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Turn Your Head and Cough

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Mike was fifty-three and in pretty good shape for a man his age. He was about six feet tall, 198lbs, with dark hair and dark eyes. He was nice looking and had a hairy chest. He had been married for nearly thirty-five years now and the marriage was a good one except for a couple of rough periods here and there. While Mike felt fine his wife was constantly after him to get a physical.

“You need to make sure your heart, blood pressure, and prostate are all in good working order.” Finally he relented and made an appointment.

The doctor he made an appointment with was a young man recommended to him by a good friend. “Might as well get a young doctor, then you know he will be there for the rest of your life.” It made sense to Mike.

He had a nine-thirty, Monday morning appointment. He hoped in the shower, shaved, and headed to the doctor’s office. He checked in with the receptionist, a cute little red-head and then sat down to wait. He grabbed a magazine and within five minutes his name was called. He followed the nurse back to the exam room. She took his temp, drew some blood, asked a few questions about any meds he was on, and if he allergic to anything. That finished he was told to get out of all of his clothes and put on the gown on the table. The nurse left and Mike got undressed.

He sat up on the exam table and in a few minutes there was a knock on the door. The door swung open and in walked Dr. Roberts. He was a nice looking young man that Mike judged to be in his mid to late thirties. “I’m Dave Roberts, you can call me Doctor, or Dave, or whatever is comfortable,” as he put out his hand to shake Mike’s. They made some small talk and then Doctor Roberts asked, “What brings you here today?”

Mike replied that he felt great but that his wife was after him to get a check up. Roberts smiled and said, “Good for your wife. She must be a smart woman.” The doctor began to ask a lengthy series of questions, everything from bathroom habits to his sex life. Finally finished the doctor said it was time to begin.

First, he doctor listened to Mike’s heart. He smile and said that it sounded good. Then the breathing! Deep breath in, let it out slowly. This was repeated a few times and then the doctor took Dave’s blood pressure. “Hmmm,” was what the doctor said. “Problem,” said Mike.

The doctor replied, “Not really, just a bit elevated. Are you nervous?” Mike replied, “That he was always nervous when he came to he doctor.”

“No need, to be anxious,” said the doc, it should a positive experience. Mike tried to relax. “Roll over on your stomach,” said Roberts and Mike did. His gown fell open leaving him exposed. The doctor began to thump him on the back and then he pressed here and pressed there. He ran his hands up and down Mike’s spine and along the backs of his legs. Mike couldn’t relax, in fact he felt just the slightest bit of arousal. This is crazy he thought. I like women. I love women so why am I getting aroused by this man?

The doctor then had Mike turn over on his back and Mike took his time hoping that the erection that had developed would subside. He turned over slowly, but there was still a small “pup tent” under his gown. Mike blushed as he lay there. There was a long quiet in the room before the doctor said, “Relax, it’s perfectly normal. It happens all the time. The human body only reacts to touch, not to the one doing the touching,” said the doctor. Mike tried to relax.

The doctor pulled the gown down to just above Mike’s pubic hair and he began to poke and prod once again. The doctor’s hands moved over Mike’s chest and the feeling was not unpleasant, especially when the doctor would occasionally caress Mike’s nipples. The erection did not go away.

The doctor then moved around the foot of the table and raised the stirrups. “Please put your feet up in here.” Mike was uncomfortable with that proposal but finally gave in. Now the doctor removed the gown completely and he sat down on a stool at the end of the table. Try as hard as he could, his erection would just not go away. The doctor said, “Well obviously no problems with erectile dysfunction. Any sexual problems?” Mike shook his head.

Suddenly the doctor reached out and began to gently massage Mike’s balls. “Too many men don’t check to protect themselves from testicular cancer.” Mike felt uncomfortable mainly because his erection was only getting stronger. With the other hand the doctor began to stroke Mike’s erection and Mike let out a small sigh.

“Everything all right? Any discomfort?” asked the doctor. Mike just shook his head.

The doctor then squeezed Mike’s erection and a drop of pre-cum appeared. Mike was trying to ignore the feelings. Then the doctor released Mike’s genitals. Then Mike felt a lubed up finger probing at his anus. His first reaction was to clench but the doctor told him to relax that he had to check his prostate. Mike relented and the doctor’s finger slid in.

At first it was an odd feeling. Much as Mike would have liked to have his wife insert a finer in him, she never would. But this felt better than he imagined. The doctor withdrew his finger and then slid it back in. Mike gasped. “Pain?” asked the doctor. Mike replied, “Not at all!” Immediately Mike blushed. That answer sounded too quick and like he was enjoying it.

As Mike was thinking this through the doctor kept sliding his finger in and out. Mike’s erection became stiffer than he could remember. As the finger moved in and out the doctor placed his hand on Mike’s cock and began to stroke the member once again. This time Mike moaned audibly and close his eyes. The doctor kept stroking him and fingering him and Mike was in heaven.

It didn’t take long for Mike to realize that if the doctor kept this up he would cum all over. He tried to think about baseball scores and the stock market, but to no avail. He was moving closer and closer to the inevitable, when suddenly the doctor stopped. Mike let out a moan of frustration but it didn’t last long.

In a moment Mike felt something probing at his anus. He opened his eyes to see the doctor standing between his legs. In the moment he realized that the doctor was gently pushing his cock in to him. Mike didn’t know what to do. He felt pulled in two directions. It felt good, but this was not natural. As the doctor pushed Mike relaxed and the “felt good” feeling won out.

The doctor was no all the way into Mike and he just rested there giving Mike time to adjust. “Are you good?” asked the doctor. Mike looked at him and shyly said, “Very good.” Now the doctor withdrew, but not all the way. Then he moved back in.

The doctor had hit a steady rhythm now in and out. Mike had often wondered what it was like to be a woman and be fucked, now he knew. Mike began to gently push his hips into the doctor has he moved forward. Then the doctor reached down and began to stroke Mike’s cock.

A lubed cock in his ass and a lubed hand on his cock and Mike was feeling pleasure like he never knew existed. Mike began to move around and moan as did the doctor. Mike reached up and began to caress his own nipples as the doctor plunged into him. Both men were now moving toward the finish line. Mike wondered what it would feel like to have the doctor’s cock explode in him but he didn’t have much time to think about it.

Suddenly the doctor’s steady movements became frantic. He pumped his hips faster and faster and the he gasped. Mike felt the doctor’s cock throbbing in his ass and then in a moment Mike was there as well. The first squirt blasted out of Mike’s cock, hitting him square in the face. The second hit him on the chin. Wave after wave his cock spewed hot cum. As he came the doctor moved faster and faster until both men began to relax.

The last couple of small spasms rippled through their bodies and there was nothing but silence. Somewhere Mike thought he heard music and a door shutting. He lay there panting and feeling the doctor’s cock slowly withdrawing. He then felt the doctor’s warm cum dribbled out of his ass as he lay there.

The doctor patted him on the thigh and smiled. Mike smiled back and just lay there as the doctor sat on his stool. Both men were drained by the experience.

It was the doctor who moved first. He stood up and grabbed Mike’s chart. He scribbled a few notes and said, “You are in great health.”

Glad to hear it,” was all the Mike said. The doctor told Mike to take his time and get dressed at his leisure. As the doctor reached the door he turned to look at Mike and said, “I really should check your prostate on a regular basis.”

Mike simply said, “How soon?” The doctor smiled and said, “Is next week too soon?”

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Bob wrote

Now that is my kind of story alway’s wanted to have a doctor fuck me during a physical and cum in me. Thank you for this very fucking hot cumming story please write more.