside the girl’s mouth. I didn’t know her. But we were all getting to know her large breasts and firm ass a lot better.

Joe held her by the back of the head as she worked his cock like a piston. He couldn’t have been all that much smaller than the night stick her used on Bev earlier. Something made me think this girl could have taken him in any hole she wanted.

Julie and I only stood there for a minute before we were both approached by guys we knew. Hands started to explore and another moment later I was rubbing a cock through a pirate costume and a hand was inside my thong. Julie was leaning back on a body builder, grinding her cute ass against his cock. Her plaid skirt rode high up her thighs as she squirmed back and forth. I swear it was even turning ME on.

We looked on intently as the nurse treated Joe’s cock. My pirate’s hand was inside my top and I clutched at his hard shaft. Moans from the couch signaled a pending orgasm, although we couldn’t be sure by whom.

The answer came when the girl pulled back from Joe’s cock, pointed it toward her tits and pumped it for all it was worth. A few grunts later, Joe splashed stream after stream of cum all over her neck and chest. The cheers of the crowd only seemed to encourage him and Joe responded with a couple more dribbles of white cum over her nipples.

God, I was desperate. One hand was kneading my breast and pulling at my nipple, the other was about to enter my cunt. I hated to be a total slut and be the first to initiate sex, so I was ecstatic to see Julie pulling out her partner’s cock. Then another girl was preparing to be fucked from behind.

So with those clues, I quickly turned and yanked out the pirate’s thick cock. I had it in my mouth faster than I thought possible. He continued to play with my tits, much to my glee. I glanced over and saw Julie’s top being untied and removed by the body builder dude. Now we were getting somewhere.

I had previously been introduced to the guy I was doing and thought he was pretty cute. He knew my name but I wished I could remember his. Too many drinks, I guess.

Anyway, I had him as hard as he was going to get. I was impressed. He wasn’t Joe’s size, but I’d take anything at this point.

I leaned back and allowed him to pull off my top, followed by my little skirt and thong. I watched him push his pants down. I just hoped I wouldn’t cum two second after he put his cock inside me.

Julie was on her hands and knees, guiding a cock into her wet pussy. I don’t ever remember being as horny as I was at that moment. That’s when my guy got on top of me, quickly filling my waiting cunt with his cock. I eagerly wrapped my legs around his waist and began to give him a ride.

Whoever this guy was, he was a good fuck. He knew all the right places to touch. He sucked and bit my tits with just the right force. When he asked me where I wanted him to cum I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

“All over my chest. My tits. My stomach. My pussy,” I said. The words were driving us both crazy. I could feel it. “Cum all over me, pirate.”

I touched my clit. That did it. I lifted my ass off the floor and pulled the guy into me as deep as I could. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Nobody in that room had any doubt that I was cumming. I let out a cry and then held on as my body lost control. We rolled back and forth on the floor, the sound of our bodies coming together mingling with the assorted sounds of sex around us.

God bless the guy I was with. He waited until I was done, then pulled out and began to pour warm cum all over me…just as I requested. I watched it spurt over my tits, my stomach and onto my pussy. He was pretty impressive. I had a small lake on my chest by the time he was done.

Too tired to move, I could only watch my partner as he grabbed a towel from a stack that had magically appeared in the middle of the room. As soon as I was cleaned up, we slid over to where Julie and the body builder were about to finish. The pirate had one of her tits in his mouth.

“Come on. Take the other one,” he said to me between nibbles.

“Nah, that’s OK.”

“C’mon. You know you want to,” he urged.

How did he know? Was the look on my face that obvious? I really did want to do it, knowing how good it would feel for Julie and anxious to try it. But…no, I couldn’t…

Next thing I knew, I was sucking on one of my girlfriend’s tits. And it was great. She came a few seconds later and God did she cum. It was so cool helping her and I almost didn’t want to quit. The sensation of her hard nipple on my tongue and the taste of her soft skin stayed with me long after I pulled back from her.

Julie looked at me after her orgasm was over. “Kiss me, Justine.”

I almost said no. But I kissed her. Long and hard. And sucked on her breast some more. It was very cool.

The Referee

Well, as I mentioned before, almost everybody wanted to try the handcuffs after watching Joe and Bev. I was no different. Word got around the party that the basement was where all the handcuff action was. So I waited about half an hour after my encounter with the pirate and headed that way.

The scene I walked into was a little surreal. People were either naked, half naked or about to get naked. Couples were everywhere—against the wall, on the floor, on the couches and chairs. Actually, I even saw small groups enjoying each other. Or couples were sharing…hard to tell.

The sounds of sex filled the big room. Nobody could stand there very long without getting horny. Especially after watching the Devil fuck some naked little thing like he’d never had sex before.

I was just walking around innocently in my referee’s outfit and whistle when my friend Scott came up behind me and rubbed his obviously hard cock against my ass.

“Are you looking for the handcuffs?” he asked, putting his hands up my shirt.


Scott’s hands were playing with my nipples and my pussy responded accordingly. “These nipples are telling me you need the handcuffs.”

He was guiding my across the room. We came to one end, free of all furniture. I looked up and saw them—the handcuffs were wrapped around a pipe running along the low ceiling. They hung menacingly.

“Play time,” he whispered in my ear. The next thing I knew, my shirt was being pulled up over my head. The whistle fell back onto my chest as the shirt disappeared. It bounced off one breast and settled in my cleavage.

I watched Scott pull my arms up one by one and fasten my wrists to the cuffs. I faced the room, bare breasts pulled high on my chest with my arms stretched above me. It was one of the most incredible feelings I’d ever had…completely vulnerable, half naked and horny as hell. Where was that Devil?

Scott ran his hands over my breasts, paying close attention to my fully aroused nipples. By now a couple more people had joined us to watch, forming a semi-circle around me. Scott’s hand vanished under my little skirt.

“I really don’t think we need this skirt any more, do we?”

I shook my head. ‘As if I could do anything about it.’ I heard the Velcro coming undone and then the skirt fell to the floor. Scott kicked it aside and ran his fingers up the insides of my thighs. He traced the outline of my thong, then pulled it off.

Except for my whistle, I was naked. The crowd around us was much bigger now. That only increased my craving to be fucked.

“OK, people,” Scott announced. “Have fun blowing the referee’s whistle. And you can’t use your hands.”

The group laughed and it only took a second for a guy in his boxers to put his face hard against my chest, wrapping his lips around the whistle and giving it a blow. Then, of course, those same lips were all over my breasts. It felt fabulous to have him suck and lick me. The moisture in my pussy was ready to stream down my thighs.

Many more people took advantage of my predicament, all of them breaking the rules and using their hands to grope me. Like I cared. Guys…girls…it didn’t matter. The loudest cheers went up for Traci, a good friend of mine, who would have never considered sucking on my breasts any other time. I loved it.

It was inevitable that sex was going to occur while I hung there nude and helpless in a room of mostly naked horny people. But little did I know that the first round would involve me solo. Well, solo with a little help from some guy I didn’t even know who buried his head in my pussy.

I opened my legs for him when I felt his tongue slide up my pussy towards my clit. The moment he made contact I knew I would cum in front of all these people. He held me by the ass and pulled me closer to his face. I felt his tongue and lips working on my clit, licking and sucking and nibbling. Oh my God, I was in heaven. I pulled on the cuffs while shoving my pussy harder against his face.

He teased me endlessly. The crowd loved it, but I just wanted to cum so bad.

“Please let me cum. Please,” I cried out to the delight of everybody watching.

Then he’d lick me again. I’d be on the verge of an orgasm and he’d stop.

“Fuck you!” I shouted. “Make me cum. Please!”

He put a hand on my breast and rolled my nipple. Then the other. All the while, his tongue was inside my pussy, probing for just the right spot.

“My clit! Please! My clit!” I moaned, almost out of mind with the need to cum.

“No faking it now,” the guy said.

“God damn it! Make me cum!”

His mouth engulfed my clit one last time. His fingers dug into my ass. His tongue attacked my erect clit.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I shrieked so loud I thought the entire house would hear me. My body stiffened and I felt like I was hanging in mid air for a moment. Then my orgasm began and I totally lost control. My body shook fiercely and I begged him to keep eating me.

“Don’t stop. Please,” I pleaded each time I could breathe. The orgasm went on and on and on, perhaps because of me and perhaps because of the cheers of the crowd. I only felt the pressure on my arms after a full minute of climaxing.

The guy’s face must have been completely covered with my juices. I couldn’t see. I was too exhausted to look down. But I felt it when he moved up, put his face on my chest and blew the whistle. Then I felt his tongue on my nipples and couldn’t believe I could STILL feel it deep inside my pussy. God, I was still horny.

So it didn’t bother me when I felt somebody behind me. First I felt hands, all over me. Then I felt a hard cock on my ass. Do you have any idea what a great feeling that is when you’re horny, handcuffed to a pipe, and naked? I had no idea who it was and I didn’t care. But I looked around anyway and caught a glimpse of one of the football players at my school. He’s really a good looking guy and his cock felt huge. That’s all I cared about.

I spread my legs for him and he grabbed me by the hips. I looked out at the people watching us. My friend Traci was back, only this time she was slowly unbuttoning her little black blouse while standing directly in front of me. She let it fall open, exposing two of the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen. God it was sexy.

Then I felt the cock slowly entering my wet pussy. It stretched me to the limit as the head inched upwards. I pushed my ass backwards and accepted the entire length of the huge shaft. It was the best mix of pain and pleasure I’d ever felt.

He started to fuck me from behind while I hung naked, watching Traci move her bare breasts closer and closer to mine. She stopped just inches from me, kissed me lightly on the lips, then pressed her nipples against mine.

Oh my God. Between the cock sliding in and out and my pussy and Traci’s nipples rubbing mine while our lips touched…well, I needed to cum again. I felt Traci’s hand touch my clit. A jolt shot through my entire body as she began to rub harder.

Then her mouth was on my breast, sucking on it until I thought I’d scream. I had a cock fucking me from behind, a beautiful girl sucking my tit and a hand rubbing my clit. Oh, and I was hanging naked in front of a room full of people. Can I be excused for wishing it would never end?

Amid all the cheering and shouting, I could hear the sound of my ass smacking against the stomach of the guy behind me each time he rammed his cock into my cunt. And he did it repeatedly. Very hard. I loved it.

Traci was nibbling on my nipple. Little bites that drove me wild. Where did she learn this stuff?

My attention, however, returned to the cock when I heard the guy fucking me announce that he was about to cum. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me back against his body. He thrust into me with a massive grunt. Then again. Finally, he groaned and started to cum while pounding me faster and deeper. As soon as I felt his warm cum hitting the inside of my pussy I knew I’d cum, too.

“Oh, God. Yes! Yes! Fuck…me…harder!” I cried out.

Then I came. I was a sandwich between a girl licking my tits and playing with my clit and some guy with a huge cock spewing cum in my pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yesssss!”

Every inch of my body shook with pleasure. Yet, I felt the cock…Traci’s mouth…her hand. They all kept me cumming. When I thought I was done Traci would take my breast into her mouth again. Or she’d press against my clit with two fingers and massage it.

I felt the cock pull out of me about the time I was almost done. Something was dribbling down the inside of my thigh. I could care less.

If I hadn’t been cuffed I would have fallen to the floor. I’m sure I looked awful, but felt wonderful. I heard the whistle and then another mouth was on my breast.

I saw Traci walking away.

“Somebody let me down.”

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