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Love, A Required Taste

Category: Fetish
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I walked the length of the hallway to our bedroom to change for a party we were going to. As I passed the bathroom John was standing at the toilet bowl getting ready to relieve himself. I stood there a second and watched feeling a tingle between my legs as I watched. Then slowly opened the door and walked up behind him.

Put my arms around his waist startling him a bit, John asked what I was doing and all I could say was…

“Shussshh just let me help you.”

My hands went to his shirt, unbuttoning it letting it slid from tanned shoulders. As it slipped down I leaned in and kissed his back pressing my body tight to his. Kissing one side then the other, then taking his shirt off and tossing it aside on the stool. My arms circled his waist. I slowly ran my hands up to his chest feeling the hairs run through my fingers. Feeling his hard nipples as I ran my hands over them, stopping to dig my nails into his chest a bit.

Hearing John moan made my heart pound, my nipples hard as his, my knees weak and my pussy wet. I loved how touching him made me feel. After a few minutes of running my hands over his chest, I let them fall to the waist of his pants. Reaching around and letting my hand run across his semi hard cock, I kissed his back again pressing my hard nipples tight to him. The silk material feeling cool on my skin and his only made them harder.

My hands gripped his cock and John moaned. I gave him a few hard gripping strokes my nails digging in as the material and all slid up and down his now hard cock. John moaned he had to piss yet and it made me grip him harder stroke him faster. After a few more slow hard strokes my hands slid to the waistband of his pants. He had not unbuttoned them yet so I fumbled with the button and slowly ran the zipper down as my fingers spread over his hard cock and slid down with the zipper.

When I reached the bottom my hand cupped his balls and again digging my nails in he let out a moan. Releasing them my hands went to the top of his pants, slowly slipping them down. As they fell to the floor I put my hands on his hips and pressed my pelvic bone hard to his ass like I was gonna fuck him, wanting to fuck. With my hands in the top of his underwear I ran one hand around front just teasing the head of his cock taking it in two fingers and gently squeezing it feeling the warm drop of cum that had formed there. I released the head of his cock and slipped his briefs down letting them fall to the floor.

My hand ran over his ass down between his legs and up the crack of his ass, searching the opening to fill this need I had to fuck him. John leaned forward and gripped the toilet bowl rim as I spread his ass cheeks; closing my eyes I run my hand down between my thighs and in my wet pussy. I moaned out loud as I shoved two fingers deep in my pussy. Getting them wet from my juices, then returning to John who is still bent over the toilet I massaged his asshole, feeling him tense a little then relax as my fingers worked there way in his ass. God he was tight and moaned as they worked their way in.

A few hard deep thrust and gripping his balls at the same time John moaned, he started humping working with every thrust I did. I knew he wouldn’t cum he had to piss to bad. I loved making him wait; feeling the pressure his cock so hard it hurt. After fucking him a few more times I stopped and just let him calm down, my fingers still in him but not moving. Just letting him know I was there. I seen his breathing slow down, only then did I shove my fingers deep and hard in his ass one more time then withdrew them.

“OHHHHHH FUCK”, he yelled out.

His hands gripped the bowl rim and he took a deep breath, after a few minutes John stood and turned toward me. I knew Id be getting the same treatment my nipples grew hard, my pussy ached and now my heart pounded.

John reached for my silk robe yanked it open and roughly took it off me. My breast rose with every breath as I knew what was coming. Backing me up to the walk in shower he pressed my body hard against the wall, my head thumped as it hit. My eyes closed and not feeling the pain, I moaned as if his fingers were in me.

Putting his hands on my shoulders John said, “On your knees bitch; this is for making me wait to piss.”

As I bent down to my knees my eyes came in contact with his hard cock. I leaned forward and opened my mouth to quickly get a taste of him. But John knew he stepped back and I moaned as he was out of my reach. As I knelt before him I seen the pain in his eyes of having a piss hard on, trying to go but cant. His hands on his cock little drops started to form on the head, god how I wanted to taste him. To feel his cock on my lips and in my mouth.

I could feel the wetness between my legs, squeezing my thighs together as I pumped like I was fucking him. I wanted so bad to reach down and slip my fingers in me. My mind focused back on John who was in full stream now, I held my head high as he relieved himself on me. I loved how that felt. How erotic it was and seeing it come from his still hard cock. The look as he strained to get it out, it came in spurts and streams splashing over my face tits and down my tummy to my already wet pussy.

I loved it, it excited me, I could cum just from this alone; the look on his face his hard cock straining to piss. His hands on his hips forcing his cock at me still squirting or pissing a stream at me and the sigh of relief as he emptied his bladder on me how erotic it was…

When he was done John took my hand helped me up, I stood my knees weak from want. John stepped in front of me and kissed me hard on the lips forcing his tongue deep in my throat. His hands on my breasts squeezing, feeling him tug at my nipples and then sucking them in his mouth. I let out a low scream as he bit hard on one. When he returned to kissing me I could taste him, his piss on his lips from sucking my nipples that excited me I wanted him.

John laid a towel on the shower floor and laid down on it, his hard cock standing straight in the air pointing at my wet pussy. I straddled him and stood over his waist, I felt his hands on my calves then move up to my thighs. My legs shook as he drew close to my wetness his fingers now inside my spread thighs. I couldn’t close them on him my feet on either side of him stopped me. And not that Id of wanted to anyways I knew what was coming.

John never said a word his hands slid up my thighs and over my pussy, I moaned as he roughly slid them across my clit to my tummy and back down. Putting a hand on each thigh he moved in and with his thumbs he parted my pussy lips. Sat up and sucked the hard bead of my clit in his mouth. His tongue reaching the full length of my pussy then back up to my clit again.

I felt weak; my knees shook as he fucked me. I knew what he wanted but was unsure if I could control it. I focused on my relieving myself just a little; John loved the taste of me he poked at me demanding I give him what he wanted. As I started to go I could hear him sucking and feel his tongue fuck me for more. I knew I had to control it, and not cum too. John kept tongue fucking me stabbing me and sucking what I gave him a little at a time.

Then he stopped and laid down his finger found my wet pussy and he started to fuck me again, and then he yelled; “Now girl give me what I want!”

As he finger fucked me I relieved myself. I could feel the pressure of trying to pee with his fingers deep inside me. I moaned as he withdrew and rubbed my clit I had to cum and pee but right now I had to pee. It was what he wanted, I felt it run down my thighs and seen it running down his arms. Splashing on his stomach and over his chest. His eyes were closed as he put his fingers back in me and continued to fuck me as I peed.

His cock was so hard and cum dripping from the head, when I had finished relieving myself I kneeled and sat on John’s hard throbbing cock. He took my ankles and held then high so his cock would go its full length in me. He was huge and hard and the pain of his big cock in me hurt but so good. He dropped my ankles and put his hands on my thighs and moved up slowly, when he reached my clit he gently rubbed as he fucked me…

My tits bouncing, the sound of him fucking from the wetness of my piss on him. The smell of lust, want and desire was in the air. And he yelled he was cumming, John gripped my thighs and arched his back driving his cock deep in me, making me scream from pain and the pleasure of cumming to. When we were done we smiled and John said fuck were gonna be late.

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