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Just Being Friendly

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Trixie lurched through the door, heels clack-clacking on the laminate flooring as she stumbled. Failing to realise the racket she had just created, she turned and carefully shut the door, just in case her boyfriend, Gary, had gone to bed already. He had let her borrow his keys just case she came home really late, as he had an early start the next morning – a weekend away with the boys.

It was quite late, she thought as she arrived, so she opted for considerate silence, creeping from the entrance hall into the living room. There she was confronted by the sight of a complete stranger sat in the chair in the corner, drinking a beer. He looked up at her, almost apologetically, as she half-strutted, half-staggered into the room.

“What have you done with my boyfriend?” she asked with inebriated mock-drama, offering a sly grin as she swayed in the centre of the room.

“Sent him to the kitchen to get the last beers,” came Gary’s voice from behind, planting a kiss on her cheek as he brushed past to the couch. “Good night?”

“Yeah… was fun,” she said, non-committal, plonking herself next to Gary and swinging her legs over his. She knew her short skirt would ride up her thighs a bit more if she did this and, feeling flirty, decided to let the quiet stranger get a decent side-on view.

“That’s Tim by the way, from work. He’s coming with us this weekend. Just split from his bitch of a girlfriend and he needs cheering up.”

“Gary…” Tim tried to interrupt and prevent any unnecessary embarrassment. Too late, though.

“Needs cheering up, eh?” Trixie smiled across at him. He wasn’t bad looking, and to his credit he was trying not to look at her thighs. She tried to catch his eye but he was acting the perfect guest, focusing on the silent TV at the opposite end of the room, so she turned her attention back to Gary.

“Mmmmm, can I have a sip?” she moaned, reaching for Gary’s bottle of Bud. He moved it out of her reach.

“I think you’ve had enough,” he grinned, and winked at her.

“Oh come on darling,” she reached across him and a thought occurred, she could try to earn it while also teasing poor Tim. Her hand wandered up Gary’s T-shirt and she started kissing his neck.

“Well if you can prove how sober you are Trixie,” Gary laughed.

She kissed up his neck to his ear, along his cheek to his mouth, kissing him deeply and sexily, and clambered round so that she was straddling him. Gary placed his bottle on the adjacent table and moved both hands to her bare thighs, and up inside her skirt, still kissing deeply. Her left hand hooked round his head as the right moved back down his chest and rubbed his crotch through his jeans. He was hard and she smiled as she kissed him, groaning for extra effect.

“OK you can have some of my beer,” Gary laughed as she sat back to look at him through her tussled hair. She reached over and drank slowly and deliberately from the bottle, knowing what would be cropping up in Gary’s imagination.

“He’s got a full bottle too you know,” Gary said, nodding to the onlooker. She froze – it hadn’t occurred to her that Gary would want her to flirt, or more, with him. She thought she’d been quite subtle thus far. She looked over her shoulder at Tim, and he quickly readjusted his gaze from her legs to her face, then down to his beer, unsure where he should look.

“Hmm,” she said as she climbed off Gary and walked towards him. If Gary was wanting her to try and cheer him up, she was happy to oblige. When she got to the corner of the room in which he was cowering, she put the first beer bottle down on the shelf to her left and stood as close as she could, right in front of him. He didn’t move, so she leant forward and took his beer, moving it to the same shelf as she straddled his lap in exactly the same way she had done with Gary.

She confidently brought her sexy red mouth down towards his, hands unbuttoning his shirt partially so that she could get one inside. They kissed, gently at first, but as his tongue got more adventurous she in turn got more aggressive and pulled away four or five buttons at the top of his shirt. His body had tensed noticeably, but she reached lower down and pulled the shirt from his jeans while kissing down his neck on to his exposed chest then back up again as her right hand reached down between her legs to grasp his crotch. She found a stiff cock under the denim and rubbed it slowly, her tongue going back into his mouth, his breath suddenly loud and staggered.

Suddenly she sat back, retreated from the seat and reached across for his beer, taking another sexy swig. “Mmmmm, nice,” she smiled.

She turned and loped back to Gary. “So…?” she said, returning to the same sexy side-on sitting position she had occupied earlier. She looked back at the stranger, and could see the outline of a hard shaft through the material of his jeans.

She turned to kiss Gary, and the way he responded she could tell he was gagging for her. Her right hand roamed down to unfasten his belt buckle, button and zip in turn, and reached inside his boxers. His cock felt hot and hard. She moved her legs and span round so that she was half-kneeling on the couch next to Gary and used both hands to pull the jeans and boxers down to his knees. She leant back again, making sure her new friend could see what was coming his way in a moment. As she returned to kissing Gary deeply, breathing heavily over his face, she ran her nails up and down Gary’s pulsating cock, occasionally teasing the end, occasionally gripping the base of the shaft, sometimes squeezing the balls gently, but always teasing, hinting at something more to come. Gary unfastened the buttons on her shirt as they kissed and when he reached the bottom she shrugged the top off and raised herself from the couch, turning to her second-favourite boy-toy.

She decided to sit next him, on the table by his chair. She was half-naked now and he watched her sit in her white lace bra, with heaving cleavage. She crossed her legs and reached down to the buttons on his jeans, popping them open and almost feeling him squirm in anticipation. She pushed the garments down to knee level once more and looked up to see Gary enthralled. Her left hand ran gently up Tim’s thigh to his balls and then her nails dragged lightly up the underside of his cock, and he gasped as she inflamed his desire. She turned to kiss him, her right hand having to lift his gaze from the deep red nails teasing the head of his cock. She squeezed hard as she finally managed to coax his tongue into her mouth and bit on his bottom lip as she reached down to massage his balls. He groaned audibly as the hand worked the throbbing cock below and, after nine or ten teasing strokes, she decided he was having too much fun, standing up and walking purposefully back to her boyfriend.

She stood with her back to the interloper, and bent at the waist, placing hands either side of Gary so that her skirt rode up almost to her crotch. Her thighs were toned and brown and, between her legs, just below her white lace-encased pussy, Tim could just see her sexy mouth close slowly over Gary’s waiting dick. Gary watched as she slowly moved her mouth up and down on his rod and she made as much noise as possible, hoping all Tim could see was her sexy ass and all he could hear was the slurping of her mouth around Gary’s cock.

She gave the starting of a superb blow job, licking and slurping on Gary, squeezing him with one hand, before standing up and unfastening her bra. She tossed it to the floor before shifting to the side to face Gary head-on and getting down on all fours. He opened his legs slightly as she prowled forward, just in her skirt and heels. She kissed and licked her way up his inner-thigh from the knee till she was sucking on each ball in turn and making him squirm. Her right hand reached over and took the cock, jacking it firmly as she sucked his balls and licked the underside of his shaft. Tim was watching this fox on all fours sucking a guy off just three yards away, and he wanted to wank himself silly. He wondered whether the couple might now just get down with each other and forget about him, and he subconsciously reached down to his own stiff tool to stroke it as he watched that sexy mouth close over Gary’s dick once more for the umpteenth time beneath her straggly brunette bob.

Out of the corner of her eye, Trixie caught sight of Tim touching himself and released herself from Gary, turning to crawl animal-like across the lounge floor on all fours, prowling towards her other muse. When she got to the chair, her right hand reached up and clawed his trousers to the ground, his legs already ajar waiting for more of the same from her. She licked and nibbled her way up his thigh, both hands tracing a path up the outside and reaching ahead to push his shirt away from the throbbing cock. Her tongue reached his crotch and wrapped around one of his balls, lifting it to her mouth were she gently sucked it. Her tongue then pressed lightly on it before moving up to the base of his cock, and she then looked up through her bob at his mesmerised eyes as her open mouth closed around the base of his dick, kissing and slurping its way north before sucking hard and long on the end.

Tim was writhing in the chair, Trixie’s hot mouth and sexy noises driving him wild. She got her head down, and in quicker movements moved her head up and down on his dick, hands free to release the remaining buttons on his shirt. When she had done it she looked up at him, scratching all the way down his chest as she pushed her face against the underside of his hard cock. He grimaced but didn’t flinch much, and watched as she dragged her teeth slowly over the head of his cock to finish.

With that she stood up again, now reaching up her skirt to remove her thong, kicking it to one side when it hit the floor. This time she slowly backed towards Gary, keeping an eye on the slimy cock she was leaving unattended for a few minutes. She peered behind to sit just right on Gary, who had kicked off his jeans and boxers while watching the show in the corner. She backed on to his lap, but made sure his dick didn’t enter her, manoeuvring herself so that it slid along her already moist pussy up to her clit. She reached down between her legs and grasped his balls, holding his tool in position with the inside of her wrist as she rocked against his stiff cock. His hands roamed over her back and around her curves, groaning as he could feel how wet she was even on the outside – amazed at how much juice was leaking on to his dick. She held herself up with her left hand on the arm-rest of the couch, the right holding the dick just where she wanted it.

After a few minutes of rocking and grinding, she got up and turned to face him, indicating the he should slide down to the floor. He did so and, when his back was propped against the couch, she moved to walk over him, lifting her skirt over his head and shifting herself down so that her pussy was right on his mouth. As his eager lips closed round her clit and his tongue delved further down, she unfastened her wraparound skirt so that all was on show. She half-knelt, spread-eagled above Gary, wearing only her sexy heels, as he lapped at her soaking cunt. Her head went back and she groaned, hands holding his head in place as his mouth sucked her into a point of no return and his hands stroked up and around her thighs and ass.

For a few minutes she made a point of pushing him down to explore her hole and then shifting him back up to suck on her engorged clit, stepping away when she thought things were moving on too fast. She wanted more fun. She looked down at Gary and growled at him, turning again to boy-toy no 2. His expression as she strutted towards him this time was priceless and, when she got there, she straddled him by placing both her knees on the arms of the chair, too high for his dick to reach the honeypot. It was tantalising and she slowly moved closer to him, kissing him deeply before lifting herself higher so that he could explore her tits with his mouth. That he did, licking, kissing, groping, gently chewing and Gary watched from behind as she subconsciously gyrated above his dick.

It was all too much, and Gary crawled over to kiss the back of her thigh, then her ass, before finally letting his tongue roam along her ass and into her hole, probing gently as she groaned. She lifted herself upright, and shifted one foot on to the table she had sat on earlier, and one on to the other arm of the chair, lowering her dripping pussy on to the stranger’s face. He drank eagerly, dying to taste the juices he had smelled coming his way for the past five minutes. He realised what Gary was doing and reached round to her firm buttocks, gripping and pulling so that she was more exposed. Gary began licking and kissing deeply, slurping at her ass, tasting the juices that had slipped down there earlier. She had tongues going everywhere and felt like she was being driven to an orgasm out of all control.

She reached round and pushed Gary away and lowered herself, the soaking pussy edging towards the stranger’s dick. She reached down, holding him steady, and slowly slid her frothing hole on to his waiting tool. He gasped, she was so hot. She worked it around a little and kissed Tim deeply. He was moaning loudly but Gary was still able to make out her muffled request that he fuck her in the ass.

He stood having watched Tim’s cock slide into his girlfriend from the perfect vantage point on the floor below the chair, and held his dick as he slowly approached Trixie’s moist asshole. She had let him do anal before, but this was most certainly a first. The noises coming from the couple beneath him were incredibly erotic, groaning, panting, kissing and Trixie rutted on Tim with her knees crammed either side of Tim in the armchair, her strappy heels still on and hanging over the edge of the chair and digging into the outside of Tim’s knees.

Gary took the precaution of adding a dose of spit to the pulsating head of his cock – even though he had worked her fairly well with his tongue – and pressed it against her opening. Tim was pulling her butt cheeks apart again now, and Gary watched as the cock slid slowly in. Trixie stopped bucking on Tim for a moment, waiting for the initial ‘burn’ to pass before she slowly worked her hips in a circular motion to open up her ass while still managing to rub her clit against Tim.

“Oh, I can feel him inside you,” Gary whispered. They could feel each other, through the walls inside Trixie their cocks were rubbing against each other. Trixie just moaned as her movements gradually became more pronounced.

“I want you bothe to come inside me,” she whispered as she pushed herself more upright, reaching round to hook a hand round Gary’s head as she began to fuck Tim again. Gary reached round to hold on to her tits as he began slowly moving his dick in and out of her ass in small movements. She gave a few sharp intakes of breath but eventually relaxed into a rhythm where Gary thrust back into her as she pushed down on to Tim’s cock.

Tim was holding her hips, watching his dick being used by her frothing cunt and feeling his friend’s dick charging into her ass behind and pushing on his own. He was holding on for dear life, not wanting to be the first to cum. Trixie’s head was still thrown back on Gary’s shoulder as he held her upright and began to fuck her ass harder. With one arm reaching behind her and the other pushing against the arm of the chair, she was crying out now rather than moaning, her hair in her mouth, her chest glistening with beads of sweat.

She suddenly threw herself forward, growling “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonan cum” over and over. She bit Tim’s neck and he felt her tense inside, she stopped moving on him but the squeezing of her muscles and the continuing pumping of Gary inside her forced him over the edge too and he let out a cry as he shoot deep inside her, cumming with her as her nails dug into his shoulders. Gary followed moments later, collapsing on to her back, forcing her into muffled moans as her ass was filled with his cum. Both men had gallons to share after a few days without action, and she was carrying the lot.

Gary’s withdrawal made Trixie whimper, his dick falling out with a slrup, and she pushed herself off Tim and stood unsteadily, holding on to the shelf. All three smiled as cum oozed from her, on to the tanned skin of her thighs and ass, on to the carpet of Gary’s living room floor. She reached across and took her sip of Bud…

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