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Maxine’s Naughty Little Surprise

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I suppose after awhile we usually know whether a relationship is going to last a long time, or maybe even forever. After a few months of going out with Caroline, I knew in my heart that we weren’t destined for the long haul. Even though Caroline was a good looking girl, I wasn’t too concerned. At the ripe old age of twenty four, I’d no intention of settling down unless Miss World came knocking on my door, and that wasn’t likely.

I think being an only child like Caroline has its drawbacks, selfishness, stubbornness and constant desire to be the centre of attention mostly. She was one of those girls who wanted to be taken to all the right places and be seen in designer clothes. She was kinda shit out of luck with me; my budget doesn’t exactly run to that sort of lifestyle, well not yet anyway. But right now, Caroline seemed quite content to be my girl and I kind of liked it that way. She was tall and lean but with all the right curves in the right places if you get my drift. She wore her thick wavy brunette hair long past her shoulders. Her pretty face was usually exquisitely made up before she left the house, but to me she had natural beauty that didn’t really need it. Caroline’s breasts were a nice pert handful and her hips were broad and curvy, but it was those long legs that did it for me. She could turn me into a raving sexual predator in seconds by just removing her jeans and walking innocently across the room.

The sex thing worked too. I wasn’t Caroline’s first lover by far, and by the time I got to her, she was well versed in the art of carnal delights. She loved to tease and stretch out love making, quickies certainly weren’t for her. She could fuck for hours and had a magical mouth that could swallow a mouthful of cum without missing a drop if she was in the right mood. Caroline admitted unashamedly that before meeting me, she’d participated in group sex, a couple of threesomes and once did a soft swing foursome. She confessed to doing a guy because he had a reputation of being well hung, he was, but she wouldn’t bother again. But another threesome or foursome would be on the cards, if the right situation presented itself.

Probably, the best thing about going with Caroline was that, her mother Maxine as she liked to be called; didn’t mind me sharing her daughter’s bed. There was no need for park ups in the car or trying to sneak a bed somewhere. I could take her home, climb into her bed and stay the night. And the next morning, the three of us would sit around the breakfast table like old friends, and there ain’t many parents of a twenty one year old daughter that would allow that. But as Maxine once explained, she just wanted her daughter to be safe. She was aware that her daughter was sexually active, and like every other parent, couldn’t really relax until she’d arrived home safely and tucked up in her bed. It didn’t really matter if there was someone else with her, and the fact that she was active with someone she cared for, like lucky old me was also important.

It would be fair to say that Maxine was a little standoffish when I first started arriving home with her daughter which was understandable. Maxine worked as a legal executive in a local law firm, and had a good idea of human failings and frailties. But I eventually won her over by being polite, courteous, tidy, and even more importantly leaving the toilet seat down. With my rather large appetite, I made sure my contribution to the food and alcohol fund was also adequate. It was indeed lucky that we all liked the same music and movies, and the three of us would often sit back on an evening and watch a few DVD’s while partaking in culinary delights. Maxine would then usually excuse herself, and disappear into her bedroom leaving Caroline and I to our own devises so to speak.

Most of the time, Maxine got around in baggy tracksuits. It was a few weeks after I started dating Caroline that I first got to see her mother in a pair of tight jeans and slinky little leather ankle boots. Another time I arrived and found her in a business suit which looked rather good too. Maxine was a little shorter and curvier than her daughter; her highlighted brunette hair was cut stylishly short in a spiky way. Her oval face was pretty and a smile wasn’t usually too far away. Her breasts appeared to be full and heavy but discreetly camouflaged under her clothing. Her curvy buttocks filled out a pair of jeans rather nicely, and her thighs appeared round and shapely. Right from the start, I always liked the way Maxine’s thighs swished together as she walked, and I had to work hard to avoid showing any obvious interest. After all, she was my girlfriend’s mother and a good twenty years older than I.

The end to our relationship neared when Caroline was offered a two month secondment on an out of town project. She was working through the early stages of an accountancy degree with a large corporate. There was no doubt that Caroline was intelligent, but it was evened out by her being a little lazy when it came to studying. It was more the draw of the big city lights than her interest in working on a big project that got her to agree to the whole thing.

Neither of us seemed particularly perturbed about her leaving. And as the time for her departure approached, there were no promises made for the future. We simply agreed to just see how things were when she returned. To be truthful, I was kind of looking forward to spending more time with my mates, even though knowing full well I’d miss being between Caroline’s nice warm thighs. I stayed over on her last night before leaving, and our love making was fast and furious as if we both knew it was to be the last time together. The next morning, I kissed Caroline goodbye at the airport and left her alone with her mother for the last few minutes before her boarding.

It’d be wrong to say that I didn’t miss Caroline, but male bonding is something unexplainable. I was quickly and heartily invited back into the throngs of drinking, partying and other lurid activities that young males thrive on. The carefree late nights, rampant binge drinking, the resulting hangovers were most times regretful.

It was a week or two after Caroline’s departure that I realised that I’d left a few CD’s at her house, and I knew that if I didn’t get them soon, they’d be gone forever. I rang Maxine and asked if I could call around sometime and collect them, she happily agreed so long as I called her first.

It was a Wednesday night that I asked and got permission to call around. I’d expected to have the CD’s handed to me at the door, but a friendly Maxine beckoned me inside and thrust a cold beer into my hand. We were soon comfortably sitting in the lounge just like old times, if you ignore the fact that Caroline was missing. I asked after Caroline and was told that she was happy enough but a little homesick, especially now she had to do her own washing and ironing. We both laughed and continued chatting.

“You look tired.” Maxine commented after awhile and between sips.

I grinned sheepishly, “Still recovering from the weekend, partied hard.”

She grinned knowingly, “Obviously enjoying your new found freedom then?”


“It’s real quiet without Caroline around. I didn’t realise how much noise she made, and her mess. I thought I’d enjoy the solitude, but now I’m looking forward to her coming home.”

I thought about it for a few seconds before replying, “Knowing Caroline, I think she’ll fly the coop before too long, and then you’ll be on your own for good.”

“I know, but I don’t like to think about it.”

“You should get out and party.” I offered. “Find yourself a man, or two.”

Maxine grinned, “Nah, I’m off men forever I think.”

“Why’s that?” You’re not exactly unattractive, dumb or over weight.” I blurted out without thinking.

Luckily she chuckled, “Thanks, I’ll take it as a compliment, I think. But seriously, I don’t think I can be bothered with men.” By the time you get to my age, the good ones are taken and the rest come with baggage or a disability.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “But I reckon being lonely would be worse; then you’ve no one to fight with.”

“True. So, do you reckon you and Caroline will get back together when she comes home?”

“Dunno really, we’ll just see what happens when she’s back.”

“Pity if you didn’t.” Maxine replied. “I kind of liked having you around. I’m not sure I’d like another stranger in the house. Mind you, I don’t miss her bed rattling while you two were at it, kept me bloody awake for hours sometimes.”

I looked down in embarrassment and grinned sheepishly. It was true that Caroline’s bed had an unfortunate squeak or two, but we always hoped her mother couldn’t hear it. I had tried several times to fix it, but failed each time.

“It’s okay.” Maxine laughed. “It’s just a bit hard when daughter’s getting a little lovin and mum isn’t.”

“Your fault.” I countered.

“Mmmmmmm, maybe you’re right.”

We continued chatting amicably and enjoying each others company until around eleven when I decided I’d best not outstay my welcome. As I’d done many times before, I picked up my empty bottles and glass, and carried them out to the small kitchen. We worked around each other tidying away the glasses into the dishwasher and placing the bottles in the rubbish. To this day, I don’t know how our lips met, one minute we were standing innocently side by side, next we were kissing.

It was tentative at first, just lips on lips, her unfamiliar perfume and the taste of lipstick certainly tantalising, I then felt Maxine’s tongue probing and darting over my lips. My mouth opened so that our tongues could play and we were soon in a tight embrace. I dropped my hands and let them slide down her curves before cupping her buttocks. Instead of getting my face slapped, Maxine leaned into me pushing against my quickly hardening manhood. After a few more seconds of testing the water, I lifted her dress up bit by bit until my hands found her bare legs. I caressed her outer thighs as they flared from the elastic of her panties, she sighed in expectation as my fingers then explored around towards their front.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” she murmured just before her tongue slipped into my mouth once again and my hand slipped between her thighs.

Not wanting to stop, my exploring fingers found her warmth through the thin material of her panties, the protruding mounds of her lips easily distinguishable. I was pleasantly surprised when her hand slipped down over the front of my jeans, first gently rubbing my straining cock; then clasping it as best she could. Our kisses were now more urgent and searching as my zip was slowly lowered, a hand then exploring beneath my briefs and my manhood soon eased from its confines. Her fingers were soon gently caressing my shaft, little strokes and squeezes only furthering my desires to go further. I slipped my cock between her welcoming thighs and felt her warm flesh hug it tightly, not a word was said as we kissed and caressed as our bodies moved slowly against each other.

Maxine then broke the embrace and I thought it was all over, but she shuffled me backwards from the kitchen and into the lounge where the couch was waiting. At the last second, she slipped around me and fell backwards onto the couch pulling me with her. It was a mad scramble of lifting dresses and removing belts and jeans out of the way, but Maxine was soon guiding my cock between her thighs. Sliding her panties aside, my cock was eased between her wet lips and began its sweet journey inside her. With little pushes I eased myself fully into her warm slippery pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” she murmured as her legs pinned my buttocks tightly into her. “Ohhhhhhhh, that’s sooo goooood.”

It was a frantic pounding of bodies without rhythm or finesse, just two people trying to satisfy their lust. I was afraid that Maxine would somehow come to her senses and bring the whole thing to a grinding halt. I was uncomfortable as hell, but did the best I could with my jeans half down and my belt buckle digging into me. Only Maxine’s firm grip of me stopped me falling from my precarious position on the couch. For the next minute or so, we thrust against each other until she stopped moving and wiped her brow.

“Stop, stop stop. This is silly.” Maxine whispered. “If we’re going to do this, lets at least do it like civilized adults. Let’s go to bed.”

I reluctantly withdrew from her, my cock standing perfectly to attention as I eased my body from the couch. I took her hand and helped her up, and then let myself be led into her bedroom.

“Unzip me.” she asked offering me her back.

Seconds later, Maxine stepped out of her dress and turned to face me. My eyes were drawn to her white bra, her ample cleavage struggling against the constraints of the garment. She stepped closer and placed her lips upon mine, our tongues again probing and dancing. I reached around, released her bra and let it slide away. Her breasts were large and heavy in my hands; enlarged nipples were soon directed to my lips for a little attention. I knelt before her and kissed her shapely thighs, my tongue tracing her panty line. Impatiently, Maxine pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. In front of me was a perfectly bald pussy, I was intrigued, for it was the first completely shaven pussy I’d seen in the flesh. Sure, I’d played with a few trimmed ones, but nothing like this.

I flicked my tongue over her pronounced pubic mound, and relished at its silky smoothness. As I probed deeper between her thighs, Maxine eased me to my feet and edged me closer to the bed; she sat down before me and took my cock between her warm inviting lips. With the head just inside her mouth, her tongue swirled slowly over it sending shivers through my body.

“Mmmmmmmm, such a nice hard cock.” she whispered while pulling the bed covers back.

Suddenly Maxine left the bed and retrieved a towel from a folded pile on a nearby cabinet. Placing it on the top sheet, she lowered herself onto it and smiled up at me.

“Come here.”

Her legs opened invitingly as I moved over her. My eyes again feasted on her pussy, her erect clitoris protruding from between her gapping wet lips. I slid downwards intending to give her a licking, but she eased me back up so that we could kiss.

“Plenty of time for that later, lets fuck for a while first.” she urged pulling me down on top of her.

Maxine’s hand guided my cock to her pussy, and with a simple push I glided inside her to the hilt. Her legs were soon around me holding me tightly as her hands caressed my shoulders and her warm lips kissed me. Our bodies seemed to be made for each other and fitted snugly together. My cock was in ecstasy, her pussy warm wet and tantalisingly tight. I rocked slowly inside her, freely taking and absorbing the exquisite pleasure that had been offered me. Her big eyes caught mine and she smiled up at me.

“We still shouldn’t be doing this.” she whispered.

“Want me to stop?” I asked in jest.

Mmmmmmm, I don’t think so. This is real nice. I’ll worry about my conscious later, you just keep going.”

I raised my body slightly from hers and looked down at her curves, her swollen nipples and full breasts just looked lovely. Further down, I watched my shaft disappearing in and out of her shapely spread thighs. My tongue slipped down to her breasts and flicked over her nipples for a few seconds before I suckled upon them. I then moved up and kissed her passionately.

“Jeez, you’re lovely.” I whispered after breaking the kiss.

“No, I’m not. I’m getting old and flabby, and it ain’t nice.”

Laughing, I eased myself from her and gazed down at her splendid body and all its curves. “Exactly, which parts don’t you like, cause they all look good to me?” I asked before running my tongue over each leg.

Maxine chuckled, “You’re a complete cad, but flattery will get you everywhere.”

I settled in between her open thighs and kissed my way slowly upwards. My eyes eventually settled upon her hairless pussy. Her lips were full and slightly darker in colour than the surrounding skin. Between them was a lovely shade of pink, a small clitoris peaked cheekily out at me as if to ask for a little kiss. Her opening below was now just a little vertical slit, also shiny wet and enticing. She trembled as my tongue flicked through her lips and found her clitoris; it was soon in my mouth and receiving a good bit of attention for a minute or so. I slipped a finger her inside her and massaged her pussy from outside and within, only to have Maxine squirm almost uncontrollably before me.

“You’re a real bad bastard, you know that?” she murmured after a while.

It’s only cause you’ve got a shaven pussy, I would’ve gone home before this.” I jested.

Maxine laughed as her hand found my ear and gave it a playful pull, “I like it shaven. Last time I let it grow back, it turned grey for some unknown reason. It stays bald now.”

Maxine let me lick her for a while before pulling away from me, rolling me onto my back; she mounted me and guided my cock into her. She sat fully upon me taking my length and then rotating her buttocks on it. Her fingers found my nipples and toyed with them as she looked down at me. I slid my hands over curves and up to her heavy breasts where they were fondled lovingly. She rode me silently with her eyes closed, our bodies emitting some indescribable lurid slurping noises as she worked diligently.

Eventually, I pulled Maxine down so that I could kiss her, and her hands held my face firmly as I was peppered with kisses. Now extremely aroused, I rolled her onto her back and began moving inside her again, this time with a little urgency. She broke the kiss and looked up at me.

“Try not to cum inside me, I’ve got no protection against pregnancy.” she whispered. “Chances are it’d never happen, I couldn’t get pregnant when I tried to, but it’d just be my luck for it to happen now.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

She grinned mischievously, “God no, this is too much fun. It really doesn’t matter if you do cum; it’s just a slight risk. You just keep on trucking.”

I slowed my pace just a little and vowed to control myself. But Maxine had other ideas and prodded me along until she got me to a nice little rhythm. By this time we were glowing with slippery perspiration as our bodies moved lustfully together.

“I should warn you that I get very wet when I cum.” she commented after a few minutes. “And I mean very wet.”

“I’m warned.” I replied with interest. “What do you want me to do? Would you like me to give you another licking?”

“Nope, I just like to cum like this. Just keep going and it’ll happen.”

Maxine closed her eyes and held her lover tightly as he rode her. It had been nearly a year since she’d opened her legs for a man; she was an erotic woman and had missed sex terribly since her last relationship had disintegrated. And here she was now with her daughter’s boyfriend, his hard lean body riding her towards orgasm. Where was the guilt she asked herself, for she felt none? Was it that her lustful pleasure had overridden it? Not too long ago, she had been both aroused and jealous listening to her Caroline being pleasured by the same handsome young man in the bedroom next door, the never ending squeaking of her daughter’s bed and her moans of pleasure only accentuating his prowess in the love making department. It was only waiting for them to finally finish could she pleasure herself with her vibrator and then allow herself to sleep. Maxine freely admitted to impure thoughts as she snuck the odd lustful glance his way hoping that her daughter wouldn’t notice, for jealousy was a terrible thing. Maxine felt the first serious pangs of her orgasm and relished in her greed as it approached, she felt for the towel beneath her and made sure it was positioned right to capture the resulting unavoidable mess.

I soon sensed Maxine’s increasing urgency, the deep erratic breathing and her body tensing. Her legs locked around me ensuring that I didn’t slip from her at the wrong moment. Then suddenly, she pinned me tightly and ground her pussy upwards against me.

“Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, sweet jeezus.” she whispered as her body shuddered almost violently beneath me.

I then felt a warm wet warm gushing sensation over my cock; and then flow freely over my balls and down my thighs.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Maxine pleaded as she writhed wildly below me.

I continued as best I could with her clinging to me in an almost desperate like grip, her body eventually relaxing and falling away from me to the bed. Her hands took my face in hers and kissed me gently as the little trembles flowed through her body. I waited patiently entrapped in her grip until she returned to the real world. She then grinned sheepishly up at me.

“Mmmmmmmm, thank you. That was very nice. Sorry about the mess though.”

I moved down her body and knelt between her legs. Maxine had been wise to place a towel beneath her, for there was a substantial mess covering it. Taking the bottom corner, I wiped myself clean while gazing at her well worn pussy. Her opening was now wide with her juices still oozing from her. Pushing the towel upwards; I wiped her clean and then stretched up along side of her. Her hand was soon stoking my still erect and slippery cock.

“What are we going to do with this thing?” she asked. “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in a little blow job.”

I looked up at the ceiling as if contemplating the question, but we both knew it was a no brainer.

“Don’t go away.” she said before giving me a little kiss.

Maxine removed herself from the bed, gathered up the sodden towel before disappearing from the bedroom and into the bathroom. Seconds later she was back with a warm facecloth and a clean towel. I watched without dignity as Maxine knelt beside me and cleaned my manhood. Her lips were soon over my cock, gently sucking as her tongue twirled over the head. She soon had me squirming at her mercy as her mouth and tongue worked in perfect unison, I knew I was relieving the best blow job of my life.

She looked up and grinned at me, “How am I doing? Passable is it?”

“Fucking fantastic.” I managed to reply.

“Let’s see if we can manage a hands free conclusion.” she suggested.

“Anything you like.” I answered, for I was beyond caring.

Maxine moved between my legs without taking me from her mouth and then settled into her routine. She would take me half into her mouth and suck deeply as she raised herself so only the head was engulfed. Her tongue would pounce into the eye before running downwards and around the rim, next would be a few tight little bobs as she sucked noisily. Every now and then, she would release my cock and push the shaft flat against my navel before running her face and tongue lovingly along it. Eventually she began working to a rhythm and I could feel my pressure mounting.

“Open your eyes and watch.” she whispered as I got closer.

Her hands were soon flat on my upper thighs to hold me still as I jiggled and squirmed under her exquisite touch. Still her mouth worked diligently as we looked into each others eyes as I got closer and closer.

“Watch out, here I cum.” I warned.

But her mouth remained exactly where it was as I began to fire deep into her mouth. Her eyes never left mine as she opened her mouth slightly without breaking her rhythm to allow my cum to escape. I fired again and again, and watched as large globules of cum escaped from her mouth and dribble down the shaft. Maxine continued patiently until I’d finished and began to shrink in her mouth before she finally removed her lovely warm lips. Reaching for the facecloth, she wiped her mouth clean and then my cock.

“Taste good?” I asked cheekily.

She frowned and threw the facecloth at me, “Here you go, find out for yourself.”

Maxine slipped astride me and guided my cock back to her pussy, getting softer every second; it took a bit of doing to get it back inside her again. She leaned over, dropped her substantial breasts onto my chest and looked into my eyes.

“We shouldn’t have done that.” she commented.

“Yes we should’ve. That was gooood fun.”

“I have to agree.” she replied before slipping her tongue into my mouth for a few seconds. “You’ve got a nice cock and you know how to use it. That was most enjoyable, even though it was very naughty. Mind you, I shouldn’t have allowed you to seduce me like that, must be getting easy in my old age.”

“Me seduce you?” I countered. “It was you taking advantage of my youth. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Maxine giggled like a five year old, “You think what you like. All I know is that I’ve been well fucked if you pardon the expression, and I don’t care one little bit what you think. And seeing as you’re here, you might as stay the night, cause I love to wake up with someone to cuddle up to.”

“Do I get breakfast?” I asked dangerously.

“Would that be a horizontal breakfast you’d be looking for?”

I’ve stayed many a night after that, for Maxine has proved to be a wonderful bedside companion. I don’t know whether it’s an age thing or not, but I’m very attracted to this desirable woman. It’s not only about the considerable sexual tricks that I’m learning; it’s also about her unselfishness, calmness, and her cavalier approach to life. It’s something I’ve never encountered with girls my own age, especially her daughter Caroline.

Anyway, things are now starting to get a little more complicated. One of Caroline’s friends has seen my unmistakable dented car parked outside her house. Thinking that Caroline was back in town, she contacted her by cell phone. I’ve received a text from Caroline asking why my car would be outside her house overnight I forwarded it to Maxine just to warn her, and got a swift and to the point reply:

‘We’re adults doing adult things. Don’t worry, c u tonight. Don’t bring pyjamas. xxxxxx’

God; how I adore this woman.

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