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Alarm Call

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Very slowly, consciousness overcame me, as I woke up, my head trying to absorb the reason why I had awoken. It was still dark, my brain registered that much, and therefore far too early for my alarm, fighting the fog in my head, I started to drift back to sleep, the sort of wonderful relaxing sleep that comes from knowing that I did not have to get up just yet, that I could snuggle back down in the covers, against your softness curled into my back.

Gradually I heard myself moaning softly, and felt myself begin to push myself back against you, but my head still wasn’t in gear, so it took a while for me to register what was happening. Then my brain snapped into gear, you were softly stroking a finger over my rosebud, circling that most private of openings, gliding up and down my cleft, and suddenly I was very, very awake. I started to move, only to hear close to my ear, “Sssshhhhhh, love, don’t move, just stay right where you are. Please.”

I sighed, trying to relax back into the bed, shivering at the feelings being created by your gentle touch. Then it was gone, and almost immediately I felt you move, your warmth gone from my back, then your hands on my cheeks, gently urging me to lie on my stomach, your knees between my legs, pushing them apart. I felt your hands caressing my skin, kneading the flesh, your thumbs drifting up and down the cleft, gently easing the cheeks apart, opening the rosebud to you.

Suddenly your warm breath drifted against me, up and down the cleft, lingering over my rosebud, making me shudder and moan your name, “Oh god, Susan,” squirming, wanting, as you directed your breath directly over the hole, breathing yourself into me. I could feel the muscles around the opening clenching at the sensation, and when I felt your soft tongue gently licking up and down the cleft, along the sides of the cheeks, I almost screamed at the feeling, gasping, my back arching. “Susan, please, please.”

Then it was your soft lips, kissing over my cheeks, sucking and licking the pliable flesh, nipping gently, “Please, what darling? What do you want?” you teased me, as your lips continued to tease and arouse me, and your hands caressed me, a finger tip occasionally drifting over the opening, then your soft tongue, and then your lips forming a seal over it, as you gently probed me with the tip of your tongue.

Gasping, moaning, trying to speak between sensations, “I want…… you……oh god!……to fuck……Susan!……….my ass,” a deeper, longer moan as your tongue pushed further into me, and my backside pushed back against you, wanting you in me.

“I’m so glad, love, because that’s exactly what I intend to do. Eventually. But for now…..” once again, your tongue drifts over my opening, probing gently, before telling me, “enjoy the feelings, just relax and enjoy.”

My head was screaming for you to just fill me, please fill me, my stomach was clenching with my desire, and that familiar spear of desire was stabbing my belly down to between my legs, and you expected me to relax!?

Softly your voice penetrated the desire clouding my brain, and I felt your hands move round my hips, leaving trails of heat where they touched, to pull gently against my thighs, urging me to move, “On your knees, love, I want you on your knees for me.”

Urgently, trembling, I moved my legs to kneel for you, fully aware of how open I now was to you, all of me, of how this position stretched my rose, now begging to be filled. I dropped my head onto my pillow, my hands gripping it.

I felt your hands on my thighs, trailing your fingers up and down the skin, leaving goose pimples in their wake, as once again your tongue returned to its previous task, licking over my hole, wetting it, once again pushing the tip into it, stretching it, moving deeper each time.

By now, I was moaning continuously, pushing my hips back against you, wanting you in me. The feelings, the sensations, indescribable, sending continuous ripples through me, which ran up to my brain, and back down again, along my spine, and ending up in my pussy, which I knew, by now, was wet and begging.

I was unable to speak, just continued to make incomprehensible sounds of pleasure and need at the same time, occasionally interspersed with soft pleadings of your name. “Susan, oh god, please, Susan.”

“Soon love, soon. I want you to enjoy this completely, I want you ready and so wanting, that when I fuck you, you will come like never before.” Your words pummelled into my brain, the message sending contractions deep inside me.

Then I felt a finger lightly sliding along my lips, making me gasp anew, my legs tremble, moaning deep in my throat, as I felt two of your fingers slide into my wetness, my tissues gripping them, trying to keep them in. For a few moments, your fingers stroke back and forth into me, raising my desire to even higher levels, as my hips pushed back urgently against your fingers and your tongue which had returned to my ass.

The fingers were removed, and I felt them slide over the sensitive skin between pussy and ass, and knew what was coming next, the realisation making me tremble even more. “Yes, oh god, yes, yes.”

You removed your tongue, “Patience love, patience,” and I could hear the smile of pleasure in your voice as you spoke to me, before your mouth returned to kissing over my trembling cheeks, your tongue drifting up and down the cleft. Then your fingers coated with my silky wetness, gently pushing at my ring, urging and teasing the muscle, my hips pushing back against you, wanting you in me, needing you in me, your voice calming me, “Relax, love, relax, let me in.”

Taking a deep breath, then exhaling slowly, I relaxed the muscles, and as I did so, your fingers softly slid in past the ring, making me moan in pleasure. My eyes closed in utter contentment, as I simply absorbed the feeling of your fingers slowly moving back and forth, sending ripples of pleasure up into my tummy, and down into my pussy.

I felt you move to lie along my back, your breath against my back and shoulders, and occasionally your lips gently nuzzling and making light fleeting kisses on my skin, your other hand moving under me to gather a breast into your hand, squeezing it, rubbing the palm over the nipple in a delicious circular motion. My body was on sensation overload, the only sound I could make was a continuous moan of delight and pleasure.

For a few moments, we both enjoyed the feeling of your fingers moving back and forth inside me, gently, easing the tissues, relaxing them, my hips rocking slowly in time with your movements, and then with a feeling of regret, followed by emptiness, I felt the fingers withdraw, and felt and heard movement behind me, then your hand resting lightly on my hip, your voice, softly urging me , “Don’t move love,”. Not wanting to spoil the feelings, I kept my eyes closed, and did not even try to turn my head to see what you were doing.

Breathlessly I waited, and then jumped when I felt a coolness on me, realising you were spreading lube over my rose, gently over the opening, your fingers gently pushing it into me, sliding past the ring easily before withdrawing. I knew, just knew what was coming, and began trembling in anticipation. You must have felt me trembling, and all movement stopped, then your voice close to me, your body leaning over my back. “Darling, are you OK, do you want this, I won’t go any further unless you want me to?”

Taking a deep breath, moved at your gentleness and care, wanting to lighten the moment, I moaned at you, from my position in the pillow, “If you stop now, I will never speak to you again!” You chuckled softly, briefly, softly kissing my back, before lifting yourself from me, and then I felt the head of the dildo pressing against my opening, gently, so very gently, back and forth against me, waiting for me relax. Then with surprising ease, the head slipped through the ring, and into me, making me gasp at the feeling, my back arching, a long moan rolling out of me, as I pushed my hips back against it and you, gripping my bottom lip with my teeth as it slid in deeper than the fingers. Oh, this was exquisite, the feelings were beginning to work their way up to my breasts and my throat. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddd, that’s wonderful. Susan, please don’t stop.”

I heard the smile in your voice, “Oh I won’t love, not just yet, maybe not for quite a while,”, and then as you simply held it inside of me allowing me to get used to the feeling, I felt your other hand slip around my thighs to find my slit, and your long soft fingers, stroking along its length, occasionally dipping a finger into my pussy, dragging my cream up to my clit. “Mmmmmmmm love, so wet, just for me. What have you been dreaming about?”. Then you began a slow movement, pushing and pulling the dildo back and forth into me, going deeper on each stroke, the movement against my tissues, sending ripples of unbelievable pleasure into me.

Oh God, I was in heaven, I just didn’t want the feelings to stop, I wanted this to go on forever, but I knew it wouldn’t.

I felt you move closer to me, felt your hand press up against the base of the vibe, and gently begin to ease your weight against it, pushing it deeper and deeper into my tunnel, and your fingers on my clit becoming firmer and more urgent. My movements were out of my control now, my hips pushing back against the dildo and your fingers, wanting to get everything deep inside me, I knew I was moaning and whimpering, “Oh God, fuck me, please fuck me, let me cum.”

“Shall I love, or shall I just keep you here on the edge all morning?” you teased me.

“Fuck me, please, just FUCK ME” I pleaded.

I heard your soft chuckle, felt your lips on my back, your hand push harder, your finger on my clit moving faster, then everything stopped and I felt you remove the dildo. I almost screamed. “Susan, please, please, don’t stop.”

“I’m not stopping love, I’m going to make it even better.” I felt your thighs move against mine, and the dildo against me for a moment, before it was plunged all the way back in to me, and then I felt the harness against my cheeks. I wanted to cry in happiness as I felt your hands on my hips, as you pulled the dildo back, not quite out of me, and then immediately thrust it back in, making me cry out, “Oh yes, yes, fuck me, please fuck me.”

Your voice rolled over me, husky now in your own arousal, “Any time love, any time.”, and with that, you began a slow, deliberate movement entering me with the whole length, and pulling all the way back. I was moaning continuously now, calling your name, begging you to let me come, pushing against you, as your hands pulled me back against you, feeling your thighs slapping against me, the harness against me, and very soon I was hovering on the brink, my brain was a turmoil of sensation, my whole body on fire, and then you spoke quietly again, a few short words, whispered as you bent over me, pushing me over the edge, “Cum for me my love, cum for me.”

And I did. I shuddered, pushing backwards against you, feeling the orgasm burst out of me, up through my stomach, down through my pussy and my ass. Again and again I moved against you, crying my pleasure. Then somewhere in the pleasure that had taken me over, I felt you push even deeper into me, holding the dildo there, your hands tight on my hips pulling me hard against you, your hips moving against me in short, sharp movements, touching places inside of me that made me shiver, I heard you moan my name just once, “Jeannie…..” then stillness.

Then your body collapsed on me, a softness spreading over my tingling, burning skin, your breath panting against my back. I felt my legs weakening, “Susan,” I gasped, trembling still, and then felt you lift yourself from me, gently ease the dildo from me, making me gasp again, as my legs gave way, I slid down on to the bed, still panting and trembling.

I felt soft hands on me, turning me over, gathering me into your arms, your lips soft and loving over mine, whispering, “Good morning, my love,” and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted with the sight of your eyes, smiling down at me, so full of love. Could there be a better way to start a day?

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