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Special Delivery

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Annabella was just arriving back to school after her winter break. She’d been home visiting family in Arizona. She loved her family, and it had been nice seeing everyone together. Moving away for college had been a very difficult transition for her. Bella, as her friends called her, was a good girl — honest, caring and considerate. Now that she was on her own, she found it unnerving taking control of her own life.

She had always done as she was told as a child, and she felt better when someone was telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. Despite being shy and socially awkward, Bella was determined to do well in school and make her parents proud. She needed their approval. In a way, she always needed someone’s approval to feel better about herself.

Bella climbed the stairs to the second floor of her apartment building and pried the squeaky metal door open while she pushed her suitcase into the hall. “Why did I pack so much stuff?” She thought to herself as she wrestled with her luggage stumbling down toward her apartment. She fumbled through her purse pulling out her keys, and finally managed to get through the door. She noticed a small package next the entrance. She kicked it inside with her foot before the door closed behind her.

Bella pushed her suitcase into her bedroom, and then fell back on her bed exhausted from the drive and the vacation. Her room was still very much that of a high school girl’s room. Posters pasted on the walls, a four poster bed with a pink ruffled comforter, and the errant stuffed animals of horses scattered about. She sighed heavily before closing her eyes for a quick nap.

She had stopped off for two days on her way back to school to visit a guy friend. She had known him a long time, and the last time they saw each other she had slept with him. Bella cared deeply for this boy, and had hoped that things would pick up right where they left off. She was twenty years old, and had only slept with two people. Neither experience was very satisfying to her, but she noted that neither one was dissatisfying either. Perhaps it was her fault she often thought. Maybe she didn’t know what she was doing. Either way she couldn’t help but notice the constant urges for sexual satisfaction that boiled inside her.

Unfortunately, her time with Daniel did not go as planned. Bella tried her best to present herself as sexy as possible. She had leaned into him while they watched television applying the adequate amount of touching to hint at her sexual needs. She wanted him to take the lead. She wanted him to show her how to please him better. Daniel had not seemed interested. Bella wore a low cut shirt displaying a very generous amount of cleavage to spark his interest, but he had hardly noticed her large full breasts partially exposed for his approval. By the end of the second day, Bella found herself letting her hand wander as they cuddled on the couch. She could feel his cock beneath the fabric of his corduroy pants. She glanced at him for his acknowledgment to proceed. She wanted to see some recognition that she should continue. Daniel looked back at her, and although he didn’t say anything, she took the twitching in his pants to be an answer.

Mustering her courage, Bella slinked down to the floor and nervously fidgeted with his zipper before pulling out his cock. He wasn’t impressively large at all, but he was thick and she remembered the feeling of fullness as her pussy had stretched around it the last time they were together. She took his cock into her mouth and did her best to provide him with her oral skills. If she did this right, he’d demand to fuck her she thought. If she could only get him so turned on that his animal instincts took over then she’d finally get what she so desperately wanted. She was proud of herself. She incorporated all the tricks that she read about it. Sadly, Bella’s sucking did a bit too much for Daniel. With a satisfying grunt he emptied his balls into her mouth and yawned loudly as he sank back into the couch.

Bella was disappointed to say the least. She still knelt between his legs with a mouthful of his cum and a pussy that yearned for satisfaction. She had gotten no attention at all, although she did enjoy the taste of him. It made her feel naughty, but feeling naughty only made her crave a release even more. She quietly picked herself up and retreated to the bathroom. She used her vibrator to get herself off, and then packed her bags so she could leave in the morning. As far as she was concerned the visit was a waste.

She had replayed the events in her head on the long drive back to school. “What did I do wrong?” She wondered. She didn’t think she was unattractive, yet he didn’t seem all that interested in her either. She had only wanted to get fucked. The longer she had gone without sexual attention the more she wanted someone to take her. She fantasized about being used by someone that knew exactly what he wanted. Although, she was terribly inexperienced and didn’t have the self confidence to flirt openly with men, she still had these particularly naughty thoughts that she played out in the privacy of her bedroom.

After a brief nap, Bella woke and began to unpack her bags. She had put her clothes away along with her makeup and bathroom products. She stuffed her comically large suitcase back into her tiny closet. Finally she started setting out some clothes for the next day. School was back in session, and she would soon be busy with her studies.

Bella made her way back into the kitchen satisfied that everything was in order for the new semester. She fixed herself a snack, and sat at the small table in the kitchenette. It was then that she noticed the package sitting in the middle of her floor. She had almost forgotten about kicking in the door when she arrived home. She walked over and retrieved it before sitting back down to finish her snack. The package sat in front of her on the table. The more she stared at it, the more it seemed strange to her. It had her name written neatly across the brown paper packaging, but there was no address, no return address and no postage at all.

She reached into a kitchen drawer and retrieved a small knife carefully slicing the seams of the package. Once she opened it, she was even more confused, if not a bit shocked. She reached inside and pulled out the contents — one black satin blindfold and a small hand written note. She opened the note and began to read.

“Bella, put this on each night before you go to sleep, and make yourself cum.”

Well this just didn’t seem right she thought. Maybe someone was playing a practical joke on her. Who could be so lewd? She picked up the blindfold and felt the fabric between her fingers thinking about her failed attempt to get satisfaction with Daniel. She had already planned on masturbating before bed, what would be the harm in doing it with a blindfold on she thought. She brushed off the thought again trying desperately to figure out who might have sent this. Truth be told, Bella didn’t have a ton of friends at school. She certainly hadn’t met any men that might have gotten the wrong impression from her. If someone thought she’d follow this instruction then they must have thought she was downright slutty. ‘I’m not slutty,’ She thought to herself. But even she could recognize the familiar feelings building up inside her. Even she knew that despite her denials this had turned her on.

Later that night, Bella crawled into bed. She pulled her t-shirt off and slipped out of her panties and settled her petite, olive skinned body against the soft comforter. Her black hair fell across the pillows, and she spread her legs wide as her beautiful hazel eyes closed lightly. Her hands moved slowly down her body toward her neglected pussy. She touched herself lightly before opening her eyes and glancing at the blindfold resting neatly next to the lamp on the nightstand. She bit her lower lip in contemplation and then reached out and grabbed it. She pulled the thin elastic strap around her head and positioned it in place over her eyes. It worked well. She couldn’t see a thing, and after a moment she let her hand travel back down to resume its work on her pussy. A few minutes, Bella erupted in a powerful climax that she was sure the neighbors might have heard. She relaxed in her afterglow with a wide smile stretched across her full lips. That had been more satisfying than most of her manual climaxes. For the first time she hadn’t thought about Daniel’s cock, but rather, she had thought about a stranger. In particular she thought about the stranger that sent her this blindfold.

Bella had fallen asleep with the blindfold still in place. She woke to the chirping of her alarm. She reached up her tired arm searching blindly for the alarm on the nightstand before finally shutting it off. She sat up, stretched, and removed the blindfold that still covered her eyes. She held it again and stared at it. The same smile crept back across her face. She set it neatly next to her alarm, and got up to shower and start the day.

Bella struggled to concentrate on her new course schedule. She was trying to find the new classrooms on the expansive campus, but she was distracted. Every time she passed a man she wondered if that could be the guy that left her mysterious package. Her usually very normal libido had kicked into overdrive, and her pussy was begging her for more attention. It was during her third class that day when she found herself drifting off. When the professor asked her a question, she snapped out of her daydream only to realize she was rocking on the end of her seat grinding her pussy on the hard plastic edge. She mumbled in an attempt to answer causing some mild embarrassment. It was then that she noticed a few guys in the row behind her staring in disbelief. Clearly they had noticed her gyrations.

After her last class, she rushed home to her apartment. Throwing the door open and discarding her clothes in a pile on the floor, she dove into her bed and drove her vibrator deep into her pussy. Once it was seated inside her, she reached over clutching the blindfold and placing carefully over her eyes. The blackness made her sigh in satisfaction. With a slight turn of the end of her toy, the vibrator came to life. Bella mad an audible groan as she began to work the toy in and out of her pussy. An hour later she had came down from the last of many powerful climaxes.

The second night of self satisfaction had actually done nothing to curb Bella’s growing sexual appetite. She found herself racing home every day to slip the blindfold on and touch her increasingly needy pussy. She varied the pleasure in ways, alternating between her vibrator, fingers and a small dildo. One thing became quite clear, though, none of her orgasms were as satisfying as when she wore that blindfold.

It had been a week, and Bella’s curiosity over who delivered the mysterious package had grown as much as her sexual desires. She had never been one to excessively masturbate, but lately she was sure she had set some type of record. She wondered how she could go on without knowing who had done this to her. She usually prided herself on her self control. She had never been one to obsess in life, and was always grateful for what she had without asking for more than she thought she deserved. Her increasing needs were scaring her a little. This was out of character for the shy girl, and the more she thought about how strange her behavior had become, the more her pussy ached for attention.

Bella had gotten through her last class of the day, and wearily made her way home to indulge in her own self satisfaction. She crested the top of the stairs, pried open the metal door and entered into the drab hallway. She stopped abruptly noticing a small package sitting outside her door halfway down the hall. Her heart jumped. Bella rushed forward in anticipation picking up the package, and looking around to see if anyone had seen it. Perhaps she was looking for who might have dropped it off. She examined the name on the outside before tucking it under her arm and pushing inside her apartment.

She set the package on her bed. It was the same curious shape and size as the previous one. No addresses, no names, no postage… save the name ‘Bella’ handwritten across the top. She grabbed a knife, and opened the package carefully. She peeled the flaps of cardboard back to reveal its contents, and let out an audible gasp. Inside was a handwritten note and black leather bondage collar. She tore the note open and began reading it.

“Bella, wear this each night along with your blindfold and make yourself cum. Leave the window curtains open for anyone that might be looking.”

This was absolute agony to Bella. There was no name, no address, and no hint as to who might have sent this. It answered none of the questions that plagued her. In fact it made her need for answers so much worse. “Who’s doing this?” She groaned out loud. She wondered if this person realized the absolute pain and pleasure this was causing her. She wished that he would at least leave a clue to his identity. Something. Anything.

She pulled the collar out examining it. She knew what it was. “Who would send a bondage collar?” She whispered to herself. “Clearly someone thinks I’m a slut.” Bella was having trouble admitting that she just might be a lot sluttier than she ever thought. She put the collar on wrapping it tightly around her neck and clasping it shut. She walked over toward the mirror that hung above her dresser. She smiled slyly. She did like the way she looked in it, and she looked naughty. She admired it for another moment before thinking that perhaps it was the way it felt that she liked. The thick leather band wrapped so snuggly around her neck. It was just a bit constricting. Yes, she thought. It’s the feel of it she liked most, and she certainly felt slutty.

Bella walked over toward the window opening the curtains allowing a view of her room. She climbed into her bed and shed her clothing. Reaching over to the nightstand, she grabbed blindfold and slid it into place before digging her fingers deep inside her gushing cunt. She worked her pussy over and over thinking only of this man. “Who are you?” She thought. “What will you make me do next?” And then her orgasm rocked her petite frame sending her into blissful slumber.

Things were spirally out of control for Bella. She was normally a well put together girl. She was studious, well adjusted and responsible. The advent of a second package had driven her into an absolute frenzy. She found herself making lists of people that she suspected might have sent these items. She devised scenarios where someone might be trying to prank her or embarrass her. She eyed everyone suspiciously when they spoke to her. This carefree girl had boiled her life down to two obsessions getting herself off and discovering the identity of the mystery man. She even began to wonder if this ‘he’ might be a ‘she’. Could a woman be behind this plan to drive her into a sexual black hole? Bella even began carrying a spare set of panties in her bag in case her daydreams created any noticeable secretions — which had happened twice in the last few days already.

The thing that Bella couldn’t understand was that this was exactly what she needed. It’s what she had always wanted. She was being told what to do, and her need for approval made her follow each command. It was different than her childhood though. She wasn’t being told to do her homework or clean her room. These commands came with such intense sensations, which by themselves were slightly addicting.

It had been two weeks now and Bella was no closer to finding any answers than she was the day this all began. She walked back from the library briskly when it had occurred to her that the second package arrived exactly one week after the first. Once again she pried open the heavy metal door in the staircase and stood quietly looking at a small package sitting outside her door. She beamed at the sight of it. Finally, she hoped to get a hint or clue to the identity of her man.

Bella sat on her bed again with the new box in front of her and knife in hand. It was like déjà vu. She broke the seams, opened the box, and withdrew the contents. This time she found a black garter belt, black thigh high stockings, two nylon straps and a hand written note. She peeled open the note and began to read.

“Bella, wear the garter belt and stockings each night along with your collar and blindfold. Attach the nylon straps to the bed frame at the foot of your bed and bind your ankles so your legs are kept wide open. Cum five times each night. You’re being a very good slut so far.”

She gasped aloud. It was true; he did think she was a slut. Bella sat there staring at the new items, and tried to understand the last couple weeks. Maybe she was a slut. She was surely unable to resist her need to comply with this stranger’s commands. She needed it. She felt alive for the first time. She was good at following instructions. She thought about the wording. He was pleased with her, and that made her want to please him more. She could look past the fact he thought of her as slut, as long as she complied with his requests and earned his approval.

She quickly got up and tried on the garter and stockings. Whoever had sent these items had gotten her size perfectly. She completed her ensemble with her black collar. She looked at herself again in the mirror. She bit her lower lip lightly as she admired herself. Her trim stomach and olive skin tone looked so good against the black collar, stockings and garter. Her breasts were so large, and hung so seductively. Each breast capped with a dark nipple. She thought she looked incredibly sexy. She shouldn’t have trouble getting a man. In fact, if it weren’t for her good girl personality and slightly awkward social skills she probably would have had many men by now. She smiled at thought. “I could be a slut.” She said to her reflection. “I could be a proper slut if I wanted.”

Saying it out loud sent a tingle down to her pussy. She needed to cum. Bella turned around and grabbed the nylon straps quickly attaching them to the feet of her four poster bed. She climbed onto her comforter pushing aside her stuffed animals, and began to attach the straps to each foot pulling them tight. Once they were in place, she slid the blindfold down over her eyes and laid back to begin her evening ritual. It felt particularly naughty tonight. She tugged each ankle feeling the strength of the restraints. She felt so exposed and so vulnerable. The feel of the nylon on her skin brought her new sensations she didn’t even know existed. She dug her vibrator deep inside herself and used her middle finger on her clit. She came quickly. She almost always came quickly lately. Tonight she couldn’t stop herself though. Her need was insatiable, and each orgasm only made her want another. She was coming down off her tenth climax when she finally drifted off.

Surprisingly, Bella still managed to complete her school work, which seemed like a miracle to her at this point. She had become adept at giving herself small orgasms during class, or larger ones in the bathroom stall between classes. Nonetheless, she did her work and then went home to masturbate. She wondered what people must have thought of her. She had become slightly more withdrawn lately, but overall she looked like any normal kid on campus. Certainly no one would expect that she makes herself cum between ten and thirty times a day depending on her workload.

Bella found that she enjoyed sleeping with the straps attached to her ankles and her collar and blindfold on. It had been another full week, and she spent the entire day thinking about her man. She wondered if he was at her apartment at that exact moment dropping off her next package. She had contemplated staying home, and catching him in the act. She needed her package. She needed the next item that was going to lead her down the path he set out for her. She wanted to play by his rules.

The day went agonizingly slow. When her last class let out she made her way home. She climbed the stairs, swung open the heavy metal door and glanced down the hallway. There was no package outside her door. She deflated and whimpered openly. She sullenly walked down toward her door. “Did someone take it?” She wondered aloud. “He leaves it right here every Monday. He wouldn’t stop. He can’t stop. He can’t.” Her world seemed crushed. Tears ran down her cheeks as her hand shakily brought her key to the lock. She would masturbate thinking of him. It was the only thing that could make her feel better. She dropped her bags inside the door on the floor, deposited her keys on the kitchen counter and headed straight for the bedroom.

When she opened the bedroom door, she jumped back startled. Inside sitting in the middle of her perfectly made bed was another box. Her head whipped around to see if she was alone. He had been in her place. Panic struck. The panic triggered another emotion in her tiny body. Bella stood there looking at the unopened package. She dropped her pants to her ankles and dug her fingers into her juicy cunt. “You were here.” She said aloud. “You were in my bedroom.” She knew she should be alarmed, but this stranger was no stranger. This stranger had a right to be here she thought. She came fiercely.

Bella ran and got the knife from the kitchen. She sat atop her bed and began her ritual of opening her mystery package. She looked inside and found three items — a silver pair of nipple clamps, a dirty pair of panties and a handwritten note. She opened the note and began to read.

“Five orgasms each night, Annabella. That was what you were asked to complete, nothing more. You haven’t been following instructions. Put on your garter and stockings, collar and blindfold then attach these nipple clamps. You will wear them each night until I can trust that you’ll cum five times only, not the ten times you came that first night or the excesses since then.”

Bella panted as she examined the note over and over. “Ten times,” she thought aloud. “He’s watching me.” The realization shouldn’t have been a surprise to her. She stood up to put on her evening attire making sure everything was perfect. She climbed back onto her pink frilly comforter, attached the binds to her legs and then reached down to retrieve the nipple clamps. It gave her pleasure to be at this stranger’s command. She attached each end of the clamp to her nipples, and the pain seared through her large full breasts. She whimpered in pain, and then after a few moments the pain dulled and the sensations had created a gush of wetness in her pussy. She came exactly five times. Looking back into the box, she noticed that he hadn’t mentioned the panties. She pulled them out inspecting them. They were her panties. The ones she’d worn the day before. She noticed the wetness and brought them to her nose. It was not her scent that she smelled. It was the distinctly delicious scent of cum — His cum. The thought drove her wild and she wanted nothing more than to cum again. He had cum in these panties — probably sitting right where she sat now. Instead touching herself, she brought the panties to her mouth and tasted him for the first time.

The next morning, Bella dragged herself out of bed. She carefully detached the nipple clamps causing another searing pain through her tender nubs. Bella never liked pain. She held the clamps in her hands confused by her need to feel them on her again. What was happening to her? She had a late class that day. She decided to take the time to catch up on some reading. It was becoming difficult for her to concentrate on her course work. She sat in her living room reading and then rereading each page. The information just didn’t seem to be sinking in. She wanted to cum. She thought for a moment, and then fetched the last note her man had sent. Did he mean she could only cum five times at night, or did that mean those five times were the only orgasms she could have all day? It wasn’t specific. Perhaps he meant only five times a day. The thought was agonizing.

She redoubled her efforts to complete some work, but could not seem to get comfortable on the small couch. She grabbed her book and retreated to her bedroom. This only seemed to make her need worse. This place with frilly pink bedding and colorful furniture was where she needed to bind herself in submission and cum. It didn’t feel right being in here for any other purpose.

She decided to change out of her sweat pants. She put back on her stockings and collar, climbed back into the bed, and bound her feet with the nylon straps. Immediately her breathing calmed. She felt better. She reached over picking up her textbook and began to read. It should have unnerved her needing to bind herself to concentrate, but on some level it felt so natural.

By the mid afternoon, she had donned some school clothes and made her way across campus. She had an exam today for her biology class. She felt a bit on edge, not because of her test, but because she hadn’t cum since last night and her pussy was practically dripping through her pants. She made it to the science building grabbed her blue exam book and took a seat in front of the classroom.

When the clock struck 4pm, the professor announced that it was time to begin. Bella opened up the booklet and began her essay questions. She was confident after the first two questions that she had absorbed the material. It was halfway through the test that she looked up toward the clock in the front of the room. She still had another few questions to complete. She saw the professor sitting at his desk next to the lectern. He was watching patiently as students began to drop off their booklets. It was then that Bella noticed something. Next to his cup of coffee was a small brown package. She gasped at the sight of it. It was almost too hard to concentrate on the last question.

She looked from the box to the professor and then back to the box. She was certain that the proportions were just right. It occurred to her that this was him. She studied him. He was in his mid 40s, salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders, nicely dressed. She never imagined him being so much older, but her pussy gushed at the thought. She bit her lip as she finished the last question glancing back to the handsome man in the front of the room. She thought about him tying her to the lectern in the empty classroom and ravishing her. The wetness between her legs was creating a damp spot on the crotch of her pants.

She finished the test, and brought it to the front of the room. She carefully set it down in the box and eyed her name on the package next to him.

“I think I did very well, Professor Stevens.” She said glowing.

“Oh, Bella, I’m glad to hear that. You seem to be an excellent student although you’re a bit quiet during class.” He stated. “Oh, and, this is for you, Bella.” He reached over and grabbed the package handing it to her. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“Thank you, Sir.” She said. And then whispering a little softer, “Why didn’t you leave this at my door?”

He glanced up at her. “Why would I leave this at your door if you were going to be in class? I could just hand it to you here.”

Finally, she thought to herself. He was finally willing to reveal himself. Of course he wanted to hand it to her there, so she could look him over and see the source of her pleasure.

“Well I guess that makes sense.” She remarked. “It’s just that you always leave it by my door, and when I saw it up here I was worried that you were upset with me. I did exactly what you asked. I only came five times last night, and I wore the nipple clamps all night long.”

His eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped. “I… I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Bella. That’s an awfully inappropriate statement to make. This box was left in here when I arrived with a note to give it you after class. I…um… I would never…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence.

Bella’s face burned a deep crimson color as she realized her mistake. “Oh, no! I… Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Professor Stevens. I’ve made a terrible mistake. Oh, I’m so embarrassed.”

It was then that she saw his eyes move down toward her crotch. She knew she was soaked and his expression confirmed that she must have a noticeable stain on her pants. She began to sob slightly, clutched the package under her arm, and ran for the door. She ran all the way back to her apartment without stopping. She wondered how she was ever going to show her face in that class again. It was a terrible mistake.

She sat on the edge of her bed recovering her breathing. She couldn’t understand how she’d become this woman. This was so unlike her. Yet she stared at the plain brown package, and felt her body react. She grabbed the knife that she now kept in the nightstand, and opened the box. There were two more nylon straps, a vibrating egg without the remote control and a hand written note.

“Bella, you shouldn’t make assumptions. You must feel embarrassed. You will attach these nylon straps to the headboard on your bed. Anytime you leave the apartment, you will insert the vibrator in your pussy. You may cum twice now in addition to your five orgasms tonight.”

He knew she would make the mistake in assuming her professor was sending the packages. She was so angry that he was toying with her, but she needed him more now than ever. She pulled off her pants revealing her stockings and garter underneath. She hadn’t taken them off before class. She enjoyed wearing them. They made her feel naughty. She attached the new nylon straps to the top of her bed, and then put on her collar. She didn’t understand the new straps. She couldn’t strap herself down completely. Maybe he expected to use them on her. The thought drove her wild. She reached over and attached one to her wrist leaving three of her limbs bound tight. She pulled the blindfold over her eyes with her free hand and then dug her fingers into her pussy. She was so thankful for the additional pleasure he allowed her. The mix of embarrassment and need made them the most powerful she had ever experienced.

Bella was all but lost in her new life. She hadn’t thought of Daniel once since that first day back. As a matter of fact, she hadn’t spoken to her family either. That was definitely out of character for her. She hadn’t realized it until the following day on campus. She was sitting in the quad enjoying her lunch when the phone rang. She quickly snatched it up and answered.

“Hello? Oh! Hi, mom!” She said into the phone. “No. I’m not ignoring you. I’ve just been really bu…. Oh, no!….” She screamed out as the vibrator came to life inside her. She had been so horny all morning, and her pussy seemed so sensitive lately that the slightest touch was unbearable. “What? Um… no… nothing is wronnnggg… unggg… uh… I… n…need to callahhhh… I’ll call-unggggg back.” She barely got it out before snapping her phone shut and bracing her hands on the stone bench where she sat. Her eyes moved wildly around the crowd of people in the quad. The package said the vibrator remote had a range of fifty feet. He was here somewhere, and that made the sensations even more powerful. She was about to lose it. She was about to cum in public. A few people looked at her oddly noting the almost pained expression on her face. Her body jerked slightly while she tried to conceal her condition. Then it stopped. “No!” She shouted drawing some more stares from onlookers. She wondered how he could tease her like this. She needed that release.

Bella’s days became increasingly more tortuous. Her poor pussy would ignite with sensations no matter where she found herself. She wondered who this man was. How could he be in so many places? Were his days entirely devoted to making her beg for release? It was worse than the first two weeks. Back then she could get herself off as she pleased. Now she was limited, but the limitations meant the few climaxes she was allowed were powerful, mind-blowing ones.

It was a few days later that Bella found herself back in her Biology class. She had contemplated not showing up at all. She made her way down to her seat in front of the lecture hall. Professor Stevens had passed out lab assignments to everyone in the class.

“Alright, people.” He bellowed from the front of the class. “We’re moving into the lab portion of the class. We’ll be convening from now on in the lab downstairs. Don’t show up in this classroom anymore. Now, I’m breaking the class up into groups of twos. Everyone will work with a partner. Since we have an odd number of students, one of you will have to work alone. Any takers?” There was silence in the class.

“No one?” He asked again. “Fine. I’ll choose.” He took a moment to look over the classroom. “Hmm. Bella! You can work alone. You like to follow instructions, right?”

His eyes were resting firmly on her breasts. His double meaning was not lost on her. “Yes, Sir.” She squeaked out shyly.

“Oh, Bella, don’t look so upset. From what I hear, you always do what you’re told. Besides if you run into any problems with the lab assignments or need any help, you can find me during my office hours. I like to be hands on with my students.”

“Yes, Sir.” She said softly. The embarrassment was so degrading. He might as well as asked her to fuck him after class. It was her fault and she knew it.

He continued with his lecture as the vibrator began a sudden assault in Bella’s pussy. Her eyes closed tightly for a moment wishing this wasn’t happening here — At least not in front of this professor who in so many words had basically just called her a slut. Bella squeezed her legs trying to maintain some self control. She was being driven to the edge, and she could barely hang on. She knew she shouldn’t cum, but she wanted it. Her phone chirped and she reached into her bag.

Professor Stevens snatched it from her hands. “Bella, we turn off our cell phones when we’re in my class. That goes for everyone here. If this is so important that you need to interrupt my class then maybe we should share it with everyone.” With that Professor Stevens opened her phone to the new text message. “A text message! Now let’s take a look.” He clicked on the message, and stared blankly at the screen. Without saying a word he handed the phone back to Bella.

Bella took the phone, and glanced at the screen. There was a single line text that read, “You may cum now, slut.”

Her hands were gripping the armrests on the chair so tightly that her knuckles had gone white. The second she finished reading the text her body slipped over the edge. “OOOoomph. Uh. Ohhhh.” Professor Stevens realized that this girl had just climaxed in front of him. The bulge in his pants was at eye level with Bella’s face. She continued holding the chair tightly to prevent the smaller tremors from her orgasm from making her body rock any more noticeably. Her face was beet red as she looked up, and made eye contact with her professor. He smiled devilishly at the young girl’s debasement.

She waited another fifteen minutes until the class was over, and then hoisted herself up on her unsteady feet and shuffled toward the exit. The vibrator had turned off and on for the remainder of the class causing her to struggle tremendously. She just needed to leave. She needed to get home. The implications of the last half hour were terrifying. Her professor knew she came in front of him, and at someone else’s request. On command! But what plagued her more was that this mystery man had her cell phone number. He hadn’t texted before. This was a new detail. Checking her phone confirmed the number he used was anonymous. She couldn’t reply. She couldn’t beg him to reveal himself. At this point she could barely make it home. The vibrator still hummed inside her meaning he was following her nearby.

She barreled into her apartment heading straight for the bathroom. She cranked the nobs on the shower and climbed in slinking her weary body to the floor and letting the cold water run down her flushed complexion. Bella had never felt so slutty.

She decided to spend the rest of the night in. She paced her small living room back and forth watching the hours and minutes tick by slowly. She wanted to crawl in bed, but she couldn’t do that until she was ready to cum. If she came too early, she’d never get sleep. She needed that release to push her into her slumber. That was her new routine. She never wore sweatpants or pajamas anymore at home. They never felt comfortable so she paced in her garter belt and stockings with her collar wrapped snugly about her neck.

After pacing for a few hours and nervously flipping through television channels, Bella made her way to the bedroom. She climbed carefully atop the four poster bed, and carefully, lovingly, bound her legs. She took pride in making sure the binds were tight without cutting of circulation. The restriction alone made her body tingle with pleasure. She attached the nipple clamps allowing the pain to course through her tender breasts. She placed the blindfold over her eyes and then began the glorious task of pleasuring herself.

Bella woke the next morning in a fit of sexual frustration. As if her days hadn’t been bad enough, now her nights were filled with terribly sexual dreams. She sat up straight looking at the clock. She was panting heavily and the pink sheets beneath her pussy were stained again. She laid back on the pillows and removed the nipple clamps with a loud moan. She begrudgingly removed the binds from her ankles.

Bella lifted herself out of bed, and walked toward her dresser to get pick out her clothes. She gasped when she saw the brown package sitting atop her dresser. It hadn’t been there the night before. She was sure of it. He must have come in last night. She didn’t feel safe all of sudden, but her pussy defied her better senses. She tore the box open quickly, and retrieved the hand written note.

“I like it when you follow instructions, Annabella. Now wear your stockings and garter today with no panties and no bra. You will wear the skirt, blouse and heels. I don’t want you wearing panties anymore. Those are for good girls, and you’re hardly a good girl, Annabella. You come home each night and tie yourself up like a slut before you play with your pussy. You’re not a good girl at all.”

Her breathing was labored as she read the note again. She reached into the box and pulled out the articles of clothing. She slid the tiny skirt over her stockings and secured the clasp. It was impossibly short. The tops of her stockings were visible just under the hem of the skirt. The blouse was tight and the thin white material left a small dark tint where it covered her nipples. She sat down and strapped her feet into the black stiletto high heels. She brushed her hair and then stood in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom. The girl she saw didn’t belong in this room. Her slutty attire looked foreign against the backdrop of the bright colors and childhood mementos. She picked up the vibrating egg and watched herself in the mirror as she bent forward, reached between her legs and pushed it inside herself.

She looked awfully slutty. She wondered how she was going to be able to walk around campus looking like such a whore. She took a deep breath, grabbed her bag, and bravely headed out the door. She got such stares from just about every man — leering, lecherous, dirty stares. Women sneered at her. When she thought the embarrassment was too much, she felt a jolt of sexual excitement burn through her. She felt like such a piece of meat, but some part of her was reveling in the attention. Not surprisingly the vibrator hummed inside her. She stopped momentarily bracing her hands against a tree as she gathered herself. She could do this, she told herself. As much as she wanted to hide, she needed it.

She made her way to a coffee shop, and slipped inside. She ordered herself a tea from the barista at the counter. He was staring at her too. Luckily the place was almost empty. She took solace in the fact that there were only a few people there to judge her.

“I didn’t know that they legalized hooking on campus,” the barista chided her as he handed her the hot tea.

She brushed off the comments and slinked away from the counter looking for a table in the back. As she turned to the corner, she spotted a man sitting at the furthest table. She sighed heavily at her inability to find privacy.

As she turned the man spoke up slightly. “You can hide out back here if you don’t want the cashier undressing you with his eyes anymore than he already has.”

She turned back looking at this stranger. He was typing away at a laptop, but had apparently seen her interaction with the barista. She studied him briefly. He was an attractive guy. He was a bit older. She guessed he was about thirty. He had short blonde hair, nice features and a warm smile. He didn’t stare at her like the every other man had today. “What’s the harm?” she thought to herself as she walked back, and took a seat next to him.

“Thank you.” She said as she plopped down in the empty seat beside him. “It’s… um… a beautiful day today… don’t you think?”

Her question went unanswered as he typed furiously on his keyboard. She tried a few other ice breakers to no avail. He hadn’t seemed to be listening, and had barely looked up at her since she sat down.

Finally, the man closed the lid on his laptop and looked over at her. “You seem awfully nervous and uncomfortable. Can I offer you a piece of advice?” He asked.

She looked at him a little blushed. “What kind of advice?” She finally squeaked out.

“Well,” he said, “if you’re uncomfortable with the way that guy was treating you, you might consider dressing a little more, um, conservative.” He leaned in closer and whispered quietly, “I’m not sure if you noticed this when you left your place, but you look like a slut dressed like that. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, but you don’t seem to keen on it either.”

Her face quickly blushed, and her embarrassment doubled. “Oh. Yeah. I… um… yes. I realize how I look. It’s a little hard to explain. I… really didn’t have a choice.” She said quietly.

“No choice?” Replied the man curtly. “How is it that you have no choice? Is this a bet or something?”

She looked at him shyly. “Not exactly. I… I just have to wear this today.”

“Says who?” The man asked.

“I… I don’t know?” She said shakily, realizing how ridiculous all of this must seem. She felt the vibrator fire up inside her again, and she groaned softly.

“How can you not know?” He asked confused.

“I… I just don’t know. He told me to wear it. I have to. You don’t understand.” She blabbered. “You just don’t get it. I… oh…ummmm… I should leave.” It was getting harder to control the sensations inside her.

“You seem awfully shaken up. Let me walk you home. You’ll feel safer that way. Then we can call campus security or something if you want to report some type of harassment. At least let me get you back home before something bad happens to you. You don’t look well.” He said.

He didn’t understand her. She knew he was just trying to help. Perhaps chivalry is not dead after all, she thought. She reluctantly agreed more out of deference to the man. She didn’t want to insult his offer, but she didn’t want to disobey her orders either. She figured at least he could get her across campus with less embarrassment. They both stood, and exited the coffee shop. A few months ago, this is the exact type of man she was looking for. Now she thought that this man would have no idea what to do with her insatiable sex drive. She needed only one man — a man she had never met.

The stares began almost immediately. This time they were more concealed as she walked with a man by her said. She felt better already. They finally reached her apartment complex, and the man insisted on seeing her to her door. She invited him in for a moment.

She felt relief now that she was back in her own place away from all those people. Just walking into her apartment made her pussy gush with need. She wanted her collar and her blindfold. She wanted to tie her legs up. She wanted to cum. It was time to ask this Good Samaritan to leave.

“Thanks for walking me home.” She said. “It was very kind of you. I’ll be alright now.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to call the authorities or something? It seemed like someone was harassing you from what you said. I can wait until they get here. It’s no trouble.” He said.

“No, no. You misunderstood. I’m not being harassed.” She said flatly. She wondered if she was being harassed, though. Certainly someone was playing with her, but she couldn’t call the authorities. If he were arrested then the commands would stop — the packages would stop. She needed more commands. She needed to be told what to do. She needed to feel slutty. It didn’t matter if it embarrassed her. It made her feel alive. It made her want him more.

“Are you sure? You had said that someone made you dress like this. You looked so uncomfortable and nervous…” He began.

“I’m sorry. You’ve misunderstood.” She blurted. “I mean, yes, he made me… but… I like it… okay? I like feeling uncomfortable and nervous. You wouldn’t understand. I love how he makes me feel.” She wished this man would just leave. No one could understand what she needed — nobody buy her mysterious man. This guy certainly didn’t understand her needs.

He stared blankly. “But… I thought you said you didn’t know who this man was. How could you let him force you to do things? I can he force you at all?”

“No!” She blurted again. “I have no idea who he is. He leaves me messages and instructions, and I follow them because it makes me feel so… so… naughty! Okay? He makes me dress like a slut and I love it! I like being ordered around by a stranger. Now… you… you need to leave. I don’t want him to get upset.”

The man just looked at her. “You don’t want the stranger getting upset? The guy that you’ve never met, and that leaves you instructions on how to embarrass yourself in public?”


He sighed heavily. “This sounds awfully strange. Can I leave you my name and number in case… um… whatever this is… gets out of control? It would make me feel better.”

She was getting increasingly impatient. She tried to be more understanding. This man was just trying to do the right thing. He was only concerned for her safety. If she just let him leave his information then he’d go.

“I’m sorry. Yes, you can leave your information. I… I know this seems weird, but I do appreciate your concern.” She said handing him a piece of paper and a pen. The man took the paper and pen and began writing. He handed it back to her.

She glanced down at the card and then looked up confused. “Sir?” She asked. “This just says ‘Sir’. What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh sorry. What you meant to say earlier was, ‘I do appreciate your concern, Sir.'” He said flatly as the warm smile began to fade from his face. “I’m glad you enjoy my assignments so much, Bella,” he continued as he reached out and grabbed a tangle of her hair, “I think it’s time I got to enjoy you for myself.”

He dragged her to the bedroom as it began to dawn on her that this kind man was her stranger. He was pulling her so roughly. She wanted to scream for help, but she wanted to satisfy him as well. He threw her over the end of her bed using the straps to tie her legs apart to the feet of the frame. He stretched her delicate arms up toward the headboard and secured them to the other straps she’d installed at his request. She was bent over and helpless now. He reached up and ripped her skirt from her shaking body. Her ass bare. She felt his hands slip under her chest as his fingers gripped the opening in her blouse and tore it roughly from her small torso. He had opened the drawer next the bed. He knew exactly where she kept her collar and blindfold. He wrapped it around her neck and secured the blindfold.

Stepping back he could hear her breathing heavily. She felt his eyes staring at her. She felt terribly exposed and vulnerable. His finger reached between her legs and ran along the slit of her pussy. She was soaking wet. She knew she couldn’t hide her present condition. Her pussy betrayed her again.

“Slut.” He remarked. She knew he was right. She was a slut. Her pussy was so sensitive and so needy. She wanted his finger to touch her again. She wanted to beg him, but she could only lay there exposed and silent. He pulled his hand back and brought it down hard slapping her pussy firmly. Not her ass, but he slapped her bare pussy. The moment he connected she lost control. He stepped back and watched as she pulled against the restraints while her climax rocked her body in front of him. She was lost in the sensations. He had made her cum with one slap.

As she came around from her climax, she heard him walk up behind her. He knelt down. She could feel his breathe on her pussy. He was maybe an inch away from her slit she thought. She heard him make a few sharp inhalations as he sniffed her wet pussy. Even she could smell the musky scent of her sex. Every time she felt his breathe or tugged at her restraints her pussy oozed further. It had never been so sensitive. She thought that the slightest touch might set her off again. Maybe even the thought of a touch would set her off if he kept her waiting, prone and helpless.

He stood again. She whined softly wanting to feel his breathe on her again. He brought his hand back and brought it down on her ass hard. The sharp sting should have hurt, but Bella moaned loudly closer to another climax. He slapped her other cheek eliciting more groans of pleasure from her. She had needed this so badly. She wondered how this could be so exhilarating. She was being spanked hard. She could feel the heat beginning to burn on her supple ass cheeks as they reddened from her punishment. She’d never been spanked before, well, not since she was a child. She certainly didn’t remember it stirring such emotions. He assaulted her ass again, alternating slaps on each cheek over and over. Her breathing was so shallow at this point that she was sure she would pass out if she came. She needed to cum. She needed him to make her cum. This was so much better than her masturbation had been.

“Look at you.” He said watching the soft curves of her petite frame stretched lewdly over her childhood bed. Her breathing indicated to him her need for release. He knew she was on the edge of her climax. “Look at what you’ve become.” His words affected her as much as his touch pushing her slowly closer to losing control. “Tell me. Tell me what you are.”

She gasped at the command. She knew immediately what her answer was. There was only one way to answer him honestly. Her voice had trouble pushing out the words amidst the sensations coursing through her body. “I… I… I’m a slut.” Bella moaned loudly hearing the words come out of her mouth. She’d thought it to herself in recent weeks, but never said it out loud to another person. It sounded so appropriate. It sounded so true. It was true she realized — so simple and basic. She had become a slut.

“Say it again!” He bellowed. “What are you?”

“I’m a slut!” She cried out. “I’m a slut, Sir! Oh God! I… I’ll do anything you tell me to… anything… just… please…”

He brought his hand back down across her soaked pussy lips slapping them hard.

“Oh Fuuuuuck! Ohmygoddd! Unnnnng! M.. My slutty pu… pussy is cuummming f.. for… you… Sirrrr.” She writhed against her restraints. Her entire body trembled and jerked.

He spanked her again in a flurry of slaps across her rosy ass cheeks and her upper thighs. The assault prolonged her orgasm as she moaned and mumbled lost in her climax. Oh how she craved his touch. She craved the ill treatment of her rear. She felt so slutty exposed to him — for him. Once her climax subsided she lay there breathing huskily, deep and animalistic — waiting for him. Only he knew what she needed. These past weeks, her pleasure was his doing. His commands. His control over her.

She recognized the distinct sound of his zipper being slowly lowered and the sound of his pants dropping to floor. She knew he was naked. He slapped his large thick cock against her reddened ass cheeks. She felt the size and girth of it against her. It was so hard. She gasped. She knew what was going to happen next. She waited for him to complete his mission… to complete her submission… to make her his…

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