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Wrong Picture Ch. 03

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Due to her jet lag and the incredible fucks the previous day, Cindy slept in much later than Jim. When she finally woke up Jim was sitting on the balcony reading a book. He came in to greet her and teased her playfully about wasting the day away in bed. Cindy laughed when she heard her own words come back to her. She used to say that to Jim nearly every weekend and summer morning while he was growing up because he would sleep into the late morning or early afternoon on a consistent basis.

Cindy showered and Jim ordered breakfast from room service. The shower felt so good that Cindy lingered for a long time and by the time she came out their breakfast was waiting. They ate on the balcony and Cindy again marveled at the scene in front of her. It was truly something off a postcard and she couldn’t wait to explore this beautiful scene. They relaxed on the balcony after eating before Cindy suggested they change and go to the beach. Jim eagerly agreed and soon they were on their way downstairs.

Relaxing on the beach was just what Cindy needed after her travels and intense fucks the previous day. She looked forward to doing a lot of shopping and sightseeing, but for now all she wanted to do was lie on the beach and perhaps take a dip in the ocean. They spread out their blanket and helped each other apply sunscreen. It was a secret thrill to allow Jim to rub the sunscreen all over her body and to do the same for him. She knew there was nobody here who knew them as mother and son and that they appeared to be a May-December couple, but the secret knowledge that she and her son were touching each other in inappropriate ways out in public like this still made her pussy tingle.

It only took a few moments to realize that this was not the typical kind of beach they knew from back home. Many of the women on the beach were topless and Jim especially seemed to notice the sea of naked flesh around them. A few times Cindy teased him for staring a little too obviously. Cindy’s suit was a one-piece that wasn’t exactly conservative by her own standards, but she felt like she might as well be wearing a suit compared to the exposed flesh around them. Even Jim’s baggy shorts style swimsuit looked overly conservative compared to the tight suits many of the other guys wore.

They spent a lovely, lazy day relaxing on the sand and splashing in the warm waters. It was well into the evening before they finally packed up and headed for their room. Jim suggested more room service but Cindy was ready for a romantic evening on the town. They showered and changed before heading out. Cindy put on a very light and airy dress that had always been one of her favorites.

They found a small, dark little seafood place that overlooked the beach and savored a wonderful meal and each other’s company. Cindy flirted with Jim as they ate and again felt the secret thrill of knowing she was openly flirting with her own son. After dinner they walked hand in hand back to their room. It was such a beautiful evening that Cindy suggested they relax a bit on the balcony. They sat close together on the loveseat sized patio chair. Jim put his arm around Cindy and lightly rubbed her bare shoulders and Cindy rested her hand on his thigh and lightly rubbed his leg.

Soon, Cindy let her hand slide up his thigh until she caressed his semi-hard cock through his light pants. He let out a surprised moan at her touch before they turned toward each other and melted into a long, slow kiss. They kissed for a long time before Cindy slithered off the chair and knelt in front of Jim. She reached up and undid his pants before pulling them off and tossing them aside. She fondled his hard cock for a few moments before lowering her mouth and taking him inside. Jim moaned as Cindy sucked him slowly and deliberately for a few long minutes.

Cindy let him slide out of her mouth with an audible pop and then stood up in front of him. She watched excitedly as Jim pulled off his top so he sat completely naked with his cock standing tall off his lap waiting for her. Slowly and teasingly, Cindy reached behind her neck and untied the strap at the top of her dress. She slowly slipped the dress off before letting it fall to the ground around her feet. Jim gazed excitedly at her as she removed her bra and panties. With cat-like grace she climbed onto Jim’s lap and easily guided his cock into her wet and waiting pussy. He wrapped his hand around her back and caressed her ass as she expertly rode his cock. They fucked like this for a few moments before they heard a cat-call from across the street. Their balcony was private from the other balconies in the hotel, but they hadn’t counted on being seen from the beach. They ignored the cat-calls initially thinking that it wasn’t for them until they heard someone yell, “Yeah baby, ride him.” They paused their fucking for a moment and looked briefly at each other before Cindy turned and saw a group of three guys standing on the beach looking directly up at their balcony.

Cindy wasn’t an exhibitionist and typically would shy away from any public scene like this. Her first reaction was to move inside, but then a different idea came to mind. She realized she was a complete stranger to everyone but her son and that gave her a freedom she hadn’t considered before. She turned back to Jim and smiled wickedly at him before saying, “Let’s give them a show, shall we?”

Jim was obviously shocked but didn’t protest as Cindy climbed off him and turned around. The guys below cheered wildly as Cindy settled down on Jim’s cock again, this time with her back to him. Cindy resumed riding his cock as Jim snaked his arms under hers and fondled her soft tits. Cindy threw herself into the fuck completely. She was filled with the knowledge that not only was she fucking her son but she was doing it in public while being watched by three complete strangers. She knew there was no way they could possibly know what they were watching, but the thought of it fueled her lust to incredible levels. After a while longer Jim slipped a hand down her stomach and teased her clit as their fuck continued. This was more than Cindy needed and she burst into her orgasm with a long, low moan. Feeling her pussy explode into orgasm immediately triggered Jim’s orgasm. He grunted and wildly thrust up into her as he filled her with his cum. The guys below cheered and urged them on as they watched the couple above cum together.

Cindy leaned back into him after they both finished cumming and they sat together for a few moments with his softening cock still inside her. Finally Cindy rose from his lap and walked slowly to the railing of their balcony. To Jim’s amazement, she blew a kiss to the cheering guys below and gave them a wave before she turned, took Jim’s hand, and led him back inside to their bedroom. They crawled into bed together and spent several minutes trading long kisses and caressing each other before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Over breakfast the next morning they decided to do some sightseeing. Over that day and the next day, they explored the sights in and around the coastal town. There were some amazingly beautiful buildings and scenery and they tried to take them all in. The days passed quickly and very happily. They laughed often and held hands as they explored their surroundings. Both of these happy days ended the same way, with a wonderful meal in a quaint cafe followed by a passionate fuck back in their hotel room. They didn’t repeat their semi-public fuck on the balcony and instead went straight to the bed and ended each night with private, intense fucks.

Over breakfast the next morning Jim asked if Cindy was up for more sightseeing. He had been the perfect gentleman so far on this trip and allowed her to set the plans for each day. The truth was that Jim was so happy to be with her and to fuck her again he didn’t care at all what they did as long as they were together. Cindy contemplated the day and decided that the shops in town were too tempting to resist any longer. She suggested hanging around town and shopping.

Jim was a good sport and went with her from shop to shop as she tried on clothes and found other souvenirs. As the day progressed Jim sometimes sat outside and relaxed while Cindy explored the different shops. By the end of the day Cindy and Jim each carried several bags full of Cindy’s purchases. Toward the end of the day Cindy found a few little surprises for Jim that she couldn’t wait to unveil for him.

They dropped off their bags in the room and went out for dinner. It was still relatively early and, compared to the last few days, they were feeling relatively fresh, so they decided to investigate the town’s night life. They asked the hostess at the restaurant for some suggestions and she laughed and said it was simple answer because there weren’t too many options. She said there was a small bar up the road, another bar on the other side of town, and then a couple clubs that catered to the tourist crowd. “Other than that,” she added, “everything pretty much shuts down at dark.”

They thanked her for the information and walked back to their room as they discussed what to do. On Cindy’s suggestion, they decided to try one of the clubs. “Dancing sounds fun,” Cindy said.

They got dressed up for the evening and as Jim waited for her in the living room Cindy searched through the bags from their shopping spree. She finally found what she was looking for and pulled it with an excited smile. She saw this little dress in one of the last shops they visited and couldn’t resist buying it. It was unlike anything she had worn before and there was still a part of her that couldn’t believe she was going to wear it. She slipped on the dress and looked at herself in the mirror as she adjusted her hair one last time. The woman in the mirror hardly looked like herself. She was tanned and smiling widely, and there was a glow about her that she hadn’t seen in a long time. Her dress was sleek and sexy dress with a halter top. It dipped down deep between her tits and had an open back, so Cindy decided to go without a bra. She could see her tits swaying as she finished getting ready and couldn’t wait to see Jim’s reaction. The dress stopped just before mid-thigh and although it wasn’t skin tight, it fit her snugly in all the right places. She added a pair of strappy high heels that she bought that day and took one last look at herself. She was definitely dressed to attract attention and looked forward to Jim’s reaction.

His reaction surpassed all of Cindy’s hopes. He almost dropped his drink when he saw her and got all tongue tied as he told her how good she looked. Cindy spun slowly to give him the full view so he could admire her from all angles. She loved the way her appearance affected him. It made her feel young, vibrant, and very horny. “Shall we?” she said teasingly.

“Do we have to go?” Jim asked. “Why don’t we just stay in tonight?”

Cindy laughed and said, “You’ve always been so impatient. Good things will come to those who wait.” She paused and then added in a sultry whisper, “I promise.”

They hailed a cab and took a quick ride to the club. It was definitely a different type of crowd in the club from what they encountered already. Cindy was immediately reminded of the guys who watched them fuck on the balcony the other night. Most of the guys looked like typical college-aged fraternity types and the women looked like slutty sorority types. There weren’t too many people, if anyone, that looked to be Cindy’s age, but she didn’t care and nobody seemed to take notice of them.

They immediately went to the dance floor and danced together. Cindy turned around so her back was facing Jim and they danced close together so her ass rubbed against his crotch. Jim’s cock immediately grew hard and he pressed excitedly against her ass as they danced. They danced through several more songs and Jim rubbed her bare back. She loved the attention and pushed her ass into him even more firmly as she erotically rocked her hips from side to side.

They paused dancing and moved over toward the bar. They chatted over a drink and then returned to the dance floor. It was getting quite hot in the club and they soon took another break for more drinks. When they returned to the dance floor again their hands wandered over each other more obviously. Jim openly fondled her tits and ass as they danced and Cindy returned the favor by fondling his ass and cock.

They worked each other into such a lust filled frenzy that they practically ran out of the club and hailed a taxi. They kissed and groped each other throughout the cab ride, and the whole time Cindy felt a wild thrill of knowing that the cab driver had no idea what was actually gone on. As they pulled up to the hotel Jim fondled her tits through her thin dress and kissed his way down her neck. Jim kissed across crossing her collarbone and down her chest before he was interrupted by the cab driver saying, “Here we are.” Cindy was sure Jim would have sucked her tits right there in the cab, and she was sure that she would have let him do it, if they hadn’t already arrived at the hotel.

They quickly paid the cab fare and headed up to their room. During the elevator ride upstairs they threw themselves at each other in a lust filled frenzy of kissing and groping. There was nobody in the hallway when they elevator opened and they hurried to their room. Once inside they again threw themselves at each other. In the midst of their frantic kiss they stripped each other until they were standing just a few feet inside their room, completely naked, in the middle of a wild kiss. They groped each other excitedly and soon Jim’s lust overcame him. He lifted her off the floor as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and shoulders.

He carried her toward the bed and she wriggled her hips, somehow sinking his cock into her dripping wet pussy as they walked. Jim moaned excitedly and marveled again at what an accomplished lover Cindy was. Instead of continuing toward the bed Jim spun around and pressed her back against the wall in the kitchenette. Cindy hooked her high heels on the edge of the counter behind Jim as he pumped his cock into her excitedly. She kept her arms wrapped around his shoulders as Jim held her up and fucked her. In the heat of the moment it felt effortless to support her weight as they fucked. Cindy excitedly urged him on and Jim was so wildly excited that it only took a few minutes for him to explode into a wild, intense orgasm.

When he finished cumming he carried her to the couch and set her down. He dropped to his knees and parted her thighs. She moaned and leaned back as Jim kissed his way down her body toward her pussy. As Jim reached his final destination his nostrils filled with the intense odor of his cum inside her excited pussy. The scent was strong and intense and drew his mouth to her pussy. He circled her pussy a few times and tasted their combined juices before he swirled his tongue upward and teased her clit for a few moments. He slowly pushed his tongue inside her soaking wet pussy as far as it could reach. As he pushed in he felt fluids seeping back out around his tongue and quickly coating his face. The further he pushed in the more he could taste his own cum inside her. The taste of himself so deeply inside his mother’s pussy made his head spin. He slowly and lavishly fucked her with his tongue as Cindy groaned wantonly. Cindy soon teetered on the edge of her orgasm and, at her wicked urging, Jim pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could reach and swirled it slowly as he teased her clit with his fingertip. Cindy cried out loudly and burst into a long, intense orgasm. She rocked her hips wildly and her pussy quivered and danced all around his tongue as she came.

Jim continued tenderly teasing her pussy for many long minutes after she finished cumming as Cindy purred happily. When Cindy finally pulled Jim away from her pussy his entire face was coated in their combined juices. He sat beside her and they met in a long, deep kiss. Cindy parted their kiss only long enough to groan, “I love tasting myself in your mouth.”

They resumed their kiss and she crawled onto Jim’s lap and straddled his legs. They kissed for many more long minutes before Jim pulled away from the kiss and kissed his way down her neck and chest similar to what he had started in the cab. This time there was nobody to interrupt them and Jim soon eagerly licked her soft tits. He focused his teasing on her nipples and drew them into hard points as Cindy moaned excitedly. She felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh and soon it was more than she could resist. She slithered off his lap and knelt before him as he spread his legs and presented his rock hard cock for her. She gazed at his cock for a few moments and noticed that it still glistened from their earlier fuck. She lowered her mouth and engulfed him as she enthusiastically sucked his cock. She toyed with his balls as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She lavishly licked and sucked him as Jim tossed his head back and groaned wildly. As much as Cindy wanted to suck him until he came in her mouth, there was something she needed more. She let him slide out of her mouth and stood up before him. He also stood up and they moved quickly to the bed.

When they reached the bed Cindy crawled onto her hands and knees and turned to look at Jim excitedly over her shoulder. He crawled behind her and grasped her hips as he sank his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. They groaned together as Jim thrust wildly into her. Having already cum once, Jim was able to last a long time despite their wild fuck. After many long minutes of deep, hard fucking Cindy buried her face in a pillow and screamed into it as she came. Her pussy danced wildly all around his cock. Seeing and feeling the intensity of her release was enough to trigger Jim’s powerful orgasm. He pumped wildly until he was completely spent and then he lay beside her and embraced her tenderly. They kissed softly and deeply for many long minutes before they drifted off to sleep.

They were both slow to awake the next morning. Cindy rolled over, picked up the phone and ordered breakfast from room service. As she hung up the phone Jim scooted behind her in the spoon position and pressed himself against her naked back. He wrapped his arm around her and slipped his hand up until he softly caressed her tit. She moaned softly and said, “Don’t you ever get enough, young man?”

He laughed and answered, “I guess not with you.”

She could already feel his cock growing hard as it pressed between her ass cheeks. “Oh my,” she teased as she wriggled her ass teasingly against him. “That sounds great, but I need a bit of a break. I’m not as young as I used to be, you know.”

“I don’t know,” Jim replied, “you seem just perfect to me.”

Cindy blushed and giggled. She couldn’t believe how much his words affected her. She felt excited, sexy, and filled with lust for him. His cock slowly grew and pushed harder against her ass, and she contemplated doing something about it when they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Cindy asked Jim to get the door and giggled as she watched him try to hide his hard cock beneath his robe. Cindy suggested they eat on the balcony since it appeared to be another perfect day and Jim set the tray on the balcony.

Jim came back in and stripped out of the robe. Cindy glanced down at his cock as she got out of bed and noticed that he was gazing at her excitedly. Part of her thought about fucking him right then and there, but she really was feeling a little sore and exhausted. Instead, she slipped on a light robe and headed out to the balcony. Jim put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts with no underwear and followed her.

They ate on the balcony and then relaxed for a while. Cindy picked up a brochure from the day spa that was attached to the resort. She flipped through the pages and stopped on the one describing some of the special packages offered. She picked up the phone and made an appointment for a massage, manicure, and pedicure. “Wow,” Jim said, “that’s quite the treatment.”

“Yup,” Cindy replied with a happy smile, “time for a little pampering.”

“I can pamper you right here,” Jim said with a cheesy grin that Cindy knew wasn’t intended to be cheesy. She found his youthful enthusiasm very charming. He was trying so hard to be romantic and serious and it mostly came off as cheesy, but Cindy loved him even more for it. She loved that he was acting this way because of her.

“Oh really?” she teased, “Well my appointment isn’t for another hour or so, so I think you’ve got some time to put your money where your mouth is.”

Jim stood up, took her hand, and led her back inside. She sat on the couch and Jim sat on the other end. He lifted her leg and placed her foot on his thigh before he started massaging her foot. Cindy moaned and leaned her head back against the couch. “Hmmm,” she hummed, “that’s a good start.”

Jim massaged her foot for several more minutes before he set her foot between his legs so he could lift her other foot and continued the massage on her other foot. Cindy thought to herself that this really was a good start to the pampering she would receive at the spa. It had been a long time since anyone had taken the time to massage her feet like this and she basked in the attention.

Without even realizing it, Cindy’s other foot came to rest on Jim’s crotch. By the time Cindy realized it she noticed Jim lightly rubbing his hard cock back and forth against her foot. Jim’s massage had already done wonders to loosen up Cindy, but she didn’t want to rush anything. She knew there would be plenty of time to play with Jim after her spa appointment. However, she figured there was enough time to give Jim a little surprise and thank you.

As Jim continued his massage Cindy rubbed her foot against his hard cock. Jim groaned excitedly and pressed his crotch even tighter against her foot. Cindy slipped her foot inside the leg of Jim’s shorts and her toes found the hard shaft of his cock. Jim groaned again and after a few minutes Cindy said, “Hmmmm Jim, this feels so good.” She looked him straight in the eye and added playfully, “I think it would only be proper for me to show my appreciation.”

Cindy sat up and guided Jim off the couch until he was standing directly in front of her. She deftly pulled down his shorts enough to free his rock hard cock. Cindy caressed him for a moment and wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and bathed it with her tongue. Jim pushed his shorts the rest of the way off as Cindy began to suck him in earnest. She bobbed her head back and forth luxuriously as she fucked him with her mouth. She slowed her pace enough to keep him in control until she was good and ready for him to cum. They were interrupted briefly by the phone ringing. Cindy answered while keeping one hand wrapped around his shaft. As she talked she teased the tip of his cock with her thumb and smiled at him wickedly.

It was clear the call was the spa confirming her appointment and when she hung up she smiled and said, “We better finish up. I’ve got to be at the spa in 15 minutes.” She licked him wantonly and fondled his cock. “Are you ready baby?” she teased.

Jim groaned yes and Cindy continued her teasing, “I want you to cum baby. I want you to cum for me.” Jim groaned again and Cindy knew he was on the absolute edge of his control. Cindy untied her robe and pushed it open to reveal her tits to Jim’s hungry gaze. She stroked him slowly and teasingly purred, “Cum for mommy. Cum on mommy.” She stressed the word ‘on’ and it clearly had the exact effect Cindy hoped. Jim’s eyes widened and he trembled with the start of his orgasm. “Yes, cum on mommy!” Cindy purred as Jim’s cock exploded and showered her chest and tits with cum. “Yessss,” she hummed happily as she stroked out the last of his cum.

When he finished cumming Cindy stood up and enjoyed the way he gazed at her cum coated tits. She gave his cock on final squeeze and told him to rest up while she was at the spa. She kissed him passionately and quickly changed before heading to the spa.

Cindy felt very bold and sexy and put on a loose skirt with no panties and a tank top with no bra. She felt very kinky as she walked to the spa, but she knew that she really didn’t look all that unusual given the way many of the other women at the resort dressed. However, it was unusual for her to dress like this and it made her feel very excited. She also had only very quickly wiped off Jim’s cum before getting dressed. In the elevator she inhaled the scent of Jim’s cum off her chest and felt a charge of excitement.

The spa treatment was amazing. The manicure and pedicure were perfect and very refreshing, but the topper was the massage. She got the deluxe package that included a two hour full body relaxation massage. In all the spa treatment took almost four hours. By the time she slowly walked back to the room she felt like a whole new woman.

Jim was sound asleep on the couch and she decided to leave him there for a bit longer. A long, hot bath seemed like the perfect way to cap off her spa treatment. She filled the tub and added bubble bath before sliding into the soapy water. She had been in the water for quite a while and felt utterly relaxed when the bathroom door opened slowly. She smiled contentedly as Jim stepped into the bathroom. “I thought I heard something in here,” Jim said. “How was the spa?”

“It was amazing,” Cindy said with a smile. “I feel like a whole new woman. Plus, this tub is amazing. Have you tried it out yet?”

“Not yet,” Jim said with an excited smile.

“Well,” Cindy said as she raised a playful eyebrow toward him, “this tub is easily big enough for two, why don’t you join me?”

The tub was huge and probably big enough for three or four, let alone two. Cindy had never been in a tub this big and still had plenty of room even after Jim slid in next to her. They met in a series of long, slow kisses and held each other closely. Eventually, Jim slowly kissed his way down her neck and chest all the way to the water line. Cindy moaned as Jim caressed her tits under the water and dipped his head underwater to lick and suck her stiff nipples.

Cindy reached over and caressed his hard cock. She marveled at this stamina and ability to recover. Men her age would need several days to recover from the fucks they had already shared, but Jim was eager and ready for more. She fondled him as they kissed for several more long minutes. Finally, Cindy crawled over Jim’s lap and easily guided his cock into her wet and waiting pussy. The combination of the after-effects of her spa treatment, the relaxing bath waters, and now the perfectly erotic feeling of Jim’s hard cock inside her left Cindy feeling as if she were floating on clouds. She closed her eyes and let the moment wash over her. The fuck felt completely effortless, almost as if her body moved on its own without any work on her part. She had no idea how long the fuck lasted, but it seemed like an amazingly long time before she finally couldn’t contain her orgasm any longer. With a long, soft moan she came and only a few moments later Jim filled her pussy with another huge load of cum.

After they finished cumming Cindy slid off Jim. They washed each other and relaxed in the water a while longer. As they toweled off they decided to head down to the beach. They relaxed together on the beach until the sun had set. They changed for dinner and after dinner returned to their room where they capped the day with a slow, passionate fuck.

They spent much of the next day on the beach together and even returned to the beach after dinner for a stroll along the water’s edge in the moonlight. They held hands as they chatted and laughed and Jim marveled at how this felt so normal. After strolling a while they stopped to admire the moon, the stars, and the lights coming from the town shimmering off the water. With a glance toward each other they moved together and kissed. They kissed and caressed each other as if they were completely alone for several long minutes. Cindy reached down and caressed Jim’s stiff cock, and Jim heard a few people make lewd comments as they walked past. A few others whistled and made cat calls. Cindy untied the knot in her sarong and laid the fabric on the sand as if it were a blanket. She pulled Jim down on top of her and they resumed their hungry embrace.

Eventually Cindy pushed Jim’s shorts down enough to free his cock and Jim easily slipped inside her wet pussy. Jim’s mind spun as, right there on the beach for anyone to see, he fucked his mom. Of course nobody knew they were mother and son and they were on a fairly isolated part of the beach, but knowing that anyone could come by made the moment very erotic and intense.

They were both so excited that the fuck didn’t last long before they both burst into intense orgasms. When they finished they hurriedly put their clothes back on and turned back toward their hotel. Much to their surprise they saw another couple, still holding hands, standing only a short distance away staring at them intently. They briefly made eye contact and for a moment nobody said anything until the other woman looked at Cindy and said, “Oh honey, that was so hot.” She hurriedly scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Cindy as she whispered something Jim couldn’t hear. She waved and told Jim and Cindy to enjoy the rest of their night as they two couples continued on their way.

Jim and Cindy returned to their hotel room and took a shower to clean off the sand. In the shower they caressed and explored each other until by the time they were done they were ready for another fuck. Fucking in public in the fresh air really excited Cindy and she led Jim directly out to the balcony before embracing him wildly. They slowly and teasingly fucked each other on a lounge chair. This time nobody seemed to notice them, but that didn’t diminish their excitement about fucking outdoors again in a location where they might be seen.

Finally, they went back inside and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day was one of mixed emotions for Cindy. She would fly home tomorrow and already felt sad that her amazing trip was coming to an end. Pushing those thoughts aside she was determined to savor every minute of their day. Throughout the morning and afternoon they alternated between last-minute sightseeing, shopping, and returning to their room for a quick fuck over lunch. Jim took a quick shower after their fuck and as she waited for him Cindy looked at the piece of paper the stranger on the beach handed her the previous night. Ordinarily she would never do something like this, but the trip had already been so full of new adventures that somehow this seemed like it might be the perfect way to end their vacation together. She made a quick phone call to the rather surprised woman and made plans to meet later.

Cindy made sure they returned to their room in the late afternoon in enough time to get ready. She hadn’t told Jim about her phone call and decided to surprise him. She only said she was looking forward to a romantic dinner and told him to get dressed up a bit as she went to shower. After a quick shower she emerged from the bathroom wearing a very slinky dress she had purchased on the trip. Jim smiled widely and whistled his approval. Cindy blushed at his reaction and couldn’t wait to see where the night went.

Cindy led them to the restaurant and watched in amusement his surprise at being led to a table where another couple already sat. Cindy and Margo, the other woman, introduced themselves and their dates. The guy sitting with Margo was Rick. Margo commented that she was surprised and delighted by Cindy’s phone call earlier. It took Jim a while to figure out why the couple looked vaguely familiar, but then he finally realized they were the couple from the beach the previous night. He didn’t really recognize Rick, but Margo’s voice was what helped him figure it out. Jim was a little disappointed that his mom had decided to make this a social evening instead of just the two of them, but he went along with it.

Over dinner they chatted and found out that Rick and Margo were Canadians on a second honeymoon. Margo looked to be about Cindy’s age and Rick was probably about halfway between Jim and Cindy’s ages. A few times Margo commented about younger men with a knowing wink or smile toward Cindy. Jim had fun but he couldn’t wait to be done with dinner so he and Cindy could return to their hotel room.

When dinner was finished Jim had to stifle a groan of displeasure when Cindy accepted Margo’s invitation for a nightcap. Margo led them to the bar in a nearby hotel and ordered a round of drinks. They chatted more and when they finished the drinks Margo went to the bar and returned with a couple of bottles of champagne. She suggested they go upstairs since the view from their room was amazing. Jim suddenly realized that something other than a social dinner might be happening and grew very excited when Cindy said they would love to come upstairs.

Cindy couldn’t believe what she was doing. This was definitely outside of her normal behavior and not something she had ever done before. Still, as they rode the elevator upstairs, she couldn’t wait to see what was about to happen. Jim shot her a curious look and she smiled, more confidently than she actually felt, and gave him a quick kiss.

Margo poured the champagne and it didn’t take long for things to progress. Clearly, Rick and Margo were experienced at this sort of thing and they showed no hesitation. Margo stood in front of Jim and talked briefly about how hot it was to watch him fuck Cindy on the beach. She spoke as if she were talking to both of them, but she focused her gaze on Jim. She added how she and Rick had fucked wildly while thinking about the two of them when they got back to their room. As she spoke she moved closer to Jim and soon she met Jim in a deep, wanton embrace and kiss. Jim instinctively gave himself over to the kiss before he pulled away for a moment and glanced over toward his mom. He saw that she was already locked in her own excited kiss with Rick as Rick caressed her ass.

“Don’t worry about her,” Margo said seductively, “Rick will take good care of her.” With that they resumed their kiss. Soon Jim caressed Margo’s ass through her light, airy dress and she caressed his growing cock through his pants. As Margo began pulling off his clothes Jim glanced over and saw that Rick had already pulled the top of Cindy’s dress down to expose her tits and was licking and sucking her nipples. As Jim watched, Rick removed Cindy’s dress and she excitedly pulled off Rick’s clothes. Margo and Jim stripped each other and soon all four were naked with the couples locked in passionate embraces. Jim again glanced over at Cindy and Rick and watched their tongues dance. Cindy fondled Rick’s hard cock and Rick groped her tits. Margo leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Isn’t it hot to watch them together?”

Margo led Jim to the king sized bed and they melted into a long, deep kiss as they continued their excited foreplay. A few minutes later Rick led Cindy to the other side of the bed and both couples lay side by side as each engaged in wild foreplay. Eventually both couples ended up in the same position, with the woman side by side on their backs and the men between their legs in the missionary position, as each couple began to fuck. Margo was definitely sexy and their fuck felt great, but Jim’s attention was almost entirely consumed by staring at his mom as this near-stranger fucked her. He watched her expressions, stared at her tits as they bounced under the force of their fuck, and observed her whole body in a way he couldn’t when they’d fucked.

After a while, Cindy opened her eyes and met Jim’s gaze. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes as they fucked their respective partners. Cindy parted the gaze and let out a long, excited moan. Jim looked down and saw that Margo had reached over and was teasing Cindy’s clit while Rick continued fucking her. This was apparently the trigger Cindy needed because she burst into a long, powerful orgasm just a few moments after Margo began teasing her. The contact had been minimal, but seeing another woman touch Cindy in a sexual way left Jim wildly excited. He pumped into Margo harder and she responded eagerly to him. Jim’s orgasm had just barely started when Margo lost her control, and they rode out their powerful, mutual orgasms until both were finished.

When Jim again looked over at Cindy he saw Rick pull his dripping wet cock out of Cindy’s pussy. Rick was still rock hard and clearly hadn’t cum yet. Jim felt a flash of excitement knowing that the heavy wetness covering Rick’s cock was from his mom’s excitement. Rick crawled beside Cindy and rubbed his wet, sticky cock all over her tits. He was clearly very close to the edge of his control and when he stroked his long shaft he soon showered Cindy’s tits with his cum.

Jim gasped at the sight of her tits heavily coated in another man’s cum and groaned when Margo began licking her lover’s cum off Cindy’s body. Cindy responded with her own groan and Margo continued until all of his cum was gone. She didn’t stop and licked and sucked her way across Cindy’s body until her face was between Cindy’s parted thighs. When Margo’s tongue touched her pussy Cindy moaned and her body trembled. She obviously loved Margo’s attention and Jim wondered if, and when, she had last been with another woman.

By now Jim’s cock was rock hard. He had been so focused on watching the two women pleasure each other he hadn’t thought much about himself. That changed, however, when Rick switched his position and moved behind Margo. Rick sank his hard cock deep inside Margo as she licked Cindy’s pussy. Margo lifted her head briefly to let out a happy groan before she resumed her teasing. Taking his cue from Rick, Jim moved around the bed and knelt beside his mom. She gazed up at him and her eyes burned with lust. She immediately engulfed his cock in her mouth and sucked him greedily as Jim gazed down excitedly at her and the whole scene before him.

A few minutes later Cindy released Jim’s cock and cried out loudly as she came. Her orgasm was very intense and her face became a mask of pure pleasure and release. As soon as her orgasm peaked, Margo crawled over Cindy, spun around, and lowered her pussy directly onto Cindy’s waiting mouth. Cindy eagerly licked and sucked her. Cindy’s mouth made a series of wet, slurping noises as she teased Margo and Jim excitedly thought that Cindy was tasting the remains of his fuck with Margo.

For a moment he thought Margo was going to suck Cindy in the 69 position, but instead she leaned diagonally across Cindy’s body and pulled Rick toward her. Rick was on his knees and fed his hard cock directly into Margo’s mouth. They moved with the ease of a couple who had done this a few times before and fell into a steady tempo with Rick fucking Margo’s mouth. Jim’s cock throbbed with lust and he moved between his mom’s legs and drove his length inside her. Cindy moaned from underneath Margo as Jim fucked her.

They remained like this for many long minutes until Jim couldn’t hold out any longer. He pumped harder and faster into Cindy and exploded deep inside her with a huge load of cum. Just after Jim’s orgasm peaked Rick groaned and Jim watched excitedly as he came inside Margo’s waiting mouth. A few drops seeped out and hung on Margo’s chin, but she took nearly his whole load down her throat.

Margo was now in a frenzy of lust and when Rick finished cumming she pushed Jim back and dropped her mouth to Cindy’s drenched pussy. Cindy’s lusty groan was easily to hear as Margo thrust her tongue deep inside Cindy’s pussy and collected the heavy combination of Jim’s cum and her juices. Jim and Rick watched the women complete their fuck with first Margo and then Cindy orgasming one more time as Margo greedily licked and sucked her. After everyone had recovered Jim and Cindy got dressed, said goodbye to their new friends, and headed back to their room.

As much as Cindy wouldn’t have minded staying for another round with Rick and especially Margo, she still had quite a bit of packing to do for her flight. Also, she wanted to make sure that the last fuck of her trip was private with Jim instead of being shared with strangers. Cindy was happy with the results of her surprise plans. The whole way back to their room Jim gushed about what had just happened and how he’d never done anything like that before. Cindy felt similarly excited and as soon as they got to their room she threw her arms around him and said, “Shut up and fuck me.”

Jim happily obliged and immediately carried her over to the bed. He practically tore her clothes off before removing his own. He sucked and teased her tits and Cindy clearly appreciated the attention. Eventually, Jim explored her whole body with his tongue. He lingered over her pussy and savored the scent and taste of their previous fuck. Finally, he moved over her and entered her in the missionary position. As they fucked, they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. The fuck seemed to last for hours and Cindy perfectly controlled her own passions so she started cumming at virtually the same time as Jim. Timing their mutual orgasms seemed so easy and natural that Cindy wondered if there was some sort of twisted mother-son bond at play. After their powerful orgasms played out they fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

The wake up call came way too early the next day and things were a whirlwind of packing, driving, and checking in at the airport. After one last passionate goodbye kiss Cindy found herself on the plane soaring over the ocean happily reflecting on all that had happened the previous week.

The rest of Jim’s time overseas dragged by as Cindy eagerly anticipating his return. They emailed and phoned each other frequently. Cindy had hoped he could come home and spend the majority of the summer with her, but it turned out that he would only have a couple of weeks before he had to get back to campus. Those two weeks passed in a blur of wildly contrasting activities. In public, Jim caught up with family and friends and hung out with his mom like any son would. In private, however, Jim and Cindy fucked like newlyweds and fully gave themselves over to their forbidden affair.

Cindy felt very conflicted when he returned to campus. The selfish part of her wanted him to stay so they could continue their affair. At one point she even considered selling her house and moving to be closer to Jim. However, she gradually convinced herself that this move, although fun and exciting in the short term, wasn’t wise. Even as Jim and Cindy continued to fuck wildly on his visits home or her visits to campus, Cindy knew that she had to eventually stop this relationship. Being with Jim was incredibly satisfying beyond anything Cindy had known possible, but she knew it couldn’t last. If they continued their secret affair it would either impact Jim’s social life just at the time he was supposed to be truly finding his own way as an adult or, worse yet, they would eventually be discovered and publicly shamed.

To celebrate Jim’s graduation from college Cindy took him on a romantic getaway to Mexico. They met at the airport after flying in from different cities and again enjoyed the anonymity of being alone in a foreign country where nobody knew their true relationship. Between passionate fucks, Cindy first brought up the idea that they needed to stop their relationship. Jim argued at first and tried to convince her that they could go on living a double life. He told her to move with him for his new job he’d be starting soon and they could live together.

Gradually, however, the more they talked and the more he thought about it he realized she was right. He wasn’t willing to completely give up their relationship and was determined to find a way to be together again at some point. Their graduation celebration ended with one last fuck just before the shuttle arrived for the drive to the airport. They kissed goodbye and Cindy boarded the plane feeling very satisfied after a weekend of intense fucking. She knew that breaking things off with Jim like this was the right thing to do, even if it was very hard. She couldn’t deny that she still held a deep lust for him, especially as she sat on the plane with his cum seeping out of her pussy onto her inner thighs. In their hurry to finish one last fuck she didn’t have time to put her panties back on and enjoyed the forbidden thrill of knowing she was naked under her skirt with her son’s cum coating her thighs.

Soon after they returned from Mexico Jim moved and started his new career. He and Cindy remained very close and communicated often, but things were strictly appropriate between them. Nearly a year passed and Cindy was happy that Jim had formed some appropriate relationships with other women and had a healthy social life. A few times Jim hinted that he wanted to get together with her again but she always said no and he never pressed the issue. She tried to move on herself and had dated a couple of guys who were nice and good for an occasional fuck, but she didn’t see herself ever remarrying.

Then, in mid-April, Jim asked a few times about Cindy’s calendar in the summer. He finally told her not to make any plans for Memorial Day weekend. Cindy was curious as to what he was planning and she got part of her answer on Mother’s Day when a huge bouquet of flowers arrived for her. The card said the flowers were a down payment on her present and that she would have to wait until Memorial Day weekend for the rest. Her curiosity grew when Jim told her to pack a bag and be ready to be picked up on the Friday evening before the long weekend.

He wouldn’t say anything about where they were going so Cindy guessed as to what she would need and waited from him at the appointed time. He drove up right on time, greeted her with a warm hug, and held the door open for her as she got in. On the drive he said he had taken the day off work and caught an early morning flight to be here on time. She asked a few times about what he had planned but he would only say it was going to be a couple hours drive yet.

They passed the time chatting and laughing until Jim pulled up to the entrance of a deluxe spa and resort. They had crossed the state line and were in an area that Cindy had never been before. She waited in the car as Jim checked them in. Jim returned, parked the car, and carried their bags up to their room. Cindy had no idea if this was a deluxe room or if all the rooms were this beautiful, but the room was huge and featured a hot tub in one corner that was surrounded by mirrored walls. Cindy looked at Jim suspiciously and finally Jim told her of his full plan.

“Please don’t be upset,” Jim said, “I know you said we couldn’t ever be together again, but I love you so much and miss you so much that I can’t resist the thought of never being with you like that again.” He continued and said that he understood why she said they couldn’t live together or even get together too often, but he said that he didn’t see any reason why an occasional getaway would hurt anyone. “I even waited until it wasn’t Mother’s Day so nobody would suspect anything odd between us.”

Cindy protested but she was already giving in to the combination of her lust and his well thought out argument. Finally, as they stood close together, she said, “It has to be just this weekend.”

Jim eagerly agreed and they met in a passionate kiss unlike anything either had experienced since their trip to Mexico. Finally, when the kiss parted, Jim whispered, “Happy Mother’s Day.” With that they immediately melted into another kiss and ended up on the bed in the midst of a wild, primal fuck. It was as if they unleashed all their pent up lust for each other from the past year in one wild, intense fuck. By the time they finished cumming they were both coated in a thick layer of sweat and held each other tightly as they panted to regain their breath. Between that day’s travel and the exertion from the wild fuck, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of amazing sensations and powerful emotions. Jim had scheduled Cindy for several spa treatments and she thoroughly enjoyed being pampered by the wonderful staff at the resort. In between her spa treatments Cindy and Jim spent most of their time getting re-acquainted with each other’s bodies. Most of their meals arrived via room service as well as several bottles of champagne.

One of the first things they explored in the room was the big hot tub. They stripped naked and slipped into the hot, revitalizing water. After relaxing for a while they touched and caressed each other under the water. Their touches soon became kisses as they began a round of slow, extended foreplay. Wanting to take full advantage of being surrounded on two sides by mirrors, Cindy eventually positioned herself facing the mirrors with her knees on the floor of the hot tub and her shoulders leaning over the edge of the tub. She watched in the mirror as Jim smiled excitedly and moved behind her.

Jim grasped her hips and easily slipped his cock into her waiting pussy. He too watched the action in the mirror as he fucked her. They fucked like this, slowly and steadily, for a long while before Jim shifted their position. He loved the sensation of fucking in the water, but he wanted to try something new with the mirrors. He sat on the edge of the tub with his feet still in the water and, without needing to be prompted by Jim, Cindy crawled out of the water and onto his lap as if she knew exactly what he wanted. Cindy lowered herself on him and resumed their fuck in this new position. Both of them stared excitedly at the vision of themselves in the mirrors as their fuck soon reached its peak. Cindy came first with Jim cumming only a few minutes later.

After resting together and enjoying another spa treatment, Cindy returned to the room feeling blissfully happy and relaxed. She was also starving and was happy to find that Jim had already ordered room service. Her dinner was waiting for her when she arrived. He poured the champagne and they enjoyed a leisurely meal together. When the time came for dessert Jim unveiled a tray with two slices of cheesecake, a bowl of fresh strawberries, and a bowl of whipped cream. Cindy asked Jim if he would like her to prepare him a serving and Jim eagerly agreed.

Cindy already felt very horny by this point and the sight of the strawberries and whipped cream gave her a wonderfully sexy idea. As Jim watched in excitedly, Cindy slipped off her robe and lay back on the bed. She applied spoonfuls of whipped cream on top of each of her nipples before topping each with a strawberry. She dotted her stomach with whipped cream topped with strawberries and finished off Jim’s dessert by placing the slice of cheesecake on top of her pussy. The shape of the slice closely mimicked the shape of her closely cut pussy hair.

She asked if he was ready for dessert and Jim eagerly agreed. He stripped naked and slowly and sensually ate the strawberries from her stomach before licking up the whipped cream. A few times he fed her the berry and picked up the cream with his finger so she could lick it off. He slowly ate the cheesecake off her pussy and particularly enjoyed the taste of her excited juices mixing with the sweetness of the cake. Finally all that was left were the original two piles of cream on her nipples topped by strawberries.

Because Jim had taken his time and because Cindy was flushed with excitement, the whipped cream had started to melt and ran down the sides of her tits in thin, white streams. Cindy’s nipples grew hard almost the instant she covered them with the cold cream, and by now they ached for attention. Jim didn’t delay the desired attention and quickly gobbled up the strawberries and hungrily lapped the cream off her nipples. He sucked on her hard nipples for a long time as Cindy writhed in ecstasy beneath him. Not able to take more teasing Cindy gasped, “Fuck me.”

Jim happily obliged and moved between her spread legs. He slipped his cock inside her and paused to admire the sight of her hot, excited body covered here and there with bits of whipped cream and food. She groaned loudly as he fucked her and soon they fell into an easy, well-practiced tempo. Cindy came first with a long, low cry and then lay back and totally gave herself over to Jim’s fuck. She marveled at this stamina and how much control he had developed in the past year or so. He controlled himself for a long while, prolonging their fuck until Cindy approached another orgasm, before he finally grunted and filled her with a load of his cum. He could tell she was not too far off from her orgasm, so Jim immediately moved between her legs and lapped at her excited clit. He slipped three fingers inside her amazingly wet pussy as he teased her clit, and he only teased her like this for a few minutes before she came with a satisfied moan.

By the time she finished cumming Jim’s face and hand were coated in their juices. They lingered on the bed for a while longer before Jim suggested they take a shower to clean up. After the shower Jim ordered another bottle of champagne. They finished the bottle together before ending the night with another slow, prolonged fuck that left them both completely spent and exhausted.

The next day passed all too quickly in a similar blur of sex and relaxing together, and before Cindy wanted the weekend to end she found herself back in the car with Jim on the drive back to her house. During the drive they made a deal to continue these once-a-year encounters as their compromise between the need to live a ‘normal’ life and satisfy their deepest, darkest desires, and these annual trips quickly became something that Cindy eagerly anticipated.

Most years the location changed and the time of year also changed depending on what they each had going on, but they always made a point to spend at least a long weekend together giving in to their forbidden desires. This continued for nearly a decade until Jim met a woman his own age and quickly fell in love. They eloped to Vegas for their wedding and soon started a family. That first year it seemed both Jim and Cindy wanted to continue their annual ‘vacation’, but neither could bring themselves to admit it out loud and suggest that Jim should cheat on his wife. Despite her own lust, Cindy told herself that she could never be the “other woman” after what had happened to her own marriage.

After her grandson was born, far more traditional family occasions and gatherings took place whenever Jim and Cindy got together. Cindy still occasionally missed the utterly forbidden pleasures she had shared with Jim, but she loved being a grandmother and happily lived her life. Besides, she knew she would always have the amazingly powerful memories of what she and Jim had shared to stay with her forever.

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